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  • chaosatthefandom
    25.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Alcina: Enough! How dare you mock me in such a manner!

    Heisenburg: Well. How would you like me to mock you? I take requests.

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  • sobersaber
    25.07.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Do you think Mother Miranda stays at Ethan's house because she too lives in fear of she's created?

    Buffgie: "Ay yo how much can you bench brotha"

    Buffgie: "call the ambulance, but not for me."

    Its been said that all of Donna's intruders were dead by snu snu

    @snottysocks I have finally joined the Buffgie alliance

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  • procsimo
    25.07.2021 - 11 hours ago
    Did you think I was joking? (absolutely no). I need more lord Dimitrescu *-*

    And one frame of the process. I don't know, I just like how he looks like a kind of sculpture here о:

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  • heisenbergenthusiast
    25.07.2021 - 12 hours ago

    "missing you."

    (a/n): i spent two sleepless nights writing this, i don't know if i want to make this a series or not, but the idea is honestly one of my favorites... so i might.
    warnings: porn with plot, this is smut, cursing, angst, a bit of yelling, donna being big brain and reader being a dumbass. fingering, softcore(ish), dirty talk.

    pairing: karl heisenberg x fem!reader

    word count: 5430

    synopsis: your past with the lord finally caught up to you, even though you refused to admit it. you missed him, not knowing if he felt the same. it takes a bit of convincing, and a lot of tears for you to realize that what you were feeling was love.

    story under the cut.

    Smoke filled the tiny room, the girl standing above a small pot filled with herbs and other things, the aroma filling the air.

    You had a book in hand, slowly stirring the contents in your pot as you still read up on spells from a book you borrowed from your best friend, Donna Beneiviento. Being in good relations with one of the ladies and lords allowed some sort of relief in this god forsaken village, and you deserved a bit of calm. You pulled your spoon out of the pot, keeping it on the slow at a low heat. It was a sage mix to keep varmints out, it kept you content.

    You closed the book, soft hands grazing against the leather that bound the delicate pages. You hummed to yourself, placing it down and looking around your small cottage. You stood up, turning off your stove, looking in the floor length mirror beside your front door and adoring yourself. Positivity radiates off of you, and you have a youthful glow that all the villagers loved. You brushed your hands over your skirt out of habit, the dark gray fabric not stained in the slightest.

    Pulling your cloak over your shoulders and tying it in the front, you began to walk towards your dear friend’s home. The snow on the ground was fresh, but the village was quiet. You shrugged, assuming that something was happening, but you would never be touched by a lycan. They knew who you were, and were close with you too. You hummed to yourself, the crunching of the snow filling your ears. You made it to the church, hearing some commotion inside. That was your sign that your walk was to be cut short, because Donna would be in this meeting.

    Your hands pressed against the doors of the church, opening them. You walked inside, going through the familiar hallway before being met with the ruins at the front. All eyes were on you. Angie immediately ran up to you, grabbing at your dress.

    “Y/n! You sweet thing, I was so scared you got lost!” Angie called out, which made you chuckle.

    “I guess I forgot there was a meeting today, I am sorry Mother Miranda,” you spoke kindly, giving a small smile. Miranda put her hand up, a small smile was given back.

    “Not to worry, we were just getting started,” she spoke kindly. Usually, you would sit by Donna, but you assumed a fight broke out, because your chair was now across the church in pieces. You let a small huff come from your nose, the only available seat beside the menace himself, Lord Heisenberg.

    You pressed your lips together thinly, sitting beside the man. Your legs were crossed at your ankles, hands in your lap as Karl leaned back in the pew. He reeked of smoke, which you were used to. You had neutral feelings towards the man, knowing that he felt the same.

    Mother Miranda began to speak about one of her infamous ceremonies, your ears beginning to drone the conversation out. You never participated in them, only watching from afar. You didn’t enjoy seeing them, but Donna didn’t want to be alone. Angie would always beg for you to come, too. So, you did.

    Karl glanced over to you, seeing your shoulders stiffen at the mention at what the ceremony was to be for. The thought of Mother Miranda sacrificing a little baby girl for the rebirth of her dead daughter was stepping over the line for you, but you kept your mouth shut. Still, Miranda needed to find the exact location of the girl, and it would take them weeks.

    You felt eyes still lingering on you, and you turned your head slightly. Karl had a small smirk on his face, but he was looking away. Your eyebrows furrowed, shaking your head before the meeting was adjourned. You stood up, brushing the back of your skirt off, pulling your hood up over your head as you began to walk out. Angie and Donna stayed behind, and you knew the two of them would visit your cottage after. You walked out, before your eyes caught a glimpse of an herb you hadn’t seen before.

    Bending down, you began to pull the plant out of the dirt. Your hands stung a bit from the cold snow, but you moved to pull your gloves on afterwards. A familiar presence was felt behind you.

    “You know, Heisenberg, you can speak to me,” You said, turning around to face him. His back was pressed against the wall, hammer beside him, a cigar was in between his lips.

    “Not after what happened between us,” Karl replied, giving a small shrug. You rolled your eyes, crossing your arms.

    A long time ago, you and Karl had your fair share of intimate moments. But, you stopped seeing him as often, being more involved with your work and your devotion. You both decided to call it off, and it hurt you, but you didn’t realize it hurt him. You missed how his calloused fingers would graze upon parts of your body that no one ever got to touch, and how he would whisper sweet things into your ears that no one else had heard fall from his lips before. The thought made you slightly uneasy, but in a way of which you wanted him for yourself again, but knew it would never happen.

    “I never said we couldn’t speak again, Karl,” you spoke out, pulling your hood down. Your beautiful h/c locks flowed in the wind, and his stare was felt even through those glasses he constantly wore. You breathed in the chilly air, letting it fill your lungs as the awkwardness loomed between the two of you.

    You missed the man, and you would admit it. A sigh left your mouth as you placed the herb in the pocket in your dress skirt, glancing back up at Karl. He rolled his eyes, throwing his cigar on the ground and pressing the toe of his shoe against it.

    “You have some problems, y/n, if you miss me,” He muttered quietly, walking away from you. You kept your mouth shut, knowing that man could read you like a book. You clasped your hands together, thinking to yourself.

    It hurt your heart to think about missing him, but the fact you pushed him aside for your work and religion put a dagger in between the two of you. You started to walk towards your home, preparing tea and cookies for your best friend once you were back inside. You lit candles all around, and shoes beside the front door, and now you were sitting at your kitchen table.

    You tried to read, truly. But your mind kept lingering to the engineer you so dearly longed for, especially after what you had done. You closed your eyes, taking in a deep breath before grabbing your journal from your bookshelf, ripping out a page and quickly scribbling down.

    “Gone to the factory. Will be back shortly.”

    You placed it on the table, putting your snow boots on and a coat over your dress. The sun was setting quickly, so you knew the cold would be bitter. You began your walk towards the factory, and it felt like it had been ages since you stepped foot on this land. Some lycans had greeted you, and you greeted them back. A soft sigh left your lips, pressing the door open to the factory as you heard loud crashes and bangs.

    The familiar groan came from one of the rooms, which you followed. Karl walked out as soon as you were halfway there, his hair tied up, glasses gone and jacket off. He hadn’t been home for that long, but you knew of his workaholic ways. His eyes met yours.

    “What the hell are you doin’ here?” He asked, throwing the rag in his hand at you. You let it fall at your feet, rolling your eyes as you shrugged your coat off. It was hot in the factory.

    “I came to talk,” you replied. He scoffed at that, shaking his head. He grabbed your arm, starting to lead you back out of the factory.

    “Well, hi, and bye. I don't want you here,” he explained.

    “I miss you, damnit!” You yelled, pulling yourself away from him. His grip wasn't as harsh as it normally was, but it was enough to leave a bit of pressure lingering in your arm. He stood facing away from you for a moment, before a small ‘tsk’ left his mouth.

    “You are one crazy bitch, y/n. First, you make me fall for you, second, you leave me to do your little fairytale shit. And now you're here, telling me you miss me?!” Karl yelled back. You were now backed up against a wall, with the man in front of you, your chests almost touching. You never let your guard down.

    “I know I'm crazy. But I know you miss me too,” you muttered. You clenched your fists at your side, never breaking eye contact with Karl, his chest rising and falling harshly with every inhale, every exhale. You bit at your lip, tapping your foot on the ground.

    “What did you do to me, y/n?” He asked, his voice quiet. You gulped.

    “What did you do to me?!” He yelled again before placing both of his hands on either side of your head. You didn't feel scared one bit, but sadness struck you, letting him break in front of you. Your mouth was open to speak.

    “I'm so sorry, Karl…” you whispered, feeling your heart break. You tried to hold back your trembling state, but it was obvious you were about to cry. Tears stung your eyes.

    “I'm so sorry for hurting you, I should've never done what I did in the first place. I regret it so much, I regret leaving you for my work,” you rambled on. You wiped the tears, looking down at your feet. Karl sighed, his fingers going underneath your chin and tilting your head up to look at him.

    “I'm sorry.”

    You furrowed your eyebrows at his words. Karl Heisenberg, being sorry? You nearly scoffed at this, but you kept your mouth shut.

    “It's okay,” you whispered. The warmth from his hand still lingered on your chin, even though it was gone. He continued to stare at you, and take in every feature that he missed.



    “Leave. Now.”

    You obliged, moving away from him and making your way out of the factory. He stood in the same spot, not watching, as the doors shut behind you. You let yourself cry as you ran back to the village, your adrenaline pumping as you tried to calm down. As soon as you got back into your house, you slammed the front door shut behind you and sunk down, sitting in front of it and hugging your knees as you sobbed. The chill from the air still lingered on your face, and the warmth of your house just didn't feel warm enough. You felt lost in your own thoughts, not even realizing you had guests there until Angie walked over to you.

    “What did that man do to you, sweet thing?!” Angie yelled. You looked up at her, and then at Donna, who had her veil off. She gave you a sad smile, and you looked at Angie again.

    “It's my fault,” you whispered. Your heart stung, moving to stand up and Angie followed you around, Donna watching carefully as she sipped her tea. You grabbed a book from the bookshelf, which was unlabeled. It was a red leather back book, with a gear on the front.

    The book was everything you wrote to Karl, though he has never read it or even knows this book exists. After your long intimacy, you wrote every feeling you felt during, and even after. There was just too much for one book, so you grabbed another. And another.

    Donna furrowed her brows in confusion, before getting the hint. Angie floated up to meet your eyes.

    “Are these books he gave you?” Angie asked. You gave a nod. It was a complete lie, but Angie didn't know what happened between you and Karl. Only Donna did.

    You grabbed some parchment paper, wrapping up the three books in it and tying it with string to secure it. You grabbed some herbs, placing them snuggly in between the string. Donna and Angie decided it was time to leave, since the sun was already down. You told them goodbye, feeling heartbroken even after they left. You leaned down, whispering a string of words to the books stacked on your dining room table.

    After, you moved to take a quick shower and got ready for bed. You braided your hair, looking at yourself in your mirror before laying down. You held your extra pillow close to you, before you fell asleep.


    You woke up bright and early, which wasn't unusual for you. The events from yesterday still lingered, the wound still fresh in your mind. You walked into your kitchen, night gown on and hair still braided as you cooked breakfast. While your meal cooled down, you untied your hair and unraveled it, revealing waves. You hummed to yourself, plating your food and sitting down at your dining room table.

    You looked at the books that were in front of you, a small sigh leaving your lips as you sipped your tea. You moved to grab a piece of paper out of your journal, writing down:

    “To: Heisenberg

    From: You know who”

    You placed the small piece of paper right in between the string that was tied around, finishing your meal shortly afterwards. You got up from your chair, going to your room and placing your cup on the bedside table, the tea still steaming. The chill from outside slowly made its way to your room, causing you to shiver as you changed out of your nightgown, putting on a light beige dress and a corset. The dress was long sleeved, which mattered in this weather, and you pulled your coat over it. Black with big buttons, and it fit you snugly. You moved to put your boots on, finishing the rest of your tea before grabbing the books you were going to give to Karl, going out the door.

    You began your walk towards the factory, your breath shown in the cold air. You fixed your gloves on your hands as you walked, the sound of silence filling your ears, with the occasional lycan snarl here and there.

    Soon enough, the factory was in your view. You bit at your tongue as you walked across the bridge, anxiety prickling all throughout you. The interaction you and Karl had yesterday was far from accepting, but you couldn’t hold out any longer. You knew you messed up, and you wanted to fix it.

    Your small hands pressed against the cool metal of the door, inviting yourself in. The door pushed open, creaking a bit which made you wince. You knew that Karl had to either be in his work room, or down further into the factory working on his army. You held your breath a bit, the heels of your boots echoing off the walls of the hallway, before you came to a halt.

    “God damnit!” Karl yelled from his work room, a loud crash of metal followed. You blinked, biting on your bottom lip as you began your way towards it.

    You balled your hand up in a fist, your anxiety causing you to shake. You debated on knocking on the door, and decided against it, opening the door and being met with Heisenberg’s back. His hands were pressed against his work table, his chest heaving up and down as a series of German words fell from his mouth. You were scared, to say the least.

    “Karl-” Your voice wavered, and he immediately tensed up at the ring of your voice in his ears. He shook his head.

    “What do you want? Why do you keep coming here?” He asked, his back still towards you.

    You gulped, trying to keep your confidence as you walked over to his desk, placing the books on top. He glanced over, seeing the parchment paper, his eyebrow raising. Your delicate hand, adorned with an assortment of rings, was still placed against the top.

    “I wanted to drop this off before I made my way to Donna’s,” you replied. A small, sad smile was on your lips. Karl finally looked towards you, seeing your beautiful face which was illuminated by the amber glow of the lanterns in his work room. He felt his breath hitch slightly, knowing he could go into ruins in front of you. You just did too much to him.

    “Why do you care, Y/n?” He asked, his voice cracking. Karl cleared his throat afterwards, turning around and leaning his back against the table. You still stood beside him, both of your shoulders touching as you looked forward, not meeting his gaze.

    “I don’t know why, I just do,” You said with a small, heartbroken chuckle. You looked down at your feet, tears stinging your eyes. You felt your heart break slowly as his presence overwhelmed you. You knew you didn’t deserve him, or his love and affection. His touch, or his peace of mind. You let yourself break, tears beginning to stain your cheeks, falling towards the floor.

    “I just. Want. You.” You seethed out, lifting your head up. Now, it was his turn to look forward as you looked at him. Silently begging him to say something, before a sigh left his lip, hand going into his pocket and taking out a cigar.

    “I need a smoke,” he muttered to himself, placing the cigar in between his lips and lighting it with his flip lighter. You breathed out shakily, still watching him and feeling your love for him hit you like a train.

    “What’s even in there anyway?” He asked, motioning towards the gift. You bit at your lip.

    “A few books.”

    “You know I don’t have time to rea-”

    “I wrote them. About you,” you interrupted. Karl’s eyes went wide, and now he looked at you. He let out a sigh, taking an inhale from his cigar and breathing the smoke out of his nose. He couldn’t find the words to say to you, but he knew he loved you and missed you too. Your soft skin pressed against his, how you would caress his cheeks after a sudden outburst, calming him down. How you giggled at his headassery, and he definitely fell in love with how you held yourself amongst the villagers and the Lords and Ladies.

    You flicked your wrist, looking at your watch and seeing the time.

    “I need to leave. Donna is expecting me,” you composed yourself quickly, turning around and walking towards the door.

    “Do whatever you want with the books, I could care less,” you added, quickly leaving the engineer. Karl stood there, dumbfounded. His oil stained hands pressed against the parchment paper, staining it as he looked at the small to and from letter on the top. He tsked, taking the herbs off and untying it quickly, the paper falling to the side, revealing 3 red leather bound books. The one on top had a gear pressed into it, as well as the other two below it. He cursed at himself for even touching them and ruining their beauty with the oil on his fingers, but he needed to read them. He was beginning to get desperate.

    You soon made your way to your best friend’s house, knocking on the door. Donna opened the door, her face covered by her veil. You gave a small smile, but Donna could see right past it.

    “What… What’s wrong?” Donna whispered, grabbing your hand and leading you into her house. You sighed, shaking your head.

    “I visited him,” you mumbled, and the woman slightly nodded. She took off her veil, placing it on the coat rack beside her door.

    “Did he do anything?”

    “Nothing out of the ordinary. Same old Heis..” you replied, moving to sit down in the formal living area. Angie immediately bursted out, sitting on Donna’s lap. You figured Donna was tired, to which you understood. You were trying to make some sort of potion, or figure out some sort of spell to eventually cure your poor friend of her cadou, but you knew it would be a while.

    The three of you spoke over tea, which was a blend that Donna made for you a long time ago. You sipped at it, your thoughts trailing off to Karl and what he said. How you were crazy for missing him. You sighed, seeing Donna usher Angie away and telling her to go do something for her. Now, it was you and your best friend alone. You gave a small sigh, knowing the woman could read through you just like Karl could.

    “You love him, Y/n,” Donna said with a chuckle, sipping her tea. You put your hands on your face after setting your cup down, a groan leaving your lips.

    “Is it that obvious?”

    “To me, at least,” she replied to your question, which caused you to turn red. You sighed, glancing out the window next to your seat as Donna continued sipping her tea, a small smirk on her lips as she knew how Karl felt, too. She always knew things you didn’t know.

    Donna giggled a bit, shaking her head. “You two are absolute fools.”

    Your head snapped up, looking at her with your eyes narrowing. She placed her cup in the saucer, placing it down on the coffee table in front of her.

    “The fact you don’t see it makes you the biggest fool. That man is absolutely smitten, and always has been. Ever since I introduced you to my family, he had always had eyes on you. And when you both became… more, I was finally relieved. But of course, Mother Miranda had you in her grip, right?”

    You filled your cheeks up with air, a small pout prominent as Donna read you like a book. She chuckled again, grabbing a dessert cake.

    “Your devotion got the best of you, because you wanted to survive in this village. You had to make yourself known, by villagers, and especially by Mother. That is why you pushed Karl away, because he was supposedly a roadblock in the middle of your plans, when in actuality, he would have benefited you.”

    The words filled you up with warmth, your face going a deep shade of red. Donna always had that charm about her, that knowledge and intelligence. It must’ve been because she was an observer, and never really intruded on anything that had happened around her.

    “Go home, Y/n. Think about it,” She concluded, standing up and going towards her doll room. You ran a hand through your hair, placing your coat on as you began to walk home. What Donna said rang throughout you, making you feel more uneasy. She knew how to do that to you, and she knew how to put things and feelings into words like you never knew how to.

    You made you way home, but you were confused. A familiar hammer sat beside your front door, your heart almost erupting out of your chest as you made your way inside. Sat at the small table in your kitchen was the man you had thought about your whole way home, your cheeks growing red. He had his legs spread, a cigar in between his fingers and one of the books in his other hand.

    “You love me, Y/n?” He questioned, his eyes not leaving the words on the page. You bit at your lip, watching him beckon you to come towards him. You gulped, hands clasped behind your back. The heat in your house mixed with your jacket and nerves made you feel a bit more flustered.

    You stood beside him, and he looked up at you. His hat was off, hair down and glasses on the tip of his nose. You shook your head, fists clenched to your side. He closed the book after placing the herb in between the pages, the herb you gave him. He stood up, towering over you slightly as he looked down.

    His fingers tilted your chin up, and before you could even process it, his lips were against your’s again. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him in closer as his both of his hands wrapped against your waist. You were now flushed against him, the kiss deepening as time went on.

    Your delicate hands were tangled in his hair, softly tugging as he let out a grunt. His calloused hands rubbed up and down your sides slowly, before going to your ass and cupping it. You gasped slightly against his lips, to which he smirked.

    You pulled away, looking up at him. He must’ve taken off his glasses with his abilities, since they weren’t on his face anymore. You blushed, but the eye contact never stopped. Karl sighed out heavily, licking his lips.

    “I..I love you too, Y/n.” Karl spoke in a soft whisper, to which your stomach erupted into butterflies. He hummed, grabbing your hand and intertwining your fingers with his. He led you to your bedroom, sitting down on the edge of your bed as he now looked at you, his eyes filled with a newfound mixture of love and lust.

    “C’mon, what’re you waiting for… undress for me, buttercup,” he hummed, his eyes never leaving you. You obliged, untying your corset swiftly before taking your dress off. He watched silently, and you would glance up from time to time to see the tent growing in his pants. You stepped out of your boots, your thigh highs and garter on show now since you also stepped out of your dress. Your bra and panties in full show, too.

    “Keep going,” he murmured, moving to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his pants. You bit at your lip, unclasping your bra and letting it fall, your chest now exposed to the cold air in your room. Goosebumps riddled your skin, your nipples hardening at the temperature change.

    Your fingers looped around your panties, before Karl shook his head. He grabbed your hips, pulling you close to him, before taking a knife out of his pocket. He cut at the sides of your panties, letting them fall. He groaned, now putting you down onto the bed. You laid there, thighs touching, moving a bit to give you a bit of friction.

    Karl hummed, opening your legs, getting in between them. He took off his shirt when you weren’t really paying attention, your head going a million miles per hour. You have been waiting for this moment again, and now that you are finally getting it, bliss filled you.

    “You are so fucking perfect,” Karl whispered against your ear, placing a kiss to it before beginning to kiss down your neck. You moaned softly in content, feeling his hard on press against your core as he slowly grinded his hips down.

    “Always so wet for me,” he muttered, his fingers going to your wet folds. Rubbing his thumb against your sensitive bud, which caused you to slightly arch your back and moan in desperation.

    He chuckled, pressing two fingers into you already. Your slick was coating his fingers quickly, and the sound of your arousal filled your ears as he went at a quick pace. You moaned loudly, biting at your lip since you weren’t keen on ever being too loud. Karl smirked, continuing to go. You whined, moving to grab onto his wrist as he kept the pace the same.

    “You can’t be that close yet, Y/n… unless you haven’t been satisfying yourself while I was gone,” Karl hummed. You had what felt like no time to relieve yourself, and Karl was usually your only option until you cut ties with him. It had been a while since you felt like this, and the ecstasy seemed to hit you harder than it normally did. You blushed.

    “I-I haven-haven’t,” you choked out as he curled his fingers up, hitting your sweet spot.

    Karl took that to his advantage, every thrust of his fingers hitting your spot again and again, your pussy clenching around his digits as you felt your high quickly come. You gasped out loudly, the feeling was somewhat foreign to you since it had been so long, as you released against his fingers. A satisfied smirk was plastered on the man’s face, moving to put his middle finger in his mouth to lick your sweet juices off. He pressed his pointer finger against your lips afterwards, to which you obliged and opened your mouth, taking it in and sucking your own release off.

    “Good girl,” he grunted, as you swirled your tongue around his finger. He pulled his hand away, moving to grip at your breasts for a moment before his hands rested on your hips. His cock was free, and the tip was already pressed against your entrance. He guided himself in, and you both gasped at the feeling. Your walls clenched harshly around his throbbing cock, causing him to grunt.

    A quiet whimper left your lips, his hands going towards yours. He intertwined your fingers, pinning your hands against the bed as his lips pressed against your own. The kiss was filled with passion, love, and lust, as his hips started to thrust into you at a quick pace. You turned your head to your side, your breasts flush against his bare chest as he moved down to nip and suck at the exposed skin of your neck. Moans escaped your plump lips as his cock kept pressing up against your sweet spot, your legs wrapped around his waist.

    “I. Love. You,” Karl spoke in between soft kisses against your neck. Your eyes were screwed shut, harsh breaths leaving you as you tried to speak out.

    “I-fuck.. I love you t-too,” you whimpered. He started to slow his pace, to which you snapped your eyes open and gave him a glare. He smirked, pulling out and leaving his tip in before slamming into you. You gasped loudly, and he continued to do that a couple of times.. Soon enough, he began to go at the same pace as before. Your second high felt close, and he pressed his lips against your ear.

    “Cum for me, buttercup. Cum all around my cock, just how you like it,” He whispered lowly. Your walls clenched harder against his cock as you let yourself release once again, a loud moan leaving your lips as your back arched and your legs shook. He rubbed your clit as you came down from your high, and you twitched a bit as he continued to pound into you, before pulling out and cumming against your stomach. You hummed at the warmth of his seed against your delicate skin, and you looked up at him when he leaned back.

    Karl stood up, going towards your bathroom and trying to find a rag. You chuckled, raising your hand up and using your own abilities to open a drawer, lifting a rag up out of it. Karl looked at you in confusion.

    “When did you learn that?” Karl asked, genuine curiosity lacing his voice. You grinned.

    “I dunno. Just figured out I had it a few weeks ago,” you shrugged. He walked over towards you, cleaning his cum off of you before discarding the rag somewhere else in the room. You got underneath your covers, Karl following behind as he cuddled you close. He breathed out, his chest pressed against your back. You felt his warmth, humming at the sensation.

    “I am only halfway through the first journal… but you truly did care all this time, did you?” Karl asked quietly. You gave a tired nod, eyes shut as your breathing became heavy. Karl smiled at the silent response, holding you even closer. You soon drifted off to sleep, and Karl stayed awake, thinking about how much he adored you, and how much he missed you, too.

    He sighed to himself, eyes screwed shut as he tried to drift off to sleep. Soon enough, his brain finally let him rest, and for the first time in a long time, his vivid nightmares didn’t haunt him.

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  • maniacwatchestheworld
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    So I was just wondering which of the Four Lords is the most ethical. Yes, I know they’re all villains, but this is just the dumb kind of shit that I like to think about! In any case, Dimitrescu and Moreau are right out. They both do experiments on live human subjects in addition to their habits of killing and eating people. And so that just leaves Beneviento and Heisenberg. Now we know that Heisenberg probably kills people and definitely experiments on human corpses, but as far as we can tell, he doesn’t experiment on live subjects which gives him a leg up on Alcina and Salvatore! And while we don’t get anything definitive, it is implied that Donna probably kills people... But after rereading the Gardener’s Diary from the game... How Donna probably kills people is real fucked up.

    The Duke says that while House Beneviento receives a lot of guests, that none of them return, so they’re definitely dying somehow. So what I think she must be doing is... Pretty much exactly what she did with Ethan. She lures her ‘guests’ in with illusions of their loved ones and then either makes them not want to leave, or has them play one of her ‘games’ which just about always result in the visiting party’s death. Either way, it’s a slow and unpleasant death! And honestly, I don’t know which is less ethical!

    I mean, it’s a tough call. Because while Karl does experiments on human subjects, at least they’re already dead. And while he probably kills people, at least he’d probably be quick about. Meanwhile Donna gives people a pretty cruel death, making them see only fanciful illusions of the people they loved before they die, possibly also putting them into some kind of death game. And personally I’d much rather have a quick death than a fearful, long, drawn out one!

    #donna beneviento#karl heisenberg#four lords#four houses #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #resident evil viii #alcina dimitrescu#salvatore moreau #resident evil heisenberg #resident evil beneviento #resident evil#re8#re village
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    The Blossoming Bud ( RE8 Lords [Cassandra Dimitrescu] x Reader )

    Warning(s): This will be a bit different than the game itself. One of the main big differences is the timeline. The game occurs in a day (or a couple of days) but this will last longer overall. Ethan will be in the village for one month (approximately). This is to allow for more story development. The plot will be the same so heavy spoilers for the rest of the game! This is going to be the beginning of a collection of one-shots surrounding the Resident Evil 8 - Village universe. The stories may follow a Harem-type trope where multiple people are interested in the reader. ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥   ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥

    A small chapter for Cassandra but a chapter nonetheless! Do these sisters really have your best interest in heart?  Title: The Budding Blossoming Pairing: RE8 Lords (Cassandra Dimitrescu) x Reader Fandom: Resident Evil - Village Word Count: 2,431 Previous Part ● Next Part

            Cassandra held your hand as she dragged you away from the chaos that was the sitting room. When you reached the room with Bela, what you saw was a mess. A broken bottle of wine was scattered on the carpet, the red liquid seeping into the carpet. Even with the smell, you weren't able to tell whether this was a normal bottle of wine of their own special blend. Did they even have plain wine? You couldn't remember, had they told you? One side effect of going to Donna's Domain was the slight memory loss you would get. Nothing too serious, but every once and a while, you would have a hard time coming up with details.

             Bela had focused most of her attention on yelling at Daniela, which allowed Cassandra to slip away with you. That was Bela's main fault, once she was focused in on something, she blocked the rest of the world out. Cassandra had learned to use this to her advantage whenever she got in trouble. When Lady Dimitrescu wasn't around, the position of power went to the eldest of the sisters. Bela liked to use this as much as possible and the others listened with minimal complaining, most of the time. 

            "Where are we going?" You asked, having to focus on your feet so as not to trip. It was true that you knew the castle inside and out but that didn't stop you from tripping. This was not the place you wanted to fall, especially as she began to lead you down the stone-cold steps to the cellar. Each step made your heart pound louder and louder. This was the part of the castle you tried to stay away from. It was dark and grimy and smelled of death. 

            "We're gonna go be alone, just me and you. My sisters always like to ruin all of the fun." A smirk grew on her face as she glanced back at you. She was definitely pretty but that didn't stop the fear she could produce in you. It was hard to ignore the edge she had in her voice, an edge that only Cassandra possessed. It was the same look that she had when one of the maidens was punished. It was the same look she had when she stepped on a rat when the two of you were younger. That memory was burned into your head. She was fine most of the time but she had her moments of sadism. She promised to never hurt you but that didn't soothe all of your fears. 

            The basement and cellar area of the castle were the places you tried to avoid. Nothing good ever happened down here. If a worker was sent here, everyone knew that the truth was that they wouldn't be seen again. It was a death sentence if you were sent to the dark and damp area. It was bad enough even on the days when it had been recently cleaned. Empty rusty chains and torture devices, some you had seen before while others were Lady Dimitrescu's inventions. You would be impressed with the design and creativity if it wasn't used for something so terrible. Nothing they created was ever good, it was always for sinful activities. 

            Knowing the sisters your entire life, you were left in a strange position. You knew they had their kind moments but deep down, they were creatures of destruction. You were special, a rare case of the sisters liking someone to such an extent. They saw the Maidens as toys to be played with a discarded when they were no longer fun. They treated you differently, you were their prized doll. They acted like you were made of glass at times. They would protect you and you would entertain them.

            "Do we have to come down here?" 

            "It's where my sisters won't look. What, are you scared? Don't worry, I'll protect you." Instinctively, you held Cassandra's hand tighter. This only fueled her forward, pulling you deeper into the torture chamber they called a cellar. The only light came from the candles lit on the walls. Every once in and a while, Cassandra had to take an already lit candle to light another. Your footsteps echoed against the walls as well as a strange sound, something akin to a gurgling. You began to think that you two weren't alone down here. 

            If Cassandra wasn't pulling you so strongly, you would have rushed back upstairs. It was almost like she liked seeing you scared. Did she not understand that you were just a regular human unlike herself. You couldn't heal as well as she could. You weren't as strong either. This was why you had to learn how to rely on your knowledge more than anything. These were the lessons that the Duke taught you for as long as you could remember. Brawn had nothing compared to a powerful brain. 

            Looking around, the hallway you were in was filled with empty cells. The iron-barred doors were all left ajar and would swing, creaking as a draft blew past that seemed to come from nowhere. The entire atmosphere was terrifying. Cassandra decided that now would be the best time to let go of your hand. You wouldn't want to admit it but your own hand followed after hers for just a moment. A moment of weakness. 

            "Let me go get something. I hide some wine down here, it is super good. It is one of the best and I didn't want to have to share it with my sisters but I want you to try it." Glancing back at you with a smile, you were left alone as she disappeared in the darkness save for her light that was gone as she rounded a corner. Was she doing this on purpose? You were starting to get annoyed and wanted to go home. It had been nice with Bela but now it was simply too much. 

            The thought to walk back kept bouncing through your head but the fear of being alone was too much. At least as you stood here, you were promised that Cassandra would return. If you decided to go back upstairs, you would have to find the way yourself, traversing in the darkness. If you were a child, you would sit down and begin to cry. But, you weren't a child and you couldn't cry! The Duke taught you better. 

            Clearing your throat to add false courage to your heart, you turned your back on where Cassandra had just gone. If she wasn't back soon, then you would leave. You had been down here by yourself but this felt very different. You were prepared when you came down here alone, both mentally and physically. This was different...All for some stupid wine that you weren't even going to drink! 

            The sound of footsteps brought you out of your thoughts. Had Cassandra found the wine already? You hoped so, it was getting colder and colder down here. Was it getting darker? It felt like the edges of your vision were darkening, chest tightening. You were starting to panic. You had to calm down. Panicking led to mistakes and mistakes led to death. Even if it was just Cassandra, the fear was still present. 

            Before you were able to turn around, the sound of slapping footsteps rang out, getting closer and closer to you. Rough hands gripped at your hair and used its weight you push down. It was hard to stay up with the slippery floor. It wasn't flooded in this area as it was in others but there was still enough to take your footing from under you. Luckily, you were able to turn ever so slightly so you landed on your side. There would surely be bruises there in the morning. 

            "Cassandra?!" Your voice was shrill as you felt knees pressing harshly into your back, pushing you flat on your stomach. This wasn't funny! Something wet dripped on your neck and you shivered, knowing it certainly wasn't from the dripping ceiling. It was too warm for that. It was drool...

            A shriek escaped whatever had pushed you down, teeth-gnashing at anything it could get. One benefit of your jacket was that it was thicker than most, for this exact reason. Tougher material made it harder for anything to successfully get through to your skin. This left your legs vulnerable but whatever this thing was on your back didn't seem to care. It was lighter than other lycans, making you think again for a moment that this could be Cassandra. 

            Pushing yourself out of your hopes that this wasn't happening, you jumped into action as you felt teeth nearly graze your neck. You were not going to die down here, no sir, not today. If you were going to die, it wasn't going to be in this disgusting cellar that already was filled with enough death for the rest of eternity. You weren't going to add to that. 

            As your arms were pinned underneath your body, you were able to push yourself so you rolled out from under the lycan. It fell, nails scratching against the tile. It used such force that it broke off pieces of its nails, not seeming to notice as all of its attention was drawn on you and only you. This was just great. How had you gone from having a nice bath and tea with Bela to being attacked in the cellar? Around the neck was a rustled collar, one that once belonged on a chain. 

            The creature lunged for you, but you were ready now. With a broken piece of brick, you smashed it across the creature's face. You could feel bones breaking under your swing. Lycans didn't seem to be any stronger than they were before they died but instead, didn't seem to feel pain which kept them pushing through where they would have stopped before. The lycan's nose was crooked and something black was dripping from it. A white bug fell from inside its nose and you felt yourself gag as you saw it was a maggot. 

            As the creature began to push itself back up from where it had fallen, you took your opportunity to incapacitate it. Using your elbow, you hit right in between its shoulder blades, shoving it down flat on the ground. With your opposite hand, you took the brick and smashed it down on the skull. Over and over. Over and Over. You weren't sure how many times you hit with the brick, instead stopping when you heard a voice. 

            "What in the world? What are you doing?" Bela hurried over, pulling you to your feet and away from the creature. Daniela had followed her older sister and slowly moved to stand over the crumpled body. She nudged it with her foot, staring at it with boredom. Her eyes moved to lazily look up at you, doing a quick scan of your body. Bela was doing anything but looking over you slowly. There was worry in her eyes and something else, something fierce.

            "It just attacked me." 

            "Why were you down here?" 

            A head popped around the corner, eyes widening at the sight before them. She slowly walked around the corner, knowing what she had in store for her wasn't going to be good. There was some guilt in her eyes but there was also the selfishness of just not wanting to get yelled at. Had she been watching you this entire time? Where had she gone? 

            "Cassandra brought me down here. She said that she wanted to get some wine." You left out the part where she said that she wanted to be alone with you. That would surely get the girl in more trouble. You were mad at her but the look in Bela's eyes made you pause. This was already bad enough for Cassandra. You could talk to her personally after this. 

            Bela turned his attention to her sister, apparently satisfied with your injuries. Your hands were scrapped but nothing was bleeding. Your side was sore, it surely would be in the morning tomorrow, but that was how it was. It could have been much worse. Nothing was broken or bleeding. That was what you had to remind yourself, even if the fear of the creature biting your neck was still in your stomach.

            "I was just playing around! I just wanted to scare them, I didn't mean for this to happen! I had the thing chained up, far enough away that it wouldn't be able to get them!" Cassandra was quickly spewing excuses, eyes shifting from your form to the lycan to Bela. 

            "That doesn't matter!" 

            "Yeah, you are so stupid! You know how rusted these stupid things are!" Daniela joined her elder sister in scolding the middle child. She was angry but it was nothing compared to the eldest. This anger could rival that of their mother's when she didn't get her way. 

            "You had that chained up?" Your voice was soft and a sad look crossed Cassandra's face. She couldn't respond to you before Bela was yelling again. 

            "Cassandra!" The tone in Bela's voice made you shiver. You had never seen her this mad before, it was scary. You were just glad that the attention wasn't on you. You would never want to get on her bad side. Her scoldings were frightening as you had witnessed two of them already in one day. 

            "Daniela, take them upstairs and make sure they are not hurt. I need to deal with Cassandra." 

            "It's okay, really. She didn't mean for this to happ-"

            "No!" Bela cut you off, eyes shifting to glare in your direction. There was a fire in her eyes that seemed to be getting hotter by the moment, "Whether she meant for this to happen doesn't matter. What does is that she knew this could happen and that it was dangerous down here for you! She put you in this position, she was the reason you had to kill that thing! Listen to me and go with Daniela! Cassandra, you and I are going to mother!" 

            Daniela wrapped her arm around your shoulders and quickly led you out of the cellar and into the brightly lit house. Was Cassandra going to get in trouble for what happened? Had....Had she wanted that to happen? She wouldn't put you in that much danger, would she? 

            The more time you were spending with the sisters, the more you were beginning to question whether they wanted the best for you or not.

    ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥   ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ 1 ● 2 ● 3 ● 4 ● 5 ● 6

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    twitchy witchy girls || karl heisenberg x reader + dimitrescu sisters & rose winters (familial)

    Summary: Ethan can always count on you & the Sisters to take care of Rose. But, sometimes, it feels like you're the one taking care of both Rose & the Sisters, especially when they're aware of your relationship with the cocky metal manipulator.

    Characters: Karl Heisenberg x Witch!Reader, Bela Dimitrescu, Cassandra Dimitrescu, Daniela Dimitrescu, Rosemary Winters, Ethan Winters

    Word Count: 2.8k

    Warnings: Domestic Fluff, Post Alternate Ending (so Spoilers!), Heavily implied smut

    A/N: Ya gorl had to reupload ;-; Please excuse any grammar mistakes. Let me know how it is and thank you! Take care! <3


    ✧・゚2:23 p.m: Arrival & Feeding Time

    "(Y/N)!" You were greeted by the sisters as soon as you stepped into the castle. Once you closed the door, they transformed into their fly form, flying all around you and tickling your skin with their wings.

    "Hellooo," You chuckled before cooing when Ethan enters the main hall with his daughter, "Hello, little Rose,"

    Rose gurgled in his arms, excited to finally see you in the flesh. It's been months since Mother Miranda's defeat, making Rose around six months old today. Even so, the girl has won everyone's hearts. Heisenberg's too, even if he won't ever admit it. He’d go so far as ‘swearing on Mother Miranda’s dead body’, his word, not yours. Believe it or not, his habit of bringing Rose random trinkets proved to be otherwise.

    If anything happened to her, you’re going to be the first to go berserk before even giving Ethan the chance. Drag Heisenberg into this and it’s going to be a full-blown war.

    "We honestly thought you weren't coming,"

    "You doubted my attendance?" You dramatically gasped, earning a playful eye roll, "I could never say no to this little angel, you should know that by now,"

    "Not even if you and uncle Heisenberg have some ‘alone time’?" Your eyes twitched at the kissing sounds the sisters made to your excuse.

    "Karl had some issues with Sturm, so I helped him. That's all," You narrowed your eyes, but none of them were having it.

    "Again? It only worked the first time," Daniela tut-tutted, "There's nothing wrong with admitting of having a little 'fun' before you got here,"

    "At least have some originality with your excuses," Ethan had the audacity to throw you under the bus. You puffed out your cheeks because no matter what you're going to say, they're not going to believe you anyway. Instead, you stomped towards the man before carefully taking the toddler out of his hands.

    "Okaaay, that's enough. Shoo shoo. I didn't come here to be slandered," The girls giggled as Ethan raised his hands in defense, "The Duke's probably expecting you right now. Tell him, Rose,"

    The little one could only blow raspberries at him. Ethan feigned a look of betrayal.

    "Exactly. Now, excuse us 'cause we're going to have some fun girl time," Ethan kissed his daughter's head goodbye before heading out in a hurry, "Have you girls eaten yet?"

    "We had breakfast, but Rose was a little fussy with her food this morning," Cassandra responded, her flies flying over Rose to play with.

    "Well, I'm not doing anything on an empty stomach, and neither is this little rascal. Come on, to the kitchen we go," You and the girls walked to the kitchen, placing Rose at the end of the long countertop. They, including Rose, found your cooking session amusing, especially when you used Telekinesis for the required tools or ingredients.

    You thought of mashing bananas for Rose, so you could use the remaining for banana breads to snack on with the Sisters. Plus, you're feeling lazy to skim through the cookbooks for anything new.

    Bananas, butter, sugar and flour floated to the countertop. You tried to navigate the vanilla and cinnamon, you missed Rose crawling to the middle of the countertop.

    "(Y/N)!" You turned around when Bela called for you in a hushed tone. You finally noticed Rose staring at the candle holder, her back facing you.

    Feeling inspired by your psychic ability, Rose wished to do the same. She brought both hands out, moving them in random circles rather than your usual flicks. The candle holder didn't budge but the baby was nowhere near discouraged. Your (E/C) eyes darted at each sister, receiving the same vigorous nods and you knew exactly what they wanted. Slowly flicking one hand upwards, the candle holder began to float. Rose was ecstatic, even more so when the sisters clapped for her.

    Lunch proceeded with ease—the bread's baked to perfection and Rose eating her bananas with little to no problem. Having plenty of time to kill before Rose's energy kicks in, you and the sisters went from (metaphorically) spilling all sorts of tea to deep conversations of what living in the tech-savvy era of 2021 is like.

    You knew what it's like, since you're the youngest generation compared to the Lords and even the sisters, but life had other plans for you.

    Frankly, you're absolutely thankful for this given opportunity.

    ✧・゚5:12 p.m: Playtime

    “Alright, Rose, we’re going to play a little game,” You pushed the door open with your hips, "We're going to play a better version of peekaboo,"

    You and Rose entered the indoor laundry room, clothesline ropes tied from one end of the room to the other—the laundry blowing in the wind could tempt anyone's inner child to run through it. There were four clotheslines, covering three-quarters of the room with laundry, in this case, the majority of them were white bedsheets and pillowcases.

    A perfect peekaboo upgrade.

    "You stay right here," You placed her down in the middle of the clothesline layers and reserved to hide behind one, "We'll be right back,"

    Hiding behind one, you heard a buzz behind you.

    "We're ready," Daniela giggled in her hand. You nodded.

    "Little Rosemary~" You chirped behind the sheets for her to hear, "Ready or not, here I come,"

    With that, you crashed into the sheets, creating a flowing effects before hiding behind a different laundry. Daniela took Rose's sound of happiness as her cue, copying you but instead, transformed into her mutant form midway. Same goes to Bela and Cassandra as they too, took the baby by surprise.

    The peekaboo session went on for a good five minutes with everyone's laughter filled the room.

    Running to the other end once more, it's not Rose in the middle of the room anymore.

    At least, it's not the current little Rose.

    In front of you was a teenager. But, not just any teenager. The same one you and Ethan saw when you showed him his other future. Where he sacrificed himself and passed Rose to Chris.

    The same fate you succeeded to steer him away from.

    Long story short, it is Rose.

    There was pin-drop silence, with none of the sisters in sight. The eye contact had to be broken off when a piece of cloth fluttered in front of your vision like a barrier. In a split second, it was tiny Rose once again. You could hear the sisters' voices again, too.

    You pushed the sheets away, baffled at what you just witnessed. All that happened in a matter of seconds and yet, here she was, being encouraged to walk into one of the girls' arms.

    "(Y/N)?" You hummed at Cassandra's concerned tone, "What's wrong?"

    You shook your head, insisting you're alright before suggesting another game. You told them to start first while excusing yourself to the bathroom.

    That... was something.

    ✧・゚6:29 p.m: Bath time

    “Okay, girls, what’s our choices?” They arranged three glass bottles in front of you. All of them were made out of glass, indicating their antiqueness from as far as the ‘40s, only for the bottles to be reused to this day.

    "I suggest the classic strawberry," Bela pointed to the pink bottle.

    "No, wouldn't rose-scented be much more fitting?" Daniela countered with the red one in hand.

    "Isn't this what she always uses?" The bodywash Cassandra had was white and labelled 'lightly scented'. Before they could comment how lame it was, Rose began making grabby-hands to the bottle Cassandra was holding.

    "Well, I guess we know what she wants," You bounced her in your lap. Cassandra passed the bodywash to you, the other two snarled at her smugness. Soon, Rose's giggles echoed throughout the grand bathroom. None of you could resist smiling at her innocence, watching as she tried catching the bubbles.

    As if she wasn't a sacrificial item months ago.

    ✧・゚7:33 p.m: Storytime

    "Father yelled, "Save my daughter!" before he and the Five Creatures fought the Evil Witch. As she was consumed with the forest, they bore the child to safety," Rose, resting on Bela's lap and in between Daniela and Cassandra, watching the flames before you turn into the characters, the 'Evil Witch' surrounded by five other figures.

    "The Father and his child couldn't bear to leave the forest, having to learn that the Creatures were no different from them. In the end, they stuck around, only to realize that they've been home all along,"

    Then, came the 'Father' hugging his child as the Bat Lord, the Dark Weaver, the Fish King, the Iron Steed and the Forest Cat stood by them like their personal bodyguards, "The end,"

    With a wave of your hand, the flames extinguished with a soft whoosh, only to find Rose fast asleep on the eldest's lap. You snorted softly before scooting closer to them, combing the hairs off of her face.

    “You know, I actually don’t remember that part of the story,” Daniela whispered.

    "Which part?" You continued to run your hand through Rose's soft locks.

    “The ending. I remembered it being so much darker towards the end,”

    “Oh, well, I did say I'd change it up a bit,” Next to you was the final pages of the original Village of Shadows storybook, folded neatly for what's to come, “I wasn't a fan of the ending, anyway. It's time we make our own, don't you think?"

    You crumpled the papers, gripping hard and away from the baby before burning them in your hand.

    If there's a fairytale you're so glad never happened, it's this one.

    By the time the smoking ended, your palm was completely covered in soot.

    "Can you girls put her to bed while I go wash up a bit?" Without wasting anymore time, they brought her to the bedroom Alcina had provided Ethan and Rose. It was huge for one person, holding more than enough space for Rose's crib and other furniture.

    Come to think of it, it's all very cheesy, with the whole 'enemies to friends' trope.

    But, with what each and every one of you has been through in your own ways, it's the least you deserved.

    ✧・゚8:01 p.m: Bedtime

    You entered Ethan's room, telling the sisters you'll take care of the baby while they wash up.

    You have yet to grasp what you saw during her playtime. None of the sisters saw and you weren't even trying to read her future.

    You sighed before turning to the crib. Even after all that, you knew she went well. Maybe she was trying to approach you in some way. You leaned in to kiss Rose's forehead, but as soon as you opened your eyes, she was gone. You panicked, eyes darting around before noticing the mirage at every corner of the room.

    Meaning that you're in someone's future.

    Specifically, Rose's future.

    "Aunt (Y/N)?" A soft yet unfamiliar voice was heard behind you. You whirled around, gripping the crib, only to find the same teenager from earlier, looking up at you with her doe eyes.

    "Rose?" Her smile reached her ears, then ran into your arms as soon as you opened them. You couldn't believe it—this is the first time you've ever been able to interact with anyone in the future.

    "Thank you," Her words were muffled as she hid her face in your neck, "If dad and I went back, our lives would've been over,"

    "Don't say that. One way or another, you'll have to face the reality out there. We didn't think it's right for you to face it at such a young age, though. You're still so young,"

    "..." She hesitated, "Will I be okay when I'm ready?"

    You gulped because for once... you couldn't see her future as soon as she steps out of The Village.

    "I sincerely hope you do," You stared into her eyes, wavering as she returned the gaze adoringly. Unable to resist, you ruffled her hair before kissing the top of her head.

    You had so many questions but...

    "Come on, kiddo, it's time to go to bed. Your dad's going to be home soon, and I don't want to be responsible for being in your head right now," You 'boop'-ed her nose.

    "But, I was the one who brought you into my mind," She tried to reason but you shushed her.

    "Ah ah. You can defend me all you want, but your dad left me in charge. The girls too, but they're just like a little baby like you," You sweatdropped, "So, if anything happens to you, I'm the one listening to his jibber-jabber at the end of the day,"

    "Say hi to uncle Karl for me," Your eyes snapped open before looking down at her.

    "H-how did you-?"

    "Bye!" Her guilty smile was the last thing you saw before you're practically hugging the air. Hearing heavy footsteps nearby, you tried to act casual, feeling relieved when you see baby Rose in the crib again.

    "(Y/N)?" Ethan peeked his head in the room.

    "Ethan, hey! Just in time, you might wanna tone it down a bit," You placed your pointer finger on your lips, prompting him to do the same and stood next to you.

    "I hope she hasn't caused you any trouble,"

    "Oh, no, Rose has been a real sweetheart," You reassured, "And I know she'll stay that way,"

    Ethan mirrored your endearment for his daughter.

    "Alright, I'm gonna get a move on,"

    "(Y/N)," He stopped you, "Thank you,"

    You opened your mouth but nothing came out. You knew he's not only thanking you for babysitting Rose.

    You were the first person he thanked as soon as Rose was finally saved, crying in his arms.

    "You're welcome, and thank you, for all you’ve done," If it wasn't for him, who knows what other damages Mother Miranda could've done, "See you when I see you, alright?"

    "Teleport safely," You gave him a thumbs-up before looking for the sisters, telling them you'll be on your way. After each of their bone-crushing hug, you closed your eyes, feeling your surroundings changed.

    ✧・゚10:18 p.m: Playtime Pt.2

    On your return from the castle, you made a beeline for the quietest parts of the factory, where he could more or less call 'home'. The bedroom you and Heisenberg shared is the only place you'd ever allow Rose to be in if she ever stepped into the factory. Anywhere else would be a safety hazard, thus why both of you weren't always too keen on bringing her here.

    That, and, well, when else can adults get their free time, if not their bedroom?

    You rested on your stomach, eyes closed as revelled the softness of the bedsheets. You can always count on the Dimitrescu's for their endless array of fabric softeners. Bless their cold, non-beating hearts.

    You were so deep in your thoughts, you missed the small metal shaft, hovering behind you. You yelped the second the coldness touches your back since the nightgown is backless after all. You swatted the shaft off, not bothering to see the culprit standing by the door, smirking.

    "Haha, very funny, you cheeky bastard,"

    "I thought it was hilarious," He chuckled before sitting next to your head. To make matters worse, he purposely massaged your scalp. No matter how hard you tried, you couldn't help but purr. The sensation ran shivers down your spine, "How's the kid?"

    You blinked before turning your head to look at him.

    "What else can I say about my favourite and well-behaved niece?"

    "So, if you're allegedly Rose's favourite aunt, does that make me her favourite uncle?" You wanted to tease him for admitting his care for the toddler. Instead, you fluttered your lashes at him coyly.

    "How can you be sure it's not Salvatore?" He scoffed as soon as you mentioned his brother figure. Even now, he's not getting along with him, and from the looks of it, he doesn't plan to.

    "But," You added, "She did say hello. To you, I mean,"

    He looked down at you, brows furrowed before taking his glasses off when the realization finally hits.

    "You met her? I thought you could only see the future?"

    "So did I! But... it's Rose. That kid's a definition of wonders so are we surprised? Plus," You ran your fingers through his stubble the same way he did with your hair, "We went through hell and back for decades with Mother Miranda, so is a miracle baby really anything new?"

    He leaned into your touch before gripping your wrist. It didn't hurt but it was enough to make you jolt, dare you say, in excitement.

    "Don't act smart with me. Didn't I teach you enough before you left for the castle?" Your face flushed.

    "Don't put the blame on me, I was ready to leave until you came carrying me back here,"

    "You tryna tell me you didn't enjoy the quickie?" You didn't dare to answer, drawing a deep laugh from him. You choked on your saliva when he trapped your hand next to your head, "Come on, tell me you loved it just as much as I did,"

    You whimpered—a sight he enjoyed a little too much, something he's not ashamed of. You're sure he's trying to pick up where both of you left off.

    Starting with your soft little hands, he thought.

    ✧・゚: END :・゚✧

    ✧・゚: * Credits to @niklausxcaroline​​ for the magnificent gif of Red Velvet!

    #karl heisenberg#lord heisenberg #karl heisenberg x reader #karl heisenberg x you #karl heisenberg imagines #lord heisenberg x reader #bela dimitrescu#cassandra dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu#rosemary winters#rose winters#ethan winters#reader#you#alcina dimitrescu#mother miranda#resident evil #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #resident evil village imagines #resident evil village reader #bela dimitrescu x reader #cassandra dimitrescu x reader #daniela dimitrescu x reader
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  • jennyshow-art
    24.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    I made a thing

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  • maniacwatchestheworld
    24.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    So my brain just gave me two (2) cursed thoughts right now.

    1) For the amount of smut and nudity I have seen from fanworks involving Heisenberg, the fact that I have not seen any of them describe him as ‘hung like a horse’ is a great disappointment. (Like come on! The game devs may as well have just HANDED that one to y’all!)

    2) 3/4 of the Lords died buck-ass naked. Flesh dragon? Naked. Fish monster? Nakey. Giant fleshy metal abomination? Fuckin’ nude. Donna was the only one to die while fully dressed.


    #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #resident evil viii #four lords #resident evil lords #resident evil#re8#re village#karl heisenberg#alcina dimitrescu #resident evil heisenberg #resident evil dimitrescu
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  • isinnedforcake
    24.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    RE8 Characters as moments I've had in the middle of the night (Pt. 1)

    Karl: *abruptly sits up from laying (not asleep) in bed and blinks*


    Karl, to no one: I am. currently experiencing unprompted and unwelcomed disorientation.

    Ethan, staring at nothing and listening intently to the AC:

    Ethan: What would happen if I were to... *looks at the AC* stick my pinky the vent?

    Ethan: *proceeds to stick his pinky in the vent and nearly freaks tf out when it's stuck in it for just over a minute*

    Donna: *flips off the door in silent agitated rage after hearing Karl and Alcina argue for the 7th time that day*

    Karl: *staring at a metal sign in his room that says "NUGS NOT DRUGS" with a picture of chicken nuggets*

    Karl: Dugs not nrugs.

    Moreau, in absolute fucking agony caused by literally nothing: *thinks about Oreos*

    Angie: Yo, this Capri-Sun is pretty sexy,,,

    Daniela: *sleeping with her legs propped up on the wall*

    Cassandra: *sleeping horizontally of the bed*

    Bela: *sleeping with her arms crossed over her chest and her blanket pulled up just under her nose*

    Ethan: *has an out-of-nowhere mental breakdown over all the shit he's been through in the last few years*

    Ethan: *opens Twitter with tears in his eyes and sends a meme about d!cks in the gc*

    #the 4 lords #the four lords #ethan winters#karl heisenberg#donna beneviento#angie beneviento #the dimitrescu daughters #bela dimitrescu#cassandra dimitrescu#daniela dimitrescu#salvatore moreau #resident evil 8 #resident evil village #re8
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    Poor little Ethan.

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  • the-little-shadow
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    Donna -shows Alcina her doll : Angie- : Tis.. Is a Doll.

    Alcina : Dear goD-

    Donna -gestures to the room that full of dolls- : There's more.

    Karl -raise his hammer- : Fuck, nO-


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  • ambers-art-stuff
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    Karl, my beloved! I hate drawing beards but I think it turned out ok, I'm really happy with how his scars look!

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