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    12.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    Raincoat <3

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    12.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    some free time doodles

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    12.06.2021 - 15 minutes ago
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    12.06.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    RCG: why are your feet all wet?

    six: there was a puddle.

    RCG, sighing: why did you step in it?

    six: ...it was a puddle.

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    12.06.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    The Lady gasp! For @l1ttle-miss-pessimistic

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    12.06.2021 - 41 minutes ago
    #fira knight screeches #firas box #Last time I had a dream was when I was little #since then it’s either nothing or vivid nightmares and there’s no inbetween shjdjsjdkaja
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  • grim-faux
    12.06.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    2 _ 5 _ The Smallest Step


     The strange game the Thin Man played confused Mono. He wasn’t sure what to make of it or how to do. They traversed through endless roads through constant rain, choking fog, decimated alley passages; stopping occasionally in unoccupied buildings and places sometimes mostly abandoned. Most of the time, television devices not harboring the twisted gape of the Viewers would go silent. That didn't mean much to Mono, though he hadn't thought about straying off again. He kept count of how many of the devices sat in an area in case he needed a hasty escape, never mind he didn't have a way of activating any of them. It made him feel better.

     However, the tall thin man was persistent to call and the wait, coaxing Mono to come-come and stay near. Didn’t want to chase, as insisted in a pushy, disgruntled way. So Mono would chase the Thin Man, and that seemed okay. Then sometimes they would stop and shelter for a while in some derelict place, so Mono could rest or eat. Mono, too, was very persistent to gather some foods and offer them to the Thin Man. They left the room with the foods, but the Thin Man should eat too, or he might not feel good and possibly die. Mono never saw him eat a thing, and it was very distressing. He tried different foods, from different places.

     “No. I don’t need that.” "No, you eat." "No, child, no." "That is yours. I don't want."

     Frustrating, picky. But maybe the Thin Man had other foods he preferred. It would have been nice if Mono could figure out what the Thin Man wanted. Such as the game they were playing. What of it did the Thin Man seek?

     When he tired of it, the man in the hat would leave. As he usually did with the things that disinterested him. Mono wanted to find something that might interest him – a toy, or an unusual object, something unique that could not be found anywhere else. He failed at all times he presented something strange, to the strange Thin Man, but he was unwavering. Since Mono on his own might not be enough, if he could find things for the Thin Man, the Thin Man would be curious in good ways. Maybe.

     It could be the bizarre notion of an adult and child packing. It made no sense and felt wrong. Mono was not opposed to going with the Thin Man, but he remained cautious and leery of why’s. The Thin Man did without understanding reasons, and did less speek on the topic. This confused and frightened him, but it wouldn’t directly harm Mono. That he was certain of. As long as he was careful.

     This is why Mono hid behind the sofa seat, curled up and dozing away the hours. It could be days. Perhaps it was miles and miles. The residence had other rooms and shadows for him to slip through, but he liked the sides of the rotten fabric and a wall at his shoulders, where nothing could wrap around him while he did half sleep. Occasionally, the soft tapping of the Thin Man’s shoes drifted by, and the space thrummed as typical when the tall thin man was near. Mono would shuffle out to one side and peer at the Thin Man, let him see he was not escape and had gone far. This was important, because the man in the hat seemed annoyed when Mono hid like this.

     Everything was different in this place. Rooms were out of order, the kitchen smaller – less cabinets to curl up in. Mono had not scouted the corridors or other residencies a hundred times over, to really establish there was no threat. He couldn’t trust the Thin Man with this essential task because he was adult, but mostly on account he didn’t grasp the true nature of dangers like Mono did. The man in the hat was too dismissive, too indifferent. He spoke with a firm tone, he didn't care who or what heard. The Viewers didn’t seem to care, not that he ever spoke to them. Not that he cared if they, or anything for that matter, heard him.

     Most of the time Mono didn’t mind the stern reminder to be near, pay attention, don’t stray. Or, in the few times he couldn’t catch his breath on the thick vapor or dust, after a hard climb. Sometimes in the endless roads hazard by neglect, and no space open to reach a building entrance – one that Mono could reach in his haggard state, since he didn’t get to rest that often at times they did stop out of the weather for shelter.

     Taxed under the crushing weight of staying near, Mono would sit by a wall. A moment, he promised, knowing full well it wouldn’t be so swift. When the Thin Man saw that Mono’s pause could not be thwarted with a voice, the tall figure would wait by while Mono sheltered in his soggy coat. The drilling pellets would cease against his hat for once, and he’d deliver a gaze up and up, and up. The Thin Man would not settle his judging glower down on the child, but evaluated the roads sprawling with so much uncertainty.

     And Mono liked the warm feeling that settled in him for that short time, knowing that he couldn’t be chased or bothered, or watched from afar. Though in these instances he felt so tiny and insignificant in the Thin Man’s shadow, it was like he was eclipsed in something so ominous, the lesser dangers couldn’t slither out or do anything; nothing ever bothered the Thin Man.

     The detached indifference was so wonderful, because he did remember how terrifying it was for that gaze to be directed down on him – so focused, and intent, settled in a critical decision Mono could never hope to grasp. When the Thin Man looked at him now, it was to ask pointless repeated questions. Sometimes he explained something that came off as remedial, but it was still nice to have someone explain things to him for a change. Even if he didn’t fully grasp the speek, it made him feel like something important.

     He didn’t understand why the Thin Man wanted to keep him, but he could learn from this. If he was careful, it was possible to learn of the man in the hat without try. If trying too-too hard didn’t work, try less. Staying leery and suspicious would stray him from certain peril. It was the only way to survive.

     Save for the one time with… Her. But all the more reason to be suspicious.

     During the shelter in the small residence, the Thin Man was acting peculiar, and Mono didn’t like that. Whenever he came out of hiding, scooting from a shadow or creeping around beneath a table, the Thin Man peered at him in a scrutinizing way. And Mono would slink back to the safe spaces, though the Thin Man always knew where he was. Being out of sight made him feel better when the Thin Man was like this. The man in the hat might call him out, but hadn’t yet. More reasons to be wary. It might be due to the foods in the kitchen becoming less, they’d been at this residence for a while. Sometimes, he did begin to wonder if the Thin Man remembered he was there at all. As strange of a thought as it was, the Thin Man was strange and secretive, always keeping secrets. Never giving direct answers, and the speek complicated.

     The problem came when the Thin Man paced through the main room, not a flicker or leap, but went to the main door for the first time in such a while.

     Mono wriggled out from beneath a cupboard desk, but not all the way. He watched as the Thin Man dithered at the exit and pivoted his shoulders. Something was shielded by his side, but he reached his free hand out for the door handle and wound back and surveyed the room.

     Despite suspicions, Mono squeezed out from beneath the desk and scurried over to the tall figure. “Hey!” he chirped.

     “Hmm? I thought we might should leave, soon.” He stole his hand off the handle, but moved his other shoulder a little more out of view. Mono retreated a step. “But I need a small favor. Don’t run.”

     Mono spun in place, letting his coattail flash. He didn’t like this, but he was also curious. More curious than he was cautious, and that was never wise. The Thin Man revealed his other hand, holding a plain plate, with folded rags that looked white. Like the stuff from the hospital. The sight of it made Mono creep further away, his frown shifting to the tall man in the hat.

     “Don’t run,” he repeated, a little buzz tinting his tone. He knelt and set the saucepan on the ground. It had clean water on it. The rag material laid on the edge of the plate, soaking some liquid. “Come. Take a look.”

     Uneasy about this whole setup, Mono pivoted and coiled up for a run – but was barred by a long arm. He retreated a step and glared at the Thin Man, who didn’t seem pleased by his antics. “What?” he challenged.

     “That bandage.” His other hand indicated Mono’s arm. “Needs to come off.”

     Mono tucked his arm to his chest and shifted his scowl to the arm, guarding against his flight. His eyes drifted, searching for a way out of this snare. There likely wasn’t, unless he decided to teleport. If that worked, he might not be up for following up with an escape, let alone hide somewhere. The Thin Man seemed very focused.

     “Why not?” The Thin Man tipped his head. “The one on your leg. You took that off.”

     Mono turned away and tucked his arm into his coat. “N’reason.” The air is soothed for a moment, the static a diluted hum in his mind.

     The hand threatening his departure lowered to the floor. “Can see? I won’t touch.”

     Without a response, Mono moved closer to the lowered arm. When the limb didn’t move, he stepped over the wrist and spun around to peer at the man in the hat. The expression was disappointment, before the hat tipped down and he drew his arm back to the plate. Mono moved back in. Closer. Until the Thin Man gave him his attention. The figure was about to reach, but squelched the reflex entirely and just.,. hovered.

     Mono was about to shoot off if he had tried to grab him. Instead, he tugged back his coat sleeve and showed a bit of the unraveling tatters. It was… really in bad shape. But he didn’t want to take away the tangles. It was like his paper bag, it was a small thing that completed him. Like his coat, they had been a part of him for such a time.

     He tightened his jaw, as the Thin Man leaned closer to inspect. True to his word, he didn’t grab.

     “That looks uncomfortable.” Mono shrugged. He wouldn’t know any different. “Do you want it off, now?” Mono shook his head and withdrew his arm. For good measure, he glanced at the Thin Man’s hands. Wary. “What if we replace it?”

     Mono was about to chew on his sleeve, but moved his arm to rub the back of his head. It might be nice to replace it. He liked the feel of fresh bandages, against a painful carve or scrap. Especially with some fresh, chilled water. Not seeing the injury made the hurt less. He tilted his head, and nodded.

     The Thin Man allowed a light smirk. “Your coat. Off.”

     That’s where Mono drew the line. He curled his arms around his sides and shrank back.

     “For a moment. Not long,” the Thin Man sighed, and brought a hand to his face. “I am trying to work with you. Can you not be difficult?”

     “N’t off,” Mono hissed.

     “I can’t rewrap your arm, with the sleeve in the way.” He held his hand low, beckoning. “Come here.” Mono spun away. “Come here, or we will not be leave.” That halted all plans for withdraw. Mono wasn’t certain what that meant, he recalled the kitchen was near bare of supplies. “Negotiate.”

     “Foods,” Mono pleaded.

     “My request isn’t a difficult one.” The Thin Man crossed his arms. “A minute, not longer. You won’t notice it is off.”

     Mono choked a little in his throat, but as before, he inched closer to the Thin Man. He tugged the sleeves off his wrists, taking his time to unbutton and pry the collar away from his neck. He felt… less, without the weight on his shoulders. The lovely coat is bundled carefully and tucked to his chest, and he crouched over it, protecting his faithful friend. Then, he held up his arm.

     The Thin Man was slow and methodical, as he usually was. More so maybe, as he took the shreds of the bandage and snapped them away with frightening ease. Mono bit into the collar of his coat and screwed his eyes tight.

     “Can d’self,” he murmured. He cringed down more into himself, when the Thin Man hummed.

     “You don’t seem motivated to the task.”

     Mono anticipated pain when fingers pinched his wrist. He’s pleasantly shocked by the absence. He does hiss and recoil a bit at the grasp, when the icy water rinsed over his skin. Unperturbed, the man in the hat shushed him, while Mono flailed and tried to kick at the unwavering hold.

     “Just water, Mono. Water. You subsist in a city that rains constantly.” He rinsed the gauze piece and rubbed at the grime and dirt that built up under the rag. “I’m shocked there’s still an arm here, at all.”

     “Cold hurt,” Mono croaked.

     “Yes. It is colder than what I intended.” The Thin Man groused. “It healed well. Have a see.”

     With the application concluded, Mono ceased struggling. Only because it did him no good. He inched up to his feet, braced by the Thin Man’s fingers. He checked his arm where the carve once painted his skin, but finds the former wound faded. Still, he wondered how he got it. Possibly the lamp he fell into, or however that worked.

     Briefly, he’s distracted by the Thin Man’s hands, so drastically different from his own in every way. Worn and gaunt, and frightening. While his own were miniscule, littered with nicks and splinters from rocks, or whatever else he had to claw through in his perilous travels.

     Curious, he tugged at his arm and the fingers loosened, allowing his liberation. Unexpectantly, he turned the tables and snared the hand before it could retreat. He forced the hand to flip, and scrutinized the long lines in the palm. The hand hovered a bit from the floor, and Mono pressed down on the palm pad with all his mighty strength. He traced a crease through the middle, and wondered, why there were so many lines. Scars?

     As well, did the Thin Man ever snare him in a… dangerous way? He tried to think, if ever he was caught and held to the point of air dying in his chest. He’d see it—

     Occasionally, the Thin Man did catch him, but never hurt. Not with his hands. He didn’t think. There was the one time he did sort of recall, in the shattered building. But that wasn’t like what other adults did, when they caught a child and let them struggle. Smaller adults, they did a lot of damage. They threw things, or would take and arm and a leg in two hands, and twist.

     Mono cringed at the memory.

     The Thin Man could hurt hum, break him he supposed. He was fortunate the Thin Man wasn’t like that. Sometimes, the Thin Man did hurt him, but not with his hands. He never demanded Mono to stop struggling, which would make him stop struggling – if it didn’t kill him. That was very interesting. It was something comforting too. He wasn’t afraid of the Thin Man, and maybe that was the problem. He liked the Thin Man, when maybe that wasn't good. Did—

     “Would you let me see that leg?”

     Leg? He blanked. What about— Oh, that’s right. He took the bandage off way ago, it was covered by his pant leg mostly.

     Mono shuffled on the Thin Man’s hand, and bent the accused limb across his thigh. He tugged back his rolled slacks, revealing the pale skin and remnants of a scab. It had not been pretty when he first saw it. At least he still had his leg. When did he get onto the Thin Man’s hand? He was at ground level, nothing to worry about.

     “This was worrisome.” When the Thin Man nudged the ankle with his finger, Mono withdrew his leg.

     “Run,” Mono supplied. He tucked his limbs under himself and peered up at the man in the hat.

     “Run? From?” Mono bit his lip and looked away. The face of the Thin Man darkened, and he dipped his head down. “Ah… yes. Of course.”

     The hand tipped and Mono slipped to the floor. He scrambled to snatch up his coat, while the Thin Man collected the saucepan with the dirty rags. He did a loop around the Thin Man’s feet, as the figure stood.

     “Lets find some material to wrap your arm.”

     “Mad?” Mono rasped. He stood beneath the towering figure, his head tilted all the way back.

     The man in the hat quirked his brow. “No. Upset.” The static bristled. “Yes. Mad.”


     Balancing the items in one hand, the Thin Man pressed his other hand to his face. “No. Me. I’m mad at me.” He was trying not to work through paradox gymnastics with this.

     “To what?”

     He looked down at the little face gawking up at him. “You are not mad to me?”

     Mono looked around, hugging his coat to his chest. “M’clumsy.”

     “You were not clumsy, you were scared.” The Thin Man turned and walked. He flittered through the short passage to the bathroom, and dumped the items into the sink. He’ll deal with them later. To get out, he had to shoo Mono aside with his shoe. “Are you trying to go somewhere with this? There is no excuse for what I did.” He returned to the main room, headed for a busted recliner there.

     An abrupt pop and screech rebounded, and suddenly the child plowed into the bases of the chair. Mono gave his head a shake, checked where the Thin Man was, and then clambered up onto the seat. “Chase? Why?”

     He reached for the child, intent to relocate him. However, Mono vaulted over the arm of the chair and plopped to the floor. View of Mono was lost when he zipped behind the back of the recliner. The Thin Man sighed, the static whirred on the air around his shoulders.

     “At the time, I thought the reason was… right.” He dropped himself in the chair.

     “Reason?” He looked to the other side, where Mono resurfaced. The Thin Man propped his head on his arm.

     “Not a good enough one, as far as I’m concerned.”

     “Bored?” The child tilted his head.

     The question caught him off-guard. “Bored? Of?”

     As if to emphasize some point, Mono yawned. He noted the boy was usually drowsy after a leap, and he hadn’t seen how far he managed to cover. “Bored. Th’n… seek t’me?”

     Ah. “No…” the static thrummed. “I do not enjoy chasing you. I prefer not to do that, given how that typically goes.”

     “But… n’why? T’steal?” Mono rubbed at his eyes with his palm. “Keep y’me? For to—”

     “Mono. Drop it,” he uttered. Particles and sizzling electricity vibrated through the open air. “I do not wish to discuss this topic further. If you want to stay in my company, you will not ask those sort of questions.” The Thin Man braced his arm to the chair and leaned over. “What happened to you, was wrong.”

     The boy skittered back a few feet, expression uncertain. “M’sorry.”

     “Child, no.” The Thin Man clasped his hands over his face, his hat tilted back. “You are not supposed to be ‘sorry’.”

     “Y’upset.” He was examining his cleaned arm. “Shoul’d’t run.”

     This exasperating child. “No…. You had every right to run. How in the world would you have survived?” Him of all creatures and monsters that manifested.

     “Mm.” Good question. Mono shut one eye and tried to think of the alternative. Aside from the Thin Man, who was the constant. It had been awful not knowing where or when he was going to reappear. Until finally, he couldn’t care anymore. Could scarcely walk. Not nearly enough foods. It was hard. He didn’t know how he was surviving, everything became a horrendous distortion he couldn’t grasp.

     Because of the Thin Man. If not for the Thin Man. He caused so many problems, yet, managed to solve many of them. How very helpful.

     He opened his eye and retreated a step, when the Thin Man reached a hand down to him. “Come here.”

     Mono scratched at his neck as he tottered further out of reach, looking between the Thin Man and his offered hand. It was strange, the way the child looked at him. As if he never saw him before. He let his arm hang there. “Why are you like this?”

     “Up’t cept.”

     “I am not upset with you. I am upset with myself.” The child frowned, and continued to withdraw. Until he had turned fully around and disappeared into the corridor.

     There was no way he could make any of this up. The child just… frustrated him. The swings in his mood, the distrust, the random bouts of neediness. What more did he need? What more could he offer? The boy was safe in his presence and trusted him when it was convenient, but once he certified security, the child wanted nothing to do with him.

     They needed space. They were two polarities, conflicting. They were not meant to exist – not as an adult or a child, and especially in this miserable existence. Perhaps that was the Tower’s revenge. Prevent them from coexistence, to the point of self-destruction.

     Regardless, it still needed the child. He didn’t matter, his time was far overdue. If he was disposed of, the Tower would be waiting. It was infinite as it was patient.

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    @pigletdegreat This is your fault! You had to say premarital sex! DIDN'T YOU!

    Lucky by @smilestoomuchtm

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    Spoopy Roger gray scale test. Im not happy with it but I dont hate it either

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    As many times as it takes. As many times as it takes, you will come back to us.

    Anyways if you haven't read Childish Anger by @tratserenoyreve and you're into feeling like you've been punched in the gut, you should do that.

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    His parents would listen to this song all the time on the tv. It gets stuck in your head. Like a parasite. Clawing and scratching at the back of your skull. At least it's something to sing during those long drives around the city

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    Mono: *cheerily* I didn't know that you had an identical twin!

    Six: *annoyed* I don't.

    Shadow Six: *waving happily*

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    i don’t know if i’ll be posting any more porcelain mono au content haha i don’t know if i can ,, hopefully i’ll figure something out but for now i just can’t

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    12.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    haha children (closeups + small introductions under the cut)


    Pool is a tiny fella from The Forest. After a lifetime of inhaling smoke and pollution, he's taken it upon himself to travel into the heart of the Pale City to put a stop to its source. He has a connection with nature that lets him fuse with small animals to give himself advantages.


    Radio is a rather quiet kid that Pool befriended from The Music Shop in the Pale City. They have an ability to "record" and "play back" any noises. Their powers have a bit of awful feedback when closeby Pool, so they tend to follow at a distance. They're searching for the lock that the key around their neck matches.

    Jubilee & Buttercup

    Jubilee runs the only functional train in the Pale City. As the conductor, he makes sure everything is running on time and they aren't a second behind schedule. His train is a safe haven for the cluster of remaining children wandering the Pale City. His loyal cat Buttercup keeps a watchful eye for any straggling Viewers that might come their way.


    As the local strongman of the Traincar Kids, Stitch handles most of the protection for Jubilee's train. He can lift and heave pretty much anything he can put in his hands– such as his prized baseball bat. He does look up to others easily. He saw Pool fusing with an animal and decided he wanted to do it himself! (He made the ears and tail himself!)


    The youngest of the Traincart Kids, Stuffing is the one everybody has to get out of trouble. She never intends to cause trouble, its just that she doesn't have much recognition of her situation. As long as she has her teddy, she's pretty complacent.


    As the oldest of the Traincart Kids, DJ is the one everyone looks up to. He appreciates all the kids and enjoys their company, but prefers to stick to himself and not tell anybody about his past. Its easier that way. He can help Pool when Radio's feedback is acting up particularly badly, by recording and playing back noises from his headphones. Pool likes Radio more.

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    wow it is hard finding pride related stuff that isn’t: 1) US based and 2) made by a big corporation very clearly using pride for profit

    also. any cishet person who uses the phrase “love is love” or “born this way” in my humble opinion, owes at least one queer person financial compensation

    #DO NOT REBLOG. i wanna keep my silly little opinions on my silly little blog #i was gonna do a more updated pride hugo picture w/ resources and stuff underneath but wow trying to find even just flags #is a whole nightmare. every time i see 'love is love' i lose a brain cell #if u appreciate that sentiment as a queer person then thats cool! but corporations using it makes me feel icky #same goes for born this way. however orville peck's cover of the song made me lose my mind its so good #personal#q slur
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    I wanted to doodle something real fast and I stumbled upon this picture on Google from Classicallife.net. i was real tired so its quick and sloppy but

    It's also visuallly funny

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    #little nightmares #very little nightmares #dumpster monster#shoe monster#ask #thank you for that ask ! #headcanon #hope you like my headcanons !
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