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  • damiannasworld
    19.09.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    Last night with a fan. The outfit: 💖👍

    Original picture: Måneskin Official Fanclub IG story

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  • daisy0gf
    19.09.2021 - 43 minutes ago
    #damiano david #damiano david fluff #damiano david imagines #damiano david smut #maneskin imagines #damiano david fanfiction #damiano david x reader #damiano david imagine #maneskin x reader
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  • definitelynotdamiano
    19.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Zitti e buoni from Sanremo on Spotify

    I love the Sanremo version of Zitti e buoni, and and it's not on Spotify, so I decided to put it there myself. At first I did this only for myself, but then thought that some of you would like to have this too.

    Here is my post with all the steps of putting songs on your Spotify playlist.

    Here is a short summary from Spotify's site.

    And finally, here you can download the necessary audio files. You can choose if you want to get all of them (the zip file) or not.

    I hope you like this as much as I do :D

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  • thomasraggiissculptedbygods
    19.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Some gifs I made <3

    #maneskin #victoria de angelis #emily prentiss #aaron hotch hotchner #criminal minds
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  • ventvnni
    19.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
    I Wanna Be Your Slave - Open'er Park
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  • cheese-toastie-11
    19.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    #092: honk

    ethan: honk.

    vic: WHAT.

    ethan: HONK.


    #cw swearing#måneskin#maneskin#ethan torchio #victoria de angelis #damiano david#thomas raggi#incorrect quotes #incorrect måneskin quotes #ellie's incorrect quotes #i figured i would give ethan his time in the chaotic spotlight too
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  • cheese-toastie-11
    19.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    #091: violently

    *group chat discussion*

    leo: if you add the word "violently" in front of anything to describe your action, it instantly becomes funnier.

    leo: violently practices.

    giorgia: violently studies.

    thomas: violently sleeps.

    damiano: violently takes pictures.

    ethan: violently boxes.

    vic: violently murders people.

    thomas: violently worries about the previous statement.

    #cw murder mention #would u look at that #appearances by none other than leo and giorgia #måneskin#maneskin#leo grillo#giorgia soleri#thomas raggi#damiano david#ethan torchio #victoria de angelis #incorrect quotes #incorrect måneskin quotes #ellie's incorrect quotes
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  • cheese-toastie-11
    19.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    #090: LGBT

    vic: yeah, i'm LGBT.

    vic: cuLt leader.

    vic: God hates me personally.

    vic: cowBoy hat.

    vic: *sniffles* Trying my best.

    #måneskin#maneskin #victoria de angelis #thomas raggi#ethan torchio#damiano david#incorrect quotes #incorrect måneskin quotes #ellie's incorrect quotes #me too vic
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  • binairobi
    19.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Vic de Angelis x Black


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  • binairobi
    19.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    “There are many stupid people and they have control” you mean capitalism?

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  • till-you-scream-and-cry
    19.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Hush, hush, cucciola

    Pairing: Vic x reader (rather gender neutral)
    Summary: you’re were asked to come over and help to calm Vic down after another disagreement during creating new song, and you find just the way to make her happy and peaceful again 😏
    Word count: 1759 words
    Warnings: smut, so please 18+, and if you’re a minor at least don’t comment to make me feel weird, cursing
    Thank you Evie @teatrodellavita for proof reading and hyping me up, love you boo 💕😪👌🏻

    The doors opened, you saw a tired face of Thomas who sighed with relief.

    “Oh good, you made it” he kissed your cheek and pulled you into the house,” I can’t deal with her anymore”

    “Is it that bad?” you started looking around “Where is everyone?”

    “Gone, Ethan took the keys and drove away, fuck knows where, Damiano is in the garden and I am leaving” he furiously picked up his bag and walked outside.

    You stood there for a minute, trying to gather thoughts before climbing upstairs. The door to Vic’s room was closed shut, you gently knocked on them.

    “I told you to leave me alone!” she opened them with a fury.

    Vic’s face was pink, hair messy, eyes red and teary, she was breathing fast, her nose was moving in a cute way, yet indicating her anger.

    “Hey,” you said coldly, seeing her face change slightly, anger drifting away. You walked past her going further into the room

    “I’m sorry baby, I thought it was Thomas” her voice became softer, she shut the door with a loud bang and sat on the edge of the bed.

    Her room was a mess, mix of clothes and loose paper sheets, some of them in shreds. You looked around making a full spin and looked at Vic with raised eyebrows. She sighed and shook her head, dropping it down, staring at her feet. You walked in front of her and put your hand in her fluffy hair, hugging her forehead to your stomach, Vic immediately wrapped her arms around your legs.

    “Who called you? Ethan or Thomas?” she mumbled

    “Thomas, I think Ethan gave up at this point. What happened, cucciola?” you said softly, gently stroking her hair.

    Vic remained quiet so you moved your hand to her chin and tilted her head up, making her look into your eyes

    “Talk to me” your voice became firmer, with your free hand you pushed her a bit too long fringe off her eyes and cupped her face.

    “He keeps doing that, every fucking time we write a song” you saw the rage slowly coming back to her, “He keeps ignoring me and then scolds me that I’m not working hard enough!“

    The last words were spat out with the same anger, that she opened the door with a minute before.

    “Hush cucciola, don’t do that, you don’t need another fight with him” you held her face in your hands, caressing her cheeks with your thumbs “It’s always the same, he’s just a damn perfectionist, it’s not personal”

    Vic furrowed her brows and bit her lip

    “Are you taking Damiano’s side now?” she asked with a pretence, her eyes pinned into yours.

    You leaned down, stopping only inches from her lips


    Vic smirked and started tracing her hands up your thighs, she stopped at hips and pulled you closer

    “Good, very good” her legs were between yours, she swiftly pulled you down, making you sit on her lap, straddling her.

    “I missed you,” she said slowly tracing her hands up and down your back

    “I missed you too baby” your hands hugged her waist tight “but I was told to stay away while you work, apparently I’m a distraction for you”

    You tilted your head to the side with a smirk, slowly tracing circles with your nails on the back of Vic’s neck. She closed her eyes and hummed with a smile, hugging you tighter.

    “Well, whoever said that, and I bet it was Damiano, they don’t know shit” she chuckled and opened her eyes, they were darker from the lust that was growing in her.

    Vic moved her hands to your chin and pulled you closer.

    “You’re my muse” she whispered against your lips, before kissing you, slowly at first, savoring your taste, getting progressively rougher, and leaving you breathless.

    When your lips finally parted, leaving both of you panting, you swiftly removed her t-shirt, threw it to the side, and pushed Vic on her back.

    “Can’t get enough of me, can you” Vic growled with a grin as you pinned her hands above her head.

    You leaned down to kiss her lips, slowly moving over through chin to her neck, sucking on her skin, leaving tiny purple marks.

    “I’m just getting started” you whispered into her ear, nibbling on her earlobe.

    Vic whimpered at the sound of your voice, warm breath against her sensitive skin combined with your lips were enough to make her breathing faster. You kissed your way to the hem of her shorts and pulled them down looking deep into her eyes. Vic bit her lip and sat further into the bed, making more room for you in front of her. You leaned down and kissed her stomach, slowly spreading her legs. She tried to sit up, supporting herself on elbows, but you pushed her back down with a smirk

    “Let your muse do her job baby” you grinned and pulled her underwear down, throwing it on the floor.

    Vic kept watching you with parted lips, licking them in anticipation. You smiled and took your time, slowly leaving kisses on her thighs, spreading her legs further apart. As you moved up, her sighs turned into soft moans, begging for your attention where she needed you most.

    You shifted up, leaning over her once again, supporting yourself with one hand, the other softly trailing over her chest, your tongue tracing circling around her nipple before you gently sucked on it, making her whimper. You smiled and started teasing her other breast with your free hand, feeling her hips desperately bucking towards yours. As your hand slowly moved down her stomach, you sucked the skin on her neck.

    You looked deep into her eyes as your fingers touched her folds, brushing against her clit, her face was flushed, parted lips let out a sweet moan. Seeing her like that made you smile and press your lips against hers, you sped up your fingers, pressing them harder against her clit before sliding two of them inside. Vic groaned loudly and grabbed your hand, pinning nails into it

    “You want me to stop, cucciola?” you asked with a grin, slowly curling up your fingers.

    Vic shook her head and let out another loud whimper, bucking hips towards your hand. You placed yourself between her thighs, thrown one of her legs over your shoulder, and leaned down slowly licking her folds, making her wince.

    Vic’s hands wandered to your head, she tangled her fingers in your hair, and threw her head back as you pressed your tongue to her clit. Her loud gasps filled the room, getting louder and more erratic as your tongue started dancing around her most sensitive spot.

    Vic tugged on your hair, letting you know she’s getting close, you sped up your fingers, curling them at the same pace as your tongue swirled around her clit. You reached one of your hands and squeezed her nipple, her back arched and a loud moan escaped her mouth. You grinned and hummed against her, sending vibrations through your lips making her buckle hips towards your face.

    Few thrusts of your fingers later, her body started trembling, you started sucking on her clit, firmly gripping her hips with free hand, not letting her back out. Vic pushed your head down on herself and came with a loud cry.

    You slid fingers out of her and started tracing them over her lips, Vic opened them and with dreamy eyes sucked them clean and smiled.

    “Was that enough, baby?” you asked with a smirk.

    Vic’s face was red, fringe was stuck to her forehead, pink lips covered in her own juices, parted and gasping for air.

    “I don’t know, was it?” she bit her lip.

    You sat up on your knees between her legs, leaned down to kiss her slowly and sloppily, gently sliding hands down her body starting from shoulders, through breasts, stopping on her hips. You grabbed them hard, moved away, and flipped Vic on her stomach.

    She squealed and looked at you over her shoulder with a grin. You knelt behind her and pulled her up, resting her ass on your lap, her back against your chest.

    “You’re not done yet, are you?” you growled into her ear, slowly licking her neck, tracing hands up her thighs, spreading them wider.

    You wrapped one of your arms around her waist, other hand teasing her still sensitive clit. She turned her head to you even more, gasping under your touch.

    “I love your moans baby” you whispered into her lips and kissed her, her hand cupped your face.

    She bit your lip, making your eyes go dark again. You pushed her on the mattress, making her go on all fours, and gave her ass a loud smack. Vic spread her legs and got even lower, arching her ass up and encouragingly swaying her hips to the sides. You slid three fingers in her soaking wet pussy, leaning over and placing a soft kiss on her bare back.

    She let out a loud whimper as you placed the other hand on her clit, rubbing it few times before taking your hand back again, making her wince.

    She was already aroused enough that it didn’t take her long to get to another wave of high. You kept curling up your fingers as she was moaning in ecstasy, pulling her close to your chest with your free arm.

    As she started to cooling off, she leaned on you, panting with a loud smile on her face. Vic turned around and pulled you into a sweet kiss, tasting herself on your lips. You cupped her face and kissed her head

    “Feeling better?” you asked, rolling off the bed.

    Vic looked even more angelic than usual, her anger was gone, replaced by this look you knew too well, the one only you could give her.

    “Much better” she smiled and started collecting her clothes.

    You went downstairs to the living room, holding hands.

    “Maybe you should go and talk to him, huh?’ you looked through the big glass door at Damiano, wandering around the garden.


    She pulled you close and gave you a soft kiss, wrapping hands around your waist. Vic winked and went outside.

    You noticed Ethan who was sitting still on the sofa watching you with narrowed eyes, sipping coffee

    “I like your methods, they’re simple but very effective” he smirked and opened his book “Good job, thank you Y/N.”

    You saluted him, and as you noticed Vic and Damiano hugging outside - you smiled. Your mission was complete.

    #victoria de angelis #victoria de angelis x reader #vic de angelis smut #maneskin smut#maneskin fanfiction
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  • dxmianodavid
    19.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Let me be your woman

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  • oro-e-diamanti
    19.09.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #maneskin blurb#maneskin blurbs #thomas raggi blurb #maneskin fiction #thomas raggi imagine #thomas raggi x you #thomas raggi x reader #thomas raggi fiction #maneskin imagine #maneskin x you #maneskin x reader #mywriting #thomas raggi fluff #500fc
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  • diluviera
    19.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Ethan moving instead of staying in a corner 😊

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  • diluviera
    19.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Maneskin + Inside of Cars

    #maneskin#måneskin#thomas raggi#ethan torchio #victoria de angelis #damiano david#maneskin + #there are more of in car photos #selfies and photoshoot ones as well
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  • daisyskin-bestie
    19.09.2021 - 7 hours ago
    Ethan Torchio in Russia
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