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    Everybody say “Bye Bye Blade!”

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    Ah..I suddenly have so many platonic loving feels towards Loki. Where did this come from?

    #I feel overwhelmed I love him so much #like that is my fictional partner in fictional crime #I want to continue the fanfic #chaos pals
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    Trent At The Clothes Store

    Summary: Sometimes Trent’s favourite customers are the reluctant ones.

    "Eddie. Will. You. Stop?"

    Trent looks up from the cash register to see a couple walking in, catching a blond man smacking kisses over a brown-haired man's cheeks. The brown-haired man—Eddie—who is pretending to duck and push him away, is fooling no one. His fingers are curled tight in the front of the other one's jacket and his smile couldn't be any more delighted. He even gets his own kiss in before he pulls away.

    "I hate shopping."

    "You think I don't know that?"

    "I especially hate clothes shopping."

    The blond man takes Eddie's hand, raising it to kiss. "And that is why, I will prove to you today that clothes shopping can actually be pretty fun."

    "Buck. The only fun thing I can think about when shopping for new clothes is leaving the store afterward."

    Rude. Shopping is literally Trent's favorite thing to do. It's relaxing, it's exciting, it's a treat on good days and a reward on bad ones. Shopping is his lifeblood, really, and why other people who work in clothes stores dread working the holidays Trent will never understand. Seeing people find the perfect outfit for a special occasion, seeing them transform and grow confident before his eyes? There is no better feeling than that.

    Buck—what kind of a name is Buck?—grins so winningly at Eddie then that even Trent thinks he could be convinced to do just about anything. "Do you trust me?"

    Eddie sighs with his whole body. Trent can feel it from the counter he is stood behind. "With my life. What does that have to do with shopping?"

    Buck says nothing, only tugs on his hand and steals a kiss, then starts herding Eddie towards a rack of clothes.

    The thing is, and Trent thinks this objectively of course, that Eddie, reluctant as he is, is a very beautiful man. Every outfit Buck picks him out fits perfectly, even combinations Trent sneaks looks at and cringes when Buck passes with them, expecting disasters. Eddie is the kind of man who could wear literally anything and make it look ten times better.

    Buck is beautiful too, though what makes him even prettier to look at is the excitement on his face for watching Eddie start to enjoy himself—especially when he keeps trying to pretend that he isn't. He rewards him with kisses that Trent suspects is the result of a ploy of Eddie's anyway to pout his way into all the attention and affection Buck so readily gives. They are clearly ridiculously in love, hopelessly happy, and, well, in need of a hosing down if the noises coming from the cubicle are anything to go by. Dare he peek? Stop them? It's only giggling, and most likely kissing, because the flimsy curtain won't hide much else, but there are other customers in the store. All of whom are aware of Buck and Eddie's antics and smirking for them looking unfazed. Okay, then. Trent will keep an eye out discreetly and leave them to it.

    In the end, they both buy a couple of outfits, all smiles and secret looks as they come to the cash register to pay.

    "We have a work night out tomorrow," Buck says when Trent makes small talk about them updating their wardrobe.

    "Yeah. And somebody wasn't happy with the shirts I already have in my closet," Eddie adds, though is grinning at Buck as he does.

    "Half of which are packed away already. Most of which."

    "Hey. We weren't supposed to be having another crew night out until after New Year. It's not my fault you talked Bobby into it."

    "And yet, you're the one who chose where we're going."

    Eddie hands Trent his card, shrugging. "Okay. Yes. That's on me."

    "Which is why, you needed a new dancing shirt."

    "I do not need a dancing shirt."

    "But I wanted to see you in a dancing shirt," Buck says, leaning against the counter and continuing to grin as Eddie takes back his card.

    Eddie gives Buck a look that Trent knows means and you want to see me out of it, too. He knows that look. Trent doesn't even blame him for having such a thought. Look at the pair of them. He is doing. And he keeps on doing as Buck throws an arm around Eddie's shoulders, smacking a kiss to his temple as they walk back out of the store.

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    Pairing: Javier Peña x fem. Reader

    Warnings: fluff, Javi is a bit grumpy

    “Baby please. I know you’re going to love it,” you were lying on top of him on your couch, fully dressed while he just sighed.

    “We don’t need a tree. It’s just us.”

    “I want a tree Javier. It’s not Christmas without a tree,” you kissed him.

    “Pretty please?” You did your best attempt at puppy eyes and finally he sighed.

    “You better find a way to warm me up later. It’s been snowing for weeks.”

    “It’s been snowing since yesterday but yeah Javier. I’ll find a way to warm you up,” you winked and he smirked, his hands running down your back.


    “I make a killer hot chocolate,” you pecked his lips and giggled while he groaned.

    Javier wasn’t used to the cold winter of Minneapolis. Growing up at the Mexican border the amount of snow he saw on the way when you picked him up at the airport to your apartment was already more than he had seen in his whole life before.

    You loved snow, and you loved Christmas even more.

    Javier had agreed to come and visit you with your mother being sick and you wanted to give him the whole Christmas experience. Including spending way too much time looking for the perfect christmas tree, even though you almost always went back to the first one you saw.

    “How are we supposed to get this thing into your apartment?” Javier was standing next to one of the trees you were eying.

    “If you can pick me up, you will manage to get three into the apartment, Javi,” you said with a smirk and he shot you a look, fighting against the urge to smile, but you did see his lips twitch.

    “Okay what do you think?” you said, finally stopping in front of a tree. You turned around to find out what he was thinking, finding him already looking at you. His eyes were warm and finally a little smile sneaked to his face as you waited for his verdict.

    “You’re beautiful,” he said and you felt your cheeks growing warm.

    “You’re supposed to look at the tree baby,” you smiled and he huffed.

    “It’s okay.”

    “Okay?” you asked, looking at the tree again. Javier stepped closer, wrapping his arms around you.

    “If you like it, we take it,” he whispered against your ear.

    “You’re not very helpful,” you mumbled as he kissed your temple.

    “I never really shopped for a christmas tree. When I was a kid my parents bought one and I never had one on my own,” he shrugged and you nodded.

    “Well, then we gotta make this one count. The first tree is a very important one.”

    “Is it?”

    “Yeah. I read that somewhere,” you chuckled and he smiled before he looked away from you and towards the tree.

    “It is pretty great,” he finally agreed and you nodded.

    “Let’s buy it.”

    Later, after you both got the tree into your apartment and it was standing in your living room, you were lying close to Javier on the couch, looking at the tree. You had only put the lights on, delaying the decorating to another day.

    “Thank you for my first tree, Hermosa,” he kissed you behind your ear.

    “You’re welcome Javi,” you smiled before you drifted off to sleep.


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    just got my bad things happen bingo! ohoho we're gonna be writing 👀

    if anyone wants me to write something from here first, send me an ask! I'm writing mainly for tma for now

    (image id in alt text)

    #mm this needs a special tag #niki writing bingo #i guess??? #lets get this angst fest going #help im having ideas beyond my ability to create #ALSO i have been thinking. about writing for w.bg #the lack of fanfic is Abysmal frankly #but im afraid of getting characterization wrong ;_; #but maybe. perhaps. mayhaps. #something from here ends up being about mikey and edgar #they deserve it- i say holding a Bad Things Happen bingo #what they deserve is some goddamn rest #ANYWAYS
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    Me: I'll be positive

    Also me: it's 12.38 am and I want to throw today in the bin

    #sorry #I just want to write my fanfic in peace #and I should not even be complaining because I do have a job I like #but GOD
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    The shadow of Archie's tail swam lazily in the moonlight. He asked, "What do you want when this is all over, Douxie?"

    Douxie hummed. He looked back at Nari, fast asleep on the duvet, and his expression softened the smallest bit. Then his gaze returned to the moon, the brightest light in a starless sky, and he sighed. "That's the thing, Arch," he said sadly. "It's never going to be over."

    Archie rumbled lowly. "Humor me, then."

    Douxie rolled his eyes, crossing his arms and leaning his weight against the wall. He stared at the moon for a long while, lips pressed together in thought before answering simply, "I don't know."


    "I'm serious." Douxie sighed. "The Order won't stop chasing us. Not until they have Nari. Which means I need to keep her safe, however long that may be. There's not really any space to think about wanting."

    Archie's eyes narrowed. "Hmm. And yet, we've been here how many months?"

    Douxie muffled his laugh. "It's a sublet, Arch. We'll be here longer, but not forever." 

    "They are still roots," Archie pointed out. "More than you've planted in the last year, might I add."

    "You might not," Douxie retorted. His grin lingered for a moment before dropping, and he glanced over his shoulder at Nari again. "They're for her sake more than anything. She's been running for so long."

    Archie followed his gaze. He hummed a quiet purr of agreement. "That she has. But you know, she isn't the only one."

    Douxie didn't respond. He kept his eyes on Nari, shoulders swelling with the deep intake of a breath Archie could tell was meant to keep him calm. "If a home is what you want, Douxie," Archie continued softly, "you know where there will always be one waiting for you."

    The smile Douxie gave Archie was something fragile, not entirely empty, but laden with just enough cracks to let the hope drain through. He chuckled mirthlessly, disbelieving. "Wouldn't that be nice?" he whispered.

    #tales of arcadia #douxie casperan#archie#fanfic#mine#my writing#discord drabbles #i want.. to use this for something. but idk what. #thoughts of exploring the notion that being stationary is just as hard as constantly running #that nothing really Fits because the knowledge of what could happen and what has happened overpowers anything the present can offer #cause mmm i already have a bit of a soft idea for a roadtrip story with these three since i don't rly buy them spending a year in nyc #but i am waiting til i get to a place where i can write that sort of thing without making it irrevocably sad lmao #so we have this. in which douxie will not allow himself to believe his wants are feasible #cause it's a hell of a lot easier to deny them than it is to give in to them and have them taken from you #god i need to write something kind for this fandom for Once in my Life lmaooo #but no. brain is only on self projection and a horror anthology sfdsfds
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    we are

    angel: the series | cordelia/angel. teen, 3.6k. Cordelia comes back for Angel.

    "I’m not gloomy," he says gloomily against his wrists. He refuses to look up. This is a dream; she always appears in his dreams. Always appears in his hallucinations for what used to be. He doesn’t have to look up—he’s come to learn how to control his dream self, even if he can’t control her and send her away. "I’m happy."
    "Not with that frown line."
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    A Magical Tale of Fire and Wonder (16756 words) by sharkinlovewithadolphin Chapters: 2/20 Fandom: Free! Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Matsuoka Rin/Nanase Haruka Additional Tags: [check AO3] Chapter two is up! This one is my absolute favorite chapter so far out of all the ones I've written (which is 4-5), and I'm sure it will stay that way even as I continue developing the story. My proofer (@illbebuyingallofthoseflowers​) loved it as well, and didn't find that many mistakes in it either, as I've reread it myself so many times already, so I had spotted most of them on my own lol. I hope you will love it as well! ❤️ Likes, reblogs & comments are highly appreciated <3 Chapter 2 summary: Haruka makes a breakthrough with his teaching. Rin explores more of the area within the bushes. One evening, they have a heart to heart by a bonfire. Check out chapter 1 on: Tumblr, AO3 Read chapter 2 on AO3 or under the cut:

    The following morning, after a night’s sleep in the same bed, Haruka baked bread with almond milk which he revealed he had a stock of in the cellar, when Rin had asked where he got it from, having no memory of seeing it the night prior, when he snooped around in the cabinets while putting the food from his bag away. “What cellar?” Rin asked. “There’s a door going into a cellar under the house.” Haruka said. “Do you ever get tired of constantly asking questions?” Rin shrugged, then hung over the table as he watched Haruka knead the dough. “You know… I know of an easier and less demanding way to do that,” Rin said, a smirk on his lips. “Enlighten me.” Haruka said unenthusiastically. “You could, you know,” he began. “Use a bit of magic.” “You really heard nothing of what I told you yesterday, huh?” “You’re so boring,” Rin complained. “You can bring plants back to life, but you want to waste time and energy making dough.” “If you’re so unhappy with it, you can learn magic yourself and then use that.” Rin sighed dramatically. “No need to get personal, I was only trying to help.” “If you really want to help, go light a fire.” “Fine,” Rin complied. He stacked some firewood, found a pack of matches and lit it up. Then he turned back to Haruka. “Now what?” “See that metal box there? Hang it on the hook above the fire.” Haruka instructed. “Be careful. It’s quite heavy.” Rin struggled a bit with the weight of it, but managed to lift it high enough to quickly attach it to the hook. “There is no way you could lift that,” he said, a bit out of breath from the short struggle. “Are you calling me weak?” Haruka asked. “You’ve never even seen me lift something to be able to make that judgement.” “I’m just saying… you’re not really that muscle-y .” Rin said. He clearly did not mean it as an insult as much as a simple observation. “Not like you, no.” Haruka agreed. “You still haven’t seen me try, though.” “Sorry for making assumptions,” Rin chuckled but he sounded earnest. “Apology accepted,” Haruka said. Then he looked at him. “Your assumption was correct, though. I hate that stupid thing. I can lift it in another way though.” “Show-off.” Rin said. Haruka smiled. Haruka put the dough in a thin, rectangle ceramic form and put it inside the metal box. When the bread was done, they ate, and another day full of frustrating training began. Still no improvement. Rin went to sleep angry. The next few days were more or less the same. Haruka’s patience was running thin and Rin’s annoyed outbursts after every failure just got louder and more aggressive. Haruka gave Rin the ultimatum of either calming down or going early to bed. Rin chose the latter, even though he didn’t sleep the entire night. He woke up the next day, exhausted, to an empty bed beside him. Haruka would usually sleep in, while Rin nearly always woke up first and waited for Haruka to wake up. At least that’s what’s been happening for the past week. This was unusual. Perhaps Rin had overslept a lot, to make up for not being able to sleep all night? He sat up in the bed and was about to look around the room, when his eyes instantly met two gleaming yellow ones. A big black cat stared at him intensely. He recognized it as the cat from the trees the day they first got here. He forgot its name. The intense staring continued and it made Rin slightly uncomfortable. “What?” Rin asked impatiently, staring back, as if he expected it to answer him. He sat up more, moving a bit abruptly, but the cat didn’t even flinch. He got out of bed and tried to shush it away, telling it to go away after a failed attempt at asking it if it didn’t have better things to do, or mice to hunt. With no reaction and the continuous stare, Rin walked over to it, only for it to walk away from him, though slowly. When it appeared to leave, Rin turned around to go back to bed. Then he noticed the cat had walked back to him, so he tried to walk towards it again, and it walked away slowly once more. It happened a few times before Rin caught on, though he thought it was a game at first, but then he just grew impatient and annoyed. “What?!” he yelled. The cat again did not flinch, however it turned its head and looked out of the window, then looked back at him. It’s like it knew something he didn’t. Like it was trying to communicate. Maybe it can’t get out? Defeated, Rin put on his shirt and socks, then followed it down the stairs and into the kitchen, over to the kitchen door. He opened it for the cat, thought to himself how stupid it was for not just using the small cloth-covered hole in the door at the bottom of it, meant for the cats, especially since it must have come in through that to begin with. The cat was about to walk out, when it looked back at him. Waiting. He sighed loudly, turned around and walked back into the living room, put on shoes and walked back to see it still waiting for him. He followed it outside and closed the door behind him. It led him to the greenhouse, where he spotted Haruka sitting in front, outside, reading a book, eating breakfast and drinking tea. Rin felt very confused. He looked at the cat as it turned around, walked past him and left again. “Your cat is very weird.” Rin stated. “Don’t say that.” Haruka scolded calmly. “It just stared me to death until I followed it.” “She’s not weird for following instructions.” Haruka simply said. “Or, perhaps to you, that’s weird.” “Hey!” Rin defended, then he seemed to realize something. “Wait - what do you mean it followed instructions?” “You still haven’t read the book, I see.” Rin went silent. “Are cat commandos in it or something?” “Or something.” “Stop being cryptic!” “The book is about spiritual connection, you idiot.” Haruka rolled his eyes and put his teacup down on the table along with the book he was reading. “Witches have that. A spiritual connection to nature and animals. I figure that’s something you lack, probably from not having much experience with nature growing up, and therefore can’t do magic properly. If I didn’t figure that before, I definitely did after the way you were oblivious to my cat obviously communicating to you. You even yelled at her,” the last part was said to himself as a side comment, though Rin heard it. “Wait, how do you know about that?” Rin asked suspiciously. Haruka looked like he just got caught in something, eyes wide. “Uh… I didn’t. It was a guess.” Haruka tried. “Can witches read minds?” Rin asked surprised. “Few,” “Of animals?” “Yes.” “Talk with them?” “No. Skilled witches can communicate visually with animals. But only one-way. They can see visual images from animals, but they can’t communicate back to them in the same way. Like with plants.” Rin seemed to process that. “Did you make that cat watch me?” “Kind of.” “How? If witches can’t communicate back, how can you give the cat instructions ? I strongly doubt you can train it to do that.” “It’s complicated.” “I have time.” Rin sat down in front of him to demonstrate that. Haruka looked uncomfortable. When he could tell Rin wasn’t backing down, he sighed. “Remember when you asked if I could resurrect people?” “Yeah?” “When I was 8 years old I picked up a stray cat from the street. She was malnourished. I fed her and brought her to my grandma. Turned out she was pregnant.” “Was that the cat?” Rin asked, looking back towards the path where the cat had left. “No.” Haruka answered. He gave Rin a few seconds to figure out if he wanted to ask more questions, before he continued: “The pregnant cat gave birth to four kittens. One of them died a few days later. My grandma was out, and I was here alone with them. The kitten’s breathing suddenly got really bad, and then her heart just seemed to stop. I got really scared and tried to help it. When my grandma came back after some time, she told me that sometimes happens. That we should bury her. She went out and started to dig a hole, and I was inside, holding onto it. In my childish desperation I brought her back. I didn’t even know what I had done at that moment. I was just happy she was breathing again.” Haruka spoke in a calm voice, but he looked distant somehow. Like he wasn’t present. What surprised Rin the most was that he kept on talking. “When my grandma came back, she looked at me in shock. I hadn’t seen her shocked before, so I clearly remember that. She gave me quite the lesson, to not ever tamper with nature. The whole thing with how we should let the dead rest in peace, even if they were as young as the kitten.” Haruka said. “I remember that, while she talked, she looked at me strangely. I didn’t know what it was back then, but now I do. She was scared. Of the cat, perhaps. Or me.” Haruka paused for a second, deep in thought, then he snapped back and looked at Rin. “She still took the kitten in, though. It was alive, after all. And it was just a kitten.” “You brought back that cat from death?” Rin asked. His eyes were wide and he sounded like he was interested, in a way one would be in finding out the ending to a scary story. ”Yes. Now, remember when I mentioned consequences from bringing back things from the dead?” Haruka asked. Rin nodded. ”Akira is not like other cats. It was very evident very quickly. Before her death, she was just like the other kittens. But after she came back, she suddenly had those glowing yellow eyes, and she would no longer behave like the other kittens. She didn’t meow, she didn’t play, she didn’t want anything to do with the others. I was quite worried for her, but I think my grandma was concerned, in a different way. I tried to communicate with her in the way that I had read about in that book you were supposed to read. I read it when I was 6, my grandma thought it might’ve been an interesting read for me, since I loved animals. I tried it, and we communicated back and forth. Visually, and a bit strangely, since I wasn’t very good at it at first, but it worked.” Rin still looked at him, listening patiently. “When I told my grandma she got that shocked, scared look again. She asked if I was sure. She told me witches can’t communicate back to animals. Explained how she communicated with the cats here through being able to see what they see or what they want. I told her about how I had used it to find her. She only got more shocked by that. You should only be able to communicate with animals you can see , she told me. She tried communicating with Akira herself. I would often find her in the middle of an attempt. It was never successful. After a while it became a thing we didn’t really talk about. Before she left for the war, she opened up to me about the whole ordeal.” Haruka paused. Rin didn’t seem to know what to say. That’s a first , Haruka thought. ”So, I can communicate with Akira no matter where I am.” Haruka said. “And she can communicate with me. I can see what she sees and also what she thinks about. And I can show her what I’m thinking of, as well. Or picture something I like and communicate it to her. Whenever I’m away, I know that she’s watching and waiting for me to come back, unlike the other cats. My grandma used to say that the bond we share is quite unnatural. Like we are connected in some way. She’s the only one of the cats I’ve brought outside of here as well. Sometimes she’ll follow me to the village and stay with me if my parents aren’t there. Having to use my powers to communicate with her means that I can’t have her stay with me that often outside of here. She’s excellent outside, though. Her ability to climb trees and jump from one to another, means I get full access to viewing everything from above as well. Saved me from bandits a couple of times when I was younger.” Rin didn’t say anything for a few moments. Then he smiled. “You should talk more.” “What?” “I sense you’re holding onto many interesting stories from your life. Like this one. It would be nice to hear more of them.” Rin confessed, then he got a teasing smile. “Plus, you have a really nice voice. It’s a shame I only hear you use it to scold me.” “That’s because you won’t listen,” Haruka defended, feeling his cheeks warming up. “I am,” Rin said. A comfortable silence spread between them before Rin opened his mouth again. “So... you would bring back a cat, but not me?” “Is that your takeaway from the story?” “No, but… you know…” “Rin, I was eight.” After some more talk, Haruka offered Rin some of his breakfast. When they were done eating, Haruka brought him along to the lake. He walked over to a big willow tree, and placed his hand against it. His eyes lit up before closing them. He stood like that for a few seconds before he opened his eyes again and looked at Rin. “Here, you try,” Haruka ordered. “What?” “Feel it, let it speak to you.” Haruka said. “Picture its roots, the life force.” Rin hesitatingly put a hand against the tree bark. He tried to close his eyes like Haruka had done, then did as he was told, and tried to picture tree roots in his head. “Listen to the breeze and imagine all the stories the tree holds. How much it’s seen.” Haruka spoke in a soft voice. “Feel the leaves breathing for it, and the roots nurturing it, keeping it alive.” Rin tried, he really did, but nothing happened. He must have tried almost an hour before he gave up. “Is there something wrong with me?” Rin asked. He sounded heartbroken. “I don’t know,” Haruka said, honestly. Then he started to walk away. “Come.” “Where are we going?” Rin asked. “I’m gonna go get soap and towels first. Then we’ll go to the waterfall and wash up. It might clear up your head.” And so they walked back to the cabin, got what they needed, and then went out of the area through the bushes. They walked a bit through the woods, further down the mountain until they got to a decent sized waterfall that ran into a small lake, which continued into a broad stream. “It’s pretty,” Rin said, smiling. “Yeah,” Haruka agreed. Rin turned to him and immediately started blushing upon seeing Haruka starting to take off his clothes. “What are you doing?!” Rin nearly yelled out. Haruka stopped his movements and looked up at him, confused for a second until annoyance kicked in. “Are you really that repulsed by my body or something?” Haruka asked. “N-no,” “Aren’t you used to bathing with the other knights, or do you all get your own private time?” “We do bathe together, yes, but-” “But what? Can’t share water with someone who hasn’t been knighted, or?” “No- or yes, I can, but,” Rin stumbled over his words and avoided looking at Haruka. “You don’t want to?” Haruka offered. “It’s different,” Rin tried. “How is it different?” Haruka looked at him impatiently. Rin still avoided looking at him. “I don’t know, it just… is?” “If it makes you that uncomfortable, you can just wait until I’m done,” Haruka said. He didn’t sound angry, just bothered. Rin looked up. He immediately regretted that decision though, as he was met with the sight of a very naked Haruka, walking away from him. How the hell did he take off his clothes that fast?! Rin’s entire body heated up. Was he embarrassed? Probably . So why couldn’t he look away? He had no idea .

    [ID: Break]

    The next day, they ate breakfast on a blanket in the small grassy area outside of the kitchen door. When they were done, Haruka made Rin follow him back into the house, and then into the living room. He asked him to put on his shoes, while he himself scanned the bookshelves. Haruka’s eyes landed on one, and he handed it to Rin. Rin took it, only for the process to repeat itself again and again, until Rin was carrying at least ten books, each one followed by a Hey now! What are you doing? What are all these for?! Haruka grabbed the books Rin had borrowed from their practice back in Satra, still stacked away in his backpack on the floor, and put those on top of the pile Rin was already carrying as well. Haruka scanned the books in Rin’s hands. Then a devious smile grew on his lips and he seemed very satisfied. “What?!” Rin sounded so desperate to figure out what the hell all of that was even for. “Come,” Haruka demanded, and walked towards the kitchen. He opened the backdoor for Rin, moved away so he could get out. “Why am I carrying all of these again? They’re really heavy, Haruka!” Rin asked again. “I thought you were strong?” Haruka teased. Rin grumbled back and glared at him through fallen bangs in response. “I want you to take those to the greenhouse.” “Why?” “I’ll bring out some bread and tea when it’s done. In the meantime, don’t touch anything out there. There’s a place for you to sit in the back of the greenhouse. Do not even think about coming in the house again until you’ve read all of those.” “What?!” Rin yelled out, nearly dropping the books. “If you drop those, I’ll lock you down in the cellar instead.” Haruka warned. “What about when I have to go piss? Get tired? I can’t possibly read all of these!” Rin complained loudly. “Guess you’ll have to figure that out.” Haruka replied, in a calm and quite smug voice. “The first part you can do outside.” “Outside?” “Yes. You can go do whatever business you gotta do outside the greenhouse, in a bush or whatever. I said you’re not allowed in the house. You’re still free to roam around as you please outside. I’ll bring you food, so you won’t go off on my plants and wind up eating poisonous berries.” “What if I did?” “Then I’ll know you didn’t do your reading. One of them contains basic herbal information.” Haruka said. “Anyway, I’ll leave you to it.” “You can’t be serious! Haruka!” Rin called out desperately, as Haruka walked away, back towards the door. “Stop yelling and start reading,” Haruka said in an unusual chipper voice. As if he was looking forward to being alone in the house without him, Rin considered. Rin let out a huff of breath in frustration as Haruka closed the door. He heard it lock. This fucking guy . He could refuse, get stubborn and not move, but he figured there was no point. In the short time he had known Haruka, he had learned just how stubborn he seemed to be. Not that he himself wasn’t, too, but that’s beside the point. Instead, he turned around and started to walk down the stone path. When he came to the greenhouse, he struggled with the door for a bit, until he turned around and tried with his elbow instead. He was about to turn around to walk in, when he noticed a pair of yellow eyes in the distance. “Are you seriously watching me?!” He called out. Naturally, no response. The cat just kept staring. He let out an annoyed sigh and then walked into the greenhouse. The greenhouse inside was larger than it appeared. It was full of various plants and flowers, small, big, and some even fit to be described as gigantic . There were rows of tables with plants and flowers, pots and gardening tools. At the other end of the greenhouse, past all the tables, there was something similar to a bay window in the middle of the wall. Inside of it, a cozy nook had been created, full of knitted pillows on top of a bench, some metal chairs and a table. And of course, every wall was made of glass, and the ceiling as well. He walked to the end, to the little nook, and put the books down on the table. His arms felt numb from carrying them. Great . He sat down and looked out of the glass walls. On the other side the bush opened up and into a stunning view of the lake. Water lilies filled a large portion of the surface, as well as various other water plants he didn’t know the name of. He could see a few frogs jumping around the lilies. He was completely mesmerized by it. It’s not like he had never seen beautiful nature before, especially not after coming to this place with Haruka, but something about the atmosphere really just lured him in. Maybe being stuck out here for the possible years it would take him to read through all those books wouldn’t be so bad. Some time later, an illuminated eyed Haruka came into the greenhouse with blankets, a teacup and a teapot, a bottle of water, some firewood and a loaf of bread on a plate. He only carried the plate with bread. The rest of the items were flowing around him. “I see you’ve gotten bolder in using your magic.” Rin pointed out. “I didn’t want to disturb your reading time by coming and going more than necessary.” Haruka said, then looked at the stack of books, and directed his eyes to the lack of any book in Rin’s empty hands. “But I see that wasn’t necessary.” “Sorry,” Rin apologized. “Don’t bother apologizing. It’s not me who has to be out here. I’ll have the house all to myself, for as long as you decide.” Rin nodded. Haruka made the books float in the air, hovering over the table. Then he put down all the stuff floating around him, as well as the bread, onto the table. He grabbed the book second from the bottom of the stack, then handed it to Rin. “I recommend starting with this one.” He said, parted the stack of books in half and made the now-two-stacks of books float back down onto the table, slowly, on either side of the bread and beverages. Then he walked out again, leaving Rin alone once more.

    [ID: Break]

    Rin picked up the book, turned a few pages, then put it down again. The night passed, and he stayed out in the greenhouse. When Haruka went out with breakfast the next morning, he still hadn’t picked up the book again. Haruka started to think Rin might just not be able to read. He wasn’t about to confront him though, because if that was the case, Rin would have to confess it himself. However, around noon Haruka watched, through Akira, Rin finally pick up the book again and properly give it a try. Haruka smiled to himself from inside the comfort of his home, as he sat by the kitchen table and painted illustrations of plants. He let Akira off her post as guard, then he turned his attention back to watch what he was doing, a smile lingering on his face the entire time. He’d finally done it. The first day of reading had been rough. He couldn’t even finish the first book before the sun had long set and he went to sleep. But the second day was better. Even though he took a stroll around the area, down to and around the lake and back, he still managed to finish the book, and another one as well. On the sixth day he managed to read 3 whole books in just one day. After 8 days in total stuck in the greenhouse, and 11 books later, he could finally stack all the books together again, and walk along the path back to the house. Haruka stood in the frame of the opened door, waiting and looking at him. “How bad was it?” Haruka asked. He had a soft expression, but a rather smug smile. “Terrible in the beginning, but it got really interesting. Do you have any more books on element control? That was really fascinating.” “I see my plan worked.” Haruka smiled. “Whatever that plan was, yes.” Rin said. “Putting you out there until you got to a breaking point and finally learned how to shut up and focus.” Haruka said. Rin looked at him quite surprised. “Well. Yeah. It worked.” “Welcome back. It’s been quiet without your constant talking.” Haruka said, with an affectionate smile. A terrifying I missed you quickly crossed his mind, but he quickly pushed that away. Haruka let Rin in through the door and closed it behind him. They put the books away one by one and then Rin went to pet a cat lying on the sofa. Haruka turned to him. “How about we put what you’ve read to a test? See if you’ve learned anything, too?” Haruka asked. “That sounds great, but can we eat something first? I’m starving!” Rin asked back, making Haruka smile wider. “There’s apples in a bowl in the kitchen.” Haruka informed him. Rin went and grabbed a couple of apples, then they walked towards the lake, talking while Rin ate the apples. They tried several things. Get in touch with nature, moving water, lifting sticks. Nothing. Still nothing. Rin could cry. Haruka was more patient than ever before, though. Haruka walked over to the lake. He sat down in front of it with crossed legs. He bent forward and touched the water, slid his hands around on the surface while illuminating, light blue fog spreading around under his hand. It was mesmerizing. He raised his hand and threw away water out ahead of him, and the illuminating blue droplets fell back into the stream as the colors faded from them and they became one with water again. Rin watched with fascination. Haruka tried to teach him how to manipulate water, then how to make regular fog, but it had just been yet more failed attempts to add to the ever-expanding total. It was getting dark, and Haruka suggested they go to the small grass and flower field further past the lake, where there was a fire pit. Rin agreed, and they grabbed some water from the house before heading there. The field was pretty. Rin felt like Haruka had hidden it from him, even though he knew he hadn’t - afterall, he had been free to explore on his own. But the atmosphere there was just something else. Unique, like the whole area had been since the beginning. Like it was meant to be hidden from public knowledge. It was quiet, except for the sound of late bird calls and flying and cricketing insects. They walked through the tall grass and wildflowers, before they got to the small area at the end, where a fire pit was, three tree logs surrounding it. They sat down beside the one furthest away. Haruka’s eyes illuminated, as a small spark of fire slowly took over the pre-stacked firewood. Haruka had been there earlier to place them. He put down the bottles of water he had been carrying in front of them. “Isn’t it a little impractical that your eyes light up every time you do magic?” Rin asked. “I mean, it does draw a lot of attention. Makes you stick out. What if you were trying to hide or just sneak around, but had to do magic? Seems like a huge disadvantage.” Haruka shrugged. “Mine shine more than most, at least from what my grandma told me,” he said it like it was a bad thing, “if drawing attention to yourself is what you’re worried about. Plus, if you become skilled enough, you can do a lot with your eyes closed anyway.” “Really?” “Magic with nature is usually done better with closed eyes.” “Oh, right, that was in one of the books, too!” Rin said, excited. Haruka smiled. They sat in peaceful silence, listening to the fire cracking a few meters in front of them. “Hey, Rin?” Haruka asked. The tone in his voice was a bit odd, very quiet. Small. “Yeah?” Rin looked at him. Haruka was fidgeting with his hands a little. “Do you think I’m a bad teacher?” “What-?” Rin looked at him, shocked. He had never seen any sign of self doubt or insecurity from Haruka before. The guy was too powerful for that, it felt surreal. “Do you think I’m a bad teacher?” Haruka repeated. “Are you serious?” Rin asked. “Um... yeah? It’s been so long now and I haven’t taught you anything.” “You just had me read 11 books in a week. That was like… impossible before! Not even the elders could get me to read that much, that’s for sure!” “The elders aren’t all that powerful, they’re just wise.” Haruka said. “Are you jealous of the elders, Haruka~?” Rin teased. “Absolutely not.” Haruka objected. “They’re well-read, but they’re arrogant to the point of ignorance. My grandma trained with some of the younger elders when they were kids. She always said they were too posh to actually experience magic, rather than just using it.” “Have you ever met them yourself?” “Not formally. None of them knew my grandma even had a child, let alone a grandchild. They just knew she lived isolated in the forest. Not even where.” Oh, grand elders! Knowing of all! - they don’t know what’s right in front of them. That’s what she would say every time they did something that the people in their kingdom would talk about. Haruka smiled at the memories passing him. Kana was like that. Wiser than any of them, but without their arrogance. Spoke her truth. Haruka doesn’t remember his parents ever saying they love him, but he remembers Kana saying it regularly. And expressing it too, in the form of care and caring, of love and loving. “My grandma hid my existence from them. She said she didn’t want them to influence me, but now I think she just didn’t want me to be exposed to the war and risk dying in it like she and many other witches before her had.” Haruka said. He surprised himself by being so vulnerable and open with Rin, but something about him just made him feel like he could express his thoughts out loud. Maybe because Rin himself did that all the time. “When my dad died in the war, my mom broke down because of it. I had just become an official knight, so she was terrified. She had me pull out of the knighthood shortly after his death, on false claims of sickness. I spent months unwillingly isolated inside, keeping up the facade that I really was sick, so I wouldn’t get executed for betraying the knighthood. My grandpa is a doctor, so he played along and kept up the lie to the public. It lasted so long I was almost convinced it was real.” Rin said. “When the war ended, I waited until the right moment to finally get out. I entered the knighthood immediately again, despite my mom’s resistance. I had to go through really hard training to not only get back to the state I had been in before, but way past that, to keep up with the others my age.” “That’s… rough.” Haruka said, trying to show as much sympathy as he was feeling. “I know you think knights are useless and dumb-” “I don’t think that.” Haruka interrupted. “You’ve expressed it multiple times,” Rin chuckled. “It’s okay. I don’t blame you. I know your reasons. But to me, they’re my brothers and sisters. And more than anything, it keeps me connected to my dad.” There was a moment of silence before Haruka spoke, “Maybe knights aren’t so bad afterall.” Rin grinned. “I’m glad you think so.” Silence spread around them again, and Haruka took a few sips of water from the bottle, then offered it to Rin, who accepted it and took a few sips himself. “By the way-” Rin said, after putting the bottle down again. “I was wondering…” He began, nervously. “How does one… kill a witch?” Haruka gave him a look. He could tell Rin was trying not to be insensitive. But it was a very sudden question that Haruka wasn’t prepared for, so he just kept looking at him. “I mean, like, witches are quite powerful… your grandma was the most powerful… How can someone even manage to kill a witch? It seems so impossible.” “You’re a knight. You wear armor. If people manage to take the armor away, you’ll be quite vulnerable.” “So people would... take away their powers?” “I don’t know. I don’t think so. If people were to try to get your armor off, you would fight back, right?” Rin nodded. “What if you couldn’t? What if you were unconscious first? A rock would do that job just fine. If you’re unconscious, you can’t fight back. They can take off your armor and stab you to death. I imagine that’s what they do to witches. Or they just shoot an arrow through their heads, so they die instantly. I don’t know.” Haruka wasn’t fully aware of the macabre thoughts that apparently seemed to be present within his own mind, but Rin didn’t seem to be negatively affected by his words. “It’s that easy?” “No. It may be simple, but it’s not easy. Witches have better senses than normal humans.” Haruka said. “We would be able to tell if someone or several people were trying to sneak up on us or register threatening auras, and we could disappear in time, using a spell. I imagine you would have to distract a witch or catch them off guard somehow. Or it would have to be on a battlefield where too much is going on. It’s just a theory. I haven’t seen witches being killed and people don’t like to talk about how anymore. It could give radical people ideas. Rin nodded. That’s true. It would, very easily. “People from Tarkutan know how, so you would have to ask them.” Haruka continued. “However, the tale is that they have some sort of test at their border gate to tell whether you’re a witch or not, and if you do not pass that test, you will be executed. So I don’t recommend it.” “Noted.” Rin said, nodding. “Why did you ask though? Are you planning on killing me?” Haruka asked, an eyebrow raised while he looked at him. Then continued, with a sarcastic tone: “Good luck with that.” “Don’t tempt me,” Rin teased, though it sounded far more like flirting in his own ears. “You too.” Haruka teased back. “You may be strong, but you can’t sneak up on me. However, I could just do this,” his eyes lit up, and instantly Rin’s peripheral vision in his left eye was filled with an orange color. He nearly jumped in shock, looked sideways, and saw a small log of firewood in flames, mid-air mere centimeters from his face. He turned to face it, turned his head back to Haruka, then back to the flaming log again. “Fuck,” Rin said, widening eyes. “That’s incredible!” “That I can kill you?” Haruka asked, a bit confused. He had expected Rin would get shocked, and feared he might have gotten angry for getting scared like that. He definitely did not see excitement as a possible outcome. “Can, yes.” Rin said and leaned closer to him “You wouldn’t, though,” he teased, then leaned back again and stared at the floating log. “Can you split it into pieces?” Haruka looked at him. He was such a child, full of so much innocent joy. Rin looked from the log to Haruka, until Haruka made the log split in half, then into several, smaller pieces. Rin watched with fascination. Haruka put the floating pieces of fire back into the firepit. “Are you hungry?” Haruka asked, eyes turning back to normal. “A little.” Rin said with a smile. “I’ll go get something from the house. You can just stay here.” “Are you sure?” “Yes, I’ll be right back.” Rin was watching the fire in front of him, when he suddenly got an idea. He knew it wouldn’t do anything but he still tried. He stared at the flames, intently, and tried to remember what was written in the books. He thought about his dad, what Rin had told Haru before, the connection to his dad he felt through the knights. He thought about how maybe that’s the connection he should be having with magic. But who in his life was connected to magic? None of his family members were or had been witches. He couldn’t relate to nature, so he couldn’t feel connected through that. Maybe there was a specific blue eyed person that had become his connection? The thought had just entered his head, when, before he knew it, the fire started moving differently. At first, in fluid motions from side to side. Quickly and suddenly, it got out of control and doubled its size, risking to outgrow the firepit, while it also grew in size upwards. A previous small fire turning into a large one, risking to spread into all the very-nearby-nature. “What are you doing?!” Haruka yelled, running out from the tall grass, food in hand and eyes glowing to take control of the fire again. When the fire quickly got back to normal again, Haruka seemed to realize something. He took in the scene in front of him, and he saw how Rin was still sitting where he was when he left him, 3 meters away from the fire. He had a hand stretched slightly out in front of him, eyes having gotten a frame around the pupils, ever so slightly glowing, barely noticeable. Rin looked absolutely terrified. “I’m so sorry!” Rin said, it came out weak and frightened. Like a child who was caught doing something they shouldn’t. “Holy shit,” Haruka exhaled. He stared at him with wide eyes. “Rin, you manipulated fire!” Haruka slowly walked closer, studying the now lowered flames. He was completely in awe. “That’s incredible!” Haruka said, voice full of excitement. ”Do it again!” Rin couldn’t. He tried a couple of times to do what he had done before, but he didn’t really know how. Haruka reassured him it was okay. Turns out water wasn’t his starting element, fire was, even though fire isn’t technically alive. Maybe that was the exact reason, Haruka wondered. “Fire is a really complicated element.” Haruka said, with a comforting smile. “Air is the one most people start out with. It will help you in generally moving around things with your powers. After air, the next easiest and most logical choice is water, then earth and then at last fire, if someone actually gets that far. It’s not common to know all the elements,” “Do you?” Rin interrupted. “Know all the elements?” “Yes.” Haruka said, and quickly continued. “But, while it’s not common to know all the elements, it’s also not common for witches to know how to manipulate fire itself either, and very rare to start out with it. You just did it, though.” Rin looked at him in surprise, then he seemed to get a bit insecure. “For like two seconds, yes.” “Two seconds is still more than many.” Haruka said. “It’s not just a difficult element, it’s very dangerous as well.” “So I shouldn’t do it?” “You should, yes. Just not alone, if something happens. People who learn fire will have learned to bend water first, if they have any common sense. So that when something goes wrong, you can turn fire into smoke.” “So I should learn water first?” “You’ve tried that and failed. Many times. Same with air. And earth, too. Maybe fire is meant to be your first element. I don’t know. We’ve tried other magics as well, outside of elements and none have worked so far. But if fire gets you there?” Haruka shrugged. “Whatever helps you get into channeling your powers.” “What if I can’t do it again?” Rin asked, voice full of doubt “You will.” Haruka said. “Okay,” Rin nodded, then he got that usual excited expression. “Sooo… I’m gonna learn how to create fire?” “If you focus enough, yes.” Haruka smiled. “Hey, what was your first element? Air then, right?” Rin asked curiously. “No.” Haruka said. “You said most witches start out with air, though?” “Yes. Most. I learned water first.” “Why?” “I like water. It’s nice.” “So you just learned it?” “I guess. I was 4, I don’t remember it that much anymore.” “You were four?!” “Yes?” “You were four, and could control an element?!” “Yes. My grandma saw that I was fascinated with water, so she showed me how.” “What about the other elements?” “What do you mean?” “You said you knew them all. If you were four years old when you learned water, how long did it take to learn the rest?” “Not that long.” Haruka said. Knowing Rin wouldn’t be satisfied with a vague answer, he continued: “My grandma didn’t want me to learn fire when I was a kid, because of the dangers of it. I still practiced it sometimes, though. When she wasn’t looking. I don’t know when exactly I had full control of them all, but it was before I was 8 - before I brought Akira back.” “Haruka, what the fuck?” Rin said, stunned. “How fucking powerful are you?” Rin didn’t mean it as more than a surprised outburst. He really hadn’t meant for the effect it clearly had on Haruka’s demeanor. He seemed hurt. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it in a bad way-” Rin tried to explain. “It’s fine,” Haruka said with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. “Do you… not like having powers?” Rin asked cautiously. “Shortly before my grandma entered the war, she told me I was unnaturally powerful.” “I’m sure she meant well. You are quite powerful,” Rin said with a reassuring smile. “She said she had realized when I brought back Akira, just how powerful I truly was. She said I was more powerful than herself.” “She did?” “Yes. Said that powers like mine had never been seen before, and that I had always done amazing things, in a far too young age. That I was meant to do great things, and such. And that whatever I did, I should be careful, and never let evil into my heart. I don’t want to have that responsibility. Or to disappoint her.” “She really said you were more powerful than herself?” Rin asked. His mouth hung open even after he was done asking the question. “Yes.” “The most powerful witch of Satra said you were more powerful than her? When you were a child?” “Yes, Rin.” “Holy shit,” Rin said. Rin looked at Haruka with a strange expression that he couldn’t really figure out. “What’s wrong?” Haruka asked. “Nothing, I just… I knew you were powerful when I first saw you, but I didn’t know you apparently are the most powerful in the whole kingdom?” “I’m sorry,” “You’re sorry? You’re the most powerful witch and you’re sorry?” “Uh…” Haruka looked away. “Haruka, look at me,” Rin ordered, grabbing Haruka's arm and pulling at him gently to make him turn around. Haruka turned to face him. “You’re so incredible, don’t you see? Your grandma told you how powerful you are and you think it’s a bad thing?” “I guess?” “Don’t you like having powers?” Rin asked again. He could tell Haruka was thinking about his answer to that. “Well, I like that you have powers. And I’m sure your grandma did too. I think you do as well.” Haruka looked at him, and after some seconds, he started to smile and look away again. “Thank you, Rin. I do like having powers. I just don’t think I’m the most powerful out there. I wouldn’t want to be, either.” “Don’t be so humble, what’s wrong with being the best?” “Magic is not a competition.” “Well it will be when I learn it and can start challenging you,” Rin dared. Haruka laughed. He laughed. Actually, it was more of a chuckle, but either way it was a glorious sound. Rin smiled broadly.

    [ID: Break]

    They had talked more, about everything and nothing. Rin had told Haruka about his childhood. Stories of family and friends. He had talked more about his dad, his mom and his sister, and talked about some of his fears. His life. The moon, the stars and the milky way became more and more visible in the night sky. It had become quiet between them. They watched the small remaining fire, and listened to it crackle. “I have an idea…” Haruka said out of nowhere. “Give me your hands.” “What?” “Just do it,” he said impatiently. Rin quickly obeyed and held his hands out in front of him, towards Haruka. Haruka cupped them with his own, closing them in an oval shape. Rin looked at him questioningly. “What are you doing?” “Be quiet!” Haruka hushed and demanded strictly. He closed his eyes and concentrated, his eyebrows knitting together. It took a few seconds, but then Rin felt it, too. Haruka opened his hands, pulling Rin’s open as well. Inside Rin’s palms, a tiny, small flame was floating and swaying in movement. “Okay, good! Very good, Rin! Hold it there. Direct it towards the fire, try to get it to go from your palm into the fire. Very slowly.” Haruka instructed. “How?!” Rin asked, partly excited, partly panicking. “Just dive into the feeling of the flame, let it guide you and allow it to be controlled.” Haruka said. “You already have it, you’re the one that’s keeping it alive, not me, now you have to guide it too,” Rin looked up into Haruka’s eyes for a short moment. His eyes didn’t illuminate. It really was Rin right now. “How did you-?” “Rin, focus on the flame, if you don’t guide it into the fire, it’s going to die,” Haruka said. Rin nodded, and turned his attention back to the flame in his palm. He focused, harder than ever before. He noticed Haruka’s hands still reached out, as if he was prepared to catch Rin’s hands any time. Then he watched in surprise, trying hard to stay focused while he slowly let the flame float into the fire. As it became one with the rest, Rin stared in utter disbelief. Then he slowly turned to Haruka and immediately pulled him into a tight hug, catching him off guard. “Thank you so much, Haru,” Rin said quietly, voice shaky. Haruka didn’t know whether that was a new nickname or if his name got cut off by a sob. The hug was a bit awkward, as they still sat beside each other on the log and had put blankets over themselves earlier, which both nearly fell down in the motions, but Haruka relaxed and allowed Rin to hold onto him. It wasn’t uncomfortable. Haruka lifted up his arms and put them around Rin, carefully hugging him back. “I can’t believe I just held fire in my hands,” Rin mumbled, pulling back from Haruka. Haruka smiled. “You’ll get used to it,” Haruka said. “If that’s so, I hope it will still feel amazing.” “I hope so, too.” Haruka said. “Want to go back? It’s quite late.” “Sure.” Rin said, and with that, they got up and gathered the things they had brought out with them. With glowing eyes, Haruka put out the fire, and then they entered the tall grass. Rin quickly noticed small orbs of blinking lights flying everywhere around the tall grass. His mouth opened in awe. “Are you doing this?” Rin asked, feeling like he was in a dream. He looked at Haruka and noticed his eyes weren’t glowing. “No. Those are fireflies.” Haruka said. “Fireflies?” Rin tried to get a better look at the lights. “They’re insects. They create light through bioluminescence.” Haruka explained. “Bio-what?” Rin took his eyes away from the bugs to look at him. “I can give you a book on it someday.” Haruka smiled. He put down what he was holding and reached out his hand. A firefly quickly landed on it. Rin watched him, as well as the firefly. “There’s a lot of magic in the world that you don’t need powers to experience,” Haruka said. He looked so peaceful, so sincere. “I think nature is here to remind us of that.” Rin wasn’t prepared for that. He wasn’t prepared at all . For any of it. For the beautiful words, or how beautiful Haruka had looked while he spoke them. His face was slightly illuminated by the blinking lights from the fireflies flying around them. The firefly he carried on his finger casted lights that reflected in his eyes. Rin was still standing on solid ground, but he felt like he was falling, hard and fast.

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    Lost Chapter 53 A Promise


    He couldn’t sleep that night, thinking about what Ned said. She sleeps with his arms around her. Her left hand, bare, lays over their daughter. He wonders when she had taken it off, the wedding ring she must have worn. Was it after what she saw? Probably. Up until then, she had continued to work on her marriage. Loyal. Courageous. He rubs his hand over hers. It needs a ring. She needs assurance that he is going nowhere.


    Early the next morning, he tells Rupert and Angus that he will be out for a bit, to tell Claire, if she is to waken before he is back, that he won’t be long. He then goes and talks to Jenny before slipping out.


    He is pleased to find her still sleeping when he returns. He slips his purchase in the bedside drawer and returns to her side.


    “Jamie, didn’t you sleep?” She runs her fingers under his eyes and the dark marks.


    “Not much,” he is groggy, having got some sleep after he returned.


    “Are you worried?” He catches her hand and kisses each finger. He makes her breathless before he answers her.


    “No, I believe Ned will see you and Julia Jamie protected.” He takes a deep breath. If he had his way, he would be doing this in a more romantic way but.. she is safe here. A public place is to much of a risk.  “I didn’t sleep because I was planning something.”


    “Oh, and what is that Dr. Fraser?”


    “That Dr. Beauchamp is,” He reaches behind him without taking his eyes off her. Feeling around, he lifts up the box and holds it in his cupped hand, “the rest of our lives. I don’t want to assume, never, that I am blessed enough to have you and this precious child, in my life. I want you to know that I understand the gift you are giving me with your trust. That I love you with my whole being, my whole heart. That little Julia Jamie is mine as much as if I had started her in you.

    Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp, will you be my partner, my companion, my lover, my co-parent? Will you take my life and join it to yours, stepping into the future together. Will you take my family, my clan, my name, as your own? May I do my best to redeem the past, protect the present and, share the future, together?  Will you marry me?” He opens the ring box and holds it out.


    The diamond takes what breath she has left after his perfect proposal. The band is entwined with smaller stones. The image is blurred by her tears and she is to choked up to talk. She nods vigorously. With shaking hands he removes it and slips it on her finger.


    “It is perfect.” She hoarsely says.


    “The band represents you and me and you and her,” His hand lays on her bump. “for I know I am marrying you both.”


    “Jamie, I love you so!” She has tears dripping down her face as she pulls him to her and their lips meet. He tastes the salt as he moves over her. He parts her lips and their tongues tangle together. They fall back on the bed.

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  • emmaducklingsaviour
    03.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Mr and Mrs Clause Part 2

    Summary:  Emma and Killian find themselves in a Christmas crisis of sorts, in order to set things right the must finish Santa's work.

    Rated: K+ very corny some family fun.

    A03 FanFic

    Part 1

    “Come on, wake up” Killian said shaking Santa.

    Emma walked into the living room were Killian knelt over Santa trying to bring him back to consciousness. Her expression apologetic as Killian desperately tried to wake Santa. In Emma’s hand was a wet cloth which she handed to Killian to place on the man’s head.

    “I don’t think that will work, remember when I accidently hit Happy with my magic” Emma said apologetic.

    “Yeah, he was out for days” Killian replied.

    “We can’t wait that long” Emma stated.

    Killian looked up noticing Emma had gotten changed out of her pyjamas and into her clothes, with coat and boots ready to head out. He’s expression was alarmed, and his eyebrows raised realising what Emma was planning on doing.

    “No” Killian simply stated.

    “I have to, I’m the one who knocked him out” Emma said somewhat embarrassed.

    “Together” Killian announced.

    Standing up he grabbed Santa’s hat and coat making his way upstairs to change. Emma smiled and began to follow him. Killian was already dressed by the time Emma got up the final step, slipping on his boots as she stepped into the bedroom. Sitting at the edge of their bed in the red coat five sizes too big, still with his white shirt and black jeans over his boxers.

    “That’s look suits you” Emma said. “Little big though”

    “Ho ho ho” Killian replied standing up wrapping the coat around him “It’s warm”

    “So, were really doing this?” Emma said with a laugh.

    “Call us Mr and Mrs Clause” Killian replied.

    Getting up Killian walked towards Emma looking into her eyes as she smiled wildly, wrapping his arms around her. They began to kiss soft and sweet, for a moment enjoying the anticipation of the adventure they were about to embark on.

    “Better get going Santa” Emma said.


    Looking over the front of the sleigh lead by the nine reindeer, the challenge ahead was starting to feel a lot more dire. The only thing between the couple and the hard ground below was a small step and no seatbelts. The skies mostly clear made for a beautiful moonlight night. Still, they didn’t exactly have headlights per say, just the glow of one reindeer’s nose. Emma and Killian sat side by side both with nervous expressions.

    “How do we do this?” Emma said.

    “I captained many vessels there’s always a map” Killian said fumbling around trying to find something in the seat.

    “I hope so” Emma replied thoughtful.

    “What are you thinking?” Killian asked curious.

    “They might know the way” Emma replied gesturing to the reindeer.

    “How do we get them to move?” Killian replied.

    “I think, I know” Emma said before clearing her throat.

    “On Dasher and Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid, Donner and Blitzen” Emma yelled with as much command as she could muster.

    Emma words were met with silence while the reindeer remained unmoving as if nothing had happened. Emma turned towards Killian shrugging her shoulders not sure what else to try. The sleigh was beautiful fitted with leather seats and gold trim. However, there was no sign of instructions or a compass to be found.

    “I really thought that would work” Emma said disheartened.

    Then as the wind became still a clutter of hooves began to run across the roof tiles, at great haste. Mere seconds later Killian Emma, all nine reindeer and the sleigh were off the roof. Up into the night sky climbing hirer and steeper than expected. The sudden movement causing both Killian and Emma to fall back against the back of the seat. The reigns slipping from Killian grasp, and he leaped forward gripping with his fingertips just before they were out of reach. He pulled back and the sleigh slowed until it stopped hovering above the town centre. Emma and Killian turned to each other with a smile, happy to have made it this far. Then they looked down towards the street still and quiet, it was peaceful. A whole new way of looking at their home with just the two of them. Emma leant her head on Killians shoulder as they enjoyed the view pointing out landmarks and laughing together. Just as they were getting used to the peace and the view there was another sudden jolt of movement. They travelled back down to the ground in a spiral formation until reaching another roof on the other side of town.

    Emma and Killian sat still in the sleigh looking at each other knowingly trying not to laugh. Only now realising they’d have to somehow break into their neighbour’s house to get this job done. Given they both know work for the local Sheriff’s department. This was somewhat humorous and they both without saying a word to each other began to chuckle. As the pair sat there snickering, they were meet by a stern look from the reindeer towards the back. Turning its head and grunting at them to continue the task at hand.

    “Blitzen wants us to hustle” Killian said giving the reindeer a nod.

    “Yeah, I’ll grab the sack” Emma said.

    “Let’s hope the chimney been cleaned” Killian replied looking squeamish.

    Emma looked over her shoulder at the very slim opening of the chimney her feelings less then hopeful. With a shrug of her shoulders Emma picked up the sack somehow filled with gifts once more. Killian had the list and read off their next receiver’s name strutting over in his red coat and jeans. Emma gave Killian a flirtatious look as he came closer to her and then they both looked down the chimney bemused.

    Suddenly Killian eyes went wide as he looked over at Emma seeing the glow that was around the sleigh and reindeer now surrounding her. Suddenly getting brighter, and Killian looked down at his hands in awe as they began to tingle.

    “Here we go” Emma said.

    Soon it overcame them both and they could no longer see anything but a whirlwind of colours. Even in this completely lost state they were both calm and happy, knowing the other was by their side. After a long ten seconds they appeared in a large room behind them a crackling fire and large suede couch in front.

    “Oh, this is what I was saying we should get for our place” Emma said excited.

    “The couch” Killian said bemused.

    “Yeah, isn’t it nice” Emma said.

    “Well seen as we are playing Santa maybe we could gift ourselves one” Killian replied with a smirk.

    “I don’t think that’s how it works” Emma said with a smile.

    “I guess, we should check who is actually on the list” Killian said.

    “Right” Emma said.

    Killian smiled pulling the list from his pocket and unravelling it once more before letting out a sigh squinting at the page. Emma began to open the red sack containing the presents and looked over to Killian noticing his perplexed expression.

    “What is it” Emma said.

    “The boys name” Killian said chocked up.

    Emma came to Killians side quickly seeing the distress in his face. Taking his hand in hers and holding it tight Emma leaned over and looked and the scripted gold writing.

    “Liam” Emma said surprised.

    “Weird coincidence” Killian said.

    Now looking around the room in awe paying attention to more than just the nice couch but the details like empty mugs in the sink. Family photos covering almost every surface of the home mother father and two sons smiling in every one, it was beautiful. Killian had a tear in his eye thinking about the boy growing up in this house happily with his family. Honoured to help in bringing more joy into their lives.  

    “I know he’s not my Liam, but I feel like it is” Killian said.

    “Let’s give these kids a memorable Christmas then” Emma said with a smile.

    Killian nodded and took the red sack from Emma ever so careful when taking the present out and delicately placing them under the tree. Picturing another life for himself one not filled with loneliness and hate but warmth. Finding a quiet comfort in the fact he could help even in a minor way to sustain that happiness for this Liam, as he couldn’t for his own brother. They finished up quietly even though it wouldn’t have made a difference, there was no way anyone would wake up until they were done. Once the sack was empty and the name had disappeared from the list. Killian and Emma stood by the fireplace proud of what they accomplished.

    “Merry Christmas Liam” Killian said just before they both disappeared in an array of shimmering light.


    They continued this routine throughout Storybroke visiting homes some familiar others not so. Only finding difficulty in fitting all the gifts under the tree, some gifts like TVs much too big. Quickly they found a rhythm in the task at hand, making a game of it. Emma scouting for cookies and milk while Killian arranged the gifts. Beginning to find a real joy in the job not just something that needed to be done but working as a team and just embracing each other’s company. Flying from one rooftop to another was becoming less stomach turning and more joyous.

    Emma lightly held the reigns leaning over the side looking down at the clock tower below her with a smile. Suddenly the wind picked up sending the snowfall there way. Becoming so thick they both ducked behind the lip of the sleigh huddling together the view completely gone.

    “Wish this thing had a roof, right about now” Killian said.

    “We should be about done, can’t imagine there’s that many more houses to go” Emma replied hopeful.

    As Emma said those words there was a loud thud as they made their first somewhat crash landing. Both instinctively grabbing hold of each other tight huddled on the floor of the sleigh. Hearing the now familiar grumble of the reindeer, they knew this was another stop and hopefully there last. Still holding each other’s hands, they walked over to the chimney having no idea where they were stumbling across the roof tiles. Once again getting transported down to the fireplace below and to their surprise found themselves in the loft. The familiar smell of hot chocolate and cinnamon filled their nostrils and they smiled.

    “Let’s see how good little bro has been then” Emma said.

    Turning towards the red sack to find it quite hefty filled with something large. Killian raised his eyebrows with a smile dragging the sack across the floor over to the oversized tree. Emma couldn’t help but check in and see if her parents were ok and she found them sound asleep just like Henry. With a small sigh of relief, she walked back out the see her husband grunting as he tried to pull something out of the big red sack that seemed to be stuck. Quickly Emma ran over to help Killian and they both gripped on and pulled tight. Eventually falling back with a thud followed by the ring of a small bell, from a small red bicycle.

    “Looks like you’ll be giving some riding lessons tomorrow” Killian stated.

    “Nice” Emma said smiling.

    They put the rest of the gifts under the tree laughing as they did, and Emma decided to put the record player on. Knowing they couldn’t wake anyone if they tried did have its perks. They played some Christmas music deciding to treat themselves to a warm beverage, before heading back out into the snow.

    “Killian don’t peak” Emma teased

    Killians head now in the fridge looking gleefully at the prepared feast to come in the morning. Emma sat on the floor just under the tree making sure not to look at any of her gifts, as she carefully arranged the rest. Eventually Killian emerged his mouth full of food looking pleased with himself.

    “I’m just taste testing” Killian replied.

    “What have you got there?” Emma asked curious.

    “No, you must wait for morning Mrs Swan” Killian teased.

    Emma laughed as Killian walked over joining her on the floor and wrapping his arm around her. The hairs on his face still with crumbs from the cookie he had just taken from the fridge. Killian then handed one of the freshly frosted cookies to Emma.

    “I didn’t think it was this special” Emma stated with glee.

    “Really” Killian said kissing her neck.

    “Christmas, with my childhood it was never celebrated, I never realised what I was missing” Emma said getting teary eyed.

    “Me too, there is a quiet magic to it” Killian stated as they listened to the light-hearted singing of Frank Sinatra in the glow of the Christmas tree. Their hearts somewhat heavy realising they missed it all as kids there childhoods long past without experiencing this wonder.


    After enjoying their prolonged Christmas eve together Emma and Killian eventually resigned to returning to their duties. The weather outside still fretful as they made their way back across the roof to the safety of the sleigh. They stayed in place for a few minutes until Killian decided to take initiative. Walking over to the reindeer and seeing what the issues was. Notably the reigns had become tangled around Dixon’s leg.

    “What’s wrong?” Emma asked concerned.

    “Nothing that can’t be easily unravelled” Killian said untangling the reindeer’s leg and returning to the sleigh with a smile.

    As soon as Killian sat back down the sleigh took off once more into the night sky. No way of knowing where they were headed, they both hoped it was home. However, a few minutes went by traveling at high speed then another few and the skies became clearer. It was obvious they were not heading home but more surprisingly out of Storybroke. In fact, they may not have been in the same country anymore.

    “Are you worried?” Emma said.

    “No never when were together” Killian replied.

    “Same” Emma replied.

    “Besides Dixon wouldn’t lead us astray” Killian added.

    The reindeer didn’t look back but made a grunting noise similar to a giggle. This didn’t make Emma or Killian feel any less secure in their current position. Emma leaned over resting her head on Killians shoulder as they looked up at the night sky. Eventually all they could see was cascading beams of light, colours of green and blue. It was impossible to tell how fast there were moving as the world flew by. Then without warning they slowed to a halt still up in the clouds.

    “We stopped moving but were nowhere near a rooftop” Emma said frustrated.

    “Maybe were here” Killian said in awe.

    A breeze rolled through and slowly the clouds began to clear revealing a beautiful lit city. The yellow lights like a reflection of the night sky at its centre the Eiffel tower. Lite up from top to bottom with Christmas lights. It was an awe gushing sight to see especially from their unique viewpoint up in the sleigh.

    “Drink” Killian said handing Emma a bottle of scotch.

    “Where did you get that?” Emma replied not entirely surprised.

    “When we stopped by Regina’s” Killian replied with a smirk.

    “Pirate” Emma said proudly.

    “Well what else we going to do up here, plus she owes me from last time” Killian replied elusively.

    “Hey there, is something in the sack” Emma said curious.

    “What, but there no one left on the list” Killian said concerned.

    Emma stretched herself over to the back of the sleigh her head ducked into the big red sack. Grunting as she tried to reach the last two gifts right at the bottom of the bag. Eventually she made another more excited sound and started to shuffle back out of the present bag.

    “Killian” Emma said.

    Lifting her head up once more and facing her husband Emma handed him a red box wrapped in ribbon with a small tag hanging of it Killians name in scripted on it. Killian smiled wide taking the gift from Emma who leaned back into her seat a gift of her own in her grasp.

    “Together” Emma said.

    They both ripped open the presents with intensity unable to contain their excitement for another surprise.

    “Huh” Killian said.

    Gushing in awe as he held a obviously handcrafted small wooden ship in his hands. It was painted blue and white with the most minute details included. This sight made Killian gasp as memories came flooding back to the forefront of his mind. In his now the boy you could see the spirit of the seven year old boy who just wanted a toy boat for Christmas.

    “Nice” Emma said.

    “It’s exactly the same” Killian said gawking at the little boat in his hands.

    “Same as what” Emma replied intrigued.

    “When I was a boy all I wanted was this, but we couldn’t afford it” Killian explained.

    “What did you get?” Killian asked Emma.

    “Furby” Emma stated smiling.

    “A what?” Killian said confused starring at the blue fluffy weird, shaped creature.  

    “Hey, these things have good resale value” Emma explained.

    Killian wrapped his arm around Emma as they both admired their gifts and enjoyed the view.

    “I guess this nostalgic toy is just something I wanted when I was a kid, but what I really wanted was this” Emma explained.

    “A trip to Paris” Killian said mockingly one eyebrow raised.

    Emma didn’t say anything looking into Killians eyes like he was her whole world, and the glimmering lights of Paris might as well be a faded childhood memory. Killian leaned in closer to his wife and they both placed their childhood fantasies on the seat of the sleigh and kissed. The reindeer almost on cue slowed there pace circling around the city of love as the happy couple embraced each other.

    “Much better than a Furby” Emma said after their lips parted.

    “Ready to go home” Emma said.

    “I got it this time” Killian said with a smile before taking in a deep breath “On Dasher and Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid, Donner and Blitzen”

    Without pause the reindeer followed their instructions taking of a high speed into the night the sleigh seemingly vanishing from the skies of Paris.


    The sleigh was moving at high speed not that the two passengers minded in fact both Killian and Emma were egging the reindeer on to go even faster. Enjoying the adrenaline of the journey and finding companionship with the reindeer. They were back in Storybroke in half the time it took them to get to Paris. The travel obviously assisted with magic to make the journey go much faster than any plane. Even at this speed the sleigh was able to slow easily as they flew past the clock tower near missing a direct collision. Landing back on the roof their home with the softness of a feather fluttering down from the sky.

    “Were home” Emma said excitedly.

    “No, let’s go again” Killian replied.

    “I think Dixons had enough” Emma stated gesturing towards the reindeer.

    “Yeah, I can hear him panting from her” Killian realised.

    Killian jumped up from the sleigh quickly jogging across the tile to the heaving reindeer. Fumbling around in his pockets trying to find something.

    “Here, saved you a carrot” Killian said.

    Killian then handed it to the reindeer who quickly gobbled it up with appreciation. Then started nuzzling his head against Killian side, who responded with a pat on the head.

    “Do you think we can keep one” Killian said smiling.

    “Huh hmm” Santa said Standing by the Chimney. “I’ll be needing those to get home”

    “Santa” Emma exclaimed jumping out of the sleigh coming over to him.

    “I’m sorry, I slipped and” Emma explained gesturing what happened with her hands.

    “It’s fine deer” Santa said wrapping his arms around Emma before letting go “I would like my coat back though”

    Killian suddenly remembered he had taken the man’s coat and walked over to him taking it off as he stepped forwards. Looking over at Santa’s expression it didn’t seem to be confused or even annoyed in fact he looked pleased, and Killian frowned.

    “Wait why weren’t we asleep?” Killian asked suspicious.

    “What on earth do you mean” Santa said bemused.

    “How was Emma able to stumble out of bed and find you in the first place” Killian inquired.

    “My gift to you” Santa replied with a wink.

    “What” Killian replied aguish that this was a gift after all the stress they went through.

    “Aren’t you two always wishing for some time alone, a quick getaway” Santa said with a shrug.

    Killian smiled shaking his head looking back now working together reinforced how good of a team they are. Globetrotting around the world visiting the most romantic city known to this world at least.

    “Thanks” Emma said.

    “Merry Christmas” Santa Clause said just before him, and the sleigh faded away in the Snow as if it was never there.  


    After checking to see the still broken lamp and more importantly Henry safety sound asleep in his bed, the pair decided it be best to put this night to rest. More excited than ever for the morning to come. Both decided to keep this little adventure to themselves. Not as a lie to tell, but just something special. A part of them only shared with their other half that nobody else got a piece of.

    Emma felt warm and cosy once more back in her pyjamas under the covers of her bed. There was however something missing the other side was still empty. Just before Emma got up to check where her husband had gone, she heard a thud followed by and grunt. Killian was walking around in the dark out in the hall which had resulted in him stubbing his toe. The noise stopped and Emma still couldn’t see where Killian was, expecting him to walk into the room any second.

    “Killian what are you doing?” Emma said slightly giggling.

    “I have just one question for you Swan” Killian responded.

    “What” Emma said somewhat alarmed.

    “Have you been good?” Killian said.

    “Oh, I’ve been ok, why do you ask” Emma responded confused.

    “Didn’t you hear, Santa clause is coming to town” Killian replied with gravitas.

    Killian then stepped into the light of the room, and now could Emma see he was only wearing a Santa hat and nothing else. Emma sat up looking over to Killian in awe wondering how she found herself married to such a fine man.

    “Oh, in that case, I have been very naughty” Emma replied.

    “You better watch out” Killian replied.

    Killian quickly walked over and that was when the talking stopped their lips met. Killian hands caressed Emma’s shoulders, stroking along her torso stopping at her hips. Within seconds Emma managed to wrangle herself out of her pyjamas once more and they both slid under the blanket.

    “Better be good, for goodness’s sake Swan” Killian said from under the covers his voice muffled.

    #captain swan #captain swan fanfic #cs fanfic#emma swan#killian jones #the santa clause #dipping my toes in some smut
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  • datewithgianni
    03.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Life should be fairer to girls: each one should live a story with her fictional crush and be very happy. Then document that memory in a typewritten letter with a heart locket, photo or some object of the loved one.

    #personallifestuff #situations that I need to experience in my life #girls just wanna have fun #he is my crush not yours #fanfic #I’m sorry for being busy in my head. #daydreaming again #man of my dreams #life sucks
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  • ytgu
    03.12.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #oh cool I get to make one of these posts!! #i made a thing! #cult of sweet pea #fanfic #much thanks to my genius mutual who inspired this fic and counseled me through it #my posts
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  • ellitx
    03.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    okay so i know some of you have noticed i suddenly became inactive and haven’t answered any asks for the past few days so for yall not to worry im gonna share what im working on

    𝗢𝗻𝗲𝘀𝗵𝗼𝘁𝘀 𝗗𝗿𝗮𝗳𝘁𝘀 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗴𝗿𝗲𝘀𝘀

    ↳ 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫'𝐬 𝐎𝐚𝐭𝐡 [ Venti x Reader | Angst ]

    im not gonna say much about this cuz it’s gonna ruin it lol but just remember im back in hurting my boy again ;)

    ↳ 𝐏𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐡 [ Venti x Reader | Fluff and Crack/NSFW ]

    These will have the same story and plot but will be uploaded separately so one will be SFW while the other is NSFW 

    Currently WIP (already in 600 words so far)

    ↳ Himmel x Reader | NSFW

    semi-public sex

    himmel being vanilla and flustered

    just him can’t handle being teased lmaoo

    already done just need some revisions and grammar checking 

    ↳ 𝐑𝐢𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐖𝐢𝐧𝐝 [ Venti x Reader | NSFW ]

    reader being curious about venti’s archon form

    im gonna say this is pretty... wild

    currently on rough planning phase

    ↳ 𝐈𝐥𝐥𝐮𝐬𝐨𝐫𝐲 𝐒𝐞𝐧𝐬𝐞: 𝐀𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐪𝐮𝐢𝐭𝐲 [ Nameless Bard x Reader ]

    Prequel of Illusory Sense

    Angst/Drama/Romance Genre

    Focuses on relationship of reader and nb

    The whole plot is already planned~

    It’s either a long oneshot or a multi-chaptered fic (estimated to be around 3-5 chapters but stc)

    Will publish once Illusory Sense is finished (wtf mhy ive been waiting for ludi harpastum for a year already >:( )

    now that’s done, i won’t be answering asks for the meantime because of upcoming exams and now that i finally know what next fic im going to publish soon >.< really sorry about that. but dw! i’ll still answer some occasionally on my free time to quench everyone’s brainrot and thirst for the bard twins/genshin characters <3 

    #ellisupdates #ngl im really excited to work on antiquity!! #it's gonna be full of angst and tooth rotting fluff #my bb nameless bard is finally getting his own fanfic <333 #genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #venti x reader #himmel x reader #nameless bard x reader #venti brainrot
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  • invisibleraven
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    The Ghosts of Christmas Eve

    For the @jatp-adventevent Day Three: Christmas Spirits Club <-AO3 link

    Pairing: Willex (Alex/Willie)
    Willex as Christmas elves, discussion of Rose being ill.

    Willie smiled as he rushed around the North Pole. He loved getting the chance to be one of Santa’s helpers, making toys and granting wishes. The joy of helping others, of seeing their happy smiles made Willie’s day. Well that, and the time he got to spend with Alex, a fellow elf who worked answering letters from the children. Alex delighted in updating Willie about his favourite children each year, what they wanted. Yes, that was part of his job, but not every letter elf did this task over hot cocoa.

    Today, however, Alex was sad, as one child he had been particularly fond of was having a crisis of faith. “I don’t think she believes anymore. She hasn’t written, and when I check in, she always seems sad. I just want her to be happy, to keep that magic alive for her just a bit longer.”

    Willie looked at Alex, concern painting his features. He rubbed over Alex’s back gently, then pulled out a candy cane, knowing the minty treat always cheered Alex up. He murmured his thanks, but merely fiddled with the sweet instead of enjoying, showing how distressed he truly was. Of course, children would always stop believing, it was the way of things, but it still upset Willie to see Alex so affected by this one. So he resolved to do what he could to restore this young girl’s faith.

    Julie, as it turned out, had lost her belief as her mother had gotten sicker and sicker. She had asked the mall Santa to make her mother better, and his placating answer and her mother’s worsening health made her doubt. Willie could do little to make Rose better, Santa could only work so many miracles, and that was one that he was incapable of performing. Willie could however, grant her a small reprieve, see her through the season.

    He went to Santa, pleading his case, leaving Alex out of it, making it his own request, but of course, the jolly man saw right through him. He chuckled at Willie’s blush, and thought for a moment. “I’ll see what I can do.” He then laid a finger alongside his nose and winked, so Willie let out a sigh of relief.

    Come Christmas, Alex invited Willie to watch various children opening their gifts, it was always a pleasure to see their joy and excitement. “Have you checked on Julie? I know she didn’t write a letter but I still sent her a little something,” Willie said, nudging Alex’s side.

    Alex’s smile dropped a little, but he shook the magic snow globe they were using, and then his face brightened as he took in a happy Julie. Rose was still weak and pale, but she was still there, celebrating with her family. “That’s more than a little something Willie.”

    “It was all Santa,” Willie said with a flush, but his grin was a pleased one.

    “I think he only did it because you asked him to,” Alex whispered. “Thank you Willie.”

    Willie bit his lip and nodded. “You know I’d do anything for you Alex.” Alex pulled him in for a hug, surrounding Willie in the scent of chocolate and peppermint, beaming smiles and bright blushes on their faces as they pulled away. They kept their arms around each other as they kept watching Julie celebrate, paying no heed to the singing doll that Willie had sent as a gift.

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    I’m having a small anxiety attack because I somehow closed all my “private “ tabs on my phone as I fell asleep. The only reason I was using private in the first place was because I ran out of tabs in regular and only just discovered the iOS’s new group tabs….too late now.

    It’s such a stupid reason to freak out, but I’ve just lost months of stories I was going to read and topics I was researching and it’s all my fault for not saving them.

    #fangirl problems #fanfiction.net #ao3#fail#fml#anxiety #i’m so done #i’m gonna cry #i’m screaming#stupid rambles #probably over reacting #my mind is all over the place #this is so dumb #why #why am i even posting this #I didn’t save #to read#fanfic #i’m over sensitive #why did i do this #asleep me did it
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  • once-and-future-fandom
    03.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Lately, I've been looking into "Writing Prompts" and a selective few caught my attention.

    Here's one, which I intended to use for a potential MerlinxMordred fanfiction, as a Slow-burn Romance/Drama/Horror genre:

    Two best friends make a pact. When they get to junior/senior high, they grow apart, but the pact still haunts them. Will they fulfill the pact they made as children?

    Basically, Merlin and Mordred are close friends, next door neighbours and also schoolmates; complimenting each others' quirks. Merlin- the quiet, timid, socially awkward with a dark humour and Mordred, the braver and bolder one of the two.

    While he may appear to be normal in general, Mordred carries a secret which he shares with only Merlin alone. Mordred has a sixth sense; and this gift-to be able to feel and sense things, presence, vivid picture of events and people--to basically look into their soul and re-enacted what they've done when he initiates physical contact with them or with their possessions/things they've touched/used.

    Mordred could also use telepathy-which he occasionally exchanges with Merlin, sensing him.

    However, their friendship took a blow upon entering senior high. At a time where Merlin found Freya and Mordred feels like he's thirdwheeling, now that Merlin's priorities are more inclined towards his significant other.

    Mordred constantly struggles internally, an inner conflict within himself with an insatiating desire and longing building towards his raven-haired friend. And so, Mordred takes a step back and removed himself from the equation, not wanting to hurt Merlin in any way. But in doing so, wounding them both in the process.

    That is until one day, something uneventful happened, and it forces them to remember the pact they both made while they were children during summer camp. At a castaway island, where they witnessed unforetold horrors behind closed doors.

    "Until death do us part. And if either one of us crack under the pressure and tell, then we'll both bury this living nightmare and end it all. Together."

    What's becoming of their friendship? Will they be able to lay their secrets to rest and end the nightmares coming back to haunt them? And ultimately, will Mordred finally lay his heart bare for Merlin, despite risking rejection by the only one person he considers his one true friend and loves most?


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  • hocuspocusbabyy
    03.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    The battle between my depression, my daddy issues and my ADHD for who drives me to write fan-fiction is a daily occurrence 🤡

    #ao3 fanfic#fanfiction#daddy issues#adhd #my dad made me cry before 8 am today 🥰 #is it a hyperfixation or do I actually like it? #is my red flag waving? 🚩 #its the neurodivergency
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  • chiribomb
    03.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I think part of dealing with trauma from people who were supposed to be your caregivers is accepting that things will never be the way you hoped they would one day be

    #i just #that came into my head immediately after listening to that song #i had to get it out of my head before i forgot #and i'm also thinking about that fanfic's statement about how when you have early trauma #a lot of later trauma follows or gets made to follow similar thematic moulds #and i'm kind of like #fuck you're right #there is like one basic basic template at the core of all my issues #abandonment issues? in MY psyche? fuck you #fucking hell i don't know how i didn't see common elements with literally all of the traumatise bastards i identify with #i'm not touchy-feely #i'm the polar opposite of clingy #i get jumpy if you try to be too clingy #suuuuper jumpy #and i trust maybe two people #because all the people i have trusted or wanted to trust let me down #and a lot of times #it was for things about me that i did not choose or understand or know and it was never explained to me #& i spent so long trying to understand what i did wrong #bc then i could fix it & all of this would stop #I always wanted to think that one day i would wake up at it would just be different #i didn't want to accept that it was a problem with them and not with me and i couldn't control it and it wasn't fair and they won't change #i still don't understand and it still makes me so fucking angry #why the fuck would you do that #how is that fair #how is that loving #how does that make sense #fuck you #why the fuck do i care and why can't i just not #ARGGGHH
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  • lj-pynn
    03.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    More art and commission info on Twitter: @LjPynn My Pantoran Inquisitor OC. Since we have never seen a "black" Pantoran onscreen, I tried to make the hair and skin approximate what that may look like. The Light blue posed one was drawn up before I decided on darkening the skin a little more appropriately for who she is. "Betrayed and left for dead by the Inquisitorius, Tessanna meets a young Jedi Survivor who catches her heart. She continues to wield her Inquisitor Lightsaber and uses it now to protect what she loves rather than attack what she hates. The crystal inside slowly heals to a white form, but the pink hue is a reminder to her of her troubled past as a Servant of the Empire and the Sith." Blue is obviously Pantoran and the other is a human alt that I always like to do when I draw her.

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