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    22.10.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    DM: I'm very excited. A travelling faire is coming to Suda and I've been planning it all week.

    Tati (playing Seraph): That's so exciting!

    M (playing Kjell): Omg. Ages ago we talked about what kind of dates our characters would like to go on and I said my first choice would be a cute date at a fair.

    DM: I have so many events and amusements prepped. This is gonna be so much fun.

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    22.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Party recap:

    Travelling Trauma Centre met with the Divinity of Conflict (affectionately (?) known as Steve) and discovered that they had finally completed their fated task in Suda by killing J and the Aspect of Demogorgon. Kjell punched Steve in the face, which had been coming for a while.

    Back in the party's house Thaddeus revealed that one of Seraph's adventures while time travelling had made it into a history book. During dinner Steve's friend Ioreth visited to offer solutions for Una's corrupted genasi soul manifestation. Her enthusiasm for the idea of killing Una and then resurrecting her with a purified soul left the party feeling very suspicious of her motives.

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    22.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    This week: Travelling Trauma Centre, starring Billiman 'Billie' Dusencank, Godric Oakenleaf, Kjell Michaels, Seraph Vencaryn, Thaddeus Goldmane, and Una.

    #funny#dnd#this week#4e#Lyra DM #just little d&d things #travelling trauma centre
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  • we-are-a-dragon
    22.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Andy (playing Una): Guess I'm dying next session.

    Tati (playing Seraph): Slow down. You might as well try the other ways of restoring your elemental manifestation first.

    Hamish (playing Thaddeus): How the hell does Ioreth know so many details about our lives?

    Adam (playing Billie): She's Steve's friend, maybe she's an extraplanar being too.

    Hamish: I only got a very faint religious aura from her, like a low-level cleric.

    Tati: I don't care what she is, I just know I don't trust her. She was very eager to kill Una. If that's the path we're taking I'd rather let literally any other person do it.

    Andy: She has something against Ioun. I think she's an operative of Vecna.

    Adam: That might be a bit of a stretch.

    Hamish: Steve sent her to help us as a quest reward, how bad can she be?

    Tati: *darkly* Steve sent her directly after Kjell punched him in the face.

    M (playing Kjell): Oh...

    Andy: Don't like that.

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    22.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    DM: Your cook Daiquiri serves a lightly-spiced dinner.

    Billie (gnome ardent): Delicious.

    DM: As you're eating, there's a knock on the door. Your footman 15-C brings in the woman who was sitting with Steve in The Slippery Stone.

    Billie: Oh! Would you like to join us? We've just started eating.

    DM: She accepts and introduces herself as Ioreth.

    Billie: Steve told us you might be able to cure Una's corrupted manifestation.

    DM: She nods. "There are a few ways to return her soul to its pure form. The easiest is to kill and then resurrect her."

    Una (genasi artificer): Uh...

    DM: "It would be quite traumatic for any of you to kill your friend, so someone else should probably do it. I would be willing."

    Seraph (siren sorcerer): What are the other ways??

    DM: She says, "Well, you could pray to your god if you follow one, I guess. They might deign to cure you."

    Una: Oh, that sounds way better! I just converted to Ioun!

    DM: She makes a face. "I suppose it would be worth a try."

    Una: Have you got something against Ioun or just praying in general?

    DM: "The other way is to go to a place of power where magic is amplified and cast any healing spell. That would remove the corruption and return her to her original form."

    Una: *narrows eyes*

    Thaddeus (khajiit paladin): What are some places of power?

    DM: She says, "Two you've been to are the Oasis of Riddles and King Ellidir's restored resting place. There's also one in the Feywild practically right on top of this location."

    Thaddeus: *narrows eyes* Who are you?

    DM: She says, "I am Ioreth."

    Billie: Steve said you had other names. What are you?

    DM: "I'm a person. I was brought in to help with the war, but you finished things before I was needed."

    Billie: *narrows eyes*

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    22.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Hamish (playing Thaddeus): I also ask Sarissa to fetch the rest of the party.

    DM: Eventually everyone gathers in the dining room.

    Hamish: I'm enjoying myself, just staring everyone down from the head of the table, backlit by the window behind me.

    M (playing Kjell): I ask, "Uh... What's going on?"

    Adam (playing Billie): "No idea."

    Hamish: Once everyone's here I say, "I've gathered you all here because I have discovered a piece of information that you all need to know. Seraph."

    Tati (playing Seraph): I look around. "Me?"

    Hamish: I push the history book forward triumphantly, open to the page with your story on it. "How do you explain this?"

    Tati: I squint. "Give me a second. What am I looking at?"

    Hamish: I point out the relevant paragraph.

    Tati: I read it and stare into the middle distance. "What the fuck..."

    Adam: I say, "It's okay, Seraph. It's not something to beat yourself up about. What's done is done and you don't seem to have messed up anything significant with your time travelling."

    M: "Hate to break it to you, but you're not that important."

    Tati: I shake my head. "No, that's not... This is just the weirdest fucking feeling ever."

    Andy (playing Una): I ask, "Is this all you called us here to tell us?"

    Hamish: I say happily, "Yes."

    Andy: "...Why?"

    Hamish: *smirks* "Sometimes I want to be the dramatic one."

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    21.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Thaddeus (khajiit paladin): I'm waiting at home with the history book.

    DM: Just like, sitting at the dining table waiting for people to get home?

    Thaddeus: Yes. For several hours if need be.

    DM: Sarissa, one of your maids, comes in at some point to clean. She looks at you just sitting there. "Do you need anything, Sir?"

    Thaddeus: "No."

    DM: She says, "Okay..."

    Thaddeus: "Actually, yes. Fetch Seraph and Billie for me when they get home."

    DM: Seraph, Billie, when you get back from visiting Mirror Sarissa tells you Thaddeus wants to see you in the dining room.

    Seraph + Billie: *look at each other*

    Billie (gnome ardent): We go find him.

    Thaddeus: I'm sitting at the head of the table, stroking my own arm like a Bond villain.

    DM: *chokes* He's his own cat.

    Billie: Do you say anything?

    Thaddeus: No.

    Billie: *to Seraph* "What did you do?"

    Seraph (siren sorcerer): *to Billie* "What did you do?"

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    21.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Tati (playing Seraph): After we've talked to Steve I'd like to visit Mirror.

    M (playing Kjell): I'm not coming.

    Tati: *snorts* You're not invited.

    Andy (playing Una): *stern* You need a buddy to visit Mirror.

    Adam (playing Billie): *puts hand up* I'm on duty.

    DM: Diana invites you in and puts a pot of tea on. The Iron Circle have found a house to rent while they work things out. Mirror is pleased to see Seraph, wary of Billie.

    Adam: I say, "I'm not going to yell at you or hurt you."

    DM: They narrow their eyes. "Thank you?"

    Adam: "You fucked up and Seraph got sucked into it. I'm not happy about it, but it happens sometimes. We fucked up and started the whole mess with J, and Seraph got dragged into that too."

    DM: They give you a taut grin. "Maybe Seraph is the problem."

    Adam: "Yeah, maybe."

    Tati: Wow.

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    21.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    DM: When Steve comes to, he clicks his jaw painfully. "Why did you punch me, Kjell?"

    Kjell (half-elf barbarian): *just smiles happily*

    Billie (gnome ardent): So are you going to reward us? Maybe you could help Una with her illness.

    Una (genasi artificer): *perks up*

    DM: He looks thoughtful. "Ooh, maybe. I don't have that power, but the woman who was here earlier might be able to help you. I'll send her to talk to you."

    Billie: Who is she?

    DM: He says, "She has many names and many skills, but you can call her Ioreth."

    Billie: *narrows eyes*

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    21.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Adam (playing Billie): I say to Steve, "So now that we've completed this task for you...?"

    DM: He says, "I see, you want some form of monetary compensation."

    Adam: *duh* "Yeah."

    M (playing Kjell): I glare. "Yes, Stephen."

    Tati (playing Seraph): *snorts* Stephen...

    DM: He says, "What about the knighthoods, house and 100k each I organised for you?"

    Adam: *eyes narrow* I say, "Emperor Cherish organised that."

    DM: He waves a hand and says, "He was the method by which you got it. It was your fated recompense for your fated task."

    Tati: That seems really easy to claim now.

    M: I punch him. Across the face.

    Tati: No!

    DM: Roll it.

    M: 26.

    DM: His mortal form is a Level 0 NPC. You sock him across the jaw and he falls off his chair and into the water, facedown. He doesn't move.

    Adam: Oh shit.

    M: *beaming* This is the best day ever.

    DM: Galwyn pulls him out of the water. He's breathing.

    Adam: I cast ardent surge to heal him.

    M: Give it a moment. Let me relish this.

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    21.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    DM: Steve is sitting at a table in The Slippery Stone with a woman. He smiles when he sees you and says, "Oh, good!"

    Kjell (half-elf barbarian): *bristles*

    DM: The woman says goodbye to him and leaves.

    Seraph (siren sorcerer): Are we done with the task you set us??

    DM: He says happily, "Yes."

    Thaddeus (khajiit paladin): Good. *leaves*

    DM: "Oh."

    Billie (gnome ardent): We're definitely finished?

    Seraph: Specifically, the war we were to fight in was against J and Demogorgon, and we won?

    DM: "Against the forces of the Prince of Demons, yes, and you prevailed. Faster than anticipated, even."

    Seraph: Thank Pelor. I need a drink.

    #funny#dnd#it's over#Demogorgon#Kjell#Seraph#Thaddeus#Billie#Lyra DM #just little d&d things #NPCs #Divinity of Conflict #Ioreth#war#J#bbeg #travelling trauma centre
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  • we-are-a-dragon
    21.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Andy (playing Una): What now?

    Tati (playing Seraph): I say, "This has been on my mind for four years while I've been stuck time travelling: are we done with Steve??"

    Adam (playing Billie): Ooh, yeah. Let's go talk to him. We know where he's staying now.

    M (playing Kjell): Can I punch him?

    Tati: You'll get us all killed.

    Adam: We'll think about it.

    DM: The tavern is called the Slippery Stone and it's in the waterfront area. It's accessible from land, but as soon as you enter there's a step down into a foot of water covering the floor.

    Hamish (playing Thaddeus): Uh... why?

    DM: It caters to both walking and swimming customers.

    M: ...It sounds terrible for both!!

    DM: Yeah... now that you point it out, it's a terrible design. I didn't think this through, and neither did the tavern owner.

    #funny#dnd#design#time travel#Una#Seraph#Billie#Kjell#Thaddeus#Lyra DM #just little d&d things #ooc #divinity of Conflict #violence#Suda#oops #travelling trauma centre
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  • we-are-a-dragon
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Tati (playing Seraph): I have an idea about Billie's sword. The problem is that it's been recognised and now people think - correctly - that she's the destined ruler of Gandarall. We could create a forgery that looks like the real sword from a distance but up close is clearly cheap and fake.

    M (playing Kjell): There are a lot of holes in this plan.

    Tati: I absolutely agree.

    M: For starters, who would even make the fake sword?

    Tati: Una.

    DM: She can make magic items, she can't smith.

    Tati: Artificer abilities are nebulous. She makes all her own clothes and any random shit we need.

    DM: True. I probably need to be stricter with that.

    #funny#dnd #sword in the stone #artificer#Seraph#Kjell#Billie#Una#Lyra DM #just little d&d things #ooc#forgery#plans #travelling trauma centre
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  • we-are-a-dragon
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Kjell (half-elf barbarian): Hey, Galwyn and I had lunch with Enwyn and she asked if we could house-sit for a while and look after her chickens.

    Seraph (siren sorcerer): What's 'a while' in elf terms? Are we talking two weeks or twenty years?

    DM: Galwyn says, "I think she was thinking it would be a week or two. She's been raising chickens for two hundred years and she's ready for a new career, so she needs to find someone to take over."

    Billie (gnome ardent): Can't you do it yourself? It's not that much work, right?

    DM: He says, "I'm not trained in chicken husbandry!"

    Billie: You're good with your hands, though.

    Kjell: *goes red*

    Billie: *smirks* You alright, Kjell?

    Kjell: *goes redder*

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    DM: I have two 'world-building' Dad Facts this week. One is the floor plan of your manor house, which I've put up on Discord. The other is that Thaddeus, when you were reading that history book, Seraph appears in it.

    Tati (playing Seraph): Oops, awkward.

    DM: She and Mirror are not mentioned by name, and it doesn't actually say siren or tiefling, but you recognise the story as one she told after returning from time travelling, and the account refers to 'an angel and a devil working together'. It's not a big story, in fact it's almost in passing, but it definitely rings a bell.

    Hamish (playing Thaddeus): I'm definitely going to reread that and bring it up in character.

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    DM: Anyone got a Dad Fact this week?

    Tati (playing Seraph): I have an emotional reaction whenever I smell roses or honey, particularly together.

    DM: Why?

    Tati: That's not an observable part of the Dad Fact.

    DM: Alright, group prompt: why does your character feel the way they do about important scents?

    Tati: Oh my god, fine. One of Seraph's strongest memories of her mother is that she always smelled of roses and honey.

    DM: Cute. Was that so hard?

    Tati: She hasn't volunteered the information, so nobody can use it!

    #funny#dnd#Dad Facts#petty#Seraph#Lyra DM #just little d&d things #ooc#emotions#smell#memory#orphan #travelling trauma centre
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  • we-are-a-dragon
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Party recap:

    Travelling Trauma Centre finished settling into their new house while Seraph caught up with a few friends she'd missed during her time travel accident. The party began to ease back into adventuring by helping several ghosts achieve their dying wishes so they could pass on peacefully to the afterlife.

    Thaddeus told Billie that Dorphi, Emperor Cherish's head of security, had recognised the sword she'd pulled from the stone, so the party went to Suda Palace to clear things up. A paranoid Dorphi revealed that the sword had been recognised by dissidents and there were rumours in the city of a coup. Dorphi initially refused to let the party see the emperor as he was too busy, but eventually led them to his office. Billie showed the sword and insisted she had no intention of taking over from Cherish. Cherish and Dorphi were uncomfortable with the idea of letting Billie keep the sword, but reluctantly accepted her promise that she would keep it hidden from now on.

    Leaving the palace in awkward circumstances, Billie asked what Galwyn's plans were, as Kjell had forgotten to bring it up since inviting him to join the party. Galwyn was accepted as a new member of TTC along with Damaris.

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    21.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    This week: Travelling Trauma Centre, starring Billiman 'Billie' Dusencank, Kjell Michaels, Seraph Vencaryn, Thaddeus Goldmane, and Una.

    #funny#dnd#this week#4e#Lyra DM #just little d&d things #travelling trauma centre
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  • we-are-a-dragon
    15.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    Adam (playing Billie): I say, "Speaking of Kjell and Galwyn. Galwyn, a couple of days ago we asked Kjell to ask you what your plans were-"

    M (playing Kjell): I go white as a sheet. "Hey Billie."

    Adam: "-and I don't know how that conversation went but-"

    M: "Billie can I ask you something real quick?"

    Adam: "-you've been staying at the house for a few days and that's fine, I don't think you're mooching, you're Kjell's boyfriend and that's all good-"

    M: "BILLIE."

    Adam: "-but I'm still wondering-"

    M: I grab you by the shoulders. "Billie! Can Galwyn please join the party? Everyone? Please?"

    DM: Galwyn exclaims, "You didn't tell them???"

    M: I wail, "You are very distracting!"

    Adam: "...Well! I would be very happy with that!"

    Hamish: "We already wanted him to, so yes, obviously."

    M: I mouth 'sorry' at Galwyn.

    Tati: I say to Galwyn, "You're joining TTC?"

    DM: He says bemusedly, "Yes, I think."

    Tati: "That's wonderful!" I hug him.

    M: Get your claws out of my man.

    Tati: I don't want him! I just like him as a character!

    M: *grins*

    DM: Damaris puts her hand up timidly and says, "Did Godric ask-"

    Hamish: "Yes, you're all good Damaris. You're in the party too."

    DM: She sighs. "Phew."

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  • we-are-a-dragon
    15.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    M (playing Kjell): I can really see Dorphi's point about surrendering the sword to the palace.

    Tati (playing Seraph): Yeah, it makes sense.

    Adam (playing Billie): I don't want to give them my fabled sword!

    Tati: I also see your point.

    Adam: I say, "Emperor Cherish, real talk. Did you want to be the emperor?"

    DM: Cherish says, "I was never expected to rule. My uncle was the emperor, my mother his sister. He had two sons. I was a distant fourth in line. But when a strategic town attempted to secede, my uncle and his sons were all killed in battle." This is history that you all would know, at least vaguely.

    M: It almost sounds like the uncle and sons were set up.

    DM: Oh, there have been rampant conspiracy theories about it. He goes on, "My mother became empress when I was six, and suddenly I was heir apparent. I can't say that I wanted it, but I became emperor in time. And I think I am a good servant to my people, that I rule them well and fairly, and I am pleased with the work I do. I might not have chosen this life, but I am happy now."

    Adam: "Thank you. I do think you're a good ruler."

    DM: He nods. "And now I really must get back to these grain counts."

    Adam: "That's one big reason I really don't want your job."

    DM: He smiles briefly. "Thank you for your... dedication. Dorphi, thank you for dealing with this. Will you please show TTC out?"

    M: I blurt, "So are you two a couple?"

    Andy (playing Una): You can't say things like that!!

    Tati: *gives Andy a look*

    Andy: I don't have the moral high ground here, do I?

    DM: Dorphi and Cherish look shocked. Dorphi says, "This way, please..." Galwyn drags you out of the room and mutters, "Don't say things like that!"

    M: I hiss, "But they are, right?"

    Adam: "That's like asking 'Are Kjell and Galwyn a couple?'"

    DM: Galwyn says, "We are."

    M: "Exactly!"

    DM: Dorphi is still walking quickly to lead you out.

    M: "Sorry, Dorphi!"

    DM: She grabs a passing servant and says, "Could you please show TTC the door?" They say in surprise, "Of, of course..." Dorphi strides away.

    M: *grins* "Bye, Dorphi!"

    Tati: Well, at least she'll forget to be upset with me now.

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