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  • ohmy-eye
    17.09.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    Tecklenberg!Demestrap is a very interesting concept that I might explore hmm hmm

    #i think it would be quite a different dynamic #but not so totally different it would lose the essence of demestrap #anyway if anyone wants to share their thots abt it pls do!! #I always welcome additions to me posts #demestrap#demeter#munkustrap #cats the musical #cats musical#cats tecklenburg
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  • rainbowratsstuff
    16.09.2021 - 11 hours ago
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  • the-pied-pipers-assistant
    16.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Munkustrap: *exists*

    Me, a Cats and Twilight fan:

    #cats the musical #munkustrap#twilight#also#yes #this is me coming out as a twilight fan
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  • emmikay
    16.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Munkustrap: Tugger!

    Rum Tum Tugger: Oh no, Tugger in B-flat. You're disappointed.

    #cats the musical #munkustrap #rum tum tugger #deuteronomy brothers#incorrect quotes #source: brooklyn nine nine
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  • jelliclequotesforjelliclecats
    16.09.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Misto: that’s ridiculous. Of course Tugger doesn’t have a crush on me.

    Munk: yes he does

    Dem: yes he does

    Mungo: yes he does

    Teazer: yes he does

    Tugger: yes I do

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  • muffinsjelliclegoods
    16.09.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Mexico Jemima and 1998 film Munkustrap. Drawn by me!

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  • jellicle-home-for-jellicle-ships
    16.09.2021 - 21 hours ago

    It's them, it's the OT3!

    Anna Bagmet as Bombalurina, Ivan Ozhogin as Munkustrap, and Olga Belyayeva as Demeter; Moscow 2005.

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  • scorpiofangirl1109
    16.09.2021 - 21 hours ago

    My Cats OC Part 220

    part 219- https://scorpiofangirl1109.tumblr.com/post/662272875518197760/my-cats-oc-part-219 

    hello everyone! welcome to part 220 of my series on kiki!

    this is a continuation of the human au i didn’t know i was pregnant mini series with munkustrap and demeter! 

    not long after skimbles and munkustrap get back from getting tea, things get intense really quickly as demeter’s labor picks up really quickly.

    soon demeter is having contractions right on top of each other and there is not a lot of time between them. even with the epidural demeter is is still in pain and in a vulnerable state, 

    munkustrap, jenny and skimbles are doing all they can to make demeter as comfortable as possible and they are encouraging her about how well she is doing.

    a doctor comes into the room to check in on demeter and then tells demeter she is fully dilated which means that she is ready to push.

    even though the pain was real, none of this truly felt really to demeter. she in wat was still in denial that she was about to have a baby and be a mother.

    given it had only been a few hours since she had found out about the baby no one would be able to blame demeter however. and they were not the ones to have to deliver the baby. 

    as the medical team quickly rushed to get ready for the birth, munkustrap is holding demeter’s hand and stroking her hair and keeps reassuring her how she is going to be just fine. 

    demeter is scared not knowing what to expect and she was worried about the health of this baby who was about to make his or her entrance to the world.

    munkustrap is equally as nervous but doing his best to support demeter right now as he knew she was more scared then he was.

    skimbles was having  a hard time seeing his daughter in so much pain and he just tried to comfort her. jenny was also trying to help demeter through her contractions. it was surreal that one of their babies was having a baby. 

    the doctor told demeter that when she felt the urge to give a push. even though she was scared demeter felt the pressure so when she got the unbearable urge demeter began to push as  hard as she could.

    it hurt really bad and demeter hated it. when she stopped and waited for the next contractions, munkustrap kissed demeter on the head. 

    “you are doing so well, i am so incredibly proud of you.” munkustrap said to his wonderful wife. 

    demeter smiles and squeezed his hand as her dad kissed her head. he and jenny had each grabbed one of her demeter’s legs when the nurse asked them to hold them back.

    for a while demeter pushes when she has a contraction and pauses between them. munkustrap an, jenny and skimbles keep encouraging demeter through the pain knowing demeter really is struggling. 

    eventually the doctor tells demeter he can see the baby’s head and keeps telling her to keep doing what she is doing. 

    “keep on going honey, you’ve got this.” munkustrap said. “i am so incredibly proud of you.” munkustrap tells demeter again. 

    this gives demeter a lot of strength to keep moving forward and she keeps on working on brining this baby in the world knowing it will mean she will no longer be in pain. 

    all of a sudden the monitors that were checking on the baby start to go off which causes everyone to worry. this was not a good sign at all. 

    “what is going on?” demeter asked, her voice filled with fear and she was terrified for her surprise unborn child.

    “the baby’s heartrate has dropped, they are having a hard time with the birth, it is very important that the baby comes as soon as possible.” the doctor said.

    hearing this made demeter panic, she knew that this was not good and this could be harmful for the baby. and they needed to be born soon before something happened.

    munkustrap also panics hearing this. he knew this could be serious as it happened when one of his friend’ wife had their first child.  the little boy was alright afterwards but it could be serious.

    but again because his focus was on demeter munkustrap tries his best to keep his feelings in check to make sure that demeter is calm.

    after a bit more time and pushing demeter finally feels relief and the baby is finally here. she was so happy that this was finally over after many hours. 

    there is something wrong though, there is no crying. in the movies and on tv the babies always cried when they were born. however the room was eerily silent. 

    the doctors quickly cut the baby’s umbilical cord and the bay is whisked back by medical professionals to be examined due to their heart rate dropping during the birth and the general circumstances of the situation.

    there is no time to let munkustrap cut the cord like the fathers usually do and they do not even learn the gender of the baby. the couple only got a very brief glance at the baby as they rushed the baby back. 

    demeter is in tears because she fears this is all of her fault for what has happened for the baby and now they could be suffering from her actions which they did not deserve. 

    munkustrap is worried too for the baby knowing that this could be serious with the baby. neither he or demeter wanted to lose this baby even fit hey only found out about their child this morning.

    “everything is ok to be ok dearies, i just know it.” jenny said giving a kiss on demeter’s head and does the same with munkustrap.

    “she’s right, you just have to wait and see now.” skimbles said to his daughter and son-in-law. 

    the young couple hold onto each other and just hope that they are able to see their baby and that their child is healthy. they just had to believe. 

    alright that is part 220! let me know what you guys thought and i will see you all for part 221!

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  • emmikay
    16.09.2021 - 23 hours ago

    Munkustrap: (answering cell phone) Hello.

    Mungojerrie: (stifling giggles) Munkustrap. Your children have been kidnapped. Sign away your arching rights to the Junkyard and they will be returned safely in the morning.  If you don't-

    Munkustrap: (voice immediately changes) I don’t know who you are, but you have made a very large mistake. I have a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career, skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. Release my family, and that will be the end of this. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.

    Mungojerrie: Uh, okay, um sorry? (phone clicks) Ah, that was so scary!  Ah!  That was so scary!

    Rumpleteazer: Everlasting! Oh Everlasting!

    Mungojerrie: That was so scary! Scary!

    Rumpleteazer: That was so (bleep) terrifying.

    Mungojerrie: We have to let them go!

    Rumpleteazer: What are you talking about? This was a joke! We don’t have them! We can’t let them go! He’s gonna go all Liam Neeson on us!

    #cats the musical #munkustrap#mungojerrie#rumpleteazer #mungojerrie and rumpleteazer #when your hilarious practical joke backfires it ways you could have definitely predicted #incorrect quotes #source: the venture bros
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  • jelliclecatastrophe
    16.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    I'm starting my own AU

    CATS x The Owl House


    Coven: Abominations

    Top student of his generation

    (I will be showing the rest of Jellicles soon)

    #cats musical #cats the musical fanart #artists on tumblr #cats the musical #cats the film #cats munkustrap #I already have a excel page with each one coven I'm tired (?
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  • elliotsrancidart
    16.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    A collection of kitties

    #finally got to a decent design for a decent number of cats 🦀🦀 #at least for the face lol #its probably not too hard to tell but left to right top to bottom: #victoria cats#bombalurina#jennyanydots#mistoffelees#munkustrap#alonzo cats#rumpleteazer #rum tum tugger #mungojerrie#cats musical #cats the musical #my art #artists on tumblr #digital art #coming up next time probably: jell.ylorum etceter.a and cas.sandra #also maybe skimb.le #(censoring so it doesnt show up in tags)
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  • jellicle-home-for-jellicle-ships
    15.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Skimblestrap is back in the Junkyard!

    Vienna season 3 opening night (11 Sept 2021): Gerben Grimmius as Skimbleshanks and Alexander Auler as Munkustrap.

    (Diane Bauer photos)

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  • perfectrebelpartydream
    15.09.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • linadoondraws
    15.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    CATS - Brothers

    Will I color this someday? Probably not.

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  • the-pied-pipers-assistant
    15.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Ok so I might’ve made myself cry with this. And this might just be me over-analyzing everything I find, but hear me out!

    I was watching Cats 1998 the other day and I was focusing mainly on Bomba just to see where she was throughout the film. And I noticed that during the Macavity fight scene she takes on a very protective roll.

    At the very beginning, when Macavity has just dropped the Old Deuteronomy disguise, Bomba is already holding Jemima’s hand even before she is seen on screen. You can see Jemima looking at her in the same way a scared child would look at their parent during a scary situation.

    Technically, both of them are in a safe spot, out of Macavity’s immediate reach and behind Munkustrap, but Bomba looks like she’s trying to get somewhere else. The reason for this is that Etcetera is quite close to Macavity, who seems to be in a frenzy, putting her in immediately danger. Bomba wants to get to Etcetera before anything happens to her. Then, you can see Bomba trying to sneak up behind Munkustrap, never letting go of Jemima’s hand, and making her way toward Cettie. Always keeping Jemima behind her.

    When both of them are finally close enough to be able to reach Cettie, Jemima extends her arm towards her, trying to call her towards them, but right then, Macavity slashes at Etcetera.

    This makes Cettie roll back, giving Bombalurina a chance to get a hold of her. She desperately reaches for Etcetera many times trying to bring her close, which she is finally able to do. yay!

    I love when Bomba goes auntie mode! Because she’s super chill and flirty during most of the film but she will literally END YOU if you mess with any of the kitts.

    I just think this entire background interaction is very neat and that it reveals so much of Bombalurina’s character, at least Rosemarie Ford’s interpretation of her.

    #cats the musical #cats 1998 #me? over-analyzing everything I can find? nooo... #bombalurina#jemima cats#etcetera cats#macavity#munkustrap #Auntie Bomba mode #activate! #this has been in in my drafts for mooooonths and I may or may not just now be realizing that Bomba and Jemima aren’t actually holding hands #but I’m not too sure #anyway #too late to turn back now #I’ll keep telling myself that they hold hands here
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  • anotherincorrectcatsblog
    15.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    tugger: why are we doing this again?

    munk: it is a distrest signal, tugger. somebody can be dying

    tugger: i get that but why are we doing this?

    mungojerie: because we are nice cats and because whoever it is will give us a little krugg for us help

    munk wicht isn’t the point!

    mungojerie: wicht isn’t yhe poin... if they don’t play

    tugger: we steal their stuff

    #source: guardians of the galaxy #cats the musical #Mungojerrie#munkustrap #rum tum tugger
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  • emmikay
    15.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    Mungojerrie: If I need you, I'll give you a signal.

    Munkustrap: What signal?

    Mungojerrie: I'll imitate the scream of a terrified kitten.

    #cats the musical #mungojerrie#munkustrap#incorrect quotes #source: the dresden files
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  • dianarockwell87
    15.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    🌟⭐"Baby, I'm a Star!"⭐🌟

    Fanart of curiousbeasttm's Jelliclesona "Paisley" by Me.

    #artists on tumblr #artists#jellicle cats #cats the musical #the rum tum tugger #munkustrap#princefans#prince #prince rogers nelson
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  • munku-collar
    15.09.2021 - 2 days ago

    thinking about the first time deme cries in front of munk. the very night they meet doesn’t count; she’d been exhausted and overwhelmed and a stranger. i mean the first time she really cries, when it’s just the two of them, and she lets him hold her while she sobs softly, breath a series of gasps to keep herself quiet. and he wipes the tears from her face, silent but oh so gentle in his demeanor, a wall of warmth and shelter, until she can dare to look him in the eyes again. and she knows that she can trust him with this side of her, with her vulnerability, and that really just makes her cry all over again, though the smallest of smiles spreads over her lips, and he traces it with a thumb, love in his eyes, and in his heart

    #my shit#demestrap#munkustrap#demeter#cats demeter#demeter cats#cats 1998 #cats the musical #JH #having someone to comfort you physically is godlike #those of you who have it take it for granted
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  • the-cat-at-the-theatre-door
    15.09.2021 - 2 days ago
    #and if you don't think munkustrap would be jack rebaldi you probably haven't been here long #you may be able to persuade me to accept keith bernardo or ivan ozhogin as a substitute #but like let's spotlight the older cats because they're my first favourites and they always will be #this took me four hundred years #(because i kept getting distracted) #jellicles ask because jellicles dare #fluffytuffles #grizabella would be literally impossible for me to choose of that group - too many good performances
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