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  • can 4gods be our next hell so i can continue skipping events idc about.

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  • 011 / 2020-01-11 11 Channel Avenue Toronto Property Numbers - The Days Of The Year #torontonumber

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  • this is just one i got when i was playing in the river with a new water proof camera i had gotten.

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  • since we got the miku event, there’s a chance we could get the 2019 magical mirai event the chinese server had. if that ever happens:

    • magical mirai 2019 is a pavilion event.
    • there are only two suits: magical mirai 2019 versions of miku and luka.
    • you cannot decide the suit you want to go for.
    • judging from a video, it takes around 5k diamonds to complete both suits. the poses are completion prizes.
    • it also has the exchange feature for little rewards such as a circus elephant, circus lion, and a background.
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  • 🇺🇸📸🌌🍁“Freedom” #watersedge #music #noir #videooftheday #beautifulrelease #freedom #brownleaves #bnw_greatshots #howiseephilly #leavesinwater #outdoors #nature #mapleleaf #artistofinstagram #gilbertkingelisa #gilbertkingelisaphotography #phillyeditors #bw #bnw_society #bnw_planet #phillygreats #blackandwhitephotography #indianmusic (at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

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  • image

    Petalstar of Rainclan

    ‘a silver-gray molly with stunning green eyes’

    Shellkit —> Petalpaw —> Petaldusk —> Petalstar

    she/her/they • molly • 70 ☾


    Current: Rainclan

    Past: Loner/kittypet

    Predecesor: Galestar

    Apprentices: Bramblingheart


    Mother: Nightmask

    Father: Shell

    Siblings: N/A

    Mate: N/A


    Petalstar is guarded and quite rough around the edges. She can be very aggressive and fierce at times. While she cares immensely for her clan, she still struggles to open up to even her closest confidant. After the lose of their well-respected medicine cat, she has once again closed herself off from her clan, often leaving many angry. This isn’t the best quality in a leader, but she makes up for her lack of social skills with her loyalty and passion for Rainclan. Her snippy mouth leads many to be wary of her, which she doesn’t mind.


    Petalstar was first named Shellkit when first born to Nightmask and Shell, a kittypet-turned-loner. Rainclan deeply values bloodlines, and absolutely mistrusts kittypets and loners. Because of this, Shellkit was originally a loner. But Nightmask could not part with her clan for long, and eventually grew homesick. Her and Shell had many heated arguments before Nightmask took Shellkit back home to Rainclan to disapproving clanmates. Galestar took pity on his daughter, and allowed Shellkit and Nightmask to remain living in the clan, as long as Shellkit’s name was changed. Nightmask renamed her to Petalkit, after her late mother. But Nightmask began to resent Petalkit, for in her mind, her kit represented a heated affair with the tom that ruined her life, and she took it out on Petalkit.


    Nightmask - Petalstar hates her mother, and still remembers the verbal abuse she suffered from her resentful mother. When Nightmask died from sickness, the young warrior, Petaldusk, didn’t attend the burial.

    Shell - Petalstar barely remembers her father. What she does remember is shouting and yelling. She wonders where he is now, and if he even misses his daughter.

    Galestar - Petalstar’s grandfather. Her most trusted companion. When days were tough with her mom or with her warrior training she would reach out to her grandfather for comfort. When Galestar appointed her as his deputy, she cried tears of joy for the first time in her life.

    Bramblingheart - Petalstar’s only apprentice. She’s quite fond of the skilled warrior, and is very pleased her mentoring resulted in a fine fighter and hunter. Bramblingheart soon became one of Petalstar’s most trusted friends.

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  • image

    Oakstar: Leader of Leafclan

    a long-furred brown tabby tom with piercing green eyes’

    Oakkit —> Oakpaw —> Oakthicket —> Oakstar

    he/him • tom • 67 ☾


    Current: Leafclan

    Past: Leafclan

    Predecesor: Thymestar

    Apprentices: Tigerpaw, Wolfstep


    Mother: unknown leafclan cat

    Father: unknown leafclan cat

    Siblings: N/A

    Mate: Cloverstep

    Daughter(s): Huckleberrypaw, Juniperpaw

    Son(s): Wolfstep


    Oakstar is a reserved and observant leader, who often leaves those he’s interacted with confused, or enlightened. While on the outside he seems very stoic and cold, he is exceptionally warm and fun to his family, especially his love, Cloverstep. He only shows this warmth to his family though, which can lead some to believe he favors his children more than other members of the clan, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Leafclan means everything to Oakstar, and he will stop at nothing to protect his home, family, and clanmates. When he was younger, he wasn’t as reserved or quiet, in fact, he was quite bubbly and outgoing (much like his daughter Huckleberrypaw). He was known around the clan for being a flirt, and too reckless, which is possibly why he calmed down once he was made deputy at such young age.


    Cloverstep - Oakstar’s mate, and the love of his life. They were the rowdiest of apprentices, which often led them into trouble with their mentors. Even from a young age it seemed like these two were destined in the stars.

    Thymestar - Oakstar’s former leader and predecessor. Thymestar saw potential in Oakthicket as her deputy, which deeply humbled Oakthicket. When becoming Oakstar, Thymestar gifted him his 8th final life, and blessed him with humbleness, and told him that Leaflclan will win and lose many battles, but to remain humble through the triumphs.

    Aspenwing - Oakstar’s current deputy and most trusted confidant. Aspenwing is actually quite older than Oakstar, and once feuded over who deserved the deputy position. But during a grave battle, Aspenwing was on the brink of death, and was carried back to camp by Oakthicket, even with wounds of his own. This exchange deeply resonated with the two, and when Oakthicket was named deputy that night, Aspenwing was the first to congratulate him.

    Wolfstep - Oakstar’s only son. Wolfstep was the sole survivor of Cloverstep and Oakthicket’s first litter. While Cloverstep fretted over him like he was still a meek kitten, Oakthicket was almost distant, afraid that he would lose Wolfkit as well. This eventually changed when Thymestar gave Wolfpaw to Oakthicket as an apprentice. Throughout Wolfpaw’s mentorship, the two grew closer and closer, forgetting the rough past and building a father and son bond. Even as a busy leader, Oakstar still makes time for his son, and the two are often seen hunting together in their free time.

    Juniperpaw - One of Oakstar’s daughters. Juniperpaw is the oldest of their most recent litter. He did not wish to make the same mistakes he made with Wolfkit with his new kits. He is extremely protective over his daughters, and feels immense pride seeing them thrive. He feels an extra kinship to Juniperpaw due to her resemblance to him, and cannot wait to watch her turn into a fine warrior

    Huckleberrypaw - One of Oakstar’s daughters. Huckleberrypaw is the youngest of their most recent litter. Oakstar was extremely worried that Huckleberrykit wouldn’t survive due to the fact she was much smaller than her older sister, Juniperkit. But when she first opened her piercing green eyes, he knew that she would be a fighter. Oakstar was surprised when he learned that Huckleberrykit wished to become a medicine cat apprentice, for she was just like him when he was young. Her fiery, playful attitude was a stark contrast to her sister, and to a medicine cat’s usual demeanor. He couldn’t be any prouder of Huckleberrypaw’s decision to become a medicine cat.

    Tigerpaw - Oakstar’s latest (and likely last) apprentice. Many were shocked when Oakstar apprenticed Tigerpaw to be mentored by himself, but the reason he did so was because he was quite fond of the apprentice. Tigerpaw was similar to his young self as well, which is probably why his apprentice seems to get along so well with his daughter Huckleberrypaw. Oakstar would be lying if he said he didn’t want to mentor Tigerpaw himself because he wanted to keep an eye on the little rascal.


    Hi! This is my first post on flourishing valley, hope you all stick around to see more!

    this is big boy oakstar of leafclan ooooooouuuuuu

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  • This Break Is Taking Too Long Lol

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  • top left: stamina event (tiering but no packing!)

    top right: 5 node hell event (the usual 7k+ diamonds)

    1st and 2nd nodes: rin and len

    3rd: bottom middle miku

    4th: bottom left miku

    5th: bottom right miku

    these are screenshots from my old blog so it’s relevant now.

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  • Ok - I am officially in love with this color- mellow yellow 😄. Have been incorporating it into leaves and it’s just awesome😀🍁 Go colors and leaves, enjoy it all, nature is wonderful 🍁 (because it’s all inspired by real leaves, not that I can recreate nature, but who wants to stop trying??) Hello👍😀 #leaves #fallleaves #leafjewelry #mapleleaf #mapleleafjewelry #enameljewelry #enameledcopper #enameling #diyenamel #naturejewelry #naturelover #enjoynature #leafjewelry #jewelrygifts #handmadeisawesome #handmadeearrings #onlinejewelry #handmadeproducts #supportsmallbusiness #happyhandmade (at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

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  • image

    i realized i never posted my rooms so…here they are. 😳

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  • Kurama-dera Temple / Autumnal leaf coloration Kyoto is a while away from now on.

    Taken on yesterday

    Posted; November 10, 2019

    #original photographer on tumblr #kurama#Kyoto City#mapleleaf#tengu
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