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  • ok i like season 1 fics but honestly i’m pretty tired of the “one-sided pining after someone who’s an asshole to you” dynamic that seems so popular

    #give me more content where martin dislikes jon at first!!! #in my mind ep 22 is a turning point but before that? let martin hate him! jons being a dick! #jonmartin#jon sims#martin #the magnus archives #tma#s1 #(also no hate to ppl who do like that‚ but personally i’m tired of it) #my words
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  • Untitled, 1959, Agnes Martin

    Medium: oil
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    • martin: when are you free?
    • jon: I am forever imprisoned in my own personal hell so I am never truly “free” but I don’t have plans next week.
    #this is not a magnus archives quote #jon sims#jonathan sims#jarchivist#jmart#jonmartin#martin#jon#martin blackwood#tma #the magnus archives
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    • Gonff: All things considered, it didn’t work out too badly.
    • Martin: We saw ourselves die! Twice!
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  • Playing Pipes to the Setting Sun, 1898, Henri Martin

    Medium: oil,canvas
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  • Labastide du Vert in the Lot, Henri Martin

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  • Aston Martin says it is back on the road to profitability

    Aston Martin says it is back on the road to profitability

    LONDON: Oil prices extended gains for a fourth session on Thursday to reach the highest levels in more than 13 months, underpinned by an assurance that US interest rates will stay low, and a sharp drop in US crude output last week due to the storm in Texas.

    Brent crude futures for April gained 33 cents, 0.49 percent, to $67.37 a barrel by 0925 GMT, while US West Texas Intermediate crude for…

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  • [Image ID: A digital drawing of Martin, monochromatic in purple. Martin, a fat white man with short hair, freckles, and a patchy beard, is standing in front of a spiderweb. One of his glasses’ lenses is cracked, forming the center of the web. He’s looking to the right with a thoughtful expression. He’s wearing a hoodie, jeans, and earrings in the shape of a fat spider. /End ID]

    “Such a shame…”

    Just a doodle while listening to a lecture

    #tma #the magnus archives #magnus archives#tma s5#tma spoilers#martin blackwood #martin k blackwood #web!martin #i tried to be dramatic and mostly failed #oh well #not all drawings can be bangers #gammijart#magnuspod#mag196#tma196#tma 196#tma martin#martin #and so i keep on only giving martin glasses when it looks dramatic
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  • Fountain in South East Park in Marquayrol, Henri Martin

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  • Landscape with House, Henri Martin

    Medium: oil,canvas
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  • The Center of La Bastide du Vert, 1910, Henri Martin

    Medium: oil,canvas
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  • Discover Aston Martin Vanquish Skyfall Silver in - Review

    Discover Aston Martin Vanquish Skyfall Silver in – Review

    In the early 2000s, Aston Martin launched a sports car using a V12 engine called the Vanquish to succeed the 1993 Vantage. Immediately, the car was noticed by its elegant, luxurious appearance. Powerful V12 engine. In the second generation of this model, it received a noticeable upgrade so that the Vanquish could reach more customer segments. In -, Vanquish is also one of the first supercar…


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  • i’m just gonna make my own post bc i don’t wanna encroach on anyone

    but i’ve seen some confusion over why Martin would go with Annabelle, and wanting to hear the conversation they had, which is fair!

    i just thought i might explain what i think happened more comrehensively, extrapolating from what we learned in mag196, my knowledge of psychology, and my own experiences with manipulation

    so in mag181, we get this from Annabelle:

    Don’t worry, Martin. We’ll meet again. Hopefully when you’re feeling a little bit more…open-minded.

    (emphasis mine)

    there are a lot of ways to influence and manipulate people, the one i’m going to focus on is emotional manipulation because that’s what i believe Annabelle relied on, but first i want to remind you of what Annabelle said earlier in the same convo:

    For what it’s worth, I’m sorry. The call was… clumsy. There are so many things to keep track of at the moment. I must confess it did perhaps lack my usual… nuance.

    (emphasis mine, again)

    to me, this almost sounds like the Web has “feelers” out all around this new world, and like a spider’s web, when something moves or shifts or disrupts any part of the web, the vibrations get sent to the spider, usually sitting in the middle of the web. that’s how she’s been keeping track of all the key players like Jon and Martin. and sending those calls to Martin.

    going off that, she most likely continued to monitor Martin and Jon’s progress when they left. this is also how she decided when to kill Selesa.

    so keeping that in mind, she probably also knew that Jon and Martin had a fight. and that fight is what matters.

    so what happened that led up to and during the fight?


    1. they found out that Jonah couldn’t be killed.
    2. if they wanted to kill him, Jon would have to take his place.
    3. Jon said Jonah won.
    4. Jon talked about how this was the Eye’s whole plan; that Jonah was just a place-holder
    5. Jon also talked about the possibility of taking up that position and changing what he can, where he can to make things even just a tiny bit more bearable.
    6. Martin saw and acknowledged Jon looked envious of Jonah’s position.

    that’s a lot to take in. now they’re emotionally unstable, which led to the fight, which made both of them more emotionally unstable.

    when people are emotionally unstable, they’re more susceptible to manipulation. the emotional brain is older than our neocortext, which is what we use for logical decision-making, among other things. it’s why the teen years feel so intense, because the emotional brain is done developing and flooding the brain with emotional chemicals, whereas your neocortext is still developing.

    because it’s older, it’s also why emotions often overrule logic, why emotional things feel so intense, why emotional memories are easier to remember, and which is why many persuasion and manipulation tactics rely heavily on pathos and not logos.

    so persuasion and manipulation are even easier when someone is emotionaly unstable because the brain is already swimming in emotion juice, your neocortext doesn’t stand a chance (unless you practice, and even then, it can be difficult).

    cue Annabelle (who, I presume, is keeping track of disturbances in the Force with her web, or the Web’s…web) swooping in to take advantage of Martin’s emotional fragility.

    while Jon didn’t outright say that the only choice left, Martin’s own worries about Jon’s envious expression and then Jon talking about possibly taking Jonah’s place, he probably thought that meant Jon was giving in. now Jon has stormed off, Martin is alone, he’s afraid of what Jon is saying, and he’s worried there might not be another way to save the world.

    that’s the perfect scenario for Annabelle to offer another solution, when it feels like there isn’t one. now, he’s more “open-minded.” pathos, remember.

    Martin is frustrated with Jon, he’s worried there isn’t another solution, and now, Annabelle is using another presuasion/manipulation tactic: the false sense of scarcity. see, when people hear “supplies won’t last!” they’re more likely to go out and buy it because it hits emotional/monkey brain that says, “if supplies, like food, are scarce, and we don’t know when we’ll have access to food again, we need to get this immediately. it’s survival.”

    Annabelle is 1) offering Martin another choice, which he previously thought might not be there at all (pathos), and now she’s 2) telling him if he didn’t go with her, right then and there, that option would go away forever (scarcity).

    Martin, as much as he loves Jon, is still upset with what he said. and he knows that Jon will most likely be able to find him. he doesn’t want to lose this opportunity, so he goes.

    #tma #the magnus archives #tma meta#tma spoilers#martin#jon#annie#the web#the fears #wow this turned into a whole big thing lmao #chirp.meta
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  • House on Stream, Henri Martin

    Medium: oil,canvas
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