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  • mourntheantagonist
    18.04.2021 - 5 hours ago

    #HarringroveApril Day 18: Heatwave


    Billy was used to hot. He lived and breathed Southern California’s dry heat for nearly two decades that eighty-five degrees had to be comfortable, especially growing up with a father who nickel and dimed every facet of life, and the use of air conditioning dipped too far into his beer budget. Billy was left with only open windows and a fly swatter by his bedside to kill all the bugs who managed to pass through the mesh screen. And he had the beach. The perfect place to go and cool off when temperatures neared triple digits and he was drenched in sweat just sitting still.

    He knew he would miss the beach when he was corralled into moving their lives to the Midwest, no ocean within any conceivable driving distance in sight, just land and lakes and rivers and the stench of nature uncorrupted by mass industry.

    And there wouldn’t be the heat that left him drinking water like it was heroin to just replenish all that had sweat out of him.

    But he was wrong.

    Sure, the temperature didn’t really ever hit those astronomical, record setting highs, but just because the number on the weatherman’s screen read only eighty degrees, it was the humidity that made it feel like an actual hell on earth.

    And when the unprecedented heat wave hit Hawkins, Indiana, in springtime no less, Neil continued with his tyranny over the thermostat, and let the house on Cherry Lane become just one large oven inside. And he was completely unfazed. He just kicked his feet up on the coffee table and drank room temperature beer and relaxed, just providing more evidence to the case that Neil was truly a cold blooded creature.

    He couldn’t just open a window because it only made the place hotter, and fanning himself with magazines was barely doing a thing and he felt like he was just cooking in there.

    So he did the one activity that hadn’t been taken away from him by the cross country move, and he got in his car and drove fast. The windows rolled all the way down as he sped through long paths lined with trees, the stream of air blowing his hair back and out of his face and unable to hear the sound of music with the loud roar as wind gusts entered his ears.

    Billy didn’t normally pay attention to the signs on the road when he drove through the town, hoping for the day he got lost enough that he ended up in an entirely new city, but he saw the word ‘lake’ in that bold white lettering and made a sharp left turn down the unpaved path because it was about the closest thing he’d get to the ocean.

    It was empty, he momentarily figured there would be at least someone else there to combat the heat, but there was more than one body of water in the town. Perhaps he’d just gotten lucky.

    Billy pulled off his socks and shoes and shirt and tossed them into the passenger seat of his car, and slowly walked into the cold water, stepping on sharp rocks that made his feet ache, but he didn’t mind it when the low water temperature gave him a chill that ran up and down his body.

    He walked in further and further until the water was up to his hips. He splashed some water up into his face and it all just felt so good. There weren’t crashing waves, or the fear of wiping out on his board, but it felt like the ocean on days when it was peaceful. Like the evenings he’d run out to the beach during sunset to the places nobody ever went to and he’d stand on the shore and let the tide wet his feet. Only the sounds of seagulls and small waves.

    The lake was more peaceful. The birds here sang instead of squawked and the water only made small trickling sounds due to his own movements. He was protected from the sun by the canopy of trees above his head, and for a moment he forgot he was supposed to hate Hawkins.

    Even with how quiet it was, Billy didn’t recognize the sound of a car driving down the same narrow path he took, too consumed by the blissful silence. He only turned around to the sounding of his own name.


    He turned around just to see Steve standing by his own car wearing a pair of board shorts and flip flops, and a copious amount of sunscreen on his skin.

    “What are you doing here?” Steve asked, looking at him accusedly.

    “What does it look like I’m doing here? It’s fucking hot out.”

    “Aren’t you from California? I thought you all were just used to the heat.”

    Billy just splashed some more water on his face. “Dude it’s over ninety degrees and eighty percent humidity, nobody’s used to that.” Steve just looked at him with a tilted head. “Are you just going to stand there and stare at me all day?”

    “Are you going to leave?” Steve asked, arms crossed over his chest.

    “The lake is big enough for two people, Harrington. I’m not going anywhere.”

    Steve just rolled his eyes and threw his towel on the ground and entered the water about twenty feet to the left of him, as far away from him as he could get.

    This wasn’t about the fight. Billy knew this wasn’t about the fight because he knew exactly what the ‘something else’ was. The ‘something else’ was last week. Billy stupidly kissed him behind the house at some Junior’s party. They were both drunk, but neither of them stopped the other from going further and further until they were in the backseat of the Camaro, and by then they were only stopped from stripping their clothes off by the sight of nearing headlights.

    Billy drove Steve back to his car after that point. Both of them feeling so dirty for what they were doing that they didn’t talk or even acknowledge the others' existence. It was nothing but heat and regret.

    And Steve was stealing glances at him from across the lake, those same eyes he gave him when he slammed the passenger door shut. Purely pissed off.

    Billy could allow himself to wallow in his own self pity, swim in the lake until his toes cramped up and his skin pruned, ignoring the shirtless Steve to his left, but where was the fun in that.

    He made it a point to get Steve’s attention so that he saw him throw his shorts and underwear all bundled up onto the lake shore.

    “Seriously?” Steve asked, unimpressed. His eye roll could actually kill people.

    “Come on Steve. Have a little fun.”

    “Why? Just so it can end up like last time?” Well at least Billy was right about the reason Steve had been giving him the death stare for the past ten minutes. “So you can kiss me, almost fuck me, and then not say a single word to me for over a week?”

    “Quit being such a fucking girl about it.” Billy swam over to Steve, who made no attempts to swim away which was hopefully a good sign. He got all up into Steve’s personal space. They were chest to chest and Billy attached his lips to Steve’s neck slowly, and he wasn’t moving away. Just biting his lip and growing hard enough when Billy bit down that he could feel it through his board shorts. Billy moved up from Steve’s neck and kissed him, juxtaposed from the last time they did it. None of the frantic, messy, pushed up against a wall kind of thing. Just the gentle cradle of Steve’s jaw and soft press of lips that made his knees want to buckle beneath him. “Would it make you feel better if I talked to you this time?”


    “Then take off the shorts.”

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  • ficmylife4
    18.04.2021 - 6 hours ago

    I saw a few posts warning about ffnet dying. I don’t think it will happen for a couple years, but I started going through old favorites I haven’t read in a while and saving them just in case. So I’ve been taking a trip down memory lane with the Disclaimers and Please don’t sue! and author replies in the fic chapters and citrus, and I’m walking by a store and I see this from a distance. Two lemons, embracing each other. Lemon! I had to get closer just to find what that was about because I can’t be the only fic reader whose mind went there, right?

    Anyway, it’s a sign in the make-up store LUSH about Covid-19 restrictions. But up close the hugging lemons were even better and I HAD to post it under ‘fanfic’.

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  • damcoolers
    18.04.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Slice em up right 🍸🍺 #chop #lemons #grapes #outside https://www.instagram.com/p/CNzWzS-pEXt/?igshid=uhltgv81guy3

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  • elveny
    18.04.2021 - 16 hours ago
    #adriene answers#lemons #truth serum asks
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    18.04.2021 - 18 hours ago

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  • apple-pyromancer
    18.04.2021 - 22 hours ago

    "Unacceptable (alternate title: I've Had Enough Effing Lemons, Thank You)"

    (click for better quality)

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  • bitterzoete-liefde
    18.04.2021 - 23 hours ago

    sweet oranges

    A poem by L.L.L. I remember when you took me to a garden 

    filled with blossoming orange trees it smelled like paradise you brought a lemon and picked an orange

    you fed me the sour lemon bitterness filled my mouth  my eyes welled up in tears you wiped away my tears you explained that the world is filled with lemon people bitter 



    as you handed me a bright orange you taught me to show them tenderness

    for this orange is sweet  it grows among blossoming flowers plant your love and kindness on them show them forgiveness let them receive sweet oranges  instead of sour lemons help them grow guide them to see the beauty in orange trees let your mercy soften their hearts let the twinkling light in your soft eyes spark inside them do not start a fire  for it will only burn down  everything you planted live in peace  know that there are people  who will share their oranges in return  who wish for you to blossom among them

    know that you are loved and not alone. ----> Note: Please do not repost this poem on social media without my permission. I hope you are okay, despite the hardships in this world.  Be safe.

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  • cuddleshock
    17.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    "Ready to eat avocados"


    A V O C A D O S.


    #ah yes#real life#Morrisons#Lemons #avocados my fuckin' ASS #i took this photo years ago in my local Morrisons supermarket btw. if I see anyone repost it I WILL get your ass. #n o
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  • reylocrumbsart
    17.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Reylo Jedi AU 💛

    “Do you want kids?” Ben asked

    “We can’t... Jedi Law—,” Rey answered

    “That’s not what I asked.”

    “Hmm..A boy.. with your eyes... Someday…”

    Full (nsfw) illustration on Patreon 💛

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  • a-shakespearean-in-paris
    17.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Good Morning

    Cullen x Lydia morning sex because lemons are a flavor for anytime of day

    They wake at roughly the same time, the mattress shifting next to Lydia. She stretches first before throwing off the cover, her silk nightgown riding up to her hips. Her hand gropes and reaches, wanting to wish him good morning. She misses, hitting sheets rather than skin. 

    He sits at the edge of the bed, and she shimmies over, wraps her arms around him and rests her chin against his shoulder. She feels rather than sees his smile as he scans a report--he’d been reading it last night while she had been reading something far more saucier, a Highland romance Cassandra thought she might like. Indeed, she did. Especially the part where Jack Thorn and Elyssa made it up to one another. The author spoke of his smell, his skin against hers, the firm press of his weight and assuring way he watched her all throughout, brown eyes on blue. Truly marvelous wording. Some of her favorite. 

    There was also a part where they consummated their love in the morning. 

    She squeezes Cullen until the reports drop to the stone floor and scatter. She presses a kiss to his shoulder, nips with her teeth, and soon enough he’s on top of her, encompassing in only the best way. She laughs in victory as he encompasses, her legs cradling his hips in soft praise for his weight feeling so good on top of her. Cullen can guess why, he saw her not so fruitive looks last night as they both read their respective readings. He wants to be better than a figment of imagination, so he reminds her he’s real and more alive than he’s ever been parted from her with warm, heady kisses against her lips and her neck, his hand tugging down the strap of her nightgown to free a breast. 

    He leans down and encircles the small bud, making her moan, and after giving attention to one breast, then the other, she puts her hands on his shoulders. Using one hand to hoist himself up the other drifts between her legs. She squeezes his arms and his shoulders as he lightly then not so lightly touches her, her back arching and legs parting in a plea for more. He’s above her and he cages and it’s almost like the book she read, but much better. His eyes are golden and warm, and she laughs at his messy curls, running her fingers through it even. He’s nimble and dips down for a kiss as he presses and draws tight circles just so, catches her moan with his mouth. She holds him as her sweetness abates, strokes his back and his hair and leaves countless kisses to his temple. 

    (Bastard knows he did good too. He smirks against her skin.) 

    She tugs off his breaches and he helps her. He was so focused on her his own arousal, though noticed, wasn’t what he concentrated on. It was only her and her eyes fluttering open and shut and offering flashes of blue as he made her feel good. It was her hair spilling on the pillow and soft moans she made. Springing free he gives the softest preamble, slowly working himself to the hilt till he’s fully seated inside. He sinks on her body, welcomes her arms around him as she kisses, and when he smooths her hair back and tugs, he watches her writhe until she opens her eyes, cradles his face with her hands. The bed creeks as her legs wrap around him. They watch. 

    It’s so erotic to watch, to have him all over and everywhere. Her fingers drift between her legs and she locks eyes with him once more as she touches herself. He has the world to think about but for the moment his world is only her...he always said he hated mornings but not anymore, not when they’re warm and together and yes, yes, yes. 

    His soft, yet consuming ending happening a beat after her second, his orgasm following more soft kisses, the firmer press of him on top of her, and the light smack against his arse that he chuckles at. They hold each other, and they hold each other, and even as he’s still buried inside he lifts his head to caress her face, and asks if she’s alright. 

    “Wonderful,” she says, dreamy. “Perfect. Lucky.”

    He chuckles, thumbing the coin at the base of her neck. “Ah. Good.” 

    “Cullen. Good morning.” 

    They continue their good morning with another kiss, and then another, and another...

    #cullen rutherford#lemons#experimental writing#kinda #meant to be a warm up but now I have to get ready and woops guess I'll work on IWD later #cullen x inquisitor #cullen x trevelyan #cullydia#shakeswriting#cullen fic
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  • janieslane
    17.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    When life hands you lemons... #limoncello 🍋

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  • sunlit-crackers
    16.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    hey guys! i’m a new blog and i love writing and reading fics <3 my message box is always open for request or simply a chat and i’m hoping to find some mutuals on here :D

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    16.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    me, about everything in life https://amzn.to/2CRcTXX

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  • laraslandlockedblues
    16.04.2021 - 2 days ago
    #mgit #knight captain rylen #rylen#abigail henderson#rylen/oc#lemons#and floof#new update #wheeeeee chapter done! #i've forgotten how to tag #idk take an update
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  • manifestingmarch
    16.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    i wish i could give you the attention that you wanted but i just don’t have the energy

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  • beautifuldaysahead
    16.04.2021 - 2 days ago
    #anon tag #beau gets an ask #tw food#lemons
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  • crazymangaluv
    16.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    Nights Like This: Jason Todd x Reader

    Warning: NSFW! For ages 18+. Unprotected sex plus fluffiness

    Brief summary: It’s peaceful nights like this, with you in his arms, that remind him again how lucky he is to have you in his life. You embrace each other passionately, relishing the love you have for each other. 


    You are his solace, his anchor, his beacon of light amongst the darkness. The times when he feels like he’s drowning in the darkness you never fail to pull him out and to breathe life into him again. Before meeting you, quiet nights like this were rare, his inner turmoil never allowing him to fully be at peace. But now, thanks to you, he finally is able to experience true serenity. Nights like this just remind him further of how hard he’s fallen for you. Everything about you, your eyes so full of love, your smile, the way you snort when you laugh...so beautiful. Everyday he wonders how he managed to get so lucky to have someone like you, to love him like you do...what did he do to deserve such an angel?

    He’s pulled from his thoughts by the sound of your rambunctious laughter. “Haha -snort- Hahahaha! Jason, look! Pffft!” You’re laughing at some memes and pictures Dick and Tim were sending you. However, Jason isn’t paying attention to the pictures you’re showing him, he’s too busy just watching you with such adoration. Of course you don’t notice the way he’s looking at you, you’re preoccupied, still cracking up in near tears. 

    “You’re so beautiful y/n,” he says tenderly as he gently brushes your hair from your face. You cease your laughter, breath hitching when his hand cups your face. His thumb softly caresses your cheek and his piercing blue eyes gaze into yours intensely, causing all thoughts and words to fly out the window. He leans closer, eyes focusing on your lips and you find yourself leaning in as well. You close your eyes as his warm lips meet yours in a short sweet kiss. 

    You let out the breath you didn’t realize you were holding. “Jason--” you say in a breathless whisper but you’re quickly cut off by his lips sealing yours in a passionate embrace. The way you sighed his name sparked something carnal within him and he had to have more. His mouth moves against yours relentlessly and you respond just as strongly. His hot rough hands travel down to give your ass a squeeze. Taking advantage of your gasp, he slips his tongue into your mouth. 

    The smell of him, the taste of him, his hands, his muscular body pressed against yours...your senses are on overdrive. You can’t help but moan as he expertly explores your mouth and teases your tongue. Your fingers curl into his soft hair, slightly pulling, which causes him to release the sexiest groan you’ve ever heard. Your already soaked underwear becomes even more drenched and you ache for a release. His wandering hands reach behind your thighs and effortlessly hoists you around his waist. Pushing you against the wall, he grinds his hips roughly against your throbbing core. He detaches his lips from yours to focus on your neck, slowly inching his way down to your collarbone. You hold onto his shoulders for dear life as he nips and sucks at your skin. His calloused hands make their way under your shirt, teasing your perk nipples. 

    “Jason-” you moan, “please Jason.”

    He lightly bites and tugs your earlobe, “Yes mi vida? Tell me what you want…” his breath tickles your ear. “I want to hear you say it.”

    You feel his large bulge twitch against you and you bite back a moan. 

    “Say it y/n.”

    “I need you Jason! Please.” You gasp out. 

    His lips immediately cover yours in a heated kiss. He maneuvers around, carrying you to his bed. He gently places you on the soft mattress and hovers over you. Opening your eyes, you witness him removing his shirt to reveal his well-toned body...my god...he’s utter perfection. Your hands reach up to greedily savor the hard muscles which twitch under your touch. He’s a sight to behold: hair disheveled, chest glistening with sweat, pupils dilated...you instinctively lick your lips.

    The things you do to him...laying splayed out beneath him, lips swollen, chest heaving… you look absolutely beautiful to him. Your soft warm hands tickled his skin, but when you lick your lips, he snaps. Reaching out he swiftly tears your shirt with a growl, casting the ruined pieces aside. His hot mouth travels from your neck down to your chest, teasingly kissing everywhere but your nipples, hands inching closer but never touching.

    You let out a groan. Such a tease. You want his mouth and his hands everywhere. Your erect nipples yearn for his attention. Before you could voice out your frustration, his mouth latches on, his hand softly cupping your mound as his tongue swirls around your nipple. Oh god...he feels so good. You clutch onto his hair, letting out breathless gasps. His lips move away from your chest, kissing a trail down your stomach to the edge of your pants. He pauses, his smoldering eyes focusing on yours. He gives you a mischievous grin and proceeds to use his teeth to unbutton and unzip your pants. Oh...my...god...you cum right there; he’s just so damn sexy. 

    He strips you of your pants and underwear with ease, continuing to kiss and suck painstakingly slow towards your throbbing heat. As much as you would love for him to continue, you can’t wait any longer. “Jason--” your breath hitches due to a particularly rough nip. “Please.”

    Jason catches your lips in a searing kiss, quickly ridding himself of the rest of his clothes. He positions his cock at your entrance, teasingly rubbing his tip against your throbbing wet hole. Mewling, you press yourself closer, wanting nothing more than for him to just fill you up. With a grunt he thrusts his cock into your hot tight core, stretching you out in a painfully pleasurable way. His deep thrusts bring you waves of ecstasy. Your moans spur him on, causing him to thrust harder and faster. He swallows your moans with his mouth, his tongue entwining with yours. Your fingers dig into his broad muscular back in an attempt to anchor yourself among the shockwaves of pleasure...you’re so close.

    Your nails on his back causes him to let out a low groan. You’re so damn sexy and you feel so good. Your walls squeeze his cock tightly...he’s close too.

    “Jason...I’m close.”

    His lips brush against yours, “Cum for me y/n.”

    You bring his head down for another kiss, “Don’t pull out. Cum- ah- inside,” you sigh out. 

    His hips begin to slam into yours sporadically with increased intensity, teetering you over the edge. Your body stiffens as your orgasm rips through you. Powerful waves of pleasure coursing through your veins. “Jason!” you cry out in pure ecstasy. 

    Your convulsing walls urge him on and he continues his relentless thrusts until he too is overcome with such immense pleasure. You writhe beneath him as he spills his seed deep inside you...his moans muffled by your swollen lips. 

    Removing himself from you, he leaves to retrieve a warm wet towel, and ever so gently cleans your drenched sex. Tossing the towel away, he returns to encase you into his strong arms. You lay your head on his chest, listening to the steady rhythmic beating of his heart. One arm wraps securely around your waist while the other tenderly strokes your hair...you sigh in bliss. 

    “You owe me a new shirt Jason Peter Todd,” you say with a smile.

    “Aw, but I prefer you without it y/n.” You feel his chest vibrate as he lets out a husky chuckle. “You can have any one of my shirts, they look better on you.”

    Tucking his hand under your chin, he gently tilts your head up. You look up to see his playful smirk. He kisses your forehead, his expression changing from a playful grin to a soft genuine smile, one he has shown only around you. You feel a pang in your heart. You wish he could smile like that more often, free from the shadows of his past. He deserves so much more. You look down, averting your eyes. Your vision blurs from the tears threatening to spill from your eyes...you love him so much. 

    He was watching you, studying and memorizing your features. He’s completely and utterly in love with you. Being with you makes him feel like he was worth saving after all. “Y/n...hey, look at me.”

    You gulp, forcefully willing your tears away, locking your eyes onto his marvelous blue ones. He guides your face towards his to give you a tender kiss. He moves his soft lips against yours. “I love you y/n,” he murmurs. 

    You smile, “I love you too Jason.”

    “I’m not finished with you yet...Ready for round two?” he grins.

    Chuckling, you pull him down to capture his mouth in another heated embrace. 

    #DC comics#fanfic#jason todd#red hood #jason todd x reader #jason todd x y/n #jason todd x you #red hood x reader #red hood x y/n #red hood x you #lemons
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    Orange Blossom Purse ready to ship! :)

    $55 + free US shipping 🍊 dm me for more details!

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