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    #muses I’m thinking about adding ( part 5375377 ) : #Merlin / Arthur / tararu ( ffxiv ) / #TATARU* HFHJ #Hercules / Percy Jackson #I can barely function in my life rn but here I am thinking about shoving even more muses into my roster —- #😩
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    M'firhi and Tataru have a "weavers day" a few times a month where they'll hang out together making clothes and gossiping

    Well, Tataru does the gossiping and M'firhi obliges her with an appropriate amount of engagement

    #muse facts#ooc #i need to find a tataru
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    #muse; insufferable lover #askmeme answered #Thank you sm nonnie it gives me life to answer asks you made my day #Granye: nobody touches 'brea or i go feral #also granye: I would sell you to Tataru for One Corn Chip *blows kiss*
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    Alphinaud: You... You kidnapped Estinien?! That's illegal!

    Tataru: But Alphy, what's more illegal? Briefly inconveniencing Estinien, or destroying the Scions?

    Alphinaud: Kidnapping Estinien, Tataru!

    #the receptionist // tataru taru (musings) #// shitpost#sfhghjk
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    Feb2020 Prompt 18. ‘I told you to be careful’

    “You’re lucky I have the time for this, you know.”

    Zenos hunched on his chair, his expression every bit as bored as he felt.

    “I’ve got better things to do than mend your shirt, especially after I-”

    “Told me to be careful. Yes, I am well aware. I will be sure to fully reimburse you for your efforts.”

    Tataru lowered the torn garment in her hands slowly, fixing her gaze on him. Zenos repressed the unusual sensation of a shiver down his spine. And it was not just because he was sitting there shirtless. Five years his junior, and so, so much smaller than him – even in his newly borrowed elezen body – and already he knew better than to goad her.

    He had arrived with Granye and Lahabrea scarcely two weeks ago.

    “’course we ain’t leavin’ ye to run about alone!” Granye had declared, wearing the biggest, stupidest grin he’d ever seen on her blasted face. Lahabrea had been laughing quite openly at the turn of events. “I suppose this is all quite entertaining for you.” Zenos had sneered. Lahabrea only smirked. “Oh, you have no idea.”

    Well, it was safe to say Zenos had some idea now. If this kind of treatment was what the rogue Ascian had endured for nigh on two years it was no small wonder he took such delight in seeing another laid low by the Scions in such a thoroughly humiliating and peaceful manner.

    “Do you understand why I cautioned you, at least?” Tataru asked firmly still looking at him.

    Zenos thinly arched a brow. “Because you think me a fool?” he responded lightly.

    Tataru stared at him with a delicate frown. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say that about you, so I don’t know where you got that idea from.” She shook her head and returned to fixing the enormous rip in the side of his tunic.

    They sat in silence for several minutes.

    “…They’ll be back.”

    He blinked and slid his gaze to her.

    “I know you’d rather be there so at least you could be fighting alongside her,” she elaborated, “but you can’t. Sometimes we just have to accept we have limitations.”

    He sighed and lowered his head.

    Two weeks ago, he had arrived with his friend and her shadowless companion. One week ago, they had left him alone, surrounded by savages not worth a thought. Left him in the blasted heart of Eorzea with no purpose, no promise, nothing.

    “Granye is your friend, isn’t she?”

    He frowned, shooting her a sideways glance.

    “Then you’ve nothing to worry about. Granye has never left a friend behind. All you need to do is remain in one piece until when she comes back.”

    “I will do nothing but sit and wait.” He snapped.

    Tataru smiled brightly. “I wouldn’t expect you to have reached where you are in life by being inclined to such a thing! However,” she clipped the thread and set down the needle, standing on her chair and shaking out the tunic to check it was well repaired, “you might find it a better use of your time to see what you can do on this side in the meanwhile.”

    She held out his garment and he slipped it back on, inspecting the mend and finding it satisfactory.

    He eyed her suspiciously. “Did you have something in particular in mind?”

    Tataru smile was pleasant, though it inspired another shiver.

    “How do you fancy a trip to Kugane?”

    He blinked, openly blindsided. “Kugane?”

    “Why yes! There’s a man in the area that Krile and I need to see and we’re in need of an escort! You have experience with the city, do you not?”

    A small smile curled the corner of his mouth. “…You’re a shrewd little imp, you know that?”

    Tataru beamed. “Wonderful! We leave in the morning.”

    #feb2020 prompts #muse; insufferable lover #in which Zenos is enlisted to go to Kugane to find Estinien with the two lalas #Tataru tells him about the fairly recent Katana Incident on the boat ride over and he's just like 'but why' #they brief him on the black rose and WHY they need Estinien and he's like 'well i'm going to go deal with that too'
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    ღ ›  cirina┊ic. ღ ›  cirina┊aesthetic. ღ ›  cirina┊answered. ღ ›  cirina┊headcanon. ღ ›  cirina┊musings. ღ ›  cirina┊study. ღ ›  cirina┊visage. ღ ›  cirina┊verse one.

    ღ ›  tataru┊ic. ღ ›  tataru┊aesthetic. ღ ›  tataru┊answered. ღ ›  tataru┊headcanon. ღ ›  tataru┊musings. ღ ›  tataru┊study. ღ ›  tataru┊visage. ღ ›  tataru┊verse one. ღ ›  tataru┊verse two. ღ ›  tataru┊verse three. ღ ›  tataru┊verse four.

    #TAG DUMP #ღ ›  cirina┊ic. #ღ ›  cirina┊aesthetic. #ღ ›  cirina┊answered. #ღ ›  cirina┊headcanon. #ღ ›  cirina┊musings. #ღ ›  cirina┊study. #ღ ›  cirina┊visage. #ღ ›  tataru┊ic. #ღ ›  tataru┊aesthetic. #ღ ›  tataru┊answered. #ღ ›  tataru┊headcanon. #ღ ›  tataru┊musings. #ღ ›  tataru┊study. #ღ ›  tataru┊visage. #ღ ›  cirina┊verse one. #ღ ›  tataru┊verse one. #ღ ›  tataru┊verse two. #ღ ›  tataru┊verse three. #ღ ›  tataru┊verse four.
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    #|| Mognet#ask||answered#zoinks scoob #I'm laughing too hard to think of anything clever to say #rip#tataru taru #she is pretty adorable #i'd die for her #too bad both mun and muse are AWFUL AT KEEPING MONEY #she would hate me and scold me like she did to alphinaud #ffs #teach me your ways tataru
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    #rp#ic#fenixdown #sorry alta u get mors #fhgjhkjl
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    @ancalagxn​ liked for a starter with Valens

    “Honored to meet you.” Valens bowed his head to the people of the Rising Stones, and smiled slightly at the sight of the Warrior of Light standing there before him. “I wish nothing but warm wishes upon you all. The Empire is in shambles and... alas, I find myself out of a job. I can’t say I will put my all into Eorzea, but I am happy to support you in these times.”

    He approaches Tataru first, and bows for the short stubby little woman, smiling as he does, with some veneer of contempt, although hard to tell for sure.

    “My name is Valens Varro. Once a Legatus. Now a servant of Eorzea. I approached the leader of Gridania... Senna is her name?” Valens mused aloud, already forgetting her name. “I hear you keep other Garlean deserters safe and well... I hope that if I could help you, you would help me in turn.”

    Valens does a lot of talk, and walks around before going up to the Xaelan man, bowing to him as well. He glances around, to make sure the other “Scions” are not in earshot of him. “I am sure you are wondering some things... perhaps about your friends... Alfred, was it? Ah, what does it matter...?” Valens smirked a little. “I hope Allie and her father are doing well.” Valens remarked. “Would be a shame if something happened to them... especially if you couldn’t come rushing to save them again, right?”

    “You don’t want Gaius to put down another child... do you?”

    Valens stepped away from the man at that, glancing to see if anyone heard what he said.

    #rp#ic#ancalagxn #sorry this took so long! #death tw
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    #angelic din mortem
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      @ritterblood​ asked : 🖤 amaya and haurche ( headcanon prompt // accepting ).

    my muse’s initial impression of yours

    too kind, something is up with him. though those thoughts were quickly washed away, she did for the first... 10 minutes or so, absolutely not trust him.

    my muse’s favorite physical attribute of yours

    his eyes. they have such a warm & rich blue they remind her of clear deep lakes.

    my muse’s favorite personality attribute of yours

    she doesn’t know exactly what to call that trait, kindness? warmth? it’s the way she feels less tense around haurchefant. it’s easier to remember to be amaya around him than fall into her wol persona.

    a moment that made my muse realize how much they care about yours

    when she arrived with alphinaud in camp dragonhead after the banquet. she was about to completely panic, not knowing what to do, being terrified of not knowing what happened to the other scions but she tried to keep it together for alphinaud & then... haurchefant managed to calm them both down, without amaya having to reveal how scared she was. she’s also just so grateful that he sheltered tataru & everything he did for them during that time.

    something my muse never found the words to say to yours

    I don’t think she left something unspoken between them. maybe she feels sad at times that she had not shared some of her plans with him, she had toyed around with the idea to get an apartment in ishgard, should it ever open up properly to outsiders again & she had wanted to ask him for help in that.

    something my muse wishes they had never said to yours

    ...she wishes she could erase the whole first couple of minutes they had met in camp dragonhead. she had been easily irritated, just taking care of the deceased from the attack on the waking sands. & from the moment she set foot in coerthas, she had been mostly met with hostility, so she gradually grew more & more aggravated & kind of let him know of her mood---

    something your muse does that makes mine feel safe

    laugh. she really likes the sound of his laugh.

    something your muse does that makes mine smile

    tell stories? she enjoys listening to haurchefant tell her stories, from tales from ishgard, to simply telling her about something that happened at the camp.

    something my muse wants to protect yours from

    .... let’s just not talk about that huh.

    ways my muse says ‘i love you’ without saying those words

    reminding him to take a break. if his thing is making hot chocolate then her thing might just be to disappear into the kitchens and make some sort of lunch. i can also imagine her sending letters from time to time where she’d write things like ‘I hope you are not reading this at night because you are working too much’ . other things include just the way her face brightens up when she sees him, bringing him some knickknacks from her travels. leaning against haurchefant or just tugging at his sleeve when she feels nervous are also little ways she shows her appreciation.
    #ritterblood #❝ ᶦⁿᵏ ˢᵒᵃᵏᵉᵈ ᶠᶦⁿᵍᵉʳᵗᶦᵖˢ ❞╱ ic asks . #❝ ᵇᵃʳᵉ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵗᵉᵉᵗʰ ˡᶦᵏᵉ ᵗʰᵉ ᶜᵒˡᵈ ʷᶦⁿᵈ ᵘᵖᵒⁿ ᵗʰᵉ ᵐᵒᵒʳˢ ❞╱ about . #[ me squinting at that second to last question like ....ouch ]
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    Apple Picking

    Character: Cobi Nesma Fandom: FFXIV Word Count: 1406

    The Silent Arbor was anything but silent, the hum of insects filled the early morning air and the murmur of voices from the farmhands was ever present. Regardless, it had been a long time since Cobi Nesma had felt so at peace. Once her life had been uneventful, just a simple Miqo’te traveling on her own with dreams of seeing the world. She never intended to be a hero, to be respected by leaders of the world and even credited with saving it more than once.

    Cobi had left home not expecting to be someone important or have grand adventures. She just wanted to see the world, to meet people and experience new things. At the end of her life she didn’t want to feel like she had never done anything. It was no exaggeration to say that meeting Papalymo and Yda changed her life.

    But after the last year or so Cobi was tired, nearing on burnt out, and she needed a break. A vacation somewhere she had no responsibilities. Instead of heading to Costa del Sol, where she knew she could lose hours lying in the sun and playing in the surf, she found herself in the South Shroud, surrounded by beautiful trees and the rich feeling of being surrounded by life. Everything was alive here, even the air felt purer and more comforting than the humidity of La Noscea’s seaside or the dry deserts of Thanalan.

    Or maybe it was just that her adventure started in the Black Shroud so it felt the closest to home of her options? Either way instead of finding a resort or beach to laze about on Cobi was deep in the forest and picking sprite apples.

    Reaching up to pull another apple off the tree, Cobi couldn’t help but smile. It was perfectly ripe and fragrant. Fawkes, the orchard overseer, had promised she could take a portion of what she picked, and she could already imagine the pie she hoped to bake later. Diedra, her new friend from Quarrymill that had pointed her in the Silent Arbor’s direction, had promised to teach her. If she was successful perhaps she could make two, Tataru always had the best treats when she arrived at the Scion’s headquarters and it would be nice to return the favor.

    That of course depended on her gathering enough apples to make the pie, with a margin for error. To say that Cobi wasn’t sure of her ability to bake would be an understatement, but she was game to try just about anything. That’s probably what got her on the path her life had taken, she never turned down a challenge and hunting primals? That was a challenge she hadn’t been able to resist.

    “Well girl, let’s see how yer basket is looking,” Fawkes, the elderly Hyur said, pulling Cobi from her musing. Realizing she still held the last apple she had picked she set it in her basket and, with a grunt of effort, carried it over to where he sat under one of the larger trees. Leaning over the large basket he shifted the apples on top around to see the ones deeper in the basket.

    “Well I’ll be,” he said, looking up and grinning at her. “You’ve an eye for apple pickin’ my friend. You ever get tired of questin’ fer glory, you oughta come settled down here.” His gaze turned speculative as he took her measure, “You know girl, I got a son ‘bout yer age.”

    Cobi giggled, face burning with embarrassment. “So you’ve said, but I think my adventuring days are just beginning.”

    Standing Fawkes clapped his hand on her shoulder, “even heroes need to take a step back someday. Now let’s see our whole haul here.” With more ease than seemed possible the old man lifted Cobi’s basket and carried it over to where the other farmhands had set their harvests. Setting it down he took a step back and grinned. “Feast yer eyes on this! Why I’ve not been blessed with a harvest the likes of this in… well, as long as I can remember. Not that I can take much by way of credit, I may tend the trees but the guardians of the forest brought us this bounty. I’d give them thanks myself, but with all the poachin’ going on in these parts its not as safe as I’d like.”

    Cobi frowned, “is it really that dangerous?” She had heard poaching was an issue in the forest around Quarrymill but the Wood Wailers had been trying to crack down on it.

    “Unfortunately yes, last time I traveled farther than town I ran into several unsavory characters, luckily a Wood Wailer was nearby but it was enough to limit my excursions into the wild.” Fawkes sighed, “I remember when it was safe for children to run around the woods. My boy lived in the trees and now the children of Quarrymill hide behind it’s walls.”

    That felt like the same story Cobi had heard all over Eorzea, life was different for this generation than the last, harder, scarier. Children didn’t get the carefree childhood their parents remembered from before the Calamity. It was one of the things the Scions wanted to change, making the world better for everyone.

    Fixing the dangerous conditions of the South Shroud was beyond her ability at the moment, but there was something else Cobi might be able to do. “Would you like me to deliver your offering?”

    The old man smiled, “you’d be willin’ to do that for me?” Cobi nodded and the Fawkes started gathering a small offering of the best apples for the forest guardian.

    Soon she was on her way, the offering tucked away safely in her pack. Stepping out of the orchard the sense of peace she had felt all morning faded away. Cobi knew it was partly her imagination, the arbor was no safer than the rest of the woods but it felt like a world apart. Taking a deep breath she drew her bow and gave it a few testing plucks to make sure the tension was still optimal. Satisfied she was ready for anything, Cobi set off into the woods. She had an offering to make and poachers to deal with.

    Hours later, after her excursion into the forest, Cobi was glad to be back at Quarrymill. The Wood Wailers were also more than happy to detain the pair of poachers that had tried to get the drop on her. After handing them over she followed a now familiar path through the small village. Deidra had a lovely home, nothing as large and fancy as she had visited recently but to be honest Cobi preferred the comfortable rustic charm here.

    Deidra met her near the door, waiting while Cobi rested her pack, quiver and bow next to her boots before handing her a filled wine glass. “Welcome back, you look like you could use this. There’s nothing better than a cold glass of apple wine after a long day of work,” she said, leading the way to the kitchen. “Old man Fawkes sent an entire bushel of apples to thank you for helping today.”

    Cobi gasped when she saw the overfilled basket, “he didn’t have to give me so many, how will we ever use them all?” She knew the old man had promised her a cut of her harvest but the oversized basket was far more than she expected.

    Already moving about the kitchen, Deidra pulled out a large pot and grinned at Cobi. “We will make enough pie to feed us, the neighbors and your friends, and the rest can replace all the wine we are gunna go through.”

    Lifting her glass and taking a long drink of the light, sweet beverage Cobi hummed happily. This was exactly what she needed, just one day where no one’s life depended on her. The world turned and the day passed even if she didn’t lift a finger to make it happen. Tomorrow she’d return to the Rising Stone, hear reports of whatever horror the world had coming it’s way this time and find a way to deal with it.

    Tonight though nothing mattered other than making pie, drinking wine and enjoying life as a simple citizen of Eorzea. She was coming to terms with the fact she’d never be that again but it helped, at least for now, that she would soon have pie.

    #ffxiv#miqo'te #OC: Cobi Nesma #Apple picking is a fall activity #So this counts as getting into the spirit of things #An apple a day keeps the primals away #Right? #Thats what she is going for here haha #My writing
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    FFXIVWrite 2021 - #28 Bow

    G’raha Tia and Kaida Asagiri  Friendship Fluff 5.3 spoilers No CWs apply

    It had been three long weeks since the Scions had returned to the Source.  The adventures on Norvrandt felt as though they existed in a liminal space between the distant and close past.  Kaida still found her head spinning from all the revelations in their time on the First.  Amaurot haunted her dreams more often than she wanted to admit, the echo of Emet-Selch’s parting words forever in the back of her mind.  It made it hard to live in the present when she thought so often of the past.

    G’raha must have sensed her unease because he invited her out for a chat.  It was not often that they had moments like these—just the two of them.  Scion work had slowed, which meant everyone was around the Rising Stones.  That meant almost all of their agents were on standby, and that left for a very cramped, very full headquarters.  It left little opportunity for one-on-one chats.  

    Kaida sat on a nearby crate, legs swinging back and forth as she watched G’raha practice his archery.  He claimed he was out of practice and wanted someone to monitor his stance as he trained.  Kaida knew little to nothing about archery, which she confessed to him immediately, but she indulged him nonetheless.  It was a good chance to get to talk to him without interruption.

    “Tataru tells me you have been busy as of late,” G’raha said, nocking an arrow and lining up a shot.  It sank just above the bullseye marker.  His tail lashed in annoyance.  “The Empire has decided to take a leaf from the book of the Allagans and started devising their own Weapons.”

    “That’s the gist of it, yes,” Kaida replied.

    “They know not what they toy with,” G’raha mused darkly.  “Yet so often do people play with powers beyond their ken. History will not remember Garlemald fondly and for many reasons at that.”

    The miqo’te’s next arrow thudded way off-center and he gave a frown, one of his ears flitting to the side.  “It would seem I am quite out of practice,” he announced to Kaida.

    “I think a few hundred years will do that to you,” she remarked and he gave her a bitter smile, pulling the next from his quiver.  It struck slightly closer to the middle and he looked a bit relieved.

    “You have changed tremendously over the past few years,” G’raha observed.  “I was… surprised to hear the meek conjurer from the Ruby Sea had replaced her cane with a greatsword of all things.”

    “It was a huge change but I don’t regret it,” Kaida answered simply.

    “Would you ever go back?” G’raha asked.  “To being a healer, I mean.”

    “Go back?  To conjury? I’m out of practice—” Kaida began.

    “And so am I, yet here I am,” G’raha pointed out with a grin.

    “The big sword certainly gets people to listen more than the wooden stick does,” Kaida huffed and the miqo’te gave a hearty laugh at that.  He squared up to the dummy and prepared for the next shot.

    “In the years I spent on Norvrandt, I trained in a variety of arts,” G’raha said, loosing the next arrow.  “I thought it for the best in order to the protect those who were under my care.”

    “But you did not practice archery?” Kaida quirked a brow.

    “I thought delving into the arcane would prove more beneficial,” G’raha admitted with a shrug then began to fetch his arrows, pulling each from the dummy with some difficulty.  “Regardless of if that is true, I regret letting my archery skills go to waste. All knowledge is valuable to some extent, even if some knowledge is more valuable than others.”

    “This is a lecture, isn’t it?” Kaida realized.  “About not getting rusty.”

    “Hardly.  I should think a Warrior of Light and Darkness need no such lecture, particularly from the newest Scion of the Seventh Dawn,” said the miqo’te with a chuckle.  “But it is something I thought to put in your mind.  You were an incredibly talented conjurer… although I understand your roots are in another art.  Geomancy, I believe?”

    “Drawing from water and wind, yes,” Kaida replied.  “It’s certainly related to astrology and conjury… but different, in its own way.”

    “I should love to learn it someday,” G’raha said.  “Perhaps you could teach me and… in return, I could show you the basics of archery.”

    “I will have to pass on archery,” Kaida said.  “I… tried a bow once.  Almost shot myself in the foot.  Literally. I think I’ll stick to big swords, though… no, never mind.  Forget I said anything.”

    “Oh come now.  I know that look,” G’raha put his arrows into his quiver then folded his arms.  “You’ve an idea.”

    “No… no, it’s a stupid idea.  Forget it, G’raha.”

     “Out with it, Kaida.  You seldom ever have stupid ideas.”

    “Fine.  I did quite like how Lyna fought,” Kaida admitted.  “With the chakrams, I mean.”

    “I am certain if you went to the First, she would be more than delighted to train you,” G’raha said.  “But my offer with archery still stands.  Indefinitely, might I add, should you change your mind.”

    “Thank you, G’raha… Bah!  Getting lessons from Lyna.  That would be…” Kaida shifted her sitting position, dodging the miqo’te’s eye.  “… Well, I’m sure she’s too busy.  And I likely will be soon.  Something’s bound to come up sooner or later.”

    “I believe she would make the time for you,” G’raha said.

    “I wouldn’t want to impose—”

    “Ah yes, a Warrior of Darkness’s worst fear… the fear of imposing upon another.”

    “Such fierce talk from our newbie today!”

    “A jest—my apologies.  But truly, Kaida, I… I wish to see you happy.  And if learning from Lyna would do that…”

    “I’m happy as-is, G’raha.  It was… just a flight of fancy, really,” Kaida said quickly. “Don’t dwell on it.  And if you really want to learn geomancy, I can teach you all that I remember.  The version my mother taught was special to our village so it is not quite the kind you may find in places like Doma or Hingashi.  But it served our local mages well enough.”

    He smiled at her again, shouldering his bow.  “I would be honored to learn such a sacred art.  Consider me your pupil then.  At your convenience, of course!”

    “You may come to regret having me as your teacher, you know.  I don’t go light on the homework,” Kaida smirked at him.

    “Oh, I am sure I’ll manage,” G’raha replied with the flick of his tail and the two began back towards the Rising Stones.

    #g'raha tia#kaida asagiri #some ALYSF hints here #ama does ffxivwrite #ffxivwrite2021
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    Quick Prompt - Suit

    Word Count: 703ish Pairing: Main focus Thancred/Wol, tangent Thancred/Wol/Urianger Notes: So recently I joined the Emet-Selch’s Wholesomely Debauched Bookclub and they do quick prompts. This week’s was Suit. I still feel a bit shy sharing my writings on the discord so Imma just throw it on here. Took about 15mins and it’s more so humorous with a smidgen of relationship plot. I wanted to write a thing involved Weaver!Ami anyway

    "Hold still for me would you please?"

    A small huff was my response as I set the pin carefully around the fabric to mark my progress. I knew by now that the huff didn't mean much malice. My eyes scanned up from leg to torso, then from torso to neck. Only to see Thancred's amused smirk.

    "Certainly not what I had in mind when you asked me to accompany you alone and then proceeded to ask me to disrobe," he mused.

    I lightly slapped his leg at his blatant insinuation. He only responded with a chuckle as his hand patted the top of my hair.

    "But quite the surprise to have me fitted for a suit by our lovely hero. Although, I don't see a moment where I could use such a garment."

    "Consider in case your Intel gathering has you require one then." I simply said.

    "Or rather you would like to see what a groom looks like first hand."

    An unceremonious squeak let loose on my mouth. I looked up at him and then back down to my needle in hand. The whiplash has my glasses askew from my face. My body broke out in a heated sweat in sheer embarrassment.

    "Ami, please love I'm just joking...unless?"

    "No!" I shouted, "I mean, not that I wouldn't, it's just that I hadn't thought about that."

    I fumbled with the needle in my hands once again. Now that the seed was planted, it was all I could think of. I hadn't thought that there could be a time that I could consider marriage. I'm still grasping the fact I was in this relationship. I didn't find myself turned away from the idea however.

    "Would they even allow a triad marriage?"

    "After saving the realm countless times, I'm sure they can make an exception for you," he answered.

    I could only nod as I made mental notes on what needed to be fixed before standing up. Thancred's hand ran through my short locks, taking off my glasses in the process. He brought me close for a simple kiss. It was so odd to see him in dark colors after so used to seeing him wearing white. The black colors did well to compliment his hair. I reached to undo the top button of the white collar, letting his choker clearly be seen. I wondered if I should add a vest to it as well? Maybe a light gray to mix? My fingers itched to start weaving the piece. Thancred really had the nice body type to fit in such formal garments.

    A 'man of refinement' he would proudly say.

    "I have to hem up the pant leg. I made them a bit too long. I should have these fixed up in the next couple of days."

    "I look forward to your results. If you'd like, I could bribe Tataru for Urianger's measurements so you can craft a set for him too."

    He punctuated the statement with that cocky troublemaking grin. Oh he was quite mischievous when he wanted to be.

    "You are the absolute worst Thancred," I sighed, "Besides we all know he would much rather prefer elegant robes."

    "Aye, you might have the right of it," he agreed.

    It was only then I gave my own little smirk of my own.

    "But I've already bribed Tataru, seeing as I needed to practice on longer proportions. So don't you tell him I got a set in the midst."

    "And you say I'm dubious? I have to witness this. You will let me see his fitting, won't you my dearest?"

    I gave him a wave that was neither an acceptance or rejection. I only turned to lock the door to the room we were occupying. A blush filled my face when I looked towards him again.

    Not out of embarrassment, but of something else.

    "Since you did help with this, no question asked, I suppose I can fulfill that insinuation. We'd have to be quick about it."

    I could only describe his eyes lighting up as he went through the task of undressing while laying kisses behind my ear.

    "Mind the clothes! Neatly, neatly."

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    FFXIV Write 2021 Prompt #6: Avatar

    Avatar - an incarnation, embodiment, or manifestation of a person or idea.

    In restrospect, Rheika mused to herself, it had been an altogether quiet morning. It was only natural that something would go wrong.

    The Archons had only been returned to the Source by her and her fellow Warriors of Light the previous night. All had woken up refreshed, no signs of the instability in their aether that had mandated their accelerated return home. The order of the day was to be eating and relaxing. Tataru had presented three of the five of them with the recreations of the garments and weapons they'd become accustomed to wielding during their stay on the First. Alisaie had been lamenting what she termed "a lack of personal development". Rheika had been about to remind her fellow red mage that she'd witnessed exactly how much she'd grown in the art when a cry of "Help! Somebody help!" sounded from the grounds below them.

    Hippogryphs, it seemed, were stampeding throughout Mor Dhona. Alisaie had immediately dashed off to meet them, nearly dropping G'raha's new weapon in the process. Alphinaud, ever worried for his sister's 'recklessness', had dashed off after her. Thancred followed on their heels, eager to test out his new gunblade, after accepting a pouch of aetheric cartridges from Y'shtola. As she watched him dash off, Rheika idly debated which of her martial disciplines she'd take the field as when she head Y'shtola's voice behind her

    "I will join the fray when I've finished my tea."

    Urianger's voice joined in, melodramatic and teasing. "Thus did the avatar of destruction descend, and in her wake leave naught but tears and ash!"

    Rheika immediately stiffened. Out of her peripheral vision, she saw Dahkar to her left stop and look at her quizzically.

    She winked at him.

    He smiled, just a little, then straightened out just a bit himself.

    Both turned to regard Urianger with expressions of abject fear on their face.

    Rheika fought hard to not let her internal giggles become external ones. She and Dahkar had been friends for a long time, even before becoming Warriors of LIght and Scions, and he'd recognized her wink as being their shared signal for "I'm about to get into some mischief, play along".

    Urianger noticed their starting, and looked at them quizzically.

    Rheika took a step back. Dahkar followed, half a second later.

    "My friends? Is aught amiss? Didst I say something?

    Rheika slowly panned her eyes over to look past him. She had no idea if Dahkar had caught on and was following suit, but she hoped so.

    Urianger (and Y'shtola, she was pleased to note) definitely did. Both turned to look behind them to see a tall female Roegadyn dressed in a black coat, trimmed in white fur at collar and hem and decorated with all manner of silver clasps, chain, and trim. Metallic black thighboots covered her legs, and she carried a large horned staff with a brightly polished sapphire attached to it. Her arms were crossed and her black makeup-accented teal eyes were narrowed and focused right into Urianger's. "Excuse me, avatar of what now?"

    Urianger looked confused and a little bit afraid. "Mistress Willow, twas merely-"

    "I get that Y'shtola had to pick up thaumaturgy out of necessity while you all were trapped over there, but did you forget that I'm a friggin black mage?" she interrupted, rounding the table and slowly stalking towards him.

    Urianger slowly backed away, his expression shifting to panic. "My friend, please, I intended no-"

    "Co-wrote the defining work on the subject, too. Pushed the art farther than it's ever been done before. Thought that'd mean something to a scholarly sort." she said, continuing to walk towards him.  "What's next, ya gonna call yerself the 'avatar o' The Deck of Sixty' even though you know what I've done for the field of astrology?"

    Her face was right up against his own, her eyes fuming even as they never left his.

    Urianger was sweating and the panic on his face only intensified. "M-mistress Willow, please, mine choice of words were lacking! I wouldst never denigrate thine..." He paused.

    Fearless had a smile that she was struggling to suppress on her face.

    "Wait..." he started, the panic switching over to confusion.

    She doubled over in laughter. "Oh, gods, your face!"

    Rheika burst out laughing. Dahkar snickered. Y'shtola rolled her eyes at the Warrior's antics, but smiled behind her teacup. On the other table, Rheika caught Krile giggling as well.

    Urianger covered his face and groaned. "You are all the worst"

    Fearless straightened and lightly smacked his arm. "Oh, calm down, Uri. I know you didn't mean anything by it, but the opportunity to mess with you was right there and too good to pass up!"

    Y'shtola set her teacup down and gave soft applause. "Brava, well done. I must ask, though, how did you all coordinate this? There was no way you could have known that Urianger would say what he did, after all"

    Fearless smiled. "Oh, we didn't. I was just going to subject him to some...well, slightly less intense teasing at first. But then I saw Rheika's reaction and decided to play along and double down with it. Ya adventure with someone long enough, you learn to pick up on the subtle stuff!" She turned towards Y'shtola. "Now that the fun's over though, care for a contest? Most spectacular obliteration of a hippogryph wins? We can let Urianger judge!"

    Y'shtola smiled back. "I have yet to see what you have developed with the art. I suspect I have little chance in this contest, but I look forward to the chance to learn."

    She stood, and the group took off to join their compatriots

    A couple of bells later, Fearless and Y'shtola emerged from the doorway back onto the precipice where the Scions had been gathered previously, animatedly discussing the events. Franks had joined Krile and the pair were amicably chatting about healing methodologies as the two woman approached.

    "...truly, you speak a word in the language of the voidsent, and it manifested THAT?"

    "It's true! 'Enochian' is a wonderful little addition to our spell collection. Makes castin the rank 4 versions of Fire and Blizzard usable when fighting, otherwise the time needed to invoke them is, well, too long to make them useful, really. And over time it temporarily grants us the ability to speak other languages, so we can use those void spells without the risk of harmin' ourselves"

    "Fascinating, truly. I shall have to petition the Order of Nald'thal to let me peruse this work you Lalai wrote. What about that column of flame you manifested on that large green one?"

    "Oh that! Yeah it's another one of mine, basically a Flare spell but shaped to hit one foe instead of many."

    "I see, yes, focusing all that power onto a single foe would be very useful indeed. I presume it also shares the tendency to fully drain your magical reserves?"

    "Sure, but to help with that I also came up with..."

    Franks stopped listening to  look over to Krile. "I guess I missed something?"

    Krile smiled. "Just Urianger sticking his foot in his mouth. And now Fearless and Y'shtola are bonding more because of it."

    He chuckled.

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    ᴀꜰꜰᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴᴀᴛᴇ   ►   accepting

    @ancsthctist​ said: ⌭ [rham to emet :0a]

    ⌭ - Your muse kisses mine on the forehead

               It’s a late night and Hades, untempered thanks to the efforts of one feisty little elezen, was working tirelessly at the documents Tataru had so carelessly stored at the desk she worked at. She had complained earlier that day that things were always such a mess and she struggled to find things in a timely fashion... so the 'Scion’ (in all but name at this point) was making it his goal to present her with a neat and organized workspace before she awoke.

               He had been at the task for so long that, in an attempt to keep himself awake, the ancient stood to grab himself a drink but had, at some point, passed out from exhaustion. Yet, despite his deep state of sleepy stupor, the ancient was roused from his dreams when he feels a warm and gentle gesture press against his forehead and, consequently, his Garlean eye. He mumbles something and sits up, stretching out his arms and legs before looking up at the creature to welcome him to the waking world. Ah, Rham’ir. Hades smiles.

                “You’re up late,” He murmurs, rubbing sleep from one of his eyes. “Where have you been all day?”

    #ancsthctist #♛ « ɪ ᴍᴇʀᴇʟʏ ᴅᴏ ᴍʏ ᴅᴜᴛʏ » ic; emet. #♛ « ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴇʀᴄʏ ᴏꜰ ᴀ sᴇᴄᴏɴᴅ ᴄʜᴀɴᴄᴇ » verse; emet.
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