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  • angstyoikawa
    28.11.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Oh to be a pro hero just like the bnha kids. Fighting alongside them, befriending them.

    Oh to have an enemies to lovers type of romance with Bakugo Katsuki aka Dynamight, except it’s much deeper and meaningful than just bickering and salty comments.

    He’s not mean to everyone he meets once he’s a pro hero, because he’s a grown man and has learned to respect others and keep his damn mouth shut. That doesn’t mean he’s gonna laugh at your sarcastic jokes directed towards him or let you provoke him just because you find it funny when he scrunches up his nose in annoyance.

    He fights back, but he’s not very smart and always ends up making a big deal out of it when in reality it’s all just a joke. Yeah maybe you do enjoy railing people up, and maybe you do have your focus on him for being so easy to bother but you don’t mean to hurt him! You never even thought yourself capable of that.

    Now he’s got a wrong impression of you and is convinced that everything you say is directed towards him, every sentence holds a double meaning and you think you’re smarter than him, with all your calculus knowledge and vast literature collection. He believes you are challenging him, threatening to take his spot in the hero charts and ruin his career.

    No matter how hard you try you always end up arguing with him about the stupidest things. Being battlefield partners isn’t easy at all, you don’t go well together and even though you manage to do your job it’s ten times more tiring. His way of thinking is so different from yours, he’s not careful at all and relies on actions instead of planification. It’s not that he’s dumb, he has his own strategies and is used to being the leader whereas you’re used to being the big brain of the operation and having things under control, no surprise attacks or impulse driven circumstances.

    The media doesn’t waste time and immediately catches onto your constant disagreements, and with Bakugo being the reckless idiot he is, it's almost impossible to change the situation. Every time you try to reason with him he builds the walls around him even higher.

    “Katsuki just listen for once, we can’t let them talk about us like we’re some mentally unstable teenagers who need couples therapy”

    “Who the fuck told you It was okay to call me by my first name, huh?”

    “Are you even hearing what I’m saying? This is why they always get to us. You need to control yourself, come on, just take a deep breath…”

    “Fucking stop that I’m not a child, you think you’re so smart don’t you? I don’t need you to tell me to calm down I’m fine and the press can talk all they want, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m one of the best heroes out there”

    You admire his determination and confidence, but his carelessness and stubbornness is gonna be the end of both your careers and dreams.

    He doesn’t behave like that all the time though, like I said he’s a grown man and has matured since his childhood years.

    “I'm sorry this was my fault, I got super mad because I’m not used to being bossed around and almost ruined the whole operation. I still think that wasn’t the best way to do it though.”

    His apologies are always sincere, yet he’d never give in or lie saying he thought like you did, going down the easy path instead of fighting for his beliefs. You are truly amazed by his strong grip on what he considers right or wrong, not letting anyone mess with him and his already made up mind.

    Eventually you both come to an agreement. It is a statement that you don’t understand each other, your minds work differently and are pretty much incompatible. And so you let the world know, showing them how great heroes you are but just not friends, telling everyone not to expect you to get along.

    Years pass and you grow used to each other, always saying hi and being respectful. You don’t become friends but you do become coworkers, you’re finally able to understand why he is the way he is and confirm your theories about him being a nice person who’s just lacking communication skills.

    It all changes after a certain battle where you’re left unconscious, almost at the verge of dying. Bakugo is the one who saves you and carries you to the hospital, it’s not romantic I mean he’s a hero it’s his job. When you wake up you find your friends and family standing next to you in the room, trying their best to smile and tell you how brave and strong you were during the fight, but what you didn’t expect was to be visited but no other than Dynamight himself, uniform and all. He doesn’t smile at you, he looks at your broken body and scoffs.

    “You look like shit smarty pants”

    The comment isn’t meant to make you laugh, he’s not a sarcastic guy. It holds the truth that no one else is brave enough to say out loud, and it’s relieving.


    You stay silent for a while as he wanders around the place, just like a dad inside his child’s room.

    “Hey, could you turn that thing off? The beeping is making me anxious.” You say and point towards the ECG monitoring your heart rate.

    “Should I? You’re not gonna die on me right? What if they think I killed you on purpose, we don’t have the healthiest relationship” You laugh at his comment and your whole body aches, you’re still weak and you both can see it. He does end up doing what you asked for and the room falls silent again.

    You talk about the battle, strategies, upcoming events and surprisingly there’s no bickering or arguing. You’re being nice and civil and it’s not because of the state you’re in, he genuinely is listening to you and you realize you’ve got a lot in common. The medicine you were given has a strong effect and your eyes threaten to fall shut with every passing second, you’re not in the best conditions but your mind is up and running.

    “It’s so weird to see you like this. Weak.” His words take you by surprise, Bakugo isn’t one to open up his heart but you figure that after years of working together it was bound to happen at some point. “I mean, I’m not talking about your body, I'm talking about you. You’re always loud and so energetic, now you don’t even have the strength to tease me and it’s annoying. You’re supposed to be the smart one, why did you put yourself in such a risky situation?”

    Again, his words aren’t meant to hurt you, he's simply telling the truth. He looks worried and mad and isn’t trying to hide it. It only makes you smile.

    “I know, I’ll be careful next time. Thanks.” And he knows you mean it, he trusts you and doesn’t push it, there’s no need for promises cause he’s sure you’ve already made many of those that same day. You shut your eyes for a second, trying to hold back the tears and also giving your sight a rest. Maybe he thinks you’ve fallen asleep because after a few minutes you can hear him standing up from his chair and walking up to you, leaning down and pressing his lips against your temple.

    “I’m awake, you know.” He jumps back like a scared cat, his head almost bumping into the roof.

    “You little shit, you fucking scared me.”

    It’s weird to be laughing with him, but it doesn’t feel wrong. You’ve always thought there was more to him that you’d never be able to see and yet here you are.

    “I think we’d be great friends.”

    You say it before thinking twice and for a moment you’re terrified. There’s no need to be.

    “Yeah we would.” His mouth also moves on it’s own and you can see the surprise look on his face the second the words are out. “Why do you say that though? I thought you saw me as an arrogant asshole with anger issues.” And he’s quoting you.

    “Nah, I’ve been dealing with assholes my whole life, I know one when I see one. You’re just a bit defensive most times but a great person nonetheless.”

    “Hm. You’re pretty great too.”

    “You’re also very irritating and kinda dumb, that’s why we never agree on things.”

    “I take back what I said, you aren’t great at all.”

    And you both laugh. You laugh at his childish behavior and he laughs at you when you cry out in pain for laughing too much.

    That day a new friendship begins.

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  • wrongmha
    28.11.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Bakugo: Of all my classmates, Uraraka is one of a small number of whom I do not actively root against. Ugh, there I go getting all sappy.

    Source: Parks and Recreation ("Smallest Park")

    #incorrect quotes #my hero academia #mha #boku no hero academia #bnha#katsuki bakugo #source: parks and recreation
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  • hiyamatsu
    28.11.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    Aizawa: what do we do about that? *points to a thug Izuku accidentally knocked out*

    Vigilante Izuku: *running on 2h of sleep in the past three days and second Monster of the day* ... for the record he ran into the wall himself

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  • odd-ball-posts
    28.11.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    It cost me $104, but I got him Colloseum Billboard Charts Vol. 2 Version A Dabi.

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  • burned-out-match
    28.11.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Shiggy loves you <3

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  • bnhadelusion
    28.11.2021 - 13 minutes ago
    They say somewhere lost to time in the far far away came the clash of two standing powers. One a man who towered the size of a castle, smile twinkling bright like the sun. The other full of cackling laughter, taunts and a will that swayed even the kindest of souls towards the temptation of bloodlust. He who stood for peace, and He who stood for power. No one knows where they came from, when the fighting started, but everyone knows the legend.
    All Might and All For One’s eternal feud that shadowed each and every night for centuries.
    A Penumbra’s Siege.
    It is said that on the final day, All Might stood victorious. Beaten, bloodied, and half the height he once stood. Yet even then he smiled, and willed the eclipse to be gone and for the people to live in harmony.
    But not everything intended for peace comes freely.
    The warmth of that familiar facade froze. All Might stood sealed with his fist high and for generations families gathered to lay thanks upon his chrysalis.
    Like clockwork, years and years pass with tensions on the rise and less and less found themselves winding through to the ends of that beautiful cave. Without the light he once brought, the people sought comfort in only a legend.
    If All Might truly was One for All, why did he disappear? Leave the people astray?
    The trees sway and  with them rides rumors in the wind. Thieves and murderers find themselves in daylight, voices trembling in what could only be excitement and fear.
    All For One lives.
    Currently known as Cenneles, a vast land that meets with each sea, a great many stories have already begun to unfold. Kingdoms and their nobility thrive and fall. Adventurers set off on journey’s ending in grand tales and tragedies. Guilds taste of friendship and betrayal.
    Take a step into your own tale.
    Do you trust in the power of the symbol of peace, to protect the great lands?

    A brand new BNHA fantasy au based on discord! No auditions necessary, but we love to be lit here. The characters are aged up, and you get free reign to write the story you wish to tell.

    It is advised to be caught up as much as possible, but is never required! We have opt in spoiler and 18+ channels!

    We are still looking for at least one more mod, so if interested please let us know!

    For your curiosity I have linked the taken list here. Would love to see more girls and pros! <3 The server is now open! If interested please DM this blog or add rudeshades#9445 on discord!

    #my hero academia #bnha#bnha rp#anime rp#mha
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  • sleepy-chaos
    28.11.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Really wild to think that AFO saw a kid clearly traumatized by the loss of their family and the first awakening of their quirk and fully took advantage of that. He didn't abuse shigaraki only in the sense of raising him just so he could take over his body and essentially make him lose his sense of self, but also by not letting him heal.

    When shigaraki lost his family he was hurt, angry and disgusted but still, even after all that, he had the chance to heal. If he was found by someone who actually cared about him then he really could've been someone in the process of forgivin. Instead, AFO looked at his messed up state and said "your anger? you better keep it. your disgust, your hatred, your itch that feels like is going to consume you from the inside? you keep it and make it your weapon. don't try to rationalize it, no, it will make you lose yourself. don't you want revenge?" (not a direct quote).

    And by saying that he made shigaraki think that his whole personality, his whole self was his hatred for the world, essentially impeding him to be anything else. It not only made it easier for AFO to manipulate him and use him to accomplish his plans but also made it easier for him to take over shigaraki's body. it's easier to make someone become you when they're not sure of who they really are.

    #the only thing he didn’t count on was that #by feeding shigaraki's hatred he was also feeding shigaraki's hatred for him to #which made it easier for shigaraki to resist him #if hate is the only thing he can cling to then it will be the only thing impeding him from disappearing #I'm afraid that if he stops clinging to hate (if he stops itching) then maybe he won't be able to resist AFO trying to control him anymore #hope that they can save him before this can happen #bnha#mha#afo #all for one #shigaraki tomura#shimura tenko
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  • coffee-and-kirishima
    28.11.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    World Hero Mission

    I wanted to give Yuki a new hero outfit like the ones worn in the World Hero Mission.

    He even had a hair cut.

    Yuki’s suit would likely be fitted with stuff to keep him extra warm while not affecting his quirk, plus he has heat packs with him to warm his hands when the job is done.

    #MHA OC#BNHA OC #MHA OC RP #Boku No Hero OC #My Hero Academia OC #My Hero Academia World Hero Mission OC
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  • jozhenji
    28.11.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    ᴄᴡ: ᴅᴜʙᴄᴏɴ, ᴄʀᴇᴀᴍᴘɪᴇ, ʙʀᴇᴇᴅɪɴɢ // 18+ ᴏɴʟʏ - ᴍɪɴᴏʀꜱ ᴅɴɪ

    pulls out to cum on your pussy (“can’t risk it, right babe?”) but pushes it all in when he starts fucking you again

    SHINDO, Kaminari, Hizashi, Inasa, Tensei, Twice

    fully intends to pull out, keeps saying he will (“stop worrying, sweetheart”), but gets too caught up in fucking you and cums inside you anyways

    Tamaki, Aizawa, IZUKU, Shigaraki, Toshinori, Tenya, Fat Gum, Manual

    pulls out and cums on your pussy, can’t stop himself from playing with your messy clit (“just trying to make you feel good too, baby”), ends up fingering it into you

    Keigo, Sero, Mr Compress, SHINSOU, Overhaul, Night Eye

    has no intention of pulling out at all (“where else would I cum?”)

    Mirio, Dabi, KIRISHIMA, Enji, Bakugou, Natsuo, Gang Orca, Shoto
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  • originaldouble
    28.11.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Mag, Spinner and Dabi are trans

    Dabi and Toga are bi

    Shigaraki and Spinner are gay and dating

    Twice and Compress are gay and married

    Dabi is assexual

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  • violet-sumire
    27.11.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Okay but I really like the dynamic I've created in my Reiinko au between Todoroki and Midoriya where everyone thinks they're dating. They start being very close and calling each other by their first names and such so the rest of the class is like "gasp! they're boyfriends!" but actually they're brothers

    Like, the rumor mill that todo has a boyfriend reaches Dabi at some point and he calls him like "shit, Shouto, I thought I was the only gay one of us kids” and Todo goes “what??? Why does everyone think I have a boyfriend" not knowing they're thinking of his bro Izuku

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  • rubythesurveillancehero
    27.11.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    You know what, I still say Nedzu is a traitor.

    #mha #boku no hero academia #ua traitor
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  • mental-health-advice
    27.11.2021 - 23 minutes ago
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  • ashleycakegamin
    27.11.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    How To Request:

    When requesting go through my ask box, I will not except request via DM.
    Make sure you say what character you want, and try to be a little descriptive?
    I respond quick to headcannons, emergency asks, and dabbles.

    Things I will NOT write:

    Incest (spoilers)

    Todoroki x Reader x Dabi

    Dabi x Reader x Endeavor



    Sex - I’ve written smut, suggestive oneshots, and things of the like. Some still on my account. But I will not answer requests for it and if I begin to notice most of my followers are under the age the removal of the stories on my account right now will be put into consideration


    Super bloodily scenes

    Drug and alcohol abuse

    Abuse of animals

    Hitting animals

    Sexualizing animals

    Mistreatment of animals

    Abuse of people

    Heavy degradation


    Emotional abuse


    ANY harm to children

    #mha x reader #aot x reader #haikyuu!! x reader #host club x reader
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  • more-mha-headcannons
    27.11.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    Because of the fire side of his quirk, Todoroki attracts cats like a magnet

    Like they will not leave him alone

    Do not try to remove them

    They will fight you

    #my hero academia #mha shouto todoroki #mha #boku no hero academia #mha todoroki#todoroki headcanons#shoto torodoki
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  • sunnyfunerals
    27.11.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    Yesterday I was giving a Japanese private lesson to one of my students and as soon as I finished she said "Oh I wanted to tell you something!! Thanks to your classes, I'm now able to watch anime without the subtitles. I've been watching My Hero Academia, I don't know if you've heard of it!" and I just went like :) yes i've heard of it

    #i said it as if i wasn't completely obsessed with shigaraki tomura and ready to drop everything to worship him as my king #i like to base some of my lessons on anime with my students who like anime though so i might use mha! #it's actually very good to learn i think #there are various characters and therefore various levels of politeness/types of speech #momo talks super politely for example #sunny talks#ramblings
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  • cyntheshepicone
    27.11.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    More of himmmmm

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  • demonlamb666
    27.11.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    Hurt (yandere Katsuki Bakugou)

    Warnings: yandere themes, overprotective behaviour, reader gets very mildly hurt.

    You woke up slowly the sunlight warming your face and turned to your side trying desperately to return to dreamland. A sudden realisation hit you and you open your eyes, wait it was today! You’d finally convinced your boyfriend to come to the new cafe that had opened down the road, you jumped out of bed with a newfound enthusiasm and quickly got dressed before racing downstairs. Before you could get to the kitchen the delicious aroma of pancakes overwhelmed your senses and your stomach grumbles loudly. He did not make pancakes, “Katsuki!” You stormed into the kitchen and came face to face with your boyfriend “what is it?” he grumbles “we are going to the cafe, put down the spatula. You can’t tempt me with pancakes” he gave you an evil grin and cut off a piece of the pancake “you sure about that babe” he held it up to your lips, you petulantly looked away and he grinned before eating it himself. “Kats you promised we’d go” you gave him your best puppy eyes and smiled as you watched his resolve crumble and he groaned in agreement. You dragged him to the door and waited as he went through his checklist of things he needed before pulling a reluctant Katsuki outside. And walking hand in hand down the street.

    You squeak a little as you trip on some uneven pavement and fall onto the concrete, your hand slipping from your boyfriends. “Y/n!” Bakugo grabs your hand and his eyes scour your body for any injuries, his eyes snapping to your knee before he grimaces. You look down a little concerned at his dramatic reaction before letting an involuntary scoff out at the tiny scrape. Before you can react he’s lifting you into his arms and carrying you bridal style away from the cafe you’d wanted to go to “Kats! What are you doing?” You say after getting over the shock of being picked up like you were as light as a feather “we’re going home because your dumb ass got hurt!” “Katsuki it is a tiny scratch!” He ignored you and kept walking down the street and in the direction of your home. “This is basically kidnapping” you say mostly as a joke but this time his silence seems more contemplative that annoyed, “Kats?” He just grumbles before shifting you in his arms to get you more comfortable. You try and wiggle out of his grip for a few more minutes before giving up and settling into his arms, ignoring the way people stared at you both.

    When you finally get to your house you push against Katsuki’s chest and try to stand up so he can unlock the door but he just holds you tighter and wraps your arms around his neck, carrying you with one arm while he uses his other hand to unlock the door. When you get inside he carries you over to the couch and grabs your “injured” leg placing it tentatively on the coffee table. “I’ll get the first aid kit” you say deciding you should just accept that this is happening. Before you can get up he grabs you by the shoulders keeping you in place “Sit.” He stomps off into the bathroom before coming back with disinfectant and bandages and crouching In front of you. You hiss a little at the sting and he gives you a smug “I told you so look” you roll your eyes at him before focusing on what he’s doing.

    After he’s done he bandages your knee carefully, you slump back on the couch annoyed about a tiny scratch ruining your day. “Can we go to the cafe now?” He scoffs at you “of course not.” “Whyyyy?” You whine and tug on his sleeve “because you need to rest idiot.” You pout at him and he sighs In exasperation throwing his head back before looking you dead in the eye “we’ll go back tomorrow, no more than two hours and if you let go of my hand I’ll drag you back home myself.” You beam at him and he sits beside you grumbling, “seriously though, Suki. It was a tiny stratch” you giggle “dont push it dumbass” He says looking at you fondly and resting your head on his shoulder.

    #yandere bnha#yandere mha#yandere bakugou #yandere katsuki bakugou #yandere katsuki #yandere bakugo x reader #yandere katsuki x reader
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  • sasudou
    27.11.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    bakugou wore stirrups and everyone’s foot fetish was exposed

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