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  • The Lost Potential of Masami

    It’s no secret to those who follow me that I absolutely hate how the show handled Makorra and Masami but that isn’t to say I hate the ships (much like my frustrations with Zu/tara, Zu/kka, and K/yaLi/n, it comes down to interpretations).

    That isn’t however what I want to discuss. Instead I want to talk about the lost potential of Masami (yeah the title).

    I’ve recently been writing a lot about Mako and Asami (a few projects on the back burner for now) and it got me thinking a lot on their relationship.

    One thing that’s important to remember about relationships (of any kind even friendships) is that baseless passion and attraction (even the platonic kind) can’t sustain a relationship forever. This was the issue with Makorra.

    The two were very passionate about each other but passion isn’t what you need when you can’t effectively communicate with one another. Korra and Mako were cut from too similar of cloths to ever work long term romance wise (that’s not to say similar people can’t date but some similarities are best avoided such as “married to the job” and “stubborn as hell” unless you have top tier communication skills).

    (Note: After years of friendship that built up a genuine relationship between the two, and them out growing their worst traits (mentioned above) the two have their own lost potential, either as a romance or a friendship, but that’s not what this post is about.)

    Which brings me to Masami. Prior to the episode where Korra gets kidnapped and Mako makes clear his divided emotions, Masami worked. They were cute together and worked well together. Mako had Asami’s back and Asami had his.

    Their relationship only started failing due to a communication break down, but unlike with Makorra it wasn’t that Mako and Asami couldn’t effectively communicate (ie: ended up fighting everytime they tried), its that neither one would. This is actually the cause of most relationship breakdowns, leaving things unsaid and never putting in the work to fix them.

    When they do finally get around to it, there’s nothing to salvage.

    I think Masami had the makings of a loving, long term relationship, in the show, but because it was never intended to be, it slowly dissolved in the wake of (original) endgame Makorra.

    However, Mako wasn’t wrong with what he told Bolin, that being with Asami made more sense. They did make sense. They had the romance, the attraction, the mutual affection, the similar interests, the understanding, and the communication needed to float. There was no underlying relationship issue before Mako’s feelings started getting mixed up. Had he realized the truth to his words, rather than chasing a passion that later blew up in his (and Korra’s) face, he and Asami likely never would have broken up at all.

    That isn’t to blame Mako of course. Asami didn’t express her feelings to Mako anymore than Mako did to her.

    Had the two stopped to actually talk in the kitchen after Korra was rescued, their relationship would have made it. Mako and Asami know how to effectively communicate with each other, they were just refusing to do so.

    The down fall of Masami wasn’t a lack of interest, or failing relationship wise, or anything of that nature, its just that at eighteen years old, they weren’t experienced enough to understand that a relationship built is worth more at the end of the day, than one that “fell into place”. That working through issues rather than ignoring them is key.

    The show would have been better off, if Masami had been left to itself (or better yet been made endgame) instead of used as unneeded drama in Season 1.

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  • once a lap(polar bear)dog always a lap(polar bear)dog ;P

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  • Mako, half asleep from working so hard, accidentally calls Lin ‘Chief Beef’ by accident

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  • The funniest thing of LOK is Mako thinking he’s charming and some sort of playboy. My dude, the forced romance between him and Korra was pure cringe. There was nothing there.

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  • Okay I’m dying!!! 😂 WHERE DID THIS IMAGE COME FROM?!?



    My most recent obsession is Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra. Personally I enjoyed legend of Korra, but throughout the show I was begging for a reunion scene between all the remaining original characters (or some sort of spiritual teary short reunion between all of them), or even a scene where like Tenzin or someone found an old portrait/photo of them all hanging out when they were younger, and then showing it to Toph/Katara/Zuko and them having a nostalgic cool teary moment (love that stuff!!!). Only to be sadly disappointed when they didn’t do this, hey ho I don’t always get what I want and I’m happy with how the cannon goes (being a Zutara shipper I’m used to this 😂).


    I found this gem as a thumbnail while browsing YouTube videos and lost my shit!!! I thought it was fan art so wanted to find the artist cus I liked their stuff, only to discover upon further investigation that THIS IS SUPPOSEDLY A CANNON ARTWORK WITHIN A LEGEND OF KORRA COMIC?! Do I have this right? I’ve been searching for this comic FOR DAMN AGES and can’t find a thing related to this, I’ve read the 2 comics I know off (“Turf Wars” and “Ruins of the Empire”) but I swear I don’t remember seeing this cus I would’ve lost it and cried if I had! Any explation to where this came from (including if it does turn out to be fanart and I’m a dumb ass) would be greatly appreciated, fanart or cannon I must appreciate this work in all its nostalgic glory!

    (Side note: I’d LOVE to see a show set half way between ATLA and LOK, showing what the Gaang got up to in life, who they grew up to be, fill in unexplained holes still left by LOK - Like what happened to Sokka and Suki, how did Aang die, who did Zuko end up with. Also would make me more comfortable with Katang as the reason I didn’t ship it in the original was cus I was uncomfortable shipping a 14 year old girl with a 12 year old boy, and was made uncomfortable with how he acted very imature and entitled to being with Katara - I mean I’m not surprised as he is 12 and still has growing up to do - but if they showed them all as older characters when they’ve done their growing up, the age gap is no longer as prevalent between them as young adults compare to young teenagers, and has an established relationship I’d feel SO MUCH more comfortable with that being the cannon.)

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  • Carrying

    Korra: *Gently carrying Asami bridal style*

    Mako: *runs past them, screeching while carrying Bolin like a sack of potatoes*

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  • i know it’s such a small detail but i just noticed that mako and bolin did the proper fire nation gesture/bow when they met zuko for the first time,,,anyways it’s canon that naoki taught them fire nation etiquette.

    #me seeing any scrap of mako and bolin's culture represented: naoki nation are we seeing this??? #okay i'll shut up now lmao #legend of korra #mako#bolin#naoki nation #aj.txt
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  • image

    Another sketch

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  • unpopular opinion i will explain later: “right winged” avatar villains (kuvira, ozai, iroh and varrick) get off with a slap on the wrist, while their emotionally abused partner(azula and bataar jr) get hate and left winged characters(mako, jet, hama, red lotus) face actual consequences to their actions


    further explanation

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  • image

    RyuMako Heart buttons for sale for a limited time!


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  • Hey y'all! Just here to say that requests for ATLA and LoK are currently open!!!

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  • image
    #it's just so ridiculous to me #that atla and lok are nick properties #i will free them from their slimy neon prison someday #lok#mako#mine
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    • Teacher: Your child was in a fight
    • Mako: Oh no! Are they ok?
    • M!Hunter: Did they win?
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  • My friend just said that Mako looks like a failed Tintin….i am ruined 

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  • Okay, this:

    The Legend of Korra but Team Avatar are the Ursus girls.

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  • Korra, rolling down the car window: What seems to be the problem officer?

    Mako, close to losing his shit completely: Get the FUCK out of MY car.

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  • I wish the Legend of Korra could’ve featured Mako lightning bending more often. It was a nice change to have a hero lightning bend instead of a villain like Azula.

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  • i think one of my favorite things about legend of korra is that the women aren’t depicted as frail

    like a lot of series will make their female characters mentally tough and strong-willed but the animators for LOK made the female characters physically strong as well

    the women are flawed, rounded out characters, with conflicts other than love interests

    (what makes this even better is that the men are depicted as the damsels in distress, and are made out to be the love interests *ahem mako ahem*)

    in conclusion i love women with muscles

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