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  • bookersebastien
    17.04.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    this is your reminder to watch close enemies with belgian tree of a man actor matthias schoenaerts

    #gabby.txt #matthias schoenaerts#PLS #he looks so good and its a rlly good movie too #insp by sarahs matti looks gifsrt
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  • seblelivres
    17.04.2021 - 1 hour ago
    Matthias Schoenaerts + best movie looks

    Far from the Madding Crowd (2015) Disorder (2015) A Bigger Splash (2015) Le Fidéle (2017) Frères Ennemis (2018)

    #matthias schoenaerts#mschoenaertsedit#movieedit#moviegifs#filmedit#filmgifs#togcastedit#userstream#chewieblog#dailytvfilmgifs#userbooker#usernati#tuservi#usersimona#mine*#gifs* #mine: misc movies #most important gifset i've made to date! #a bigger splash is a horrible movie but i could not leave it out like look at him bro #also i love how 3 of these are from 2015 he was booked and busy that year
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  • emmawoodouse
    17.04.2021 - 6 hours ago

    THE OLD GUARD CAST + roles set in the 70s/80s

    Charlize Theron | ATOMIC BLONDE (2017) Marwan Kenzari | THE ANGEL (2018) KiKi Layne | IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK (2018) Luca Marinelli | TRUST (2019) Van Veronica Ngo | DA 5 BLOODS (2020) Matthias Schoenaerts | BLOOD TIES (2013)
    #togcastedit #the old guard #charlize theron#marwan kenzari#kiki layne#luca marinelli #van veronica ngo #matthias schoenaerts#usercacau#usertriz#tuservi#tuserkris#usershan#myedits #here u go for all ur au needs #this could've been a gifset just of them all smoking (except kiki) but i thought better not lol
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  • cinebration
    16.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Written in DNA (Booker x Reader) [Part 7]

    Booker tries to locate Quynh.

    Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

    Tagged: @lucy-sky​​, @city-of-weird​​, @all-the-right-regrets

    Warnings: none

    Gif Source: dcnnatroya

    You had to drive four-and-a-half hours to reach a major city with a sizeable library. After slipping into a Goodwill and buying you a used shirt, jacket, jeans, sneakers, sunglasses, and hat, Booker waited for you to change out of your grey uniform before heading into the library.

    The familiar hushed tones were punctuated by quiet coughs and the quieter hum of a bank of computers along the far wall. Of the ten, only four were occupied. Booker rented one facing the front door, his back to the wall.

    You made a slow circuit inside the library. Natural sunlight flooded the place from high-set windows, bathing everything in warm light. As Booker waited for the slow internet connection to load, he watched you surreptitiously. You had removed the sunglasses but kept the hat, your hair tucked underneath. You made a show of examining some magazines while you scrutinized the on-duty guard. He didn’t so much as glance in your direction.

    Booker returned his attention to the monitor. What he really needed was his laptop, but the team had kept that, needing it more than he did. He would have to make due.

    By the time you settled down at his side, pulling up a chair beside him, Booker had managed to bypass the library firewall.

    “Where’s this?” you murmured.

    “Paris,” he answered. He filtered through the footage playing out across the screen.

    Quynh, resplendent in her red coat, exited his apartment building and ducked into the backseat of a luxury sedan parked out front. Noting the license plate, Booker began scanning footage of adjacent streets, tracking the car through them.

    The car stopped before a high-end hotel. Quynh exited and disappeared inside, the car veering away from the steps.

    “Do you think she’s still there?” you asked.

    “I don’t know.”

    Your shoulder pressed comfortingly into his as you looked at the screen. Booker tried to ignore the feeling, but it felt good to be touched again. It reminded him of Andy’s hugs.

    Fast forward to the present, Booker wormed his way into the hotel’s computers. After a few minutes, he located Quynh’s room number. The database said she hadn’t checked out. Booker memorized a number and backed out of everything.

    “Let’s go,” he said.

    Outside, Booker fished out the burner phone he had bought on the way to the library and typed in the number he had memorized. The line on the other end rang and rang and rang.

    When the automated voicemail kicked in, Booker said simply, “Quynh, please call.” He left the number of his burner phone.


    You bought dinner, a greasy smorgasbord to make up for how little you both had eaten the past few days. You ate outside in a small park that was virtually empty despite the cool weather. Booker ate sparingly as you scarfed down your meal. You caught him staring and covered your mouth self-consciously.


    He shook his head, a faint smile touching his lips, much to his surprise. Seeing it, you beamed back at him, dazzling him with a genuine smile. It wiped years of hardness off your face, revealing something of the young woman you had been before the experiments.

    The realization sobered him. He glanced at his phone, wondering why Quynh hadn’t yet called. Had she changed her mind? Had conditions changed because the military was still after you? He raked a hand over his hair.

    “Tell me about your family.”

    Booker frowned, met your inquisitive gaze. He wasn’t sure he wanted to revisit that wound. But he said, “I had three sons.”

    “Really? When?”

    “A long time ago.”

    “Ah.” You nodded sagely, popped a French fry in your mouth. “I wanted to know about your immortal family.”

    “Oh.” Booker shifted uncomfortably. Again, it felt wrong to speak of them. He struggled to find something to say.

    “It must have been a relief to know you weren’t alone.”

    He glanced away. “In the beginning.”

    “Oh, are they not good now?”

    “It’s not that.”

    “Then what?”

    The muscle in his jaw twitched as he ground his teeth, groping for words.

    You dropped your gaze, pressed your lips into a thin line. “Do you miss them, at least?”

    Terribly, he thought. He jerked his head in a nod.

    You lapsed into silence, staring past his shoulder. Strangely stricken, Booker reached for the phone to call Quynh again.

    The phone buzzed in his hand before he could redial the number. He answered immediately.

    “Booker,” Quynh’s voice murmured in his ear. “You have the weapon?”

    “Yes. We need help to get out of the country.”

    “Wait.” The line went silent for several minutes before Quynh came back. “There is an FBO in Virginia you can fly from.” She gave him the details, then terminated the call.

    “She has a lot of power,” you noted.

    Booker nodded, frowning deeply.

    “What’s wrong?”

    Everything, he thought.

    #Booker x Reader #Booker#Booker imagine #Sebastien le Livre x Reader #Sebastien le Livre #Sebastien le Livre imagine #Matthias Schoenaerts x Reader #Matthias Schoenaerts #Matthias Schoenaerts imagine #The Old Guard
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  • nkp1981
    16.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Old Guard has been celebrating another successful mission the last couple of days or why you shouldn’t drink old wine.

    my creation

    #andromache of scythia #yusuf al-kaysani #nicolo di genova #sebastian le livre #nile freeman#andy#joe#Nicky#Booker #yusuf x nicolo #joe x nicky #Charlize Theron#marwan kenzari#luca marinelli#Matthias Schoenaerts#kiki layne #the old guard
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  • matthiasschoenaertsdaily
    16.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Matthias Schoenaerts at SPiN opening in Austin, Texas - May 2018

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  • nkp1981
    16.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Meanwhile at the local gym:

    Nile looks over at Nicky.

    Nile: "What's wrong with the new guy?"

    Andy: "He has just seen his new personale trainer!"

    Both women can’t stop laughing at the scene that is unfolding in front of them with Joe, who is trying to calm Nicky, who is still having a panic attack.

    Booker is not looking at Joe and rolls his eyes.

    Booker: "I really don't understand all the fuss there is about that guy!"

    my creation

    #andromache of scythia #yusuf al-kaysani #nicolo di genova #sebastian le livre #nile freeman#andy#joe#Nicky#Booker #yusuf x nicolo #joe x nicky #Charlize Theron#marwan kenzari#luca marinelli#Matthias Schoenaerts#kiki layne #the old guard
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  • nkp1981
    15.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    To be honest, I have no idea what Matthias is doing here.

    #Matthias Schoenaerts#Booker #sebastian le livre #the old guard
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  • daniela-bella
    14.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    I’ve been thinking about Joe’s line, “no no no don’t worry,” in the hotel scene. I feel like it’s generally accepted that he’s speaking this line to Nicky, saying don’t worry for losing the bet. And, ok yeah that’s cool.

    But I had always heard it differently. For some reason (maybe because he says it at the tail end and almost while Nicky is doing his “prego prego prego” and looking right at Booker) I felt like he wouldn’t have been speaking to Nicky and maybe he was speaking to Booker too. Like maybe Booker felt bad for taking money from both of them. Sorry, Joe your husband is such a dumbass and will never learn that Andy can’t miss at this game, and tried to hand one of the notes back, and Joe’s all nah man we’re good. No idea why my mind always filled that in, but it did.

    But today it occurred to me, aww what if he’s saying it to Andy. What if what we’re missing offscreen is Andy giving Joe an apologetic look, like sorry for being so good at this game, and sorry your dumbass husband (they’re all in agreement about this) will never learn.

    And honestly the third option is we just missed a little husband to dumbass husband eye contact where one is embarrassed that he still hasn’t learned.

    Either way, Joe’s line. It’s just proof of how great these actors were. So much of the dialogue in this scene feels organic, like they were all just going with it and feeding off each other. And so much of what we love about them happened outside of the camera shots and I’m just 🥺. And it makes me appreciate them all the more.

    In conclusion, I love them.

    #the old guard #andy the scythian #sebastien le livre #yusuf al kaysani #nicolò di genova #charlize theron#matthias schoenaerts#marwan kenzari#luca marinelli#hotel scene#immortal family#family vibes #the characters were a family and the actors were a family
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  • nkp1981
    14.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    How Nile learned there is a reason why Joe and Nicky always get the room with a door on if there is one in the safe house.

    Nile is on her way to bed and stops outside Joe and Nicky's room when she hears this conversation:

    (this story contain photos that makes it even funnier)

    Nicky: "These?"

    Joe: "No!"

    Nicky: "These?"

    Joe: "Now you just being silly!"

    Nicky: "These?"

    Joe: "You’re kidding me."

    Nicky: "These?"

    Joe: "They should be burned on the stake!”

    The curiosity finally becomes too much for Nile.

    Nile as she enters the room: "What are you two doing?" but covers her eyes quickly when she sees this scenario.

    Joe: “Trying to find a pair of pants that will do justice to this amazing Italian ass and we have just found the right pair. And you?"

    Nile: "Not much and maybe you should consider another pair, Nicky, because they are not doing anything good for your ass. Night.” She quickly closes the door.

    As Nile walks back to the kitchen, she can hear them bicker.

    Nicky: "Maybe she is right!” and turns around to check his ass. Joe: "Don’t listen to her. I have been staring at that amazing Italian ass for almost a millennia and they fit perfectly!”

    Nile sits down at the table and Booker pours her a drink.

    Booker: “Let me guess: you opened the door to Joe and Nicky’s room?”

    Nile: "Trust me. I’m never doing that again.”  

    My creation

    #yusuf al-kaysani #nicolo di genova #sebastian le livre #nile freeman#joe#Nicky#Booker #yusuf x nicolo #joe x nicky #marwan kenzari#luca marinelli#Matthias Schoenaerts#kiki layne #the old guard
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  • nowvoyagerit
    14.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    Tilda Swinton and Matthias Schoenaerts in A Bigger Splash (Luca Guadagnino, 2015)

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  • daniela-bella
    14.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    The Old Guard in sexy neon

    [ The boys were such a hit I gave everyone else the same treatment. It’s basically a filter with some editing options. Please don’t mistake these cool-looking manips for anything resembling artistic talent from me. I get lots of help from technology. But I do enjoy crafting visuals that please you all. ]
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  • stark-park
    13.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    I just watched Our Souls At Night because I saw a snippet of Matthias Schoenaerts and that was enough to press play. I may have skipped a lot of the film 😅

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  • nkp1981
    13.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    The Old Guard looking cool while wearing sunglasses!!

    #andromache of scythia #Quynh#yusuf al-kaysani #nicolo di genova #sebastian le livre #nile freeman#andy#joe#Nicky#Booker #yusuf x nicolo #joe x nicky #Charlize Theron #van veronica ngo #marwan kenzari#luca marinelli#Matthias Schoenaerts#kiki layne #the old guard
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  • matthiasschoenaertssource
    13.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    Toronto International Film Festival- 2018

    #Matthias Schoenaerts #toronto international film festival
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  • cinebration
    12.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    Written in DNA (Booker x Reader) [Part 6]

    The aftermath of the motel fight.

    Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

    Tagged: @lucy-sky​​, @city-of-weird​​, @all-the-right-regrets

    Warnings: none

    Gif Source: musafiir

    Booker sat hunched in the passenger seat, wishing he hadn’t guzzled the liquid courage he had bought earlier. He couldn’t stop sneaking glances at you. The murky lamplight painted your stony face in hazy yellows, your reflection jaundiced in the window. You had run your hands through some water before ditching the motel room, but blood still crusted beneath your fingernails and in the nailbeds.

    Booker had seen death and gore and destruction a million times over, but the image of you standing over the broken bodies haunted him. It took him an hour to realize why.

    One of the bodies at your feet had its head completely turned around.

    A weapon, he thought, shivering. More lethal than the rest of us combined.

    He hadn’t seen your face and demeanor so tense in the short span he had known you. He could hear the steering wheel straining beneath your iron grip as you drove, the muscle in your jaw clenched just as hard.

    “How did you do that?” he heard himself ask, his voice raspy.

    “Easily,” you muttered.

    The response sent a deep shiver through him. “I meant, how did you—”

    “I had a tracking chip.” You tapped the base of your skull. “I took it out while I showered and put it in the adjacent room.”


    “When you left to get drunk. Then I waited, and they came.”

    Heat crept up Booker’s neck. He looked away from you, hunkered down further in his seat. Your answers did little to soothe him. Each time he blinked, he saw the twisted head, the confused expression on the man’s face.

    Rage radiated off you. Booker shifted uncomfortably, warning bells chiming quietly in the back of his mind.

    “He’s a fucking idiot,” you hissed.

    Booker twitched, startled by the vitriol in your voice. “Who?”

    “The general. The asshole who sent the men.” The steering wheel groaned beneath your grip. “He’ll keep sending them like cannon fodder.”

    “They can’t track you now.”

    “Doesn’t matter. He’ll keep sending them to me to die. An absolute waste.”

    Booker thought back to the men who had died pursuing Andy and the others—how wave after wave had been slaughtered. The scales had been weighed against them, their lives measured against the perceived millions to be saved by the health benefits reaped from immortality.

    “I understand,” he murmured.

    He felt your eyes on him for a moment, trying to read his face. He turned away, tried to stare past his haggard reflection in the window.

    “I could use a drink.”

    Booker looked at you sharply, hope glimmering in his eyes. “Yeah?”

    “Yeah, but I can’t.”

    Disappointment deflated him. “Why?”

    “It doesn’t affect me. Part of all…this.” You gestured vaguely at yourself.

    “When was the last time you had any fun?”

    “When was the last time you did?”

    It had involved baklava and a wager, he wanted to say, but he kept silent.

    You drove for two hours, heading off the main road and letting them take you where they would. Booker dozed in and out of sleep, haunted by snatches of memory, as you navigated further into the middle of nowhere.

    He woke abruptly with an urgent need to piss just as you pulled to a stop beneath a huge tree in full leaf. As he stumbled out of the car to relieve himself, he surveyed the landscape. Mountains rose up to the right, deep rolling hills to his left. It felt like he stood at the bottom of a bowl.

    Shaking himself dry, he zipped up and returned to the car. You had tilted your seat back a few inches, allowing you to lean back to rest. You lay so still that he almost thought you were dead, your chest hardly moving.”

    “We’ll sleep here,” you muttered.

    Booker had slept in worse places, so he didn’t complain. Cranking back the seat, he closed his eyes.


    Hazy sunlight thick with dust motes slanted through the windshield, warming Booker awake. Blinking against the light, he cracked the kink in his neck, winced against the headache pulsing behind his eyes.

    Sleep had been surprisingly restful, but he had had so little of it the past two days that he reasoned he had knocked out from the exhaustion. He needed a break, a drink…too much. He needed and could not receive—the bane of his existence.

    He glanced aside.

    The car was empty.

    He jerked around, trying to see behind him. Pushing open his door, he tumbled out into the morning, sweeping his gaze across the beautiful landscape. Warmed grass tickled his nose with its heady scent as he walked around the car, scanning the rippling field.

    You had left him.

    He slumped against the trunk of the tree, passed a hand over his face. Everyone leaves, he reminded himself.

    Delivering you to Quynh had been a fool’s hope. He had ninety-nine years left before he could reunite with the others, sans Andy. There was nothing he could do to change that.

    Alone again.

    An acorn dropped onto his forehead. Wincing, he glanced up.

    Hidden among the branches, you sat with your back against the tree, one leg dangling over the branch you sat on. You peered down at him and waved him up.

    “I don’t climb trees,” he shouted, trying to conceal his relief.

    You waved at him again. Shaking his head, he hiked his pants up and proceeded to labor up the tree. It took him a few minutes to reach a solid branch next to you. He found you with your head tipped against the bark, specks of sunlight shifting across your face through the wind-stirred leaves.

    “Sleep well?”

    He nodded. “You?”

    You shook your head. “Not ’til I came up here.”

    Booker peered down at the ground. It would be a long fall.

    “Why aren’t you with your team?”

    The question caught him off-guard. Shifting uncomfortably, he groped for an answer. Your eyes bored into him, as though able to see through his lies.

    “I made a selfish mistake,” he finally said. The words tasted bitter on his tongue, but the weight on his shoulders shifted a fraction.

    “What about the one who sent you to me?”



    “She hasn’t been around.”

    You arched an eyebrow at him.

    It felt wrong to talk about the others to someone who wasn’t immortal. Booker shook his head and looked away, hoping you didn’t push the issue.

    “Will you get to see them again?”


    “That’s nice.” A forlorn tone tinged your voice. “I may never meet more of my kind. In fact, my escape may mean their deaths.”

    Booker frowned. “They would shut down the program?”

    “If they can’t retrieve me, put me down, or successfully reprogram me, they may decide having super soldiers isn’t worth the risk. What use are soldiers who AWOL at the first opportunity?”

    He wanted to say it wasn’t your fault, but he knew the words would fall in deaf ears. They certainly had fallen on his plenty of times.

    Instead, he leaned against the tree and lapsed into silence, enjoying the morning.

    “Is there a signal you could send your friend? Something she would know?”

    He frowned, wracked his hungover mind. “There may be something…”

    “Good, because I don’t think we’re getting out of the country without her help.”

    #Booker x Reader #Booker#Booker imagine #Sebastien le Livre x Reader #Sebastien le Livre #Sebastien le Livre imagine #Matthias Schoenaerts x Reader #Matthias Schoenaerts #Matthias Schoenaerts imagine #The Old Guard
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  • nkp1981
    12.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    Matthias Schoenaerts breakdancing in the midst of New York

    #Matthias Schoenaerts#Booker #sebastian le livre #the old guard
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  • matthiasschoenaertssource
    12.04.2021 - 5 days ago


    Last gif by @julianafrinks

    *Gifs discovered online and not marked. I'm happy to add a credit or remove if requested!*

    #Matthias Schoenaerts #credit to the gif creators
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  • milliondollarbaby87
    12.04.2021 - 5 days ago

    #FridayFakeCinemaClub - Friday 16th April 2021 = Sound of Metal

    #FridayFakeCinemaClub – Friday 16th April 2021 = Sound of Metal

    Week 14! We have a rather special film for this one considering Riz Ahmed’s performance has been talked about a lot and held in rather high critical acclaim! Starring: Riz Ahmed, Olivia Cooke, Paul Raci, Laurent Ridlogg, Mathieu Amalric, Jamie Ghazarian, Matthias Schoenaerts, Hillary Baack, Rena Maliszweski, Bill Thorpe, Chelsea Li. Plot: A heavy-metal drummer’s life is thrown into freefall…

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