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  • This is so painful for me.. giving my all to one person and expecting to spend the rest of my days with her.. only for her to not be who I thought she was and to see her move on from me and be happy despite the pain and hurt she caused.. it’s like I never even meant anything to you..

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  • Mitómano

    ¿Cuándo un mentiroso patológico deja de pensar en su próxima mentira?


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  • The morning after this, and definitely ties into it

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    Dmitry went to the kitchen really early to get the hidden camera before Felix woke up. He found the boy on the floor, curled up, sleeping rather peacefully. A little too peacefully, honestly, but Dmitry wasn’t there to kick him awake.

    He got the camera and went back to his room to watch back the recording. He wanted to skip to the part where Felix actually opened the letter, but hesitated. For a few minutes, he just watched as Felix sat there, trying to figure out whether it was safe for him to start reading. It was adorable. He wondered how much time Felix had spent in that exact position, before declaring the situation safe. 

    After about five minutes, he skipped ahead, careful not to miss anything. He looked at the timer. 53 minutes. Felix had spent 53 minutes staring blankly at the kitchen door, listening to the noises in the flat. Dmitry had to admit, it was impressive. 

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  • #elena ferrante#lies #lie to ourselves #lovely tales#petty lies #save us from ourselves
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    • love is nothing but beautiful and inspiring phrases on Instagram, which some young dreamer wrote at the height of his passion; maybe moments before you break your face with “your love”.


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  • “Our love is timeless, effortless—and I’ll be damned if I ever let that go.”

    #quotes#life#love #deep life quotes #deep quotes #new writers on tumblr #books #new poets on tumblr #my poem #exerpt from a book i'll never write #lies#in love#life quotes#new poetry#prose#girlfriend#boyfriend#breakup#blue #exerpt from a story i'll never write #authencity#inspired#inspiring
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  • So I have gained a few pounds like everybody especially my moms friends have noticed.

    Instead of asking me if everything’s okay my mom does what she always does and screams at me how fat and ugly i got

    Well yeah I think it’s normal when you’re in depression you maybe gain weight yk what? Food is the only way I don’t get to do drugs again so often

    Food is the only way I don’t hurt myself again

    I am sorry when I’m not perfect for everyone

    Not my ex boyfriend

    Not my friends

    Not even my mother who should love me the way I am but hey heads up

    Everything has an end sooner or later

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  • She wanted to be like everyone else
    while sadly I knew it was only because
    she believed a lie told to her long ago
    and never saw how precious she was

    Now I’ve not seen her for so many years
    you know how quickly they love to pass
    yet I hope she sees that beauty today
    when she stands before her looking glass

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    • Mister, optimistic, positivist
    • Yall should visit, an ophthalmologist
    • To get that speck up out your eye
    • Baby boy look I can fly,
    • And i can feel your energy,
    • Your lies they can’t get into me
    • Get that speck up out your eye
    • Baby boy look i can fly
    • And i can feel your energy,
    • Your hatred they can’t get into me

    Cato x No Energy

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  • Truth is easy, truthfully,

    It’s much harder to lie.

    My stomach turns to think that

    You could look me in the eye

    And spin untruths so easily

    No matter what the size.

    Trust is not easy for me,

    It always seems to backfire.

    I never worried about you before,

    But now, my trust has expired.

    I used to see home when I looked at you

    And now I just see a liar.

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  • image

    The test is rigged. I want my time back.

    First of all I’m not SMOL I’m average sized secondly I-

    #ldjglñggñ#lies #all the internet does is lie
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  • Users lose faith in social media

    For the two big social media companies - Twitter and Facebook—the numbers have dropped precipitously, according to the report. While only 36% of respondents had positive feelings about Facebook, less than a quarter (24%) said that they had positive feelings about Twitter.


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  • Coyote Ugly part 4

    A/N: soooooo I know I haven’t finished I hope you’re the last, but this was too good of an idea to not write. ;) As always I do not own the gif…. credit goes to moviewhorexo :)

    Warnings: cussing (not surprised), mentions of ptsd and flashback, angst, little bit of fluff, y’all ain’t ready

    Pairings: Plus! Sized reader x Bucky, Steve x Natasha

    Imagine: Running a bar was not ideal in your mind. However being able to invoke complete privacy for your clients was. All you had to do was lie about them and yourself, but what happens when your lies come to the surface and fate takes you on a whole new path? What happens when Earth’s greatest heroes force that path?


    Originally posted by moviewhorexo-blog

    To say I wasn’t a fan of Fury was a major understatement. Although the day was spent laughing and forgetting about everything, Maci still dragged me to Shield headquarters. I knew she wouldn’t let me go home until her boss had heard the news. I dreaded the meeting with every fiber of my being. Don’t get me wrong, I owe a lot to Shield, but Nick Fury was one man I never liked to be in the presence of. The drive was silent except from the radio playing God knows what. The closer we got the more anxious and nauseous I felt. I was so wrapped up in my head that I wasn’t paying attention until I heard it. The first few keys made me freeze in my seat. 

    500 miles
    I had it all planned
    Drove all day to ask your Dad for your hand
    I wrote it all out
    I knew what I’d say
    My heart it was racing and my hands started to shake
    But I, took a deep breath and I said I promise to love her
    With all that I have
    I’ll put nothing above her
    And I won’t turn my back
    She’s my everything
    She’s all I’ll ever need
    And she loves me at my worst
    Sir, I give you my word
    I promise to love her

    M turn that off.” I whispered feeling the tears form, my throat went dry, and all the blood in my body turned ice cold. Maci to wrapped up in singing the song didn’t hear me. My heart began to race and I felt a cold sweat rise over my brows. ‘Maci turn it the fuck off!” I said louder this time. Her attention suddenly taken off the the song to me, but she didn’t move to change it. 

    The music plays
    And I’m all a mess
    As I watch you walking towards me in that pretty white dress
    Do you take this woman to be your wife
    To have and to hold for the rest of your life
    Well I, took a deep breath and I said I promise to love her
    With all that I have
    I’ll put nothing above her
    And I won’t turn my back
    She’s my everything
    She’s all I’ll ever need
    And she loves me at my worst
    I’m giving my word
    I promise to love her and keep her
    Want her and need her
    Make her my whole world
    And when that day comes
    I’ll come undone
    When that doctor brings in that little girl I promise to love her
    With all that I have
    I’ll put nothing above her
    And I won’t turn my back
    She’ll be my everything
    And all I’ll ever need
    My little angel on earth

    I tried to slow my ragging heart, while my fingers began to shake. Maci noticing finally turned the song off, but not fast enough. Tears cascaded down my cheeks. “What? Do you not like the song that much?” she asked completely caught off guard by my reaction. I shook my head in anger and wiped  the tears away fiercely. “Yes! In fact when I am around do not ever play that fucking song again!” I seethed before turning my head to look out the window. 

    “Y/n talk to me… I don’t know-” Maci began, but I cut her off with my hand. Releasing a sigh, I moved to look at my best friend. “You can’t fix this M. This has to do with the bastard.” I said sighing heavily. Maci waited for me to continue. “He played it when he was in his ‘nice’ moods, but he would also play it when he wanted to hurt me. He filled my head with empty promises with that song, and crushed every single one of them with it as well. He would play it only when I was ‘good’ and swear it would be us after he fixed me. He would also play it when he would beat the shit out of me, saying I am the reason we would never be able to fulfill ‘our’ song. I detest that song, just please don’t play it around me.” I finished my eyes trained on my fingers. 

    “Why didn’t you tell me?” she asked her voice breaking a little, before she quickly recovered. I just shrugged my shoulders while trying to come up with an excuse. “In a way I guess it felt like I still had something to hang onto, what it is I don’t know, but it was something no one else knew about what happened to me M. It just solidified that I was there alone, no one else. There wasn’t you or Tony, hell there wasn’t Fury yet. In some twisted sense it made it all feel more real.” I confessed slowly, while lifting my head up. Maci looked with tears in her eyes. “Y/n what happened to you changed you, and it was real. You don’t need to hold onto it to make sure it was real. Yes you were alone, but you aren’t anymore. You have people who would die for you. You don’t have to keep it all in anymore.” she said grabbing her hand with mine. I slowly nodded my head, before training my eyes on the compound. Well if anything she said was true people would die for me, but all for a secret. 

    The compound was still the same as I remembered it almost 3 years ago. The walls are still white with black or gray accents actually the whole building was filled with white, black, or gray. The walk to Fury’s office was too long for comfort. My stomach twisted and churned the closer we got. Maci was walking with her head held high, without a care in the world. While I shrank into myself, but displaying a fake smile on the outside. Maci’s abrupt stop made me almost run into her. Her eyes were scanning the surroundings, before she glanced back towards me. Slowly she brought her finger to her lips motioning for me to stay quiet. Time slowed while my heart ragged on. Inhaling as quietly as I could I tried to keep myself from panicking. The compound was quiet, too quiet, normally people are everywhere like flies; but there wasn’t a soul to be seen. 

    “Y/n, follow my every move! And don’t lose control…” she whispered calmly, her once green eyes now almost black. I nodded my head, before following Maci down different hallways than before. We were off the main floors and in the tunnels. If something was wrong, we would be safe there or meeting the danger head on. I replayed my favorite things to keep my breathing from rising, while my hands were beginning to tremble and my legs felt like mush. “Y/n when we . hit this door we bolt for it you hear me?” she harsly whispered while grabbing my arm. I was too focused on the door to notice Maci’s warning. Her persistent jerking snapped my gaze to her. “Shit! Your eyes.” she said before looking around. When she double checked we were alone she met my gaze again. “Y/n you have got to remain in control. You can out run my by miles you hear me, so no matter what happens you keep running.” her voice filled with conviction and determination. “M you must be dumb to think I would leave you behind.” I say while shaking my head at her. Maci just rolls her eyes before placing the keys to the car in my hand. “Y/n! We don’t know what is behind there….If the compound has been taken over and someone is here our job is to get you out of here!” she said before grabbing my arms and staring at me with a look of such desperation. “Promise me if things get ugly in there you will go straight to Tony’s! Or I swear on my aunt Helen I will whoop your ass to Timbuktu.” she whispered before locking eyes on me again. I slowly nod my head, understanding it was her job to keep me out of enemy hands. Maci content with my answer returned back to facing the door. I released the breathe I didn’t know I was holding, silently preparing myself for what was to come. Then with one finally look Maci opened the door and before we knew it all hell broke loose….


    I spent the next several hours in the training room, punching everything in my path. I was currently on my 5th bag when Steve strolled in, his hands in his pockets and a defeated look on his face. I didn’t stop the task at hand which was currently to get all my pent up frustration out on the bag. Steve didn’t speak to me until I finally quit my assault on the bag. “You know Buck I’ll always have your back..” he began before trailing off like he couldn’t get the words out, but before he could finish I cut him off. “No! I get it, take their sides on how wrong it was, but you know what we did was necessary!” I snapped, throwing Steve a hard glare. He shifted uncomfortably not liking the position he found himself in. 

    “I’m sorry Buck, but you know we should have just asked Tony before unlocking that file. Now I have Nat mad at me for going along with it, and Tony won’t come out of the labs.” he said looking defeated. “Don’t shift the blame, we both knew what we were doing!” I snap not being able to contain my anger anymore. “I took the blame for you because no one would question me digging up someone’s past, but do not for a second think you can come in here and guilt trip me!” I yell finally facing my friend. Steve looked passive, but I know underneath there was a storm brewing. “What do you want me to do Buck?!” he yelled back lifting his hands into the air. “I want you to help me find out more.” I say more calmly, while crossing my arms over my chest. Steve stood there mirroring me, his jaw clenching and unclenching. “I can’t do that Buck.” he says while grinding his teeth. “Then leave.” I force out, before turning back around to continue my assaults. Steve didn’t move an inch his gaze burning holes in my back. “I really am sorry Buck.” he whispers before leaving me alone with my thoughts.   


    Adrenaline. That is what kept me from feeling anything. The sounds of gunshots were echoing off everywall. The only light to help guide me came out in pathetic flashes. My grip on Maci’s hand only intensified as we maneuvered through the chaos.  The only thing I could make out was we were stuck in a crossfire. There were 2 sides, this I know from the different smell of the the guns. “M we gotta find Fury.” I whisper slowing my movements. Maci didn’t respond just kept moving forward. The sudden grasp on my neck made my body freeze. “Where ya going 236.” the voice whispered, but before I could answer Maci was on the assalent, working on his grip. My blood rushed to my head and the instinct to lose control slowly crept up my spine. Effortlessly I pulled his hand off my neck, before swiftly kicking him on the ground. The scent of fear soon flooded my nostrils, making them flare with desire. But before I could do anything further, Maci’s hand on my arm pulled me away from my target. 

    “Hagyd elmenni. (let him go)” Maci whispered in my ear. The urge was getting stronger to rip his heart out with each passing second, but Maci wouldn’t let me. “Ez már nem te vagy. Ne hagyja nekik elégedettségüket adni nekik. (This isn’t you anymore. Stop giving them the satisfaction that it is.)” she persisted before reaching for my hand. Closing my eyes I released my hold on his throat letting his body crumple to the floor. “Let’s move.” I whisper not liking that we were exposed. Maci agreeing continued to lead me further into the tunnels. 

    Time seemed to slow as the guns continued their pursuit of victims. While moans were heard everywhere from those unfortunate of falling victim. The many hallways was starting to make my head feel fuzzy with confusion. the closer we got to the exit the quieter the shots got and so did the moans. Maci squeezed my hand three times signaling we were close to the exit. But my stomach kept churning with uncertainty. 

    As we rounded the last corner, a fire rang through the halls. And before we knew it a second and then a third before we were forced back. “M are you hurt?” I ask releasing my friends hand to check my own body as well. “I’m ok, none hit me. Are you ok?” she asks before grabbing my shoulder. As soon as her hand touched my shoulder she drew it back. “Fuck your shoulder.” she breathed, while ripping a piece of her shirt off. 

    “I’m fine. It’s just a scratch.” I say while avoiding her advances. “Y/n let me at least cover it.” 

    “No, I said I’m fine. What we need to worry about is how the hell we are going to get through them.” 

    “Well if you let me..” 

    “M I swear to God if you touch me I will roundhouse kick you.” I harshly whisper. Maci let her hands fall, obviously knowing she wasn’t going to win this argument. We stood there for a few seconds gathering your thoughts on what to do next. “Ok, fuck Y/n. We have to surrender” she whispers before peering around the corner, causing another round of gunshots to echo through the hall. I slowly nod my head before making my way infront of her. “What the hell are you doing?” she says while trying to grab my shirt.  I avoid her hands while slowly bringing my own up.

     “Ez 236. A barátom és én fegyvertelen vagyunk és hajlandóak leszünk átadni mindaddig, amíg le nem engedi fegyvereidet. (This is 236. My friend and I are unarmed and are willing to surrender, as long as you lower your weapons.)”  I yell while revealing myself from the corner. There were 3 men standing in front of the door, none that I could recognize. Maci slowly followed behind me, allowing herself more room to jump back if they were to fire at her. 

    “Engedje el a barátomat, és én szívesen megyek. (Let my friend go and I will go willingly.)” I yell while taking a few cautious steps forward. One of the men grunted before the weapons were lowered. “Y/n what are you doing?” Maci whispered while falling into step with me. “Saving your life.” was all I said before glancing her way. Mer face contorted with a mixture of anger and sadness. “No.” she said while stopping her movements. “M, I don’t have a choice, now move your ass. I’ll be right behind you.” I whisper, slowly bringing my gaze back to the men. We continued the walk in silence until we reached the men. 

    The one in the middle nodded his head, before slowly opening the door. The sunlight burst in with a vengeance, causing me to squint my eyes. “Csak ő mozog, vagy mi lőni fogjuk. (Only she moves, or we’ll shoot her.)” he said while nodding his head towards Maci. Maci glances back at me before making her way out of the door. She stopped and looked back at me to see what I was gonna do. Our eyes met and for a second I hoped she would listen. 

    I slowly tilted my head to motion her to keep walking, but she stood firm. Worry settled into my skin when the guy on the right began to lift his gun. I tilt my head again for her to keep going. Fuck Maci please for once listen. As soon as he raised his gun Maci turned back around and kept walking. As soon as the light had come it was gone. Silence filled the air before the gut in the middle began to smirk. “Azt mondták, hogy veszélyes vagy, de itt be vannak zárva ezekbe az alagutakba, és Ön is megadja magát. Hogyan érzi magát itt bezáródni velünk? (They said you were dangerous, but here we are locked in these tunnels and you surrendering. How does it feel to be locked in here with us)” he says while reaching for my hair. I slowly begin to smile allowing myself to lose control. “Nem, nem vagyok itt bezárva. Itt vagytok bezárva velem. (No, I am not locked in here with y'all. You are locked in here with me.)” I whisper before meeting his eyes. His smirk began to fall, and before I knew it their blood was covering my hands. 

    Wiping my brow I make my way to the door, carefully avoiding the damage I’d caused. With a small push the door swung open, and the light welcomed me once more. Before I could walk further a voice stopped me dead in my tracks. “I see you haven’t changed sweetheart.” he said, making my skin crawl. I turned on my heels to find Brock leaning against the wall down the hallway. “Such a shame you didn’t finish like you wanted to. I mean their hearts are still in their chests.” he chuckled before motioning to the bodies at my feet. “I’m not that person anymore.” I yell, before eyeing the bodies. The Insatiable hunger starting to gnaw at my insides.

     Brock let out a small laugh before meeting my hard stare. “You may be able to lie to yourself, but never to me. I know you better than you know yourself. Hell I created you.” he says his eyes leaving mine to rack over my body. A shiver ran it’s way up my spine, turning my blood cold. He quickly met my gaze before breaking out into a dark smile. “You can run all you want Y/n, but I will get you back. I don’t like what’s mine to be gone for too long.” he whispers before pushing himself off the wall and walking back into the darkness. 

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