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    I tread carefully along the narrow gravel path. The light already fading, and fairly rapidly now, so I would have to hurry. I could just about make out my destination, the tree and stone marker in the distance. The sky is heavy and overcast, no mist yet on the moor, but if it rains then getting back will be a problem, fingers crossed.

    Every year, same time, same place, same hopes, with no real expectation of them being fulfilled. But, it’s always worth a try, right?

    I have her things in my pocket, in a zip lock. Her last letter, worn now with constant refolding, read so many times, a photo and the ring she had given before she left. Her ring, the little tiny signet ring she had been given for her ninth birthday. I feel for them now, looking for some reassurance or comfort and ignore the hollow feeling in my chest.

    Reaching the stone marker finally, I lean against it and gaze out over the familiar moor. Most people are afraid to be come here in the dark, we never were. For us the still gloom that came with the fall of night gave the place a melancholy beauty which appealed to her fey nature.

    I fish out the zip lock bag and take out the contents, placing each of them carefully atop the stone, and wait.

    Midnight, finally. I place both hands on the stone, focus on the small array of items, and begin the incantation. Concentrating all my need and yearning on the things in front of me, I visualise her face, recall her voice, her presence, narrowing and honing my focus. It feels different this time, it’s going to work…I can feel it, I believe it.

    Day 18 Prompt from @thewritershandbook
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  • Hello, new day. ☺


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  • 02:04AM

    I distract myself by watching videos, reading books, doing chores because once I stop distracting myself, I’ll start thinking of you.

    I have already acknowledged the fact that you successfully got into my head but it hurts my pride that I let you run my emotions day in and day out.

    I need to get back on my feet even if I am missing you this much.

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  • —A las 12:00 pm nos vamos. 

    Dayana y Madrid pasaban el rato en un antro local, Isaac se había ido un momento para echarse un fume. 

    —Si, cuando Isaac regrese nos vamos. —Contesta Madrid. 

    Sin darse cuenta un muchacho se les unió a bailar, no media mas de 1.60 y su atuendo se veía todo desarreglado. La canción no terminaba y el chico ya le había sacado charla a Dayana, mientras conversaba con ella Madrid notó que el chico le aventaba la mirada.

    Por suerte Isaac regresó.

    —Vamonos que nos andan acosando.

    Se pagó la cuenta, salieron del lugar y en lo que parecía casualidad otro joven se acercó.

    —Jonathan ¿Cómo estás? —Saludo isaac, Jonathan era alto y su complexión delgada lo hacía verse un poco más.

    Entre charla y risas breves Jonathan les invitó a continuar la fiesta en otro antro al norte de la ciudad. Isaac aceptó de inmediato, Dayana y Madrid dudaron pero en lo que parecía el momento donde aceptarían, el muchacho acosador de la fiesta se les acercó.

    —Les presento a mi amigo José. —Señaló Jonathan. —Entonces que dicen. ¿También vienen?

    Madrid no permitiría pasar un rato más con él y exponer a su amiga y mucho menos después de que casi le toca los pechos.

    —Me dicen “EL TITAN”. —Indico.

    —Gracias pero tengo que llevar a mi amiga a su casa, mañana es un día importante para ella y debe estar sobria y sin cruda. —Respondió Madrid.

    Dayana y Madrid se despidieron y tomaron rumbo al estacionamiento pero al llegar a la esquina se detuvieron y en perfecto acuerdo regresaron a buscar burritos. En su camino observaron un bar con música en vivo y no dudaron en entrar.

    —Solo una cerveza. —Afirmó Dayana y Madrid asintió.

    El lugar estaba lleno, todas las mesas ocupadas y  los pasillos sin paso porque la gente bailaba. Se acercaron a la barra y pidieron dos cervezas, la mesera se volteó al refrigerador y escogió dos de etiqueta dorada, las destapo y se las entregó.

    —Estas les van a encantar. —Agradecieron a la mesera y ella se marchó.

    —Gracias a Dios que ya no está el acosador. —Mencionó Madrid—. Y ahora estamos aquí y me siento feliz.

    De la barra se pasaron a bailar y de bailar un mesero les consiguió una mesa. En flashazos las 12:37 se convirtió en 1:49 y en ese tiempo un gordito intentó coquetear con Dayana, Madrid tiró a un muchacho de su silla al bailar, eso o él se cayó solo por estar ebrio. No se sabe. 

    La música seguía y seguía y no mostraban intenciones de marcharse, pero ya era tarde y todavía tenían que encontrar esos burritos. Al salir del lugar siguieron caminando y cruzando la calle encontraron un puesto.

    —Un burrito por favor. —Pidió Dayana.

    —¿Se lo va a comer aquí o se lo pongo para llevar? —Preguntó la amable señorita.

    —Para aquí. —Contestó.

    La Joven les entregó sus burritos, los bañaron de salsa y la plática logró que la 1:55 se convirtiera en 2:30. El tiempo se había ido volando. 

    Dejaron sus platos, Madrid puso su brazo y Dayana se enganchó en él. Madrid llevó a su amiga a su casa. La pobrecilla ya estaba agotada, el reloj marcaba las 3:05.

    —Buenas memorias de medianoche, ¿verdad? —Dijo Madrid.

    —Muy buenas.

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  • Trick or Treat







































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    Look closely you might see I threw a few people in from the fandom 😉💕 But be very aware I was thinking of everybody when I wrote this. Love you guys and thank you for the constant support more Halloween fun to come


    Originally posted by thefoxandspice

    “Are ya sure about this kid…” the massive turtle looked around the corner seeing the crowds of people walking in costumes his face scrunching at the teenager who rolled past them on a skateboard spray painted silver in a pair of gray underwear hearing Mikey cackling wildly at the poor excuse for a silver surfer even if it was a clever costume “What in the f-!?” a couple of built football players from the girl’s school ran past painted green wearing purple speedos killing the youngest turtle unable to believe anyone could go out in those as the teen cringed shaking her head at the boys “There is no way I can fucking unsee the Hulk Chippendales rejects…”

    The turtle in blue rolled his eyes popping his little brother in the arm for the language “Aw come on guys, this is the one night a year we can go out in the open, just trust me I got it handled” the small woman at their sides giggled looking at all the monsters and mythical looking characters her emerald green orbs shining brightly in the low light of the alley they were hiding in “And before any of you say it Dad will never know; he’s at April’s place and she’s got no idea your four are even with me – this is the first year you four aren’t following me while I’m out – look a few hours of fun then we are so going to get candy”

    The tallest turtle started mumbling off statistics as she grinned before she moved closer pulling up his map showing him a signal bleeping off an area of the city they had told their father they would be in meaning if he called to check in or tried to find their phones they weren’t with her “Seriously… how many times do I have to tell you stop hacking into my tech their not toys…” he glared at her for a second before groaning as he messed with his gear looking at what she had done as the others chuckled having warned him about teaching her his technological tricks “Why didn’t I think of that? I’m losing my touch – what the… how did you figure out how to do that?” she laughed moving closer to the street looking out at everything going on

    All the kids at the school had been buzzing for weeks about the Halloween bash in Central Park but so far she was thinking the real party was going to be on the streets but could see the guys hesitation as she moved forward stepping out into the streets looking around in awe at all the people who were dressed up seeing nobody looked her way in the pirate queen costume she had made grinning as she looked over at her four larger companions waving them forward finally being joined by Michelangelo who scooped up the teen whooping as a guy high fived him speaking in a Californian surfer accent as the other three turtles joined her seeing nobody was running or screaming

    Nobody gave them any looks in fear or disgust but instead a few people cheered commenting on how awesome they looked before a few girls walked up admiring them fawning over the turtles who had been hanging back from the excited girl looking at them with a look that had Donatello blushing as one motioned for them to flex

    The girl’s squealed as Mikey showed of grinning and flirting shamelessly as two french maids moved closer giggling as they touched his muscles

    Raphael was slower to indulge them before the teen was at his side nodding quickly giggling as he finally did it seeing one girl practically passed out in her boyfriend’s arms “Go Raphie!” he chuckled winking at a woman dressed as a devil purring at the tight lingerie looking dress that hugged her hips and every sweet voluptuous curve of her body making her blush as the turtle eyed her openly before she hurried past with her full figured friend dressed like an angel both with the coolest realistic wings that opened and waved as they walked hand in hand making a soft giggle as she looked back winking at him her red eyes floating over his body

    “Dude the girls are loving us!” they were all looking over the girls in the skimpy and awesomely detailed costumes even Leonardo had turned to eye a cute little geisha in a short blue kimono that had passed him her fingers brushing over his chest plate shooting him a wink with a small blown kiss as she walked on

    He tried not to show interest in the way her hips were swaying seductively forcing himself to look away his face darker as he tried to act like he hadn’t been staring at her but looked back after a moment to get one final glimpse

    The teenager caught him her face lighting up with a huge grin when he realized he had been caught – the older turtle may have been an honor bound ninja but he was still a man at heart and she could see this was probably going to be their first real look at the Halloween crowd from this close “She was cute – you really should go get her number big brother” he waved her off looking embarrassed as she teased seeing each of the mutants relaxed and enjoying the attention

    They were all distracted by the pretty girls not paying attention to much to see a figure inching over to them coming up behind the girl who was still admiring the costumes around her “What the hell is with you!” a startled yelp caught their attention seeing the teen being grabbed up by a man moving forward before she twisted out of his arms hugging him lightly turning as the guy jumped back his hands up looking shocked as several weapons were drawn

    “Whoa guys – chill… He’s a friend” she patted Raphael’s plastron giving him a reassuring grin as he slowly pulled her away; a growl still rumbling his chest keeping her with him as he looked the man over – he was tall with shaggy black hair and several piercings, his face half hidden behind his swept over bangs where a set of piercing black eyes looked up at them “Guys this is Fang, he’s the guy who stepped in to save me from the quarter back last year – Fang these are my older brother’s Leo, Donavan, and Michael – and the big guy who was about to take your head off is Raphie” the boy relaxed looking them over smirking slightly as she held tight to the huge arm around her

    “Ah ha! So these are the mysterious and never seen older men keeping this beautiful flower hidden away from the world of the living – I’m playing with you it’s good to finally meet you guys your little sister is quite the firecracker” he smiled as another guy ran up grabbing ahold of him fast pointing waving for the turtles to follow them “Ay chicka let’s go their starting”

    She jumped up and down as music started blaring loudly before she was running “Come on guys you have got to see this”

    The teen turned once they were running after her trying to keep her in their sights before stopping looking around seeing several people standing in the circle as they moved looking around to see if they could find the girl who had just vanished seeing a few people already dancing to what sounded like a remix

    “Ay found the kid” they all looked over where he pointed grinning seeing their girl dancing around in the circle with a few people before the music shut down with a loud screech as everyone in the circle hit the ground at the same time seeing the teen go limp twitching as the music started again “Oh – no… don’t tell me she-”

    “Baby girl so did!” they watched as a few people started to move slowly when ‘Thriller’ started to roar to life over the speakers a few getting up jerking seeing the girl grinning as one of the monsters running around tapped her shoulder before she stood up looking to a man at the back of the area before they all jumped as an explosion went off sending fire and sparks into the air

    None of them could speak laughing as the flash mob all followed a man at the front dressed like Michael Jackson seeing a side of the teen they never had before she was there dragging Mikey with her laughing as he joined in carelessly enjoying himself matching her body as she moved with little jerks here and there dancing with her friends until the song ended all of them howling in joy as cheers exploded into the air seeing them still dancing as the next song roared to life

    Mikey dancing close to the teenager until a woman dressed like Cat woman pulled him away by his necklace before a pretty blond was at his side in the strangest costume with cat ears and wings but he was having the time of his life making the teenager giggle when he was surrounded by several women whooping and showing off for them

    She had noticed the other turtles staying back rolling their eyes at the younger brother laughing as he waved for them to join in but they were good just watching – or they thought

    Donnie was looking around watching for danger like his eldest brother before his eyes landed on a gorgeous witch walking towards him almost shyly; he was almost instantly transfixed on the full figured yet so perfectly curvy redhead the second he saw her churring lowly looking love struck as she looked him over before biting her lip as she waved a finger; her spell must have been strong because he started forward introducing himself as she looked him over better following as they walked over to a bench to talk instantly finding her asking about all his neat tech wanting to see the gadget on his arm

    “Looks like Donnie is going to bore somebody to sleep”

    A snort was the only response Raphael got before the geisha that had caught the leader’s attention was at Leo’s side quietly sneaking up beside him taking his hand in hers eyeing him slowly pulling him forward without a fight as his brother pushed him lightly telling him to pull the stick out his ass for once

    There was no response as her hands seeming to catch him in a trance when she starting to dance with the turtle tracing the hard plates on his chest with a sweet smile; none of his family seeing an ounce of the uptight male they were used to as his hands found her hips remaining the gentleman he was

    Raph trailed forward rolling his eyes seeing the teen giggling as she watched the others having a good time before catching sight of the devil finding she was looking at him through the crowd before he was stalking forward coming up to her side before being offered a drink, his golden eyes suddenly landing on her friend who came up with another girl that was dressed like a wolf all of them flirting shamelessly

    The party continued for a while before she came over holding out five bags that had been handed out one for each of them before she was skipping off down the walk with a grin letting them be not wanting to ruin their fun

    Each of the turtles looked to be having a good time for once and unless their radios went off she wasn’t looking to break up their fun

    The girl returned to sitting over on a table chatting with a few buddies who laughed with her as Mikey showed his true party boy self getting so much attention from the ladies pretty sure she saw him getting numbers and hyping up the crowd around him

    Leo started getting a bit more attention as he relaxed actually smiling as he talked to a few people making friends

    Donnie looked to be head over heels with the goofiest smile on his face as him and the redhead sat close to one another looking to connect on a personal level as they seemed to be flirting pretty shamelessly, he finally stood up holding out a hand offering to go on a stroll around the haunted walk together

    Last she saw they had disappeared into the park holding hands

    Raphael on the other hand was entranced at the women who kept his attention going shot for shot with the demoness carrying on a conversation with the other two as they tried to get him to go in the haunted house they were in front of seeming to compliment him until he jumped up pointing for them to go following quickly

    “So – are we waiting on them or-?”

    The woman scoffed at her friends before jumping up quickly fixing her costume once she wasn’t being watched by the males “Are you kidding? Dude first year they won’t be watching me I’m going to get candy… Now hurry up if we play this right I can get double to stash in my room before they catch on” she was gone running down the street to cause mischief hoping her brothers had the night of their lives

    She also hoped she was fast enough to get back before Leo started looking for her

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  • Midnight (radio spot)

    Midnight (aka The Backwoods Massacre, 1982)

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    crime sorciere

    imagine ultear still here again;-;

    I spend 5 hours on this

    but never mind I love them(′▽`〃)♡

    may be a little bit jerik and sorano x macbeth

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  • Tomando tomando

    Camino derecho, camino de lado

    Bebiendo solito, que tiene de malo?

    Tomando tomando

    Una tras otra, la vida es corta

    Perdiendo el sentido, caigo rendido

    Tomando tomando

    Se acaba la fiesta, duele la cabeza

    Licor en mis venas, no mas tristezas🥀

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  • Previous Chapter

    Thursday, July 29th


    “There’s a guy asking for you out in the dining hall. I told him you just went on break but he said it was important.” You look up at your coworker with mild curiosity.

    “Oh. Okay, thanks.” She nods and heads back to man the register as you scoop up your belongings and quickly scurry to the front of the shop. At first you looked around for a familiar face, confused when you saw none. Just as you were about to go back to the break room someone caught your eye. In the farthest booth, out of sight from most onlookers sat a man. His tall slender frame hunched slightly, propped up by one palm under his chin. A blue hood covered messy black hair while the lower half of his face was obscured by a plain grey mask. For some reason the sight of him made your heart pound louder against your ribcage. It confused you slightly but you were quick to recover. Ignoring the rapid beating, you took the seat across from him.

    Why?” You hadn’t seen him since the Villain attack over a month ago.

    “Why, indeed.” Annoyance flickered within you.

    “This isn’t a game…” His finger looped underneath the grey fabric of his mask, pulling it down to reveal a coy grin.

    “But little mouse…how can I not play when the winning prize is so tempting.” A heavy scent wafted to your nose making it crinkle in disgust.

    “You’re drunk, aren’t you?”

    “Does that matter?” You shifted in your seat, preparing to leave him alone once again. If he wasn’t going to hold a proper conversation with you then there was no point in staying at all.

    “Go home.” He reached out impulsively, wrapping his warm hand firmly around your wrist.

    “Why the rush?” Something about the way he looked at you in this venerable state made you falter. It’s almost as if he was begging for your company, pleading to not be left alone. But you couldn’t let him have his way. This man was such a mystery and you wanted answers.  

    “Answer my questions and I’ll stay. Why are you here? Why do you keep showing up in my life? Who are you, Dabi?” He pinned you with a calculating stare. Your words were almost sobering as the lax look on his face once again became a hardened stone. It was quiet for a few moments as your rapid questions swirled in the air. 

    “I see…..I shouldn’t have come here.” Dabi stumbled to his feet before you could protest. He leaned down close to you, mouth hovering just above your ear. 

    That’s no fair, baby. Those questions are dangerous. Be careful what you wish for.” Hot breath flushed across your skin as damp heat pressed against your neck. You sat there stunned into silence. It wasn’t until he was gone that you had realized Dabi had kissed your neck. Your fingers gently caressed at the area as a small buzz of emotion began to pool within the pit of your stomach.

    “Was that your boyfriend?” The bubbly voice of your coworker shook you back into reality as you processed her words.

    “O-oh. No! Just a…friend.” She winked.

    “Ahhh. I gottcha’.” Your cheeks heated at her implications but tried to brush them off. 

    “An hour and a half left…” You muttered under your breath, ready for this shift to end already. 

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  • Spent some time designing this bag and picking the colors. My friends named it the “Midnight Maude” bag based off of the two inspirations.

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    • Midnight: *wakes up* what the FUCK
    #Midnight #midnight continues to be a mood #macbeth #macbeth continues to be a mood #fairy tail#source: tumblr #fairy tail incorrect quotes #incorrect quote#incorrect quotes #incorrect fairy tail quotes #anime#manga
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