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  • so i came, i try and i tried my hardest

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  • “Keep your eyes on the sky and trees, and seek those that are cloaked in leaves. The swaying branches should bring unease, as they shudder with no breeze.”


    Apparently Smaugust is a thing, so I kind of dug up something that was dragon-like to throw in. Not planning anything crazy for this month, but here is at least this thing. Showed up with a few other creatures in a dream I half remembered, and I was pretty sure it was about Monster Hunter. This thing was your usual Flying Wyvern, but it was decked out in plants and vines. How something flies with so much stuff tangled on its wings is beyond me, but it was a neat design!  

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  • Why did you come?

    I was trying to build my mind again.

    So, from night to day you just came

    Shed my blood in the ground

    Crumbled my world

    Just send sending a little smile.

    Why did you come?

    I’m tired or bleeding for people

    I’m of suffering at all

    But I just can’t stop

    Why did you come?

    Will you try to stay when you meet my demons?

    Will left like everyone did?

    So, why did you come?

    I can tou landing your hand

    I know, you are trying to rescue me from the darkness

    But, are you strong enough?

    Will you really sacrifice your world to rescue mine?

    Why don’t you just go?

    I’m really asking, just let me fall, I don’t want hurt you.

    Why did you come?

    What have you seen on me?

    Why did you chase me?

    Why did you choosed me?

    Isn’t it wrong?

    Doesn’t see my sins?

    Why do you want stay?

    Please, just don’t let me hurt you.

    Just don’t let me feel like a monster again.

    Stay away from me.

    Just live your life so far, it will worth better for us

    Why don’t you go?

    You are my princess, but I can’t handle myself to be your prince.

    Why did you stay?

    Just let me die in silence

    My life has ended some years ago, I’m just a coward who can’t finally rest.

    Just let me on myself, I can handle this

    Why don’t you go?

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  • Vila are another of the beautiful fey women, though unlike the others in the book their abilities don’t build around luring in people with tricks and seduction, then kill them. Not that they can’t use tricks, they are still fey and can use their singing to fascinate and stun creatures for a few seconds, but it’s not an abominable beauty, or a drowned maiden, or an eleinomae, or an ice maiden, or a lorelei, or a rusalka (seriously, beautiful deadly women is actually a well stocked theme in this book).

    The vila, however, gets what she wants with force, threats, and a more aggressive kind of trickery. She doesn’t hang out by a river somewhere and lure travelers in to their death. She tests traveler’s hospitality and virtue, and if you fail you’ll find yourself facing down her weapons. You can swear an oath to repay your failure, or you can die by her sword or arrow. And the pack of wolves she summoned to devour your horse. But if you are too powerful or influential to simply kill outright, or you just offended the vila enough without crossing the line into death, she’ll just make use of her dance. An hour of dancing sets up a fairy ring in a 50 foot diameter circle, and any non-fey that sleeps within that ring is cursed with poor luck. So she’ll use magical sleep, or just show up and dance around your camp while you’re asleep, to ensure that you are faced with exceptional frustration for as long as she can pull it off.

    Oh, and she can also control the weather, so prepare for whatever you dislike most to be the forecast for as long as she doesn’t have anything to distract her away from it.

    The rangers of the wood have a tenuous peace with the vila. Both consider themselves guardians of the forest, though on different sides: the rangers wish to protect the nearby settlements from the forest’s monsters, while the vila seek to ensure that the forest itself is protected from the actions of the settlements. Both sides have worked together in the past when an outside threat has come down upon both, but a large influx of new citizens to the region has strained this relationship greatly, as the resources in the woods are seen as necessary to expand the towns.

    A vila promises to protect a band of travelers through her forest, so long as they sleep within the fairy rings she has spread along the path. Those who take her at her word are left fumbling over their own hands as bad luck curses their actions, but no natural creature or fey will bother them. Those who decide to ignore her protection avoid bad luck, but instead are faced with constant confrontations with wild animals and fey tricks. The complications are rarely even dangerous, as the animals focus on obstructing the path and the fey simply pull pranks. Adventurers who strike first with lethal intent make an enemy of the vila, who will stop at nothing to slay them before they escape the trees.

    A party of adventurers who have become prey of the Wild Hunt may be able to get some help from their vila allies. While the vila are no match for the Lord in a confrontation, and cannot issue any commands to him even when he enters their woods, they can distract him with other prey, and help cover trails and misdirect the hunters. This is, at best, a temporary effect, but it may buy the time needed to outlast the hunt, or arrange a more favorable confrontation.

    #D&D#DnD #Dungeons and Dragons #5th edition #Tome of Beasts #Kobold Press#monster
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  • Colorado is beautiful. Even after a 36 plus hour drive with two toddlers and the boys, Colorado is beautiful. So long as you stay out of the “Denver Metro Area”, which to be fair makes up a large portion smack in the middle, it’s all open skies, open roads, and the occasional small town with a gas station, maybe a grocery store, a couple of antique shops, and one major crossroad before it’s just open road again. It was scenic, but I was more than happy to be able to get out and stretch once we’d reached the trailhead Jesse had found in a heavily wooded area a few miles past a tiny little mining town. We set up a base camp while the boys played in the trees nearby before I set about triple checking our gear while Jack exchanged a short goodbye with Jesse before Loki tugged on his jacket and he crouched down so that the boy could whisper something in his ear. His laugh drew my attention again as I slung my bag over my shoulder and lifted his before moving to join them.
    “She takes pretty good care of herself,” he sat back on his heels with an easy smile, ruffling Loki’s black hair, “I’ll do what I can though.” He straightened up, taking his bag from me and leaning close enough to whisper something in my ear, “even they’re worried about you doing something stupid.” I flashed him a bitter smile before kneeling to wrap the boys in a tight hug.
    “I’ll see you guys in a few days; be good for Jesse while I’m gone and don’t wander too deep into the woods, alright?” They nodded their agreement quickly; I’d told them enough stories about the things that wander in the woods that they knew exactly what kind of dangerous things they might run into if they wandered off. I straightened up again and with one last wave goodbye, Jack and I started walking. 

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  • Natsi and Futrblack collaboration

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  • image

    The cans I have amassed on holiday the past few weeks, surprising it’s a lot less than I thought it would be

    I’m going home tomorrow and adding them to my full collection

    #my post#energy drinks#monster #i am addicted #its a problem #dumb shit
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    concepts for tattoo ideas! :)

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  • Cover art for The Book of Giants, written and illustrated by Petar Meseldžija.

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  • Something I noticed a while ago:

    Safi weapons were good for hunting MR kulve,

    Kjarr Weapons with their high elemental values and build in crit element were good for hunting alatreon,

    Alatreon weapons have high dragon element and lots of purple sharpness - so good for hunting fatalis?

    (They’re both Black Dragons and Fatalis is weakest to Dragon, so this is definitely possible. Good thinking there!)

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  • Leroy, another character of mine, inspired by creatures from a game that was never made: Killer Freaks from Outer Space.

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    me whenever my ship isn’t canon

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