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  • tphpsw15
    11.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I would like to add Chris from Destroyer to my list of Sebastian Stan characters I would die for

    That is all

    #also on the list #mickey from monday #jefferson from ouat #tj hammond #christopher beck from martian #and of course Bucky #sebastian stan#destroyer #get the feeling its called that because it destroys your emotions
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  • bingo-dingo
    07.05.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #Martian Mickey #mickey mouse clubhouse #doodles
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  • thebrownssociety
    24.04.2020 - 1 year ago

    Toons Headcanon 6

    1. Marvin the Martian is considered to be one of the weirder toons due to the fact he has no mouth. When he was first created in 1945 the other toons could not get over how despite the fact he had no mouth he was able to express himself perfectly, if a little bluntly. 

    The bluntness as well is part the reason why the other toons didn't really like to be around him, they could never really work out whether he was being genuine or not. That being said as he interacted more with the other toons and they got to know him over the course of many [many] years they’re now more at ease with him and he’s feels like he’s ‘Finally been accepting into Earthling culture!’.

    2. Speaking of Marvin and in slight relation to the above head canon he quickly learned that it was not permitted in earth culture to simply vaporise anyone who vaguely annoyed him - or even really annoyed him. Because of this he came up with another ‘trick’ to freak the other toons out which was simply to limit his body movements and not speak, while staring intently at the unlucky toon. If the others thought he was weird while he was speaking and being polite they nearly wet themselves when he did this. It’s a trick he still uses to this day mainly because it never - never - fails.

    3. One of the more liked toons is Porky Pig because he’s always makes an effort to be kind and understanding and can seemingly get on with anyone with little - if any - effort. That combined with his willingness to share his ability to read and write [See Headcanon 1] made him pretty popular pretty quickly. However it has been noted he is quite possessive of his title of ‘The Nice One’ and will quickly get jealous if he thinks it’s being threatened. If you think the scene from House Of Mouse when Donald is following Goofy round yelling ‘I am the nice one! Everybody loves Me!’ - it’s that kind of vibe. It tends to be brushed off though because - it’s Porky. Everyone loves him.

    4. As everybody knows Mickey is in charge of the Disney lot and gets the first and last say on everything. The first say being approving the idea - the last being checking everything over before it goes live. Everything in-between in up to the staff he hires [who are mainly human - but there are some toons staff as well.] and he much prefers to NOT got involved in the middle bit if he can help it. Because it’s actually quite hard to work both back-stage and act in front of the cameras and he MUCH prefers to be acting than checking statistics. 

    5. In a parallel to the Disney lot the Warner Brothers are - at first glance - the complete opposite. There are a lot of humans in charge of various departments at WB and they outnumber greatly the amount of toons that work there. But that is not because the toons aren’t ALLOWED to work there, a lot of them don’t WANT to work there. [Much preferring to act on front of camera’s, or work at the Looniversity, or do other stuff instead.] 

    However despite this the humans are NOT in complete control of WB. The toons have a heavy influence to. The executives have to ask whether the toons want to be involved in any projects - they can’t just make them/assume they’ll do it - and toons are perfectly able to turn down any roles they so choose. They also have a say in firing people and a really good way to GET fired is to be really rude to a WB Toon [and even a Disney one or Hanna Babera one nowadays, now that the toons have all gotten closer] because SOMEHOW it’ll get back to the bosses and the person will find themselves fired. Most of the staff there have cottoned onto this by now and any new staff are quickly warned. [unless they’re unbearable in which case...dis means war.]

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  • finney13s
    28.05.2021 - 2 weeks ago


    I was asked about my favourite film genre a while back. As I came up with great films I decided to make a separate post about them. These aren't definitely ALL the great films I've seen. I just can't remember all of them! So maybe I'll update this post whenever I do :D

    My personal Top 21 films are in red. Because I just CAN'T choose any less :D


    Gattaga (Ethan Hawke, Jude Law) - Equillibrium (Christian Bale) - The Adjustement Bureau (Matt Damon) - Upgrade - Oxygen - Archive - Self/less (Ryan Reynolds, Ben Kingsley) - eXistenZ (Jude Law) - Repo Men (Jude Law) - The Signal - 12 Monkeys (Brad Pitt) - Prospect (Pedro Pascal) - Star Wars (3 first ones) - Star Trek: the motion picture (William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy) - Downsizing (Matt Damon) - The Martian (Matt Damon) - Dune (Kyle MacClachlan) - District 9 (Sharlto Copley) - Sunshine (Cillian Murphy, Chris Evans) - Primer - Moon - Snowpiercer (Chris Evans, Tilda Swindon) - Edge of Tomorrow (Tom Cruise) - Vice (Bruce Willis, Thomas Jane) - Looper (Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt) - Inception (Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy) - Coherence - THX 1138 - The 5th Element (Bruce Willis) - Fahrenheit 451 (1966) - Source Code (Jake Gyllenhaal) - The Abyss (Ed Harris) - Arrival (Jeremy Renner, Amy Adams) - Ex Machina (Oscar Isaac, Alicia Vikander) - Brazil - Clockwork Orange - 2001: A space Odyssey


    Repo Man (Emilio Estevez) - Predestination (Ethan Hawke) - Dark City (Kiefer Sutherland) - Under the Skin (Scarlett Johansson) - Open your Eyes (Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz)


    Coma (a Russian film) - Upside Down (Kirsten Dunst)


    The Matrix (Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne) - Terminator & Terminator 2 (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton) - Predator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) - Predator 2 (Danny Glover) - Boss Level (Mel Gibson, Frank Grillo) - Elysium (Matt Damon, Sharlto Copley) - Hardcore Henry (Sharlto Copley, Tim Roth) - Totall Recall (Arnold Schwarzenegger)


    Alien & Aliens (Sigorney Weaver) - Prometheus (Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender) - The Signs (Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix. NOTE: pay attention to music ;) ) - Life (Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal) - The Thing (1982 version) - The Fly (Jeff Goldblum)


    Idiocrazy - Galaxy Quest (Tim Allen, Sigourey Weaver, Alan Rickman)


    Lethal Weapon (Mel Gibson) - Kick-ass (Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Nicholas Cage) - Stretch (Chris Pine, Jessica Alba) - Fight Club (Brad Pitt, Edward Norton) - Unbreakable trilogy (Unbreakable, Split, Mr. Glass. Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy) - The Bourne trilogy (Matt Damon/Jeremy Renner) - Mission: Impossible (1st one from 1996) - Die Hard (Bruce Willis) - Lucky Number Slevin (Bruce Willis) - Red (Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren) - All Bonds with Sean Connery and Roger Moore - Smoking Aces (Ryan Reynolds, Chris Pine)


    The Dark Knight (Christian Bale, Heath Ledger) - Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) - The Crow (Brandon Lee) - Blade (1998 version) - Iron Man (Robert Downey Junior)


    The Shining (Jack Nicholson) - Saw (the first one) - Interview with the Vampire (Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt) - Bram Stoker's Dracula (Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Anthony Hopkins, Keanu Reeves) - The Martyrs (watch IF and only IF you want to lose your sanity. My hubs is the sanest person I've ever met and even he was disturbed) - The Machinist (Christian Bale) - Cube


    Shawn of the Dead

    JUST PLAIN ODD FILMS THAT CAN'T BE PUT INTO A BOX (Almost guaranteed to make your head spin)

    The Fountain (Hugh Jackman) - High-Rise (Tom Hiddleston, Luke Evans) - Black Swan (Natalie Portman) - Pi - Blue Velvet (Kyle MacLachlan) - The Congress - Edward Scissorhands (Johnny Depp) - Requiem for a dream (Jared Leto) - Mother! (Javier Bardem, Jennifer Lawrence)


    Leon (Natalie Portman, Jean Reno) - Titanic (Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet) - Gambler (Mark Wahlberg) - Good Will Hunting (Matt Damon) - The Wrestler (Mickey Rourke) - 1492: Conquest of Paradise (Gerard Depardieu, Sigorney Weaver) - Only Lovers Left Alive (Tom Hiddleston, Tilda Swinton) - The Invitation (Michael Huisman) - Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet) - What's eating Gilbert Grape (Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio. Later makes the best performance of his life in this – THIS is the film he truly deserved and Oscar from) - Dangerous Liaisons (Glenn Close, John Malkovich, Michelle Pfeiffer, Uma Thurman, Keanu Reeves) - The Sixth Sense (Bruce WIllis)


    Some like it hot (Marilyn Monroe) - Burn after reading (Brad Pitt) - Dogma (Matt Damon, Ben Affleck) - Wayne's World (Mike Myers)


    Moulin Rouge (Ewan McGregor, Nicole Kidman)

    #finney13s recommends#films #my favourite films #not all of these are on top10 obvs but all are worth the watch #imo
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  • gatorprompts
    19.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago


    from  doctor  who .  mild  swearing  present .

    " you  really  believe  in  all  that  stuff ,  don’t  you ? ” “ don’t  suppose  you’ve  seen  a  little  blue  box . ” “ i’m  not  drifting .  i’m  waiting . ” “ oh ,  this  is  brilliant ! ” “ i  was  looking  for  you . ” “ i  read  it  on  the  internet …  it’s  weird …  crept  along …  heard  them  talking …  looked … it’s  you ! ” “ oh  my  god .  i  don’t  believe  it !  you’ve  even  got  the  same  suit ! ” “ it’s  always  like  this  with  you ,  innit ? ” “ what ,  like  an  outer  space  super  nanny ? ” “ well  that’s  one  solution :  hide  in  a  cupboard .  i  like  it . ” “ i  must  have  been  mad  to  turn  down  that  offer . ” “ i’m  waving  at  fat . ” “ planet  of  the  hats .  i’m  ready ! ” “ you’re  not  saying  much . ” “ you  don’t  want  me . ” “ you  just  want  to  mate ?! ” “ hold  on  a  minute .  that  sign  over  there’s  in  english .  are  you  having  me  on ?  are  we  in  epcot ? ” “ seriously ?  i  just  said  ‘seriously’  in  latin . ” “ don’t  my  clothes  look  a  bit  odd ? ” “ oi .  don’t  get  clever  in  latin . ” “ we’re  not  together . ” “ oh  great .  they  can  learn  a  new  word  as  they  die . ” “ listen ,  i  don’t  know  what  sort  of  kids  you’ve  been  flying  around  with  in  outer  space ,  but  you’re  not  telling  me  to  shut  up . ” “ i’ll  surrender  you  in  a  minute .  don’t  you  dare . ” “ you  might  have  eyes  on  the  back  of  your  hands ,  but  you’ll  have  eyes  in  the  back  of  your  head  by  the  time  i’m  finished  with  you .  let  me  go ! ” “ you  fought  her  off  with  a  water  pistol .  i  bloody  love  you . ” “ but  i’m  history  to  you . ” “ oh ,  you  better  hurry  up  and  think  of  something . ” “ could  we  be  any  more  trapped ? ” “ now  that’s  what  i  call  a  spaceship .  you’ve  got  a  box ,  he’s  got   a  ferrari . ” “ if  you’re  gonna  take  the  mickey  i’ll  just  put  my  hood  back  on . ” “ don’t ,  spaceman . ” “ i  want  to  go  home . ” “ well  do  something !  you’re  the  one  with  all  the  tricks ! ” “ oh  well  i’m  glad  of  that .  i  mean  at  least  we’ve  got  quality . ” “ it’s  weird ,  being  with  you .  i  can’t  tell  what’s  right  and  what’s  wrong  anymore . ” “ i’ve  heard  all  about  you . ” “ she’s  engaged ,  you  prawn . ” “ oi ,  you lot ! ” “ you  know  what  you  are ?  a  great  big ,  outer  space  dunce . ” “ i  can’t  believe  you’ve  got  an  axe . ” “ that’s  me .  i’m  here ! ” “ good  afternoon ,  my  lady .  topping  day ,  wot ?  spiffing !  top  ho ! ” “ i’ll  pluck  you  in  a  minute . ” “ what  the  hell  is  that ? ” “ tell  me  where  i  am .  i  demand  you  tell  me ,  right  now ,  where  am  i ? ” “ that’s  not  even  a  proper  word . you’re  just  saying  things . ” “ is  that  optional ? ” “ you’re  an  alien . ” “ no  stupid  martian  is  going  to  stop  me  from  getting  married . ” “ santa’s  a  robot . ” “ i’m  not  jumping  on  a motorway ! ” “ i’m  in  my  wedding  dress . ” “ i  can’t  do  it . ” “ i  had  a  bit  of  a  hangover . ” “ this  friend  of  yours ,  just  before  she  left ,  did  she  punch  you  in  the  face ? ” “ i  missed  my  wedding ,  lost  my  job ,  and  became  a  widow  on  the  same  day .  sort  of . ” “ i’m in  my  wedding  dress ,  it  doesn’t  have  pockets .  who  has  pockets ?  have  you  ever  seen  a  bride  with  pockets ?  when  i  went  to  my  fitting  at  chez  alison ,  the  one  thing  i  forgot  to  say  was  ‘ give me pockets ! ’ ”

    #donna noble rp #doctor who rp #rp sentence promps #space rp prompts #some fun for the evening !
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  • dolls-acme-brand-writing-desk
    17.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    MASTERLIST, Introductions,Rules, f/o's and s/i's, and fandoms 💕

    Well, it would be only fitting to start off with introductions. Hiya, nice to meet ya! You can call me Doll. This blog is going to be full of writing and reader-inserts for all your favorite toons. It would be just swell of you to come along!

    Just a quick note, I ask that anyone under the age of 15 to refrain from following this account! While I do appreciate the support, it would make me quite uncomfortable. I, myself, am a minor, so keep that in mind when communicating with me. Please don't spread any hate or negativity in the reblogs. I will block anyone who does so, as to keep this a safe place for other self-shippers. ♡

    As this blog is also a spot for me to gush about some of my favorite toons, this little list below shows a couple faces you're going to see on this blog most frequently. This list is bound to change, so keep on the lookout!

    💕Current F/Os (Romantic)💕

    • Pepé le Pew

    • Raggedy Andy

    • Bugs Bunny

    • Yakko Warner

    • Panchito Pistoles

    • Jose Carioca

    • Roger Rabbit

    💌Non-Toon F/Os (Less common on this account, romantic)💌

    • Eric and Debrabot 5000 (TMVTM)

    • Senpai (FNF)

    • Bumblebee (Transformers)

    ✨Current F/Os (Platonic/Familial)✨

    • Dot Warner

    • Wakko Warner

    • Dr. Scratchansniff

    • Raggedy Ann

    🎉Current Fandoms🎉

    • Looney Tunes

    • Animaniacs

    • Who Framed Roger Rabbit

    • The Three Caballeros

    • Sam and Max

    • Bonkers

    Click here for my list of s/i's and bios!

    Rules for Requesting:

    • An ask does not guarantee a fic! Many apologies, but I will write anything that strikes my fancy. ♡

    • I (most likely) will not do character x character or any oc x characters, but feel free to drop an ask anyways. I might do it if the mood strikes me.

    • I will NOT write any NSFW or under-age pairings. I will also refuse any pairings asking for unhealthy or toxic relationships.

    • I also tend to not write angst (no comfort) fics, as they are personally not my taste.

    • I WILL write fluff, headcannons, drabbles, and just about anything else!

    • If you have any questions, feel free to DM me! ☆

    Masterlist || Updated 6/10/21

    Looney Tunes

    Marvin the Martian x Reader (General Romantic Headcannons)

    Daffy Duck x Reader (Hike Headcannons)

    Raggedy Ann and Andy

    New Girl's Toy (Raggedy Andy/Reader) || Chapter 1

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit

    Laugh! (Roger Rabbit x Detective!Reader)

    The Three Caballeros

    Panchito Pistoles x Reader (Crush Headcannons)


    Yakko x Reader (Crush Headcannons)

    Wakko x Reader (Crush Headcannons)

    The Warners + Reader (Platonic Power Outage Headcannons)


    "A Rabbit and a Mouse Walk into a Movie Set..." (Mickey Mouse/Reader/Bugs Bunny) || Chapter 1

    In between the fics you can find imagines, s/i x f/o posts, and reader-insert incorrect quotes! I won't link them here, since it would be a really long list, but you can find them with the 'posts about' search bar!

    And remember...

    Smile, Darn Ya, Smile!

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  • douxreviews
    11.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    The Expanse - ‘Back to the Butcher’ Review

    "That's an excellent idea. We'll just roll up in a stolen Mickey Corvette with a dead Martian in the trunk. I'm sure they'll roll out the red carpet.

    Miller starts putting all the pieces together while the Canterbury survivors plot their next move.


    The last few days have been pretty hectic for the five four survivors of the Canterbury. They haven't had a moments peace since they first came across the wreck of the Scopuli. It has just been one non-stop parade of death and destruction. This episode finally gave them some much needed downtime, a chance to sit back, catch their breath, grab a cup of coffee, and get to know their new ship better.  

    Read the full review at douxreviews.com

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  • starrybrock
    07.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    general information:

    ⇨ i write fem!reader and gender neutral!reader.

    ⇨ requests are filled when they are filled. there is no rhyme or reason to when requests are filled. i reserve the right to delete any request as i see fit. if a request is deleted, you are not entitled to knowing the reason.

    ⇨ not all requests will be one shots. some will be turned into short blurbs or series, depending on how much inspiration i have.

    ⇨ i write fluff, angst, and smut, but angst is my specialty.

    ⇨ any au ideas are welcome.

    ⇨ i am willing to write for characters/people beyond the lists below, but please ask me first before you send in a request so that i can judge if it’s something i’m comfortable with.

    mcu characters:

    ⇨ bucky barnes 

    ⇨ sam wilson

    ⇨ steve rogers

    sebastian stan + characters:

    ⇨ sebastian stan

    ⇨ bucky barnes

    ⇨ mickey henry

    ⇨ charles blackwood

    ⇨ lance tucker

    ⇨ chris beck

    ⇨ lee bodecker

    ⇨ jefferson/mad hatter

    chris evans + characters:

    ⇨ chris evans

    ⇨ steve rogers

    ⇨ ransom drysdale

    ⇨ andy barber


    ⇨ colby brock

    ⇨ college!colby

    ⇨ katrina stuart

    ⇨ sam and colby (platonic - see parallel universe/detective aus for an example)

    ⇨ the suite life of sam and colby 

    based on suite life of zack and cody episodes. provide episode information you would like to be written.

    ⇨ oneshots for evermore series. oneshots likely will not be posted until the conclusion of the evermore series in july 2021.

    ⇨ any suggestions for parallel universe au

    youtube videos:

    ⇨ people: sam and colby, colby brock, sam golbach

    ⇨ send specific title

    ⇨ if you want a specific scene, provide a timestamp or detailed description of scene.


    ⇨ show: anything in the mcu, cobra kai, once upon a time, defending jacob, gossip girl

    ⇨ provide episode and detailed description of scene.


    ⇨ anything in the mcu, any of the karate kid movies, monday, knives out, the martian, we have always lived in the castle, the bronze

    ⇨ provide specific title and detailed description of the scene.

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  • hendrickfw
    21.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    More of my Ducktales/Legend of Three Caballeros AU


    Here is the link, although it is in Spanish. I don´t know if I´ll translate it to English.

    Ok so, I have been thinking about the story idea I gave some time ago (https://hendrickfw.tumblr.com/post/645594769514479616/three-caballeros-story-idea) and I want to expand a little bit more. Fist of all, the context.

    This is an AU. Although it takes place in DT17 and LOTTC, Ducktales is changed, mostly during season 3. I don´t really know how I´ll have it, but everything related to FOWL changes a lot. Webby is just Webby and not one of Daisy´s nieces. April, May and June were students on Quackmore and helped the Caballeros and Xandra during their adventures. They tried to hook up Donald with their aunt, although they failed. Donald and Daisy didn´t meet until Louie´s Eleven chapter. Also Webby isn´t blood related to Scrooge, so FOWL did something else. I think this gives me the opportunity to rewrite season´s 3 finale and explore the terrible fight between Scrooge and Donald that makes the latter take some vacations with his pals. Don´t know how, don´t know why. Just a possibility.

    Also, something quick. In this AU the Caballeros are closer. The kids met Panchito and José before the voyage to Brazil, because they helped Donald raise them. They weren´t all the time there, as they have their own lives in their respective countries, but when they could they helped.

    Now with the nieces stuff closed, I want to talk about the kids. Ducktales is the story of HDLW. They are the protagonists and we all know it. My story isn´t. It is about the Caballeros and their adventures around the world. But the kids have a lot of appearances. HDLW go with Daisy to find Donald, and before that they have a lot of troubles, but they shine in their sections. I want to write this because I want to explore a little bit more the bond between the ducklings and 

    The other kids I have plans for are Gosalyn, as I have important stuff about Paperinik and Darkwing Duck. She will be there when the heroes need help. 

    Also we have Miguelito Maracas. I´m not completely sure how I´ll manage him. I see a lot of people use him as a son for José and Panchito, but in this universe I just have them as friends, so I can´t use that. José is with Rosinha, Donald is with Daisy and Panchito is, well, alone until they get to Bahía and meet Clara Cluck. I have some ideas although I haven´t decided for one in specific. As the boy will meet Fenton and Gyro in Panama, I may introduce Miguelito. Maybe I can make him have something to do with Fenton and his girlfriend, but I´m not sure. The other thing is that he is the son of Clara Cluck and Panchito will become his parent. That is the idea I wanted to explore the most but I´m still not sure.

    Zico and Zeca, José´s nephews. I haven´t read Zé Carioca´s comics (I want to. My Portuguese classes aren´t for nothing). I have heard he isn´t the best uncle, so I´ll just write him as one who tries his best, not getting the best results always. The kids live with their mom, José´s sister, but the parrot is going to be their paternal figure, as their biological father is, well, I don´t know. Maybe he went for milk and never came back. They will meet the Caballeros (not for the first time) when they go to Rio.

    The Caballeros kids will become part of the big Ducktales kids groups, I mean, HDLW, Lena, Violet, BOYD, Daisy´s nieces and Gosalyn (I hope I´m not forgetting someone). I´m still unsure if I want to include Mickey´s nephews and Max. Also I haven´t decided if I will introduce Looney Tunes kids, as they will have many adventures with the Caballero´s (specially Daffy).

    But yes. I think this expansion for the kids little club may be interesting.

    Alsdo, I´m interested on exploring the families of both Panchito and José. What I was thinking was that, after Los Ángeles adventure with the Looney Tunes, the Caballeros go to Chapala and meet Panchito´s family. José has a great time with María, who knows how to speak Portuguese and talk all the time about Bahia (I just want to tell that my headcanon is that all the Caballeros know Portuguese, Spanish and English). Donald helps washing the dishes, a very good fellow he is. Panchito doesn´t have brothers, just a lot of cousins and a big extended family, although his friends have similar situations. Panchito´s horse, Señor Martínez, fights regularly with Donald.

    The villain of that episode is Glomgold. You see, Panchito´s dad died years ago. He wanted his son to find the lost city of Aztlan, as he searched for it a long time. Glomgold is aware of this and, as he still wants to be better than Scrooge, is on the shadows waiting for the opportunity to become the richest duck in the world. Donald and José help his friend with the help of Jesús Díaz. This is my OC of another fanfiction. He is basically a superhero. He has problems with the Caballeros but helps them. Anyway, Glomgold follows them, almost wins but doesn´t count with the intervention of the Dragon Knight.

    Just fun fact. As Marvin the Martian destroyed Donald´s car in Los Ángeles, he bought a new one in Mexico. It is the one of the comics, the famous 313.

    After the Caballeros travel through other Latinamerican cities, they arrive to Rio de Janeiro, hometown of José. They meet Rosinha, Nestor, Zico, Zeca and José cousins (all named José, btw). Daisy and HDLW arrive too in their own plane. José has his common comic problems while Donald and Daisy forget their problems with a song sing by Panchito and José. I still don´t know how the Caballeros will get along with the friends of José, I still need to read about Nestor. 

    I want to put one of the enemies of José as the antagonist of that part, but I still need to investigate. Maybe something to do with the parrot´s black magic. But the heroes will be successful. They will then go to Bahia (they will stay on Zé Baiano house, cousin of José).

    And that´s all for today. If anyone wants to help me translate I´ll be very happy. As you can see, while I may be able to communicate in English, I don´t really master the language (this text is the example). Sorry and, well, have a nice Wednesday.

    #The Three Caballeros #Three gay caballeros #the three gay caballeros #the legend of the three caballeros #dt17#donald duck#ducktales#daisy duck#hdlw#disney#Huey Duck#Dewey Duck#louie duck#Webby Vanderquack#april duck#may duck#june duck#ducktales gosalyn#ducktales lena#violet ducktales#ducktales boyd#miguelito maracas #zico and zeca #panchito pistoles #panchito romero miguel junipero francisco quintero gonzalez #josé carioca#Jose Carioca#Guerrero Dragón #our boys families need more content #fanfiction
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  • revisitingstoneybrook
    19.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    #6 Kristy’s Big Day: Chapter 8

    God, I really hate Karen.

    So the first day of the BSC day care group is a success but then Karen goes and ruins it the next day. But you wouldn't be able to tell that from Dawn's entry in the BSC notebook. What a morning my group had - all thanks to Karen's imagination.

    I'm noticing a pattern here. Every time Karen acts like an obnoxious, annoying, spoiled brat, the BSC just laughs, shakes their heads and blames her wild imagination! When with any other kid, they would complain about what a pain they were. DOUBLE STANDARD!

    Ok, well they decide to take the kids out so they don't grow bored of hanging around the Thomases house all day. Hey, if they get bored, put them to work packing up the house and cleaning, since you have like two weeks to vacate! So they decide to all take little trips. Mary Anne takes the babies for a walk but she has the problem of cramming both babies in Beth's stroller. Mrs. Fielding didn't leave one? Though I guess it would look pretty weird, pushing two strollers at once. She finally remedies the situation by smushing Tony into Beth's lap, which does not sound safe at all, especially for the piece of crap strollers of the 80s. Eventually, Beth wants out (and I would too if I was a baby with another stuffed on my lap), so Mary Anne lets her toddle around next to them and you know how fast babies walk. So Mary Anne's occupied for the day with that.

    Stacey takes her group to the park to catch minnows and...that's pretty much it. Some problems because Ashley's leg is broken, but she doesn't seem to mind. Also, I don’t know if kids from eight to ten would find catching minnows exciting but what do I know.

    Claudia and Kristy combine their groups to go to storytime at the library. They pack bags of graham crackers and juice (yeah, try that at the library where I used to work) and diapers and toys and load the kids into David Michael's wagon and Mary Anne's old wagon. David Michael complains about them using his wagon because complaining is his other talent besides whining. They then head over to the Newton's, where Jamie joins them and Mrs. Newton breathes a sigh of relief because she now has time to go get the mail.

    Dawn takes her group to the playground. And oh lord, this is going to be fun, just judging by Kristy's line here: Karen Brewer always seems to make things more interesting than usual. Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that. “More interesting” is code for “ruins stuff by being annoying.” And right away, she starts by telling David Michael and Berk that according to some “big kid” on her street, Martians are going to attack Earth at seven that evening.

    Is this the same big kid that told her about Morbidda Destiny? If so, I hope someone gagged the bastard for putting these stupid ideas in her head. ARGH. Anyway, Dawn tells her that's stupid (well, in a nicer way than that. Dawn's bitchy, but not to the kids) but it's no use. Karen says the kid who told her is a big kid, in 8th grade. Of course, David Michael and Berk believe her. Kristy so gave Dawn this group on purpose.

    Karen says the kid told her a lot of people know about this but they don't want to believe it. I guarantee this kid is also a 9/11 truther who thinks Covid is a hoax. And that JFK was murdered by a magic bullet. Also, Karen's really gullible, even for a six-year-old. Dawn tells them Martians are silly stuff (so ironic, considering she's Little Miss The Ghost of Jared Mullray is Haunting Me) and Karen insists it is not silly stuff.

    They continue to the playground, the kids staring up at the sky. David Michael justifies the Martian thing by saying he saw them on TV. So, of course, they must be real. Dawn asks him if he thinks Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny are real because they’re on TV and David Michael says “No. But there might be Martians.” Dammit, kid on Karen's street, you unleashed a monster. Dawn once again reiterates there's no such thing as Martians but the kids say there are. You see where this is going.

    The kids discuss what'll happen when they land and Dawn throws her hands up in exasperation. Wow, a babysitter losing their temper with a kid? Definitely an early book. But despite this being an early book, Dawn hasn't taken action against Karen. The kids keep scaring the shit out of each other, with talk of ray guns and spray guns (you know, guns that spray stuff so you can't move and they can bring you back to Mars) and Karen says UFOs are going to arrive. “Hundreds of 'em. All shiny and silvery.”

    Did I mention I hate Karen? Because I do. And because she's the BSC Golden Child who can do no wrong and is always funny, cute, and imaginative, nothing happens.

    Dawn, desperate for some distraction, pulls them over to an arts and crafts thing that's set up, with kids making puppets. It doesn't work because Berk asks David Michael if he can stay at his house and hide in the basement, because he doesn't know if his hotel has one. Dawn finally gets assertive and tells them to knock it off. Oh wait. She thought about telling them they weren't allowed to discuss Martians anymore, but decided that was too mean. I take back calling her assertive. Dawn, you're a wuss.

    Dawn asks if they want to enter the puppet-making contest, then catches the kids whispering to each other. She tells them no secrets but Karen announces they're going to go swing, so she takes off with the others in tow. Dawn, completely oblivious, goes to find out about the puppet contest. A few minutes later, a little girl named Tina comes running over to Fran, one of the counselors. She's crying about Martians. Uh oh. Dawn marches over to the swingset to find Karen, David Michael and Berk warning the other kids about the Martian invasion.

    One boy starts to cry and runs home, with others following him. Dawn, at this point, is pissed (I know, someone's actually angry at something Karen's doing). She orders them back to the puppet table, despite Karen's protests that she needs to warn everyone about the Martian attack. Hey Karen?

    Everything's quiet for a bit, until a branch falls from a tree nearby and Karen shrieks that the Martians are coming. Kids scream in horror, run for the hills, cry for their mommy, all that stuff. Fran glares at Dawn and her group and Dawn apologizes profusely for what's going on. She offers to help find the kids, Fran tells her someone else is supposed to be at the playground soon and instead asks for them to get the hell out of here. And just like Elvis Costello from Saturday Night Live, Karen's been banned from the playground. Nice.

    Dawn's really ticked off now. She finds her group hiding in a storage shed and takes them home. On the walk back, she gets off her ass and does some babysitting, scolding them for their behavior and giving them a talk about how they shouldn't scare the crap out of other kids. She also makes them promise not to talk about Martians anymore.

    Thus concludes one of the very, very few times someone calls Karen out and yells at her for her bad behavior. A very rare occurrence indeed. Oh and Kristy throws in at the end how she's thinking of a special wedding present for her mom and Watson. What do you get for your mother and a millionaire? Hello there, Subplot That is Barely Dealt With.

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    Marvel Toon AU/Toonvengers Character List

    So here is gonna be the full character list for the AU for those who just wanna know which character is which, i am going to update as i post more about the au.

    Bugs Bunny as Iron-Man

    Mickey Mouse as Captain America

    Donald Duck as The Hulk

    Flip the Frog as Thor

    Daisy Duck as Black Widow

    Goofy as Hawkeye

    Daffy Duck as War-Machine

    Porky Pig as Happy Hogan

    Lola Bunny as Pepper Potts

    Minnie Mouse as Agent Peggy Carter

    Elmer Fudd as Nick Fury

    Fanny Cottontail as Maria Hill

    Marvin the Martian as Loki

    Oswald the Lucky Rabbit as Falcon

    Julius the Cat as The Winter Soldier

    Wakko Warner as Pietro Maximoff

    Dot Warner as Wanda Maximoff

    Yakko Warner as Vision

    Horace Horsecollar as Star-Lord

    Allison Angel as Gamora

    Tasmanian Devil as Drax the Destroyer

    Jerry Mouse as Rocket Raccoon

    Gossamer as Groot

    Popeye as Yondu

    Twisted Alice as Nebula

    Dale as Ant-Man

    Gadget as Hank Pym

    ??? as Janet Van Dyne

    Chip as Hope Van Dyne

    ??? as Sharon Carter

    ??? as Helmut Zemo

    ??? as Black Panther

    ??? as Spider-Man

    ??? as Thanos

    So this is the list for now like i said im gonna updated as i write, if you want to use these characters for your own fic or fanart feel free just tag me please okay.

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    Mickey, finishing the ceremony:..a compact that can be broken only by death. I pronounce you Sevro and Victra Barca.

    Sevro corrects quickly: Julii. Hers is the elder house.

    Victra shakes her head down at him: He said it right.

    Sevro, confused: But you're a Julii.

    Victra: Yesterday I was. Today, I'd rather be a Barca. Presuming you don't have any problem with that and I don't have to become proportionally diminutive.

    Sevro, cheeks glowing: It'd be lovely

    And Mickey continues the ceremony.

    Mickey: Then and I present you to your fellows and the worlds as Sevro and Victra of the Martian House Barca."

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    Hi, this is me!!

    Hello and welcome to my account!!! I am a writer and I love romance! I do take requests for oneshots, series, and playlists! and my requests are open!! I do not write smut, incest, or mentions of rape, suicide, etc. Below are fandoms you can request for!! I write for male, nonbinary, and female readers! If they don't specifically say male! reader or female! reader than it will be gender neutral or nonbinary!! I also have a friend who will translate my work if needed ( they speak french, spanish, german is my native language, english, itallian, and a little bit of dutch! )

    the fandoms i will make/write for are:

    supernatural (season one to season fourteen, no spoilers!)

    the characters include: dean winchester, sam winchester, castlel, jack kline, and the actors!

    the ships include: destiel, sabriel, platonic jack x dean, platonic castle x jack

    harry potter

    the characters include: james potter, sirius black, remus lupin, lily evans, marlene mckinnon, ginny weasley, harry potter, hermione granger, luna lovegood, ron weasley, charlie weasley, bill weasley, george weasley, fred weasley, cho chang, cedric diggory, draco malfoy, pansy parkinson, neville longbottom, blaise zabini, narcissa malfoy, regulus black (male reader only bc that's my head cannon for him)

    the ships include: lily, wolfstar, drarry, hedric, pansmione, harry x cho x cedric (poly), blairon, bleville, ronmione, linny

    percy jackson (I'm only on the fourth book of hoo, no spoilers please!)

    the characters include: percy jackson, annabeth chase, grover underwood, nico di angelo (male reader only), will solace, jason grace, piper mcclean, leo valdez, frank zhang, hazel levesque, clarisse la rue

    the ships: percabeth, solangelo, jercy, valdangelo, frazel

    skam (ive watched all of the remakes but will only write for original and germany, this might change later)

    the characters include: nora sætre, jonas vasquez, isak valtersen (male reader only), christoffer schistad, evan næsheim, sana bakkoush (platonic only please), eva mohn, william magnusson

    the ships: evak, nora x william, eva x chris, eva x nora

    teen wolf

    the characters: stiles stillinski, derek hale, issac lahey, scott mccall, lydia martin, allison argent, peter hale, theo raeken, liam dunbar

    the ships: sterek, scissac, lydia x allison, thiam

    stranger things

    the characters: steve harrington, will byers (male reader only for personal headcannon), mike wheeler, eleven/jane hopper, dustin henderson, jonathan byers, nancy wheeler, robyn buckley (female reader only), max mayfield, lucas sinclair, joyce byers

    the ships: byler, elmax, nancy x robyn, jonathan x steve

    IT (2017)

    the characters include: mike hanlon, ben hanscom, beverly marsh, richie tozier (male reader only), eddie kaspbarak, bill denbrough, stanley uris

    the ships: reddie, stenbrough, mikeverly, benverly, mike x ben

    marvel and x-men

    the characters include: peter parker, steve rodgers, peggy carters, peter maximoff, pietro maximoff, wanda maximoff, charles xavier (young romantic or older platonic only), wade wilson, tony stark, bucky barnes, thor, loki, natasha romanoff, bruce banner, stephen strange (more that I'm probably forgetting tbh)

    the ships: stony, parley, ironstrange, stucky,


    the characters include: conner kent, clark kent, jonathan kent, damian wayne, tim drake, bruce wayne, jason todd, dick grayson, selina kyle, barbra gordon, helena bertinelli, harley quinn, poison ivy, cassandra cain, kara danvers, mon-el, alex danvers (female reader only), oliver queen, barry allen, bart allen, wally west, miss martian/megan mores (more im not thinking of, just ask)

    the ships: damjon, lena luthor x kara danvers, superbat, dick x wally


    the characters include: carl gallagher, ian gallagher (male reader only), debby gallagher, lip gallagher, fiona gallgher, kev and vee (parental only!), mickey milchovich

    ships: gallavich 


    the people: nico hischier, connor mcdavid, johnny gaudreau

    (there are more but its like 2:00 am rn where i live and I'm lazy as fck)

    there are probably others I'm not thinking of, just ask please!!!

    layout for this by @slow-dancing-with-myself​

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    DC OCs Masterpost

    New Titans Verse:

    The New Titans: Summary of Series: TBA.

    Name: Sparrow/Primrose ‘Prim’ Davis.  Side: Good.  Love Interest: Jadestar/Tessond’r.  Voiceclaim: Hailee Steinfeld. 

    Name: Jadestar/Tessond’r.  Side: Good.  Love Interest: Sparrow/Primrose ‘Prim’ Davis.  Voiceclaim: Christina Valenzuela. 

    Name: Dark Omen/Coraline Cameron.  Side: Good.  Voiceclaim: Sofia Wylie. 

    Name: Tidebreaker/Rickey Dalton.  Side: Good.  Love Interest: Night Bolt/Esmeralda Tindol.  Voiceclaim: Seth Green. 

    Name: Seaspray/Mickey Dalton. Side: Good.  Voiceclaim: Brandon Mychal Smith. 

    Name: Timber/Silas Alexander. Side: Evil. Voiceclaim: Mark Hamill.

    Name: Bloodwing/Tobias Cameron. Side: Evil. Voiceclaim: Josh Keaton. 

    Name: Razor/Varick Joseph.  Side: Evil. Voiceclaim: Booboo Stewart. 

    Name: Firehunter/Iando’r.  Side: Evil. Voiceclaim: Sean Astin. 

    Name: Karma/Serenity Carrier.  Side: Good. Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Green Lantern/Danielle ‘Dani’ Archer.  Side: Good.  Love Interest: Hawkwing/Ketor Vael.  Voiceclaim: TBA. 

    Name: Kaisa/Aurora Raymond.  Side: Good. Voiceclaim: TBA. 

    Name: Jumpbug/Carlos Hernandez.  Side: Good.  Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Wasp/Christian Mennings.  Side: Good.  Voiceclaim: TBA. 

    Name: Hawkwing/Ketor Vael.  Side: Good.  Love Interest: Green Lantern/Danielle ‘Dani’ Archer. Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Silver Hornet/Baxter Harkmen.  Side: Evil. Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Seeloh.  Side: Evil. Voiceclaim: TBA. 

    Name: Keres/Natalie Lewis.  Side: Evil. Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Mind Bender/Hailey Baker.  Side: Evil. Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Hawkmoth. Side: Evil. Voiceclaim: BA.

    Name: Lazeph.  Side: Evil. Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Samara.  Side: Good.  Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Night Bolt/Esmeralda Tindol.  Side: Neutral.  Love Interest: Tidebreaker/Rickey Dalton. Voiceclaim: TBA. 

    Name: Ember Girl/Hestia Sonnet.  Side: Good. Voiceclaim: TBA. 

    Name: Frost Boy/Aspen Sonnet.  Side: Good. Voiceclaim: TBA. 

    Name: Vine Master/Wilfred Romer. Side: Good. Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Dark Shade/Terrence Vixen.  Side: Good. Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Falling Inside The Black: Summary of Series: TBA.

    Name: Black Hood/Andrea Kyle.  Side: Neutral.  Love Interest: Balthazar/Eric Larson.  Voiceclaim: Selina Gomez. 

    Name: Balthazar/Eric Larson. Side: Neutral. Love Interest: Black Hood/Andrea Kyle.  Voiceclaim: TBA. 

    Name: Storm Girl/Connie Heck.  Side: Neutral.  Voiceclaim: TBA. 

    Name: Trick Girl/June Driver.  Side: Evil. Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Purple Obsidian/Dorothy ‘Dot’ Dixon.  Side: Evil. Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Malestorm/Percy Heck.  Side: Evil. Voiceclaim: TBA. 

    The New Outlaws: Summary of Series: TBA. 

    Name: Cybershot/Violet Davenport.  Side: Good.  Voiceclaim: TBA. 

    Name: Fantasia/Cameron Parsons. Side: Good. Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Rosethorn/Julia ‘Julie’ Heyde.  Side: Good. Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Warped/Karl Findley.  Side: Evil. Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Magnum/Jared Newton.  Side: Evil. Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Darkstar. Side: Evil.  Voiceclaim: TBA. 

    Stories in their own universes:

    Heroes of Gotham Academy (Next Gen): Summary of Series: TBA. 

    Name: Robin/Dalia Wayne.  Parent(s): Damien Wayne and Mia/Maps Mizoguchi.  Voiceclaim: TBA. 

    Name: Martin Wayne.  Parent(s): Damien Wayne and Mia/Maps Mizoguchi.  Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Purple Starling/Kale Grayson.  Parent(s): Dick Grayson and Starfire.  Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Oscar Mizoguchi.  Parent(s): Olive Silverlock and Kyle Mizoguchi.  Voiceclaim: TBA. 

    Name: Supergirl/Joy Kent. Parent(s): Jon Kent. Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Dark Aura/Freddy Ray. Parent(s): Pomeline Fritch and Heathcliff Ray.  Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Mind Girl/Willow Quinn-Isley.  Parent(s): Harley Quinn and Pamela Isley (adopted). Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Gavin Rivera.  Parent(s): Colton Rivera.  Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Patrick Karlo.  Parent(s): Katherine Karlo (Adopted). Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Erin Jorgenson.  Parent(s): Eric Jorgenson.  Voiceclaim: TBA. 

    Name: Victoria Grey.  Parent(s): Tristen Grey.  Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Next Justice League: Heroes of Tomorrow (DC version of Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow): Summary of first book: Whenever the forces of evil have threatened mankind, Earth's First Line of Defense, The Justice League, were there to stop them- until they made the ultimate sacrifice in their final fight with the New God, Steppenwolf. Now the time has come for the children of the Justice League to rise as the new heroes of tomorrow and to avenge their parents' deaths. Holly (daughter of Batman and Catwoman), Damen (son of Wonder Woman), Lara (daughter of Superman), Nora (daughter of the Flash) and the arrow-slinging daughter of Green Arrow and Black Canary along with the will powered daughter of Green Lantern have to come together along with any help they get to finish Steppenwolf off as the next Justice League! Quotev Link

    Summary of second book: In wake of the defeat of the New God, Steppenwolf, the world is slowly being freed from the control of Parademons, as the new Justice League are slowly working on returning the world back to normal. But, just as they think they on the route to a better world, another New God named Darkseid, arrives and plans to take over, with the new Justice League being at the top of his enemies list. Having to face a new enemy, the new Justice League, with the help of new allies, find themselves facing the ultimate test as the new Justice League. Quotev Link

    Name: Holly Wayne.  Parent(s): Batman and Catwoman. Voiceclaim: TBA. 

    Name: Damen.  Parent(s): Wonder Women. Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Lara Kent. Parent(s): Superman and Lois Lane. Voicclaim: TBA.

    Name: Nora Allen. Parent(s): Flash and Iris West. Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Green Arrow II/Layla Queen.  Parent(s): Green Arrow and Black Canary. Voiceclaim: TBA. 

    Name: Green Lantern/Nova Jordan. Parent(s): Green Lantern and Carol Ferris. Voiceclaim: TBA. 

    Young Justice: Legacy:  Summary of Series: Its the year 2036, and by then, the YJ team that had once been founded by so called sidekicks had become fledged heroes, some in the Justice League, some still solo, and some having retired already- and all in their own way have their families. When a new Lantern ring flies to Earth and attracts the attention of Cadmus and even the Light though, new Heroes must step up to the call, and continue the legacy of their parents/mentors....even it means dealing with enemies of the past, and new.... Quotev Link  NOTE: WAS WRITTEN BEFORE S3 AND THEREFORE, ANYTHING S3 IS NOT IN IT. 

    *Nightingale/Phoebe Grayson- child of Nightwing and Zatanna.  *Aura/Justin Grayson- eldest child of Nightwing and Zatanna.  *Fate/George Grayson- child of Nightwing and Zatanna.  *Kid Flash III/Hope West- twin child of Wally and Artemis. *Impulse II/Faith West- twin child of Wally and Artemis.  *Kid Martian/Brandon Kent- eldest child of Miss Martian and Superboy.  *Supergirl/Eleanor Kent- middle child of Miss Martian and Superboy.  *Speedy II/Arya Harper- middle child of Will and Jade Harper.  *Aqualad/Horatio- adopted child of Kaldur’ahm.  *Aquagirl/Phillida- child of Kaldur’ahm.  *Hornet/Anthony Duncan- eldest child of Mal and Bumblebee.  *Yellow Wasp II/Carlos Duncan- child of Mal and Bumblebee.  *Kid Lantern/Ryleigh Croft- Green Lantern in training. 

    *Red Hood/Lian Harper- eldest child of Will and Jade- take on canon character. *Orange Lantern/Dominic Croft- Orange Lantern currently.  *Edward Grayson- adopted child of Nightwing and Zatanna.  *Serenity Kent- youngest child of Miss Martian and Superboy. *Sawyer Harper- youngest child of Will and Jade. *Cooper West- child of Wally and Artemis.  *Luna West- youngest child of Wally and Artemis. *Harrison Duncan- child of Mal and Bumblebee.  *Genesis Duncan- youngest child of Mal and Bumblebee. 

    Dark DC Universe:

    Justice League: Twisted Morals:  Summary of Book: TBA. 

    Name: Phantom Spectre/Enola Rhodes.  Summary: TBA.  Voiceclaim: TBA. 

    Name: Peacebringer/Ophelia.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: TBA. 

    Name: Green Lantern/Rowan Astor.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Super X/Caleb. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: TBA. 

    Name: Wavepool/Kadrex.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: TBA. 

    Name: Blur/Lincoln Lauder.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: TBA. 

    Unnamed Universe Currently:

    The Kids Aren’t Alright: Summary of Series: TBA.

    Name: Robin I/Pandora Dallas.  Summary: TBA.  Voiceclaim: TBA. 

    Name: Robin II/Ruth Rowley.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: TBA. 

    Red Robin: Summary: TBA.

    Name: Red Wing/Bianca Mitchell.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: TBA. 

    Red Hood: Summary: TBA.

    Name: Hit Girl/Natalia Trevino.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: TBA. 

    Teen Titans: Next Generation: Summary: TBA.

    Name: Nightstar/Mar’i Grayson. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Nightingale/Venus Grasyon.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Jake Grayson. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Shifter/Trevor Logan. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Rose Logan. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Crow/Michael Roth.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Azure/Christina Roth.  Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Dragonfly/Edwin Stone. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: TBA.

    Name: Danny Stone. Summary: TBA. Voiceclaim: TBA. 

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  • madamegemknight
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    10 Fandoms, 10 Characters, 10 Tags

    Rules: make a new post, and post your fave 10 characters from 10 different fandoms

    Tagged by @your-neighbor-bear​! Thank you :D

    In no particular order, here they are!

    1: Orko - Masters of The Universe

    2: Luz Noceda - The Owl House

    3: Kira - The Dark Crystal (I tried to cheat and put Kira and Jen, but there aren’t any GIFs of them together :( )

    4: Marvin The Martian - Looney Tunes

    5: Magolor - Kirby Series

    6: Bow - She-Ra and The Princesses of Power

    7: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit - Epic Mickey/Classic Disney (and Universal, long story)

    8: Belle - Beauty and The Beast

    9: Elisa Maza - Gargoyles (with bonus Goliath because I love him too)

    10: Soundwave - Transformers (I’m not really a big Transformers fan but HE BABY)

    Tagging @rainbowmanatee26​! I know I’ve tagged you a lot today so you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.

    #gif #this was surprisingly difficult #I don't really pick favorites so I had to think hard #well aside from Orko #Orko is best boy #about me
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    Toons for Our Times: Ducktales: They Put a Moonlander on the Earth!

    At Glomglast, Glomgold Glomturns! Flintheart Hero of Earth Glomgold continues riding his wave of good PR from helping save the earth in the manner you’d expect: With  a dangerous attention seeking pr stunt/ferris wheel/half-ased plan to murder scrooge. Naturally Dewey is first in line for it. Meanwhile Webby tries to convince a wound up Penumbra to stay and enjoy earth so she can get a new alien friend who she relates to and her brothers can get a new step mom, while Launchpad is awkward because his coffee with Pennumbra went worse than the one he had with the gas cloud. The Glom Knight Glomturns under the cut. 

    This one is late for both good reason, I didn’t want to hog the wifi while my nieces were trying to remote school, and not so good I.e.... I entirely forgot an episode was today because I’m not used to the new schedule, as in the past the show’s either aired on saturday like usual for a disney show, or as a cluster of episodes throughout one week, so even if it wasn’t something I was used to, I was tuned to stay in. The new schedule is weird  and my brain is stupid is what i’m saying. Now i’ve covered my butt on with the review! This week focuses on Penumbra, and explains exactly what happened to the Moonlanders after Moonvasion. For Penny at least she’s apparently been living in the McDuck hangar, or somewhere near it, and working on rebuilding one of the bigger ships to get her people home. Della, while not missing the opprotunity to point out now Penny’s the one living in HER garage buliding a rocket home, pitches in and we see things have clearly changed. At least with Della, Penny’s let down her guard and now openly considers her her best friend.. and perhaps more because the romantic tension is so thick here you could cut it with a sword. Granted I may have swords on the brain because of this. 

    Which if your not up to date on your x-men comics, is an event where our Uncanny X-Men, now having their own nation of krakoa where all mutants are welcome, which includes apocalypse so he’s on THEIR SIDE in that shot, must fight ten other mutants in a ritual sword duel with some of the strongest swords in the mighty marvel canon, and loosing means the other mutants, many of whom are the CHILDREN of apocalyspe from centuries ago he thought lost, get to invade earth with a demonic horde. And if NONE of that made you curious, let alone want to read that, I just.. don’t get you. 

    Back to the gays, yeah the ten sword thick sexual tension is broken by the fact that Penumbra reveals she tried SOME earth culture and did get that coffee with Launchpad, with Della baffled.. I mean look at those abs. Though it’s probably less “Launchpad really?” and more “Why not me first? Is he sexier? Dammit he is. “ It went about as well as you’d expect.. with Penny storming out suddenly saying this is terrible and running off. Eh not the worst first date i’ve seen in animation this year. I’ve seen a woman go on a date with a man conjoined to his ex.. and not like their siblings it’s a medical procedure. Because close enough is pretty fucking insane and let’s keep it that way.

    But yeah so Penumbra’s not sold on earth and Della’s attempts to get her to go with the kids, get to that in a minute, fall on deaf ears. But the thing is. her people are. When meeting with gibious and zenith, if you don’t remember the married moon couple we saw back in “The Golden Spear”, Penumbra finds out she’s the only one who wants to go home. Her people like it here...the happy couple even got adorable new outfits, a job with Glomgold in Gibbious’ case, and an adorable new dog named good boy. Look at them. 

    I would die for either of them. I hope we see Good Boy again. And that the show introduces Bolivar, donald’s dog at some point. Or even his ostrich hortense. I just want the duck to have a pet dammit. 

    Point is their happy here and while Penny wants to go back to the old routine of them all on the moon and her saving them.. their fine if she wants to go home but.. their staying here. And it’s easy to see WHY they want to: The moon was harsh, filled with monsters and much like us humans right now with earth, they only stayed in their clusterfuck of a home world because they had no way out. It’s probably why Lunaris sold hte invasion so easily: With his pitch they were just taking a nicer world from a bunch of mean asssholes who refused to share it and whose sole representative had seemingly betrayed them. Without any reason to hate the earthlings and, outside of once incident later in the episode, the earthlings accepting them with open arms and forgiveness, why wouldn’t they stay on a nice, sunny world, in a large city willing to house them and give them jobs, with delicious foods and all sorts of fun shit to distract you from the bad parts of living here that the moon lacked. 

    Penny’s issue is while THEIR lives were miserable.. her’s wasn’t. She was a hero, a super hero really.. I mean she’s dressed like a kree sentry, she protects the helpless and she’s a fearless warrior whose now a fish out of water on a world she never could’ve expected but grows to love. Martian Manhunter, Captain Marvel, the Mar Vell one, Warlock, Adam Warlock and yes their separate characters, Supergirl, not superman because while he is an alien he grew up here.. all aliens who immigrated here and grew to love and protect it and see it as their home. Penny just hasn’t got to the “love and protect it” part yet and while the rest of her people have new purpose, new homes and new lives and still meet once a week to party she finds herself, theri greatest champion an outsider, desperately wanting her old life back but not accepting it’s gone. She can go home but she’d be the one person on a desolate moon clinging to the past.  Penny here honestly reminds me of jasper in steven unvierse future: Both are old soldiers who find their empire gone, their entire way of life uprooted and have no way to cope and desperately hoping things will collapse back to THEIR normal, not realizing the new one isn’t going anywhere and is better for their people. They need to move on but their too proud and too scared to try. 

    However Penny refuses to admit defeat to her people and that she can’t have “earth fun”, and left with no other choices, decides to take the kids up on their offer after all. To explain that we quickly wrap to the top of the episode, where Webby, bored and having trouble finding anyone, finds Penny and after Penny dosen’t want to hang out finds Dewey and Louie. I assume since their absent this episode, Huey is introducing Violet to Gyro, Fenton and Boyd, Beakly is buying groceries, Donald is courting Daisy and Scrooge.. is trying to get fethry’s hands, feet and head out of pickle jars because he thought they’d preserve him and Donald is busy for once so he’s the only one left to do it.  Louie and Dewey plan on just laying around and biinging old ottoman empires, I can relate, but the news gives them a better option. A GLOMGOLD OPTION. Oh me mow how i’ve missed this big beautiful man. Seriously Glomgold is easily one of the best parts of the reboot and Keith Fergeuson brings an utterly delightful manic glee to the guy any time he shows up to eat the scenery whole. While I get holding back on him since he had an arc last season, it’s still nice to have him back in all his hammy glory.  And naturally being glomgold he has a scheme going: After gifting a rolelrcoaster previously, over water and with sharks because his brand’s nothing if not consistent, he’s now offering the flintferris glomwheel, which is shoddy, dangerous, secretly a plot to kill scrooge, and is very likely to kill a child.. so in other words it’s Glomgold himself roleld into a ferris wheel. Dewey is psyched to go because he let another kid go first for Glomgold’s last PR Stunt/Nightmare and that kid got all the glory and as such is now Dewey’s new nemisis. So after asking his mom “If we can go ride a death wheel so I can get famous’, which of course Della says yes to, our heroes end up taking Penny along.  Launchpad drives and gets his subplot for the episode, being awkard around Penny because the date went bad and not sure if this makes then enimies and avoiding her. He tries going to dewey for help, and while Dewey is out of his element, he does actually give good advice to just talk to her.. Launchpad just takes it while he’s driving because it’s launchpad. Thankfully webby can drive. He spends the rest of hte episode getting into shenanigans before, after helping her with the climax, phrasing, being honest and apologizing. And i’m also covering the plot to get her answer out of the way now: Penny admits he’s fine, thery can be fight buds, he’s a good warrior sh’es just “Not interested in an earth..male” her exact words. 

    I mean.. there’s no real subtly here. Even if she’s not into Della, which all evidence suggests is the case, Penumbra is CLEARLY into women. I mean Frank is basically saying as loudly as his mousey overlords will allow “SHE’S GAY FOR DELLA”. Wether this goes anywhere, I dunno. While Lumity started ramping up this year, that property’s not based on Disney’s classic canon and STILL had to fight tooth and claw to make Luz bisexual and her love intrested a girl. Disney won’t even let this show use Mickey and almost didn’t let them use the rescue rangers, the odds are against them.. but I also never thoguht we’d see violet’s gay dads on screen, or so many previously  comics only characters, so frank’s said screw the impossible before. Now probably is no different. 

    Back to the main plot, and to the return of Glomgold whose great as ever. Glomgold made the moonlanders and some of duckberg think he was soley responsible for saving the world.. how many people besides the non-penny moonlanders think he actually did it is up for debate but he DID genuinely help save the world. Also his scheme to get his company back somehow WORKED despite not being legally binding, as he’s now back in his tower, back to scheming and has an actual assitant instead of a professional career woman he treats like one in a bit that didn’t age all that well even a year later.  Gibious is now Glomgold’s sidekick and in a nice contrast to Owlson instead of being fed up with his crap Gibious, buying into Glomgold’s own ego, lavishes praise on his new boss, treats him like the god he thinks he is, and is genuinely sweet and helpful. It’s a nice dynamic giving Glomgold someone who ACTUALLY and genuinely likes him as a person and wants him to suceed and trusts in his insane schemes and leads to some great bits like Gib genuinely calling the safety inspector when Glomgold makes an airquotes remark about it and at the end Glomgold admitting “I can’t stay mad at you” to his new lackey/Best friend. Frankly Glomgold needed a 21 to his Monarch, and i’ts a delight to see it and Paulson and Ferguson have real chemistry.  Meanwhile in the A-Plot, Webby tries to get Penny to enjoy earth, first with a street performer she tosses in the water ,as you should, then with a shooting range which ends with her massacering a clownhead to the children minus webby’s horror and tears. We were one more frame away from this really. 

    Also we get the ducks feeding.. ducks, a gag Frank’s apparently wanted to do for three seasons now, and with Penny being as confused as the audeince. but non of this, including roller skates really works.  So while Dewey goes off to get in line to one up his rival, Webby gets honest with Penny about why she’s so invested and this episode goes from good.. to truly fantastic. While webby fangirling over a mighty and gay space warrior makes sense, there’s a personal reason she wants to help here that really tugs at the heart strings: Webby was like her once. Like Penny she spent her whole life honing herself into a weapon, sealed in her own tiny world, For Penny it was her moon village for Webby it was the mansion. And being thrust out into it was .. frightening. We saw webby struggle to adjust in “Daytrip of Doom!” and part of her wanted to plunge back into the mansion and her saftey net at times. But she didn’t.. with the help of her family, and her friends, she found out just how wonderful the world is and how as scary as the world is.. it opened up new parts of her. Duckberg webby was just as great as mansion webby if not better. So Webby wants to do the same for penny and what really clinches the scene is how she does it: a Hamburger, the symbol from the pilot of what webby was deprived of all her life, given to a new friend as a symbol of what the world offers. And it works at first, even without cheese. But then Penny gets a brain freeze, and Glomgold, needing a distraction from the saftey inspector rames her as going beserk because he’s an asshat in every other way let’s add racisim to it. 

    A chase insues, Penny’s determined to flee.. but she gets a second wind when Dewey, who rushed in to get the first ride and webby get trapped. Sadly dewey’s new enemy gets all the attention, and as we find out is aware he one upped Dewey and brags over it, but Penny has now gone from fish out of water to shark on the hunt, and with Launchpad’s help to get past Glom and Gib, and the roller skates from earlier finally has some earth fun by skating into the air, climbing the Ferris wheel and saving the kids. Penny FINALLY found something she likes about earth; That she can Still protect people, including her people and do what she loved there and the danger here is WAY more intresting.. I mean on hte moon itw as just the usual monsters she was used to. Here she had to rocket into the air, and climb an megalomainics cannon armed ferris wheel to save two adorable children. In short she’s become a super hero and like those I mentioned, has grown to care about earth. So basically this is like captain marvel was an episode of Steven Universe. I likes it. But it’s a nice character arc, as Penny realizes the outside world, and her new friends/future stepchildren, have b eauty and worth. And she will protect their kind, she will protect them. I mean duckberg already has about 4 other superheroes if you count lena, which with that outfit last time I dooo, but frankly with how much disaster it faces on a daily basis, and how much Fenton needed a goddamn break, and with Darkwing leaving for st canard soon, they could probably use her. 

    So the day is saved, Glomgold is buired in fines but has a new minon, Dewey is dewfeated and Penny is happy again. We end on Penny recounting everything to Gibious and wife, and Good Boy obviously, along with Della who casually admits she really shoduln’t of let her child go but sooths him anyway over his loss. Penny is happy and deciding to stay, and her and her new best buddy laucnhpad are going to go tear the ship apart with her carrying della along. I swear when they finally do do it she’s just going to.. carry a willing della to her bedroom and throw her down on that thing.. everything after is up to you Id ont’ write porn here. Nothing wrong with it just not my bidness. So with a hopeful new future and a neat t-shirt, Penny finally finds her place in the world. 

    Final Thoughts: A very good, very gay episode that’s just as good as last weeks and gives penumbra a hell of a character arc, while also being an utterly hilaroius episode, from penumbra’s destruction, to glomgold’s hilarious as always antics to dewey’s attention whoring reaching self endagering heights of stupidity and ego, this was a great one and keeps up Season 3′s quality streak. While the plot progression may be slow for now, everything else is at an alltime goddamn high. 

    Next week, it’s the HALLOWEEN EPISODE BITCHES. Nuff Said. Until then you can check my blog for more reviews, as we have some halloween stuff coming up. Sadly with Loud House going silent, it seems this is our only weekly coverage but expect more reviews of various shows, and some very spooky ooky ones coming very soon including some brucie bonus episodes and until we meet again, go team venture! Play us out glomgold....

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