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    14.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    *needs to rewatch this movie because it’s been years*

    I know Halloween is long over, but I saw art of a really good Corpse Bride AU today (11/13/21) and…my hand slipped.

    Aaravos as Emily because he’s no Victor… lol He was a young nobleman about to be married, but was murdered on his wedding day. Since his final wish was unfulfilled he dreamed of it one day coming to pass. And after years of waiting…it did. When a young woman practicing for her own (unwanted) wedding accidentally finished the ceremony with him.

    So Meg is Victor. She’s awkward and glum about the whole arrangement her parents set up, but after accidentally marrying a literal corpse she starts to think her previous engagement wasn’t so bad anymore.


    Some extra info:

    -Aaravos was completely human, not an elf or another type of creature. His skin is now blue because of his dead state, and his hair white because of this as well. I wanted to make him a bit more grotesque as well to make him even less appealing before Meg gets to know him. (He is missing his pinky fingers too, yes. One was cut off by his killer. The other…probably came off after that arm decomposed.)

    -I haven’t decided yet who the villain is (the one that (spoilers if you haven’t seen the movie) killed Emily and would have killed Victoria (Victor’s fiancé) so I don’t know who killed him.

    -Meg’s dress is just Emily’s because I really liked it. If I do more with the AU, I’ll probably change it or put her in casual wear for the time period.

    -I haven’t decided who will be Victoria either, or if I’ll just have the villain and other love interest be the same person. Aaravos just doesn’t recognize him or vice-versa right away or something.

    -There may be a different ending from in the movie…because Megavos is otp in even my AUs. lol

    #starlight’s art#megavos#Megavos au #corpse bride au #megavos corpse groom au #self ship #self ship community #f/o
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    07.10.2021 - 1 mont ago
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    02.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    An updated version of this meme using some of the AUs I’ve made instead of only screenshots.

    Blank version

    Information on each is under the cut.

    The OG-Aary in his usual clothes here in our world. He likes the button-up with a pocket because he can let Aarapod sit comfortably inside the pocket.

    The Fallen Star-My comic project I’m working on where there aren’t elves in the mix. It’s just dragons vs humans, with the story going in a very different direction from the source material. In the West the setting is modern day, in the East the lands are still magical. Also Aaravos is the antihero protagonist, not one of the villains.

    Avatar: The Secret Bender-An AU I’m working on with my best friend. Aaravos is an Earthbender and the Avatar. The cycle was somehow messed up, with the next Avatar being an Earthbender and not an Airbender like he was supposed to be.

    It’s the show, Avatar: The Last Airbender, but with mostly the The Dragon Prince cast with some OCs and s/i’s (Meg included) instead of characters from ATLA, and with tweaks and major changes to the plot to fit the AU. (Though to be fair…”too pure” isn’t the best description even here. lol It IS still Aaravos, after all. He still has the same personality, just got dealt a different hand, and made different life-choices/friends.)

    Snake Charmer-Naga!Aary (part humanoid, part snake) for a oneshot on my adults-only side blog. Not much to say about this one except this Aaravos…has the least healthy relationship with Me/g of any of them, at least at first. Kind of a Beauty and the Beast formula but more adult.

    Disney’s Atlantis AU-Self explanatory. It’s Atlantis but with TDP characters plus Me/g. You can read more about it here.

    Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild AU-Takes place before Link wakes up. Meg is a field researcher studying monsters and Guardians to create a guide on how to survive against them. Aaravos was hired by her when he expressed interest in the job of being her protection on her research trip…but it’s later revealed he is the true leader and founder of the Yiga Clan. Revealing also that things are not as black-and-white as the Shiekah and Royal Family would have you believe…

    Bloodhound Oaths-Arranged marriage/vampire AU prompt I got a long time ago. Aaravos is the mysterious, powerful Vampire King. King of monsters basically. Me/g is a princess being groomed for marriage for political purposes. She is given to Aaravos as his bride to unite the human and monster kingdoms for land and strengthening forces against a common enemy. In the process Meg learns through her husband and his people to stand on her own more…and that she really needs glasses it turns out.

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    04.07.2021 - 4 monts ago
    #me/g answers#selfship#self-insert#f/o#Megavos#Megavos au#Disney au #the little mermaid au #ask game: 🎭 for a disney movie au #starlight's art#anonymous
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    04.07.2021 - 4 monts ago
    #me/g answers#selfship#f/o#self-insert #ask game: 🎭 for a Disney movie AU #megavos#Megavos au#Disney au #beauty and the beast au #starlight's art#anonymous
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    28.06.2021 - 5 monts ago
    #me/g answers #the Aaravos picture was traced from the original #I was again trying to mimic the way TDP’s style goes #about Megavos#Megavos au#bloodbound oaths#vampire au #arranged marriage au #starlight's art #bright the doggo
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    03.06.2021 - 5 monts ago
    #me/g answers #ask game: 🙄 for hypothetical fandom drama #about Megavos #AU: Megavos in BotW #anonymous
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    15.05.2021 - 6 monts ago
    #I love building on and exploring this AU #lol#me/g answers#starlight’s art#Megavos#Megavos au#BotW AU #AU: Megavos in BotW #legend of Zelda #breath of the wild #legend of Zelda: breath of the wild #me/g#self-insert#s/i #my danger star ✨ (aaravos) #au version of character from another source #Farosh#Korok#Princess Zelda#wegotaselfshipperere
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    13.05.2021 - 6 monts ago

    I revisited my idea for Megavos in Breath of the Wild based on the art challenge my friend, @wegotasatanselfshipperere, sent me and instead of Aaravos being the former leader/founder of the Yiga Clan...he still is the leader. Kogha is just a stand-in who acts like he’s in charge and takes advantage of the reputation their actual leader started, as well as being obvious and loud...while said leader is out undercover working on the sidelines.

    That is until he meets Meg and has traveled with her a while. First to determine if she is the princess that disappeared...then for other reasons he hasn’t outright explained to her.

    Later they travel to Gerudo Desert and after stopping in Gerudo Town, he tricks her into coming back with him to the Yiga Hideout. Here his true identity is revealed...but to Meg’s surprise he isn’t interested in killing her to keep it a secret. No, instead she’s treated as a guest in his home...but can’t leave at this time.

    The rest of the story would then have her slowly adapt and get to know the clowns that are the Yiga Clan how it is now, and learning things are not as black-and-white as the Light would have you believe. It’s more complicated than it seems... (but the Yiga are still the bad guys. Just not so bad they don’t have redeeming qualities.)

    Light version:

    #starlight’s art #my danger star ✨ (aaravos) #megavos au #Megavos-breath of the wild AU #legend of Zelda: breath of the Wild #legend of Zelda #breath of the wild #Yiga Aaravos #au version of character from another source
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    13.05.2021 - 6 monts ago
    #me/g answers#Megavos au #Megavos-Breath of the Wild AU #Megavos #AU: Megavos in BotW #legend of Zelda: breath of the Wild #legend of Zelda #breath of the Wild #self-insert #au version of character from another source #starlight’s art#comic#anonymous
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    13.05.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Send 🙄 + an AU of my relationship with my f/o and I’ll tell you the kind of drama our relationship would cause in the fandom/hypothetical fandom.

    (Disclaimer: I have been trying for several weeks to reblog the original game, and for some reason Tumblr just will not let me. So I’m doing my own. Also making it specifically for those like me with only one f/o and possibly many AUs for the relationship they have. Be sure to go here for the original.)

    #I thought a twist version might be fun anyway #and it seemed pointless to reblog the original when I only have one f/o #ask game #go to the ‘Megavos AU’ tag for examples of AUs I’ve made for Megavos #if you send any in to myself
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    05.05.2021 - 6 monts ago
    #me/g answers#Megavos au #AU: Megavos in BotW #about megavos #legend of Zelda: breath of the wild #legend of Zelda #breath of the wild #loz#botw#loz:botw#self-insert #au version of character from another source #(not an OC) #my danger star ✨ (aaravos) #me/g#starlight’s art#starlight’s writing#wegotaselfshipperere
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    25.02.2021 - 9 monts ago

    Written in the Stars

    No Matter What, When, or Where We Are

    No matter how we are born, and what we become...

    ...Our love is written in the stars

    This was supposed to be for Valentine’s Day...but it didn’t work out that way. lol At first I was going to make a simple “dressed up nice and dancing” pose picture, but changed my mind. Deciding instead to do something more symbolic, which both shows the many AU ideas I’ve had with this relationship, and why I love AUs so much.

    Under the read more is that explanation and some information on each AU:

    I notice I make a LOT of AUs, and the reason is first that I just really enjoy exploring other story angles. From things where one or both are a different creature, where they are in different social classes, where occupation or how they met differs by the slightest decision change leading to it.

    Yet they always find each other, and always find a connection. I guess that sort of goes into Soulmate theory too. lol

    AUs listed left to right, top to bottom:

    MLP:FiM: Made by my friend, @allykatsart, at first as a fun design AU since she got tired of drawing humans or dragons. We got to talking and included some lore on Aaravos in this universe; He is a Star Pony, which is an almost god-like race like in TDP, which are alicorns. He adopted Celestia and Luna after finding them alone in the middle of nowhere (or I think we jokingly said he woke up one morning and they were there. lol) and raised them (if Journal of Two Sisters contradicts the show’s canon, supposedly, so can I)

    There was more to his backstory, but I won’t get into it. Meg (or whatever I call her here) was just a normal pegasus pony with an animal-based special talent. She met Aaravos while he was disguised as a different type of pony and they became friends, but were starting to like each other as more than that. Then he came clean about who he was and eventually they talk it out and work through it. (For the original images of their pony counterparts, check out my friend’s blog. She’s very talented!)

    The Fallen Star: More of a teaser than anything, since this is still a project I want to share eventually. Of all the AUs on here, it’s the one I’ve worked on the longest and somehow is the most ambitious. It’ll be long, incorporate all the important TDP characters somehow, and have Aaravos as the main character (because I like writing about him way too much. lol) I can’t say much more, but Megavos is end-game there...and this project is special to me.

    Chess Match: Not an AU really, just symbolism to an RP that is Post-The Fallen Star. Once again my friend, @allykatsart helped me a ton in developing The Fallen Star, and our (technically not canon I think) RP that takes place once it’s over is SO GOOD. Even if it isn’t canon, I hope we can finish it someday and maybe share it once the comic is done. 

    As for the designs here, they were by Ally, and basically the section of the RP this is related to can be compared to a chess match. No spoilers, but Aaravos represents the White Queen (because he’s one of the good guys here) and Meg is the King of the same color. Why it isn’t the other way around is also symbolic. Aaravos is the most powerful piece on the “board” in TFS, and the leader of the group once it forms. Meg is not, but that doesn’t make her any less important. She’s the heart of the team, and Aaravos especially. Without her...things would have been very different. Plot-wise, and Aaravos’ role-wise.

    Blood-Bound Oaths: This is a slow-developing story thanks to the “Send me two AUs mashed together, I’ll give a headcanon on it” Ask game message I got. The Ask mashed together the “arranged marriage” AU with I think it was “royalty” AU and came up with the idea of Aaravos being the Vampire King who marries princess or queen Meg of the humans to unite their kingdoms for some reason.

    I really liked the idea, but I couldn’t think of a way to do it...then changed it to Meg being the princess, whose father struck this deal with Aaravos. So she is sent to his kingdom as his bride and it’s basically a story about her learning to value herself and her opinions more, as he respectfully keeps his distance before slowly forming first a friendship with her before they truly fall in love.

    Meg learning that the way women were treated in her kingdom was disrespectful and demeaning, and finding her voice through the very opposite treatment from the Vampire King and her appointed were-cat attendant (Ally. lol)

    Written in the Stars (TDP-verse): I included this one both because it was where I started before getting comfortable enough to step away from the world of TDP and explore a more mundane, modern life with him. It isn’t as action-packed and adventurous as the lands of Xadia, but not entirely calm all the time either.

    In the world of TDP, though, it was just the events of the show but an s/i thrown in because I can. I have a couple of TDP-verse stories I have planned (maybe) but there isn’t only one angle for it.

    Snake Charmer: Very much an adult audience only AU...because the oneshot (that may become a multi-chapter story) connected plays with a few kinks of mine not mentioned on this blog.

    To sum it up, the AU is of Meg as a student on a school trip to a tropical island where there are stories from the locals about a monster that lives in the jungle. If you get lost while in there, the monster takes you and you are never heard from again.

    That monster is Aaravos as a naga/lamia creature called a Star Serpent. He normally eats trespassers, but Meg just happens to be found at a specific time in his life where he needs her for...other reasons. If the story was continued, it was going to be a darker beauty and the beast sort of story. Maybe with a curse being lifted at the end. Who knows.

    Hades and Persephone AU: I probably won’t actually make this one either, but it is kind of symbolic as well. Especially after watching this video, where it goes into the original telling of the myth and some background information. Like how Hades has been reduced to being seen as the bad guy or more horrible than several other gods in mythology (like Zeus and Apollo)

    Because of that, I thought Aaravos fit the role of Hades quite well. He’s strongly disliked, but not actually bad. TDP doesn’t go into sex and couples at all (well, couples: yes. Sex: no) but digging through Scorpio information (which he is) they require a connection to even have sex with someone. Or rather, they prefer it that way. So Aaravos seems very unlikely to go out of his way to hook up randomly.

    Meg as Persephone is because she is portrayed as more innocent and kind...but in reality not a lot is known about her. Persephone is that way too, where she is actually feared even more than Hades is. I wouldn’t say Meg is that way...but you never know. I’m told I can be pretty scary when I get angry. And I mean reaching my limit-angry.

    (Poses from the first QnA/Concept art episode of a Lore Olympus on Webtoons. The flowers on Meg’s headpiece are a specific flower.)

    Siren AU: The mer-person AU, basically. This time my friend, @the-purpleflower helped me with this one. At least the ending, anyway.

    In this AU, Meg is an intern at a marine research lab. Her boss is Viren, the head scientist there, who is off-putting but not unbearable to work for. He was kind of rude at first, especially if you aren’t keeping up with his thought process, but still a good boss...except something was off about him.

    There’s also a locked door off-limits to everyone but Viren. There have been many rumors circulating what could possibly be behind it (some more ludicrous than the last) but the truth turns out to be even more shocking. There is a mer-creature of some kind down there, and Viren has been studying him for months.

    As the story goes on, Meg and Aaravos grow closer over time and of course fall in love eventually. Not sure when or if I’ll get around to this one. Let alone finishing it.

    (As for Aaravos’ design, I wanted to try a smooth-skulled look for this one to make him more distinct from the other AUs. I might change my mind about that.)

    Ghost Hunter AU: I think this was thanks to the results of an AU quiz or generator. Meg is a paranormal investigator (or assistant to one: That being Viren) and Aaravos is the playful, but not entirely sinister entity they were told about. Of those in the group, he seems most drawn to Meg...but why? Is she just more fun to taunt and play with?

    I don’t actually know. lol But I might be making a story for this too. How to make it have a happy ending...I don’t know yet. This is a tricky one.

    A King and his Royal Guard AU: Another Ask Game one. This was the Royalty and Royal Guard AU, which I also thought quite a bit on. Meg is the guard, Aaravos is an elven king. The only one in Xadia with human and elf subjects. By day they stick to their roles, but at night...they are equals eventually.

    The picture I used here is to show that. Aaravos wants to stop hiding, but Meg is afraid of what will happen to him if he does. He isn’t exactly popular for his ruling style among the other kingdoms of Xadia. Human or elf-lead.

    Disney’s Tangled AU: A parody AU like Hades and Persephone, but one I might actually do something with. Aaravos is Flynn Rider/Eugene, of course (his fake name is Polaris Strider, after an elven adventurer he read about as a kid) and Meg is Rapunzel. But where it gets more fun: Ethari as Pasquale and Runaan as Maximus, except they’re still elves.

    Ethari meets the duo on their journey and Meg convinces Aaravos to let him travel with them. Runaan has been hired to track Aaravos down and bring him back dead or alive. Meg and Ethari convince him to wait to take Aaravos in after the Festival of Lights. (And as Megavos is happening, on the side Ruthari kicks off swimmingly. lol)

    I don’t know who to have as Mother Gothel...and I feel like putting Viren in that role is both unnecessarily mean and doesn’t make sense. The other four do if you think about each TDP character’s attitude with one another. But Viren...doesn’t fit. I guess using the magic flower-to-hair to fix himself after using Dark Magic...but that’s about it.

    * * *

    So there they are. I think I love AUs because of how many angles there are to explore. With different creatures, roles, and circumstances. But in the end we are the same people deep down. No matter the world, we end up together.

    As for Aaravos’ skin colors, I was trying for variety of the shades his skin turns with the time of day. Dull greys for broad daylight, deep purples for dusk and early night hours, and blues for late night hours and dawn.

    #starlight’s art#AU art#AU#AUs #the fallen star AU #MLP:FiM#siren au#vampire au #arranged marriage au #snake charmer au #hades and persephone au #ghost hunter au #royal guard and monarch au #disney movie parody au #written in the stars #megavos#Megavos au#Megavos AUs
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    03.02.2021 - 9 monts ago

    Atlantis: The Lost Empire parody because why not?

    I actually found I had saved a gif set for the movie a long time ago...and I couldn’t remember who would be who. But I ended up deciding this is the most fitting way to do it. XD I would be the obsessive scholar, Aary would be the exotic prince in this case.

    I actually thought of a way of writing this as a parody story a bit...under the cut:

    This is a world where elves and humans intermingle peacefully for the most part. As in no war that split them apart like in the canon of TDP, so it matches the setting of Atlantis. The Startouch elves were an ancient people that were reduced to legend, and Meg-inspired by the work of her grandfather-stubbornly wants to prove it existed and that she could find the ruins. 

    Tentatively I want to throw in a bit of sexism here...since this does take place in 1914 (but it doesn’t specify if it was before the First World War which started in July, or not that I could find. If it does, however, please let me know) and Milo was a laughing stock working in the Boiler Room where he worked. Meg would not only be reduced to that job because of her obsession with Atlantis...but also her gender and age.

    It isn’t overly focused on as the story progresses (if I write it) and she proves her usefulness to the team as translator and expert on Atlantis. My problem now is who to have play the other roles. I was thinking Rayla could be Caudy, the engineer, since she’s young and strong-willed so would earn the position she’s got. But I don’t know about the rest... And honestly, I’d be more focused on the lost city than the movie was (it was a 90′s film...where their run-time had to be under an hour.)

    So a lot more focus on Meg and Aaravos getting to know each other, exploring headcanons and ideas if they had expanded on the lost city and the peoples’ way of life, and I would have to figure out who would be the villain. My first thought was Viren...but keep him the pragmatic scholar, not an obvious military commander... Yeah, there would be a LOT of tweaking and shifting around how to do this. Not only because Aaravos as Kida is tricky, but the story itself isn’t that strong. I really like Atlantis, I enjoy the expedition part, but that movie did not give enough time to explain why the side characters we spent most of the film getting to know would suddenly turn sides. Sweet I can understand, because he’s a doctor...but the others...

    Okay, so this turned into a critique of the film. lol But to sum it up:

    TLDR: If I wrote an Atlantis parody, I would put a lot more focus on Atlantis and its people, and the Megavos relationship. The whole reason for doing it to begin with. Writing Aaravos from a very different perspective, and sharing some headcanons on the lifestyle of the lost city. 

    Bonus drawing:

    #megavos#megavos au#disney au#parody art #atlantis: the lost empire #starlight's art #(backgrounds were painted over from original screenshots. #I tried to make them myself #but I got tired of working on this.) #(I did draw the characters though)
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    29.11.2020 - 1 year ago

    Megavos: Snake Charmer


    I wanted to wait to post this until the story connected to it was about ready, and it finally is. It’s been a work in progress since March and is a story that I will only post on my “after dark” account connected to this one, but I will still link to it when it’s up. Why it’s going over there, because it’s very adult and involves a few of my kinks not strictly connected to Megavos.

    Story summary: Meg is a Zoology Major student on a trip with her school in the tropics of Stjernelys, where rare creatures of study are said to be. While there she hears from the locals about a monster that attacks anyone who goes too deep into the jungle and gets lost. No one is ever seen again after that. Though shaken by this warning, she doesn’t think much of it but tries not to get lost. Inevitably she does...and discovers the stories to be true. However, the monster seems to have different plans for her. 

    By that summary, you can probably guess what the story’s about. 

    Below is the concept art and final designs as well as a story snippet

    First is Aaravos as a naga, the official species name being “Star Serpent.” His snake half is based on the final stage of his caterpillar creature in the show before the chrysalis, pulsing markings down the back and all. His skin still changes shades and hues based on time of day (the bottom left picture shows his day colors) and as a snake-like creature he has the ability to hypnotize (shown in the top left.)

    Though usually calm and patiently seductive with his victims, he is still a monster and has monster-like behaviors as well. For one, the rumors aren’t just rumors...he usually eats trespassers. Snake-like.

    His eyes also glow when angry, or in the dark (so do his stars.) He likes to wear gold jewelry as well...the earrings are new. 

    If he uses magic like his canon counterpart, aside from the naga-related kind, isn’t clear...not yet anyway.

    Then there’s Meg, whom I didn’t have to spend as much time on. She’s just a college student on a trip with her class and happens to get lost then stumble into Aaravos’ territory. The gloves may not be official to the design...but if she climbs rocks or anything, they help protect her palms. The setting is also the tropics, so that’s why she has on a tanktop. 

    Story snippet sneak peak:

    (warning: contains elements of dub con, implied breeding, and hypnosis)

    “As I said…I normally eat humans like you for your actions.” He smirked wider and she thought she saw the glint of a white fang poke out from between his lips. The smirk then lessened a bit as he leaned back some again. “But it’s lucky for you to have wandered into my territory today of all days… You see, because of this I have a more…practical use for you.”

    “Wh-what do you mean by that?” She was starting to subconsciously lean back as he moved closer. Eyes trying to move toward his mouth, but unable to look away from the piercing yellow irises boring their gaze into her mercilessly. 

    “You see...I find myself in a bit of a predicament.” He smirked, hands now resting on his coils on either side of her. “Star Serpents like myself don’t reproduce often...usually only every few centuries or so...”

    Hoping she was misunderstanding, Meg swallowed before asking: “What...does that have to do with me?”

    His eyes flashed and she was forced to lay flat on her back as he leaned even further forward. The shadows making not only the star-like marks on his skin glow...but his eyes as well. 

    “I require a vessel, of course... You should feel honored, or at least thankful, for this. Otherwise you would be joining the others sooner.” He was still smirking as he spoke, bringing a clawed hand up to her face. His thumb brushed over a soft cheek which involuntarily flushed red, but there was a firm grip there. As though he was keeping her from moving. 

    “A-A vessel? I-how is that possible? Surely our biology is too different...” She protested, but it was responded to with a deep chuckle. 

    “Oh, don’t worry about that, human. Don’t worry about anything at all...” His voice grew softer and his eyelids lowered some. She couldn’t look away even as his eyes appeared to fade from yellow to violet. The pupils appearing to turn white. It was...beautiful. His eyes were already beautiful, but the new hues...

    “That’s it...” A gentle hiss sounded, though it appeared distant. As though from the trees surrounding her. “Let go...give in...you have nothing to fear for now~”

    It was becoming harder to think too. What was she doing again? She suddenly couldn’t remember... All that she focused on was the soft but firm surface below and the beautiful creature above. 

    “Good girl...” He leaned closer and she reached up a hand, wanting to touch the otherworldly being in front of her as her own eyelids lowered some. Her hand brushing against the starry skin before tracing the dark patch on his chest. What a strange mark...but intriguing...


    There will be a link when the full story is posted on @blackdragon-selfships-after-dark​

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    27.11.2020 - 1 year ago

    Hockey Girl and the Midnight Star AU

    An AU I probably won’t do much with (because I know very little about either sport in it) using prompts by @selfkinsert which you can read here and here. (Edit 10/13/21: Turns out the blog has deactivated I think. So the links are now useless. Sorry.)

    In the prompt the F/O was the figure skater, and the hockey player was the s/i. I am not athletic, but I really liked the idea so creative freedoms. *shrugs*

    -Me/g (Meg in-story) is a member of the Katolis High ice hockey team, which is not gender-exclusive because the show does it with their military (don’t @ me. It’s for the AU.)

    -Aaravos is a rising star figure skater, at least in the area right now (there’s a reason for this, bear with me) whose performer name is “Midnight Star”

    -Like in the prompt they meet while practicing on the same public rink. Meg almost hits him with a fly-away puck, but misses thankfully.

    -They then start talking (flirting) and play a friendly round (again, like the prompt) before going their separate ways.

    -Off the rink, Meg is an average student. Her grades aren’t great, but they aren’t failing or dangerously close. She isn’t working toward anything bigger, though, so she’s sort of stagnant.

    -Aaravos, on the other hand, is an overachiever. At least that’s what it looks like at his own school, the rivals of the Katolian Thunders; the Lux Arean Sun-Dragons.

    -It’s already a demandingly advanced school, but Aaravos is pushed to be the best by his parents. They will accept nothing lower than the highest score possible on any assignment or test.

    -So his only escape is figure skating. They don’t care for it or any sports, really, so he doesn’t have to worry about them finding out.

    -After befriending Meg, Aaravos not only learns to relax more, but also helps Meg to push herself more toward better than “okay” in school and other areas. Finding balance with each other.

    -This is also a scene from the prompt. I got lazy at the end so just drew Aary yelling at the ref and then the opposing team player that pulled a dirty move on Meg during the game. Which was followed by one of her teammates (probably Link for BotW) ramming into that other player.

    -This was the first time anyone had seen Aaravos raise his voice so high or look so angry...it was a shock to everyone, but solidified Meg’s team’s approval of him. (Flow means hair, by the way. The text is also from the prompt)

    -I don’t know where this scene would be, but they’re still in the friend zone.

    Again, probably won’t make an actual story because I don’t know enough about the sports and it would take a lot of figuring out other characters. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to include the BotW group and I have a few OCs...but otherwise I don’t think this would be finished.

    It was still a fun prompt, and I hope anyone else interested in this kind of AU checks out the originals by @selfkinsert (edit: who appears to have deactivated I think?) who gets full credit for the idea. I just added the drama and angst with Aary’s home life. lol

    #prompt #prompt based AU #hockey girl and the midnight star #Megavos#megavos AU#starlight’s art
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  • blackdragon-selfships
    19.11.2020 - 1 year ago

    *Every Like pisses off a Kit*

    Based on a text conversation (it was all fun and games mostly) The orange markings one is the friend’s internet persona, Kit. The other two are me (as BD, my dragon name) and Aary as a Star dragon.

    I like the implication here, since I have told this friend many times I’m taken.

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  • blackdragon-selfships
    29.07.2020 - 1 year ago
    #unless i write something where i’m in his time period/world instead #me/g answers #ask game: which au fits us #about megavos
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    17.06.2020 - 1 year ago

    Inspired by/made using the last one of this prompt list by @cheesyotpprompts

    A Love to Remember

    When had this become his new normal? Waking up every morning to the sight of the woman he loved. Wondering how he had become so blessed after all he had done and would have done if not for her. Ready to spend as many years as time would allow him with her...

    “Hm?” She stirred, opening her eyes blearily to see him watching her softly. His eyes filled with love, though focusing on her face as she woke fully.

    “Good morning, beloved.” He greeted her quietly, a smile on his lips.

    “Wh-who? Who are you?” She sat up, looking confused and a bit scared.

    ...but at a price. His smile faded a bit but he pushed on. Just as he had every morning.

    “I know you are confused, my Starlight...” He began softly, placing a hand over one of hers. She flinched but didn’t pull away, which was a good sign it was one of her easier days. “But allow me a moment to explain.”

    “...okay...then explain.”

    “You don’t remember me, but I am your husband.” He continued, “we have been married for nearly two years now.”

    “We-we have?” She still looked confused, perhaps even disbelieved. He nodded, then turned around and picked up a book from the bedside table, before beckoning her over to sit with him as he opened it on his lap. She hesitated, but her curiosity seemed to outweigh her fear and she crawled over to him, looking over his shoulder at the pages.

    The photo was of her in a long, flowing white dress that glittered in the dusky glow like starlight. She was smiling so happily it couldn’t be staged, and was holding the hands of the stranger showing her these. He too was smiling with unconcealed joy, clothed in black with a long cape. The glittering star-like marks on his skin seemed to glow even brighter. The skin itself was a soft blue-purple in the photo, though the creature it belonged to was unmistakable as the one sitting next to her now.

    His eyes were what drew her, though. A sharp yellow contrasted by dark sclera that made them stand out even more. They were kind and warm, though...like the eyes she saw when she woke.

    “We’re... married? You and me?” She looked at him for clarity, those golden eyes turning to her as he nodded with a soft smile.

    “Yes, love. See this?” He pointed a sparkling blue-grey finger at the photo. “This was the greatest day of my life.”

    She looked back at the photo, then the ones on the other page. There were other people in those, people she knew or should know but in some cases couldn’t place where. They also looked happy...everyone looked happy and carefree.

    “...why...can’t I remember?” She looked at him again, worriedly now. “I should be able to remember marrying someone so beautiful, right?”

    He smiled again, this one more sad.

    “It isn’t your doing, my heart.” He told her reassuringly, reaching a hand up to brush some of her hair from her face but pausing. She looked at his hand, then back to his face and nodded, allowing him permission to do so.

    “Then what is? Why can’t I remember?”

    “The fault is mine...but not entirely. An enemy from my past cursed you to forget me and anyone you met through knowing me.” He explained, “every morning you wake up and can’t remember.”

    “...” She looked back at the photo, then at the ring she realized was on her finger. She then smiled in disbelief. “I’m surprised you haven’t given up on me. Having to do this every day... it must be exhausting.”

    He placed a hand on her cheek, brushing his thumb over a point under her eye.

    “I won’t give up on you. I will never give up on you. I would do this every day for the rest of your life...I love you.”

    She stared at him before chuckling a bit as she looked back down, placing a hand over the one still on his lap.

    “So that’s what this feeling in my chest was.” She smiled as she looked back up at him, eyes now shining with some recognition and a shadow of the same love in his. “Well, thank you for not giving up on me... I’m...very glad I get to meet you every morning.”

    He smiled lovingly back, leaning in. When she didn’t shrink back, he kissed her softly before pulling away.

    “For you, my Shooting Star, anything.” He murmured before she allowed him to kiss her again.


    #megavos#megavos au #disclaimer: we are not married yet #consider this a ‘future events’ story #minus the memory loss part. #if you want more information on the memory loss #feel free to send in an ask. #but i won’t be making a part 2 with that explanation probably. #i will say what he said was 100% accurate though. #he is being totally sincere. #starlight’s writing #✨ queued 🐾
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    #manipulative bastard would totally do that #i love#meg answers #coffee shop au #about megavos
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