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    Hiraeth Chapter 60: Adrenaline

    Masterlist can be found Here!

    Chapter Sixty: Adrenaline

    Note: Wow. I never thought I was going to make it to chapter 60 of anything in my entire life. I just... Thanks for sticking around this long. It means a lot. Really. Omg.


    An ear-piercing screech could be heard for blocks, more than likely attracting the horrified attention of anyone unfortunate enough to hear it. None of them had to bear witness to the creature that had produced the sound, however, something that they should be very fortunate indeed to have never experienced. For the face looked like an unfortunate combination of a decaying skull and an awful feathered serpent, Scolopendra was far from a sight for sore eyes, and the sound it made was somehow equally bad if not worse in its own unique way.

    Scolopendra clambered back to a semi-upright position, mortally wounded, but not quite enough to force it back into its dormant state at its master's side. For a moment, the young summoner wondered if the robes that their opponent wore were simply there to cover the markings that a familiar like this would probably need in order to anchor themselves in this reality. This demon was large. It had to have some, right? After all, he'd never actually seen what laid under them, but he could only assume they were markings similar to that of the ones he himself possessed. Perhaps not the same pattern, but the same premise.

    He watched the colossal serpent for a moment, considering his options against a foe that could move so swiftly. It was hard to vocalize what he eventually came up with, but his timing couldn't have been better. A mere moments before he was ready to enact his plan, the demon surged forward, slower this time than previously, but still dangerous. With nowhere to go, V stepped sideways, retaliating in what he assumed to be the best way possible given the circumstances.

    Griffon center barrage of lightning down upon the head of their unlucky foe, Shadow following this up with a secondary harpoon attack that V then used to transfer himself to the side of the parking lot, running down it once the serpent's head turned to the spot he had once been in. Seemingly perplexed by his absence, it was taken off guard when Griffin retreated to his side and dived down towards the demon's head, pestering it with the barrage of electric fire wing flaps and his razor-sharp talons.

    "Yeah! You don't like that, huh? Well maybe think about it next time before you bother the string bean. You bother him, you get the talons!" Griffon dive bombed towards the serpentine demon's side, dodging what would have otherwise been an attack that would have seen him lodged in the belly of the beast. From what he could tell, it seemed like this demon's primary method of attack was to simply attempt to swallow whatever it was doing battle against. Considering its size, the tactic made sense, but it was no less repulsive or irritating. "I don't know what hole in the underworld you slithered out of, but you're going back there real soon, and this time your gonna stay there!"

    Lowering itself to the ground, it peered around the small trees that dotted this section of the parking lot, the wrecked cars and other obstacles obscuring V's presence. It seemed to pay the avian demon no mind as it continued its search. The youngest of Vergil's sons was not unintelligent enough to think that stepping out into the open and fighting an opponent like this head-on was an even remotely good idea, however. Instead, he'd come with a clever plan to be rid of his opponent once and for all. It was possible that he might be the only person there who truly understood how to defeat a demon like this. But first, he needed to weaken it. Perhaps if this technique had worked the first time around, then it would work a second time?

    As he quietly considered his options, he peered around the remainder of the car that he had been taking refuge behind, only to see that Scolopendra seemed to still be searching for him. Good. It seems that he had picked a wise hiding spot, then. It had been picked mostly due to the vantage point it provided and the immediate need to hide, but he wasn't going to turn his nose up at a hiding spot that his opponent couldn't easily find. It seemed that size was working against it.

    Under his breath, he quietly recalled his feline companion, resting his hand on her back as a show of support. This next part was crucial. He gestured to the back of the demonic serpent's neck, noting that going for such an obvious weak point was risky, and that it would require careful maneuvering if they were to actually take advantage of this opportunity. It would see the attack coming. But that was what he was here for.

    "Griffon, now."

    Without warning, the serpent was set upon by Griffon, something that seemed to genuinely enrage it. Shadow charged at the demon, running around the front of it and using her spiked attack to tear up the ground as she went, forcing the serpent to move to evade her pursuit. It did so, coiling around a street post and bending it as it moved to Dodge her attack, allowing an opening for the avian demon to swoop back down and go for its eyes. And as soon as he made contact, the panther then leaped forward from behind its opponent and fastened its claws into the demon's back before sinking her fangs into its flesh. They both had an equal hold on it now, and they weren't going anywhere.

    Reeling backward in pain, Scolopendra let out a sound somewhere between a scream and a growl, attempting to coil around itself and locate its target. Now robbed of its eyesight, the demon was much less effective and its attempts to actually do battle against him. And as the familiar shade of purplish-gray that engulfed all of his ready-to-finish targets came about, V took the opportunity to finish off his opponent once and for all.

    Using the momentary opening he had been provided, he rushed forward and stabbed his cane into the demon's chest, using his momentum to slide down it and sheer it open from the neck down. The demon let out a gurgling screech before toppling over, exposing exactly what he was hoping it would. A pulsating orb. Although different in appearance from his own familiars’ housing cores, he could tell by looking at it that it served the same function. This was no nightmare demon, but it seemed that the summoning method was somewhat akin to that of his own. And that meant that he knew how to destroy this thing. 

    It was now or never.

    He concentrated what demonic power he was able to pull from himself into his strike before calling Shadow to his side in order to use her momentum along with his own to strike with more force. Griffon flung him towards the panther who was already in mid-run, allowing additional speed as he landed and slid towards the demon and embedded his cane into its core, shattering it almost instantaneously. 

    Propelled by the force of his strike and the shock wave that echoed through the parking lot as the crystal core exploded in a wave of demonic power, V was cartwheeled across several car hoods before crashing through the front windshield of one of the nearby semi-crushed vans, flung by the force of the explosion like a limp toy. Thank goodness for this demonic blood that coursed through his veins.

    Landing on his back, he took several moments to register the fact that he was looking at the ceiling of the inside of a vehicle that he'd never been in before. But that mattered very little to him. What did matter was the fact that he could sense that what he had done had been successful. Although he might be sore and covered in glass, he no longer had to worry about doing battle against his opponent’s arguably most powerful familiar. It was now most definitely deceased. The other demon that their attacker possessed might be faster, but now that Scolopendra was out of the picture, he felt they were on much more equal footing.

    Now to return to Sirrus before it was too late.

    V allowed Griffon to help him sit up when he approached, slowly dragging himself to his feet as he recovered his cane in his balance along with it. He was indeed quite scraped up, but nothing that he wouldn't likely recover from overnight. That wasn't to say that exhaustion wasn't settling in, however. It occurred to him just then that that had been the first demon that he had finished off since his return, and he was strangely drained by that. Perhaps an effect of Belial's influence? Or perhaps the result of having used his power for the first time in a long time to overwhelm a phone? More than likely a mixture of both if he was being honest. Perhaps because it was a summon? After all, this was the first time that he’d actually met another summoner. But regardless, he could focus on that as he made his way back up to the top of the building.

    But as he brushed himself off and knotted in thankful response to his two companions, his attention was inevitably drawn to the roof. Something had just shifted in the air around him, and he had no trouble identifying the source. A chill ran down his spine as he felt a strange tingle overtake him. Something was suddenly very wrong, and he wasn't sure how he was so sure of that, but he was. And if the amount of power he felt up there was actually coming from one source, then it was best he returned to Sirrus as quickly as possible. He had to be in terrible danger because the sort of power he felt in that moment was unlike anything he'd ever felt before. It wasn't the quantity, it was the sheer otherworldliness of the energy itself. It was physically heavy and suffocating to a degree that he was unfamiliar with, and he couldn't say that it was actually entirely demonic in nature. But one thing was for sure: If Sirrus was up there, then he needed to be, too. He didn't doubt his companion’s ability to hold his own, but he also had no idea what their attacker was truly capable of.

    "Can you take me back up there? We need to hurry." V asked Griffon, a defiant calmness evident in his tone and expression. His resolve was absolute and his motivations unflinching. If the two of them worked together here and now they might be able to take down their opponent once and for all, sparing the rest of his family the need to do battle against this particular foe in the future, and allowing them to focus on more important aspects of their greater enemies plan. But that all depended on him managing to make it in time. "I believe we are missing the main event."

    Nodding as he glanced over at the roof, the avian demon fluttered up from his place on the roof of the trashed car, a look of confidence in his eyes. "No problem. Let's get up there. Whatever this is isn't right, and I've got to see what's causing it. I could be wrong, but I don't think that's demonic power that we're sensing. Well, it is, but it's all wrong. Like something else is mixed into it or distorting it. I have to see it first for myself."

    "All the more reason to make haste, then. No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings." He nodded, hurrying towards the base of the building nearest to the one Sirrus was on. Perhaps if he could make it onto the roof via the fire escape, he could alleviate his companions' need to carry him as far and assure a swifter arrival.

    "That's a good thing you've got me, because I don't know if you've got wings of your own. Haven't checked yet. But once this is over with, that might be worth looking into." Griffon said with a cackle as he followed the young summoner towards the building. He couldn't remember the last time he'd really seen V run. It seemed that the urgency of the situation wasn't lost on him in spite of everything that he just experienced. They needed to hurry, and so they would. But his curiosity wasn't such that he would blindly run into such a high concentration of unfamiliar power. While V made his way up the catwalk, he would do some reconnaissance. Above all else, he needed to know that they weren't walking into a trap.


    Wave after wave of pulsating energy cascaded off of the red-haired adjudicator as he stepped towards his opponent, their resolve wavering every second that they considered how truly screwed they were. They had heard of what he was, but the conception was that they no longer existed. To be confronted by such ancient power was to be confronted by the realization that you could do nothing in the face of it when it came down to it. There was very little that could be done against the kind of power that Sirrus wielded, the flames that cooked his boy too hot to be put out. He was far from invincible, but they did not possess the necessary skill or knowledge to be able to defeat him.

    Backpedaling slightly, they attempted to hold their ground, unsure of what they should do against such an opponent. At the moment, both of their familiars were indisposed. They were decent with their hand-to-hand fighting skills, but nowhere near decent enough to fight someone who could keep up with Hatred. His eyes had trouble with that at times.

    No, it was best that they find a way to exit as swiftly and as unharmed as possible. They would need to report back to their leader that this turn of events had taken place. It was a complicating factor, but one that they were certain they could overcome if given the proper time to prepare. The question was if they had that time to spare. The window of time was closing rapidly. They needed to figure out what they were going to do. This put them in a hard spot.

    "If this man with the red hair is truly what I believe he is, then this could cause a complication in our plans. But surely my master knows of this particular quirk? There is no way that he could not. I have it in good faith that they have encountered one another previously… "

    Focusing heavily on his opponent, the man with the red hair slashed in the direction of the summoner, the blazing hot shockwave cutting a swath through the roof of the building like it was made of wet butter. It was not a deep gash, but it was more than sufficient. The summoner barely managed to dodge this swipe in time. He attempted to call his summon to his side in a bid to escape, but was surprised to find that it did not answer. A sinking feeling crawled up his spine as he realized that he could not sense its existence any longer.

    "That cannot be… did he…"

    "I care a little for your tawdry sentiments. Those with the basis of wisdom do not bring to battle that which they are unwilling to lose." The power that radiated off of the man and black was palpable, no humor present in his demeanor or tone. "You came here and tried to end our life, and so we have no reason not to end yours."

    Adjusting his stance, the adjudicator readied himself for another blow, noting that his opponent seemed to be doing much the same. So it seemed that they would battle against him, then? He couldn't advise that in regards to it being a policy that would lead to a life that had any semblance of longevity, but he wasn't going to attempt to talk his opponent out of it, either. What did he have to gain from attempting to spare his enemy aside from death and V's possible capture? Until this individual was apprehended or destroyed, they would continue to pose a threat. But how best to defeat someone who was in such a precarious spot without leveling the building behind him? It was an unfortunate place that they had chosen to do this in.

    "Remove yourself… These are my master's affairs. Not yours, halfbreed." The masked individual seemed to hold their hand up, Sirrus sensed a shift in the power around them, indicating to him that they had probably just applied some sort of ward or spell in a bid at protecting themself. It was a wise move, all things considered, but he wasn't going to abide by their nonsense. Not for even a second longer.

    He sent another shockwave of black fire towards them, this time nearly hitting his mark as they jumped to the side, nearly gliding over the edge of the building as they did so. They managed a less than graceful landing, clearly uncomfortable putting weight on the leg they had landed on. He had no knowledge as to why that specific limb seemed to be giving them trouble, but he was not above using it against them. He had been taught to utilize the weaknesses of his enemies against them, and that was precisely what he was going to do here.

    "Call me that again. I've never been known to suffer fools." It had not been the first time that he had been referred to in such a manner, and he was fully aware of the fact that it was sure to be far from the last time, but that didn't mean that he was any less displeased. Despite the fact that he did not know this individual and had no reason to respect their opinion of him, there were certain words that were simply hard to ignore, and that specific insult was one of them. "Let us hope for your sake that you have another summon."

    The summoner shook their head, holding their hand out as if to halt him. He seemed to be confident in regards to whatever they had planned. He prepared himself, careful not to give away the fact that he suspected something.

    "Perhaps something better."

    In the blink of an eye, an immense darkness rushed forward from their extended hand, nearly striking him dead In the middle of the chest. Sirrus phased out of the way, sidestepping the attack, and retaliating swiftly. They barely managed to sidestep him as they blocked with their staff, Sirrus's as blade nearly cleaving it in half. For a brief moment, he had felt the cold sting that he had felt when Belial had impaled him back in the imitation grocery store. Heady just invoked his master's signature darkness to use against him? Because if so, this individual was far more advanced in their craft than he could have originally guessed. It was almost a shame to end their life, but they had picked the wrong side.

    But as he stepped towards his opponent to attempt to land a more decisive blow, he was struck by a sudden pang of agony in the spot where he had just been stabbed, the realization that the adrenaline that had kept the pain at bay was probably wearing thin. It spread throughout his entire being, hauling him in place as his body tried its best to fight back and only barely succeeded, something that he got the feeling wasn't meant to be strictly possible. And all the while there was one consideration in his mind. It could only be one thing?


    A paralyzing agent that had probably been meant for V. It seemed that he had genuinely planned to take him tonight. At the very least, he hoped that this fight had delayed that possibility. He had to get him home before this scumbag managed to get a hold of him. He didn't know if he had more of that poison, but the fact that he didn't mind applying it via knife said everything that it needed to.

    He began to breathe slightly heavy, taking a moment to breathe before attempting to finish off his opponent. He coughed for a moment, feeling a tightness in his chest before slumping over, slightly dizzy. It then occurred to him how long he'd been using his power, and he became silently alarmed by it, painfully aware of the fact that he immediately needed to stop despite the circumstance. This fight wasn't worth that heavy of a cost.

    Seizing the opportunity, the summoner quite literally bowed out, running and jumping off the edge of the building and out of his line of sight. Paralyzed by his own inability to easily wrangle his powers back under his control, Sirrus remain slumped over on his knees on the pavement that covered the roof, equal parts angry and disappointed in himself for not being able to contenue, and silently vowing to himself that he would take the opportunity if given to him again to in his opponent once and for all. If not for his current injuries, he may have very well succeeded in that endeavor. But at least he had managed to frighten him into realizing that he was not a force to be toyed with, and that it was going to be a bit harder than heat originally considered it to be to accomplish his goal.

    Just before everything started to go dark, he swore he caught the glimpse of something out of the corner of his eye. He hoped empathetically that he wouldn't be out for long. He needed to go and see to it that V had made it off the roof safely. He simply had to know.

    "I'll be there soon... Please be okay." Dispute his foggy state of mind, that particular thought was crystal clear in his mind. As soon as he could will his body to move from this spot, he would do that.

    And then he drifted off.


    Hey! Heads up! If the chapters seem wonky, or you noticed that any of your comments are gone, let me know! I readjusted the chapters so that they would be with the correct corresponding numbers by taking my notes out that I had written during the times I took breaks(after taking pictures because your comments were so kind and really did help me during a difficult time) so if something is wonky, let me know! Let me know what you thought of this chapter! See you on Friday! And sorry for any mistakes! I went over this several times, so if there is anything super obvious that my half-sleep brain missed, let me know!

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    Hope y'all have a good day like I did since things are winding down :P

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    A3! | Izumi-centric | cactus

    Rating: G


    Izumi Tachibana’s portrait

    A/N: I’m trying something out. This is my mourning fic

    AO3 LINK

    #a3 #a3! #izumi tachibana #a3! act! addict! actors! #yuq writes #get it? bc i posted it in the morning? #and bc the last scene is set in the morning? #ok sorry my bar for humour is low and i laugh at almost everything
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    Name change: sprqpointintern-spookysprqpointintern

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    There's something so great to me abt the fact that these three pairings:

    1. Each share extremely emotional, deep moments, connecting over the heavier parts of themselves that they might not show to anyone else.

    2. Can stand up to eachother as equals instead of putting one another on a pedestal, knowing that they're neither perfect nor made of glass.

    3. Are good friends first and foremost, as well as a formidable team who we know would do anything to keep eachother safe.

    #taang#zutara#sukka #there's also the whole thing of taang and zutara each being opposite elements while sukka are a non-bending power duo #that can just be so personal #plus #not a single one of these relationships doesn't have a rocky start #suki ties sokka up and then literally beats the misogyny out of him #zuko and katara u know the drill #and then toph wanted nothing to do with aang at first #really contrasts the nothing beginnings of the canon ships #oh katara basically views aang as the messiah from the get go #such romance /s #my posts#atla
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    See this is why I can’t trust my opinions on anything I experienced within a very specific window of time. The hilarious thing is that because of the date I can tell you for a fact that I was not on ANY drugs when I made this post.

    #it is the worst michael mann movie. maybe the only reason I wasn’t bored to tears was because it was on a big screen #I am THAT much of a simpleton so it tracks #please do not reblog this post as it has my full name on it lol
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    wtf do I have to do for Shahryar to get Sonic Channel art and/or get him playable in Sonic Forces Speed Battle *falls onto the ground*

    if Sinbad can get Sonic Channel art, why not Shahryar? in fact, he would've been a less random choice than Sinbad because he's actually the main character of the book but they really don't act like it lol

    I'm also excited for when they're done adding SatBK characters to Speed Battle to see if they move onto Secret Rings. Eggman deserves variants already! besides the obvious needed addition of Classic Eggman there should be a King Shahryar next in line for the THRONE 👑💜

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    susie my absolute beloved <333

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    Via 5SOS IG Story

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    “If you say ‘yes,’ to someone, ‘I will,’ you are also saying, ‘I will be hurt by you.’ Because you can’t have relationships if you’re not willing to be disappointed and hurt by that person. It’s almost impossible. You have to be able to enter into the world and realize that the richness of life is all the good and joy and thrill of it, but also all the disappointment and hurt and heartache of it. And that all of that is what’s great.” Philip Seymour Hoffman

    #I think I've posted these photos before but these shots w/ this quote... ❤️ #philip seymour hoffman #psh#*#words #grateful for six months of joy and heartache and all of that and the lifetime to follow #thanks phil you've changed my life #i love you
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    sub vers butch4both culture is i want a butch daddy to hold me close and call me their princess after they rail me to within an inch of my life AND i want a femme mommy to hold me close and call me a good girl after i rail them to within an inch of my life

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