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  • Any little acts of kindness and compassion make me go absolutely psycho-bonkers. Crazy-stupid. All gahgah. I just. I’m really starving.

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  • Honestly not feeling very included right now.

    #Vent#My feelings #God fml I feel so pathetic
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  • can we talk about how shouto’s care/worry for bakugou is so,,,,, raw and open and unfiltered (like at forest camp arc or in that desperate expression on the manga ch 286), while katsuki’s for shouto is just grumpy and a lot subtler (like those glances to check up on him) but still so meaningful,,, im,,,, i cannot. cannot. these two make me so emotional

    #todobaku#bakutodo#tdbk #they make me emotional man #i just. my heart #MY FEELINGS
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  • Amino coins, let’s face it, are lame. They can buy you some nice stickers, granted most of them are expensive. You can buy a pretty cool looking frame for your profile picture, but those are really fukin expensive and for some reason only stay on your profile for like,, a limited time?? So for all those coins, you don’t even get to keep it. I’m not even gonna start on Amino premium/vip/whatever they call it because honestly blaah

    But. One thing that is nice about it, is that if you’re in any artist aminos, people do commissions for those coins. So you can purchase art from them. Sure, those coins are still pretty worthless, but since there’s a market of art for them, why not? That’s the only plus side about them, for me personally.

    #Amino#My thoughts#Amino criticism#My feelings #Ehh Idk didn't feel like writing this out on Amino but felt like mentioning it lol
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  • I’m convinced

    in a past life i had you

    or in other words
there was an us,

    I’m sure that there were endless picnics

    intimacies shared under the stars

    I’m more than positive, we spent eternities

    in different forms together

    i believe in one life

    i must have broken your heart

    betrayed the ever long trust

    so that in every life beyond,

    you’d resent me.

    in this life

    you don’t want me

    i long for the feeling of your softness

    up against my glacial, brittle touch

    i know we were lovers in our past lives

    because the love in my heart for you

    would be unexplainable

    when you haven’t given me

    a single reason, in this life,

    to love you in return

    #words#quotes#by me#my feelings#thoughts#poem#poetry#past lives#past life #I love him so much #he’s my fwb #it’s like he doesn’t even see me #I just want him hahahaha #fml#thjs sucks #I hate feeling this way #I hate love #I love him tho #genuinely #for three years #insanity
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  • me: It’s fine, I’m not taking it personally!

    also me: *Is absolutely taking it a little personally*

    #this is about my coworkers repeatedly expressing interest in hanging out #and then never following through #like it PROBABLY has nothing to do with me #but it COULD #my life#my feelings#by elise
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  • I am no longer weighed down by caring or expectations. I’m finally free to be happy and be me. I no longer care what others think and no longer care what they expect from me. I am soooooo happy that I am finally free.

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  • There is a small part in me that hopes everyone leaves me.


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    #im lonely#fuck 2020 #hell hath no fury #like a woman #scorned #i love drugs #i want to be skiny #numb#stay high#I'm wasted #i love it #i am dead inside #r.i.p #my feelings #jump out the window #how to succeed #steps to success
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  • I need more wlw friends!! Preferably woc, ideally irl.

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  • Okay so I love my therapist but yesterday I sat on my couch for an hour logged into the video call site, before finally accepting she wasn’t gonna make it, and then she finally texted me like an hour after that, saying that she had been driving through back roads or something and her phone lost signal. (Not implausible, she kinda lives in the middle of nowhere, as I understand it.)

    And so then we rescheduled for today, but my mom’s having some kind of surprise bout of vertigo due the to the flu vaccine she got a few days ago?? And she and my brother asked me to come over early, and I meant to, meant to get over there an hour ago and then do the call in my car or something, but I ended up having a really hard time motivating myself to shower. So by the time I was dressed, I called my brother, like, “sorry, I’m running late, is it okay if I do my call from here and then head over? Or should I just reschedule.” and he was like, “no you can do your thing, that’s fine.”

    But now it’s 20 minutes past, and I’ve already always hated waiting for stuff like this, but especially after being stood up yesterday, and with my mom apparently needing my help, I’m, like, really not having a good time, and concerned my counselor is going to either be very late, or not show up at all.

    And she’s never done anything like this before, so I’m not really, like, mad at her personally, but I am pretty anxious and frustrated by the whole situation.

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  • Why am I like this?

    Why can’t I be different?

    #maybe i want to die #why not me #my feelings
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  • The lyric “ I apologize my emotions are higher Hard to explain when you feel your world’s on fire” from the song Breakaway by one of my favorite artists Lennon Stella accurately describes my emotions.  I will try to describe what I’ve been feeling as best as I can though regardless of the fact that no words will convey the depth of these emotions.  

    • If you weren’t aware either from the tribute I posted on here or from private messages I sent you directly, my grandma passed away about 4 weeks ago.  I’m still hurting very much emotionally from that grief.  I was very close to her and the relationship I shared with her was special.  I miss her so much.  It’s so hard to imagine my life going forward without her being around to experience it with me.  I feel like a huge important part of myself is missing.
    • When this pandemic is all over, I’m not sure I’ll have anything in my life to go back to.  My life pre-pandemic pretty much revolved around dance and lunch outings with my grandma.  I don’t have the same passion for dance that I once did anymore.  I can’t even say that I’ve missed it that much during this whole pandemic.  When things go back to “normal,” I definitely plan on traveling to the dance events but I don’t intend on going to as many of the local dances or even take as many private lessons with my regular dance instructor.  My grandma is no longer alive so that part of my life is over forever.  Please don’t advise me to make changes to myself or my personality just because I’ll need something more.  I can try as hard as I like but all that will result is that I’ll have a miserable time doing so and nothing real will develop from it.  The only thing I’m honestly looking forward to is finally being able to travel on my dream vacation to Australia. 
    • I feel so alone, more so than ever before in recent years.  I don’t feel like I’m important or a priority to anyone.  I don’t have any “true” friends.  I have my tumblr friends (who I’m really close to), my dance friends (but we have never hung out outside of the dance event itself) and my family.  My tumblr friends are the only ones who have showed that they care about me btw.  If it weren’t for outdoor dining during this pandemic, I would be even more miserable than I am currently.  I’m also terrified that I’ll remain alone for the rest of my life.  That’s not acceptable to me.  I’m not a loner. 

    Link to the song mentioned in my opening paragraph here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L17e4-VXV7g

    I’ve been meaning to write a post forever ago on the topic of what I’ve been feeling.  Please don’t judge me for the words I’ve written on this topic.  I just needed to vent.  I know what I’m saying can come across as depression but that’s not what is going on here.  I don’t want to hear anything along the lines of seeing a therapist.  Words of comfort will be accepted but I do not want any criticism on my feelings or how I will choose to handle things.

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  • As a kid, I always thought that whenever I finally got a car, I would be excited to put decals or stickers or whatever on it, to customize it to be as cute and fun as possible. But now that I am an adult with a car, my preference is not to do anything that would make me more identifiable, or, like, a target for cops.

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  • I just realized that anti-Jack Dean fans remind me a lot of anti-Alice Emma fans…

    I don’t know what to do with this information.

    #weirdness from kms #idk#my feelings #not even tagging anything properly #if you know then you know
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  • image

    My friend is so very caring to me🤗

    I just love her so much 🥰🥰

    #random post#my feelings #even tho it is true 👉👈 #does not need to be said tho xd #that hurt#messaging#text
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  • „Czasami myślimy, że ktoś zostanie z nami na zawsze… ale potem napotyka się przeszkodę, a druga osoba odchodzi… nie szuka rozwiązania, zostawia nas samych.”


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  • What was even the point of trying so hard?

    You couldn’t just give me the truth.

    You want to know why you perceived me as weak? Unable to handle even the slightest of trials?

    It’s because instead of being honest, and giving me the cold, hard, and heavy truth-

    You chose to tell me what I wanted to hear, to try easing the blow for me. I told you before…

    Things like that drive me absolutely insane, it’s the only reason I went as far as I did.. She basically called me crazy. You should have let me down easy, and given me the cold and brutal truth… It would’ve been so much kinder than what you chose. Things could have been so different.

    Hope is a beautiful and yet simultaneously dangerous doubled sided blade. It can make the weakest of men a king, or the strongest of them a coward if manipulated properly. You’ve shown me the light of that.

    Why couldn’t it have been me?..

    Because put plain and simply, you weren’t him. No matter how much or how badly you might’ve wanted to take his place, or to take care of and protect her. How much you might’ve cared or even still care. You said things you can’t take back, even if they were true and how you really felt. Even if you’re upset that she might hate you now, at least you were honest about what she decided to put you through and make you feel.

    I hate it, this whole situation…

    Good, then you know it’s time to suck it up and move forward. To prove not only to all of them but to your own soul that you’re so much stronger and capable than you let on… Remember the mantra.

    Remember… Harden your heart, temper your mind, sharpen your thoughts, and keep pushing forward no matter what adversity comes your way.

    Shoulder it all, each and every burden, no matter who or what may be to blame.

    Let it all go in a single breath, releasing it from your chest, forget the past, look ahead to where you’re going, instead of where you’ve been.

    If you fall down seven times, then stand up eight.

    #spilled thoughts#heartache#moving on #early morning thoughts #don't matter#my feelings #i did it to myself #mood #it's about time #it's what he deserves #it's okay to not be okay #i hate this #i'm tired#self improvement #i'm over it #i'm done#im feeling#im fuming #im mad about it #ill be fine #ill be better #ill be gone in the dark #i love you #but you still love him #i have too many feelings #i have things to do #i have to move on #i have to make it #fuck love
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  • Im done,

    I already fought hard.

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