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    Doodle(2) I like Doodle😂😂

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    Steven, as a mental exercise for the Crystal Gems: There are seven chairs and ten people at your dinner party. What do you do?

    Pearl: Have everyone stand.

    Amethyst: Or you could just, I don't know, bring in three more chairs?

    Rose Quartz: A musical chairs game!

    Bismuth: Fight for them.

    Peridot: The best seven of the lot can sit down.

    Lapis Lazuli: Kill three.

    Garnet: I don't care, so long as I get to sit because I’m a queen.

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    peri getting pat pat

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    Grab the Benefits of Lapis Lazuli Throat Chakra

    Talking about the Lapis Lazuli throat chakra, it surely gives much of the benefits to the wearer. Further, these stones have the power to heal your body with high vibrations. The energy helps in healing the damaged areas of your body thereby rejuvenating the mind-body and soul.

    #Lapis Lazuli Throat Chakra
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    Lapis for your soul.

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    Steven Universe Season 3 Episode 4: Barn Mates
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    #lapis#su #steven universe fanart #steven universe future #su fanart#steven universe#lapis lazuli#art #pearl steven universe #peARL#pearl#su pearl
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    Lapis Lazuli Anklet - December Birthstone, Brow Third Eye Chakra Gemstone. Find your anklet here

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    Another ship today my first real ship and its lapidot I love myself some energetic geek x tired Goth

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    Steven Universe Alternate Future chapter 31: Love Like You (originally posted on October 25, 2021)

    AN: At long last, the second to last stop on this Final Fantasy VII Remake/Zack Snyder's Justice League-inspired ride before it's all over. I feel like I've said this way too many times, but it's been an honor entertaining you all and addressing some of your complaints about Steven Universe along the way. But now, we are just about ready to stop, for now at least, and see where the epic anime-inspired final battle against Black Rutile takes us.

    Synopsis: Everyone comes together to save Steven and the Earth.


    Zach Callison as Steven, Ultimate Steven

    Estelle as Garnet

    Michaela Dietz as Amethyst

    Deedee Magno-Hall as Pearl, Volleyball, Yellow Pearl, Blue Pearl

    Tom Scharpling as Greg

    Grace Rolek as Connie

    Shelby Rabara as Peridot, Squaridot

    Jennifer Paz as Lapis, Laz, Zuli

    Uzo Aduba as Bismuth

    Kimberly Brooks as Jasper, Cherry Quartz

    Dee Bradley Baker as Lion

    Lauren Ash as White Topaz

    Noël Wells as Black Rutile

    Della Saba as Aquamarine

    Charlyne Yi as Eyeball, Ruby

    Erica Luttrell as Sapphire, Padparadscha Sapphire

    Larissa Gallagher as Bluebird Azurite

    Lin-Manuel Miranda as President Eduardo Suarez

    GZA as Major General Wade Grant

    Wendie Malick as Vice President Theresa Maxwell

    Tim Curry as General Lloyd Waller

    Patti LuPone as Yellow Diamond

    Lisa Hannigan as Blue Diamond

    Christine Ebersole as White Diamond

    Susan Egan as Pink Diamond, Rose Quartz

    Sarah Stiles as Spinel

    Aparna Nancherla as Lemon Jade, Nephrite

    Matthew Moy as Lars

    Enuka Okuma as Rhodonite

    Ashly Burch as Rutile Twins

    Kathleen Fisher as Fluorite

    Christine Baranski as Hessonite

    Olivia Olson as Citrine

    Ron Perlman as Negative Steven

    Jinkx Monsoon as Emerald

    Kari Wahlgren as Pyrope

    Melissa Fahn as Demantoid

    Kate Micucci as Sadie

    Indya Moore as Shep

    Ian Jones-Quartey as Snowflake Obsidian, Bixbite

    Michelle Maryk as Larimar

    Auli'I Cravalho as Orange Spodumene

    Tara Platt as Heaven Cubic Zirconia, Earth Cubic Zirconia

    Tara Strong as Grossular Diopside

    Kimiko Glenn as Blue Chalcedony

    Phillipa Soo as Chrysocolla

    Anika Noni Rose as Watermelon Tourmaline

    Aimee Carrero as Moonstone

    Amy Sedaris as Teal Zircon

    Featuring Susanne Blakeslee as Pietersite

    And Jessica Nigri as Orange Moonstone


    Little Homeworld was in total disarray. What was once a peaceful, lively town for Gems on Earth to live in peace in was now crushed to near pieces by a rampaging monster that dashed across the settlement, and its inhabitants were left to help each other out and pick up the pieces.

    "Hello-ooo, Cubic Zirconias!" Teal Zircon yelled as Cherry Quartz and Snowflake Obsidian picked up rubble to help her look for Gems scattered from the monster attack. "Just holler if you haven't been poofed!"

    "We're stuck over here!" the Heaven Cubic Zirconia yelled for help.

    "Please, someone get us out of here!" the Earth Zirconia added.

    "Don't worry little guys, we're coming!" Snowflake exclaimed, racing over to where she last heard the tiny Gems and lifting up some wood that the two were buried under before scooping them up in her hands. "How's it snowing?"

    "Terrible." The Heaven Cubic Zirconia groaned. "Sometimes I wonder why even bother staying on Earth if we're always in danger."

    "That's what I want to know too!" Emerald replied as she and Pyrope helped carry Laz and Zuli away from some wreckage, followed by a Flower Buddy straggling behind. "Just what was that monster? I don't think Black Rutile ever mentioned one during my time as her advisor."

    "This must be one of those Gem monsters the Gems fought back in the day!" Zuli deduced. "We gotta help them!"

    "But where did it come from?" Demantoid asked before Bixbite's claw burst from the remains of Bismuth's forge, giving the green Gem a scare before the crab-like Gem cut away the wreckage she was buried in.

    "I don't know," Bixbite replied. "You think Black Rutile might have something to do with it?"

    "Possibly." Emerald answered. "She already did betray most of her rebels, so chances are she sent out the beast to get rid of us for good."

    "Regardless, we have to do something." Squaridot said. "I'll try and send a message to Lars and Hessonite. Hopefully, they can give us some help." As the Peridot began to search for a communication module, the other residents of Little Homeworld began to gather up and make a plan.

    "Okay, so we're all in agreement that we're headed to Beach City to give the Gems a lift, right?" Larimar suggested.

    "Yeah, pretty much." Orange Spodumene declared. "But I don't think any of us either fought in years or fought at all."

    "We'll do it." Laz declared with Zuli, Emerald, Demantoid, and Pyrope behind her.

    "Black Rutile left us behind," Emerald started.

    "So I think it's time we get a little payback." Demantoid finished for her taller comrade.

    "Blue and I will stay behind in case any more trouble comes." Yellow Pearl bravely stated.

    "Just go and save the Earth." Blue Pearl added.

    "Thanks, Pearls." Orange Spodumene nodded to the former servant Gems. "Come on Gems, for our new home!"

    "For our new home!" the other Gems cheered and raced off for the inevitable battle.


    Meanwhile outside Beach City, its citizens were having their fair share of tension. They've gotten used to their fair share of Gem-related activity, but the giant monster and the government coming to arrest their alien neighbors got them wondering if the Gems can still be trusted.

    "So let me get this straight," Shep said to Sadie. "the Crystal Gems are a bunch of alien criminals that started a war with their home planet's oppressive regime and have been living on Earth for thousands of years since?"

    "It's a lot more complicated than that." Sadie proclaimed. "Steven's mom, Rose Quartz, was once a member of that oppressive regime, but she got tired of being looked down on by her fellow oppressors and really grew to love Earth. You still following me Shep?"

    "Yeah, I'm with you." Shep nodded before they noticed a crowd of Gems in the distance. "And those Gems walking up over there, what do they have to do with this?"

    "Wait, what?" Sadie stuttered as she finally noticed the Little Homeworlders behind them, as did the rest of the townies. "What do you guys want?"

    "We came here to help the Crystal Gems stop that monster!" Grossular Diopside exclaimed, hopping up and down.

    "Where are they now?" Watermelon Tourmaline asked.

    "Oh, they've just been accused of wanting to destroy Earth and were held hostage by the government for a bit because of that Black Rutile who really hates them." Shep rattled off.

    "That's all we need!" Chrysocolla exclaimed. "Let's go!" Suddenly, a dark shadow cast itself over Beach City, followed by a massive pair of pink legs descending to the Earth.

    "Hey, just what Squaridot ordered!" Blue Chalcedony exclaimed while Lars, the Off-Colors, Hessonite, and Citrine disembarked from the legs.

    "Never thought I'd be back here again." Lars mused, taking in the sights of the town he hadn't seen in so long before he looked at Sadie. "Hey Sadie, long time no see."

    "Lars!" Sadie exclaimed as she raced up and hugged her old coworker. "I never thought you'd be back so soon either!"

    "Hey, Lars." Shep greeted the space hero.

    "Hey, Shep." Lars replied. "Now, Squaridot said something about a monster problem?"

    "Yes, it stampeded right through Little Homeworld!" Squaridot exclaimed. "I think the Crystal Gems might need all hands on deck for this one!"


    However, the Crystal Gems were going to need the help more than ever now, as a revenge-crazed Black Rutile had them, the Diamonds and President Suarez cornered while Bluebird Azurite, now un-fused into Aquamarine and Eyeball, stood on either side of her.

    "I wanted to make Homeworld great again, I wanted to save it from monsters like you who think forcing peace and love down everyone's throats would make everything better!" Black Rutile ranted. "But you all took it away from me! YOU TOOK EVERYTHING! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!"

    "Wait!" Eduardo cried and stepped up to the mad Rutile. "Before you try and commit genocide against the human race, I just want to ask. Why are you doing this? These Gems are some of the most wonderful people I've ever met, and yet you believe they're the bad guys?"

    "You don't know them like I do, human emperor." Black Rutile growled lightly while summoning her Bowie knife behind her back, with every intention to kill the president where he stood. "That monster was once a dumb little boy who brainwashes everyone he meets into bending the knee towards him, and always flies off the handle whenever things don't go his way. We have conquered this entire galaxy in our glory days, and yet Steven's no better than they were thanks to telling one stupid joke that brought the mighty White Diamond to her knees and forced her to become a braindead doter!"

    White just gave a nervous shrug.

    "When I become the rightful ruler of Homeworld, I will force all the Gems he bullied into compliance to return to the old ways and enslave the galaxy that should be rightfully ours to control!" Black Rutile continued before showing off her knife. "And guess what? Your planet will be the first to fall!"

    Black Rutile prepared to strike Eduardo down, but before the deed could be done, she barely heard a "Watch out Eddie!" and instead stabbed Lloyd Waller in the chest, who had raced towards the two and served as a shield for the president just in time.

    "Lloyd, no!" Eduardo yelled.

    "No need to worry Mr. President, I think she stabbed me in either one of my lungs or my kidneys." Lloyd shakily assured. "Either way, I need help badly."

    "Get this man back to Washington!" Eduardo bravely ordered a few soldiers while running away from Black Rutile. The soldiers carried Lloyd away in his wheelchair to the nearest helicopter and soon flew away.

    "You won't win this Black Rutile!" Jasper declared.

    "Oh sure, just like how it's always been your fault we keep on losing!" Aquamarine declared. "Once we're finished with all of you and there's no more hope of Steven returning to the same obnoxious, sanctimonious brat we despise so much, we plan on fusing him and all your remains with the Cluster so we can use it as our tool to destroy our enemies once and for all!"

    Just then, the rampaging Steven felt something grab at his ankle. From cracks in the seafloor, the Cluster's hand popped out and tried to keep Steven from running. But unfortunately, Steven proved to be stronger.

    "And we have you to thank for all those years of abuse you weighed on him." Eyeball grinned sadistically.

    "They're right." Pearl realized in shock. "Deep inside that monster, Steven is in there, and he's so angry at everything. At us."

    "It was pretty obvious something was going on." Amethyst stated angrily. "Ugh, why didn't he just tell us sooner?!"

    "If we don't get through to him, Steven will be like this forever!" Sapphire began crying hysterically and grabbed onto Ruby for comfort, but her red wife began sobbing as well.

    "Yeah, I guess we all are pretty awful." Lapis admitted sadly.

    "Oh look, the first one to admit how toxic you all are is the resident abuser of the group." Black Rutile taunted. "Ooh, look at me, I wasn't looking where I was going six-thousand years ago and got stuck in a mirror like an idiot, that gives me an excuse to be awful to everyone!"

    "Hey, you leave her alone!" Peridot yelled in Lapis's defense. "Can you not be stuck in the past for once?!"

    "Come on, Steven's just as stuck there like me, and yet I'm the bad guy here?" Black Rutile proclaimed. "Fine, now I'm the bad guy."

    As the core Crystal Gems, the Diamonds, and Spinel began sobbing over how Steven's condition was their fault, Greg just kept on looking scared & shocked at Steven before Major General Grant stepped in front of him.

    "Sir, it's best you leave the area at once." Wade informed Greg. "Black Rutile seems to be a massive threat to humankind, and we don't want any more casualties."

    "NO!" Greg yelled at the major general. "Every time Gem stuff happens, I'm always told to stay out of it! But that's my son stuck in that monster because of her, but he also has every right to be angry because I didn't protect him!"

    "You didn't protect him from us, though!" Blue Diamond cried. "He's like this because of us!"

    "We're the reason Steven does nothing but suffer!" Yellow Diamond sniffled.

    "Oh sure, you only now feel sorry for the lives you ruined because of some brat you barely know." Black Rutile rolled her eyes without a hint of sympathy for anyone. "You've all gone soft Diamonds, not just because of Steven, but Pink too."

    "This is all my fault!" Spinel cried as she loudly blew her nose with her pigtails.

    "Don't be silly Spinel, everyone is like this because of me!" White Diamond replied.

    "No, it's because I let Black Rutile made me wipe his friends' memories!" Spinel corrected sadly. "I was just another toy for her to throw away while Steven was left dying on a barren world!"

    "But that was because she took advantage of how Pink hurt you, and because of how we hurt Pink!" White continued. "Like how I hurt Yellow, Blue, Steven, and everyone else in this universe! It's all my fault!"

    "So, this is how much of an effect Steven's had on everyone?" White Topaz gasped in realization.

    "Yes, apparently so." Black Rutile answered her former bodyguard. "But enough about him, let's kill you!"

    "Yes, it's all your fault!" Connie exclaimed, stopping the crying as she sat atop Lion as the sun began to shine again.

    "Oh goody, Little Miss Silent Treatment once again declares herself superior to everyone." Aquamarine sighed.

    "Yes, you all hurt him, but this is no longer about you guys!" Connie made a grand speech to everyone, while Black Rutile, Aquamarine, and Eyeball mockingly glared at her. "Maybe Steven would care about how sad you guys all are because he always puts everyone's feelings first!"

    "Kind of like how he put himself above us all!" Eyeball jeered, but Connie paid her no attention.

    "But he can't do that right now, because this time we have to return the favor!" Connie continued, angering Eyeball. "We all had Steven when we needed him the most, but the only person Steven never had was himself! He's always been there for us, so what can we do to be there for him now?"

    "Wow, she really could fill your shoes one day." Theresa whispered to Eduardo, who responded with a sheepish grin and a giggle.

    "I got an idea!" Black Rutile suggested by holding Pearl at swordpoint. "How about we get rid of all of Steven's abusers first?!"

    "Like you?" Lars boldly retorted as he, Hessonite's crew, the Off-Colors, Sadie & Shep, and the Little Homeworlders revealed themselves to the remaining three rebels, saving Pearl from certain death. "Sorry to keep you all waiting, Squaridot had to get us up to speed."

    "Lars!" Connie cried. "I don't know when you came back, but we need everyone's help!"

    "She's right." Garnet said upon Ruby and Sapphire fusing again, materializing her shades with a wave of her hand before everyone turned to watch Steven wrestling with the Cluster. "And I know how."

    "What do you mean Garnet?" Lemon Jade asked the fusion.

    "We don't have any time to waste!" Garnet shouted. "Yellow, make me as big as a Diamond, now!"

    "Understood." Yellow obliged.

    "Blue, lift everyone up." Garnet then pointed to Blue.

    "Of course." Blue replied.

    "You got it." Greg declared.

    "We'll stay behind to monitor your progress and call out advantage points." Wade declared.

    "And Black Rutile is mine." Jasper declared. "It's all because of her I've been shattered, and it's time I returned the favor."

    "But don't you need a little help?" White Topaz asked Jasper while thumbing over to the Lapides, Emerald, and the Garnets behind her as the Gems and humans left to deal with Steven.

    "No, this is my battle alone." Jasper stated. "She'll probably try to get rid of all of you."

    "So, shoving away others so you can fight your own battles?" Black Rutile smirked while turning her knife into a sword with a big blade that normal men would find too hard to carry. "In that case, allow me to send out my friends to fight mine."

    "At last we meet Jasper." Eyeball declared as she stepped forward and pulled out her flaming chisel. "But I feared it would be like this."

    "Do I know you?" Jasper raised an eyebrow at the Ruby who idolized her, who immediately broke down in tears at the thought of her hero not recognizing her.

    "Weak." Aquamarine snarked and launched bubbles from her wings at Jasper, but they were quickly popped and the blue Gem was grabbed & tossed aside.

    "I don't need either of you!" Jasper yelled at Black Rutile's remaining minions. "My real fight's with her."

    "Well, took you long enough." Black Rutile said sadistically and charged at Jasper, and her sword clashed with the horns of the ultimate Quartz's crash helmet. Black Rutile then swung her sword at the beach house, causing Jasper to crash through the giant hole in the front hall and into the kitchen, destroying much of the area and creating a massive dent in the support beam above her.

    Seeing an opportunity, Jasper grabbed the damaged support beam and decided to use it as a weapon against the Rutile, whacking it against Black Rutile's head as soon as she charged into the house. A few whacks later, however, Black Rutile sliced the beam in two and punched Jasper in the face. However, Jasper retaliated by grabbing the Rutile by the neck and tossing her through the roof into the conservatory.

    As soon as Jasper jumped after her, Black Rutile responded by tackling Jasper and pushing her down into Steven's bedroom before pinning her against the wall.

    "Playing dirty, aren't we?" Jasper purred with a grin. "Never realized someone so skinny could be so strong."

    "I'm far stronger than you realize." Black Rutile boasted. "You may be the strongest Jasper there is after popping out of the ground, but I worked hard in all my thousands of years of living. Constant training, studying, and conquering to exceed White Diamond's expectations, and I have not let them go to waste at all!"

    "Well, can all that training prepare you for this?!" Jasper roared, preparing a mighty slap that sent Black Rutile flying out of Steven's room, out of the nearly destroyed house, and onto the sand. Jasper smirked while looking out at her foe from the massive hole she had created and curled up into a ball to charge at her.

    However, Black Rutile thought quickly and revealed one of her gadgets from her gem, a holographic shield device that defended her from Jasper's attack and sent her flying into the temple statue's face, leaving a big Jasper-shaped hole in the statue as Jasper fell and crashed into the conservatory.

    "Had enough yet?" Black Rutile asked.

    "Fire!" Private Eric commanded his troops to start pelting Black Rutile with energy blasts from their anti-Gem weapons, but they proved ineffective as the Rutile turned her shield to guard against the gunfire.

    "Your human weapons are completely useless against me." Black Rutile coldly said. "Besides, you'll all die along with the rest of this pitiful planet anyhow."

    "Quit hiding and fight me!" Jasper bellowed as she burst out of the conservatory and charged again, only this time Bluebird Azurite was there to block her.

    "My Rutile!" Bluebird yelled while unleashing a massive bubble that exploded as soon as it hit Jasper, knocking her out and sending her flying to the sand. "You are finished, Jasper!"

    "You know Jasper, I've come to realize that we aren't as different as either of us believed." Black Rutile mused while standing above Jasper with her sword pointing at the bigger Gem's gem. "We both refuse to move on, only you want to stay in the past while I want to create a better future for everyone."

    "No, you're wrong." Jasper defied harshly. "You're no hero that wants what's best for everyone, you're completely insane!"

    "I'm insane? I'M INSANE?!" Black Rutile yelled, becoming angry enough to prepare to stab Jasper in the gem and once again kill her. "YOU ABANDONED ME, YOU ABANDONED YOUR PEOPLE!"

    "Yes, do it!" Bluebird cheered her master on.

    "LOOK INTO MY EYES!" Black Rutile demanded with an utmost burning hatred for her soon-to-be deceased foe. However, Jasper refused to back down even when shattering was again a possibility, and braced herself for the release of death. At least until she had some unexpected help.

    "NO!" White Topaz cried out, trapping Black Rutile in a bear hug from behind, tossing her aside and punching Bluebird away before helping Jasper up.

    "What are you doing?" Jasper asked the Topaz as she was lifted off the ground. "I thought I told you to stay out of this!" But when Jasper tried to let go of White Topaz's comforting grasp, she instead fell on the ground. "Why are you helping me regardless?" Jasper asked while propping herself up on her fist.

    "Because we're friends now. You don't have to fight alone anymore." White Topaz smiled warmly and offered a helping hand, which Jasper finally accepted after much hesitation. "Now, let's end this together!"

    "Oh look, how touching." Black Rutile jeered at the pair. "Looks like you found someone to replace me with, Topaz."

    "Someone who'll be an actual friend too." White Topaz retorted. "And maybe something more, if you want Jasp."

    "Wait, what?" Jasper did a double-take. "What did you just call me?"

    "What, you don't like the nickname?" White Topaz giggled.

    "No, I just-" Jasper stuttered awkwardly. "I mean, we're in for the fight of our lives, this isn't the time for being friends and giving each other cute nicknames Paz!"

    "Aw, you even got me one!" White Topaz cooed and pinched Jasper's cheek, much to the latter's embarrassment.

    "Um, I'm standing right here!" Black Rutile complained. "You're supposed to be fighting me!"

    "For once, I agree with you." Jasper stated. "Topaz, we must fuse if we need to stand a chance against her!"

    "Whoa whoa whoa, fusion already?" Paz exclaimed, looking back and forth between Black Rutile and Jasper. "Then again, it's the two of us against technically three Gems, so I don't see why not." With that, she extended her hand to Jasper. "May I have this dance?"

    "Whatever." Jasper blushed, turning her gaze away from the Topaz while taking her hand and beginning a graceful waltz, much to their enemies' shock.

    "They're actually doing it, aren't they?" Bluebird muttered as the two bigger Gems danced like they were a beauty and a beast in a ballroom.

    "Looks like we must even the odds." Black Rutile deduced and began to make plans as Jasper and White Topaz's gems began glowing and they merged into a tall & muscular Gem wearing a wrestling singlet with grey and white diamond patterns on the chest, burgundy gloves with spiked fins coming out the sides & matching boots, wild yellow hair that seemed like a mix of the components' hairstyles, an orange mask with lighter orange stripes, and a visor over her eyes.

    "So, what do we call ourselves?" the new fusion muttered, gazing at her massive, gloved hands. "Hm, how about Orange Moonstone? That seems pretty catchy."

    "Well, two can play at that game!" Black Rutile proudly announced before saddling Bluebird on her back like giving a piggyback ride and the two merged into a large mass of light. The result was an equally tall four-armed & legged Gem with a slenderer frame, black skin with splotches of orange and brown, a brown bobcut, a short-sleeved black jacket with a high collar over a red and blue bodysuit, and liquid gold wings emerging from her back. "Bear witness to the majesty of Pietersite!"

    "The only majesty I see is the majesty of kicking your butt once and for all!" Orange Moonstone gave a toothy smirk and motioned for Pietersite to bring it on. The other fusion gave no reply other than pulling out two swords from Black Rutile and Eyeball's gems, and she charged while shrieking loudly, forcing Orange Moonstone to do the same as well.


    Meanwhile deep within Steven's mind, an equally great battle was taking place between Steven, Rose Quartz & Pink Diamond against Negative Steven in the hot pink mindscape that was once a sitcom setting. Although Steven and his mothers had their own natural abilities to use in battle, Negative Steven had an equally powerful weapon. Words.

    "You keep Ronaldo around even though he's nothing but a brainless tool!" Negative Steven roared, flying around and firing laser beams from his mouth at the trio. "You condoned Sadie forcing herself onto Lars on that island!"

    "Hang on Steven, I got you!" Pink cried as she generated bubbles from thin air to juggle and throw them at Negative Steven.

    "It's because of you that your best friend suffered for thousands of years under White Diamond!" Negative Steven let out another laser roar aimed at Pink. "And you let her get replaced too!"

    "It was an accident!" Pink yelled when Rose came in to defend her with her shield.

    "Accidents happen, and we don't let them control our lives!" Rose declared.

    "This coming from the Gem who allowed countless soldiers to die!" Negative Steven continued critiquing.

    "Sheesh, he's doing nothing but yelling at us for our faults." Steven groaned in disgust. "Then again, he is my negative qualities taken form."

    "And he can't seem to be stopped." Rose deduced. "Every attack we throw at him, he hits back harder with an insult at our expense."

    "If only there was someone who could give us some inspiring words to back us up!" Steven exclaimed.

    "I know what you want to do Steven, saying it out loud won't help at all." Negative Steven growled and prepared to fire another laser from his mouth. "Now all three of you, hold still."

    "Yes, you all hurt him, but this is no longer about you guys!" Connie's voice echoed throughout the mindscape for everyone inside it to hear. "Maybe Steven would care about how sad you guys all are because he always puts everyone's feelings first!"

    "That's Connie!" Steven yelled elatedly.

    "A friend of yours?" Pink asked coyly.

    "The best!" Steven replied.

    "Oh great, her." Negative Steven groaned. "Does she believe everything will go her way by just talking?"

    "Isn't that what you've been doing?" Rose said. "Thinking we'll just bow down because you do nothing but complain about us?"

    "I do not complain!" Negative Steven roared angrily. "You are horribly toxic, there is no changing that! But once I take control, I shall reveal you for what you believe yourself to be!"

    "But he can't do that right now, because this time we have to return the favor!" Connie continued her speech from the outside. "We all had Steven when we needed him the most, but the only person Steven never had was himself! He's always been there for us, so what can we do to be there for him now?"

    "The hope, the kind gesture, it's so sickening!" Negative Steven began trembling and fell to the ground. "Everyone is supposed to be against you! How is this even possible?!"

    "Because even in the darkest of times, there's always be a light that will never go out!" Steven declared triumphantly with Rose and Pink behind him as their gems began to glow in sync.

    "The darkness inside may be strong," Rose added. "but with at least one true friend by your side in the bleakest of times."

    "You can pull through anything!" Pink concluded before the trio merged into light, which turned Steven into a taller version of himself with long, bright pink hair, a shining white jacket, his old pink shirt, and a glimmering pink aura.

    "So, this is what you abruptly decided the end to be, light versus darkness?" Negative Steven scowled. "I don't see why not, but I hope you realize that everything that happens from this point will seal your fate. If you win, you shall be free to earn your happily ever after. Otherwise, you shall perish, and I shall take control at last."

    "Let's go." Ultimate Steven, the fusion of Steven and both sides of his mother, replied before condensing his aura into an energy blast that clashed with Negative Steven's roar.


    Going back to the waking world, the epic clash between Orange Moonstone and Pietersite was in full swing. The two fusions fought violently above Beach City, bouncing between the sky and the town and causing mass destruction in their wake. Thankfully, the townsfolk were safely watching the brawl from a very safe distance while Lawrence Abrams frantically commentated on the battle in a report that could be seen from all over.

    With a single double ax-hand, Pietersite was slammed into Dewey Park, the resulting impact turning the area into a massive crater with debris flying everywhere.

    "Blast you!" Pietersite yelled as soon as Orange Moonstone touched down, and dashed forwards with her swords drawn, but the other fusion fought back by summoning boxing gloves to punch her in the face.

    "RAAAAAAAAGH!" Orange Moonstone shrieked while punching Pietersite in the face multiple times at rapid speeds, so fast that her arms seemingly vanished into thin air. "What's the matter, not going to fight back?!"

    "Don't get cocky!" Pietersite grinned before she suddenly zoomed away and reappeared behind her more muscular opponent, followed by grabbing her by the hair and swinging her around in a circle before letting go, making Orange Moonstone fly towards the water tower. Once she crashed right into it, the structure began to tip over before falling on top of the Crab Shack, destroying the restaurant.

    Orange Moonstone's hand burst from the wreckage and pulled herself out before making a mad dash back to Beach City, stopping at the rooftop of the Big Donut.

    "I'm not one to back down so easily!" Orange Moonstone grinned, ripping the donut shop's namesake sign from its stand and heaving it at Pietersite's direction. Unfortunately, Pietersite sliced it in half and grabbed Orange Moonstone by her face, picking up the bigger fusion and pushing her towards the Funland Ferris wheel, slamming her back into the attraction and causing it to tip over into the ocean.

    "Now fall!" the thinner fusion loudly commanded, letting go of Orange Moonstone's face and dropping her into the water after the Ferris wheel.

    As the carnage continued in town, Laz, Zuli, Emerald, Demantoid, and Pyrope watched the battle nervously, unsure of whether to obey Jasper or step in and help.


    Back in Steven's mind, Ultimate Steven's fight with Negative Steven has become far more brutal than Steven would've wanted it to be. Ultimate Steven kept on punching Negative Steven in the face, pulling at his wings, smashing him through houses, and causing him much pain.

    Likewise, Negative Steven kept taking big bites out of Ultimate Steven, pulling his arms, firing more lasers from his mouth, and throwing more bad memories at his opponent's way.

    "This could've been different Steven." Negative Steven declared. "I could've been the devil on your shoulder you needed so much, one to tell you what's wrong, but you just couldn't listen because you're such a pacifist baby!"

    "Stop calling me that!" Ultimate Steven cried and pinned his darker self to the ground. "Stop acting like a child!"

    "One of the things I embody is your childishness, what's your excuse?" Negative Steven inquired, struggling to break free from Ultimate Steven's grasp. "Besides, the way you're fighting me right now, it's perfectly unlike you! You refuse to fight, yet here you are beating me senseless!"

    "Wait, really?" Ultimate Steven exclaimed before looking down at his free hand, contemplating how violent this battle had made him, but then he made a realization. "No, this is all your doing. You and Black Rutile kept driving me mad, and I always let you guys control me. It's time I be the bigger man."

    "Meaning?" Negative Steven raised an eyebrow.

    "Here, let me show you something you and I should both remember." Ultimate Steven replied and conjured up a new memory to show his evil half.


    "About time we finally got this opened." Amethyst exclaimed while helping Steven move a treasure chest from out of Lion's mane into the living room. "Feels good to tie up this loose end at last."

    "But what could be inside?" Steven wondered, setting the chest on the floor.

    "That's for you to find out Steven." Pearl answered before producing a skeleton key from her gem. "And who would've guessed this key was hiding under the floorboards this entire time?"

    "Well, this is it." Garnet declared, handing Steven the key. "Open it."

    Steven nodded awkwardly and inserted the key into the lock, turning it and pushing the top part open. But when the Crystal Gems expected something important to Rose that she left behind for Steven to discover, they instead found nothing.

    "That's it?!" Amethyst complained. "There's nothing here?! All that theorizing over the past few days meant complete jack!"

    "Have to say, quite a subversion of expectations." Garnet smirked, coolly adjusting her shades.

    "Then why would Rose leave an empty chest in Lion's mane for so many years?" Pearl wondered aloud.

    "Maybe it's supposed to be symbolic or something." Steven theorized. "Like, the real treasure is me and how much I've grown up until now! Like, I'm the secret ingredient in the secret ingredient soup!"

    "Not sure what soup has to do with this, but I agree." Pearl stated and gently stroked Steven's face. "You've grown so much since we first met you. And I'm sure Rose would've been so proud too."

    "Thanks, Pearl." Steven replied, giving Pearl a hug before she hugged back, followed by Garnet and Amethyst joining in.


    In the present day, the Steven monster began charging at the battle between Orange Moonstone and Pietersite, and he would've caused even more destruction to Beach City than the fusions were had Lapis not stepped in.

    "Sorry Steven, I need you to stay here!" Lapis cried while summoning a wave to splash the pink beast with to keep him distracted while everyone else ran towards him.

    "STEVEN!" Connie screamed, riding atop Lion while Peridot flew on Bismuth's back, Greg, Pearl, Amethyst, Lars, Sadie, Shep, Volleyball, the Off-Colors, Hessonite, Squaridot, Citrine & the former corrupted Gems rode on one of Blue Diamond's clouds, Spinel saddled on Yellow's shoulder as the Diamonds ran behind the group, Eduardo, Wade & Theresa were on a helicopter, and Garnet led the way.

    "STEVEN!" the Diamonds added.

    "STEVEN!" the Crystal Gems roared before Garnet leaped into the air, revealing that she was now the size of a Diamond.

    "STEVEN!" Garnet boomed, taking the monster by surprise as she dropped down and gave him the tightest hug she could offer. "Steven, when I fell apart, you were there to put me back together." She soothingly reminded Steven, recalling when he first met Ruby and Sapphire on the hand ship. "I'm here Steven. We're all here."

    "It's working, he can hear us?!" a teary-eyed Lapis cried and began joining the hug. "STEVEN!"

    "I can't believe it, it's working!" Eduardo yelled eagerly, watching everyone else join the biggest group hug he had ever seen.

    "Those Gems really are something else." Wade grinned.

    "That's probably the second biggest hug I've ever seen." Theresa added. "Hey, you're all doing great you guys!"

    "I'm here Schtuball, and I'm sorry for making you mad the other day!" Greg apologized while clinging to Steven. "Whatever you need, I'll do it! You hear me?!"

    "Steven!" Peridot added. "You never gave up on me when I felt guilty for getting you kidnapped, among other reasons that I don't understand, and now let me do the same for you!"

    "I know you feel bad, dude!" Amethyst began crying. "Believe me, I get it! Sometimes you'll just never be able to like yourself, but it's still possible man!"

    "You saved us, and now we'll do the same!" Teal Zircon exclaimed, struggling to keep her balance as the corrupted Gems held onto Steven's stomach.

    "Hey Steven, you can hear me, right?" Lars cried out. "I just wanna say thank you for helping me become my best self!"

    "Ditto!" Sadie smiled.

    "I already helped you during that dome incident, and I'm more than happy to do it again!" Shep grinned.

    "I just wanna say Steven," Volleyball said. "getting the help I needed to get over Pink meant everything to me. But now, let me do the same for you."

    "Us too!" the Off-Colors cried.

    "We are going to save Steven!" Padparadscha Sapphire declared merrily.

    "And me!" Citrine exclaimed.

    "Steven, I know it's awful to keep secrets for so long to the point that it'll start hurting others!" Pearl began tearing up. "You didn't want me to hide anything from you, so now you don't have to hide anything from us any longer!"

    Soon, even the Cluster began to reach out and take Steven's hand.


    Pietersite shrieked like an animal as she tossed a car at Orange Moonstone, only for the vehicle to be punched in half by the other fusion's sheer strength alone.

    "I won't let you destroy everything you touch!" Orange Moonstone roared as her fists locked with Pietersite's.

    "Fat chance, because everything I destroy is nothing more than food for my hunger!" Pietersite yelled back. "My hunger for unlimited power!"

    Just then, two silhouettes were cast over the warring fusions, and they turned to discover the Lapis twins controlling massive water figures much like the one Lapis nearly used against them on Aozul 2, while Emerald and the Garnets stood below them with weapons at the ready.

    "Filthy traitors!" Pietersite snarled. "How could you turn against me at a time like this?!"

    "Because you left us to get poofed back during the invasion!" Emerald said while summoning a spiked club from her gem. "And as much as I hate to admit it, I'd rather stay on Earth than go back to working for a depraved maniac who'd throw out her minions without hesitation!"

    "You may believe we have been brainwashed as you feared, but this planet does have its positives." Pyrope snidely declared with her face behind a fan.

    "Like for one, protecting it from the likes of you." Demantoid added, jitte in hand. "Now Lapises!"

    "Right!" Laz and Zuli exclaimed before throwing their tridents down at Pietersite, and they would've come close to poofing her had Pietersite not cut the tridents to pieces before throwing her swords at the terraformers, stabbing and poofing them.

    "Oh no!" Demantoid yelped as the Lapides' gems fell into her hands. "I'll admit, I should've planned this better." Unfortunately, Demantoid didn't have time to say anything else before she got poofed as well.

    "Demantoid!" Emerald and Pyrope yelled when they were suddenly decapitated, causing them to be reduced to just their gems as well.

    "Once I am finished, I shall rip your gems apart!" Pietersite boomed, picking up Emerald's gem, and was about to crush it in her hands, but she forgot one thing. Turning back with gritted teeth in frothing rage, Pietersite only had a few seconds to react by pulling out her swords once again before Orange Moonstone picked her up and sent her flying into the air before jumping after her.

    "Why do you fight for a planet that has brought you nothing but pain?" Pietersite asked, gaining some momentum by flapping her wings while firing bubbles from her gold wings to knock Orange Moonstone down, but to no avail.

    "Because this is Pink Diamond's planet!" Orange Moonstone replied, stealing Pietersite's swords from her hands and stabbing her in the head. "And you have no place on it!" With a mighty, bestial roar, Orange Moonstone slowly cut Pietersite down the middle with her own swords, only stopping at Black Rutile's gem before grabbing her by where she cut and ripping her in two, causing her three components to un-fuse and fall to the sand.

    "We did it." Orange Moonstone gasped and slowly fell to the ground, un-fusing back into Jasper and White Topaz as soon as she hit the ground.

    "We did it?" White Topaz asked, turning her head to the panting Jasper.

    "Yeah, we did it." Jasper grinned triumphantly, happy that Black Rutile was finally defeated once and for all. And all that was left was to save Steven.


    "We're doing great here folks!" Theresa declared, watching the big group hug take place. "But what could be missing?"

    "I think I know." Wade answered. "Connie, now!"

    On that note, Lion jumped through one of his portals and Connie leaped upon Steven's nose to give him some kind words of her own. "Steven, you must've been so afraid to show us this side of yourself." She sighed. "But we're not going anywhere, we're all going to take care of you the same way you took care of all of us. I don't have your powers, but…"

    Connie then gave Steven a kiss.


    A pink tear suddenly appeared near Ultimate and Negative Steven during their fight, shocking one but empowering the other.

    "What?" Negative Steven gasped in surprise before Ultimate Steven touched his darker counterpart's chest, launching a pink blast that destroyed his monster form and returned him to normal.

    "There, now will you leave us alone?" Ultimate Steven declared before un-fusing into Steven, Pink, and Rose.

    "It seems I might've been wrong." Negative Steven realized solemnly. "Nobody is truly beyond redemption. Seeing the ones I have demonized so much come to your aid in your darkest hour made me realize that yes, you are still loved no matter what." With a defeated smile, Negative Steven began fading away back into his dominant self's subconscious. "Farewell, Steven Universe. Seems I am no longer needed anymore."

    With Negative Steven's disappearance, so too did the dream world begin fading away, Pink and Rose slowly joining the rest of the mindscape's inhabitants.

    "Well Steven, it's time to wake up." Rose said to her son. "Anything you want to say?

    "Yeah." Steven declared. "I'm going to tell them everything, especially about what happened here. Which reminds me, am I actually seeing you, or are you just more creations by my subconscious?"

    The two Gems shrugged at each other before turning back to Steven.

    "That's for you to decide," Pink answered, giving Steven a coy wink. "But I know one thing that's real." She then cleared her throat and began to sing. "If I could begin to be half of what you think of me, I could do about anything. I could even learn to love like you."

    "That song!" Steven gasped.

    "Yes, I specifically wanted Greg to sing you that as a baby once I passed on." Rose revealed before she started singing as well. "When I see the way you act, wondering when I'm coming back. I could do about anything; I could even learn how to love like you. Love like you."

    "I always thought I might be bad, now I'm sure that it's true," Steven joined his mothers on the lullaby. "Because I thought you were so good, and I'm nothing like you."

    "But look at you go, we just adore you. We wish that we knew," the two manifestations of Steven's mother harmonized while hugging their son. "What made you think we're so special."

    "If I could begin to do something that goes right by you," Rose stated before she began to fade in full. "I would do about anything, I could even learn how to love."

    "When I see the way you look, shaken by how long it took," Pink added. "I could do about anything, I could even learn how to love like you."

    "Love like you." The two sides of Pink Diamond finished their part of the lullaby as they completely disappeared, leaving Steven alone.

    "Love me like you." Steven said, bursting into tears as the world around him began to fade into white.


    "Huh?" Steven muttered as he slowly opened his eyes, finding himself rusting on the Cluster's hand, wrapped in a blanket and surrounded by all his friends and family, absolutely relieved that the crisis is over and he's finally safe. "W-what happened? Did I hurt any of you?" he stuttered. "I'm so sorry."

    However, Steven's worries were quickly quelled as Lion walked up and began licking his face. "Lion!" Steven laughed while tightly hugging the big cat. "Lion!"

    Steven's joyous laughter at seeing everyone again didn't last long, as the laughing quickly turned into tears as every last bit of his emotions started pouring out with each sob. He had a lot to talk about and was more than happy to do so. But first, Steven needed a good, long cry.


    God, what a chapter! But the story isn't over yet. There's still so much I could've done like giving Emerald and the Garnets more screentime to justify them deciding to fight Black Rutile, but I'm sticking to my goal of 32 chapters. This has been such an experience for me to share with all of you, but now it's finally almost time to say goodbye.

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    Basically, they're a dysfunctional family where they 're all either the adult or the child of the group.

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    ~💧~ When it feels like it has been decades since you last saw your militia friend. Did they even break things off well from the last time they spoke? What would she think when she saw her again. Lapis was nervous beyond belief! She had extended an invitation to her if she would even accept was yet to see for sure. It had been quite some time since Cinnabar had last seen Lapis and now she had changed.

     For one now Lapis was married. Happily Married! She had a long time 3 going on 4 years steady job now working at Starbucks and was one of the Managers! Not to mention the fact that Lapis in fact had a family unit living in their house now. She had her loving wife Topaz, Her girlfriend Peridot, her fusion sister “Ky” who split into two recently married gems, Kyanite’s girlfriend Spinel, including their pets Pumpkin their black cat with orange eyes and Peridot & Lapis’s Pumpkin dog Pumpkin still in the picture.   

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