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  • Oh to be reclined upon a bed of virginal satin, surrounded by the dark of the room with candles burning near a piano. In the Hungarian Eve, he plays the notes so vehemently and proud, then eases but gently as the wind blows through the curtains. With one’s bosom heaving in dire anticipation, it is most certain that one is easily seduced by his playing. And how tremulous, how rich and amorevolous the notes are! One cannot deny how hypnotic his eyes are, for they are utterly focused on his beloved instrument.

    As the night continues on, the essence of hunger grows. The music is but a prelude to the beginning of night, and when it comes time for him to retire, his fingers, those pale and lithe digits as renowned as the glossy keys, now coil in relief as the somber tune of night’s orchestra comes. To me he comes upon the bed, only to embrace my flesh with the most endaunting of caresses.

    Oh to be loved in that Hungarian Eve, under the face of the moon so beloved, as she is the only one to see the deeds of amorous lovemaking and never utter a whisper.

    #aesthetics#personal#musings #do not steal please #mine#classical music#classical composers #for daddy franz #deadass this would be me trying to flirt with him #like ugh #even though he’s been dead for 134 years... he would still own my mind and my heart #franz liszt#my writing#original writing #poets on tumblr
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  • hello people so I started putting  together my short stories and poems/ songs in one “book”, Tales of Ba Sing Se  on Ao3 so that they all are in one place and not scattered across my blog so….would be nice to see you there <3

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  • GUESS WHAT? Technically this brings me to 31 prompts and completion! However, I may do little smaller ones for tomorrow and the next day, depending on how work goes. ANYWAY, today is for:


    Migraine | Concussion | Blindness


    Alt. 13 Accidents

    You can find “Hard Landings” over on ao3. It’s my Padawan Obi-Wan whump, so warnings for whump of a 14-year-old. Gen fic. Feat: not great Master Jinn, a crash, head injuries, other injuries, and character death (not main characters).

    #whumptober2020 #no.26 #alt.13 #concussion#accidents #star wars prequel trilogy #fic#my writing#gen #obi-wan's terrible very bad no good ship accident #injuries #mentions of death #physical AND emotional whump
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  • Story

    I was carrying a story,

    clutching it tightly to my chest,

    when my feet went out from under me.

    It went flying across the room,

    the pieces scattering, skittering.

    I cleaned it up as best I could,

    holding the sharp shards of paragraph

    between careful fingers.

    I tried to scrub words from the carpet,

    but they left a dark stain you can just read.

    And even now I walk around the room,

    and feel the sharp dig of a comma underfoot.

    I find prepositions wedged between the sofa cushions,

    underneath the table.

    It’s almost finished now, pressed neatly into rows,

    But I’m trying to remember where this final piece will go.

    #i actually wrote something #so have some semipoetry #is this poetry? I wrote it as prose but the format didn’t work #somebody who knows more about this- help #I will edit this eventually. maybe #my writing
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  • image

    Boca lenta

    Convertido en silencio te nombré
    por debajo dejé que los labios se frotaran hasta
    crear besos de alquimia.

    Arrancado de tus ojos primarios
    por encima dejé que las palabras se unieran
    hasta poetizar crudos alfabetos.

    Hablemos de universos paralelos
    a través de órbitas te hiciste vilmente mía
    hasta crujir ese instinto de mujer.

    Te nombré
    con los ojos enamorados
    de mi boca lenta huiste
    a un lugar llamado…

    Richard vk

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  • After Lena confesses to Kara while they’re in the Fortress together that she’s known her secret for weeks. She leaves Kara encased in kryptonite-laced ice in the Fortress while leaving Myriad behind. Thinking Lena only needs space, Kara is more than happy to give it to her only to discover that L-Corp plans to relocate to Metropolis. While Lena has tried to convince herself that she’s looking for a fresh start, she finds a very unhealthy way of coping.

    Read here on A03

    #my writing #the one where lena becomes a vigilante #and kara follows her to Metropolis like a lost puppy
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  • how many more hours will we spend chasing one another on opposite ends of the clock? we share our good mornings and good nights in brief moments while the sun rises and sets, free from the barrier of time and ignorant to the beings imprisoned within it.

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  • image

    Bu aralar kendimle barışık değilim ama küste değilim…

    Akraba gibi davranıyorum kendime…

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  • Posting another one before I go to bed :)

    Characters: Caleb (POV), Omri

    Taglist: @faewhump @galaxywhump @castielamigos-whump-side-blog @insanitywishes @burtlederp @whumpasaurus101 @whump-only

    CW: Exhaustion, conditioning, brainwashing, broken whumpee, hallucinations, referenced past torture, referenced past abuse, conditioned response, whumpee thinking caretaker was the whumper, perhaps more that I’m missing. Just let me know if something needs to be tagged!

    Word Count: 614

    The room spun the further he stepped forward. Curled, shifted… closed in. Crushing him every time his weary eye drifted closed.

    Caleb needed to get out of here.

    His hands scoured the side of the wall as he slid across it, using its flat surface to keep him afloat. He used it to push off, force his feet to stumble forward a few more feet, rinse, repeat. An arduous process, but it would be worth it once he was out of the house.

    Never go outside with permission. The rule dangled in front of his face, a grim reminder of what he should be doing.

    You can go wherever you want, love, I ain’t gonna stop ya.

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    #whumptober2020 #no.23 #exhaustion#OC#Fic#conditioning#brainwashing#hallucinations #referenced past torture tw #referenced past abuse tw #conditioned response#broken whumpee #whumpee mistaking caretaker for whumper #whump#whump writing#my writing#Elisha's Story#Elisha/Caleb#Omri #these flashes thru Caleb's timeline make me feel sad :(
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  • addendum (scrapped ending to the fic where ned and martin bond severely.)

    (still about s*x but nothing actively happening/not explicit. no additional content warnings)

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    #anyway yeah this is attempting to capture the kind of awkward but nice conversations and goofing off that happens #often in moments like these and again i am struck with how much i have stolen this character because i could literally not #write shit like this if i didnt #nasty ned#martin septim#my writing
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  • It’s late at night your tired and exhausted barely able to keep your eyes open. Casually watching YouTube on your tv, the volume low to the point it’s just white noise. Your phone is down on the bed black and quiet. Suddenly you get a notification on tumblr, curious as to what it is, you only have notifications on for people messaging you, and you don’t ever get messages from people.

    Curiously you open your phone and go to your messages, it’s some random account wondering if you could check out a art piece, there’s a link but it’s been shortened by tinyurl.com. Curiously you open the link immediately your bombarded by flashing strobing lights, enough to cause a epilepsy, instead of closing it your drawn in completely captive to the blinding mesmerizing lights.

    Your mouth creeps open a little as drool started to flow out onto your shirt your nipples barely visible from the translucent shirt you were wearing. Suddenly words quickly flashed on the screen now.





    Each word making you more and more relaxed, your mind completely empty and clear. After a good five minutes the link closed and all you see is he person that messaged you started sending you messages.

    They talked about relaxing your mind and accepting everything they have to say, you watch as they tell you they own you and how your there new internet slut. You’ll never think of this person as a stranger but more as a friend a friend you trust more than your own self. You’d do anything they say.

    Soon you wake up confused yet happy. You get a notification from that person there prior messages deleted and no trace of the hypnosis. You start chatting and soon your rubbing your clit/dick cause they said so rubbing any free will you have when talking to them.

    You are there property now. Your a good girl.

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  • Thank you to everyone whose been reading UNCOMFORTABLE, my first fanfic of Henry Cavill.

    I’m glad so many of you are enjoying it and I haven’t tainted your man. 😊

    Some of you may have noticed that the chapters are posted slowly. I have two reasons for that.

    1 - because I found if I dumped the chapters all at once that no one cares. 😪

    2 - because it also gives me a chance to make sense of what I’ve written.

    So, I’ve uploaded the first two chapters. I have two more chapters in queue. So,four chapters in total.

    I do plan on adding more chapters. How many? Not sure yet..we’ll see.

    But I do have more handwritten unfortunately for me,it’s in random paragraphs rather than chapters..so yay! 🥳 because I’m clearly not someone who wants things to make sense. 🤦‍♀️

    Chapters are uploaded once a week,every monday…between 10am - 11am, Australian/Queensland time…Until I finish this series.

    Some of you have asked to be tagged in future posts and I have tagged you,I’m more than happy to tag others.

    Next Chapter..Chapter 3 is due out 2 November 2020.

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  • When we return home

    It’s a haven for you

    But a hell fire for me

    Your walls guard you

    Keep my love out

    The hungry vines

    Of my skeletal garden

    Somehow want

    To eat my perception

    And existence too

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  • “Why don’t you hate me?”

    To put it simply,

    I can’t.

    Hating you would force me to hate everything about this world I hold dear.

    I find you in the little things.

    You still linger within all that makes me smile.

    Everything I enjoy has your name carved deep in the very essence of it.

    I couldn’t tell you any of this in person,

    I just said that I’m not able to,

    That I wasn’t sure.

    The truth is,

    I could never hate the one who taught me what love is.

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  • Hay recuerdos que no paran de seguirte.

    #noche de insomnio #textos en español #buenas noches#fragmentos#insomnio #citas en español #frases de libros #notas#writing#my writing #letras del alma #letras tristes#amores perdidos #frases de amor #Escritor nocturno
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