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  • tief-orenju
    16.10.2021 - 7 minutes ago





    #genshin impact#thoma #thoma genshin impact #genshin impact thoma #thoma genshin#thoma hangout #thoma hangout event #MALE WIFE MALE WIFE MALE WIF- #JDJSDHDNSJSJ
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  • bigfan-fanfic
    16.10.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    The Redfield Genes (Redfield!Male! Reader x Leon Kennedy)

    Being Chris's little brother and dating Leon?

    For as long as you can remember it’s just been three people in your life - you, your big sister Claire, and your big brother Chris.

    They’ve looked out for you and protected you, and taught you how to handle yourself.

    Chris taught you how to use a gun for self-defense, and Claire took care of you when Chris was away with the S.T.A.R.S. squad

    But both of you were so scared when Chris lost contact with you after that mission. So scared, in fact, that you both willingly drove into Raccoon City, which was undergoing some kind of utter disaster that the media was unclear about, to find out where he had gone.

    And that was where you met Leon. Claire saved him from one of those... zombie things in RC, and he got into your car as you all fled. And it was there that you ended up separated from your sister and stuck in Leon’s care.

    You and Leon bonded that night, him with your intelligence and composure under pressure, and you with his noble nature and sometimes-snarky wit. 

    So it was little surprise that soon after, you and Leon began to date.

    He’s pretty much an average guy when it comes to dates. He likes taking you out to get food and talk, and occasionally something really fun, like a fair or a movie.

    But of course, your brother being the overprotective lug that he is, Chris insists you bring Leon over to meet the family.

    It’s always just been the three of you, so Leon is already two-thirds approved.

    And when Leon comes over to meet Chris, it turns out they get on amazingly well. Leon’s wit is a little dryer and he’s not as brazen as Chris, but they both share that undercurrent of survival. Having gone through hell and come out swinging. 

    So Chris actually does approve of Leon.

    And from then on, Leon is officially part of the Redfield family .Chris makes stupid jokes about when you two are gonna pass on the Redfield genes, but he doesn’t mean anything by it.

    But together, you remain as one family, bonded together by your experiences and your hope to move past them together into a better world.

    #leon kennedy x reader #leon kennedy x male reader #male reader #resident evil x reader #resident evil x male reader #resident evil headcanons #headcanons
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  • naraliven
    16.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago
    #bsd dazai#dazai hcs#dazai imagines #dazai x y/n #dazai x male reader #dazai x fem reader #dazai x reader #dazai x you #dazai osamu headcanons #dazai osamu x you #dazai osamu x reader #dazai osamu imagines #bsd imagines #bsd x gender neutral reader #bsd x male reader #bsd x you #bsd x y/n #bsd x reader #bsd headcanons#bsd hcs
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  • pinkycustomworld
    16.10.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Eyeshadow N2

    🌈Comes in 20 different colors 🌈Custom Thumbnail 🌈Unisex (Male & Female) 🌈Teen-YoungAdult-Adult-Elder 🌈EA makeup slider compatible 🌈Works with custom skins & overlays 🌈HQ Compatible

    Social media: 💙Instagram💙Twitter💙TSR💙Pinterest💙Facebook💙 Using my creations in your pictures? Tag me, I'd love to see💙

    Like my work & want to support me? 💙Patreon💙 OR 💙BMC💙

    Huge thanks to all the amazing cc creators I've used cc from in my previews

    👇🏼Download + CC List + T.O.U under the cut👇🏼

    Download (TSR) 💙HERE💙

    CC List: @simbience: Elf ear preset @sclub-privee: Skin @remussirion: Bindi tattoo @pralinesims: Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lips, Piercings @sugarowl: Butterfly Head accessory @taty86: Eyes @blahberry-pancake: Earrings Hair retexture by me (CC not listed I do not remember who made)

    Please respect my Terms of Use, it's pretty simple

    #ts4#ts4cc#ts4 makeup#ts4 eyeshadow #ts4 unisex cc #ts4 free cc #ts4 unisex makeup #ts4 unisex #ts4 male cc #ts4 male #ts4 male makeup #ts4 female cc #ts4 female #ts4 female makeup #ts4 colorful#ts4 alternative#ts4 fantasy#simblr#tsr#thesimsresource#mycc#pcw#pinky
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  • danpizzabelly
    16.10.2021 - 22 minutes ago
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  • theultravs
    16.10.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    [ID: two images of the michael myers pride flag as described in the body of this post. the first flag has a png of a bloody knife edited into the top left corner, while the second flag is only the stripes. End ID]

    Michael Myers Pride Flag

    five stripes cause I'm trans

    orange = halloween night. the night that started it all... .... ... ... ......... *reminisces* pink = GAY as all hell for his silley costumes :3 white = I'm trans! red = blood killing violence black = death!!! YES! KILL!!!! bloody knife png (optional) = FUCK yes, I love slashers, I love murder, I think michael myers should kill as many people as he wants #beastie

    FREE TO USE if you are: michael myers, a friend of michael myers, in love with michael myers, or otherwise a killer and/or killer apologist. also ALL gay people can use this fuck yes idc I love you

    DNI if you are: dr loomis, john carpenter, and/or you think that killing people is "wrong", "cringe", or """fucked up"""", I hate you I hate you I hate you you I hope u die 1000 deaths for real goodbye

    #lgbt # gay #bisexual

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  • deceitful-darlings
    16.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    To Be Her Shield

    A commission for @tri3tri

    [Evil AU] Yandere!Rook Hunt x Fem!MC

    Trying to survive in NRC isn’t easy, this time you were lucky Rook was there, weren’t you?

    Length: 1.8k

    He was used to watching, it was something had done his whole life. Was it really a surprise that he had taken to watching the new innocent student that had stumbled into NRC? Observing her had become one of his favourite pastimes, seeing her plan and manipulate situations so that she could survive was always interesting, he wanted to see how long she could survive, so that’s how he found himself here, watching her being cornered in a silent corridor by a Savanaclaw student who currently had a hand wrapped around her arm with a smile that was enough to send a visible shiver down her spine. She probably thought she was being smart, she’d gotten to know the layout of the school early on, she learned the backways to get to places, the unused passages and which places were good to use at specific times of day for being deserted, she was smart.

    But she’d been complacent, she’d likely gotten too used to things going her way from her many escapes from sticky situations. She’d made the mistake of not checking if she was being followed, and the result of that complacency was her current predicament. Her expression was nervous as she glanced from side to side, trying to see if there was any way to slip past the hulking form of the beastman in front of her, but her attempts to create an escape plan were cut short by a fist slamming into the stone of the wall right next to her face. She yelped, flinching away on instinct as her free hand came up to shield her face.

    “Thinking you can get away you stupid bitch?”

    He couldn’t see the expression on his face from his vantage point further down the corridor in the shadows, but the fear in her eyes was enough for him to imagine the deranged smile he was directing at her. He was Savanaclaw, brutishly strong and faster than her. She was in trouble, being isolated in this place was normally a good thing, but now she was probably cursing her decision, while having other around her would be useful, besides himself of course, there was no guarantee that any other student would help her and they certainly didn’t feel shame in harming someone in front of other people, but at the least they would likely pick a fight with the student pinning her, giving her a chance to slip away.

    But she didn’t still didn’t give up, grabbing the hand wrapped around her upper arm, trying to pry it off. His fingers didn’t budge at her tugging, instead tightening to the point he could see the skin whiten and cave under his hand, lifting her off the ground by the limb, leaving her dangling in his grasp for a moment before levering his hand upwards and bringing it down harshly, throwing her upwards before she was suddenly thrown forward with immense strength. Her body went crashing forward, unable to correct herself, her body slamming into the stone of the floor. He could come to her aid no doubt, but he simply didn’t want to, her expressions of pain and desperation too beautiful for him to cut short, no, he would let this play out.

    He continued to watch as she lifted her head from the floor with unclear eyes. Dazed, she shook her head, but before she could try and catch the breath that had been forced out of her, but unknown the her, the student behind her lifted his foot into the air before violently smashing it down into her back just below her ribs, knocking the little air she had out of her lung in a pain filled wheeze.

    “You’ve been a pain in the ass sneaking around like a rat. Think you’re smarter than us? A smug bitch like you needs to be put in your place, you’re nothing!” His foot hooked under her waist, rolling her over with it before smashing his foot down on her again, and then she was struggling to breathe. Panic started to set into her features, her legs kicking out as her hands came up to grasp at his shin, her nails digging into and raking across his jeans, trying to press them into the solid muscle of his leg to get him to get off, but he didn’t budge, just looking down at her with a sadistic smirk as she thrashed under his foot.

    “Eh, does the little rat want to get away? Too bad, you’ve pissed me off with all your running around, I’m sick of seeing your pathetic tries to hide. Maybe caving your face in’ll be enough to calm me down.” He grinned, balling his hand into a fist and bringing it up next to his head. “We’ll just have to see, won’t we?”

    She sucked in all the breath she could before clamping her eyes shut, and at that point he’d seen enough. He was an observer normally, he enjoyed watching her struggle and thrash and struggle to survive, there was beauty in her desperation to survive, but there was something in the idea of her dying to the brutality of a no name Savanaclaw student that simply didn’t appeal to him. Was it that her body would be mutilated and torn to shreds, that she wouldn’t remain beautiful in such a death? But his reasoning didn’t matter, nocking an arrow, he pulled back the bowstring, feeling the familiar tension before releasing. With her eyes still closed, she wouldn’t see as the arrow flew forwards, cutting through the air with terrifying precision before it sliced through its target, lodging itself through the first of her perpetrator, the unexpected pain blew his eyes wide as a scream left him. The pain heightening his senses, adrenaline pumping through his veins sending tremors through his muscles as he jumped to the side, scanning the hallway with the fierce eyes an injured animal that made his blood run warm, his hand grasped around his injured wrist where the arrow locked his palm and some of his fingers together in a fist.

    “Who the fuck did that?!” He had to hold in his laugh and the ferocity of his tone, enjoying the moment of watching a scared, cornered animal try to figure out how a situation they had believed to be under their control went so wrong.

    “Ah, my apologies monsieur! That would be me.” His footsteps from his side of the hallway rung clear, but his accent would give him away before he stepped into the light.

    “Rook Hunt.” The student snarled, his hand circled around the wrist of his damaged hand as he glared at him. But when he began to twitch his hand, he could only laugh.

    “I wouldn’t do that if I were you monsieur, if you try to tear that arrow out, you’ll rip off at least one of your fingers and damage at least one more beyond repair.” His eyes narrowed. “I would suggest getting yourself to the infirmary, an injured predator becomes prey quickly, non?”

    The student snarled again, but after a moment he slunk past the two of them with a harsh glare before walking down the hall.

    “Thank you.” He looked towards her, taking in her rare disheveled appearance, her shirt untucked, rumpled, and stained with the debris from the bottom of the student’s boot, hair ruffled and unkempt, skin paler than normal, shaking even as she tried to sit up and support herself, how lovely she looked, even like this.

    “There’s no need to thank me, mon chéri, is it not the duty of a gentleman to protect a lady? Speaking of which-“ she looked at him in confused wonder as he nocked another arrow, turning to face the way the student had begun to walk. By the time he had released the arrow and he turned back to face her, her look of wonder turned to one of shock, morphing into fear as a heavy thump sounded from further down the corridor. “Are you alright?”

    “Did...Did you kill him?” Her voice was small and weak, her overall appearance more akin to a delicate baby bird than a human, he could only smile as she winced back from the hand he offered her, so he drew it back to his chin.

    “Ah, mon chéri, you are still so innocent! Do you think he would’ve let you go? Such a beast would never let his prey escape him, he would’ve hunted you once more as soon as he could. There’s only one way to stop such a brute.”

    “I could hide, there must be some other way!” He shook his head with a dramatic sigh.

    “Could you truly do so forever my dear? You have experienced it yourself, you know the ugly reality of this place, do you not? Such a delicate maiden is easy prey here, for you it is the most dangerous.”


    “You do not wish to kill?” He smiled. “You don’t need to fear! I too would prefer for your hands to not be stained with red! If that is the case, why do we not work together?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Come to me. I can be your shield, I can protect you so you never feel such fear and brutality again, your hands can remain clean at my side.”

    “But what do I give you?” He knelt to her level, taking her hand in his and laying a kiss to the back of it.

    “The pleasure of your company is enough of a gift, mon chéri, for you are the only one in this place that is still untainted, simply staying with me is payment enough. I ask for nothing more, I swear on my honour.”

    The two remained in silence for a moment, it seemed that she was thinking over the offer, her frazzled mind likely trying to compare the pros and cons of the deal offered to her. But the two of them knew as well as the other did that she wasn’t strong enough to survive in NRC alone, so looking up at him, she reluctantly nodded.


    “ Ah, magnifique! The two of us shall have a most splendid time, I promise you! But first I believe we should take you to the infirmary, you look quite shaken mon chéri.”

    “Oh, no. There’s no need-“

    “Nonsense! I promised to protect you, no?” He lifted her into his arms, holding her so that her focus was towards her own embarrassment rather than the body the two would walk past, and as she flushed against his shoulder, he could no longer hold in the satisfied smile where she clung to him. He certainly made the right choice in allowing her to see the truth of NRC, the body they walked past wouldn’t be the last to add to the pile of kills in her name, but he could at least thank his sacrifice for driving her into his arms.

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  • hyenamirth
    16.10.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    We had a 4 day week this week so I'm a day short on my weekly allotted Mr. R time- prior to having a tc I loved the weekend and now it's just like,,, counting down the hours until school starts again


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  • wilburnout
    16.10.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    “Within our house, we had rules. Or rather, just one rule that my father made…”

    “Do not talk about heroes.”

    Wilbur's Masterlist


    Teasing Mirio x Male Reader

    #bnha x male reader #mha x male reader #mha#bnha #x male reader #male y/n #mirio x male reader #mirio x reader
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  • naraliven
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    #ranpo hcs #ranpo x y/n #ranpo x you #ranpo x reader #ranpo edogawa x you #ranpo edogawa x reader #ranpo imagines#ranpo headcanons#bsd imagines #bsd x you #bsd x male reader #bsd x reader #bsd x y/n #bsd headcanons#bsd hcs #bungou stray dogs x you #bungou stray dogs x reader #bungou stray dogs imagines
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  • ravenousnightwind
    16.10.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    I think it's good and healthy if your concepts of deities evolve. Like, even though I still see Loki as a shit starter sometimes, I more call on him to help me with what to say to people. Which wasn't like before. I did it..but it wasn't as often. Now it's more Odin who is the shit starter. Idk sometimes it just be like that. Gods play different roles in our lives and sometimes those things they do fluctuate over time or go in cycles/phases.

    (For the Love of Loki, yes I love him. Yes I consider him a shit starter sometimes. Don't assume he doesn't mean something big for me just because of this. My practice and views don't dimish yours. This post doesn't express all the passion and respect I have for him!)

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