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    Her: F̶̺̈́̂́ͅL̵̠̺̈́͑̑̍̔E̸͖̻̫͎͓͑͋̈́̌̕S̵̬͇̘̪̝̓̚H̷̲͈͛̍̋.̴̳̩̣̺͓͂...̷̫̯̱̃͝ ̸̨̨̭͙̙͛́͋B̷̧̈́͊͐̌Ŏ̸̦̩̹ͅN̷̬̲̿͂̕E̴̲͙̜̺̎̈́͒́͛͜Ş̶̫͍́.̷̧̯̠̠̋̀́̕. ̵͖͇̊̕Ỉ̵̦̫̞ ̶͇̟̀̇W̶̟̪̺͊̒̈I̷̢̗͒̎͝L̷̫͖̮̿L̷̡̨̫̣̜̈́͛̒̕ ̷̣͂̄̍̓͝D̸̘͇̮̋Ē̵͖̰͆̉͊͝Ṿ̶͖̾͌̈́̔̇O̴̱͌̈́U̸̠̺͇͖̚ͅŔ̷̙̠̖̦̈́ ̸̩͚͎̈̐͊̚A̷͗̈͒ͅL̵̯͚̤̙̑͐̀̀L̴̛̹͕̈̑ ̶̼͊Ő̶̪̟̠̪̱̒͗͊̊F̸̡̗̊̃͆ ̴̙̦̠͚̫̍̾Y̷̻̺̋̌ͅǪ̸̨̩́̇̕͝U̷͕̅͑͌͗͘

    me: oop  !! okie 😳❤️

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    while I was painting this I enjoyed it a lot :D best POV ever

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    From Whence You Came - Lady Dimitrescu x Female Reader [1/?]

    Summary: Lady Dimitrescu has her interest piqued after decades of stagnant immortality by a young maiden who appears at Castle Dimitrescu at the perfect time.

    Cw: Mentions of blood, Minor character death.

    Word Count: 2277.

    Find me on Ao3


    A bleak winter reigned over the village, every inch of ground smothered in a thick layer of snow. Castle Dimitrescu was well prepared for the fraught weather, warmth emanating from a crackling fire inside, each room adorned with burning candles. Hasty footfalls sounded without respite as maidens tended to their duties, arms laden with hefty logs and fresh taper candles to preserve the heat. The residual scent of smoke hung in the air, only aided by the tobacco that the Lady smoked before the vanity, her bright eyes regarding herself in the mirror before her. Blackness invaded through the large windows beside her, the drapes yet to be drawn as she adjusted her hat and departed in search of the roaring fire.

    A soft smile found home upon the Lady’s lips as she caught sight of the fireplace, her daughters huddled closely around it with their palms outstretched. An orange glow claimed the room in its entirety, the firelight illuminating the gold embellishments that existed upon the surrounding walls. The Lady found refuge in an emerald armchair, a chasm of silence occurring as she inhaled the remnants of the cigarette that was suspended from its holder. Time seemed to hang in the balance as the Lady basked in the quietness until reality infiltrated once more, the tranquility soon lost amongst the footsteps that re-emerged. Gloved hands reached outwards with their sights set on a little silver bell that rested atop the small table beside the Lady, an eerie chime sounding as she shook it. And without a single minute having passed, a young maiden appeared in the doorway, her feet teetering on the threshold as she prepared to receive an order.

    “What can I get for you, my Lady?” the maiden asked, blind fear lurking behind the faux confidence that she had enlisted.

    The Lady turned slowly to acknowledge her, low murmurs exiting from the mouths of her daughters as they bared their teeth in playful provocation of her, just to see the poor woman squirm. Little effort was needed as the woman shuffled nervously in place, her gaze averted from her antagonists and focused tentatively upon the Lady.

    “A bottle of wine,” the Lady replied, stoically, a cautionary glare thrown towards her snickering daughters.

    “And one for us!” Bela exclaimed, high-pitched giggles prevailing as their mother rolled her eyes subtly in dismay.

    The maiden stood quietly, her teeth gnawing at the skin of her lips as she attempted to keep her bewilderment contained. Her eyes found the Lady’s, a silent plea exuding as she waited helplessly for some form of clarification in the knowledge that her daughters tended to bring mischief wherever they went. In fact, they thrived from it.

    “Just one,” the Lady reiterated, earning a sigh of disapproval from Bela as the maiden nodded quickly and left as hastily as she had arrived.

    “But Mother-”

    The Lady held up a lone digit and observed as Bela’s words fizzled out into silence, the sentence failing to reach its conclusion.

    “My precious daughters,” she drawled, the chastising undertones not lost on the three women as they stilled in anticipation. “My wine cellar has never seen such depletion.”

    Sheepish grins instantly plagued their faces, heads bowed lightly in the shame of being caught by their mother. Winter had brought with it the misfortune of a dwindling blood supply, no guests having braved the journey to the castle in recent times in fear of finding death along the way. It was brutal, but no more so than the inevitable fate that would greet them behind the castle doors.

    “We’re sorry, Mother,” the women chanted in unison, a knowing sigh escaping the Lady as she noticed their contrite expressions.

    A sharp pang of empathy shot through the Lady and implanted itself like cadou, blossoming until it infected her in its entirety. Her daughters were her lifeblood and she could not bear the displeasure of watching them go hungry. Silence descended, only to be disturbed by the clamouring of a bottle of Sanguis Virginis perched upon a silver tray. Gently, the maiden set it atop the table for the Lady, before scuttling away to continue the list of duties that had been outlined for her to complete. The Lady paused for a second before lifting the bottle to her rouged lips and sipping at its contents with a satisfied hum. Her moment of pleasure was stymied greatly by the feeling of her daughters eyeing the bottle, guilt enclosing around her as she halted her exertions. An air of contemplation claimed her all of a sudden, her gaze flitting over to regard her daughters once more as that flare of protectiveness erupted once more. All three were gaunt, the Lady having never seen them in such a condition before as the winter began to take its toll, unyielding and unkind.

    “You can have the maiden,” the Lady blurted, conviction wavering within her voice as the decision solidified almost as an afterthought. “But you’d better clean up after yourselves, do you understand?”

    All three pairs of eyes sparkled with unrivalled excitement, their eagerness bursting as they scrambled to their feet and disappeared into levitating swarms of black flies. The sacrifice seemed mindless when the Lady caught a glimpse of her daughter's happiness, though inwardly, she knew that struggle lay ahead. The Lady smiled to herself as she heard them traverse the castle, shrill laughter filling the entire vicinity for the first time in weeks. A series of blood-curdling screams sounded, stifled considerably by the laughter that continued to roar. The Lady readjusted in her chair, her lips occupied again by the wine bottle as she gulped audibly, the atrocities that her daughters were committing soon forgotten as the shrieks ebbed out into an unnerving silence. Of course, the older woman was unfazed, merely enjoying the warmth of the fire lapping against her cool skin. And as she drained the bottle of its dregs, her thirst far from quenched, a fist pummelled against the main door and piqued her interest with immediacy.

    The Lady was suspicious to say the least, midnight long gone by this time. Curiosity seemingly got the better of her, the blood she had just consumed fuelling her with a new lease of life as she dared to creak the door until it was slightly ajar. One citrine orb peered out from the crack, widening when she caught sight of a shivering young woman, snowflakes speckled all over her clothes and face. Tremors held her hostage, her teeth chattering as she stared up at the towering woman, blinking rapidly as she noticed the sheer size of her. The Lady’s gaze flitted to the landscapes beyond her, surveying to see if the woman had made the journey alone and to her surprise, it appeared as though she had. It was a miracle that she had even survived the trek, but by the looks of it, further exposure to the cold was sure to end in grave consequences.

    “Such a small little thing,” the Lady noted as she peered down at the young woman. “How did you end up here of all places?”

    “I came from the stronghold,” the young woman muttered, her voice barely audible due to the obstruction of the shivers that seemed to muffle her. “It was overrun by lycans.”

    The Lady quirked an eyebrow, slightly impressed by the young woman’s survival instincts as she appeared relatively unscathed by the ordeal.

    “I ran,” the woman continued, her breathing uneven. “I kept going until I saw the light from your castle.”

    Lady Dimitrescu nodded slowly, her mind jostling with options as to what to do with the unexpected guest. She studied the young woman intricately, her piercing eyes almost pinning the Lady in place for a moment. It had been some years since the woman had felt a semblance of a spark inside of her, deficient of longing or so she had thought. But when her eyes passed over the paling lips of the woman before her, a powerful intrigue took hold of her and she found herself taken by the beauty and innocence therein.

    “I’m sorry,” the Lady apologised, though her tone was far from contrite. “There is no place for you here.”

    The foreign feeling took the Lady by surprise as she fought avidly against it, frozen until she began to close the door out of terror. Despite the Lady’s unrivalled strength, the young woman dared to place her foot between the threshold, inhibiting the Lady’s plan to cast her back out into the winter night.

    “Please,” the woman begged, her voice on the verge of cracking. “I’ll catch my death out here.”

    A chuckle emanated from behind the door as it slowly swung open once more, the Lady's expression barren of any notable emotion as she took a step towards the woman and caused her to stumble backwards in fright.

    “And what makes you think you’ll be better off inside of this castle?” the Lady mused, her eyebrows raised upwards and her gaze unwavering.

    “I…” the young woman faltered, her mouth agape though words failed to arrive.

    Lady Dimitrescu’s smug smile never left her and for a moment, the young woman began to believe that her request was truly being considered.

    “You are not my responsibility,” the Lady noted, bluntly. “Besides, your naivety won’t survive House Dimitrescu, I can assure that much.”

    And with that, the Lady pressed the door to a close. She did not wait to hear any further protests from the young woman, though she swore she could hear her avid pleas despite the mitigation of the thick door that stood between them. The Lady exhaled loudly as she gathered herself, an air of regret breezing over her as she departed from the main entryway, her sights set on finding her daughters. Within her chest, the ice that enclosed her heart underwent the slightest of thawing, but it was more than could be said for the past several decades. And admittedly, it scared her.

    A long trail of crimson blood led the Lady to her daughters with ease, scampering to their feet when their mother approached. Their eyes grew wide, their mother’s following suit as she acknowledged that the floor was strewn with the bodies of both of the house’s maidens. The Lady grunted angrily, her eyes screwed shut for a second as she fought to keep her anger contained within its confinements.

    “I did not permit this,” the Lady flared, her lips pursed in fury as she cast her gaze over the second maiden, bite marks scattered all over her and a particularly deep one etched atop her jugular.

    Her limbs were lifeless as the Lady examined them, merely flopping to the floor beneath when she released them from her grasp. There was no doubt in her mind that she was dead, her daughters having drained the young maiden of all that she had.

    “She let the fire go out, Mother,” Cassandra growled, her lips and chin still wet with fresh blood as her jaw tightened in defence. “We could have died.”

    The Lady contemplated for a second until she noticed the temperature within the castle walls had in fact plummeted, slowly beginning to mirror that of the outside. She knew that Cassandra was telling the truth, yet it didn’t seem to neutralise the frustration that plagued her. Bela’s hand found itself upon her sister’s shoulder in the hopes of diminishing her anger to no avail as the younger flinched away petulantly and tossed a biting glare.

    “Dispose of them at once,” the Lady ordered, her exasperation evident as the words exited her lips. She watched on intently as her daughters complied without uttering a word, dragging the bodies away as instructed.

    The Lady’s fingers found her temples, massaging lightly as the stress constricted her skull with vigour, her options limited as she realised that the castle lacked any staff at all. Her eyes found the door again, the door which she now prayed would reveal the young woman still awaiting her. The Lady descended the staircase in haste, her breath caught in her throat as she dared to pull open the door once more, an overwhelming sense of relief washing over as she saw the shivering mess of a woman perched upon the doorstep. A shockwave ricocheted down the Lady’s spine as the young woman craned to meet her gaze, her eyes glossed with tears that were bound to freeze over should she be forsaken again. This time, the Lady had no intention of abandoning her.

    “It appears as though a vacancy has been made available,” the Lady informed, her eyes softening lightly as pity began to infiltrate.

    She extended a glove-enclosed hand and offered it towards the minuscule woman, hoping that the gesture would be well received.

    “Alcina Dimitrescu, Lady of the house,” she spoke, a warmth finding home within her when the young woman accepted, despite their less than cordial encounter earlier. “And you are?”

    The young woman held onto the Lady’s hand as if it was her only lifeline, a tiny smile hidden by the thick fabric of her scarf.

    “Y/N,” she introduced, her voice small as she acknowledged the sheer size of the hand in which held her own, her gaze falling to the floor, a combination of shyness and intimidation engulfing her.

    Mindlessly, the Lady lifted the younger’s chin with a sole finger, forcing their eyes to reconnect as she drank in the sight of her.

    “Such a beautiful name,” the Lady purred as she stepped aside to grant the young woman the access to the castle that she had been wanting. “You’d better come inside.”


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    Morning meetings can be rough for a 9.5 foot vampire.

    The Nanny quotes continued

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    So, I’ve done some decorating…

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    #answered#ethan winters #ethan x alcina #ethan winters x lady dimitrescu #alcithan
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    Dead by Daylight & Horror Slasher Charms

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    I made a little self-insert comic about Alcina x Me coffeeshop AU ❤️

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    #cymatile #fanfic ask meme #asks#fanfic wip #should i tag as lady d? i think i will #lady dimitrescu #thank you eee
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    Remembrance (Part 4)

    " 'I thought I said absolutely no visitors,' " I told the nurse.

    "I didn't want anyone to see me. I was literally wasting away. I had grown paler, I was losing my hair and teeth, and I lost an astronomical amount of weight. Your poor Miss D was a pitiful sight, Macy."

    " 'But, my lady, this woman is particularly adamant on you seeing her. She said she's a scientist. She could possibly help you with your ailment.' "

    " 'The last man couldn't help me, Nurse Rexford, what makes you think this one...alright! Send her in, I suppose.' "

    I wonder if this scientist was the one who made Miss D this tall. If so, what on Earth type of medicine was she practicing in? There was no possible way that her practices were normal.

    "I sat there thinking that this was going to be a fluke. Porphyria wasn't, and still isn't relatively well known. I guess, in my mind, better to have two or three doctors know about it than none. When she came through the door, I felt that any fear that I had no longer existed. She was, a literal angel, my dark and mysterious savior."

    " 'Hello, Alcina! My name is Mother Miranda, and I'm here to help you.' When I looked at her face, I felt as though I could immediately trust her. She was short in stature, but her presence filled the room...very much like you dear."

    As Alcina was talking about this Mother Miranda woman, she looked as if she was reminiscing about an old lover (funny, isn't it?). You've never seen someone so...in awe of another human being.

    "I was desperate! I wanted this pain and suffering to go away. 'Please, Mother Miranda! What do you know about this? I've suffered for decades, and no one, save for one doctor here in the village and back home, knows about it. I'll do anything, I'm on my knees.' She assured me that everything would be fine, and I believed that."

    Alcina sat down on the chaise in front of the window to light a cigarette. She took a long drag as she closed her eyes.

    "Miranda took of her dark robes and produced wings...wings! Macy, I could hardly believe my eyes. She told me everything about herself. She was about 70 years old, but she didn't look it. After seeing her wings however, I definitely believed her. They were growing out of her back. She told me about her child Eva, who was lost to the Spanish Flu. She said that she went into a cave to die shortly after the funeral and ran across this type of mold; when she touched it, it gifted her with powers and wisdom that not even Albert Einstein could comprehend. She also saw her daughter and the other lives of people lost. 'If I can see and feel her consciousness, I could bring her back. I need the perfect vessel. It could give you a second chance at life, free from all the pain.' "

    "Alcina, this is..."

    "I know, honey! It sounds demented. But when you are sick and near dying, you'd try anything. 'Of course, Mother Miranda. Anything you want,' I told her. The first thing we needed to do was to get my body back to the way it was. So, after about an hour, she discharged me and she and I were headed to her laboratory. I thought it was still within the area, but it was here, right underneath a cavern in this village."

    Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, it did. We were going to be talking much longer than I thought.

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    lady chibitrescu

    i'll see myself out

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    #fic stuff #resident evil village #re8 #lady dimitrescu x reader #this chapter took literal weeks and it's over 5k words long
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    Happy Halloween from castle Dimitrescu 🎃🎃🦇🦇

    Everyone likes to dress up to Trick 'R' Treat and I would assume that the fabulous Lady D would be no different. Here she is assuming the role of a devilish succubus, which I think fits her well.

    Model rendered in Daz 3D Studio with postwork done in GIMP

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    I’m in a really silly goofy mood after just watching the carnage movie so here’s some headcanons if alcina dimitrescu had a partner with venom (gender neutral)

    • Okay so like

    • she’s absolutely confused, like wait what? you have an alien inside you?

    • that’s also a parasitic being that goes into your body?

    • ‘We’ll darling that’s just like the Cadou!’

    and then she finds out, no, no it definitely isn’t

    • she gets used to it slowly, in the beginning she doesn’t see much of venom, and he doesn’t come out often

    • but when he d o e s .

    • oh how alcina just absolutely gets along with him, they tease the living fuck out of you, he dumps your darkest secrets onto her and she just sits there taking it in like, ‘Oh really now? Oh they said that did they? What a cute little thing aren’t you?’

    • putting it lightly they are ABSOLUTELY best friends.

    • alcina straight up swoons when your in Venom mode, like okay she just straight up goes weak in the knees knowing it’s you, and when your face half’s with Venoms, she can’t breathe, she’s just like ‘take me now’.

    • when alcina sees you in action, she absolutely is thinking up senarios in her head, like come on, her lover is right there beating the fuck out of someone and that TOUNGE. yeah to say the least she is absolutely loving it.

    • she is a bit uncomfortable knowing you share a body but Venom respects the relationship and doesn’t peep when told not to.

    • Venom fucking loves that Alcina and her daughters feed the fuck out of him and spoil him rotten.

    • speaking of her daughters

    • they love you, and Venom

    • which sets alcina into just swoon take me please mode even more.

    • Venom loves that he can just eat a while add buffet of brains and shit, plus the girls love it and so does alcina.

    • all in all venom and you are family to them, venom the funny and animalistic uncle, and you the other half or partner or companion of alcina dimitrescu and the girls’ parental figures

    NSFW (more graphic)

    • she will absolutely fucking let you dominate her

    • like okay mommy dom alcina all the way, but she a switch, she fucking does not go easy on you

    • she loves your tounge (we gon pretend that’s a side effect alright? if not a mutation or smth, shush it’s my headcanon)

    • will absolutely fucking beg for the tentacles. i wish i was kidding, she will

    • venom is respectful of it though, doesn’t put himself in the situation and the relationship

    • alcina is so glad that you have stamina

    • your gonna need it

    (sorry about my shitty grammar i hope this makes sense but like i was rushing soooo- yeah anyways enjoy,,)

    #alcina x reader #dimitrescu x reader #alcina dimitriscu x reader #lady dimitrescu x y/n #lady alcina x reader #alcina x maiden
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