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  • viciousland
    05.08.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    I've been re-reading young avengers and I have to say that I hate how much I love Loki.

    He's a little shit, I don't trust him BUT GOD HE'S HILARIOUS and the absolute best thing.

    There's no question in my mind why we're all so collectively obsessed with the dude.

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  • lokislittlesigyn
    05.08.2021 - 4 minutes ago
    #well THIS made me blush #aaaaaa #!!!!!!!!!1 #he’s such a tease!!! #<3 #loki my beloved #loki anon #loki anon youre making this miserable day of sickness and overall Meh so much better
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  • scturnsays
    05.08.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    disney bootlickers are so fucking annoying

    #i am once again begging you people to ​watch a production that was not made by the mouse #praising and paying them for the crap they release is one thing but attacking strangers on the internet who say they don't like it is. #absolutely disgusting #loki show negativity #loki series negativity #loki show critical #anti wandavision#anti mcu#anti disney
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  • aliypop
    05.08.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Get Things Right

    wordcount: 1,190

    Warning: Feels

    A/N: Isabella x Tony x Thor featuring a new character.

    " Couldn't sleep either, huh..." Isabella placed her hand on Tony's shoulder, "Never can when an idea hits..." he shrugged, looking at his blueprints to expand Stark tower. Isabella took his drafting pencil, fixing up another mistake, "Measurements off by one..." she murmured wearing, one of his shirts and Ironman pajama shorts. "When'd you get so smart.." 

    "Always have been." Isabella laughed, watching his eyes droop in sleep, "I was thinking we build another level of rooms... and, training spaces, somewhere to store the suits." Tony suggested reaching for his coffee cup, "Because the lab is off-limits." Isabella laughed,

    "So off limits, not even you should be here." he winked

    "Ah, you love me when I'm here." she kissed his cheek, "Besides, if not me, who else to correct you when you're wrong..."



    "Nope, no, that's cheating!" Rose swatted at Natasha's hand, "How do you cheat at Bridge..." she grumbled, sitting around the table with Wanda, Natasha, Pepper, and Isabella, "Easy like this..." Isabella laughed, putting her cards in, her eyes on Natasha's as Nat looked away. "Well, that's Awkward..." Wanda whispered 

    "So uh Rose, you liking New York..." Pepper asked, changing the subject.

    "It's different, for a while I lived with Steve, taught em how to cook so, uh nice to see overalls are still in fashion, and!" she smirked,  "I've started back up on dating," her eyes following the path of which he walked across, "Who..." Natasha asked, following her sight, 

    "Oh, Norns, you don't mean..." Isabella looked up as Pepper laughed, "Grouchy metal arm guy..." 

    "I love a good active duty man who can clean kitchen and shuck corn ..."  Rose chuckled as Steve turned red at her phrasing, her dark black shoulder-length hair curled, "That's my best friend, you're talking about!",

     Living with the Avengers wasn't hard for Isabella. It was like an odd family, except three members were Thor and Tony, who she adored, and her ex-fling Natasha.

     "Hey, Bella... Tony needs your help with something." 

    "Tell him I'll be right there, Bruce." she sighed, watching as Nat and Clint talk, trying not to get jealous of something that had ended so badly. 

    "I think you should..." 

    "Thor, it's great to see you!"

    "And you must be Tony, the man of Iron..." Astrid laughed as Isabella stood up, walking towards the holding units, "What did they do now..." her body turned towards Loki and Astrid, as both Thor and Tony pointed towards the skyline of New York, "Oh, come on. Brother, you know we enjoy a grand entrance..."  Thor growled, throwing a wrench at his brother as he ducked, 

    "That was uncalled for!" Astrid growled, hitting her sister with a pebble she made out of magic, but it was moments like these that she had missed. After Ragnarok and the big blip, things had changed a bit. Bruce was half Hulk and Banner, which came as a shock to his wife Abigail and his daughter Selina, who wouldn't do much of anything because Peter got snapped, 

    And then there was something about Loki and Astrid, who had gone missing while Aron and Valkyrie stayed with Thor in Norway, but he'd visit from time to time, 

    "Tony, it's getting dark..." Isabella smiled, rocking their son to sleep, "I know... I just..." he sighed, "I keep thinking I can fix this..." Tony looked up at Isabella, his hand on her cheek as he kissed her nose, "We can't fix what we can't change..." she sighed, wearing the golden and red amulet alongside her necklace,

     "We can only embrace it..." 

    "When did you get so wise..." he laughed,

    "When I lost my parents." she sighed, remembering how Thanos stabbed her father in the chest. And how Astrid and Isabella held their mother's hand as she took her last breath, deprived of the eternal love of her life.  

    "Here, I'll put Mothi in his bed, and we can... lay on the floor with a crap ton of ice cream and talk till we pass out sleep."  she nodded, watching him as he placed him in his blanket,  "Fatherhood looks good on you..." she laughed, as Tony gave her a quick peck on the lips.

     " How good..." he smirked.

    "I'd say pretty sexy..." she whispered in his ear, pulling him by his tie and into their bedroom, "What about the ice cream?" with a wave of her hand, Ice cream appeared, "Ya know, still not use to the whole powers thing..." Tony laughed, pulling her close, her engagement rings shining under the lights of their Malibu mansion, "Tony..."

    "I'm pregnant..." 

    "I'm sorry what." He asked as Isabella was as shocked as he was, 

    "But hey, at least this one's yours." she laughed, 

    Years passed as Tony sat in his makeshift lab, in the cabin, the morning sun just rising as his two favorite girls were sleeping, or so he thought. "Daddy..." Morgan walked towards Tony. Two ice pops in her hand as he instantly gave in. "Yes, princess?" he stopped as he placed his drafting pencil down, his hair graying, 

    "Can Mothi and I help..." she asked, her older brother behind him. It was bewildering Tony how much that kid looked much like Thor. 

    "Mommy said when Daddy's busy to not get in his way."  he nudged his sister, 

    "Is that what mama bear said..." Tony laughed as they both nodded, "Well, papa bear is never too busy for his cubs." he tickled them both, waves of laughter erupting from the living room,

     "A tickle fight without me?" Isabella laughed, her hands on her hips, watching as the man she had loved prevailed to be better than his father. The doorbell rang as Isabella winked at Tony. Fixing her satin robe, she opened the door to see, 

    "Thor..." She looked at him, his eyes heavy from dread, as he was a bit bigger than what she remembered him by, "Life has not been kind to you, has it..." he leaned into her touch, his hair a bit ratty and messy clearly from a moment of stopping to care.  "It hasn't..." he sighed, "But  my love... you wear the glow of my..."

    "Mommy, who's..."  Mothi looked up at him as Thor picked him up, "This little Midgardian..." he whispered

    "Why don't you come in for breakfast." she kissed him, the two walking into the cabin as Tony dropped the pan, "Thor..." 

    "Tony..." he saw Morgan as she hid behind her father, "Morgan sweetie, why don't you and your brother go play for a bit."


    "Please." he sighed as she nodded. Thor sat down, looking as if he lost the very shine that made him Thor of Asgard. Instead, he had gotten a bit fuller and a bit more depressed, "Sorry I wasn't around... figured you'd be ashamed of me." he looked down as Tony grumbled, "You did miss the birth of your son..."

    "Tony!" Isabella tapped him, "We could never be disappointed, just worried. " she held his hand, her hair graced with silver streaks much like her mother's. "She's right, Thor we love, ya buddy." he placed cups of coffee down. 

    "You mean it..."  


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  • smartlanceisreal
    05.08.2021 - 10 minutes ago
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  • firstpagenovel
    05.08.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    I’m posting an update because I’m so happy about how things are going with the Paging Dr. Peter Parker series. I just finished writing chapter 8, but the chapters that I had outlined as combined chapters keeping ending up as separate chapters. At this rate I’m going to have 30 chapters when I only planned to have 15. That’s a good problem to have 😂 I just finished writing a Loki chapter. Loki & Peter taking care of each other is always my favorite. Tony taking care of Peter is my favorite too. I have a lot of favorite tropes ❤️My goals for the week are to keep writing and to decide which challenge I’m doing for October.

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  • rosie-posey
    05.08.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    i am finally watching the older marvel movies

    and by watching i mean fast forwarding through most of them unless a character i like is on screen

    #iron man #i skipped most of it unless pepper was on screen #captian america #currently skipping unless bucky or steve's on screen #this is how i watch movies #or on 2x speed #marvel #i actually watched all of loki without skipping anything which is a Feat #when does peggy show up #I WANT PEGGY
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  • bratloki
    05.08.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    what the fuck?? how does this show keep getting worse.

    #tom shut up challenge #boy what the hell boy #i can’t do this no more #loki show#loki disney+#marvel#loki series#lokius#loki laufeyson#mcu#loki#loki negativity
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  • btsinwonderland
    05.08.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    A Drop of Poison - Ch. 8

    A Loki fanfiction!

    Previous Chapter --- Next Chapter (21.08.11)

    Full Chapter List


    “I can take you back to your room!” You said, reaching for Valkyrie’s bag to carry it for her.

    She clicked her tongue at you. “Will you stop fussing about with me, I’m fine! I can carry my own things.”

    You smiled tightly and nodded. Valkyrie sighed and put a hand on your arm. “But, I appreciate what a sweetheart you’ve been to me. Thank you.”

    “What are you going to do now that practice is cancelled?” You said.

    Valkyrie shook her head. “Ugh, I don’t know. I’ve been itching to get back to the field but we can’t even do that! I don’t even know what happened, Freya. One minute, I got the quaffle in my hands and all I care about is that goal. Next, everything’s gone to shit and I’m getting pecked to death by these damn birds.”

    “And now Ken’s missing,” you said. Your lips were chapped with dryness.

    “Yeah, it seems like our last year won’t be as fun as we thought…” Valkyrie said, a gloom appearing over her face.

    You bid each other goodbye for the day and went to your separate common rooms. You did not want to leave her on her own, but throughout your friendship, you found that letting her be was sometimes best. Valkyrie did not like being coddled too much and appreciated the space. You knew she would reach out when she was ready, and you would wait for her as always.

    With Valkyrie’s presence gone, you were left to think about your own problems. Professor Laufeyson had already occupied nearly half of your thoughts earlier on, and now he took over most of them. Behind every question, you wondered if he knew something or was a part of it in some way. It had become a strange mystery that you had no way to resolve since he did not tell you anything.

    Upon entering your room, you sat on your bed and pulled out a book from your side table: Spells for the Common House Cat. The dark red leather was faded, but the wording still kept its former gloss. You ran a hand over the cover gently. “Alright, you came to me for a reason, and I’m going to find out what it is.”

    You opened the book to reveal a random page. Once again, gibberish greeted you:

    Capture grunting mermaids and the secret to life is in the cherry pies. They are so good and open fresh like market Thursdays! Hate to spill the dogs and cats, but it is not in good taste to leave the wine hanging from the bedroom. I cannot dream in rainy houses and Leah makes sure of it!

    “What are you trying to say?” you said aloud.

    You peeled through a couple more pages and though it was different, none of it made any sense. The entire book was filled with words, and yet, none of them meant anything to you. The name Leah came up several times, but even that did not stir any recollection within you.

    From your robes, you pulled out your want and pointed to the middle of the open book. “Aparecium,” you said, and a speck of light came out of your wand and disappeared into the pages of the book.

    For nearly a minute you waited, and nothing happened. You raised your wand to try the spell again when the words on the pages vanished. The now blank yellowish white parchment paper faced you and readjusted in your bed. “What are you?”

    You sat there staring at it when you had the idea to take out your quill and inkwell from your drawer. Taking the book and quill to the small desk against the wall, you sat down and wrote in the middle of the blank page, Hello. Your words gradually disappeared, as if the ink absorbed into the book.

    For several seconds, there was nothing. And then, words appeared in the middle of the page - in the same rushed scrawl that had been in the book before. Hello there, it said. Then it disappeared.

    You sat back for a moment, shocked. You took a breath and then dipped your quill into the inkwell. My name is Freya Eves, you wrote.

    Your words disappeared again. And in their place new words appeared in the other script, Hello Freya Eves, my name is Leah Mai.

    You swallowed, your nerves sizzled with excitement and a bit of fear. You wrote again: Do you know about the Tesseract?

    You waited.


    Your heart sped as you wrote: Can you tell me?


    You leaned forward in disappointment. But then more words appeared.

    But I can show you. Let me take you back fifty years ago…

    You jumped when you felt yourself being pulled inwards towards the book. The surrounding air compressed, and you found yourself sucked into a spell. One moment you were in your bedroom and the next, you were in the hallways of Hogwarts. However, everything was in a desaturated sort of colour; as if it were an old film.

    Students passed you in the hall talking in anxious whispers, and someone nearly walked right into you. You wandered down the hall and spotted a beautiful black-haired girl, skin as pale as the marble on the facades. She was leaning on the stone railing and staring curiously up the stairs.

    “Are you Leah Mai?” You said.

    The girl ignored you and continued to look up the stairs.

    You spoke again. “Hello, can you hear me?”

    She paid no attention to you, as if you were invisible and inaudible. You followed her gaze up the steps and saw a much younger Headmistress Frigga, looking extremely grim while a group of professors carried someone on a stretcher down the stairs. That someone had a white sheet over their body and face. As they descended the steps, a hand slipped out from beneath the white sheet and you saw dark blood drip on the floor in little beads. A small gasp escaped your lips.

    “Mai!” Said Headmistress Frigga in a stern voice.

    Both you and the black-haired girl beside you turned your head to face her. The girl answered in a calm voice. “Professor Frigga,” she said, walking up the steps.

    Frigga crossed her arms and gazed down at the girl. “It is not wise to be wandering around this late hour, Leah.”

    The girl looked down and placed her hands behind her back. “Y-yes professor. I suppose...I had to see for myself if the rumors were true.”

    Frigga clenched her jaw and unclenched. “I’m afraid they are, Leah. They are true.”

    “About the school as well?” Leah said. “I don’t have a home to go to, they wouldn’t close Hogwarts would they, professor?”

    Frigga sighed. “I understand Leah, but I’m afraid Headmaster Oppin will have no choice.”

    “So if it all stopped? If the person responsible was caught,” the girl said, hands firmly clasped behind her.

    Frigga leaned in with a curious, yet gentle, look. “Is there something you wish to tell me?”

    The girl raised her brows. “No, madam. Nothing.”

    “Very well then, off you go.”

    Leah walked up the steps and around the hall. You glanced at Frigga one more time before racing up the steps to catch up with Leah. She went down the dimly lit halls, descending a curved set of stone steps into the lower levels, which you were unfamiliar with despite having seven years of exploring the halls of the school. Leah stopped where there was a statue of an old woman holding a lantern. The lantern cast a yellowish colour over the grey stone of her face. Leah tapped the woman’s nose three times with her wand, once on the left cheek, and then ran her wand across the woman’s lips. The statue’s mouth opened large enough for Leah’s fist to fit through. She pulled out a beautiful cloak of silver and blue.

    When she put it on, her entire body disappeared. Then, she placed it overhead, and you were alone in the corridor. You concentrated and could barely see a pale outline which moved quickly past you and back up the stairs. You realized she was completely invisible, but the book wanted you to follow her, so you did.

    You went to the Headmaster’s floor, where the halls were dead and empty save for two hushed voices. There was one very tall, thin man with a salt and pepper beard down to his waist, which he stroked frequently. The other was a burlier man, but shorter. His face was stern, and he had an eyepatch over his left eye. There was a black raven perched on his shoulder. This man had an air of power and seemed to be speaking passionately.

    “We cannot deny that a student is manipulating the creature, Oppin!” The stern man said. His eye blazed with anger.

    The tall thin man, Headmaster Oppin, you presumed, spoke. His voice was a gentle rasp. “Odin, none of our students are capable of such dark sorcery, you must know that.”

    You staggered back at the realization that you were staring at the Minister of Magic himself, Professor Laufeyson’s father.

    “The Dark One has risen, and his shadow lingers here. Doesn’t the Michaels boy prove that?”

    Oppin gazed at the floor through his bifocal glasses. “They found his body just by the Black Lake...it was in two pieces, Odin.” He removed his glasses with a grimace and rubbed his eyes. “I do not know what we should do.”

    “We need to use the Tesseract.”

    Oppin glanced up at Odin, looking almost upset. “We cannot use the magic of the Primis!”

    Odin shook his head. “You have no idea how many good auror’s we have lost at the ministry, Oppin! Tell me where the Tesseract is. You merely delay what will be,” he said, with a hiss. His raven flapped its wings before settling back down.

    Oppin set his mouth in a thin line and gave a resigned sigh. “I am sure I will deeply regret this decision, but I cannot bear to lose any more students. Come,” he said and led Odin into his office. You followed them up the steps, with the pale figure of Leah in front of you.

    They rushed through the door when Oppin spoke. “Deep in the Forbidden Forest, there is a Weeping Willow with black leaves. At the heart of it is a hollow which leads down into the caves where the Tesseract was found at the bottom of an underground lake. We dared not touch it, and I am the only wizard left who remembers where it is. They erased their own memories to relieve themselves of the burden of the Primis.” His voice was grave.

    You saw the pale outline of Leah twitch before she bumped the open door and raced out of the room. Oppin and Odin briefly glanced in her direction before returning to their exchange. You thought you should follow her, but you stayed by Odin, transfixed by their conversation.

    Oppin spoke again. “Do you really think this will stop the monster?”

    “It will stop the one controlling the monster,” Odin said.

    You felt a pull from behind you as the compressed feeling came over you again. No, I need to know more! Light surrounded you as you passed through the book and found yourself thrown back into the chair in your room. You nearly lost your balance and toppled over, but gripped the edge of the desk. Your heart fluttered wildly from what you had just seen and your hands shook.

    You knew where the Tesseract was and that it was the key to stopping the monster in the Forbidden Forest.

    For a moment, you wondered why events were repeating fifty years later. And a dangerous question arose in your thoughts. Who was controlling the creature now? Your stomach churned when a certain dark-haired and blue-eyed professor came to mind. In your heart, you believed he would never do such a thing. But with everything happening, there was little he had given you to trust him. You wanted to reach out to him, to tell him everything, but your doubts clouded all your hopes. It was up to you now to find the Tesseract and save Pom’s brother.

    That night, before dinner, you followed the same path from the book and descended the circular stairs to one of the lower levels of Hogwarts. You nearly jumped from excitement when you saw the familiar statue of the old woman and the lantern. Cobwebs covered her face now. Upon pulling out your wand, you tapped her nose three times, once on the left cheek, and then ran your wand across her lips. Her mouth gaped open, and you reached inside apprehensively. Feeling the softness of cloth, you pulled out the cloak and marvelled at it. After dusting it off, you put it on and cried out in surprise when your entire body disappeared.

    “Thank you, Leah!” you said aloud.

    You arrived at the Great Hall with the cloak tucked away in a cloth bag. Upon eating a quick meal of pea soup and pumpkin bread, you searched for Mo. He was in the hall with Nila, standing suspiciously close as she giggled at something he said. You hid in a corner and put on the cloak. Sneaking up behind him, you pulled his ear.

    He swatted his head, and Nila gave him a strange look. “Are you alright?” she said.

    Mo glanced behind him, right through you. “Um...y-yeah. Yeah, I’m good.”

    When he turned back, you kicked him gently on the rear, and he jumped up. “Alright, you bastard! Who’s messing with me?”

    “Listen, I have to go, I’ll talk to you later Mo,” Nila said and rushed away, giving him a sideways glance.

    “What the hell is going on here?” Mo said, exasperated.

    You bent over laughing and pulled the cloak off to see the initially angry, then stupefied expression on Mo’s face. It took you a few minutes to stop laughing so you could explain yourself and your plan. He stood in silence, gaping at you, while he listened.

    “Are you bloody mad?” he said, after you finished.

    “No, I’m just the only one who can help find her brother. The creature is guarding the Tesseract, making sure nobody gets to it. That thing could be the reason everything’s been going to shit!”

    “Why don’t you tell a professor?” Mo said, crossing his arms.

    You rolled your eyes. “Mo, we have absolutely no idea who is controlling this monster. It could be a student, but have you thought maybe it could only be a powerful witch or wizard who could even conjure this kind of magic? A professor would be much more likely…” you said, dreading the thought of Professor Laufeyson.

    Mo sighed. “So let me get this straight. You want to sneak out in the middle of the night, go into the forest where this monster lives, get the Tesseract and then what? Magically fix everything?”

    “And find Ken,” you added.

    “You’re insane.”

    “Will you help me?”

    “Of course.”

    “Then let’s go get Pom and find her brother.”


    Loki sat in his office grading assignments. So many poor performing students. What has magic come to these days? Some kids were barely trying. He ran a hand through his hair and sighed. An icy breeze blew through the room and knocked a few papers off his desk. He cursed and went to go pick them up. Glancing outside, he thought he saw the faintest movement of a tree branch move against the wind. He gazed out the window suspiciously, but there was no other trace of movement other than leaves blowing against the castle.

    The girl surfaced in his mind.

    “I don’t want you to die.” She had said.

    He laughed at himself for being so utterly pathetic that a single word from a stranger would move him so deeply. Loki dared not admit how his heart pulsated at the girl’s words. He thought of her face, quite beautiful, though she clearly did not know it. She was the kind to grow into her confidence, which was just brooding below the surface. It was that confidence that moved in her body, in her hips, whenever she ran from him. It was that confidence that gave him snarky replies to his accusations. And it was that confidence that gave her dark eyes a defiant glow. Loki chuckled at how silly it all was. She was everything that she needed to be, and yet she had no idea.

    “Don’t do it,” he said to himself as he unlocked the bottom drawer of his desk. He sighed as he retrieved a folded piece of blank paper and placed it in front of him. This was a shameful ritual he developed recently. It started when he grew suspicious of the girl’s knowledge regarding the Tesseract. He simply needed to know where she went and who she spoke with. That was all. Reconnaissance only.

    As the days passed, he found himself searching for her location on a whim. Finding ways he might run into her again.

    “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good,” he said, pointing his wand to the center of the paper.

    The paper filled out with intricate floor plans of the Hogwarts grounds and little footsteps with name tags showing every single person in the vicinity. He spared a passing glance at the name Frigga Borson, pacing in her office. As he searched the castle, he saw the name Thor Odinson in this office with Valkyrie Brunnhilde. At this late hour? Curious, he would have to tuck that information away for later.

    “Where are you, little minx?” He said, exploring the map.

    From the corner of his eye, he caught movement outside of the castle walls. He unfolded the map to its outer limit, just at the start of the Forbidden forest. He moved the map closer to his face and nearly crumpled it in his hands as he saw recognized three names grouped closely together, wandering towards the forest.

    Mo Darwish. Pom Clemmens. Freya Eves.

    Loki cursed and shut the map. “Mischief managed,” he said as he grabbed his coat and nearly ran out the door.

    What was that damned girl up to now?


    Chapter Footnotes

    I'm sorry for the late post, I was supposed to post this yesterday but things got so busy this weekend. I made time today though and finished what I hope is an interesting and fun chapter! The plot thickens....

    Sending you happy thoughts and good vibes :)

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  • your-humble-lokius-enthusiast
    05.08.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    So Deadpools real name is Wade Wilson you see and as we know another character that has somewhat familiar name . I'm just saying-

    Wade winston Wilson mobius m mobius

    #what is going on #loki you better watch out #brain fart #it is what it is #mobius#loki#deadpool#wade wilson#lokius#owen wilson#tom hiddelson#ryan reynolds
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  • babyboy-laurits
    05.08.2021 - 15 minutes ago
    #even wotan took one look at him and went nope that thing is feral get it out of my room #but god the tapeworm flirting scene physically pains me...like king that is not the way to do it #someone needs to go all loki-tricked-the-dwarves-into-building-mjolnir-and-was-met-with-consequences myth on him if u know what i mean #ragnarok netflix#ragnarok#ragnarok meme#ragnarok s2#incorrect ragnarok#laurits seier#laurits ragnarok
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    My horns came in. Dm me to follow my Instagram.

    #loki#cosplay#lady loki #got to get use to them #I'm eating cereal while wearing them and if that isn't Loki
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  • superdogbiter
    05.08.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    Mobius:What’s it called when you murder your friend?”


    Loki:...............Are-are you planning to kill me?”

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  • spoonietimelordy
    05.08.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    Instead of saying stuff like "irl queer m/f relationship are valid but they're not queer enough in fiction because allocishet perceive it as straight" can we normallise calling queer m/f relationship what they are: queer. The narrative of "not queer enough" has to stop, both about real and fictional relationships, queer is not synonymous to gay and bi people in m/f relationship are still bi and it should be represented on screen, the inherently queerness of bi people in m/f relationship should be shown in media, that's also how you dismantle heteronormativity, teach society that straight isn't the default and that m/f doesn't mean straight. It extand to trans people relationships too.

    It's only palatable to allocishet because they don't perceive them as what they are, which is queer. Let's change that.

    #charlie is rambling #I dont know if I make sense #yes this is partly about Loki #but not only #sylki#sylkius
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  • javi0caa
    05.08.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    me @ middle school me w my marvel fixation: YOU AGREED TO STAY AWAY

    me now, drawing owen wilson in the (not-particularly-amazing) loki series: yeah i lied

    #loki series#loki disney+ #mobius m mobius #mobius mcu#marvel#mcu #SOMETHING ABOUT THIS GUY... #whoever made those long hair mobius edits...
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  • lokislittlesigyn
    05.08.2021 - 17 minutes ago
    #loki is a good cuddler #prove me wrong #actually dont #because once he was more comfortable making physical contact #(something he seems very careful about) #i think he would come to crave touch #not that he doesn’t already #my darling is touchstarved tbh #give Loki cuddles challenge #gosh i need to write a fluff fic about cuddling loki #I just want him to be happy #safe and happy #<3#loki anon
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  • crystal-bear
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    this is what I've been thinking about for a while now...

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    Tiktok con un neko ^^ llamado Lío

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