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  •   To marry my boyfriend and have a child with him. – Guest Submission

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  • Juno


    Origin: Roman

    Goddess of: Marriage, Women

    Popularity: Very Popular

    Relationships: Daughter of Saturn and Ops, Sister of Ceres, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, and Vesta, Wife of Jupiter, Mother of Mars, Vulcan, Bellona, and Juventas

    Depiction: A noble woman with a peacock

    Epithets: Protector & Counselor of The State, Queen of the Gods, The Savior, The Warner, The Midwife, She Who Brings Light

    Worship: Matronalia was a festival on March 1st honoring Juno in which lambs and cattle were sacrificed in the temple of her sacred grove in Cispius; She also had festivals on June 1st, September 1st, September 13th, October 1st, and February 1st; She had a large number of temples dedicated to her; The month of June was named after her, so people believed and some still believe that June is the best month to get married.

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  • I sat down with him to learn more about his struggles and his successes. His story actually takes him around the world and back again as he joined the double comma club, becoming a young millionaire less than ten years after filing for bankruptcy during the Great Recession.#millionaire #howtobecomeamillionaire https://ift.tt/31raUp2

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  • If God made the man to be a special leader in their life all he has to do is keep on giving her something worth following. If she wants to be with him then she won’t leave but love is always giving her the freedom to choose, and to keep on choosing to want such love.

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  • The more you abide in Jesus, the harder it will become to stop loving your s/o so much.

    #marriage#dating #thats just how grace works
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  • Say Aloe To My Little Friend by SassyStarboard

    Rating: General

    Word Count: 9044

    “Do you think we need assistance? I’m having trouble deciding which would be a good fit for our family.”


    “It’s hard to know, Derek! Adoption is such a difficult task!”

    “Stiles, if you do not pick one of these cheap-ass three dollar plants in the next thirty seconds, then I will pick for you.”


    Derek takes Stiles to Home Depot so they can get supplies to finish remodeling their kitchen. Stiles gets sidetracked and attempts to coerce his husband into buying an army’s worth of plants.

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  • It’s been a good three weeks since my last moment of clarity. You know…those moments where you are so angry, so pissed off that you just stop giving a fuck, stop trying, stop talking all together. Why was I mad this time? For the same reasons as every time, just blatant disrespect.

    The first week, we passed by each other like two ships in the night, not a sound. A few times I felt like he was going to shoulder bump me across the room because we were just moving but I wasn’t looking for that kind of energy. I moved out of his way. We leave the house with no announcements, we come back to silence; each eats and goes to bed on their own schedule; we sleep in opposite corners.

    I don’t mind these moments because it’s kind of peaceful. There is no argument, there is no fighting, there is no disrespect. There are a few anxious, slightly frighting moments where I’m anticipating an explosion and they pass, but mostly they keep me on my toes and prepared. In this quiet time, I usually reflect and take actions that make me feel better. This time it was to open my own accounts and book some much needed and long deserved travel.

    The accounts mattered to me because I’m the only one contributing to them. I wasn’t spiteful, I balanced things out to be more than fair and for someone who isn’t even working, anything is more than fair, but the liberation of changing my narrative was empowering. I’m not even sorry, the actions deserve a severe punishment and both acts honestly made me feel better. The trip gave me something to look forward to and the accounts gave me a sense of genuine security. And that’s what I was actually afraid of. I was afraid that if something happened or if I couldn’t “provide”, WHO was going to take care of me for a change? That’s the one job I feel like a husband still maybe has or should have… To find a woman who doesn’t need to be taken care of, and then take of her.

    In perspective, most shallow men will tell you that you’re doing a disservice to your family by taking care of you, but let that be a warning. Any man who tells you to not take care of yourself or does not encourage you to take care of yourself, or continuously takes care of himself is an idiot and his greatest accomplishment will always be to confuse you and make you feel insecure.

    Sometimes I feel guilty. But not today. Today silence was broken with confrontation and again a look at how my decisions influenced things… but at no point did the idiot ever consider all of HIS decisions that got us here.

    We’re getting close to the end.

    I can almost feel it.

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  • Hello Tumblr, today I bring you this:


    (Translation from polish: A wedding of two women in registery office in Łódź [a city]. They used a loophole.)

    For starters, if you don’t know, Poland is a VERY homophobic country. There are many homophobic things that tge goverment said, done, let slide, etc. in last few years (saying LGBT+ is an ideology, not people, calling it harmful in various ways and times, the “LGBT+ free zone” stickers, etc) and many more.

    But back to the wedding - the ladies shown here are Katarzyna Gauza and Aleksandra Knapik. They are known couple in their city, are social activists, and have a child together.

    What was the loophole? So the thing is Katarzyna is a trans woman, but her documents consider her male.

    They had to fight in family court to be allowed to get married, and after some scepticism from officials about the look of the “groom”, they won!

    Tho Katarzyna had to say marriage vows as if she were a man.

    It’s not perfect, not even close, but it still put a smile on my face; because even if it’s not technicaly a same-sex marriage according to the law, it’s still a step forward for this country, and this made my day <3 ❤️🏳️‍🌈

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  • My husband and I made up a new game. We pick a country and then we each pick a random point in that country on Google Streetview. The first person to find a cat wins. We call it Pillow Kitties because we play it just before bed every night.

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  • 10 things about Andromeda Tonks

    1: Andromeda was a Slytherin because her family wanted her too, by heart she was a Hufflepuff

    2: Ted asked to marry him when they both graduated and were on their way back to the train in the boats on the Black Lake

    3: Andromeda loved New wave and liked ‘the Smiths’ a lot

    4: After marrying Ted she learned herself to play piano

    5: Andromeda chose Nymphadora because when the baby was born she had the nymph kind of face that John William Waterhouse had painted

    6: Her favourite thing about herself were her hands

    7: At Hogwarts, Andromeda made a name for herself by joining the Quidditch team and becoming a captain

    8: She loved to bake

    9: When Andromeda was little she claimed to marry Sirius Black one day- he of course claimed not ever to marry

    10: She cared for her grandson, until he was old enough to care for the house with her.


    Originally posted by aflawedfashion

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  • With the “perfect” gifts, you and your kids may both be smiling in December, but come March when you’re still paying down that debt … you won’t be smiling anymore. #marriagekidsandmoney #christmasbudget #christmasbudgetsavingsplan #christmasbudgetplanner #christmasbudgetforkids #christmasbudgetideas #christmasbudgetgifts #christmasbudgeting https://ift.tt/37AKR2q

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  • Some mad heretics would say, that marriage is for the enjoyment of the spouses, and not for the generation of Christians, the future citizens of Heaven. It is the devil’s tactic, when corrupting, to replace the main goal, with the secondary one. The pleasures of marriage, the bodily relations, the companionship and others, are a gift from God, as the taste of food is a gift from God, but it is not an imperative.

    This world was created, not so that two peasants would enjoy themselves. The world is created, nurtured and often tolerated, so that Christian societies would create new beautiful souls for Heaven. It is the task of all Christians, to help each-other in this Crusade for Heaven.
    Those who dare to say that the purpose of Marriage is enjoyment, they will soon have to justify: divorce, contraception, concubinage, debauchery and finally abortion, and many other horrors. We were not born to enjoy ourselves. There is an entire eternity reserved for that. 

    The mad heretics immediately point out couples that cannot have children. Such couples have a duty firstly to themselves, to bring themselves to heaven, and use their gifts, their free time, their wealth, to help the Church, family and friends in any way possible, to bring more People to Heaven. If such couple becomes saintly, thousands can be saved nearby. The enjoyments of married life are a gift, a boost from God, not a purpose. Christians have only one purpose, to end the tyranny of death and sin. The devil plays smart and subtle word-games and dialectics, to confuse and introduce errors and heresies, always helped by the fallen nature. Let us again and again say - Lord have mercy. 

    - Unknown

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    Sadly I couldn’t cheer cause I was with my homofobic parents and I’m not out to anyone yet, but if you find this spread the word and let people know that being gay isn’t a bad thing for the Pope. Hope this make someone’s day better.

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