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  • emma calvert is abusive

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  • Ben ne anladım bu işten içimde bir yan eksik

    Sen ne anlarsın ki halden, beraber ölmeyeceğiz.

    #np#music #ben ne anladım bu işten #postlarım#saturnspluto#Spotify
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  • Just wanted a change and felt like just using my actual Neopets username would be best. Thanks for following me!

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  • It’s just the grind!! #Daily #Hustle #PromoRun #NYC #NeverStop #NeverQuit #AOTP (( OAN: Borrowd Time #Np #LinkInBio #Litty ))

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  • 君の中できっと僕は道化師なんでしょ。

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  • Please, don’t leave me in here..

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  • You are the sum total of everything you’ve ever seen, heard, eaten, smelled, been told, forgot - it’s all there. Everything influences each of us, and because of that I try to make sure that my experiences are positive.

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  • ‘Ep 16: The Boys Vs Doom Patrol Vs Umbrella Academy, Warrior Nun’s Pat Shand’ on #SoundCloud #np https://soundcloud.com/roguewavepodcast/ep-16-the-boys-vs-doom-patrol 

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  • 君はきまって僕に聞くんだ

    “You know, maybe I’m wrong,I feel like you’re pouting”

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  • [45] 요시모토 바나나 - N.P


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  • So I watched Boomtown last night…


    90 minutes of my life for 2 minutes of Boyd Holbrook. Don’t me wrong the 2 minutes was bliss. He’s so fucking sexy - the hair, the voice, those hands, he’s even wearing a tan jacket…

    And I get it, look if Boyd Holbrook came up to me in a bar, bought me a drink and promised me the world, I’d be tempted. BUT it’s not fair to put him that high on the cast list, its misrepresentation. The world NEEDS more Boyd.

    #im clearly disappointed #just sulking #i may even watch two/one again #boomtown#dustin#np
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  • レゲトンよきき

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  • woke up to keshi’s new song, scrolled up to jae’s new post….

    it’s a good day for a good day indeed!

    bonus: wonpil being a myday myjae 🥺


    every fibre of my being is in this comment

    #day6#jae#eaj#this pic#myday #has been made #np#more#keshi #min's music memoirs #music tings#300620#Instagram#wonpil #as a myday #myjae?
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  • Name: Antonio “Ant” Flores
    Species: Human
    Occupation: Student, Florist, and Gig Worker
    Age: 20 Years Old
    Played By: Zee
    Face Claim: Tyler Posey

    “I don’t have to like you to respect you, but I have to respect you to like you.”

    “The answers he seeks most will never be quite within his reach.” Luis and Rosa Flores had never been the superstitious type. They would never believe that their neighbor was a witch, that their unborn child had been cursed, that a silly misunderstanding would follow their son throughout his life. But it was all true. And the spell was a powerful thing, wrapping itself around the boy’s heart early, working its way into every element of his life. When he was very young, the boy, Antonio, was quick, the type to walk before he crawled. His parents began imagining a life for him, outside the world of Flores Flores, the flower shop that bloomed in the crack where the Bend met Amity Road.

    When Antonio started school, though, his parents (and teachers) began to… notice something. It was like the more Antonio tried to understand something, the less he seemed to grasp it. Homework? A lost cause. And his test scores were middling, at best. But: Antonio enjoyed anything he could do with his hands, where the rules were loose or habit could teach him what his mind literally couldn’t comprehend. He found himself doodling all the time, filling the margins of his notebooks with abstract designs. However, one decent grade in a sea of mediocre ones wasn’t enough to make him suddenly love school. Antonio never stopped trying, wanting to make his parents proud, but his teachers mistook his quiet acceptance for apathy; Antonio was left behind. And with another child on the way and money already tight, the curse became little more than a memory; Antonio’s problems became a fact of life, not something that could be fixed with ‘magic.’

    Despite this, the Flores family was happy. They had each other, and, once Antonio’s sister was old enough to start working part-time, the family could breathe a little easier. It was good. Truly good. Antonio and his father’s annual trips to Mexico could actually be annual trips. One of those trips, in the spring of his senior year, changed everything. If you asked Antonio, he’d give a different story every time. His father fell, his father was pushed, his father saved him and couldn’t save himself. No one could explain what killed Luis Flores. It was ruled a freak fishing accident… but that felt wrong to Antonio. It wasn’t that he wasn’t processing it; Antonio couldn’t process what had happened to his father. He loved his father — loved him so, so much — and what had killed him couldn’t be explained by sight alone. A spell had followed Antonio since his birth, and now the spectre of the supernatural loomed large in his thoughts. Cursed and haunted, he withdrew.

    Antonio dropped out of high school mere weeks before graduation, throwing himself into part-time work, into helping with the shop. He barely spoke, trying only to make things better for his family and controlling the only thing he could control — himself. Antonio couldn’t change what had happened to his father, but he had the power to make sure that his family would never again wonder where their next meal was coming from. There was always work in White Crest for a boy who couldn’t see the supernatural. Though it wasn’t as if Antonio believed the town wasn’t mysterious. Odd deaths, frequent muggings and killings, bizarre animal attacks… and a shady part of town where night seemed to come more quickly. When Antonio had dreams of a death he couldn’t remember, he prowled the streets of the Bend, calling in incidents that, when the police arrived, he couldn’t explain. Animal Control, strangely, always responded to the boy who couldn’t cry wolf. But how many ‘big dogs’ were there in White Crest, anyway?

    Eventually, his family forced him back into high school. He couldn’t — wouldn’t — deny them. They had been there for him even when therapist after therapist failed to help him move on. He had a duty to them, to try, again, to make his mother proud. The school year came and went, bringing stranger things to White Crest, but Antonio never seemed bothered, barely noticed, and always had a practical explanation for what the town’s in-the-know scrambled to solve. Fish raining from the sky? Freak typhoons. Ice on the beach? Well, it had been a cold winter, yeah? The store hadn’t been able to put anything outside. Eternal darkness? That had been annoying. But his family had banded together, bought ultraviolet lights, and persisted until the sun returned. Their flowers wouldn’t die. The Flores family wouldn’t wilt. Antonio would see the sun again.

    Character Facts:

    • Personality: Blunt, creative, dutiful, frugal, impressionable, practical, quiet, solitary, reactionary
    • His nickname, Ant, was coined by his friend Ariana, for the way that he would let ants crawl on his hands and put them somewhere safe. His father called him Nino. You better not.
    • Ant keeps himself very busy, between the flower shop and his side hustles. He’s trained himself to function on fairly little sleep.
    • Ant will be a freshman this year at UMWC. Not by choice.
    • He broke Jeremy Briggs’ nose in sophomore year. Since then, the younger crowd tends to give him a wide berth. (Jeremy deserved it.)
    • Antonio is inherently distrustful of anyone wealthy. Some have broken through, but they’re few and far between… and they’re not his friends.
    • Antonio has chromesthesia, a type of synesthesia where he experiences sound as color. He loves punk music, because the chaos is an explosion of color.
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  • Week 15 of shelter in place. 

    Also the year is half way over so do a check up on your new years resolutions. 

    6/26 - Went to TS/WP’s place for bonfire again. EC came too and we just talked. 

    6/27 - Met up with NC at 8:00 AM at Stevens Creek Resevoir. The plan was for him to run and me to bike up Montebello road. We just went our own paces and running is much faster up hill than biking so he was more than a mile ahead of me at the top. I just stopped when I saw him coming down. From the base to where I stopped took an hour, and biking down took 13 minutes. I think this is my first time seeing NC this year so that’s a name to cross off.

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