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    Christ don't fucking talk to me. the gods are real. and they have kids. and those kids? have issues

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    (banging pots and pans) NICO DI ANGELO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the announcement

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    (prev post) ohhh sasha :)

    anyways holy shit it’s been two weeks since i posted the first part? i wanted to wait until i posted The Source but i didn’t mean to bury the lead so far haha. bon appetit, don’t spill this post (or else!)

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    you DISTORT michael? you trick his mind like the gaslight movie? oh! oh! jail for archivist! jail for archivist for One Thousand Years!!!!

    HI WOW flowers AND michael produce a lot of serotonin in my brain! maybe i shouldn’t’ve tried to paint this past midnight when i have work tomorrow! but that’s okay because Michael :] which michael? Yes. anyways,

    (for me in the future when i forget the flowers: they’re butterfly weed, chives, columbine, hydrangea, lavender, rhododendron, and really shitty yellow tickseed)

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    i’m trying to come up with a witty caption for this but frankly all i can come up with is “sasha and martin should talk more”

    (next post)

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    Get your Tumblr 2021 Year in Review →

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    #@ the anon who sent me the long ask: thank you so much ;_; i think i've reread it like 5 times in the past 2 days #i was going to answer it to save it but now i think i'm going to save it to save it lol to look at it now and again #your message definitely means a lot!! i'm so grateful to hear it and it gave me a huge boost of confidence-- #--and i honestly feel so appreciated right now #reading what you wrote brightened everything up & it's very much become the highlight of my week so thank you again ;_;
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    #tldr; writers don't owe you a perfect ending where all the characters ride off into the sunset and to assume they do is selfish

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    I’d love to see more of the Levi NSFW alphabet if you’re feelin it!

    thank you anon!! i suppose i should make a section of my pinned post for asks—while i do that, here's 4 more letters for the Levi alphabet :)

    ☂︎ this is part 2 of 6! [favorite position, goofy, hair, intimacy]

    ☂︎ first part here

    ☂︎ i go into a brief rant about facial hair and Levifar in this one. pls disregard.

    warnings: pegging. and nsfw content, obviously. mdnf/mdni


    F = Favorite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual)

    Okay okay so–! I feel like in canon, Levi is partial to missionary, which really isn't as boring as some would make it seem. Levi being able to slot his hips between your thighs and see for himself your every expression as he thrusts into you, the satisfaction in caging you in with his forearms and pressing your sweaty foreheads together when it gets to be more intense—yes. And not to mention the way it makes his cock throb to feel your thighs squeezing the fuck out of his waist, urging him on right when you're getting close. It’s underrated, I’m telling you.

    That said… when Levi is particularly stressed, doggy is just as good. he can press your head into the sheets and tangle his lithe fingers in your hair, bearing down on your back so you’re completely at his mercy underneath. That’s without mentioning that with this position Levi can roll his hips and incite all sorts of new sensations with the angle he fucks you from.

    Quick, desperate thrusts with Levi breathing rough and shaky in your ear, and even as he fucks you into the mattress he moans shakily into the shell of your ear: “Putain de charmant. Besoin de toi, ne va nulle part, tu m’entends?” [Fuckin’ lovely. Need you, don't go anywhere, you hear me?]

    (i hope i got that french right, i'm not fluent in it lol)

    In that same vein, sleepy side-by-side cockwarming first thing when you both wake up may just be Levi’s ultimate stress-reliever. Yours, too. There’s something so damn thrilling about eagerly taking Levi’s cock so deep inside you, yet holding still with the both of you horny for each other and growing more needy by the minute—which especially goes for him. Levi is a patient man, but not when it comes to sheathing himself inside you; the way you quiver around his dick and the drag when he moves in your velvety cunt? Yeah—for you, he’s hopeless.

    Alternatively—if you have a dick or just want to peg Levi (and who doesn’t, right?), when you’ve come to trust each other completely (and Levi isn’t obligated to feel mortified about taking you from below), I picture just laying Levi out, yeah? He’s absurdly flexible, which is another one of those things “Isayama said in an interview once”, but I’ll take this one to heart. It’s said that Levi can do a standing split, which for reference looks like this:

    Which isn’t so far-fetched when you think about it, I mean-

    So I picture pinning Levi’s legs up by his head and plunging yourself so deep inside—rougher, when he asks for it—that the poor baby can’t help but have a cry wrenched from his throat and grapple for your shoulders for stability. (And don’t even get me started on rutting into Levi’s prostate—the way his nails will dully dig into your back, cock flushed and weeping as it slaps against his stomach.. Baby will shudder a moan that rumbles low and deep in his chest. Maybe hot tears will prick at Levi’s eyes and stick to his lashes. ‘Specially when he’s overstimulated.)

    Anyway, Levi’s ankles will come to dangle helplessly over your shoulders, or in missionary your heated bodies will be pressed so flush together—from Levi hugging your waist and hips by biceps and muscular thighs, respectively—that there’s no room for space between your bodies.

    Granted, this would be on a night in which Levi’s feeling particularly clingy. He won’t tell you overtly that he needs to be fucked good and hard, though; he’s too rough-around-the-edges to do that. instead, Levi will give you a million hints (e.g., tugging you on top of you, intentionally saying little things to rile you up, nuzzling his nose into your throat), but it’s up to you whether or not you’ll indulge him immediately or drag it out just to make the payoff that much more satisfying 😮‍💨

    G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

    There will be a cold day in hell before Levi takes sex with you as anything less than sacred. That said, he isn’t beyond teasing you for how quickly he can get you soaking for him, or tapping your clit for the satisfaction of watching your hips jump into his touch. The same goes for you doing the same to Levi, given it’s a night he wants to be underneath you.

    It’s just the fact that Levi has never seen something so intimate as sex as casual. It’s difficult for him to let down his walls a little to let anyone in as it is, let alone have sex. It’s just not who he is to be lighthearted or jovial about it, but that doesn’t mean Levi values your time together any less. Matter a’ fact, it’s very sacred to him; laying you out and spreading yourself for him, giving yourselves to each other. The play or the kink doesn’t detract from that.

    H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.)

    I have my own burning questions about Levi’s body hair, but I offer this: No one can convince me otherwise that Levi shaves his legs and underarms. I’ll get to his crotch in a moment <3

    Here's my reasoning: In the anime and manga, never do we ever see Levi with even a speck of facial hair—not even in No Regrets for that matter, where almost no one is going to mind having stubble or a beard. I think Farlan and Levi were two teenage boys in love and Levi made him shave, but that’s besides the point.

    The point is that Levi will opt to have as little body hair as possible—as well, he’s not the sort of man to grow much hair in the first place. Have you seen the official art showing off Levi’s figure and wide hips??—and he would probably brush it off with some excuse about excess body hair getting in the way of aerodynamics in ODM.

    The bottom line is that Levi is the very pinnacle of hygiene, and he keeps his skin smooth (and moisturized). He prefers it that way <3

    This goes for his happy trail n’ his hair below the belt too, but I think Levi shaves there much less. It’s not an overgrown mess, but he isn’t hairless there either. Levi has a solid patch of dark hair he keeps well-groomed and short for ease of access and cleanliness. Enough so it will rub against your clit when you’re rocking your hips while you ride him, enough for you to nuzzle when you’re deepthroating him <3.

    I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect...) 

    Oh lord. Given we’re talking about Canon!Levi here, but oh lord.

    Your first time, it’s guaranteed Levi will be awkward at first. It’s doubtful he’s ever done anything beyond casual sex before, and that too was a rare thing. He’s never truly bared his soul to anyone like this until he met you, and it shows. As a man of few—and blunt—words, Levi wouldn’t be quite sure what to say. He would need to rely on you to tell him what feels good, as Levi is bound to place all focus on you rather than himself; a man like Levi is anything but selfish. Tell him to keep kissing you there, and he will. Beg him for more, and Levi will give it to you gladly.

    Though his hands will tremble a little as he undresses you—Levi can’t help being nervous when it comes to pleasing you—and his voice may shake when you need him to tell you how it feels. It’s good, so damn good, to a point beyond description. That’s without mentioning how drunk Levi feels on you, and how much he feels he doesn’t even deserve you—or how you make him feel. You're sweet and soft and warm, and he can’t help but become emotional at all the love and careful affection you show him. So Levi’s bound to be awkward, but of course that’s the first time.

    Give it a few more intimate nights together, and Levi will really gain his footing. Once you both know what each other likes, he will feel no qualms about hefting you off the cushions in his quarters, throwing you over his shoulder and taking you to bed.

    A majority of the time, Levi is bound to be romantic as hell, even with just a smoldering look. What he can’t say he’ll gladly show you in his touch or with his eyes, even without it being his intention.


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    Kinktober: Day 6

    Levi // masturbation + orgasm control + mommy kink // pining!Levi // Canonverse // dry humping

    warnings: mommy kink

    wc: 2.1k

    a/n: this was supposed to be a drabble. happy halloween.


    Listened to while writing:

    It’s a more selfish indulgence as of late for Levi to push aside morbid or arduous paperwork, and most times, those terms are interchangeable. Always, his thoughts turn to you. As of late.

    Levi is a man of logic. He’s good at reason, and he reasons that his own pathetic brand of puppy love is because you’re soft. You’re a breath of fresh air; you're lovable and you're lovely and you're everything Levi isn’t.

    Could be, it's because you work from Trost HQ as the resident psychologist. You’ve never seen the horror Levi has, but you still understand it. Before, Levi would’ve downright scoffed at the first idea of becoming friendly with the sort of person that’ll pull him apart like that.

    Levi shudders a breath; he can do that at least from the privacy of his own quarters, and even goes so far as to drape his forearm over his eyes. Things have changed since then. Many things, including feelings. Levi's feelings. A miser Levi himself isn’t well-acquainted with, yet (especially these days) you've mastered the whole fucking art of them.

    He and you have kissed once. It startled him—the way he felt when you were so warm against his lips—that it could’ve given him a heart attack.

    It’s easier to imagine—especially in lieu of their morbid reality—kissing you more. In Levi's mind he knows what to do, he’s confident, and he can plan for your reactions ahead of time.

    Levi knows what he wants when he imagines molding your skin between his teeth and reveling in your arms wrapping around his waist to draw him closer. Reveling instead of freezing up with nerves. You’re the only thing that’s ever made Levi freeze. It’s infuriating, and yet it’s addicting. He wants to knead the soft flesh hugging your hips and Levi wants to bury his head between your naked thighs and indulge in your sweetness.

    You must be sweet, he reasons, because there’s no way you could be anything but. There’s his own stickiness and his own sweat that disgusts him and always has, but just by kissing him you help overpower that somehow, Levi thinks. Reason. You make him freeze just by smiling at him, and you understand him. No person like that is average. You must taste sweet, and your arms must be warm. You’re the loveliest thing he’s come across; the closest Levi’s ever come to a divine feeling. You, the divine subject of his desire.

    A small sound dies in Levi before it can escape, and while he’s curled up in his own bed, he can’t help feeling mortified at the fact that he’s been rubbing his thighs together at the thought of you. Levi is never not in control of himself, and yet this keeps happening. You.

    Fuck it, he thinks, but paws for one of his pillows to sink his face into before giving into himself again. The sensation is hot and almost makes him frantic with need. He’s never, never–

    Levi tears the pillow away from his face and rises up on his hands and knees in bed. There’s one, maybe two seconds that he reasons with himself not to get off like this. It’s embarrassing, but who’s watching? It’s dirty, but I’ll strip the mattress and clean everything after.

    It’s just not enough. Levi tucks the plush of the pillow between his thighs, by its full length, and braces himself against the silken sheets using his hand. His other will guide the damn thing.

    He experimentally presses his hips forward, rolls them into the brunt of the plush, and bows his head. Levi must actively hold his breath not to sound pathetic. He doesn’t want to hear himself. But it’s not enough anyway. Thick trousers seemed like a good idea earlier to compensate for the late winter chill, but not now. It’s too thick, so tight it only serves to wind Levi up more.

    The thought of stopping all this and doing something else—because it would be useless to even try to shut his eyes now—doesn’t even cross his mind because he craves this so desperately. Not this, but your hand gliding up his sculpted thigh and you kissing down the wide expanse of his chest. Your touch would be enough. Anything.

    Mindlessly, Levi slithers his hand beneath his plush crewneck (never mind where he got one so oversized), and trails his palm—fuck, cold—up his tight muscles. It’s like a shock to his scorching skin, and to the thought of you does Levi massage his soft bud between his thumb and forefinger. Levi whines, and grinds his heavy erection against not enough.

    From the woolen shirt to the stuffy air, everything is too stifling, too burning hot. It’s hard to take his own fantasy seriously whilst dry-humping his pillow and fondling himself, so Levi can’t help himself.

    You’re not awake right now—no one at this hour ever is—but Levi’s cheeks flare and he can’t help but stifle his voice; your name.

    “–please. ‘M getting close. M..Mommy.”

    Levi’s fingers curl into the sheets as his cock throbs just from whispering it. He feels so perverted, but in his mind you sink your teeth into his throat where you'd been soothing the flesh with your tongue in response. Then as a reward, your warm palm would work him in swifter strokes. You kiss Levi and beg him to fuck himself harder because of how good he looks like this.

    Levi’s movements still and his head bows so low he feels the strain in his neck. There’s nothing but faint moonlight illuminating a semblance of his personal bedroom, the sight of which is now all but obscured by his bangs. Levi sucks in air through his slack jaw and reasons that he at least has the mind not to cum in his fucking pants.

    The pillow is cast aside and a new ache nestles in Levi’s back once it collides with the mattress. He’s not shy enough to bury himself in his duvet, but there’s not a chance he’s opening his mouth again. Not one.

    With Levi's whole bed contaminated, there’s no reason to bother folding his clothes. Matter of fact, he wrenches them off and even kicks his briefs to the foot of the mattress. His palm—still cold enough to make him shiver—follows down the expanse of his chest, all the while easing his supple thighs apart.

    Levi's prior promise to himself was a lie. As soon as his hand wraps around his stiff erection with some sense of faux-confidence, Levi’s hips jerk up and his mouth drops open with a sound he didn’t even know he could make. It’s at least an octave higher than his speaking voice, and nearly ends in a sob.

    Properly now while far too removed from any idea of disgust with himself, Levi's thumb darts over his slit and rubs, and his hips bow against the mattress. His cock is weeping and hard, and Levi’s toes won’t stop curling. His hair is a mess from mindlessly rolling his head around even before he begins to properly pump himself.

    He’s smoldering; already, Levi works himself at a fervent pace. It’s so hard to smother himself—it requires focus he lost at mommy—so he whimpers your name instead and spreads his thighs apart from where they’d subconsciously drifted tighter closed.

    In Levi’s mind you look up at him from between his bruised thighs, sore and slick from your mouth, and praise him for begging. You tell him he’s doing so good, and to cum in my hand, baby. Cum for me.

    “Fuck!” Levi hisses, and his hips stutter. Ecstasy ripples in his loins, so passionately he must throw his hand over his spit-soaked lips as his back involuntarily arches off the mattress. Among pleased mewls of mommy, so good yes—mommy—is your name and candid moans blooming in his chest.

    Levi feels his release even before his cock draws up and he feels hot shots of white make a mess of his abdomen. He cums so hard it nearly reaches his pectorals.

    Dizzying gratification and strained breaths against the back of his hand where the skin has grown feverish and damp. Levi’s pace eases, but he jerks himself just as firmly as the remnants of his orgasm flutter and fizzle away. He can only reel and brush his soppy bangs off his forehead when it’s over, and then Levi realizes he’s still half-hung when his cock pulses against his thigh.

    Levi has never had a high sex drive. His endless stamina annoys himself at the best of times, but dammit.

    It comes to the forefront of his mind just how much sweat is sticking to his back and his flanks, how uncomfortably sweltering it is now despite the winter, and yet a cautionary rub over the creamy tip of his cock ignites a flame.

    “Dammit,” Levi grunts, because what else can he say at this point? The darkness of his room is such a depressing sight he opts for the darkness behind his eyelids instead and kneads the callous of his thumb against the now-hard peak on his chest.

    Naturally, Levi’s other hand is sticky with his own cum, yet he riles himself further that way anyway, and begins to squirm with small, fluid moments against his ruined sheets. You enter Levi’s imagination again to lap streaks of his own cum off his chest before crashing your lips together, and a hiccupped cry is the result.

    There’s no way to sober up from this now, and he doesn’t particularly care to. Levi can’t remember the last time it felt this good. He can’t imagine what it would feel like if you pulled him apart like this. He wants it so damn badly.

    Below the dark hair that trails down between his legs, he squeezes the taut muscle at his inner thigh and strokes his cock in long, fluid motions.

    “Mommy,” Levi groans, hushed, and nearly swallows his tongue with the effort it takes to stifle himself. Lower.

    Three trembling fingers fumble, then massage the expanse of Levi’s perineum. His cock jerks in his hand, the thought comes of you burying your hands in his hair, and clutching and pulling. Levi moans between small battles for breath. He’s close.

    “D-Dammit…” Firmer pumps of his slippery cock, thighs just barely trembling. From the sensitive nerves nestled just below, Levi’s palm slips underneath to cup his heavy balls. His head falls back with a groan as he massages them. “Fucking. Please.”

    Levi imagines you forcibly pressing him to the mattress by the shallow of his throat, and then mounting his chest. He would beg you to please, please use his mouth, and he’d get to swirl his tongue around your clit and have no choice but to take what you give him.

    With another firm swipe of his thumb down his weeping slit, Levi throws his head back and cries out with zero regard left to how vile he sounds. His hips that had previously been outright thrusting into his hand falter, and his fingers stroking frantically below his balls is the only barrier between Levi and all but thrashing with the force of his second orgasm. It shreds the ache into waves of bliss that crash and spread farther and farther. Your name, again and again, until Levi’s voice shrinks into a whimper.

    This one is more powerful, but shorter. Levi spills all over his stomach again, this time his cock throbbing so hard it causes his whole body to shudder. When it’s so sensitive he shies even to a brisk touch, Levi’s hands fall away with his heart thudding away like hoofbeats in his ears.

    There isn’t a place on his body that isn’t sweaty, he thinks, and swallows thickly through the giddy sort of dizziness. How far he’s fallen for you if Levi cringes at the complete mess he’s made of himself and yet still can’t bring himself to truly feel bothered by it. It’s terrifying; that, and your power to make him freeze up and get nervous, of all things. The next time you embrace him when he least expects it, or kiss him, it's likely you'll somehow know by his reaction alone.

    Levi groans his misery to himself, and the anxiety reignites to the realization that his voice is raw and beaten. No control left, truly. Be it the incessant urge to pick some stupid flowers that made him think of you, or daydreaming about your touch in the solitude of his own quarters.

    Kinktober 2021 masterpost

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    NSFW Alphabet [Levi|1/6]

    ☂︎ I'd rather post the alphabet in 6 parts than all at once because there are 26(!) letters and I write enough to qualify as short essays sometimes. lol.

    ☂︎ This first part contains A-E: aftercare, favorite body part, cum, dirty secret, and experience.

    warnings: foot fetish (sorta? blink and you'll miss it)

    A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)

    We all know that Levi’s primary ways of showing love and affection is physical touch and acts of service. So no matter what- be it slow, sensual lovemaking or hardcore bondage- i think he would be very caring/doting to his partner afterwards. Running his hand through your hair, pressing soft kisses, and especially cleaning you up.

    Pillow talk would be sparse, but immaculate. Maybe his voice would be gravelly or broken depending on what sort of sex you two had been up to, half-lidded gazes, and the remnants of a blush still lingering on his cheeks and throat. I don’t see Levi (in canon at least) as one for exhibitionism at all (with the exception of bending you over his office desk), or even quickies tbh so these are the standards more or less.

    Canon!Levi wouldn't be for bdsm/harder kinks imo, but if he was the same applies. His first priority would be making sure you're okay and safe. If you enter a subdrop Levi would care for you in gentle, reassuring touches and would undoubtedly run you a bath. It takes communication beforehand, but whatever you need he'll give to you before ever considering himself.

    As a btw, Levi wouldn't fall asleep right after sex most times. Unless you two went more than 3 rounds (given his unmatched stanima/strength, i'd bet 2 is just about a given for Levi), he'll need you to fall asleep before him in order for him to even begin to relax lol. Levi needs to know you're content and happy before himself.

    B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

    hm. I hc Levi as someone who doesn’t put much stock or thought into his own appearance, at least when it concerns whether or not he’s attractive. He puts a ton of thought into how he appears, yes, but a favorite body part? Meh.

    Most likely, I’d say Levi’s arms/biceps are his favorite if he had to pick. The packed muscle he’s built up there over years, and even the scars he’s amassed are proof of his strength: that despite where he came from, everything he’s built for himself he did on his own. Also, it’s his arms that he wraps you in, able and willing to keep you safe. (Honorable mention would be his hands, for more or less the same reasons. However, the heinous acts he had to commit while Underground surely keep him up at night. The blood on his hands, the cast-iron grip on a blade. Levi’s contamination OCD is strongest there.)

    As for you, goddamn, it’d be difficult to pick just one part of your body he adores the most. Levi thinks feet are disgusting, but he finds himself admiring even that part of your body. The soft flesh of your warm thighs, your belly, the gentle mounds of your soft breasts (if you have any). And your deft hands…

    He loves kissing your collarbones, and especially the place where your shoulder arcs into the curve of your neck. Your silky soft hair; your cheekbones.

    Call it a mood killer, but Levi’s favorite part of you would be your eyes, I think. That age-old saying, “eyes are windows to the soul” is age-old for a reason. He can tell exactly how you’re feeling when he looks into your eyes, and the hue of them, the spark in them are mesmerizing to Levi, always.

    Yeah, he definitely strikes me as a huge hopeless romantic, deep deep down.

    C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically... I’m a disgusting person)

    Fuck. Well, Levi hates a mess, as everyone and their third cousin twice-removed knows, so I propose this: I don’t think he’d be averse to making a mess, given you’re already super close and maybe long-term. Rather, Levi would pull out just as his balls draw up to cum all over your tits; your flushed, sweaty cheeks and lips; or your thighs (that are already dark with hickeys he gave you, obviously). He’d prefer that over pumping you full of his cum on the basis of the risk of pregnancy (unless you’re doing anal but I don’t see Levi as very up for that anyway).

    Levi would get a kick out of being the one to clean you up with his tongue afterwards, or- the first couple times- cleaning you up in general. Levi hates a mess, but he loves to clean and I think cleaning you would make him feel profoundly satisfied with himself lmao. Especially if you asked him to, he would do it. Levi is secretly such a submissive, easily-flustered man that he’d do a lot of shit for you and wouldn’t even question it.

    It’s not that important or anything, but Levi would love it if you swallow everything he gives you when he gets to cum in your mouth. As I mentioned earlier, he’d get a kick out of cleaning you up either way, but there’s definitely something about you taking his load and leaving not a drop left to clean up. It would make Levi irrationally pleased with you. He’d get on his knees between your thighs, hold your hips still under his grip and draw peak after peak from you for taking his cock so well.

    Also, Levi is definitely the type to get pussy-drunk. He fucking loves how you taste; making you feel good and writhe under his tongue or his fingers is the main attraction, but he would genuinely enjoy eating his partner out. Levi will suck your musk off his fingertips, or alternatively, straddle you after you cum on his face and mash your tongues together. That way you’d get to taste yourself too, all the while Levi’s mouth and lips are still slick and soaked with your cum.

    D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)

    I always default to canon!Levi, so as for his dirty secret, I think Levi would almost certainly revel in being dominated. He has to keep up a reputation and a shitload of responsibilities most times, which means a lot of pressure and stress on our poor baby.

    I think Levi would love just letting go and relinquishing control to the one he trusts the most- you. You climbing on top, keeping Levi’s body flush with the mattress, making him squirm and beg for your cunt (or your cock)… it’s something he’d need time to adjust to for sure, because he’s not used to it, but Levi fucking loves giving himself up to you. No one would believe it either, Humanity’s Strongest outright begging underneath you, and you rendering him vulnerable and soft; you wrench tiny whimpers from Levi’s throat and maybe even some tears. Mans is secretly a sub for sure.

    p.s., Praise kink praise kink praise kink. Levi loves it when you tell him just how good he's making you feel or being called a good fuckin' boy. I might just be horny for sub!Levi 24/7/365, but it makes his cock throb to be praised and needed. He loves it when you (loosely) grasp his neck and order him to be a good boy and cum for me. Levi's not one to disobey orders lol.

    Did I mention Levi has a thing for being called Captain in bed!??

    E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)

    Canon!Levi and Modern AU!Levi are two different men I assure you. I’m only gonna focus on canon, but I’m also gonna disregard everything Isayama’s “said in an interview” and just say that Levi definitely dabbled in casual sex or sexploration in general while growing up Underground. But Levi never took a liking to much of it; sex is inherently meaningful to him and he values a deep, intimate connection above getting his dick wet.

    When you two first take to each other, Levi’s rather inexperienced, but he’s not clueless. Just as well, Levi’s a quick learner. You can guide his hands up to cup your plush tits; or if you have a cock, Levi would already have a good idea of what will make you tremble under his touch.

    You can guide his mouth as he kneels between your thighs, and in return Levi will reel from the mind-melting euphoria you give to him. He knew of sex, but never in his wildest imagination could guess it could be like this. The first time, I imagine you make Levi cum so hard that his voice goes all airy and high, and his body physically trembles. He’d feel so embarrassed for the way you make him feel or the sounds you wrench from him, but naturally Levi would try and hide it lol.

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    Kinktober: Day 3

    Levi // high sex + dumbification // service dom!Levi and small!afab!Reader // College!AU // face-sitting, throat-fucking, and mating press

    warnings: throat-fucking | dumbification | impact play (ish) | dacryphilia | breathplay (very ish) | recreational drug use (weed) | dubcon (despite use of safewords/signals, drug use makes it dubcon) | breeding kink (ish)

    wc: 6.2k

    a/n: did i spend 5hrs today editing this? yeah. 6 thousand words of high sex with service dom, pussydrunk Levi? yeah. super telling of what im into, i guess.

    thank you for all the support on this event btw! this is where it ends, if a tad late & out of order. -lev☂︎

    Listened to while writing:

    It was your idea, naturally. You knew you’d get distracted and you knew he’d get distracted, but maybe that was the point.

    That was definitely the point.

    Biochemistry will come and go. Spending the afternoon with your longtime boyfriend Levi getting down to business while potentially hotboxing your bedroom? That’s forever.

    The 'study session' excuse didn’t even last thirty minutes. In retrospect, dressing down to one of Levi’s tees and a pair of tight shorts that have holes skirting up your flank—that might’ve been overkill. Bathing in your expensive body wash too. The one thing you didn’t slyly do on purpose was leave your weed stash not even a yard away from where you and Levi sat together; the glass jar sticks out on the edge of your desk.

    You tap away at your bare thigh impatiently. By the way Levi is staring at the glaring laptop screen, you can’t tell if he’s seriously reading the study guide or not. You can never tell; he has his chin propped up over his fist and furrows his brow. His eyes scan the doc, but by god you’ve never gone out of your way to be so obvious in your life. You feel like whining.


    Levi scoffs and leans forward. The laptop doesn’t fall shut as much as it's slammed.

    Promptly, he looks at you. “Yes? You have my attention.” Levi’s gaze flitters down your body. “But I'm sure that was your intention, huh?”


    You smile, just a little, but hide it under an inquisitive hand. “I don’t know what you mean. You know how studious I am, baby.”

    Levi scoffs and swivels his chair. You squeak as Levi’s bare forearms snake around your waist and manhandle you over and into his lap. Being small—smaller than Levi of all people—has its advantages.

    He speaks against the shell of your ear, “you knew this would happen–" to your hum of approval as Levi nuzzles your ear. “Hell, you even smell good.”

    From where your eyes had drifted closed, they fly open, appalled. “Hey, I always smell good–”

    “You know what I meant,” Levi scoffs, then squeezes you when you don't reply. “…Hey, don’t look at me like that.”

    You knew what he meant; it’s hard not to smirk, but you love to poke fun at him. Levi pouts now like a kicked puppy, so you can’t resist wriggling around in his lap to kiss it right off his face. Levi deepens it almost as soon as your lips touch.

    Just like how Levi is tuned into details like your shampoo or how you wear your hair one day or another, he wears your favorite chapstick of his; the savory kind that leaves you yearning to kiss him over and over. His lips are full and smooth as they move against yours; then you feel Levi’s palm pressing against the small of your back. Encouraged, you slot your thighs at either side of Levi’s hips and cup the nape of his neck. A movement to return the sentiment of, keep going, please.

    Something smooth like glass slides against the oak of your desk, and this time you really can’t stop yourself from smirking. Levi pulls away to flick your cheek playfully, and brings the glass jar of joints between you. You really only smoke when Levi’s over, but he’s also the only one between the two of you who can open the jar. Forget about your roommate.

    The swift aroma of deep greenery and a spicy sort of savory wafts up and out. You giggle and link your hands around Levi’s neck as he deftly plucks a joint out of the stash. There at the back of his undercut, you run your thumb over the prickly hairs just above his nape.

    Levi’s breath falters at your touch; always so sensitive here, and his sharp gaze flickers up. “Stop that. I’ll fuck you when you’re ready to be fucked, or not at all.”

    “I love you,” you grin, and rock gently against Levi’s lap.

    He grunts, but shows no other indication that his cock just twitched against his thigh. He doesn’t stop you, either; just picks a lighter out of his breast pocket and sets the green between his lips.

    Those tender, plump little lips.

    “You’re staring.”

    “I’m silently asking you when we agreed you’d hit it first,” you tease. “Doesn’t seem fair.”

    “Fair.” Levi accentuates the word with a deft raise of his brow. As if you’ve been anything but a brat for his dick this whole time, and you know it. “No. Guess not.”

    Levi’s lighter hisses then ignites, and you find it hard to look away from the cherry-end of the joint as the flimsy paper burns away and reaches the main attraction. The deep green of the weed singes and darkens rapidly as Levi inhales, and his eyes are half-lidded and seductive, boring right into you.

    Your hands never stopped mindlessly playing at Levi’s little hairs. Now, your fingers cradle each side of his sharp jaw and brush over his cheekbones. Seconds pass, but you were curling with impatience as soon as Levi walked in the front door, really.

    “Come here,” Levi rasps, and sinks his hand into your hair for your lips to eagerly meet. Your jaw slackens to welcome burning smoke inside, all over.

    It hurts like good liquor, but you’re even more enamored with Levi’s tongue. You've only just begun to mingle when you must break apart, lest your lungs dry out and utterly waste away. It’s easy not to cough, but it’s harder not to giggle. Levi is so fucking cute.

    You tell him so in time for Levi to exhale, and the smoke drifts out from between his lips. With the arch of a thin brow, the look he gives you is a mix of mild amusement and fondness. You hit the joint on your own this time.

    It’s a habit of yours—not a bad one—to close your eyes as you inhale. Then there’s Levi, who uses this to his advantage and molds his teeth with the warm column of your throat, kissing, nipping; you feel his tongue dart over your pulse.

    This time, you almost do cough. A throaty moan sounds instead, and the heat of Levi’s breath shudders against your skin. He pulls away to run his thumb over the little bruise he’s left in your skin only to murmur, “keep going. Don’t mind me.”

    You laugh—how could you not?—but indulge Levi by forcibly pressing his mouth back to your collar. The force of his nibbling and tight teeth make you shudder as you take in more of the smoke. Levi’s hands wander and caress, but once he tweaks your nipple through your shirt—his shirt—you grind against him. Levi’s lap is warm and you can feel where he’s growing harder; the front of his jeans is already tenting.

    “So needy,” Levi chides, but his hand continues to play with your tits as he pulls away, his lips shining and swelled. You pass him the joint eagerly because Levi's right; you need to feel his heated skin, and you need the dull throb in your clit to go away.

    Levi’s hand buries in your hair as you pepper kisses down his jaw, then kissing and kneading dark hickeys into his skin that leaves Levi squirming; you feel his body arc off the cushy chair and into you.

    Your room has gained a heavy air of warm marijuana smoke and poignant need for intimacy. You sense it when Levi’s exhales, murmuring, “that’s my good girl. Don’t stop.”

    Your pussy quivers, and instead of rocking, you outright roll your hips against the heat radiating from between Levi’s thighs; his stuttering hips. It’s not enough to feel his cock, and you whine. It's not enough. Not enough.

    “Use your words, baby.”

    Your hands snake beneath Levi’s tee to paw at his chiseled muscles, and you plant eager kisses like a necklace ‘round his throat, up to his sharp jawline. His nipples are hard and peaked as your thumbs graze them, then work in circles.

    Levi speaks your name, then forcibly tugs you away by your scalp. Despite the look on his face, he squirms where he’s pinned underneath you; where you're groping him.

    “Tell me. Need my tongue on your clit, or my hand?”

    The breezy euphoria has already set in; Levi’s voice—low and decadent at your lips—seems to reverberate down to your core. Your cunt clenches, and your thoughts stutter.

    “Need you,” you say. It’s all you have the mind to say. “Levi.. c'mon.”

    “My poor baby,” Levi soothes, and shudders a sigh. Your hand’s gone on to clutch at his packed muscles, so warm where they flex under your palms. “Mm. Think sucking on my cock for a while will help?”

    Hopelessly, you nuzzle Levi’s cheekbone—Where’d the fucking joint go?—and squeak at the force of Levi’s smack against your bare thigh. Once he pulls away, you could harp on just how captivating, soft and strong he looks, all at once. His bangs are strewn and messed about his head, but Levi's blooming cheeks and keen eyes tell you exactly where Levi’s mind is. You’re so distracted you’ve nearly forgotten what he just asked you.

    “Fuck my mouth,” you offer, and your heart warms as your mind practically buzzes. “Use me, please.”

    Levi groans softly—he must be a little gone too—and his hand finds the thick roundness of your asscheek. There’s no resistance considering what you’re wearing; your shorts might as well pass for briefs.

    Levi maneuvers you close as he presents two fingers to your lips, pressing in. They part, and Levi feels his cock stir as you draw them inside your velvety mouth; you're just for him. He sighs at the warmth; already, you bob your head and swirl your tongue. His perfect little angel.

    Your eyes drift shut, but Levi doesn’t take his ravenous gaze off you for a second. It’s only when you begin to suck his digits that he traps his lip between his teeth and pats your cheek.

    “Down,” he gently orders, as if you’re a kitten. “Between my legs, sweetheart. Don’t let go of my hand.”

    Levi’s soft side shows itself the most when he’s stoned; you smile blissfully. This is a routine so ingrained in you that you find Levi’s hand effortlessly; his other buries in your hair. You shuffle closer following the distinct clink of his belt buckle coming undone.

    Given you squeeze Levi’s hand—hard enough to convey your urgency—he’ll pull away to ensure you’re alright. It’s important to have rules like that anyway, but especially when you’re both so swept away. Levi (naturally) is the one who insisted you two ought to use it.

    Levi’s cock is hung and weeping from between his open thighs; his jeans are shucked down around his calves. You watch his jaw tighten and his teeth work at his bottom lip as he lazily strokes himself. You keep the image of him like this in your mind for safekeeping.

    Levi’s cream tastes buttery and yet bitter; swirling your warm tongue round his cockhead, you pick up on saltiness spilling across too. With Levi’s palm guiding your jaw, you let your eyes drift shut under his praise: you’re his good girl, and you take him so well. Your thumb wanders in lazy circles overtop your joined hands. Levi's letting you take the lead for now.

    You sense Levi shifting back against his seat, getting comfortable, and yet the hard muscle of his thigh is gently tensing and easing underneath you, nonstop. His breathing has gone stuttered and punctuated by blissed little noises Levi smothers in his throat. Your tongue snakes up his slit, and Levi’s hips jolt. He moans.

    “More,” he commands, and with his free hand guides your mouth by the bunched hold Levi has on your hair.

    Promptly, your lids flutter and you watch to make sure Levi gets to see as you swallow him in. It’s more challenging in how his girth prods at your swollen cheeks. Your lips compensate to take his size while your tongue smooths the underside of his cock. The sound of an earnest groan dying in Levi’s throat doesn’t escape you. Without realizing, your eyes fell shut again.

    Levi watches you suck him in, and his palm falls from your hair to cup your cheek; to feel himself just on the other side, and his eyes fall shut in desire. Your mouth is so savory and eager, Levi feels he might melt. When the tip of his cock brushes the back of your throat—and when you whimper, swallowing heavily around him—Levi groans feverishly, then rolls his hips. Your eyes are shiny with tears and your cheeks are flushed, blown the fuck out, but you’re so damn pretty. Levi doesn’t hesitate to tell you so.

    “Let me,” he rasps, his breathing having grown deep and uneven. His eyes are like gunmetal in the light, and your thoughts ease away to make room for his unwavering hand in your hair, pushing. “Keep taking it for me. Good girl.”

    Levi takes up a lax, steady pace with his thrusts. Obediently, you make yourself pliant and relaxed as more of his cum spills onto your tongue. You suck and swallow it down in all its rich bitterness, and Levi watches you, lips gently parted. It’s almost subconsciously that he draws you in closer, then picks up in urgency. Your knees have begun aching weakly, but the ache in your cunt takes precedence; you moan and let Levi have his way despite the tears spilling down your cheeks.

    Levi’s longing simmers with yours; it’s like a salacious fever dream, taking you like this. Your pretty mouth, welcoming him with each smooth plunge inside. Velvety warm; wet, so much so Levi can hear even over the tremble in his voice; in yours. He won’t let go of your hand, but lust smolders in him at the hot tears now streaming down, and your plumped, pink lips. He can’t keep his eyes off you. In his voracious, dizzy lust, the need to reach his end becomes irresistible.

    As Levi's thrusts become unforgiving and urgent, his moans are punctuated by his balls smacking against your lips. Drool has long-since pooled at the corners of your mouth, spilling out to mix with cool tears.

    It’s become too much effort to push Levi along, or do much of anything besides kneel between his thighs and let him plunder you. Your mind is devoted to two things: relishing in Levi's every rousing sound, every splintered breath, and trying to breathe through your nose. With your free hand you half-heartedly grind into your open palm, if you can manage that. More than anything you wanna hear Levi reach his end, satisfy him; make him flood you with his cum. You whimper.

    “`m gonna cum,” Levi speaks breathlessly, and stutters a throaty moan. His eyes fall shut. “That’s my good girl—fuck!”

    Levi’s heavy balls draw up with your free hand sinking your nails into the firm muscle at his strong thigh. You’d given up on easing the ache in your slippery cunt—save for squeezing your legs together—in exchange for Levi. It’s the bite of pain from your nails that leaves Levi’s hips stuttering, and his jaw to fall slack. The way he moans with pleasure so full leaves you yearning.

    Your cunt flutters with Levi's throaty, pleased noises; you feel his cock throb and pulse in your mouth as salty musk explodes over your tongue. His thigh, beneath where Levi is squeezing your hand, trembles minutely with the force of his orgasm. His movements—previously harsh—slow and ease, and in the next moment your mouth feels oddly at a loss without Levi's cock stuffing it. You heave for air, all the while moving to nuzzle his warm thigh; to rest, or for comfort, maybe.

    Levi finds his own breaths. Every word that falls next is a praise for you as you sense his hand sweeping over your forehead brush your bangs back; they're slick with sweat. Your tears Levi smears away, before that same hand catches under your jaw so you'll look up at him.

    "Took me so well," Levi praises, cheeks flared, and you'd hum if your voice had time to recover. Without speaking, you already know it's shot. You lick your lips and cough a little as you gulp and find breath. "You alright? Off your knees, let me help you."

    "Mhm. Thank you," you manage, and cough again. Post-orgasm has seemed to sober Levi up somewhat, and just as well he smoked less than you. You'd be swooning over how responsible Levi is if you weren't so distracted by the ache in your knees and the insatiable throb in your clit.

    Levi catches your waist under his bicep and helps you to your feet. Your legs tremble violently for a moment, but like a fawn you manage the yard or so over to your bed. All the while, Levi speaks with a warm cadence as he guides you, "are you sure you don't want a cough drop? We don't have to keep going if you need a second."

    At this, you chuckle—raw and used—and sink into the mattress. Gravity seems much stronger all of a sudden, so you go like a sack of lead and squeeze your thighs together with earnest. The bed sinks down with Levi's weight as well; a warm palm soothing your skin. "No, baby. Thank you. Jus' let me catch my breath, huh?"

    Levi hums thoughtfully, and you blink your eyes open in time to watch his packed muscles flex as he pulls his shirt over his head. The tufts of hair around Levi's head stick out in places, and you find yourself smiling.

    Levi's lip quirks, and he leans over you to kiss your forehead; he lingers there for a moment. Pulling away, he murmurs, "catch your breath then. I'll relight the joint; when I'm back, I want your clothes off."

    Your mood lifts with the promise of more weed, but even more so with the potential for a Levi-shaped reward. With a little grin you agree, but not before Levi leans forward and swipes his thumb across your plump bottom lip. With a dollop of his own cum on his finger, Levi's lip curls into a slight smirk; such a rare sight your heart jumps. He levels his gaze with you before bringing said thumb up to his lips and licking it clean.

    "Fuck," you whine, and your palm falls between your spread thighs, to your utterly ruined shorts. It’s not enough at all.

    "Be good," Levi gently reminds you, but not without amusement as his weight drops away from the mattress.

    With as much urgency as you can manage, you shove your shorts and panties—now warm and sodden with your own cum—down your thighs and kick them away. Levi's shirt, it being a tad oversized on you, puts up more of a struggle, but when it’s off, it’s gone. In your peripheral you pick up on the amber glow of the cherry-end of the joint, which is now reduced to a roach, and the way Levi’s lips close around the opposite end to get it going.

    You watch him as you spread your legs apart, two fingers circling idly round your clit. Not a moment in and your hips kick up into your own touch.

    Levi watches you hungrily, then picks his phone out of his sweatpants. You mewl at the thought of him taking a candid shot of you like this—despite the fact that he almost exclusively uses your polaroid for that—but he doesn’t. Instead, the speaker at the corner of the room pings and it comes to life with one of your favorite songs.

    The action isn’t exactly Playboy, but you find yourself shuddering a breath anyway. Levi, at the least-expected of times, is so thoughtful. It’s strange to find yourself high and horny out of your mind, yet your heart booming with love, all for Levi.

    Said man comes back to you in a cloud of stifling weed-smoke; you take the roach when Levi hands it to you and smother a sigh when his palm falls over the heated skin just above your belly. You feel the soothing touch shadow, then knead into the plush of your left tit, thoroughly massaging. As you inhale, you moan softly behind the green.

    “Gorgeous little thing,” Levi mutters, voice raw from the smoke. You know he feels it when you shiver. “Feel like sitting on my face? Or I could get between your thighs instead, let you lay back and enjoy it.”

    Levi’s voice is low and thrilling. Where you’ve been working your clit, you roll your hips into your hand; smoke seeps from your mouth as you speak, though your voice is rendered rougher than Levi’s by a long shot: “I’m greened the fuck out and you’re asking me to pick between two good choices.. seriously?"

    You watch Levi’s lips curl into another smirk; it kindles your lust to know he's enjoying teasing you.

    “F’you can’t decide, I have a preference. I thought to ask since you seem tired, but..” Levi’s hand shadows over yours moving shakily over your clit, then replaces it with lithe, steady fingers. “..looks like I misjudged you.”

    “You did.” You try to sound snarky, but your voice trembles with arousal “Y-Yeah, like that.. idiot.”

    Levi hums conversationally, but he’s not looking at your face. He’s watching your cream seep between his fingers, sweet and buttery; he’s watching you squirm and your thighs spasm under his touch. The fabric at the front of Levi’s sweatpants is already straining again.

    “Sit up,” he orders, and obediently, you collect yourself and push yourself up on one hand. The other nurses your dying joint.

    Levi joins you in bed and arches his back to ease the denim down and off; this time completely. Avidly, you move to help him. His skin is toasty and you can feel the muscles flexing with exertion just underneath.

    “Thank you,” Levi grunts, but in the next moment gathers the back of your thighs in his palms and manhandles you up and up until you straddle his chest. You’ve joined the clouds once more as you shift your body weight over Levi’s shoulders. Your knees sink into the pillows behind his head, where Levi’s half-lidded gaze centers on you.

    Your pussy quivers with the sight of him like this; so submissive, his dull nails digging into your thighs. As Levi shifts and gets to lapping the slick from your inner thighs, you fancy a long inhale and blow it into his face. Levi groans.

    “Smells that good?” you giggle, and worm your hand under Levi’s head, encouraging him.

    Levi’s palms move to your full asscheeks, soothing and squeezing. Licking away at the mess he’s made of you like a madman, it takes him a moment to reply.

    “Tastes good,” is his answer, and gently sinks his teeth, sucking. “So damn good.”

    It’s never a challenge to get Levi pussy-drunk. Never is this more true than when he’s stoned, when he’d rather lay between your thighs for an hour or two than go through the work of walking down the block to actually grab something to eat.

    Levi’s onto his third hickey—for now a heavy, scarlet mark in your flesh—when you lose your patience and wrench his jaw away with one hand. A string of saliva is left in your wake, and Levi groans with earnest.

    Some more weed did him good, you think.

    “Such a needy baby,” you chide, and roll your hips up and into Levi’s half-parted lips. They're warm and plump as they part further and welcome you in.

    “There you go,” you say, and sigh in bliss, “there's my good boy.”

    It’s a comfort that Levi can slip between roles so easily. He can call you his angel and spank you at the first round, moan into your wet mound when you call him 'your good boy' at the second.

    Levi’s hands have settled at the front of your thighs now, the feeling background to his dizzying, wet mouth. He kisses and slurps away at your vulva before settling into your labia to lap away at your slick. Too far from your clit; not where you need him most.

    The slow drum of the music settles into the background too as you shift forward, grinding your hips and forcing Levi’s attention in a different direction. His tongue flits over your puffy clit, where a small sound dies in Levi’s throat as he probes it with his tongue. First gracing your longing with purposeful laps of his tongue and open-mouthed kisses, then slurping.

    The slick sounds are smutty, wet and downright vulgar; you struggle for breath and moan as you mold Levi’s mouth snug with your drooling cunt. He eagerly buries his face between your thighs.

    It’s hard to focus on inhaling in favor of rutting into Levi’s mouth; when his thick tongue slips inside you, a sharp cry falls and you garner wonderful friction for your clit with the slope of Levi’s nose.

    You manage to crack open your eyes, and finish the joint with one last hit. There’s hardly any use in it left anyway; you pivot a little to discard it in the ashtray on the nightstand, where you plunge your hands into Levi’s hair with a sweet moan. He never even notices you putting it out.

    Levi’s tongue glides across the ridges of your entrance, and pleasure scorches in you. With your thighs hugging his head, Levi’s breaths harshen; more fervently, his velvety tongue fucks into you.

    You cry out again, and roll your hips. “Oh—my god, Levi.”

    Levi’s arms lock around your waist, and the mattress groans underneath with his squirming; rubbing his thighs together, you think distantly.

    Still, Levi needs to breathe even if he doesn’t find it so important; you guide him back to your clit with both palms cradling his cheeks. Levi makes a sound you’ve never pulled from him before—an airy, “Mm, hah?”—as he gasps for breath and looks up at you in confusion.

    “Forget to breathe, honey?”

    You scratch at his scalp, swallowing your breathlessness. Your pussy clenches with just how close you are; the sublime sight of Levi’s cheeks damp and rosy, plus his bangs messed about his forehead urges you further.

    Levi grunts and his eyes fall closed again; he returns to licking and swirling his tongue about your puffy clit, speaking between laps, “‘m high as fuck.. n’ you taste good. Take a guess.”

    “m gonna cum,” you whimper, suddenly struck with your fierce desire pulled close and taut between your thighs. You tangle Levi’s soft locks between your fingers and rock into his swirling warmth. “God, Levi...!"

    If Levi was sober and not drowning in your pussy he’d probably retort, but he groans—the type that rumbles low and earnest in his chest—and locks his hands around your waist. With his tongue at your clit, he hastens your lust and rapidly you feel as if you might plunge into a heavenly sea. Your sounds rise in volume, pitch. You plead Levi’s name.

    Levi’s cock twitches against his stomach, straining. It’s not unheard of for him to be rendered so insatiable so soon after his first orgasm; it becomes a given with your heady, sweet taste on his tongue and your hands in his hair. Your damn voice crying out for him, even. You.

    As your cries of his name rise, Levi massages your clit with his tongue flat, rubbing and suckling, which is the best he can do, considering. Too damn high to keep a consistent pace or even the mind to focus on opening his eyes. He wants to make you cum on his face; to hell with the rest right now.

    You feel your walls ripple hard around nothing as your orgasm flutters, then engulfs you. It’d been a slow rise, and now a euphoric, all-consuming ride down. It’s a chore not to wail and it’s impossible to stop from crying out your euphoria as your thighs shake and your toes curl. Over and over, the waves thunder through you with Levi carrying you through, working to prolong your bliss.

    As the waves ease and the aftershocks set in, your movements begin to still, but your trembling sure doesn’t. You’re so fired up you doubt it’d take much for you to cum again; the pleasurable coil in your belly, already drawn taut like a bowstring proves it.

    Levi pats your thigh, and you hear him panting. “Your color?”

    Green. So fucking green, and that’s your answer as you open your eyes and dismount his chest. By Levi’s tone, you know he’s a hair-trigger away from fucking you stupid into your mattress. All he need’s your word.

    You feel Levi's hands pressing you down against the sheets, and you let him manhandle you without a care; probably couldn't even if you wanted. Levi breathes harsh and quick as he bends you at the knees, and it's instinct that has you locking your calves around his strong waist.

    "Look at me," Levi commands, and your cum messing all round his plump lips catches your eye. You grapple for the girth of Levi's bicep as he crowds over you, practically bending you in half. "Gonna breed you. That okay with you?"

    "Yes!" you exclaim, and your chest heaves as you do so. All you can do after that—with Levi towering over you and trapping you in a mating press—is squeeze his hips and paw at the packed muscle of his biceps. Still, you can't help but arch towards him at Levi's girth sliding between your folds, as if he hadn't been taking your throat for a fucktoy earlier. "Come on, Levi–"

    The slide of Levi's cock plunging into your soaked pussy is absurdly easy, leaving you to cry out at the rich stretch, filling you up profoundly good. Levi wastes no time burying himself inside you, but not before the air is practically knocked out of him from your sweet heat sucking him in. He groans, praises you, "so damn wet. That's my girl."

    With you tucked into a breeding press underneath him, there's so squirming away from Levi's insatiable rams into your cunt. Despite how frantically he fucks into you, his balls slap against your skin with each thrust; unrestrained, but not sloppy. Sober or stoned, Levi still knows how to fuck you.

    With the ridges of Levi's cockhead grazing through your sensitive entrance again and again, all you can do is weakly thrash and beg for him in lieu of cumming again not even a few minutes past your last orgasm. Your back arches, and you sink your nails into his thick bicep.

    "Fuck," Levi grunts, and his hand is back at your tits, kneading as they jiggle in wake of each powerful roll of his hips. "Poor thing. Close already?"

    "Levi—Levi–" you cry, helpless to his ruthless pace and how it feels for your cunt to get stretched wide by Levi's cock. You've lost the coherency to even answer. The world beyond your hotboxed room—even beyond Levi trapping you and fucking you into oblivion—is moot. "Gon'a–"

    You head falls back against the plush, inciting Levi to groan and bear down even harder. You sense his palms at your knees, folding you practically in half. While your muscles begin to strain and ache, you hardly feel it. A large hand comes to rest at the shallow of your throat, and you hear yourself give another shameless cry. Levi's thick cockhead kisses your cervix.

    Levi can feel your cushy walls trembling round his cock, warmth seeping pleasure into his flesh and pushing him further towards his own end. There's a thrill in knowing you're about to cum from his cock alone, and makes it a point to force his eyes open to watch.

    Levi's jaw falls slack with a hearty groan as you hug his cock tight, and your head tips back; he watches your pretty lips part to form a full 'o'. All the while, Levi's name becomes an endless mantra from your sweet mouth.

    Your gummy walls hold him so snug it quickly becomes a challenge for Levi not to tip over and fall to his own vivacious pleasure. His hand finds your clammy throat with a guttural moan, and each new slam inside you becomes so much wetter with you gushing all over his cock.

    To Levi's satisfaction, your hand finds his wrist at the same moment your half-lidded gazes meet, fucked-out with pleasure and drunk on your respective highs. In an unspoken understanding, you know to squeeze hard if it gets to be too much.

    "You're gonna take everything I give you," Levi orders, not a question but a stern fact, and despite your cunt jolting with the pricks of overstimulation, you manage a meager squeeze of Levi's tight waist and a dazed, "yeah!"

    With frenzied desire, Levi plunges into your cunt relentlessly, your name intermingled with "yes, yes–" and guttural curses tossed into the mix. Levi's own blazing gratification nears with a moan and the feeling of his balls drawing up.

    You watch him, as if mystified in your sex-and-high-induced stupor. It's a heavenly haze so soon after such a powerful orgasm; the type that rolls and thunders through you. You watch Levi's thin brows knit together and the tension in his face falls away, and whimper.

    The powerful slams of Levi's hips stutter, then still as his jaw goes slack. His second orgasm of the afternoon flutters and rolls, crashing into him all at once. It's too euphoric not to bury his pulsing cock inside your velvet before it jolts and Levi's heat floods inside you. "Fuck, mine."

    You gasp as his load shoots inside you, only for your head to fall back again with a wavering cry. Levi's cock twitches and throbs all throughout his orgasm, leaving you to blubber amidst overstimulation and the sensation of your cunt fluttering around his girth. Levi only drives his cock inside you a few more times before he eases and goes still; even in the throes of aftershock, you sense his length twitching idly inside you.

    "Fuck," you heave, and it's all you can say. Your hamstrings burn, your knees, and you're muddled in sweat and cum. Between where your bodies are joined, you sense the mix of Levi's cum and your own streaming down your slit. "Fuck, Levi."

    Levi never actually choked you, but his palm smooths down your neck anyway, before falling away. From where your calves have slacked down around Levi's flanks, you sense the way his body minutely trembles from the force of his orgasm. You hear him work to catch his breath.

    "You alright?" is the question of the day on Levi's end. You give a hum in response and Levi eases the position, allowing your feeble limbs to relax into the mattress. "I didn't hurt you?"

    "M'okay," you reply, and elect not to move. You only allow Levi the room to pull out of you and grimace; else, moving is too much damn work. "Tired. M'throat hurts... You okay?"

    Levi's palm passes over your clammy temple, brushing your bangs away. He sounds weary but oddly fond as he says, "I'm alright. You still have cough drops in your bag?"

    You're more than inclined to object to a thorough clean-up right now. As Levi's presence leaves the bed, you open your eyes and quietly admire the curve of his ass from the bed, like a pillow princess.

    "The sheets are a lost cause, 'Vi. 'M not moving."

    Levi snorts, and you hear the tell-tale rustling of your bag.

    Then, you think you sink into a hazy doze, because you could swear the music quiets down, changes genres, and Levi is back at your side only a few moments later. You find his weary, bedraggled visage upon a warm kiss at the side of your mouth, cough drops in hand, and your heart swells.

    "Thank you."

    "Least I could do for letting me fuck your brains out."

    As you tuck the cherry lozenge in your mouth, you giggle and guide Levi to your side by the prickly nape of his neck. A quilt is tossed haphazardly over your shins—you're both too damn sticky and hot to tolerate much else—and Levi plasters himself to your chest.

    "Take a nap," you tell him. "Jus' for a while. 'M sleepy."

    "Planned on it," is Levi's murmured response as his head comes to rest between your breasts. You feel his arms tighten around you. "Half an hour. Less. Need t' clean."

    You hardly hear that last part. Knowing you, Levi will give in to an hour or so of sleeping off both the high and the hours of sex. It's you, after all. In the first place, he fed into the 'study session' excuse knowing it was just that.

    So much for final exams.

    kinktober 2021 masterpost

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    imagine pinching Levi’s cheeks

    It’d have to be a private moment between the two of you, at least the first time you do it because you aren’t sure how Levi will react at first. You’re both sprawled across his sofa inside Levi’s private quarters when you shift around in his lap. Naturally, Levi would ask what the hell you think you’re doing when you start tracing his jawline with your fingertip, or when you brush his bangs off his forehead, but he wouldn’t stop you.

    “You’re just pretty,” you'd say, and Levi would be overcome with the urge to look away, not that you’d let him. You cup his soft cheek- which is absolutely aflame with his blush- and guide his gaze back towards you.

    Levi would feel one part mortified and one part dizzy with your affection towards him. Surely he’s been called all sorts of things by admirers over the years- “handsome”, “sexy”, “strong”- but never pretty. He can’t get over it. Levi would sit still as you admire his eyes- brazened and hued like moonlight- and kiss the tip of his nose simply out of stupefaction.


    “Yes,” you’d say. “You’re so damn pretty.”

    And Levi is so fucking gone from that. He’d call you ridiculous for thinking that, but you know he’s looping his arms around the small of your back to pull you in closer. Hell, Levi would not-so-subtly cling to you because he’s so conflicted by the fact that he’s never, never been shown such care and affection like this. This all makes him feel so uncertain, but he doesn’t want you to go away. He’s worried you might if he accidentally puts off the wrong signals, but Levi just isn’t sure how to show that he enjoys being treated like this by you.

    Meanwhile, you’re dishing out all the compliments:

    “Your lips are so cute.”

    “Pouting makes you even more adorable, you know.”

    “You’re so soft.”

    Levi would have no idea what to do with himself. He wants to compliment you too, but has absolutely no clue where to find the best words or go about it smoothly.

    So he holds you close, tries not to tear up, and just kisses you when your loving care draws back down to his lips. He kisses you tenderly with all the love he can convey, and cups the nape of your neck so you don’t pull away so quickly.

    And when Levi pulls away, you’re both warm with pink blossoming on your faces.

    Finally, you do it. You can’t fight the smile worming its way onto your face as you move forward and pinch Levi’s little cheeks. Just like how he’s deceptively young, he’s so warm and soft, and his cheeks are so full despite his aloofness in how he portrays himself to everyone else.

    Levi makes an unhappy sound as his brow furrows, and you’re giggling. He finally bats your hands away when even he is tired of indulging your goofiness. He takes one of your hands instead and brings it up to his lips just to kiss your knuckles.

    And after that night, pinching Levi’s cheeks would just become habitual. It becomes your favorite pastime to watch his expression morph into flustered shock at how soft and lovable you find him. Two words Levi wouldn’t be caught dead describing himself with. He acts annoyed and tells you to cut it out, but Levi would never push you away. He secretly revels in your doting and always fucking will.

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    Get your Tumblr 2021 Year in Review →

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    Babe… okay

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    class based competitive games that market themselves on their character personalities but said personalities are just making quips

    #if you read me out a phoenix and a jett line so long as it didnt have any specific reference to their character abilities #i wouldnt be able to tell them apart #same thing with overwatch their character sliders are like . young/old. quippy/serious. fantasy racist/not #and thats it
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    #my only problem with writing ace fic that represents my flavor of ace is that i still have some parts of my identity that are up in the air #i want to write something that matches mine bc while i've read a few fics (like the one you wrote for me) that are adjacent to it #i've never read something that was *exactly* like mine #but at the same time bc i'd want to write a fic that was about romance as well as about being ace and coming to terms with being ace #which makes things complicated bc i don't know how my kind of ace-ness fits into a relationship #i don't know if i would be comfortable making out with someone i've never even kissed a person so maybe i don't even like that and just #think i would like it based on what i've read/been told #i mean i still look away from most kissing scenes in movies lol #and could i even do a relationship in the first place? or am i actually grey-aro/demi-romantic? i mean i haven't had a serious crush since #8th grade that's not exactly normal is it? but then we get into the whole 'well i've done a heck ton of repression since then' #which is a whole other bag of worms #i really do get so much joy from knowing that i'm ace and i want to share that bc i know many people don't have that experience #but i'm kind of scared of discovering if i'm aro or not? and i can't tell if that's like internalized aphobia or something else #like i resigned myself to the fact that i may never be in a romantic relationship a long time ago before i even knew i was ace #but it's still something i think about sometimes. when i feel like no one's watching. and idk if i'm ready to give that up entirely #woah this got real heavy real fast i am so sorry #this was supposed to be positive i swear #i just had to read this book for class and this one chapter made me feel like i was staring at future me and not in a good way #and it's kinda been haunting me #but all this to say i want to make sure i fully understand my ace-ness before i write something that goes into the discovery process #not like i'm going to wait until i kiss someone like who tf knows if that's ever going to happen #but just until i really get my introspection on lol #answering mail#jess #so sorry for dumping this on you i may go back and erase these tags in the morning
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    #anon#dta#dta tag#long post #down to agincourt #I shared an aspect of dta because I have answered this type of question before and I didn't want to be repetative #those posts are linked above and you can read them #it's just not possible to summarize dta without it getting very long since the story is a 1.2m wip #so hopefully what I've told you motivates you to read dta because I just haven't seen anyone answer this question by saying 'oh read this #story has characters with disabilities but the main plot is something else' #like you know in destiel fanfics if you want to read either of those characters having a disability you have to search tags with the #disability you want to read about and it's great that we have that #but dta isn't promoted like that and I didn't even know that there were going to be characters with disabilities in this story so I wanted #to get someone to read dta because it has them
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    I posted 1,097 times in 2021

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    For every post I created, I reblogged 17.6 posts.

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    #i was thinking you could send these to me / my ocs / any of the obey me characters and i'll do my best to answer them?

    My Top Posts in 2021


    How would the Bros react to an MC that paces every chance they get? Be it because they're stimming or because they're anxious- if they can pace, they'll likely pace or they'll get agitated?

    Here's my attempt at this at least! Hopefully this works?

    Obey Me! Brothers reacting to an MC who paces when anxious


    He can understand the need to pace to get out energy, he’s done it himself when he’s thinking hard about something or frustrated.

    As a result he’s not phased when you do it, so long as it isn’t distracting him or others from their work

    If it does, he’ll try not to get snippy, but might suggest you find other ways to get out the anxious energy.

    Honestly asks Levi for suggestions, knowing that he has anxiety as well and has less physical methods of coping


    Teases you for it at first, y’know, the whole ‘You’re gonna pace a hole into the floor’ thing

    But when he realizes why you’re pacing, he’s a lot more sympathetic and tries to figure out how to help you

    Doesn’t mind you pacing, but you pacing means you aren’t really paying attention to him, so he’s quick to try and find solutions

    Tries to get rid of the stressor if possible, even starts going online to find ways to deal with anxiety

    Not all of them help, and he gets distracted way too easily, but… it’s the thought that counts?



    In all seriousness, he can relate to having too much energy from nerves or anxiety to know what to do with, but his stims are less active. Flappy hands, his tail flicking a lot, talking a lot, things that can be done while still sitting at his computer

    So he’s not really phased if you end up pacing around him, and is actually likely to snap at someone who’s trying to get onto you for pacing, with the exception of Lucifer. He’s more reserved when explaining to Lucifer that you’re basically doing your version of his stims

    If you don’t like your pacing, he’s happy to help you find other things that help you to get the energy out and relax. Fidget cubes, spinners, flappy hands, anything he can think of!


    Has the second lowest patience for the pacing, even if he understands the need to let it out. It’s the frequency that would bother him more than anything

    As a result, he tries to get to the bottom of the issue, dealing with the stressor however he can

    And tries to find more subtle ways for you to get that energy out, going to Levi for suggestions because he knows that he has anxiety as well and he seems to deal with it…. Relatively well

    Also takes to researching other coping mechanisms and stims that are less disruptive and easier for you to do, especially for in class


    Doesn’t entirely understand the anxiety or pacing, but supportive!

    He doesn’t terribly mind you pacing, but does help you find alternative stims if you want him to

    Especially tries to convince you to dance to get the anxious energy out. Even if it’s silly little shimmy dances or him twirling you or vice versa. Something to distract you and get your attention back on him!

    He will try to help with dealing with the stressor if he can, though he’s more likely to direct you to whichever brother he thinks would help you most with it. Satan if it’s academic, Levi if it’s general anxiety, that sort of thing.


    He can kind of understand, though anxiety just messes with his appetite, so he can’t fully relate.

    Might suggest you try working out with him, like going for a jog or do weight lifting or something with him. Distraction, physical work, and bonding time! Win/win!

    He doesn’t judge you in the slightest for your pacing, and lets you do it to your hearts content. Though watching you pace will make him work up an appetite

    Goes to Levi for suggestions on how to handle it and help you, comes back with some stim toys for you to try. One or two might have been nibbled on, but he did his best!


    Also easily frustrated with your pacing if it’s around him, and tries to convince you to just sleep it off with him

    Likely doesn’t work, but an attempt was made.

    Doesn’t really have the energy to help you with the stressor, but will make a comment to the effect of ‘You’re reminding me of Levi’, his way of suggesting you go talk to him about it

    If you take too long to do so, he’ll message Levi for you. Then tries to convince you to come nap again.

    If you ask him to, he might even start to tell you stories or facts about the stars or his brothers to help distract you from the stressor so you can finally relax and nap with him

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    *slides you a few thousand Grimm while warily glancing over my shoulder in case anyone sees* You got the stuff right? Oh, you got more varieties? Well, then may I please try a Demon Bros Reacting To An MC Who Likes To Gently Headbutt Them With Affection?

    Subtly accepts the Grimm with a grin But of course! I’m happy to oblige! These were so fun to do!

    Demon Brothers react to a GN!MC who headbomps to show affection


    - Very confused by this method of affection at first

    - Is this human broken?

    - For a moment he wonders if it was a feeble attempt at an attack against him

    - Then he recognizes how careful you are each time, and how you beam up at him

    - Ah, affection… strange.

    - Do it again.

    - He actually comes to really like this method of showing affection since it’s much more subtle and quick

    - It still takes a while though before he gives you a head bomp himself. But it’s surprisingly reassuring when he does, and he lets it linger for just a moment as he puts your foreheads together.

    - Just reminds you to be careful not to head bomp too hard if you get excited. Don’t hurt yourself!


    - Oí, human, the hell’re you doing??

    - He actually figures it out surprisingly quickly, thanks to his crows! They learned to show him affection with head bomps too!

    - Once he puts two and two together, you have a very flustered Mammon.

    - In true Tsundere fashion, he’s torn between loving the affection, and rejecting it all together.

    - Without even realizing it, he starts doing it back to you on pure instinct.

    - After about two weeks he stops fighting it, and greets you with head bomps almost every time he sees you. Mostly hesitates when around his brothers.

    - He wants this to be just between you two! Your thing!


    - Another one to piece it together surprisingly quickly. But for a different reason. One word: cat girls (and cat boys but still).

    - Similar to Mammon, absolutely breaks once you do it

    - How can you be so adorable?? His pathetic Otaku heart can’t handle it!

    - He could take a month or more before working up the courage to reciprocate

    - He loves getting headbomps from you, but is still frozen for a few seconds every time, usually fighting down a dopey smile.

    - If you head bomp his forehead in particular, he’s bright red and needs a reboot.


    - This man adores cat like affection, so this is right up his alley!

    - Extremely amused whenever you do it, but the softness in his expression is undeniable

    - He’s VERY hesitant to reciprocate, more for fear or hurting you than embarrassment, though he does try to only bomp you back when he’s just about certain you are alone

    - May or may not be tempted to tease you when you do it sometimes by gently scratching your head and cooing “Yes, little kitten~?”

    - If you meow or ‘purr’ when head butting him, you will break him. Bright red and flustered, no clue how to react, not moving for a solid minute


    - So with Asmo you have to be careful with your headbomps

    - Don’t mess up his makeup or his clothes with them, so make sure your hair and skin isn’t oily or wet or anything before you even THINK about it, or if you’re wearing makeup that doesn’t match his

    - However! All that accounted for, he thinks it’s an adorable expression of affection! Absolutely precious!

    - He actually picks it up since it’s least likely to mess up his makeup and hair, and it gives him little butterflies!

    - Usually if he headbomps you it will end up followed by lots of little butterfly kisses


    - Another one who is a bit confused at first, wondering if you’re tired and want to use him as a pillow. Not that he’d complain, of course! Belphie does it all the time.

    - But once you explain that it’s a form of affection, boi is ecstatic!

    - You most likely can’t reach very high on him to head bomp on your own, but he will happily scoop you up in a hug to bomp you himself!

    - Will also lean down to your level if you reach for his face

    - Starts doing it to his brothers too, because he doesn’t have to worry as much about watching his strength like this like he does hugs!

    - However he can get too excited or forgetful and his bomps can be too rough. Just gently remind him to take it easy and he’ll quickly lighten up and apologize almost frantically


    - The most likely of all the brothers to already use this method of affection, but more out of laziness

    - His version is to lean his forehead against someone and start leaning into them for support as he dozed. Major sign of trust from him honestly.

    - So he is floored when you head bomp him the first time. You trust him?

    - Mixed feelings about it but determined not to betray that trust.

    - Will bomp you back, but it tends to be lazy and a bit heavy because he’s always tired

    - Has to be careful with headbomps in his demon form though because sometimes instead of gentle head bomps he’ll have the urge to headbutt like a ram. And that hurts.

    - Loves to head bomp you when you snuggle, often falling asleep with his forehead against yours.

    113 notes • Posted 2021-07-31 14:00:52 GMT


    What I think the Obey Me! Characters smell like!

    Lucifer: He probably has a particular cologne he likes to use, and it's not very strong, but it's definitely a... deeper smell? Heavier? Maybe smells like a campfire? But when he gets angry and is in his demon form, his scent gets a lot sharper, kind of like lightning

    Mammon: Cold metal, and whatever cologne he's got interest in for the moment. Usually more masculine scents... musky...?

    Leviathan: Faint smell of sea salt and chlorine

    Satan: Books. Old books, new books. Just... books. Paper. All of it. And a little bit of smoke because of all of the candles in his room.

    Asmodeus: Very fruity and floral, has lots of light perfumes and colognes he likes. Prefers the lighter scents because they aren't as overwhelming and tend to be more welcoming.

    Beelzebub: Whatever body spray he grabs, because he eats too fast to smell like food. Only exception is immediately after working out or playing Fangol, then he's a smelly boi. After Fangol he tends to smell like grass and dirty too though.

    Belphegor: He smells like whatever detergent that is being used for the laundry, since he bundles up in blankets and pillows and stuff.

    Diavolo: This one is hard to describe… a very HEAVY, warm vanilla mixed with brown sugar. When he gets angry or is actually using his magic / trying to be intimidating, it starts to smell like burnt vanilla and brown sugar.

    Barbatos: I think he smells minty! Maybe it’s because of his shade of green / teal, but I just think mint. It can get overwhelming easily, like real mint, but he keeps it under control since he’s well put together like that. The only time he lets it get overwhelming is for the sake of scenting.

    Simeon: Very light scented, I'd say petrichor (the smell after rain), with a hint of citrus.

    Luke: He smells like cookies. Vanilla, sugar, very sweet. Much lighter than Diavolo's scent. Also has some citrus.

    Solomon: Also smells like smoke, but that's from failed cooking attempts. His scent changes a lot, depending on who he's around, since humans don't have as strong of scents as demons or angels.

    134 notes • Posted 2021-07-26 19:32:55 GMT


    I absolutely feel like Beel's wings buzz, not just when he's flying, but also if he's in his demon form but he's /happy/! They stay laying down, but buzz, kinda like cicadas!

    177 notes • Posted 2021-08-12 02:44:10 GMT


    May I please have some demon bros reacting to an MC who was raised around a LOT of cats to the point where they exhibit cat or cat-like behavior? Like biscuits, hissing, leaning into them, rubbing their face on them, etc?

    As someone who has a lot of cat-like habits myself, I’m more than happy to do this! :D

    Demon Bros with a GN!MC who has cat-like behavior!


    He’s a dog person through and through, so your habits...tend to go over his head

    Which is funny, considering he’s pretty similar

    He prefers minimal physical contact and is content sitting in silence in the same room as you

    Whenever he catches you making biscuits, he thinks it’s just a nervous tic or odd human habit, says nothing on it

    But when you hiss at him because he startled you, he quirks a brow as the gears start turning. He can start to make the connections

    Once you’re more comfortable with him, and start to lean against him or give his arms little headbomps… that's when he fully puts it together.

    He thinks its endearing, and next time you go to head bomp him while he’s doing work, he gives you a little headpat.

    “Good kitty~”

    When your head shoots up to look at him, you catch the faintest of smirks, but he didn’t falter in his work


    Also confused by your habits, but accepts them as his human being quirky

    With each thing you do that he identifies as affection, he melts more and more

    But also loves teasing you for your habits

    Though if it upsets you at all, he will stop in a HEARTBEAT

    But by ‘teasing’ I mean he gets you a ball of yarn to play with, or asks you if you can talk to cats

    Has actually hissed back at you before, then immediately looked guilty. A human hissing is one thing, a demon hissing back is a whole other level

    He actually picks up some of the mannerisms from you! He loves head bomps and leaning as subtle signs of affection and trust!

    It also prompts him to lean more into his demonic sounds (growls, hisses, snarls, etc). Plus he’s curious just how much you can mimic!

    Absolutely gets you cute little cat-themed things when he’s out and about


    It doesn’t take him long to figure out the similarities, since he’s such an otaku

    With no warning, he ABSOLUTELY gets you cat ear headbands, (No he didn’t intentionally get a par with orange ribbons and bells, that’s just a coincidence, SHUT UP!!)

    Would also totally make you a cat onesie if you wanted / let him.

    And don’t get me STARTED on all of the cosplays he’d want you to do! There’s no shortage of cat-themed characters in anime! He might get a bit guilt trippy about it, and ask again every so often, but he will at least try to respect your decision if you don’t want to do it

    He actually likes the more subtle affections, since they’re slightly less overwhelming for him

    Another accidental hisser! It’s kind of reflex, considering his reptilian familiar

    When he first catches you making biscuits, he short circuits. How can you be so kawaii???


    It takes him one interaction with you, and he’s already figured it out and is head over heels with you

    Similar to Levi, he leans hard into encouraging these behaviors, and picks them up from you too

    When you two are just chilling in his room, reading or doing work, there is a good chance he will take to meowing to see if you mimic.

    Lots of cat-themed things for you both!

    Lucifer may not let him have a cat… but he can’t say no to letting Satan have MC time! So HA!

    More often than not, his brothers have caught him watching you with a soft expression whenever he catches you making biscuits, head bomping, ‘sun bathing’ in front of the fire place, etc

    He considers you leaning on him or giving him headbomps the highest honor

    He can and would kill for you

    This your hiss is adorable, like a little kitten’s. Doesn’t consider it intimidating though, just cute.

    Absolutely loves to test just how far your mannerisms go


    Confused by your habits at first, the kneading and the bomps, but they’re cute and harmless!

    But when he notices Satan pick up the habits, he realizes what the inspiration is

    How adorable!! Or, purr-ecious~

    Absolutely wants to put a bell collar on you if you’d let him (But you don’t have to)

    Gets you cat themed accessories, because it’s a fitting aesthetic!

    Iffy on headbomps though. If you want to lean on him and do the little headbomps (and who wouldn’t??), he INSISTS that you follow this particular routine for your hair and skin

    He’d also probably try to use your kneading habit to give him massages


    Since Beel isn’t much of a talker, he understands your affections and habits really easily, even if he doesn’t realize they’re cat-like

    He enjoys the quiet affections of leans and just doing your own things near each other and headbomps

    Curious about kneading and wonders if you’re daydreaming about actually kneading dough

    Absolutely mimics habits he doesn’t understand to try and figure them out

    Startled when you hiss, and isn’t intimidated, but is concerned and slightly upset. Did he hurt you? Make you mad? He didn’t mean to…

    Honestly Belphie has a lot of the same mannerisms so he’s used to it


    Like I said, he has similar mannerisms, with an extra dash of ‘little shit’

    Absolutely shows his affection through proximity and small touches like leans and bomps

    Just blinks at you when you hiss. If you hiss cause he startles you, he just grins

    King of slow blinks

    He nuzzles into your side / lap when he’s trying to nap, so he doesn’t blame you for doing it in return

    He absolutely tries to encourage other cat like habits, like causing chaos when bored, knocking stuff over, sleeping in inconvenient spots, waking up and running around at 3am (but you’re on your own with that), etc

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    Get your Tumblr 2021 Year in Review →

    #my 2021 tumblr year in review #your tumblr year in review #long post #not obey me #text post #This is really interesting soooo XD #Here's to hoping I can put a read more to avoid clogging ppls dashes.... #If not I'm so sorry
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  • uncoveredlamb
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    i need to pull the ethernet cable out of my brainstem today i responded to a text from my poor mother with "crying screaming throwing up" & she thought i actually was

    #this is such a long way of saying that i need to be more offline #it's just like. w covid & friends living on the other side of the city there's not much to do :/ #[gets hit w one of the 88473748 books i haven't read] #💛
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  • deadmistres
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Αυτό το σπίτι δεν είναι σπίτι, αυτό είναι ένα μέρος με συγκρούσεις με δράμα, με πόνο φωνές και αποσκευές όπου το παρελθόν είναι παρόν και το παρόν δεν είναι εδώ, όπου τα ψέματα είναι αλήθειες το λάθος είναι σωστό και το σωστό είναι λάθος

    αυτό το μέρος είναι σπασμένο και σχισμένο όπου η αγάπη είναι μια λέξη που χρησιμοποιείται συχνά χωρίς συναίσθημα όπου συγγνώμη μοιράζονται καραμέλες για τα πάντα και παρακαλώ και ευχαριστώ μόλις και μετά βίας βρίσκονται όπου το χαμόγελο είναι απλώς ένα κρυφό συνοφρύωμα εδώ είναι δυνατόν να πνιγείς στα δάκρυά σου

    να κρύβεσαι και να ζεις στους φόβους σου όπου μπορείς να σε μαχαιρώσει ο πόνος εδώ μπορεί να είσαι αλλά κανείς δεν νοιάζεται για σένα ή για μένα όπου οι αντιδράσεις ανεξάρτητα από το είδος είναι καλές στο μυαλό όλων

    αξίζουν όλα για να ικανοποιήσουν το κακό στα μάτια τους αυτό το σπίτι δεν είναι σπίτι αυτό το σπίτι είναι σπασμένο όπως οι άνθρωποι μέσα αυτό το σπίτι είναι ένα θεμέλιο κρυμμένο μέσα στους τοίχους είναι ψέματα και πόνοι μια μέρα όμως θα σπάσω τους τοίχους τα στρώματα του πόνου και με την ελευθερία μου δεν θα κοιτάξω ποτέ πίσω μετά τα πρώτα βήματα έρχεται η υπόλοιπη ζωή μου και με τη ζωή μου δεν θα κοιτάξω ποτέ πίσω τότε το παρελθόν θα είναι παρελθόν και το μέλλον θα είναι πραγματικό και η ζωή μου θα είναι δική μου αυτό το σπίτι θα παραμείνει σπασμένο

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    know i'll stay right there with you

    “You wanna head inside?” Connor asks quietly.
    Mia takes a deep breath, then shakes her head. “No. You can go, though. I’ll be okay.”
    “It’s okay,” Connor replies. “I’ll wait until you’re ready.”
    Mia’s chest shudders on her next breath, and Connor’s eyebrows draw together worriedly. He gently lays his head on top of hers.
    “I’ll stay right here, okay?” Connor murmurs. “I’m not going anywhere.”

    mia's having a bad day, and connor makes sure she knows she's not alone.

    arrowfam week 2021 day one: nicknames + "i'll stay right here, okay?"

    #arrowfam week 2021 #mia dearden#connor hawke#my fics #connor and mia's sibling relationship my beloved <3 #also HEYYY finished my first fic for arrowfam week! only two days late!!!! #this one is much shorter than the rest of the fics i have planned so stay tuned for some real long fics #as always thank u for reading and reblogging it means so much :hearts floating around face emoji:
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  • rosadelsol
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    i accidentally deleted the original ask lmaooo so here’s a screenshot of the question from my email notifications

    ANYWAY my thoughts underneath the read more (spoilers for BOTH the show and the books!!)

    Both of these picture came from Russian Roulette, which is the stand-alone book Horowitz wrote about Yassen Gregorovich.  The book goes over Yassen’s life from the very beginning as a child to how he ended up with Scorpia, how he met Alex’s father, and then eventually how he met Alex himself.

    Anon you asked about parallels and ohhh man do I have a parallels for you!!! Like stated in the pages above, Yassen himself recognized the similarities between Alex and him.  But here’s a cool bullet list that I made lol

    both lost their families very young at the age of 14

    both of their families kept secrets from them: Alex didn’t know Ian was a spy, and Yassen didn’t know his parents were basically prisoners, blackmailed to create biochemical weapons

    this one isn’t that important but I thought it was neat: Alex gets told he looks like his dad, Yassen gets told he looks like his mom

    another neat fact:  Yassen also has a natural aptitude for leaning languages, just like Alex

    both had someone come into their lives and change everything: for Yassen it was Vladimir Sharkovsky, and for Alex it was Yassen

    and both swore they would kill that person

    both are connected via John Rider: While Alex never actually met his father, John’s legacy looms over him.  Alex gets told he looks just like his father all the time and then there’s the fact he infiltrated Scorpia where he was greatly admired even though he betrayed them. Yassen’s relationship with John is absolutely heartbreaking.  John saved Yassen’s life!! Even though he didn’t need to!!! Like John could have let the spider kill Yassen but he didn’t! John jeopardized the mission to save this kid and taught him almost everything Yassen needed to be a world-class assassin. Of course Yassen admired John and came to think of him as his friend. OF COURSE HE DID!! So when Yassen found out about John’s betrayal?? OOF It literally broke Yassen. Yassen had decided to not be an assassin and then after he found out about John, he became the best assassin out of spite.  He didn’t want to be an assassin!! but something in him broke and he completely stripped himself of whatever softness he had left in him and became the assassin we know today

    Anyway lol I’m SO GLAD the show decided to keep Yassen around and not kill him.  He has soo much potential especially when it comes to the Rider family.  He literally asks himself in this book if this family will ever leave him alone lmao.  I would absolutely love to see him train Alex if the next season goes to Scorpia (S3 Renewal Announcement When?!!).  Just think of the angst!! Yassen killed Ian!!! OF COURSE ALEX IS PISSED. What if we go full circle and maybe Alex kills Yassen, just like Yassen killed Vladimir?? yes that would break my heart but... UGH The potential!!!

    As for Yassen adopting Alex, may I please direct one of the best works of literature i have ever read in my entire life?? It’s The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by pongnosis and it’s just 😘👌

    #alex rider #alex rider spoilers #yassen gregorovich#panchita posts #i hope the read-more works cuz.. this is kinda long lol #anyways if you haven't read russian roulette do it!!! ITS SAD
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  • kachuuyaa
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago


    #fyodor uve been gone for far too long #this is ablessing #LET ME COPE!!!!!!! #I FUCKING SCREAMED WHILE READING IT #BRO.... #AYATOIER AS FUCKUNGI ISIDUDHEIA ARKRHUR39083 #genshin impact leaks
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  • rebelband
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Rebel, Rebel Plugboy.

    #[art]#[2021]#bell #|| I have a continuation of this but it isn't meant to be read as two pages together (without the due time skip of friendship) so . #this can be posted here. for myself mostly #the text tool on CSP is so slooow~... #I don't really panel anything I only organize things in the long strip format like it's wbtn wbwbwbwbwbh #at any rate... I want to write it... I want to write it very much...;; I'll do it Eventually . my mini-indulgence is this though for now #I Miss My Texture Brushes. Where Are They . I need to Find some . Sighs
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  • owowhathis
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Huh, I was the only one in my class who came to school today and I think the fact that I was able to read Alex Rider : Skeleton Key in peace and finish it all in one day is pretty neat.

    #reading is neat #i say after an almost year long reading slump #like i read maybe two or three books in that year #but for me that's a pretty low number
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    I posted 1,440 times in 2021

    330 posts created (23%)

    1110 posts reblogged (77%)

    For every post I created, I reblogged 3.4 posts.

    I added 132 tags in 2021

    #lies in the lilies - 32 posts

    #queue - 16 posts

    #reading on hiatus - 15 posts

    #boost! - 12 posts

    #my writing - 12 posts

    #bethany - 11 posts

    #boost - 11 posts

    #auspol - 8 posts

    #nyssa - 8 posts

    #tag game - 7 posts

    Longest Tag: 91 characters

    #but how i wish all these dummies would say what they mean instad of dancing around protocol

    My Top Posts in 2021


    I heard the bedroom door open just as I finished my muesli bar.

    “Did you go through my stuff?” Blake asked from behind me.


    “So my license's just magically swapped wallets on their own?” 


    “So you do believe in magic!” I exclaimed, covering my embarrassment over such a stupid mistake.

    His tone changed to a warning. “Bethany...”

    “Alright, I did,” I admitted, “but you lost your right to privacy when you broke in here.” I turned to look at him to continue my defense, only for my breath to catch in my throat.

    He seemed to consider what I’d said for a moment. “That’s fair.”

    I was surprised I’d heard him at all. I could barely focus, too distracted by what I was seeing. 

    All he was wearing was a towel.

    “Bethany?” The concern in his voice clashed with the smug, self assured grin on his face, and I let out a strangled noise in response.

    His grin got bigger.

    “Can you put some clothes on,” I said, trying to tear my eyes away. I hoped I wasn’t drooling - he had no right to look that good, even covered in bruises, and I fought down the desire to touch the ones on his chest.

    He reached over the back of the couch, putting himself well within touching distance, and took my Red Bull off me. “I need to wash my jeans.”

    “You need more than one pair of pants.” 

    Was it me or was it hot in here? I needed air. This was crazy.

    I got off the couch to get the washing machine ready for him, needing some space between the two of us so that I could get my breath back. As I passed him his fingers caught my wrist, stopping me in my tracks.

    I turned to face him, my mind and heart racing. This close I could smell my body wash on him, its honeyed scent even more delicious on him than it ever was on me. I wanted to eat him up.

    “I’m glad you got away,” he told me, his voice low and soft, and the way he pushed a lock of hair back from my face made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

    “I’m sorry you got hurt.” I whispered in return.

    He glanced down. “This is nothing, I promise.”

    I followed his eyes. While the bruises on his torso were dark and nasty looking, the collection of scars crisscrossing his chest suggest he was telling the truth. The worst of them, thick and pink and around 10 centimetres long, marred his lower abdomen and I couldn’t help but touch it, tracing the way it sliced through the darkest part of the bruise.

    Blake breathed in sharply.

    “Did I hurt you?” I went to withdraw my hand, not wanting to make his pain worse, only he caught it and held it in place.

    “Nah. It’s not as bad as it looks.” He winced as he said it.

    “This better not be that male macho crap you tough guys do. Because—”



    “Shh.” His head tilted down towards mine, his face flushed and eyes dark, and I knew for sure what he wanted.

    I licked my lips, my heart pounding so hard I was sure it was going to pop out of my chest. This was such a bad idea. Terrible. I really shouldn’t.

    I did.

    It was only a little kiss, gentle and sweet with more care than the one from before the Order attacked us, and when he pulled away I found myself wanting more. 

    Blake must have felt the same, as he pulled me closer, our bodies pressed together despite his injury. “Tell me if you want me to stop,” he murmured, his lips brushing softly against my neck.

    I definitely did not want him to stop.

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    Week 0: Introduction

    Prompt:  Write a scene or a monologue, where your character introduces themself to the reader, or to a random, friendly stranger.


    I stared at the cup clasped in my hands, wishing that the water within could tell me a way to escape my current situation. Three months free of my parents' influence, three months of living my best life, and this one little hiccup was going to bring it all crashing down.

    “I need your name,” the policeman at the desk stated, holding up my brand new fake ID. “Because this ain’t you.”

    “It is,” I replied, trying to keep my voice steady. “I’m Jessica Langam.”

    He glanced at the ID again. “Jessica Langam is twenty-seven, while you barely look a day over eighteen.”  He pressed his lips together, eyebrows raised, and stared at me until I looked away. “Yeah, that’s what I thought. Didn’t your parents ever teach you not to lie to the police?”

    There was no way I could answer that question in a way he wouldn’t be annoyed with, especially as what I’d actually been taught was that they were inept and corrupt. “Can I have something to eat?” I asked instead.

    “Does this look like a restaurant?”

    “Sorry,” I mumbled, returning my attention to the cup in my hands again. 

    The policeman huffed and shuffled the papers on the desk, a scowl forming on his face. “Let’s try this again. Your name, please. Then we’ll put you somewhere safe to sleep off your intoxication.”

    “But I’m not even drunk!” I insisted, in a last ditch attempt to convince him to let me leave. “Can’t you just let me go? I won’t cause any trouble…”

    The policeman’s scowl deepened. “You were wandering across the highway with no regard for traffic, necking a bottle of tequila. There’s no way we’re letting you leave until we’re sure you’re sober. And,” the way he stressed his words made me squirm, “you tell us your name.”

    I really didn’t want to. I knew what would happen if I did: he would call my parents and then they would make me go home, and I hadn’t even had the opportunity to dye my hair a fun colour yet! I wasn’t ready to give up the fun I was having. I didn’t want the party to end.

    But I also hadn’t known that being drunk and disorderly was something the police didn’t like - not that I thought I was drunk or disorderly, but apparently they did - and I was better off not upsetting them over my parents. But only barely.

    I let out a sigh. “Bethany Norton.”

    “ Norton,” he muttered under his breath, typing my name into the computer. “Beth-a-ny.” His hands froze on the keyboard and his eyes flicked to me, making me squirm once again. “You’re Henry and Eliza’s daughter?” 

    Oh no, he knew of them. “Yes.”

    He typed something else into the computer, then reached for his phone.

    “Please don’t call them!” It came out as a squeak, far more embarrassing than the calm request I’d intended to make.

    “Do you have proof that’s who you are?”

    Sullenly, I shook my head. This was exactly what I’d been afraid of. If only I’d known I needed to take my birth certificate with me when I ran away from home.

    “Then I need to call them to confirm you are who you say you are. You can’t claim to be the daughter of the largest developer in the country and not expect me to check, now do you?” His condescending tone made my skin crawl, and I dropped my head into my hands as he dialed. It was the middle of the night. They would be really upset at the intrusion.

    “Hello,” he said after a minute. “This is Senior Constable Fleming with the Sydney Police Department. Can I please speak with Mr or Mrs Norton?” he stopped, waiting for whichever of the staff he’d woken to speak. “Yes, I’ll hold.”

    I cringed, unable to decide which of my parents would be better for him to speak with. Neither of them would be happy with this situation.

    Suddenly I realised he was speaking again. “...have a woman here claiming to be Bethany Norton and--” He paused. “Yes. Brown hair, brown eyes, five-seven.” He paused again. “Drunk and disorderly.” 

    I stared down at the floor, wishing it would swallow me whole.

    “The Rocks Police Station,” he said after a minute. “Policy states we can’t release her until after eight, so you’re welcome to collect her then.” He hung up the call, returning his attention to me. “Good news, Miss Norton, they’re going to come in the morning to confirm who you are. Till then, you can wait in one of our finest cells. No drunk tank for you.”

    Dear gods, couldn’t my curse just kill me now? It would be way less painful than what the morning would bring. 

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    “Ok, what about this tattoo,” I asked, poking him in the ribs where a large MMXVI in red, white, and blue was located and making him twitch. “It means something and I want to know what.”

    “It’s only when the Bulldogs broke their 62 year losing streak and claimed their second grand final,” he replied, like I should have known that. “You don’t follow the footy?”

    “No. Sport is dumb. And if I did pay attention to it I would obviously be following the rugby, not that aerial ping pong you guys down here refer to as football.”

    He snorted at that.

    “What about all these scars then?” I asked, moving on from the tattoo. All of this sounded so normal, and seemed so far away from the man who tried to kidnap me. In that moment I had thought of him as a monster. This stuffed-toy owning softie seemed anything but. “What’re they from?”

    “Hazard of the job,” he replied with a shrug.

    “Do you know how you got them all?”

    He chewed on his lip for a moment before replying. “Most of them, I guess.”

    I pointed at the jagged scarring down the outside of his left forearm. “How’d you get those ones?”

    “You’re nosy, you know that right?”

    “Yes. So are you.”

    “Fair.” He glanced at his forearm, lips pursed. “Dove through a window trying to get away from a pissed off bloke with a shotgun.” I must have looked confused as he continued. “My boss wanted something he owned. He wasn’t interested in selling. So I took it.”

    “And this one?” I tapped one on his eyebrow.

    He began to turn red. “Eyebrow piercings were cool when I was in highschool, right? Took it out the moment I realised it was dumb.”

    I laughed again at how embarrassed he sounded, my fingers finding the thick scar on his ribs as I did. It was fascinating; a long line of white slashing through the purple and black bruising, smooth to the touch and raised in a way that the others weren’t. “What about this one?”

    His head dropped back onto the pillow. “That one… That was me attempting to stop a kidnapping, believe it or not.”

    “And what happened?”

    His eyes unfocused. “Got stabbed instead.”

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    Tender Tuesday 12th Jan

    Open Ask!

    What trope best summarizes your OTP’s origin story? Enemies to Lovers? Fake Dating? Mutual Pining? Or something else?


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    Attempting to write smut.

    …this may end badly.

    53 notes • Posted 2021-08-13 07:55:08 GMT

    Get your Tumblr 2021 Year in Review →

    #my 2021 tumblr year in review #your tumblr year in review #am amused by my number 1 #but had to add a read more as 3 of them are long #all snippets though #so that’s cool
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  • ankhisms
    08.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    i have yet again read another book where my end reaction to it has been "well that was something i read"

    #it was a collection of short stories and it wasnt very long so at least i didnt waste too much time on it but it still was like. ok that #wasnt super bad. but it wasnt very good either. just very weird. the writing style wasnt my favorite and #felt kind of like.. weird and just. the ideas were not at all fully fleshed out and i would leave the end of #each story going ok what was that all about. what were u trying to say with that. while #on the other hand some of it felt almost too heavy handed and idk! it wss just weird. not the best book ive read this year
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  • ecdc-revisited
    08.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Might start posting those old reviews from the ECDC website right on here in 2022... if there’s interest(?)

    #do people like long text posts on Tumblr? #keep reading#ecdc
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