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  • stillcosmic
    03.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    i want malex cuddles in cozy sweaters!!!!!

    #malex #i’m dying over here #when is s4
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  • rafascosmic
    02.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Just a touch of your love...💕

    It's been over a month since I've posted a malex drawing... 🥺

    #roswell#roswell nm #roswell new mexico #malex#michael guerin#alex manes #alex x michael #michael x alex #michael vlamis#tyler blackburn#art#drawing#fan art#malex fanart#sketch#artwork #art of the day #the cw#lgbtqia #love is love #malex is endgame #otp: home can be a person #would you come home #rnm#rnm art#rnm fanart#rnm spoilers
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  • stayextrafrosty
    02.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    For those of you still waiting on fluffy malex prompts from me, give me like another week while I finish up classes for the semester. I was a poor planner and have to complete an entire 16 week course in the next few days soooo yea. There’s no fic writing getting done until then. Very very sorry

    #prompt update#malex#school sucks #though I guess it’s partially my fault #adhd and depression is a combo I don’t wish on anyone
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  • alex-manes-daily
    02.12.2021 - 9 hours ago
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  • mander3-swish
    02.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Yay finally my Burn the World Down merch arrived!!

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  • infp-obsessing-over-everything
    02.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    so I’m working on a really bad Hogwarts AU (cause they are silly and fun) but I don’t know what ships I want to include, so if anyone would like to see anything in particular I came up with a few different options:

    Echo, Malex, Kybel, Rosa/Dallas
    Echo, Rosabel, Malex
    Guertecho, Valevans, Rosabel
    Guertecho, Rosa/Dallas, Valevans, Malex
    Guertecho, Rosa/Dallas, Kybel, Sheriff Manes
    Kyliz, Rosabel, Malex

    and suggestions are also welcome

    #I know I need to be writing other things #but I just woke up and was like Liz needs to wear a Slytherin scarf #and now this is being worked on #fan fic#rnm #roswell New Mexico #rnm echo#malex#kybel #Rosa x Dallas #Rosabel#valevans#Guertecho#kyliz#sheriff manes
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  • pastelwitchling
    02.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    I noticed from the first episode of season 3 to episode 10 that Alex bed comforter changed and it's only been a week and a couple of days since then so it's canon in my head that Micheal found out Forrest was in that bed and freaked and bought a whole new comforter and sheet set and just showed up with bags. Alex just smiles and let's him do his work 🤣🤣 I can just imagine him doing that

                   Alex tilted his head as he leaned against the doorframe of his bedroom, watching Michael tear off the sheets of his bed and throw them to the floor. He kicked them for good measure and replaced them with the sheets he’d bought new.

                   Or he was going to before he stopped, considering the bed.

                   “You know what?” he said. “I’ll change the mattress, too.”

                   Alex barked out a laugh, and hugged Michael from behind. “No,” he said, “you won’t. Guerin, it was months ago, and I’ve cleaned up around here a hundred times since then.”

                   “I can still smell him,” Michael growled, holding onto Alex’s forearm to keep them attached. “All over your stuff, Alex. That stupid clean laundry smell –”

                   “Forrest smelled like cinnamon,” Alex said into the crook of Michael’s neck before pressing a kiss there. “That clean laundry smell actually is clean laundry.”

                   Michael turned in his hold, wrapping his arms around his waist. “I can’t stand the thought of someone else touching you, someone else in your house –”

                   “I know,” Alex murmured, his smile dimmer. Michael seemed to hear the rest of his sentence, I know the feeling.

                   Michael winced. “I’m sorry.”

                   “I know that, too,” Alex whispered and kissed his lips. Michael moaned at once, dropping his new sheets, his hands slipping under Alex’s sweater. Alex wrapped his arms around Michael’s shoulders, tilting his head to deepen the kiss.

                   “You know,” Alex said breathlessly as Michael’s fingers wandered around his stomach, back, chest, and sides, “I think I know some other way you can erase anyone else’s trace here.”

                   Michael smirked, the same idea lighting up his eyes. He pulled Alex’s body against his, and cupped Alex’s jaw. His lips hovering over Alex’s, he said, “It’ll take all day. Maybe all week. Just us, sweating and naked and on every surface in the house.”

                   Alex moaned when Michael bent his head down to bite his neck. He pushed a hand through Michael’s curls and curved his body into his.

                   “Anything to ease your mind, baby.”

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  • breannacasey
    02.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    What Grows Within the Stacks

    Michael fell in love with Alex, the librarian of his local library. He is pretty sure Alex feels the same, but something is preventing him from flirting back.

    Michael Guerin/Alex Manes, Roswell New Mexico. 2442 words. Gen. Librarian AU.
    Gift for @dankmalexmemes, as part of @malexsanta. I hope you like it!

    Prompt: Alex, a librarian, is hopelessly in love with frequent patron and local genius Michael Guerin and spends nearly every night on their walk back to their cars exchanging book recommendations. Little does he know that Michael watches all of his story times with the kids from the stacks and has read every single book Alex has talked about over the years. Michael flirts with him, hard. But, Alex’s awesome combination of self-hatred and mental illness leaves him incapable of understanding how anyone, let alone someone as perfect as Michael Guerin, could want him. In order to get into Alex’s thick skull that he is desperately in love with him, he builds a beautiful wrap-around porch for the library and decks it out with lights for the annual children’s Christmas party.

    Read on ao3

    #malex#malexsanta#malexsanta2021#my fanfic#my post #i don't often do AUs but this was really fun
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  • lovecolibri
    02.12.2021 - 21 hours ago
    #my sweet nonnie friends #sleeping at last anon #911#911 spoilers#evan buckley#anti bucktaylor #i am having lots of wild and incoherent thoughts #but i am cautiously hopeful about where this is all leading #because while TPTB loooove to ignore fandom #they have a harder time ignoring the general audience and dropping numbers and bad reviews #and it's well known that the GA has NEVER liked t*ylor #so to bring her back and put her with buck our normal ray of sunshine boy #and have him looking soooo miserable all the time? #choices have been made #yes this is also about malex because what ISN'T?
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  • dr-lemurr
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    My @malexsanta gift from the amazing @skinsharpenedteeth!

    Thank you!!!

    #roswell new mexico #malexsanta#malex #my first gift exchange #so excited
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  • skinsharpenedteeth
    02.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hey yall! I got @dr-lemurr for the 12 days of Malex gift exchange! I used her prompt 'this didn't turn out I expected" and I am gifting her a fic! @malexsanta

    Hope you enjoy it, Jay!

    Fic is also on AO3!


    Michael turned down the burner over the bolognese that he was making and wondered what his boyfriend was up to. Now that he was at the waiting part of the recipe, he wanted a little love and attention. Walking out of the kitchen, he scanned the living room and found Alex out cold on the couch in a pair of dark blue sweatpants and a t-shirt. Feeling playful, Michael made his way over to the couch as quietly as possible and placed both his hands on the armrest above Alex’s head and rested a knee on the couch cushion. 


    “Alex Ma-” he started, but midway through Alex’s eyes shot open and before Michael was aware what was happening, he found himself on the floor on his back with his breath knocked out and Alex’s forearm against his throat. He swallowed against the pressure and took in Alex’s serious, slightly unfocused glare and tried for humor. 


    “Well, this didn’t work out as I intended…” he started, staying completely still. Alex focused on him and a look of horror swept over his features. 


    “Fuck, Michael,” Alex eased off, moving to slide off from on top of Michael’s body. Michael stilled him with his hands on his waist and grinned up at him. Now that Alex knew he wasn’t under a real threat, he was sighing and rubbing at his sleep-crusted eyes. His hair was fluffy and stuck up at odd angles, and the general softness at the set of his shoulders made Michael’s heart feel too big for his body. 


    “You should never wake up a combat vet by sneaking up on them. I could have hurt you, Michael!” Alex burst out in frustration and anger. Michael was still smiling like it was a joke, but Alex’s heart was going a mile-a-minute. Michael’s hands rubbed up and down Alex’s waist soothingly. 


    “I know that now. And I won’t do it again. You’re right, that was dumb. I just… God, you’re such a fucking smoke show when you first wake up. I just can’t stand it,” Michael replied easily. Alex rolled his eyes and groaned at the compliment. He let his body fall forward until his head rested on Michael’s shoulder. He smelled like tomatoes and garlic and, ever-so-faintly, rain. Michael turned and kissed Alex’s ear softly. “Forgive me?”


    “There’s nothing to forgive. I just… I was scared. I could’ve hurt you. I never want to hurt you,” Alex mumbled against Michael’s t-shirt. Michael’s hands moved to rub over his back in swirls and lines. 


    “Unless we negotiate for it, right?” Michael asked, his voice teasing. Alex snorted and sat up, hands trailing down Michael’s chest until they rested at the bottom of his ribs. Alex was smiling now despite himself. Michael’s hands had fallen from his back as he sat up and now slipped easily under his t-shirt to trace the waistband of his sweatpants. He tucked a finger under the elastic and pulled, letting go and popping the fabric against Alex’s skin, making his stomach jump in surprise and something deeper start stirring. 


    “You want to negotiate right now? Don’t you have food on the stove?” Alex asked while slowly pulling Michael’s shirt until he had it pushed up enough to run his hands over Michael’s stomach and ribs. Michael’s hands were restless on him as well, traveling well worn paths that never failed to make Alex gasp and grind against him. 


    “That sauce needs to simmer for thirty at least. We got time to get up a little nonsense if you want.” Michael’s thumbs rubbed over Alex’s nipples, pinching lightly and making heat coil in Alex’s belly. Alex leaned down to run his lips over Michael’s jaw, parcelling out small kisses before he answered. 


    “Is that what you had in mind before I decided to jump you?” Alex asked when his lips neared Michael’s ear. His voice was already getting low and seductive and Michael shifted underneath him. 


    Michael turned his head, searching for Alex’s mouth so he could kiss him before responding. He moved his hands to cup the firm, round cheeks of Alex’s ass, kneading them with his fingers and pulling Alex’s body down to give himself the right kind of friction. Alex knew what his sex voice did to Michael’s impulse control. 


    “Maybe. I really wanted to sit on your face and tell you that I love you, but I’m beginning to think maybe in apology, I should have you sit on mine instead.” Alex hummed, rocking his hips down in rhythm with Michael’s kneading hands. Michael finally caught his lips, their mouths opening immediately.  Alex could feel Michael’s hardening cock pressing against his own and wondered briefly about just staying as they were and frotting like teens, but then the memory of how good Michael’s tongue felt fucking his hole surfaced in his mind. Yeah, why frot when you can ride?


    “That sounds better since I’ve had a shower and you haven’t,” Alex replied finally, breaking their kiss and giving Michael a cheeky smile. Michael grinned back, raising a hand and bringing it down with a smack against Alex’s ass. 


    “You’re a brat. You think you’re sneaky and no one knows, but I do. You’re a fucking menace.”

    Alex laughed at Michael’s pronouncement, not disagreeing with him one bit. 


    “You going to punish me?” Alex asked, taking the opportunity to sit up and strip off his shirt. 


    “Hell no. I’m going to reward you. Get naked and get up here already,” Michael replied, reaching and pinching Alex’s nipples playfully. Alex jerked back and laughed, climbing off Michael long enough to roll onto the floor beside him. Glancing up and down, Alex took in Michael sprawled out and ready for him. His sweats left nothing to Alex’s imagination (not that he had to imagine. God, Michael had a perfect fucking cock). Maybe Alex would sit on that next. His stomach grumbled though, voicing protest at the idea of such vigorous activity while empty. 


    Michael started chuckling and pushing himself up onto his elbows. 


    "Okay. Maybe later. I know who really rules this relationship. I've got some garlic bread and salad you can munch on while the sauce finishes," Michael said, no trace of disappointment in his voice. 


    "Mmmm. You're going to get all your wishes later if you keep this up," Alex teased, leaning down and giving Michael a quick, but thorough kiss before backing off. Michael groaned as Alex pulled away, but didn't chase him. 


    "I'm going to hold you to that, Manes."


    "I expect you to. I look forward to it."

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  • angrycowboy
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    trying to finish my big bang and let me tell you my brain is currently like NAHHHHH which is great. and i have one gifset that i have to fix before posting that on sunday.

    i really like pushing myself to finish shit right before the deadline, i guess.

    #notso writes fanfic #oh and then i have a malex santa fic to finish #woo hoo!
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  • bettertospeakordie
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    the fact that alex immediately said ‘aliens’ after forest told him about this paramilitary group holding the secrets to the universe, is equally adorable and hilarious to me

    #malex #this boy is not subtle #he’s got his baby on his mind
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  • pastelwitchling
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hi, was just wondering if you could write a Malex fic where Alex is suffering from Phantom limb syndrome and Michael is helping him with it

                   Michael woke in the middle of the night to Alex shivering against him, his body drenched in a cold sweat. His immediate thought as he sat up, gently waking Alex with him, was fever.

                   Alex’s fevers were so rare and short-lived, but they got pretty bad when they did come. It didn’t help that Alex was naked from their night together, and the blanket they had around their hips was as thick as paper.

                   “Wake up, baby,” Michael murmured into Alex’s hair, trying not to worry about how damp it was already. “Come on, we’re taking you to Valenti.”

                   “N-No, Guerin,” Alex managed through grit teeth, turning his face into Michael’s shoulder and clutching his waist painfully tight. “’M not sick, I . . . my – my leg.”

                   “Your leg?” Michael threw back the blanket, half-expecting to find an infection had spread from Alex’s stump, but . . . it looked fine. Nothing seemed to be wrong with it, and yet Alex shivered and ached like the bullet was still in his bone.

                   Then he remembered. Something he’d studied back when he’d first caught wind from Maria that Alex had lost his leg, something he’d read in his secretly hopeful desire to be prepared . . . just in case.

                   “Okay,” Michael helped him sit up against him, shushing him softly and raking his hair back off his brow. “Look, you’ve got some phantom limb pain, I’m going to get up – just to get you your medication,” he added quickly when Alex started to whimper, clutching his arm tighter.

                   “No,” Alex said, eyes still shut. “I’ll – I’ll get it, I can get it.”

                   Michael winced. Alex was half asleep and clearly had forgotten that he didn’t have a leg to stand on right now to get much of anything.

                   “Okay, Alex,” he murmured against his ear. “I won’t leave you, I’m right here, okay?” he reached down and started massaging Alex’s right thigh, murmuring how much he loved Alex, how he wouldn’t leave him for a second.

                   Alex hissed as Michael rubbed his thigh, and slowly, Alex’s pills came floating in from the bathroom. Michael reached out for them with his free hand, grabbed a bottle of water off the nightstand, and held them out for Alex.

                   Alex’s eyes were shut, his face turned into Michael’s shoulder. Michael eased him into loosening up by dragging his lips along his forehead, his cheek, down to his jaw.

                   Eventually, Alex could breathe deeply enough to take his medication. Michael pressed a kiss to each of his eyes as the pain slowly eased away, a kiss to his nose as he tried to calm his heartbeat. He kept massaging his hip, his thigh, his knee, kissing his ear, his jaw, his neck.

                   When the pain finally ceased completely, and Alex’s breathing was deep against Michael’s collarbone, his body warm from the extra blanket Michael had added and Michael’s arms around him, Alex stirred in his hold.

                   “I’m sorry,” he murmured, shivering. Michael hugged him tighter.

                   “I’m not,” he said. “I’m glad I was here to protect you.”

                   Alex’s lower lip trembled, and he did something that was even rarer than one of his fevers. He cried, covering his eyes with a hand.

                   “I’m so tired,” he breathed. “I don’t want to be broken anymore.”

                   Michael kissed his temple hard. Sometimes, when Alex was too tired to realize what he was saying, he woke up the next morning embarrassed and remorseful. He hated it when people found out about his deepest weaknesses and fears, the ones he wouldn’t even admit to himself.

                   “You’re perfect,” Michael whispered fiercely to him. “You’re beautiful and perfect.”

                   Alex let Michael pull him down onto the bed, wrapping him tightly in his arms, his back to Michael’s chest.

                   “I love you,” Michael whispered against the nape of his neck, even after he slept. “I love you so much.”

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  • angrycowboy
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Two years in a row. Perhaps I need to start listening to something else?

    Nah. 😂

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  • m1lfhunters
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • bisexualalienss
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    telling your boyfriend he's cooking meth before making out with him <3

    #pilot malex man
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  • stayextrafrosty
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Enjoy my spotify wrapped!

    I’m more than a bit surprised by blinding lights. I don’t feel like I listened to it that much

    Would you come home by Tyler Blackburn is still at number 5 so the roswell New Mexico and malex brain rot is still going strong

    Fall out boy top artist forever baby!

    #spotify wrapped #fall out boy #roswell new mexico #malex#rezz#pvris
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  • bisexualalienss
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    no comment

    #you can tell I basically just listen to my malex playlist
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  • caitlesshea
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    under the mistletoe watching the fire glow

    For @alilypea for @malexsanta

    Michael and Alex are decorating their house to spend their first Christmas together, but there’s one thing missing and Michael can’t figure out what it is. 
    Good thing Alex knows.

    “Babe! Breakfast!”

    Alex doesn’t know the last time he woke up and felt this happy, this comfortable.

    Probably the day before, because Michael had officially moved in and today is the second morning of waking up together. 

    “You’re up early,” Alex says as he yawns and adjusts his iWalk. It’s much too early for his prosthesis. 

    “It’s December first!” Michael says excitedly as Alex sits at the bar and nearly moans at the feast Michael has placed in front of him. 

    Blueberry waffles. His favorite. 

    “So, it’s Wednesday?” Alex asks after taking a bite and actually moaning this time, much to Michael’s delight.

    “No. Well, yes. But it means we get to decorate for Christmas, we should get a tree.” 


    Michael’s face falls. “Do you not want to? We don’t have to.”

    The thing is, Alex knows Michael means it. If Alex said he was uncomfortable with decorating, Michael just wouldn’t. But, Alex finds that he wants to. That he wants to give Michael some happy memories of Christmas. Hell, give both of them happy memories of Christmas.

    “No, no I want to. I think I have some old decorations in the attic. We can get them down and then get a tree.”

    Michael smiles and it’s beautiful. 

    “What kind of decorations?” 

    “I think I have some ornaments from over the years, Greg collected them for me.” 

    “Yeah? Any from?”

    “When I was younger? No, not really. Mostly from the different places I’ve been.”


    “Why? Do you have any?”

    “Nah.” Michael shrugs like it’s not a big deal but Alex can tell that it kind of is. “I mean Izzy usually hangs some up with my name on them but I’d rather get some new ones or use yours.”

    “We can do both, we’ll need lights too,” Alex suggests. 

    “And a reindeer. I want a reindeer.”

    Alex laughs, delighted. “Gonna go all out?”

    “Of course. It’s our first Christmas together.” 

    Alex smiles softly, the joy from Michael radiating throughout the room.

    “Alright, let's get the boxes down.”


    “You only have two boxes?”

    “Apparently,” Alex says as he surveys the two boxes Greg stored in the attic for him after he would send trinkets back home to him. “Let's look through them real quick so we can see what we need.”

    “Then we can go to Target?”

    Alex laughs, “What is your obsession with Target?”

    “Alex, I think the correct question is why don’t you have an obsession with Target?”

    Alex shakes his head. “It looks like I just have some ornaments and garland in here, we’ll have to buy quite a bit.”

    If Alex didn’t know any better he’d say the face Michael is making is that of the cheshire cat. 

    “Well let's get the tree first so we can see what we need to buy.”

    “The reindeer, Alex. I’m putting a reindeer in the yard.”


    “This one.”

    Alex looks at the tree they’ve stopped in front of and grimaces slightly. It’s not that it’s bad, per se, but it’s not full or luscious either. 

    “It looks a little sad,” Alex says after a moment.

    “I know, it’s perfect.”

    “Are you sure?” Alex asks and then wonders something. “Is it because it looks like the Charlie Brown tree?”

    “I don’t know what that is, but this one should get a home too, like every other one.”

    Alex smiles softly, once again struck by the amount of love that Michael has. It shouldn’t keep surprising him, he’s known Michael for what feels like his whole life, but sometimes he’s bowled over by the amount of love that he has to give. And lucky Alex that he chooses to give some of it to him.

    “Alright, let's get that one.”


    “He needs a family Alex, we can’t just get one,” Michael whines in such an adorable way that Alex has to lean over and kiss him.

    Michael hums happily into the kiss and pulls away and is definitely giving Alex those pouty puppy dog eyes that Alex can’t resist.

    “Fine, get all the reindeer.”

    “Yes!” Michael cheers happily as he puts three different versions of reindeers in their cart. Alex can admit that it will look nice, a baby reindeer, an adult one, and Rudolph.

    “You have to put them up though,” Alex says as they walk the ornament aisle, with Michael casually throwing different ones in their cart.

    “I will.” Michael turns and holds up a heart ornament with 2021 Our First Christmas on it and Alex smiles and nods for him to add it to the ever growing pile.

    “Okay, I think that’s enough, we need lights, too.” Michael practically skips over to the wall of lights and Alex shakes his head at the icicle lights that have found their way into their hoard.

    “Colorful or white lights for the tree?” Alex asks and Michael just smiles at him.

    “Colorful, obviously.”

    “Obviously,” Alex teases. Michael doesn’t pay any attention as he moves onto the tree skirts, putting a green and red plaid one into the cart, and then he stops in front of the tree toppers and looks toward Alex.

    “Which one?”

    “Whatever one you want, Michael.”

    “Yeah, but it’s your tree, too.”

    “Michael, I’ve gone years without a tree, every once in a while, I’d buy one of the mini plastic ones and put it in my bunk, but I don’t need one. You pick.” 

    “If you’re sure?”

    Alex grabs Michael’s hand and squeezes. “I’m sure.”

    “Okay.” Michael turns back to the shelf with the tree toppers and scratches at his chin like he’s contemplating a hard equation and not deciding between a light up star and a plain one.

    “The gold one,” Michael exclaims and places it with the rest of their things. Alex smiles and shakes his head. 

    “Okay, is that all?”

    “I think so.” Michael looks over at him and then into their cart again. “We can always come back.”

    Alex nods and laughs and thinks his wallet won’t like it too much if they come back, but for Michael, he’ll splurge on some overly done Christmas things.

    “Alright, let’s go home.” 


    Alex has to admit, he’s impressed. 

    They got home and immediately put up the tree, and while Michael put the reindeer and lights up in the yard, Alex started the lights on the tree. 

    Now that everything’s done he can safely say it looks a little like winter wonderland but it surprisingly works with the rest of their décor. 

    “Something’s missing,” Michael says as he surveys the living room from where they’re sitting on the couch, with hot chocolate and marshmallows. 

    “What’s missing?” Alex asks because really, what could be missing? “We have lights and reindeer outside, a tree and lights inside, and some Christmas throw pillows.”

    “I know it’s just…” Michael’s eyes scan the mantle and then sweep back over to the tree. 

    It hits Alex then. Stockings. They don’t have stockings. 

    He wants to say something. He wants to go back to the store and pick some up. He can’t believe they forgot. 

    He waits for Michael to mention it, but Michael just shrugs and snuggles closer to him and Alex. 

    It hits Alex then, with a pang of sadness, that Michael’s probably never had a stocking. And while he’s probably seen them before, at Max’s, at Isobel’s, he’s probably never been somewhere through Christmas to have his own. 


    Alex knows just who to ask. 


    Alex doesn’t like to think he’s sneaking out. He left breakfast warning in the oven and a note on Michael’s nightstand, but he has to get to Sander’s before Michael gets in for work. 

    Alex has been here more times than he can count. Hell, it was the only place he lived when he came home on leave and they’d both be in Michael’s airstream. 

    Alex looks over at it fondly and then steals himself as he walks over to Sander’s small house toward the back of the property. 

    Alex is nervous and he knows he shouldn’t be. He loves Sanders, but he feels a little like he’s going to talk to Michael’s dad, and it makes him think of all the times they snuck around out here when they were younger. 

    “You gonna stand out there all day or are you gonna knock?” Sanders drawls from inside the house, the front door open, and Alex jumps. The only thing that separates them is the screen and Alex opens it and steps inside. 

    “Sorry for dropping by so early,” Alex says after a moment and Sanders shrugs. 

    “Michael okay?” Sanders asks and Alex’s winces. He probably should’ve led with that. 

    “Yeah. I actually had a question to ask you.” Alex takes the coffee Sanders offers and watches as Sanders raises an eyebrow at him. 

    “You asking me for my permission to marry him? You know you don’t need it.”

    Alex nearly chokes on his coffee and tries to stop the blush from rising on his face. He doesn’t think he’s successful. 

    “Uhh…no, but I’ll keep that in mind,” Alex settles on and Sanders smirks. “Actually, we decorated for Christmas and I was wondering if you had a stocking for Michael. He’s mentioned having some Christmases here.”

    Sanders looks at him with his arms crossed over his chest and Alex can’t tell what he’s thinking. It’s a little unnerving. Until his face softens and he gestures for Alex to follow him. 

    When they get to a shed out back, Sanders points to a small plastic bin, and Alex can see the small tree with some ornaments. He opens the box and there they are. Two stockings. One with Walt on the front and one with Michael. 

    “It isn’t much,” Sanders says from where Alex is looking over the stockings. 

    “No, it’s perfect. Can I?”

    “You can have the whole box. I don’t decorate anymore.”

    “Are you sure?” Alex asks as he takes in the ornaments, noticing the small ones made of alien glass. He holds one up. 

    “Christmas magic I guess.” Sanders shrugs and Alex laughs. It’s just like Michael to not even notice something like this when he was too shocked he even had Sanders in the first place. 

    “Thank you,” Alex says as he stands with the box. 

    “Gotta get one for you, too.” Sanders walks over to another box and grabs a blank stocking. One that matches the other two. “You’ll just have to put your name on it.”

    “Sanders,” Alex chokes out. 

    “There was always a third person we loved, she won’t mind you having hers.”

    Alex gets it then. Sanders bought this stocking for Nora even if he never told Michael. 

    “Thank you.”

    Sanders shrugs again and turns to leave and Alex follows. 

    “I was serious about the marriage question.”

    Alex laughs. “You’ll be the first to know, I promise.” 


    Alex manages to miss Michael when he gets home, so he sets up the small tree in their room and the three stockings on their mantle. He lights the fire as he starts working and smiles when he sees all the changes to their house. 

    Not just the Christmas décor, but the little things of Michael’s that have made this place a home. The books in the bookcase. The guitars by the window. The blankets on the couch. 

    Alex loves it. 

    He startles from his musings when the front door opens and Alex realizes it’s lunch time. He’s thankful they have leftovers because he completely forgot. 

    “Hey, I didn’t know you were working from home today,” Michael says as he crosses the living room to where Alex has started heating up the leftovers.

    “Yeah, I had some errands to run and I didn’t want to drive all the way out there.” Alex kisses Michael and laughs as Michael tugs him closer and kisses him back. 

    When Alex breaks the kiss he tugs Michael into the living room, Michael following easily. 

    “What are you doing, babe?” 

    “Just, look.” Alex waits until Michael notices the mantle and then he gasps.

    “Wha? Alex?” Michael let’s go of Alex’s hand as he goes up to the three stockings and runs his hands over their names. “Where did you?”

    “Sanders. He let me have the extra one.”

    Michael turns towards him, and Alex can see the tears in his eyes. 

    “I forgot. I can’t believe I forgot.” 

    “He didn’t. He said I could have the tree, too. It’s in our room.” 

    Michael smiles through the tears and hugs Alex to him and Alex leans into him and breathes in. 

    “Thank you. I love you,” Michael whispers against his hair from where Alex has put his face in Michael’s neck.

    “I love you, too.” 

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