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  • glitterycalum1205
    25.07.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    I love having my phone get blown up by these types of notifications and the people that find my page and binge read a bunch of fics. The support is what keeps me wanting to write

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  • dramaabout5sos
    25.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    the 5sos ig account.

    their song got featured in the olympics omg.

    maybe no one cares but sorry for being mia, i had a very important test plus college, it’s been a ride.



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  • niallsaugust
    24.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    — michael clifford icons !

    like/reblog if you save

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  • kindahoping4forever
    24.07.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Via Ryan Fleming IG Story

    #this was literally the first thing I saw when I woke up this morning and thank god tbh bc it is the cutest thing I've ever seen #5sos #5 seconds of summer #Michael clifford#Michael#moose moose #I don't remember my tag for her lol i will modify #instagram#other ig#video#my post
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  • haileyofthefandoms
    24.07.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Heyyyy. I’m thinking about starting writing again but have no idea. What. Or who to write about... help?

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  • 5sospicturesque
    24.07.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Clearing out my camera roll 8814/?

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  • rene1d
    24.07.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Ashton Irwin moodboard | brown & gold

    Send requests if you like :) Like or reblog if you gonna use, please <3

    Images do not belong to me, I found them on the internet. All credit goes to the owners.

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  • 5sos-confessional
    24.07.2021 - 17 hours ago
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  • 5sos-confessional
    24.07.2021 - 17 hours ago
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  • orsumeuphoria
    24.07.2021 - 19 hours ago

    michael really said I’m a bi guy in a band full of dudes and I’m gonna take full advantage of that. he kissed all of them when they were younger and you can’t tell me otherwise. wrestling them on the couch and just planting a sweet kiss on their cheek because he’s shy.

    #Im just looking at those photos of when they were younger and michael is all over everyone #Michael Clifford #take a chance
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  • kingneptunesthinninghead
    24.07.2021 - 21 hours ago

    “i’ve got a jet black heart and there’s a hurricane underneath it tryna keep us apart. i write with a poison pen but the chemicals moving between us are the reason to start again”

    are you JOKING???

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  • be-ready-when-i-say-go
    24.07.2021 - 22 hours ago


    A reupload. Inspired by Closer by Kings of Leon. 

    Michael fucked with a good heart--and it took hitting the bottom to realize that. 

    Female Reader Insert. 


    Michael thought he could weather a storm before, with a good support system and actively understanding the way his own brain worked for better or for worse in some ways. Though his pain was invisible to the naked eye and it was him versus him, he had tools to help him out. He had skills he had acquired over the years. His demons weren’t that big. They came knocking sometimes and he lost some fights but he always won the war. He always won the war. 

    They met through work. She was a force to have behind a vision and utterly amazing at her job. She had earned the right to be the boss and nothing less. When she spoke, it was in everyone’s best interest to listen and take notes. Starting with just her iPhone, a dream and passion, and a laptop, she was a wizard with a music video. Her eye was unmatched—she felt songs and saw them in colors. Every project started with a color. 

    Michael was awed as she listened to their ideas and merged them, melded a masterpiece for their single. A dark tone that slowly faded into oversaturated pastels. The two days that they worked on the shoot, she was firm but never unreasonable. She laughed with them, joked but always on the front of her mind was the project was capturing the light just perfect off the chains of their jackets and capturing the true emotions in the song in the rising and setting sun, in the high moon. 

    It was probably stupid to approach her on the last day of their shoot. Michael was kind of low though. He thought that maybe there wasn’t really any further to go from here. And she agreed to his simple lunch request. That was the first high. The first stop, the first click in Michael’s roller coaster. Things felt like they were on an up swing. 

    But there’s always that false stop. The last click of the tracks before the drop. 

    Part of her wanted more. Part of him was still trying to drown out the sadness. He called when he needed a pick-me-up. And she always answered the call. She always came to Michael’s rescue whether he was too drunk to drive home or just too afraid to be alone with his own thoughts. She always held him so gently. She wiped his tears. She made him laugh. She went above and beyond. Always giving and giving and giving. 

    Michael told himself he should give back but she never called on him. She never said anything. So he went on—taking and taking and taking. And that if she ever did need something she would say so. She would rely on him just like he did her. All she had to do was ask. 

    “You only call when you need something,” she said on the other side of the receiver. 

    “I—I do not.” The retort was slurred and a little indignant. “I do not only c-call when I need something.” 

    “You’re drunk right now Michael. Tell me why you’re calling me.” 

    He hiccupped, leaning his head into the cool metal of the traffic sign. He didn’t drink too often. But that dog sadness was back again and he was hoping this time it would really work. That the alcohol would actually burn out its eyes for good this time. “I-I need help getting home.” 

    “See! You need something. Why did you call me last week?” Michael tried to pull to the surface what happened last week but he couldn’t even remember what happened to him ten minutes ago. She sighed at this silence. “Order an Uber.” 

    The phone went silent and Michael pulled it away, brows furrowed together. He stared at his call list and tapped her name again. It rang and rang and rang. She didn’t answer. Michael tried her number again. This time it rang once and then went silent. 

    He tried again. And then again. No answer on either one of those times either. Michael tried to call her for fifteen minutes straight even as Calum pulled up at the curb and helped him inside the truck. “She’s not answering me.” The tears welled in his eyes as he drafted a text to her instead. 

    And Calum never took his eyes off the road. He was pissed when she texted him about getting Michael from the bar. He wasn’t even sure what the hell was going on or why he had to be the one dragged into it. But he wouldn’t leave Michael stranded so he put on his sneakers and a sweatshirt and got his friend. 

    Michael thought it was maybe just that night. That if he gave her some time and distance that she would cool off and things would go back to normal. When Michael called two days later to try to talk things out she never answered. He left a voicemail. “Hey, I’m sorry about the other day. Give me a call back so we can talk, yeah? I need you. But not like you think.” 

    Every shake and rattle of his phone made Michael pause with a thundering heart. Nothing was ever from her. He tried to message her on social media but those sat unanswered for days. Soon his texts never went through. The blue always turning green as his phone chimed with the supposed sent off text. 

    He needed her. If he was going to be honest, he needed her because she was the only one that listened as the dog sadness sat on his chest and didn’t judge him. He needed her because she made him felt cared for. He needed her because he liked her company and her laugh and her smile. Her goddamned smile always made his heart stop just a little. 

    What Michael hadn’t realized about that night, when she vanished from his life, was that was the drop. All the tears and anger and desperation were his attempts at climbing back up to the top. His ride with her was done well before he ever saw it. 

    Michael, feeling those nagging thoughts crawling from their resting spots, pulled up all the old texts. He scrolled all the way back to when they first worked together and there in a text is her email. It was a work email he knew. But it was the only thing left he hadn’t tried. 

    This is a last ditch effort and I don’t even know if this will reach you.

    I’m sorry for using you. But I need you to know that I did like you too. I maybe did want you just for selfish reasons at first. But you were the only one willing to listen. You were the only one that seemed to care. 

    I should’ve listened too. I should’ve thought about you more. 

    I abused a good heart-your good heart. 

    I’m sorry. 

    He didn’t sign his name. She would know. Or at least he hoped she would. 

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  • the-hurricane-gurl
    24.07.2021 - 23 hours ago

    IF YOU THINK for one (1) second i'm spending another friday night watching 5sos comfort videos AND Michael's past streams on youtube just bc I feel lonely af

    then you'd be absolutely correct. wanna join?👉🏻👈🏻😔

    #i have a great time but for the love of god send help #i need romance in my life #but seriously join me if u like #hit my asks and we can be lonely together i guess (? #that sounds so sad lmao #5sos#5sos memes#5sos fandom#fangirl stuff#personal#michael clifford #they're my comfort idiots your honour
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  • highstwildflower
    23.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Drowning in your ocean

    Summery; Ashton and Y/N meets and fall in love. Just pure fluff

    Words: 2871

    Sun baked down from the electric blue sky, not a cloud was in sight and temperatures were soaring. Bodies moved pass bodies, conversation was turned in to mumbles by the loud music. Laughters were shared as drinks were and the pool was packed with sweaty bodies trying to cool down. Your body was also objectify to the warm temperature, you looked at your brother, Bennett, who had dragged you along to this party in the first place. 4th of July was the reason for the gathering, you saw it as an excuse to get day drunk. Bennett gave you a look as you began to complain again "come on y/n just go and talk to someone? Take a dip in the pool? Make it happen." His brotherly love was not what you wanted, huffing you gave him a stern look "do I look like I wanna be sitting in a pool of piss?" His laughter made you wince and you hurried away, ready for that drink. Hours passed, new people were met and new sort of friendships were formed. Looking across the patio you saw your friend Sierra all of a sudden, you hadn't seen her in ages. Not because you stopped being friends, and not because you grew apart, but life simply pulled you in different directions. In seconds she was pushing through bodies and you were doing the same, meeting each other in a bone crushing sweaty hug "y/n" "Sierra" you both gasped at the same time. Both shocked to see the other at the party. Within minutes the conversation was as if no time had been missed. Sierra loved to used hand gestures and the big rock that took up her finger caught you eyes, of course you had seen the photos of Luke and Sierras engagement, but gosh the ring was huge and stunning." Shut up! Let me see that humongous ring" you almost yelled at the poor girl, she giggled at you before proudly showing off the ring. "Y/n, Luke and I are hosting a dinner at our place after this party, please come?" She looked at you with her warm brow eyes and you instantly knew why Luke had fallen so deeply in love with her. You pulled her in "thank you Si, of course I wanna come" she hugged you back and excused herself before wandering off with her blonde fiancé.

    Sweat was starting to collect in drops on your body, and a dip in the pool started to sound like a good idea. Slowly you emerged into the cold water, and spotted your brother talking to a certain handsome Aussie. Being a huge 5sos fan you had spotted Ashton Irwin the second you walked in, but the secret code was to never bombard a famous person in this circle of people. You swam over to the two and smiled at Bennet, Ashtons back facing you. "Hi y/n, you seem to have cheered up" he smiled stupidly at you "well yes I have your dork" you scold as him, Ashton turned and looked at you with a smile tugging at his lips, he extended a hand for you "hi I'm Ashton" you smiled back at him, pondering whether to play it cool or just act as yourself- someone who likes 5sos. You took his hand and met his eyes "I know, but nice to meet you Ashton, I'm y/n." He laughed, and god you had always had a soft spot for his laugh, but hearing it in person made your heart beat faster. "Uh am I talking to a fan or someone with no music taste?" the teasing smile that played on his lips made your head sore "I have great music taste, thank you. I do enjoy a blast of "Pizza"." You grinned at him and he laughed ever louder while clinging to his drink, the chemistry between you was unmatched "She is the funny one, eh?" He was speaking to both you and Bennett now, you just stuck your tongue out at your brother. Happy to have made a good impression on mr. handsome. The conversation between yourself and Ashton carried on even as Bennett excused himself. It seems as if there was nothing too big or too small for the two of you to discuss. Ashton had that sparkle about him, like he was the human version of sunshine, you could bath in his shine forever and some more. He lifted his empty glass and looked at you "ready to get out of this pee and grab a new drink with me?" You laughed at how he seemed to have read your mind, and without an answer he dragged you behind. His much larger hand lightly holding yours, tingles swirled in your body. You had promised yourself to new idolize anyone just because for who they were, but something about Ashton made you swoon. You heart beat faster ,  your breath uneven and everything in the world made sense when his warm eyes met your eyes.

    A few drinks later you were ready to leave the party to attend Sierra and Luke's. Ashton was going to the same destination and had offered you a lift to which you gladly agreed. The drive to their place was short, it consisted of Ashton singing along to the radio and you laughing at him every now and then. A feeling of adoration filled the both of you, somehow the mood created between the two of you were unlike any other either of you had experienced before. As the car came to a halt you both looked at each other, Ashton reached for you hand and you let him play with your fingers  "Is it to straight forward if I ask for your number?" you smiled softly while looking down at your hand laying in his "Try." You didn't know where this flirty side of you came from, but you were enjoying it. Ashton tugged at your hand until your eyes met "Can I please have you number my dearest?" the biggest grin was playing on his face and you couldn't help the giggle from spilling into the car "Yes you can." exchanging numbers made your heart flutter and you were more than please with the outcome of the day. The party was filled with laughter and the atmosphere filled with love. Ashton who was seated next to you made sure to include you in every conversation, never letting you feel misplaced in the group of chosen family. He also made sure to touch you plenty, just a light hand that lingered on yours as he passed you the salat, a warm knee that bumped yours. All these touches made your body feel electric, leaving you thirsty for his touch.

    The late hours crawled up on you, the sight of the city that never sleeps made you feel more alive than ever, but also craving a minute to calm down. As if the day had been a dream that was manifesting into reality, and you just a body that needed time to feel the dream. Without any notice you slipped away from the party, your naked feet walking down the stone stairway that led to the vacant pool area. The well lit water was calm and inviting but the lounge chair screamed louder, you invited the calm to take over your body as you sunk into the outdoor bed. The start lit up the sky and the moon chilled in a corner far away, the cool air blew across your skin and your breath was calm and deep. The chill soon seeped through your blood and you shivered under the mercy of Mother Nature "Hey you" his voice was calm but you still yelped slightly at the sudden disturbance of your piece. "Hey ash" the nickname fell naturally from your lips, as if you had known him for all of your life. "Can I take a seat?" he waved at the space next to you and you gestured for him to sit down. The heat from his body was like a magnet and you were pulled closer to him. He took notice of your shivers and offered you his jacked, with a shy smile you thanked him before pulling the fabric snuggly around your frame. The night was quiet, his shoulder bumped into yours and he extended a closed palm, his eyes met your before he revealed the joint in his hand. "Is it ok with you? We can share if you want to?" his questions were asked out of respect and your adoration grew "yes please." The joint was shared between you, huffs and puffs being the only sound that filled the night. As the joint came to an end, you felt yourself relax. Somehow you ended up in his arms, body resting between his legs and back leaning against his chest.

    Loud chipping and rays of sun woke you up, stirring you felt his arms tighten around you. A loud laugh fell from your lips as you realized what had happened. He was rudely awoken by your loud outburst, the second he understood he joined in. You didn't try to move away instead you snuggled further into him and he welcomed your gesture, arms pulling you into him. Slowly you both met the morning, bodies intertwined with a stranger that felt closer to home than anyone else ever had. "I could stay like this forever" is seemed as if his mouth had been faster than his mind but you enjoyed the knowledge and agreed with a hum.

    The sun baked down even in the early hours and Ashton shifted in his seat. You pulled away, body sore from the position and mind getting lost in reality "Im sorry, I have to get home and walk my dog" You had totally forgotten about the bundle of fur waiting for you at home. Quite frantic you sprinted towards the exit and called an Uber. Arriving at home you spend the next hours apologizing to your dog, Marly. Your phone rang, on the other end was Ashton. The conversation bloomed and you agreed on a date the very next day.

    As promised Ashton parked his large car in front of your home the next day at noon. He texted you and you made your way to his car. He jumped out as soon as he saw your frame, ready for a hug and to open the door for you. Once again the drive was short but comfortable. He sang along and you gently hummed along every now and then, the sun was baking down on the city while life played out. The first destination was lunch at one of Ashtons favorite spots in LA. Avocado was the main ingredient in everything and whole wheat was listed as the only source of carb, you took care of your body so you didn't mind it. The sun danced through the windows as you waited for your food, Ashton tapped a random beat against the steering wheel and your mind was filled with thoughts of how natural it felt. To just be with him. The calming silence was broken when Ashton spoke "what's your favorite color?" You laughed lightly at the silly question and took it as a sweet gesture "I like white, it so nice and calming. When the world is on fire and nothing makes sense I like to be surrounded by white. What about you?" He laughed even louder at your answer but something about his laugh made you feel warm inside and not as if he was making fun of you. "That's cute, who knew that somebody as interesting as yourself would like the most boring color ever? I myself enjoy the color red the most." You laughed as an answer, the conversation being cut off by the meal being delivered at your window. Ashton drove you to his favorite hide away, deep in the forest. The only sound you could hear was raw nature. The conversation between the two of you were never forced, just like a flow of water following every crevasses of its path. As the day grew older you felt a lot closer to the man sitting next to you, the car ride to the next spot was longer and he has chosen you as the DJ. Mortified you looked through your Spotify which was filled with 5sos and their solo albums, finally settling on a playlist, a cheeky smile played on his face "not to keen on 5sos I see" you punched him lightly in the arm "shush aaaash." He laughed even louder "I'm sorry darling, it's adorable." The mood was light and everything felt more vibrant. Ashton pulled onto a beach, the sand so hard that it allowed the vehicles to drive on it. He parked the large car with the trunk facing the water. The sun that had been baking for hours had left the air warm, the sun itself was begging it's journey into the ocean to be tugged behind the horizon. The sky was dancing in pink and purple rays, the waves crashing against shore provides a soothing melody. "I thought we could go for a swim?" He wiggled his eyebrows at you and you laughed out loud " I didn't bring my swimsuit " he came closer, arms circling your waist "you can just go naked, imma do that too." It is wasn't a question, he was expecting you to go swimming with him, and you wanted to but you were also shy. "Ok ash, but than you have to look away until I'm in the water" he nodded eagerly at you and pressed a sweet kiss to your cheek before turning away from you. Hesitating you peeled your clothes from your body, eyes stuck on his back, as soon as the last fabric fell from your body you leap into the ocean. The water was lukewarm as it submerged your body, weightless you yelled at him "ok you can look." He spun around, eyes meeting yours and before you knew it he was naked next to you. "It's actually not that cold" he smiled at you "no it's not." His eyes met yours and came closer, both of you leaned closer and just like that your lips met in a burst of adoration for each other. You clang  to his body, his warmth pulling you closer before his hand guided your legs around his hip. Your bodies were intertwined in the deep blue, water gently washing over your shoulder. Small whimpers were drawn from both of your lips as you were nipping at each other. As your lips came to a still, your foreheads knocked together. "I'm so happy to be here with you" his words were soft as he rubbed his hands up and down your back and you smiled back at him

    "me too ash." Silent took over the moment as your bodies stayed press together, sexes resting close to each other but the moment felt pure. "You look absolutely beautiful my dear" you blushed at his words and mumbled a thanks before peaking his lips.  "I could hold you like this for a million years" he whispered against your neck and you giggled slightly. "When the rain is blowing in your face, and the whole world is on your case" Ashton looked at you with curious eyes as your soft sang hit his ears, the fond smile on his lips made you go on. He held  your close as you sang on, bodies slowly dancing in the ocean as the song came to and end "to make you fell my love" his lips were on yours as the last word fell from them. His left hand gripped onto your face and his thumb rubbed small circles into your soft cheek. In that moment you both just felt. He notices the small freckles that mapped out your face, your soft eyes that twinkled in the last rays from the sun. How your small hands rested firmly around his neck, your plumb lips that was slightly parted from the act of love. He saw how the water tickled against you collarbones, where molds made a pathway to your breast that disappeared into the ocean and rested  against his chest. He saw you. And he fell in love, not slowly but quickly. As the rain that pours from the dark September sky. All at once, filling every cell in his body with love for you. He felt like he needed to gasp for air, as if the oxygen didn't do its job. Only when he met your eyes again he could breath. Slowly and surely, with you pressed against him it was going to be ok. You felt it too, his energy pulling you in. Like a spell that you would never be able to break. His right arm that was holding you pressed against him felt like your life jacket that kept your afloat on this deep ocean of love that he had pulled you head first into. When your eyes met his you knew it and he knew it. This was it. It was going to you and him, him and you. Together.

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  • heidydamore
    23.07.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • ashtonsunshine
    23.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    Who said BDE as the answer to the puzzle in the chat? Who are you, you funny being? 😂

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  • cyclogenesis
    23.07.2021 - 1 day ago
    #sycamoretrees#asks #yes i spent time hunting down these specific pics of michael bc they were the first that came to mind #but seriously though this really threw me #i fall for the same face every time - z berg.mp3 #sebastian stan#michael clifford#5sos
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  • ashtonsunshine
    23.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    The hot boy apocalypse continues.

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  • ashtonsunshine
    23.07.2021 - 1 day ago

    We like the scruff, Michael. Keep it.

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