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  • ahsterism
    23.05.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    sighs.....so uhhHHH hh .. tag drop for haru asai, adopted from @parakosms !

    #haru asai. ic / i’m still trying everything to keep you looking at me #haru asai. musings / i can get by the days just fine but the nights #haru asai. visage / bright eyes and subtle variations of blue #haru asai. headcanons / unabridged and overwhelmed a mess of a story i’m ashamed to tell #dyn. haru & keiji (piictureshow) / i’ll lace up my armor and fight for us both #dyn. haru & daichi (parakosms) / i didn’t know that we were out of time #(I AM NOT IMMUNE.......)
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  • diverse-hearts-ocs
    10.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    @luvxxvision​ asked: 

    “Did you do that on purpose?” ~Mizuki to Daichi~


    “Oops”, a small chuckle was given as he paused in order to turn and face the young woman who he may, or may not have, tripped only seconds before. The majority of people to have walked by him in the last hour had managed to avoid falling over and those who had been tripped usually just glared at him before running quickly off. It was a little game he was playing while waiting on his order to be ready at a nearby shop. Going home to wait was just too much of a hassle.  “You need to be more aware of your surroundings”, he held a hand out with a smile, offering to help her back to her feet, “Hopefully you’re not hurt? Right?” 

    #luvxxvision#Verse: TBT#Muse: Daichi #//soz he's a bit of an ass lol #Wishing Upon A Star (Asks) #TIK TOK - We're Taking A Break (Queue)
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  • cavaliant
    10.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Daichi no ken Beo still fluffy as fuck

    How much of his hair is natural poof and how much of it is deliberate volumizing and messing with his hair until it achieves that perfectly tousled Jugdral Mullet Look (tm) 🤔

    #tbh everyone in daichi no ken is fluffy af but still #floof#muse: beowolf
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  • diverse-hearts-ocs
    15.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    @truesymphony​ asked: 

    This city was a death trap, Rachael thought as she stood outside a shop watching the news play. Something else bad happening. People using their gifts for pain and power. She sighed walking away but she was so distracted she bumped right into Daichi. "Sorry." She said stepping back to look up to the man. "My apologies. I wasn't paying attention." ( bsd verse )

    Random Asks - Always Welcomed /o/

    “Oh!”  He’d been lost in his own thoughts, mainly how to trick his way out of work. Kyran was having his yearly spring clean, the most bothersome and boring part of having to be his part time assistant - purely as barly anyone else could cope with being in the same space as the blonde for more than a few hours. The labs were an enjoyable place to work in, he got to use his ability fairly often too but administration work? He’d take a pass if he could. 

    “Ah, that’s alright”, he glanced towards the nearby shop and the news that was currently being played, a soft sigh escaping, “Were you watching the news? This city can feel a bit like a war zone at times, can’t it?” 

    #truesymphony #Verse01 - Beg and you may yet Survive - BSD (Main Verse) #Muse: Daichi #tw: human experimentation #//mention of anyways sorta lol #Wishing Upon A Star (Asks) #TIK TOK - We're Taking A Break (Queue)
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  • hebesambrosia
    27.03.2021 - 2 monts ago
    items I'd think you’d might find in their bag. 

    Daichi  Black sharpie, pain reliever patches and keys to the gymnasium/ club room

    Kiyoko A well used diary, a spare ballpoint pen and whistle

    Asahi Hairband and ties, his favourite poem book bible and a sentimental photo of all the third years

    Sugawara That blue scarf, a copy of the volleyball hand signs and hand cream

    Ennoshita A fully charged power bank with cable and the spare set of keys

    Tanaka  A melon-pan, Survival of the Fittest shirt and supporter soft pads (from kageyama)

    Nishinoya A very misshapen textbook, money for Garigari-kun popsicles, racing recklessly or great talents mature late t-shirt, pencil case and soda scented eraser ( a gift from his beloved kouhai shōyō)

    Hinata Crumpled class handout, a mikasa or molten volleyball and cutely wrapped bento. 

    Kageyama Money for milk or yoghurt, emery board for his nails and a momento to remind him of his grandfather 

    Tsukishima White headphones, strapping tape and case for his glasses Yamaguchi A receipt for something he purchased at Shimada Mart

    Yachi The nicest stationary, well organised managerial notebook and extra hair ties/ star clips

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  • diverse-hearts-ocs
    14.02.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Anon Asked: 

    R   :   ROMANCE.   is your muse a romantic or a cynic? // Daichi

    (     *     VALENTINE’S DAY ALPHABET   !    

    He’s... He used to be quite the romantic. He fell hard for the girl that would later become his wife. She was the first and only person to accept him for who he was, quirks and all. He’s always been curious about other people but it wasn’t as sinister as it can be these days. He became a doctor at this girls advice, a way in which to help people as well as to try and learn more about people who were different from himself.  But all that changed on the day of his wedding. The dream day, the one girl who he’d ever loved, the one person who knew the real him...was shot down shortly after their vows had been said and ever since then his heart has hardened and his attitude to the world in general is pretty bitter and cynical. 

    #Head Cannon: Daichi #Curiosity Killed the Cat [Daichi/Musings] #Wishing Upon A Star (Asks) #tw: death mention #tw: guns
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  • diverse-hearts-ocs
    11.02.2021 - 4 monts ago

    @frozcnlight​ continued from [X]

    Of course the little Princess was going to be as dim as she looked. The perfect little heir to the family of liars and professional bullshitters and yet she seemed to be oblivious to the reason as to why he may wish to destroy her little dreamworld? Wasn’t that just rubbing salt in the wound? It didn’t used to irritate him this much - bad blood meant very little to him, even if his mother made it out to be...but that had all changed the day that his wife died. The day in which his heart turned to ice and refused to ever thaw. 

    “What? Are you saying you don’t know who I am? Why Princess, that almost hurts to know just how little I truly mean to you and yours dearest...I suppose I am the black sheep of the family...even more now”. He laughed rather bitterly, arms crossed as he watched Miran. What did Chuuya even see in someone as plain and boring as their perfect little doll?

    #frozcnlight #Verse02 - Sharp Bitterness of Connections Severed - BSD (Socke) #Muse: Daichi #TIK TOK - We're Taking A Break (Queue)
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  • diverse-hearts-ocs
    11.02.2021 - 4 monts ago

    @frozcnlight​ continued from [X]

    It wasn’t like him to turn up to school most days. He was only here because the school had threatened to kick him out and the blow up with his mother wasn’t worth the hassle. So here he was - being told to sit by his cousins side. Why her of all people? Why couldn’t he just have a seat to himself? He guessed this was something like pairing the worse student with the teachers pet. Not as though the teacher would be aware of the blood they shared. 

    “I was moved into this one”, he shrugged as he flopped into the chair by her side, pulling out a notebook that was decorated by doodles, which seemed to take up more space than his actual notes, “Something about trying a new teacher...I donno. Wasn’t really listening”. If he stabbed her with a pencil could he be moved or would that just get him expelled? God. This was so annoying.  “Anyways, Princess, lead me your text book. I lost mine”. More like he burned it a few days ago but no one needed to know the details of the missing book. 

    #frozcnlight #Verse06 - Curiosity Kills - AUs #Muse: Daichi #AU: High School #TIK TOK - We're Taking A Break (Queue)
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  • diverse-hearts-ocs
    27.01.2021 - 4 monts ago

    @havmaner​ continued from [X]

    Of course such an action was likely to result in such a vulgar response, part of the reason he’d done it was to see this explosive reaction - and just due to being bored. Kyran had cut down on the level of physical pain that was to be displayed, wishing for more accurate results or some other type of bullshit that he wasn’t at all interested in. He was only helping the other out through boredom and his own tests needed. 

    A laugh broke out after the short cry of pain, his hand shifting to wrap tightly around Han’s, pinning him easily against the wall as he glared into the others eyes. Of course, he wasn’t happy about the pain he was now in but for now the amusement at such a reaction was too much to not find the situation a little amusing too. 

    “I see - the little fish boy prefers to bleed - don’t worry. Once these next few tests are over, I’ll have my fun filleting you once again”. And with that he let go of Hans and took a few steps away - temptation to lash out growing a little too strong. He’d just go and hunt down a job or something - something or someone rather, to let his rage freely rain upon. 

    #havmaner #Verse01 - Beg and you may yet Survive - BSD (Main Verse) #muse: daichi#tw: violence #tw: human experimentation
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  • diverse-hearts-ocs
    14.01.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Anon Asked: 

    31. Someone who’s betrayed my muse’s trust. // Daichi


    “Hmm - usually those who betray my trust don’t get too long to live but then...”, his look darkened a little, eyes growing darker as he thought back on that faithful day to have changed everything, “...there is one man who will suffer the pain of a thousand deaths if I ever get my hands on him. One man who I used to call my friend...I wouldn’t mind watching him be torn apart a few dozen times”. He smiles and taps the side of his cheek, “Well, I hope that answers your question!”

    #Anon #Head Cannon: Daichi #Muse: Daichi #Verse01 - Beg and you may yet Survive - BSD (Main Verse) #Wishing Upon A Star (Asks) #TIK TOK - We're Taking A Break (Queue) #tw: violence #tw: torture mention #tw: gore
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  • diverse-hearts-ocs
    14.01.2021 - 5 monts ago

    @terrortimeagain​ asked: 

    9. Someone my muse hurt. // Daichi


    “Now, that would be telling, wouldn’t it?”.  He looks almost playful, rocking back and forth on his feet, trying to think on a story to tell that wasn’t too bad. Those who’d known him so long ago would never recognise the man that he had now become.  “I’m a doctor by trade so I’m sure that a lot of my patients would complain that I’ve hurt them from jabs for example - but I know you mean hurt in the more sinister meaning of the word”, he sighs slightly, “Honestly? I don’t really take much notice of their names? It’s fun to look for someone who’s on the edge of breaking and to be that tiny little push that sends them spiralling down a destructive path. People like that make it way too easy for folk like me. But I suppose if you need a name... well anyone from the Lee family are likely to be there...they all deserve what’s coming to them in the end” 

    #terrortimeagain #Head Cannon: Daichi #Muse: Daichi #Verse01 - Beg and you may yet Survive - BSD (Main Verse) #tw: violence#tw: abuse #tw: suicide mention #//in regards to others?? #Wishing Upon A Star (Asks) #TIK TOK - We're Taking A Break (Queue) #//this man is a mess -_-
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  • tcngueticd
    05.01.2021 - 5 monts ago
         @cpdaichi​​     --     ♡’d!     ;     reina  &  daichi.  

         “  sawamura-san!!  this  is  a  very  serious  inquiry  that  requires  the  input  of  a  skilled  player!!  do  you  think  that  someone’s  supple  asscheeks  can  be  horrendously  disfigured  with  a  spike  so  hard  it  sends  them  to  mental  orbit??  ”

    #cpdaichi #IC.  ┊͙˚.     mischief  thrives;  chaos  arrives. #HAIKYUU.  ┊͙˚.     slappin  balls  usually  does  the  trick. #// op do you know how much i hate my muse #// that's your problem now daichi; best of luck with this piece of shit
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  • thornstone8773
    02.01.2020 - 5 monts ago

    Horobi and Ikazuchi had a strong chemistry with each other, despite the lack of screen time together and their actors had not worked together for long.

    #kamen rider #kamen rider zero one #random musing#horobi#ikazuchi#sunagawa shuya#yamaguchi daichi #kamen rider horobi #kamen rider ikazuchi #thunderclap of destruction #brotp #don't tag as ship
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  • diverse-hearts-ocs
    27.12.2020 - 5 monts ago

    @somegremlin​ asked: 

    Bad Touch ( Daichi )

    14) Using a knife to slash your muse across the arm

    “I wonder just what it is that you did to deserve this type of punishment?”. Harming children is just the same to him as bringing harm to any other person. There’s a sick type of delight to be found in watching their eyes as the blade is slowly drawn across the bare skin of their already bleeding arms. Of course, Daichi’s ability meant that no such item was required, but he found this to be fun at times. To watch as the skin parted and bubbled of blood escaped from the exposed wounds - delightful. “Honestly, I’m surprised Kyran’s not argued to have you down in the labs more. A strange kid like you - he would have loads of fun for sure”.   

    #somegremlin #Verse01 - Beg and you may yet Survive - BSD (Main Verse) #Muse: Daichi#tw: injuries#tw: blood #tw: child abuse #tw: knives #tw: human experimentation #Wishing Upon A Star (Asks) #TIK TOK - We're Taking A Break (Queue)
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  • diverse-hearts-ocs
    27.12.2020 - 5 monts ago

    @frozcnlight​ asked: 

    "Bad touch" for some randomly generated violence { Daichi }

    2) Punching your muse in the face

    “I have given you so many warnings”, his voice almost sounded bored as he walked towards where Miran was currently hanging from, thick chains holding her in place against the cold walls of the Port Mafia dungeons, a breeze coming in from some gap in the ceiling or wall - just enough to cause mild discomfort more than the hope of finding a place to win back freedom, “All you had to do was vanish but then rich little princesses never truly know what is good for them, do they?”.

    He stopped before her, hands deep inside his pockets. She’d been here for a few days now, bruises lined the majority of her pale arms, but that had nothing to do with Daichi. That was simply some other grunt ordered to torture her for information but now that he knew she was here - he wasn’t letting her go so easily.  “Maybe I should show you...some of the wonderful techniques I’ve learned while being here”, with a slight smirk he raised one arm, fingers pressed against the palm of his hand as he quickly punched into the side of the woman’s face. He wouldn’t use his ability - not yet. He wanted to have a little fun first. 

    #frozcnlight #Verse01 - Beg and you may yet Survive - BSD (Main Verse) #Muse: Daichi#tw: violence#tw: torture#tw: imprisonment#tw: injuries #Wishing Upon A Star (Asks) #TIK TOK - We're Taking A Break (Queue)
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  • thornstone8773
    21.12.2020 - 5 monts ago

    Calibur wanted reality-writing book.

    Zi-O could create new reality in his dream.

    #kamen rider #kamen rider saber #kamen rider zi-o #random musing#tokiwa sougo #kamen rider calibur #kamijou daichi
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  • diverse-hearts-ocs
    15.12.2020 - 5 monts ago

    @floralcrowncd asked: 

    ♡ // lenny & daichi // pre-established relationship meme.


    send a ♡ and i’ll fill this out for our muses !  i’ll bold what i want for their relationship, italic what i could see and strike out what i don’t .

    FRIENDS.   childhood friends  /  work friends  /  family friends  /  recently friends  /  turning antagonistic  /  turning into something romantic  /  stable  /  falling apart  /  friendship of need  /  friendship of circumstance  pen - pals or internet friends  /  coworkers  /  partners  /  other .

    ROMANCE.   childhood sweethearts  /  newly entered  /  soulmates  /  skinny love  /  unrequited from my muses side  /  unrequited from your muses side  /  friends with benefits  /  awkward  /  fading  /  turning  toxic  /  toxic  and  destructive  /  other .

    FAMILIAL BOND.   sibling bond  /  older sibling figure to your muse  /  younger sibling figure to your muse  /  parental figure to your muse  /  parental figure to your muse  /  guardian figure  /  legal  guardian  /  other .

    ENEMIES.   dangerous to themselves  /  dangerous to others  /  unpredictable  /  passionate  /  rivals  /  petty  /  developing into a sexual tension  /  developing into a romantic tension  /  based off family matters  /  based of circumstance  /  based of professional matters  /  based of misunderstandings or lies  /  other .

    Added Notes - Daichi is not a nice man - he has a very negative view on the world after what happened to his wife at their wedding - as well as some family issues that are pretty hard to get over. Outside of BSD verse though, it may be possible for Lenny’s kindness to thaw his heart ever so slightly but real development would take time and she’d no doubt be upset because of him on numerous occasions. Them being distant cousins or something could be a cute AU though - I’m not against they interacting at all, just wish to warn that he’s a very difficult character to befriend ^-^

    #floralcrowncd #Curiosity Killed the Cat [Daichi/Musings] #Wishing Upon A Star (Asks) #TIK TOK - We're Taking A Break (Queue)
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  • thornstone8773
    30.11.2020 - 6 monts ago

    I loved Shindo and Mei’s dynamic. I wanted to see their V-Cinema.

    What did it take to get through to Kento’s head not to rush toward dangerous situations alone?

    It was so weird to see a tertiary getting so much backstory and spotlight. If Kento were a female or non-binary Rider, would he still get the same treatment?

    So the M-3’s purpose was to rule the world... that sounded so generic.

    I hoped Shindo would be Saber’s ensemble dark horse, in the same vein as Metsuboujinrai.net.

    To see a Rider riding a bike was so rare this day, especially when not transform. I was so surprised when it happened.

    I started to think that Touma speaking his thoughts a loud was a part of his character tic.

    Kamijou called Hayato a traitor, despite the fact that he was also one. Perhaps, in the beginning, the two shared the same purpose of searching for the ‘truth’, but somewhere along the way, Hayato changed his mind and this caused Kamijou to view him as a traitor to their personal cause.

    I think giving Saber a catchy ending theme was a bad idea. Did you know how much a mood whiplash it was to see Kento seemingly died and then had Touma, Mei and Shindo dancing in the next scene?

    #kamen rider #kamen rider saber #random musing#shindo rintaro#sudo mei#fukamiya kento#kamiyama touma#fukamiya hayato#kamijou daichi #kamen rider blades #kamen rider espada #kamen rider calibur
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  • thornstone8773
    22.11.2020 - 6 monts ago

    Just realised Shindo and Kento worked as foil to each other.From Kento’s expression, it seemed Shindo being an orphan was new news for him. How long had they been working together?

    Watching over the base was important… when I said, I wanted Mei to have an important role that was not it. I hoped Saber would not end with Sophia retiring and Mei becoming her successor.

    I heard Japan had a strict weapon law. I wondered how Ogami could walk around with Gekido without being stopped by the police.

    I thought Zero-Two text-to-speech was hilarious. Calibur’s upgrade took it to a new dimension.

    So very disappointed Saber’s personality did not change as Slash did.

    #kamen rider #kamen rider saber #random musing#sudo mei#sophia#ogami ryo#fukamiya kento#kamijou daichi#kamiyama touma #kamen rider buster #kamen rider espada #kamen rider calibur #shindo rintaro #kamen rider blades
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  • threedeviants
    13.11.2020 - 7 monts ago

    tag dump.

    #out of character. #inbox memes. #answered asks. #promos. #dash games. #nsfw. #stasis mode / queued. #in character / charlie. #musings / charlie. #visage / charlie. #headcanons / charlie. #music / charlie. #in character / daichi. #musings / daichi. #visage / daichi. #headcanons / daichi. #music / daichi. #in character / arlo. #musings / arlo. #visage / arlo. #headcanons / arlo. #music / arlo.
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