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  • t-rickster97
    28.07.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    Ok, yes. Haha, very funny. But can we talk for a minute about how fucking traumatic this procedure must have been for little Sylvie?

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  • caricature-of-a-witch
    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    A Venn Diagram of Lokis

    (spoilers for Netflix Ragnarok, The Bifrost Incident, and I guess the MCU)

    (I have spent WAY too much time on this meme with a target audience of probably 3 people if I'm lucky)

    [ID: a venn diagram with three circles. The top circle is labelled "Bifrost Incident Loki" with a picture of her next to it, and attributed to her are the lines "she/her," "Sigyn my wife," and "space train." The left circle is for "MCU Loki," with "blue," "can and will turn you into sth unpleasant," and "helmet horns" in his area. The right circle belongs to "Netflix Ragnarok Laurits 'Loki' Seier," with "tapeworm," "a literal baby," and "weareth mother's drapes" attributed to him.

    The overlap between MCU and TBI Loki is labelled "canonically murdered someone," "sci fi colonialism," and "had their mind fucked with." Between MCU Loki and Laurits there is "what do you MEAN that's not my real dad," "black emo hair," and "complicated brotherly feelings." Laurits and TBI Loki share "openly queer as fuck hell yea" and "Jormungandr exists but is vaguely fucked up or just straight up eldritch."

    The center overlap between all 3 circles says "IDENTITY ISSUES" and "Odin WTF." /end ID]

    #is there like any overlap between these fandoms. why did I do this #The Bifrost Incident #Netflix Ragnarok#MCU#Loki#Marvel Loki#TBI Loki#Ragnarok Loki#Laurits Seier#meme#Loki meme #I had this idea last night at 2am can you tell #Ragnarok spoilers#Ragnarok 2021 #I don't know if I still need to tag spoilers for that one? tbh?? #I also do not know how to make memes. I made this with LibreOffice lmao #I will now crawl back into my corner of shame #Ash's ramblings
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  • ins0mnia-an0nym0us-au
    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    me still laughing at the fact that Loki fell in love with himself only for himself to pull a classic Loki on him & break his heart

    ppl saying Loki didn't deserve that... y'all really really really forget how much of an asshole Loki is/was gonna be unless this happened to him

    now? he might actually look at Thor & APOLOGIZE for everything he's done

    so yeah. maybe he didn't deserve the pain but he deserved the lesson

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  • once-and-future-fandoms
    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Loki spoilers

    I was thinking about a Lokius fanfiction I’m working on, when the song “So what” by Pink came on, and the first line...

    What do we say about coincidences?

    The universe is rarely so lazy.

    #lokius #loki x mobius #loki series #loki series spoilers #wowki#mobius #mobius m mobius #loki#loki laufeyson#loki odinson#loki friggason #mobius x loki
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  • mobiuspurpose
    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Shuroo and Madripoor has the same aesthetic and I love it

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  • worstloki
    28.07.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #instead of Kang at the end you'd get Sylvie bc it'd be Loki still in that 1 timeline except SYLVIE started the TVA and it'd be like :0 #because the statue would have Sylvie in her cool Enchantress get-up #yeah :') #the Loki show #loki spoilers #loki show spoilers
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  • damnyoubishop
    28.07.2021 - 4 hours ago

    No lies detected.

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  • moontheoretist
    28.07.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #loki tv show #loki tv show spoilers #loki tv series #loki spoilers#loki#sylvie laufeydottir
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  • keep-ur-head-low
    28.07.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Is it just me or is it kinda funny how anticlimactic the Mobius vs Renslayer confrontation was in the Loki finale? It’s confusing because the writers absolutely nailed it with the Loki vs Sylvie stuff: the untrusting Sylvie betraying the untrustable Loki and unleashing unspeakable madness in the process is heartwrenching in all the right ways. Meanwhile Renslayer shouts a little bit about betrayal, kicks Mobius to the ground with zero struggle whatsoever, and then walks away. After all that set up of Mobius and Renslayer being the best of friends and Mobius dramatically saying he’d burn the TVA to the ground, I really expected that subplot to carry considerably more weight in the finale, but nope it got like five minutes of screentime

    #it's like #the tragedy of Loki and Sylvie's ending enhances all their romantic scenes #whereas the lack of tension in Mobius and Renslayer's ending makes all their previous scenes fall somewhat flat #Owen Wilson and Gugu Mbatha-Raw totally deserved better cuz they were acting the hell out of their roles #loki#loki show #loki tv series #disney +#marvel#mcu #marvel cinematic universe #mobius m mobius #ravonna renslayer#loki finale#spoilers
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  • theserenityspace
    28.07.2021 - 7 hours ago


    SAME OLD LOKI ; PART 6 / ?

    ( gif from this gifset by @sersi )

    PAIRING: Loki Laufeyson x reader

    WORD COUNT: 3.3k (oops)

    SUMMARY: You find yourself venturing deeper into finding the Loki variant on the loose with the help of Mobius and Loki while maintaining your temper around the God of mischief and fighting with your own demons.

    A/N: Downtime apparently lasted for more than a week. I had absolutely no motivation to write but I eventually came around. There’s alot going on in this. Please tell me what you think, what you love, hate and look forward to. Thank you so much for showing so much love to d&m.

    WARNINGS: Swearing. Imagery relating to death (i think?). You and Loki’s relationship fluctuating like the goddamn economy.


    Blue. Your flight suit is blue.

    Your eyes sting with worry, ticking to a pair of hands buckling the straps that lay across your chest. A man secures it tightly, forcing your back against the cockpit chair. Your gaze drifts to the concentric steel rings of yellow, red, and white that stretch overhead and around you—being suspended within a 3-axis gimbal sends another churning sensation within your abdomen.

    You hear a voice. It courses through the room and vibrates within your ears like fluttering echoes in a tunnel. It’s a man. He calls out your name from below.

    “You ready?”

    In your periphery, you see him, tall with slicked-back hair, standing with other men that adorn similar flight suits of blue. You nod, inhaling deeply as your hands reach for the controls. Suddenly, a metallic clang echoes through the room and the machine whirrs to life. The rings begin spinning in tandem, tossing your body in all directions. Your grip tightens around the controls, clicking with every push and pull as you struggle to analyze the spin. But, the machine spins faster.

    Faster and faster and faster.

    The machine continues to whirr. Your hands are still shifting the controls.

    Faster and faster and faster.

    Your eyes begin to droop, nausea taking hold of your body.

    Faster and faster and faster.

    You only hear your breaths; every inhale and exhale—they're loud.

    Faster and faster and faster.

    Too fast.



    Click. Click. Click.

    Footsteps. Not the clicks of the controls. You hear them clicking against tile floors from afar. From darkness, your eyes meet the color brown, shiny and polished—it’s wooden. The sound of the vast building’s acoustics hum in tune with the occasional chatter and echoing thump. You recognize the ambiance and it comforts your hasty thoughts as your brain tries to wreck itself in comprehending your current surroundings.

    It’s one of those dreams again. The ones that kept you awake at night since the Sakaar incident, as if reliving the memories of another life. It isn’t yours but the realism to it makes it so complex that your brain cannot even comprehend the experiences during these dreams that occur.

    To see, touch, hear, smell, and taste. Do dreams exceed the limit of disconnection and logic? Are dreams to be so immersive that it feels more like a memory, an echo of the past?

    Through the turmoil of parsing between what’s real and what’s not, a tap on your shoulder hauls you back to reality. You turn to see Mobius, looking ridiculously exhilarated. Behind him lingers an amused Loki, hands tugging into the pockets of his jacket. The analyst says your name with a tone of equal exuberance to his manner.

    “I thought I’d find you here. Do you always sleep at the archives?”

    You snort, seizing yourself up as you wipe your face with your palm in hopes of feeling slightly more awake and alive than you were before. “No. Sometimes, I sleep at my desk too.”

    Exhausted and sarcastic. Typical you.

    Mobius rounds the table to sit beside you, gesturing Loki to his previous spot before he got up and ran away from you without any explanation. He shoots you a smile, lips pressed together, almost hesitant to sit across from you. You watch him through narrowed eyes as you address him with folded arms. “And here you are, back here again.”

    Loki cannot fight the growing grin upon his lips, knowing all too well that you're referring to how he led you into an unnecessary chase down the corridors of the TVA for the sake of his entertainment. Well, it was not unnecessary. Things were turning out to be a bore and with the sudden thought of a proposition to help with his case, it doesn’t mean he has to drag out the fun of irritating the hell out of everyone else.

    And you are not a bore.


    “Loki! Where the hell do you think you're going?!"

    You’re outright screaming at him but his long legs only stride faster than yours could handle, slumber still clinging to your face like a thick, waxen mask. He’s so quick, weaving through tangerine hallways, skidding across the tiled floors.

    He saunters down the hall with quick feet but doesn’t sprint, clever enough not to draw any attention.

    He ought to answer you. Throwing a glance over his shoulder, he flashes you a cheeky smile. He swears he saw flames burning in your eyes for a moment.

    As you wind another corner, you already see him making one last quick dart through the elevator doors that slide open as it dings unceremoniously. Through your wide-eyed gaze, you signal him with eyes that carry a warning.

    “Don’t you dare close that fucking door.” you snarl, voice booming from down the hallway and so does the clicking of the heels of your Oxford shoes as you march towards him like you’re on the hunt for prey.

    Loki jams his finger onto the button to close the doors, unable to wipe off his grin. “Don’t you trust me?” is all he says to you, sending you a wink through the closing gap of the elevator doors as he raises his palm to wave you farewell.


    You decided Loki wasn’t worth the time he has already taken from your assigned paperwork. So, you returned to your desk with a trace of bitterness in your tongue while attempting to suppress the regret for actually feeling sorry for Loki. Only because you know how it is like to be alone.

    That’s the thing about Loki. He gets inside your head, makes you think that for once, he may be worth not pruning. He makes you think he is capable of change, capable of compassion. He makes you think he cares from the way he looks at you with those eyes that flicker the spark of hope in you. This Loki is the same old Loki.

    Well, maybe the one in Sakaar had a good chance of earning your trust. But that’s gone now.

    You shift in your seat, elbows now leaning against the edge of the table. “And to answer your question, no. I do not trust you. And I never will.”

    Famous last words of the variant turned analyst.

    Nobody trusts you either.

    Except for the grey-haired analyst with the obsession for jet skis and you never understood why. Maybe, it’s because you’re the only one who is willing to put up with his ramblings.

    Mobius eyes you and Loki’s interaction as the two of you seem to fall into the rhythm of making things even more complex than it appears. It's all part of his grand plan. Mobius knows you well enough to know you are possibly enjoying Loki's company no matter how much he irritates you. And Loki, it's clear how he admires you and how you constantly surprise him every time he crosses paths with you.

    “What would I ever do without your trust?” the God sneers, each articulation of every word wrapped in mockery paired with dramatically placing his hand to his heart. Your eye twitches, the spitfire of your personality ready to fire back with a probable nasty insult. Yet, Mobius places his hand on your shoulder, while the other outstretched towards Loki as if trying to keep the two of you apart.

    “Okay, okay. No need to get all riled up now. We only just had a breakthrough in the case, and I’m not letting you kill each other just yet.”

    Your anger seems to immediately wash away, replaced by curiosity. You blink at your colleague. “Breakthrough?”

    “Yes, and it was surprisingly Loki’s theory. Now—”

    “Why do I smell...sulfur?”

    You cut his sentence short as a strong whiff of a reeked scent began to descend upon you, billowing in the air. You inhale deeply, brows furrowing in concentration and confusion. An overpowering scent of a decaying body, faint but strong enough to seem out of the ordinary. The archives never smell rotten, always floor polish. Mobius and Loki share a look. Mobius is the one to speak up, attempting to distract you from your sudden strong sense of smell. “Sulfur? What, like when there’s a demonic manifestation? I mean, we are in the presence of Loki—”

    “You went to Pompeii, didn’t you?”

    In all of the time he has spent with Mobius who had a constant laid-back and confident nature to him, he has never seen him so red in the face. As the situation unfolds, he wonders why Mobius has made it a point to hide that information with so much eagerness which now has proved to be useless. You’re not only intelligent but also quick—only in terms of the mind rather than your physical capabilities.

    You can hardly run, but your brain outshines everyone else he has met in the TVA.

    Mobius is now waiting for the imminent chaos and mayhem you’re about to bring. You’re going to call him insane like every other time he has suggested an out-of-the-ordinary idea. Causing a scene is one of your talents. He has his hand on your shoulder again.

    “You hate Pompeii, Mobius. Why the hell would bring him—Wait.” Your eyes are wide and blinking. “You went to Pompeii. Alone. I know that from the look on your faces. Which means no reset charge...No Nexus event.” You pause, pursing your lips. Then, you avert your gaze to Loki who watches you curiously. “Are you suggesting the variant is hiding in apocalypses?”

    Mobius’ laugh comes off like a puff of air. He pats you on the back like a proud uncle. “Back on the game, Agent!”

    Loki is slightly impressed. Only slightly.

    “Okay, you two stay here. I’ll go get the files. Great work, you two.” Mobius gestures to the both of you with an outstretched index finger, grin so wide as he scurries off. Mobius loves a good case, especially when there’s a breakthrough. And with you finally familiarizing yourself with working together with Loki, everything is finally starting to look up.

    The two of you end up finding each other’s gaze and for the first time, you smile at him. It’s small but genuine.

    “You know you could have told me.”

    “I would have, but you don’t trust me, remember?”

    You hum, raising a brow. “And running away was supposed to gain my trust?”

    Loki chuckles, eyes flicking to the table. “I never said anything about gaining your trust.”

    Your smile grows wider, and Loki decides how he prefers you like this—relaxed and amused.

    He oddly sees his mother in you. It’s the way you look at him. Like you know him.

    Right, you have met him. Once.

    “What was I like? The one you met at Sakaar.”

    You blink, slightly taken aback by his sudden question that hasn’t got to do with insinuating you.

    “The same as you—barely tolerable,” you say tightly, heaving a sharp exhale. ”Just…a lot sadder.”

    You hadn’t mentioned how he willingly helped escape your execution because a part of you still believes it all to be a lie. The TVA has your complete fidelity but ever since the Sakaar incident, your trust in the way the system works has been swayed. After years of being trapped in your mind, the question of whether your capabilities in logic have been damaged due to loneliness still begs. Judge Renslayer believes in your incompetence but you believe she hides a secret about the Time Keepers.

    The three beings, creator of the TVA, personally convicted you as innocent, allowing you to maintain your job. Nothing of this makes sense.

    Maybe Judge Renslayer lost all her faith in you, her second-best analyst because your Nexus event relates to Loki. The one variant that has been causing havoc to the Sacred Timeline. And this Loki, the one that seems to be very curious about your place in the TVA and the Time Keepers, is no different than the others.

    You find yourself feeling an uncalled sense of sadness that dwells in your chest at the thought of leaving the only friendship you secretly wished to have maintained back at Sakaar. Before you let yourself fall into the abyss of melancholic wishful thinking, you swiftly direct the conversation elsewhere.

    "I’m sorry Mobius referred to you as the devil,” you say coyly. “You really aren’t.”

    Loki, who seems to catch on with the sarcastic tone of your voice, leans farther into his seat. “Really?”

    A smirk returns to your face. “You're worse than the devil." He snorts, noticing the vague hint of crimson growing upon your cheeks and how your eyes seem to crinkle a little more than usual.

    He finds himself swallowing under your stare, fiddling his fingers in an attempt to calm his sudden erratic heartbeat. A stutter under your now kind gaze—no one ever stares at him with a smile. "You are not the first to say that."

    There’s another pause; Loki’s face is set with a smile that doesn’t quite reach his eyes. You feel a pang of guilt in your chest in remembrance of how you’re not the first to have treated him the way you did. He’s dangerous but, there’s no reason for animosity. Yet, it all boils down to the lives he has willingly taken. It doesn’t differentiate him from the rest of the TVA.

    Mysterious variant.

    The devil is always in the details.

    Strangely, the work of the devil may prove to be useful in times of cul-de-sacs as an idea comes to mind. “I think...I think I know where you’re at right now.” Your voice is light, distracted by your now running thoughts. You’re on your feet, chair squeaking as you push it back. Your pen is in your grasp and you wave it in the air, reflecting the gears that turn at high speed within your brain.

    Frankly, you’re not making any sense. Loki furrows his brows, slowly standing. “What do you mean? I’m right here—"

    “No. The other one. The variant. And it has to do with gum.”

    You’re still not making sense and it’s clear that in your eyes, he is invisible. You’re the only one in that frenzied mind of yours.


    You don’t answer him, feet quickly bringing you down the passageway along the vast rows of shelves that stretch along with the floor’s pristine balcony of white and the two of you are back to playing chase and run. Only this time, the roles are reversed.


    Mission Haven Hills: not successful.

    Really not successful. Far from successful.

    You witnessed the doom of bombing the Sacred Timeline, firsthand. Employees scramble at the controls as you watch the screen that looms over the control room. What was once a single line, running along with time has now grown like a tree with fruits of chaos, caused by Nexus events scattered across time and places.

    You wished the dust would settle and this was all simply a dream but you realize this was his plan all along.

    Bomb the timeline. Distract the TVA.

    There is one thing you know about Loki. He is moved by revenge and resentment.

    As if you possess some sort of telepsychic powers, a part of you feels that danger itself is within the vicinity of the TVA. The variant is here, you just know it.

    You hope Mobius is okay.

    Scurrying down the winding hallways, past the hurried time hunters, and past the time theaters, you find yourself heading towards the golden doors of the Time Keepers’ chambers. In a time of uncertainty, your gut is your only source of guidance.

    At the end of the hallway, you see bodies on the ground, nearly lifeless—time hunters, either unarmed or batons missing. You plucked one of the sizzling batons from the ground as you cautiously stepped around the laying bodies. You clutch it tightly to calm the blood rushing to your head, pounding along with your heartbeat as you take on the venture into the foyer of the grand chambers with secrets not wanting to be unveiled.

    You round the corner, following the wooden panels for walls laid along the entrance. The glowing end of the baton within your grasp reflects off the black porcelain tiles beneath your careful feet. You hear voices, grunts, and shouting as if in combat.

    Then, you see them. Loki in his variant jacket and a woman with locks of blonde and streaks of black. She adorns a headpiece of golden horns—one broken off.

    Isn't Loki supposed to be at Haven Hills?

    Recognizing the presence of another, the two turn to you, daggers still held to each other's throats. Loki eyes you with wide eyes, a silent plea whether to help or stand down, you’re unsure. Your gaze shifts to the woman once more who watches you with an equal resemblance to the other.

    Then, it hits you. You recognize the dark emerald cloak she wears. You know exactly who she is. You just never thought it would be a she.

    “You!” Your exclamation is bitter, and it’s directed towards the woman who seems to be strangely expectant of your remark as if she already knows who you are. She is L1190, a Loki variant. The one who slashed you with the TVA’s baton, scaring your left cheek. The one who hauled you through the time door and left you stranded in Sakaar for thousands of years.

    You know exactly what she has done. She knows what she has done.

    “You did this to me!” you gesture to the scar on your left cheek, eyes fixated solely on her, nearing the two with caution. You’re angry. Very angry. All pent-up rage begging to be set free.

    Before Loki could even perceive the current situation he landed in between two women who very much want him dead, you’re already swinging the baton to her face with full force but she blocks it with her sword but slightly staggers in her step. You glare at her. She seems a little surprised. In an instant, you take a step back and go for another strike to her rib, but she blocks you again, sliding away and dodging your hit by a mere second. You growl out of frustration, seething through your teeth, and without hesitation, you strike again. The fight goes on—strike, block, strike, dodge. And with every blow, your intensity escalates, each a little harder than the one before. Loki stands there, watching, speechless and frozen.

    You strike again, the baton crackling less than an inch away from her face but she dodges just in time, swinging her sword across your face. It grazes your cheek, now a gash of crimson on top of your scar, and with the sudden blow of searing pain, you lose your balance.

    The variant spins into a kick that sweeps your legs out from under, knocking you hard onto the ground. The baton rolls out from your grip. Your hand flies to the gash, trickling with blood.


    The brawl comes to a halt. You seize yourself up from the ground, back and head aching, turning to see Judge Renslayer accompanied by two hunters, batons held up in defense position. You were about to reach for your own that was a stretch away when suddenly, you felt a hand grip you by the collar, hauling you to your knees. Her sword held to your neck.

    “Come any closer and I’ll kill her.”

    “Go for it.”

    Your eyes are wide in shock, all anger towards the variant now turning into this churning feeling of betrayal that resides within your abdomen. Judge Renslayer doesn’t look at you, focus fixated on the two variants—it’s like you’re not even there.

    The three start to charge towards you and you involuntarily shut your eyes. Then, as quick as a rattlesnake, Loki grabs the tempad hung at her waist and sends the three of you falling through the ground.

    That’s the thing about Loki. He gets inside your head, makes you think that for once, he may be worth not pruning. Now, with your back landing hard on top of him, all you could think about is wanting to strangle him to death.







    #loki #loki x reader #loki laufeyson #loki laufeyson x reader #loki x you #loki laufeyson x you #loki laufeyson imagine #loki imagine#loki series#loki spoilers#sylvie#mobius#ravonna renslayer
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  • limbowiccan
    28.07.2021 - 7 hours ago

    This is my personal feelings and words fyi, so not speaking for everyone who are genderfluid, bi, pan, bi/pan. Also this isn't a post open for debating with me. If ya don't agree with me, then just ignore and move on, I just needed to put my own feelings out on this all. Since, it's been bugging me...

    Since fluidphobia is sadly more visible right now thanks to the Loki series...I need to say something involving Sylvie.

    Since Sylvie was born as a woman apparently in the Loki series. I noticed some people saying headcanons like 'she's a trans woman' and honestly...it's fine to say that but...Please, say 'trans genderfluid' to not erase the fact, she is still, genderfluid. Loki is genderfluid. She's a Loki variant. Even if the Loki series team doesn't want to acknowledge it either out of uninformed reasons on what genderfluidity is, or just fluidphobic reasons. Sylvie is still genderfluid, just like Loki.

    Same with both of them being bi(or bi/pan I feel, since I see Loki as bi/pan from both the series and comics, and Kate Herron awhile back has acknowledged Loki has been written as pan too. Though I understand if people want to just see mcu Loki as just bi, while in the comics/etc, he's written as bi/pan).

    And since I'm bringing headcanons too involving Loki variants to say...

    I've seen some people lately, or for awhile now really, saying they headcanon Loki is ace. And honestly, I'm cool with it, as gray-ace myself, it's a nice validating thing. But what I'm not cool with, is the erasure of Loki being canon bi(or bi/pan).

    So I'm asking, and hope you understand when I say this...If you are gonna headcanon Loki as ace. Please, be sure to say the fact Loki is still bi(or bi/pan). For no matter what, Loki is bi(or bi/pan). We are already dealing with enough erasure of Loki's gender identity...We don't need that to happen with his sexuality too.

    And if you think bi and/or pan ace isn't a thing that can exist or work...Well...Surprise, it can, they do exist, and you're listening to one right now. We're valid, end of story.

    #;my posts#marvel#Loki#Loki series #Loki series spoilers #does it still count as spoilers? i dunno lol. tagging in case
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  • thescarletb1tch
    28.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    The amount of mcu fans calling sylvie lady loki is giving me headache this must be a nightmare

    #loki #loki series negativity #loki series spoilers
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  • iminlovewithfictionalbeings
    28.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Blessing your day with Mobius' smile :)

    #mobius m mobius #loki loki loki #loki#loki show#mcu loki#loki spoilers #the loki series #loki (marvel) #mobius deserves better #loki mobius#mobius supremacy#mobius smile #justice for mobius #agent mobius #mobius mobius mobius #mobius mcu#owen wilson #owen wilson as mobius
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  • rbooknerdk
    28.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Loki spoilers ahead!!

    My sister is obsessed with Marvel (like I used to be) so I agreed to binge Loki with her the other night (she's already seen all of them btw) and we got to the final episode and the part where they're in the citadel or whatever tf that was and Miss Minutes appears I was like "IT WAS THE FUCKING CLOCK THIS WHOLE TIME?????" and she lost it we had to pause for about 10 minutes so she could laugh herself sick before continuing.

    #good times with family #sister bonding time #marvel#loki spoilers #spoiler alert for loki #loki
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  • antibullyng
    28.07.2021 - 8 hours ago

    there are so many edits of loki to getaway car 😭😭

    #ooc.  —  𝘱𝘳𝘰 𝘣𝘶𝘭𝘭𝘺𝘪𝘯𝘨. #loki spoilers #i guess??? bc it fits lmaoooo #ditched by another blondie 😔😔
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  • worstloki
    28.07.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #im SO mad about the ''god of outcasts'' namedrop hhHhhhh #AND SYLVIE'S BROKEN HELMET #i doubt they'll ever expand on this stuff #:( #the Loki show #loki spoilers #loki show spoilers #Language! #L!
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  • therealnotta
    28.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    also I don’t know what y’all are on about with Loki x möbius bc… Clark x Lex is RIGHT there and with Way more chemistry, are you kidding me?? The way they don’t have to knock, the way anytime ANYTHING goes wrong they find the other, the scene in the barn when they watched the sunset together and vowed to never let their friendship die, the way Clark saved Lex from being killed by his dad and Lex pulled Clark out of a vat of kryptonite juice…. the amount of times they saved each other…. the way they kept relying on each other even when they each realized that their individual goals were so opposed that they couldn’t be friends anymore…. the way that when Lex died for a bit there and his dead mom showed him what his future could be like, there, in his ideal future, what he was doing was going to the Kent’s Christmas party…

    What do Loki and Mobius have??? A fixed tie?? Literally just referring to each other as friend??? Cmon guys theres obvious stuff right here, shoo shoo

    #smallville#Loki#spoilers #I have a lot of thoughts ok
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  • superherocaps
    28.07.2021 - 10 hours ago
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