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  • ヴェノム。すきなのヨ。

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  • you shouldn’t be able to set your blood magic on fire it’s just overkill at that point

    #MARIA#bloodborne #also in real life too #like. grow up
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  • A mulher que eu me tornei custou muito caro, não vou negar…

    Noites em que sussurrei pro vento soprar tudo pro lugar, veja o quanto ganhei; descobri ser o meu próprio lar.

    • Perdão, Maria “la Talegona".
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  • Minha mãe quem dizia..

    “Não existe herói, te criei rainha

    Não dê espaço pra quem não sabe lidar com as bem resolvidas.”

    • - Perdão, Maria “la Talegona".
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  • 響喜乱舞ツアー 名古屋公演来てくれたみんなありがとうっ七夕の日に会えるなんてめちゃ嬉しかったしかも今日はみんなが思いっきり楽しんでくれてんのがステージに伝わってきて私もめっちゃ楽しかった楽しすぎた。名古屋最高かよっ!大好きまた絶対帰ってくるねまた愛にきてよね!LOVE

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  • #opal celebrates 50 #itsmariabornin99#maria #thanks for participating!!🥰
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  • Hwasa - Cosmopolitan August 2020 Cover

    #OKAY THIS IS AN EMERGENCY #I NEED THIS MAGAZINE! #Someone tell me how to get it shipped to Germany? Please? 😭 #Damn she's so... Urghhhfhf🙂❤️🙏🏻 #Mamamoo#Hwasa#Ahn Hyejin#Maria
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  • One take dance cover challenge:

    Hwasa - María, full choreo (PT.1)

    time: 20 minutes

    check out my bio to know more about my challenge 🥰 I loved dancing to this, it’s such a fun choreo!

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  • image

    Aaah, she’s so adorable~!

    #screenshot#SoS #Story of seasons #Bokujo Monogatari#Harvest Moon#Claire#Mary#Marie#Maria #i'll just put every variation of her name lol #Gray #my love for mary/marie is stronger than ever
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  • #housamo#au#matchmaker au#Oniwaka#claude#snow #Fem!MC5 #Ryota#maria#shiro#kengo #new au everyone that writes itself! #this is kinda fun to write
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  • Summary: Emmett/Maria; friendship @su-angelvicioso

    Emmett pretends not to know why he’s down there. He considers playing up the lie that he’d gotten lost; but then he remembers that she knew about Jasper; which meant she knew about Carlisle; and him; and everyone else so she wouldn’t be surprised to see golden eyes. Just the fact he was not Jasper or anyone she had heard of. He wonders if the confusion will be enough to spare him from what Jasper alway touted as a deadly welcome of newborns rushing you. Emmett wasn’t cocky enough to believe he could survive more than five newborns.

    He kicks at the dirt; the rocks that had been in his path crumble from the force and he winces. Jasper had advised loose cool clothing; but long sleeves and pants; that he wouldn’t look that odd when he’d wander through towns.
    Emmett’s regretting taking Jaspers request; to deliver a handful of letters that Jacob had been hiding for him and some scorpion food as well as a few dresses and some very high platform boots. Emmett’s sure that Maria’s feet aren’t a size seven and he reasons they’re for Charlotte; he contemplates them being for Peter but decides that Jasper’s brother in arms wouldn’t go for something so flashy and shimmering as red and gold.
    Still he makes it past the last town on the map; Jasper having assured him that their base of operations was only a few miles out. He’s debating giving up when a truck slows in front of him and Peter hops out grinning.
    “Heyyy Em; glad to see you under better circumstances. You’re looking good in plaid; you finally convince the missus to take a vacation” Peter drawls and Emmett shakes his head gesturing to the backpack and suitcase he has.
    “No, I’m playing pack mule for Jasper; Alice; well anyways.” He grins as Peter takes the suitcase and offers him a spot in the truck.

    “Hey Charlotte; guessing the shoes are for you?” Emmett grins as Charlotte beams.
    “Aww Jazz is such a sweetheart; i mentioned how he set up that modelling gig for me and then he said i needed more pretty things…since someone;” She glares lovelingly at Peter. “Doesn’t have a job.”
    “Child labour laws babe.”
    “You’re like 200 years old… you only look like 20; you could get a job…” Peter taps the side of his face before winking at her.
    “Not without spending my wages on contacts or becoming like those Cullens. No offence.” Peter grins at Emmett who laughs nodding.

    Maria’s base of operations is closer to a mansion ranch house than what Jasper had tried to play off as a barn and some spare rooms.
    She looks up from a desk when he enters grinning at the bags he sets down. He’s about to say something but she just ignores him turning back to whatever she was working on before.
    “Hello… You must-”
    “You’re staring? You’re like Jasper then? Got a thing for-” Maria laughs as Emmett knows he makes a face.
    “No I just..”
    ”You’re going to call me short right?”
    “No; you’re just, well hell you’re really scary looking; not like ugly but you just got this vibe..” He shrugs a little and Maria grins.
    “Thank god you’re sensible. Now; how about a tour.”

    Maria brings him around the entire ranch in less than ten minutes and Emmett is surprised to see her so casual about using her vampire traits out in the open. Even her skin shimmers a blinding golden colour.
    “You can take that off; we’re far enough out most humans won’t make it out here; and if they do; well the desert always claims someone during the year.” She shrugs and Emmett looks surprised.
    “What were you expecting?” She tilts her head and Emmett laughs a little.
    “To be honest I was expecting a military base; with drill sergeants and everything; but it’s just you and your family; not seeming very threatening.” As emmett finishes Maria snaps twice and suddenly the room is swarmed with the newborns clawing and glaring at Emmett. Maria snaps twice more and the newborns vanish.
    “You were saying.”

    “Jesus that was like the fucking lord of the rings with the orcs in the cave…”
    “Lord of the rings?” Maria furrows her brow and Emmett beams.
    “Are you telling me Jasper hasn’t shown you Lord of the Rings???
    “No we watched the Star Wars ones last time he was here but…”
    “Right now!!” Emmett nods seriously and Maria rolls her eyes.
    “Good luck finding that in the town…”

    ”So” Emmett grins after they’ve finished marathoning it.
    “I see; come with me.” Maria’s grinning and Emmett is wearing a matching smile.
    Maria escorts him to a large open field. She nods to him her grin seeming to grow as two of the newborns appear holding a massive trunk.
    “They’re just human grade… so nothing-” Maria doesn’t finish; Emmett beaming holding two massive swords up.
    “Fight me!” He laughs as Maria joins in; pulling out another sword and a shield.
    “Let’s go!” Emmett charges her laughing and grinning.

    It only takes them a few hours to run through the weapons in the trunk.
    “We can get more in my storage shed.”
    “You have a storage shed of weapons…”
    “Well of course; where do you think the Volturi get their weapons?” Emmett cheers, laughing.
    It’s much later in the second day. Almost night, Emmett would make some quip about it being twilight but he knows Maria doesn’t count the days like that; between all the fun they’d had and the strategy and war meetings that Maria tried to hide from him she seemed to keep her days looped on a varying schedule of meetings, fighting and casual relaxing, Emmett notes than none of it involves a pretense of being human; of pretending to be what she once was. Emmett wants to ask about the war; about the letters Jasper has sent but he doesn’t. Thankfully he doesn’t have too.

    “So why are you here? It’s not like Jasper to have someone playing pack mule..”
    “Well things haven’t been going well at home..”
    “Ah Yes; Ms, Bella Swan nee Cullen, correct? Is she causing him problems?”
    “No; Alice is. She’s being very; protective; of him.”
    “Obsessive is more like it..” Emmett doesn’t nod but he makes a hum of agreement.
    “She saw a vision of them together when she was first turned.”
    “She should know best out of everyone how the future can change.”
    “She gets muddled up in it..”
    “So she denies the supposed love of her unlife, what would make him most comfortable; being away from what was a century’s worth of miserable meals, and the negative temptation of idiot humans who stare and prattle about emotions. Sure that makes sense.”
    “He talks about you sometimes.”
    “Well we still talk..”

    “No like; he talks about you; tells us about battles you won and fun things you guys got up to during his time here. Even the visits.”
    “And what does this tell you about me?” Maria arches her eyebrow and looks unimpressed at him; Emmett grins sheepishly.
    “To be fair; not much… Says more about him than you.”
    “Oh?” Maria’s grin borders on too wide and she leans forward.
    “And what does Mi amor say about me then?” Emmett laughs a little and shakes his head.
    “You should go up and ask him yourself…”
    “Well when are you going back; I’ll come with you.” 

    She grins and Emmett debates even telling her to rethink; judging by the way her eyes shine he knows she’d just follow him anyways.
    “I just don’t know how warmly you’ll be welcomed…”
    “We’re vampires. Dead creatures; nothing warm about us.” Emmett laughs and nods at her assessment and he almost wishes he was able to warn Jasper but then he stops; agreeing with Maria that it’s far better to surprise your prey than give them a chance to escape.

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  • 小休憩なう。

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