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    Do you ever think about Naruto growing up in an orphanage deprived of love from an early age in his vital developmental years and the fact that he started to live alone so young was most likely due to either the administrators of the orphanage kicking him out or treating him so badly that him living alone was a better option. Do you ever think about how the only reason this child grew up with love and compassion in his heart was because he inherited it directly from his parents who loved him so so much that it became a fixture of his personality even if they never had more than a few hours with each other. Do you think about how horrified, betrayed and furious his parents would have felt if they knew how badly their only son had been treated despite their sacrifice?

    #cause I think about it a lot #I think about this child trying so hard to hold onto his kind nature and bury the bitter grief that dug inside him #how he managed to come out off all that being the person he is was honestly a miracle #naruto uzumaki#naruto#kushina uzumaki#minato namikaze
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    Listening to the Red Army Choir (USSR Choir) while making these icons hits different.

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    happy belated birthday to a dilf <33 not edited bc im lazy words: 626 ship: Namikaze Minato/fem!Reader rating: M (sexual content, not explicit) content: knifeplay, bondage, no actual sex but could be the leadup to it

    The world is black, your senses filled wholly with Minato as he drags the dull edge of the blade against the soft skin along your arms, raising gooseflesh in its wake. You suppress the urge to shiver; the knife he held before your sight was lost to silk was sharp, you know it was, he made sure you knew.

    “It’s too bad,” he says, so casually you could forget where you’re at. “Kushina wanted to be here, y’know? But it’s busy work, being a Hokage’s wife.”

    He’s silent a moment; you hear shuffling, the clamoring of metals against the table he’s got them laid out on, a sigh of all things before he speaks again, his voice growing closer, slowly; agonizingly slowly.

    “She may as well be in charge, after all, everything she does for the village.”

    You feel your top tug away from your body, gentle fingers pulling the fabric away from you. The faint chill of silver is a shock to the system, a reminder of where you stand, who’s in control; and before you know it, the draft in the room sneaks its way across your chest, dancing along your skin as your shirt falls away, slips off your body onto the floor.

    “Don’t know why they didn’t want to give her the hat. Shame, really.”

    You’re exposed, what’s left of your shirt in ribbons across your shoulders, and each word out of Minato’s mouth, each passing second, each shallow breath you take finds you wetter. The thrill has a chokehold on you in a way you couldn’t have predicted; hands bound above your head, unseeing but feeling all, and your skin is so, so sensitive that every brush of his blades sends a thrum of want through you, trust in him, hope for release.

    His hands are warm as they graze your chin, lifting your face to his with fingers so gentle, so delicate, so capable of harm. You’re nothing but putty in his hands, a weakened mess against his wall, and the urge to jump is strong when you feel the cool metal of his blade against the delicate, thin skin along your throat.

    You trust Minato implicitly and it scares you.

    “So beautiful,” he tells you. “Making a mess all for me, over what? Some tools?”

    His tone is cheery as he continues but there’s an undertone you almost miss, one that sends a shockwave of desire through your core, pools at your cunt, dripping for him. He laughs, low and slow, and you can see his face in your mind’s eye, smile bright and blue eyes shimmering with joy. Choosing the right blade for the job, weighing each in his hands, testing the sharpness against the pad of his thumb.

    A chuckle passes through him as the rise and fall in your chest quickens, heightened with the exhilaration that comes with threat. The cool metal of Minato’s blade rests against your collarbone and you stiffen, just slightly; you try and relax, you really do, because you know that one wrong move, one too-excited jump could spill red.

    You whine as his touch moves, slowly, achingly slow from your chin, along the soft muscles of your throat, around your neck, not too tight, never too tight. His thumb brushes against your trachea, once, briefly before he moves his hand away from you fully, brushing against the delicate skin on your collarbone. And you drink it up, every second of it. You ache for him, for his touch, for his words of silk and the hands that make you feel so good, the same hands that kill.

    When he speaks again, his voice is at your ear, barely a whisper, a breath against your lobe that sends you afloat.

    “Hold still.”

    #nobody look#minato namikaze#namikaze minato #minato x reader #desfic#nsfuu #its a lil rushed but HERE WE ARE #drabble #something something reader is like a pet to minato and kushina #no one perceive
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    trust. | Minato/OFC

    Summary: trust - /noun/ 1. Firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.

    or: in which Akari makes a hasty decision alone on a mission and Minato takes exception to that.

    Pairing: Namikaze Minato/Nara Akari

    Rating: Mature

    Word Count: 2528

    Content warning for sexual tension, arguing to show you care, power imbalance, power dynamics, light descriptions of blood and injury, protective!Minato, and a first kiss

    Author’s Note: weird AU in which bad things didn't happen in Konoha, and also Kushina doesn't exist. sorry queen i wanna make out w your husband

    Ao3 Link


    It's a rare thing, for Minato to be angry. A clear head and sound judgement, required of one such as he who dons the mantle of Hokage. He'd long since perfected that certain serenity and poise, able to listen and learn and decide. One of his nin in more danger than expected is a frustration, more than anything else; it usually signifies that intel was wrong, or somewhere along the way he'd been lied to about the details of a mission. There's a system in place for a reason, rankings and squads and organization that ensure everything in the village run smooth.

    So when Sparrow shoulders open the door of his office with dried blood running down her bare arm, cracked mask dangling from her fingertips - he feels something stark and hot burn deep within his chest. Minato pushes himself from his desk, rounding it in a flash of a white haori. He studies her quickly, hands offered to steady her as she leans to the side. She favors her left leg, thick bandages wrapped around her right thigh. The cut on her arm burned closed; emergency first aid in the field, done by her own hand most likely. She opens her mouth to report but he cuts her off with a sharp glance, blue eyes as stormy as the sea.

    He cradles her face, next. Tilts her head up until their eyes lock. He doesn't miss the way her pupils dilate, nor the way her breathing hitches, just a little. A dusting of pink across her cheeks, the movement of her throat as she swallows thickly. She's nervous, alone and in close quarters with him; when he touches her, she responds eagerly. He files that information away for later, focusing on flaring his chakra, just a little; Sensing her. Her chakra is a deep green, kept muted; pulse higher than it should be. She's hiding from him, unconsciously; he files that away, too. Akari is a ninja of the Leaf, is one of his most skilled and loyal soldiers; he wont have her at anything other than her peak.

    He grieves, for the lives he holds in his hands; one mistake and everything will crumble. One misstep and the will of fire will be snuffed out, like a candle in the wind. So many lives, so much responsibility; he's shouldered it, will continue to bear it. But when it cracks, when something weakens - it angers him, not because of the potential discord or failure, but because he knows how easily the life of one of his shinobi can be cut short. The sight of Akari, one of his best ANBU, so battered and bruised, just come home from what should have been a routine mission - it makes him burn.

    "Report," he finally says, stepping away and crossing his arms over his chest, keeping himself from touching her further. She's his subordinate, his junior, his temptation. They'd been dancing around it for what feels like weeks - the trust and camaraderie and impossibly important bond he shares with the woman who is at his side most hours of the day, guarding him, guiding him. Something had shifted, somewhere along the way; he trusts her, yes, but he likes her, too. Dangerous waters.

    He's pulled from his musings by Akari standing at attention, hand fisted over her breast as she offers a small bow. "Sir," she begins after clearing her throat, "I was sent alone to the eastern border to take care of a B-Rank nukenin. However," she pauses with a deep breath, brown eyes flicking away for just a moment, "either the intel was incorrect or outdated. There ended up being four of them."

    His brows raise as something uncomfortably tight begins to coil in his chest. "Your escape - did you lead them back here, to more Black-Ops members?"

    This time it is Akari who looks surprised; mouth dropping open as something approaching insult curls her mouth into a wicked smirk. "No escape, sir. I took care of them all."

    "You what?" Minato doesn't doubt her skill, not for a moment - but to walk into a fight against high-rank nin, not knowing you're outnumbered -

    "It nearly killed me, but I brought them down. I have their hitae-ate's to prove it. Sir." She adds it on as an afterthought; he watches the moment it seems as though a wall slams down behind her normally warm eyes. He'd offered her insult, he knows, in underestimating her; but he cant deny the worry that eats at his gut when he considers her surrounded on all sides, cant suppress the picture her injuries paint.

    He's always been a calm, rational man. But he's strung too tight, his emotions tightly leashed yet straining when it comes to her. Seeing her bloody and battered and bruised, knowing he was the one who sent her out there alone -

    She burns him alive. Even smirking through the blood, he cant bite down on the immense concern he feels for her. He cant afford to feel it, he cant; he is Hokage, and he cant look at any shinobi as different from the rest. The desire to protect her, to shield her after the horrors of her childhood in the Foundation; warring against the faith he has in her skill, the pride he feels. A delicate balance, one he still has yet to perfect when it comes to her.

    "A tactical retreat would have sufficed -" Minato begins through grit teeth, pulse rising as he leans close to her.

    Akari only scoffs, refusing to back down as she puts her hands to her hips and leans right back. There's barely an inch of space between them, though neither of them appear to notice as the air all but shimmers with tension, fraught with frayed nerves and unspoken words. Always unspoken, when it comes to them. "I had them, in case you didn't notice."

    Pride swells beneath his ribs but Minato fights it back; he is proud, of what she had accomplished and how far she had come. But the near cost of it; he wants to tell himself he doesn't know why he cares so much about a lone shinobi in a sea of others. But he knows, far too well.

    A steadying breath as he swallows down the tide of emotion; eyes falling shut as he leans away from her. The tension remains, his constant awareness of her every move and shift putting him further on edge. Minato puts a hand to his temple, fingertips digging in in a vain attempt to ease the pulse in his skull. When he speaks it is with the low, even tone of a practiced sensei; gentle, encouraging, as though speaking to a child who doesn't quite understand the severity of what they undertake. "You could have died -"

    The tone is a mistake. He knows it the moment he opened his mouth. Her shoulders raise, eyes narrowing as she stares him down. Akari doesn't even bother to let him finish. Her hands ball into fists as she laughs, mirthless. He would call it nearly unkind, were she even capable of such a thing. "Yes! I could have died!" Her voice raises to a near-shout as she lets her mask drop to the floor, neither of them bothering to look when the painted porcelain cracks. She crosses her arms beneath her breasts, cocking out a hip and refusing, once again, to stand down to him. Admirable, most days; but he is Hokage, his word is law. She will bow to him.

    "Then why -"

    She interrupts him, again, and despite his better judgement Minato can feel his temper stirring. "Because it's my job," Akari hisses with a sharp scoff, "to go out there and fight, to do the dirty missions in the dark so the light may flourish. Dying in my duty is an occupational hazard. I know that, you know that." Her chest heaves as she rants, teeth bared. Minato lets her have her drama, watching with a keen eye the way she leans back against the closed door, knee bent to keep her foot off the floor. She's flagging, exhausted; her breath comes with difficulty and still she fights him. Stubborn little bird.

    "So why," Akari continues in a whisper, bowing her head forward as her voice comes out in a hush, "in the name of the Shodai are you making an issue out of this? Missions go wrong sometimes, it happens. I'm prepared for it, it's why I pulled it off. Why am I different?"

    The heat in his chest rises; temper flaring to life beneath his ribs. She asks the impossible, points out brazenly what he knows they both see. But to put words to it would be to breathe life into whatever it is they have become; making it impossible to return to the monotony and comfort that comes part and parcel with willful ignorance. And all at once Minato cant stand it; the thought of pretending he doesn't care for her deeper than he should and the fact that she is so unashamed as to make him say it outright.

    He moves before he even puts a second thought to his actions, something he hadn't done since he was a kid on the field of war. She makes him impulsive, nearly irrational; she makes him lose carefully weaved control, and as Hokage he cannot allow that. Minato's hand shoots forward in a flash, grasping tight to her throat. He has the satisfaction of watching a nameless heat burn deep within her eyes as he leans close enough to brush her nose with his, breaths mingling in the static between them. Akari swallows beneath his palm, and he swears he can feel her pulse jump. He leans down against her, keeping pressure off her windpipe, and pushes her back against the door until she is utterly at his mercy.

    She has a habit of forgetting who he is, how he earned his moniker. He resolves to remind her.

    "You," he growls lowly, throwing all caution to the wind, "know exactly why."

    A moment, a held breath. She had been circling him, taunting him, leading him into the pit that will surely hold his downfall. And now he had raised the stakes; alluding aloud, put his hands on her, and now the next move would be hers. Would she flee? Would she fight?

    Or would she bow?

    A surge of molten heat sings through his veins when he feels her move, her palms flattening against his abdomen. A thin shirt worn beneath his Hokage raiment is all that separates her hands from him, but even still he can feel her touch as though it were searing against his skin. She meets his challenge, unflinching in her sudden determination as her palms roam to his chest. His hand tightens, just the barest bit, on her neck.

    "I know," she confirms in a whisper. Her eyes flutter closed as she gathers her thoughts, collects her wits; Minato watches, very nearly impatient; when she looks up at him next it is with that familiar tender affection.

    "I go out there and risk my life," Akari says once more, tilting her head back. When next she speaks, their lips brush - softer than a sigh. "For my village. For my Hokage."

    Minato surges forward, cutting off her words with the bruising strength of his intensity. She gasps, instinctively, as he sears his mouth over hers; he takes advantage of her parted lips to taste her, almost too eagerly. His tongue teasing against hers, and swallowing every desperate little sound that escapes her throat. There is no hesitation, now that the dam has been broken; building and rising and welling between them, coming to a head in the form of a kiss that is more teeth than tender.

    He can feel it when she shivers, kissing him almost desperately as her hands move to his shoulders, holding on for dear life. His palm moves from her throat to tangle in her hair, tilting her head back as he leans down to meet her in the middle. Free hand curving over her hip, pulling her flush against him.

    She feels - almost delicate, in his grasp. Small, and lithe, with pulse thrumming away; much like a fragile little bird. Minato wants to cradle her, cage her; but a part of him wants to break her, too. Shove down that boldness and rampant disrespect, clip her wings and keep her at his side. Dangerous waters, he knows; but even still he loses himself in the warmth of her mouth, in the soft noises she makes, in the way her nails dig deep into his shoulders. She's brazen, yes - but only for him. Respects him, but challenges him; he knows she made the right call about not abandoning the mission, knows it's his own stubborn need to protect what he holds dear that makes him lash out at her. His pride and temper far too large to allow him to admit it; so instead he kisses her harder, tugging on her bottom lip with the blunt edge of his teeth.

    "Stubborn," he murmurs into her mouth, unsure if he speaks to himself or to her.

    "Pot, meet kettle," Akari replies with her own nip, nails dragging down his chest hard enough to make him hiss. Minato chokes out a laugh, kissing her soundly before she can sass him further.

    "I'm yours," she whispers after a time, when her injured leg is hitched around his hip and his mouth is on her neck. "Utterly and always - I'm yours. You need to trust in that, and trust in me to come home safe."

    He does, truly he does; Minato trails kiss after kiss from her throat back to her mouth, kissing her deeply enough that his head swims. He licks into her mouth, tasting her resolve and her loyalty, her hand fisting in the soft hair at his nape to drag him impossibly closer. He simply wants her safe, safe and secure and at his side; he trusts her to take care of herself, but he doesn't want her in the situation where she has to, when he can take it on himself instead. She's his personal guard, her place is beside him. She watches him, he watches her; a delicate balance, tipping from one edge to the next. She nearly dies in his name and then he puts his hands and mouth on her scant hours later, breaking what he knows is a dozen rules and even more taboos in one fell swoop, with one simple brush of his mouth.

    Minato kisses her again, hands tightening until he suspects bruises will bloom on her hip and thigh. Drinks deeply of her sighs, cherishes the way his name dances on the tip of her tongue. His decisions, her safety, their shared duty to the village; it all swirls around and around in his mind, coalescing and shattering and coming together and breaking apart when she tugs on his hair, when she grinds her hips against him. They could both lose their positions and standings for this.

    He'd risk it, happily, for her.

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    I gave up on making the lines straight and minato looks like shit but happy bday to these boys!!

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    Happy Birthday,

    Minato Namikaze!

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    #anon talks#namoda talks#non scenario#non fic#fic snippet #minato x reader #minato namikaze x reader #namikaze minato x reader #thank u for the interest anon!!! 🙏
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    Happy Birthday Minato!!!

    Today, on this Tuesday January the 25th we celebrate the man, the myth, the legend, the fantastical Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze himself! I....have to be honest. I have been in a crazily awesome place with my stories. Please don't cry like I did while writing this...you have been warned.

    This is SFW for those of you who are wondering. This is a thousand words longer than the Gaara story last week. Enjoy!

    The Dreams I Have

    The warmth that dripped from his mouth only solidified what he knew he would never be able to reverse. However, as he looked down at his son, he knew he had made the right choice. Kushina stood in front of him and as she spoke her last words to Naruto, Minato Namikaze breathed in the scent that he knew all too well as his wife’s. He would never forget it with it’s flowery softness and mellow undertones that reminded him of summer days. He wanted nothing more than to wipe away his wife’s tears at that moment, but he was unable. Instead he decided to give his last words to his son.

    “Naruto, my advice to you as your father… is everything your chatty mother just said.” The time had come. He gazed at his beautiful son one final time, feeling Kushina shake against him. Bowing his head against the back of her head he hoped that she would know that he was with her. No matter where he went.


    “Minato, time to wake up sir.” Blue eyes fluttered open against the harsh white of the hospital room. Why was he here? The Death Reaper should have taken his life. Had he never said the final words? Had he not sealed the jutsu? Minato sat up, pushing against the bed and looking wildly around the room.

    “Where are Naruto and Kushina?” The nurse who had been attempting to wake him up jumped back in surprise as the Hokage threw the blankets off of himself.

    “Sir?” She asked. Minato saw in her eyes that she was confused. Was he in a different nation?

    “Where is my wife and son?” He asked again and the woman looked relieved and smiled.

    “Oh, the anesthesia is wearing off, they are out in the waiting area. I can allow them in once you lay back down and we get your vitals.” Minato sighed with relief. If this woman didn’t know who they were, perhaps they were in another nation. If his seal had failed and the Nine Tails was running rampant then he must have destroyed the village. He had failed his people.

    The relief of knowing that Kushina and Naruto were waiting for him had been replaced by a heavy black cloak of disappointment knowing that he had failed his people. How many were gone? How many families had he failed to save because he had been too interested in saying goodbye to his son? He must have passed out from the pain before he could complete the Jutsu. That had to be it.

    The nurse allowed him to delve into his dark mood as she collected his vitals. “I’ll tell them you are waiting for them.” She said as she left him with a smile, some crackers, and water. He must have been out for weeks. He barely felt any pain in his abdomen. It wasn’t long before the nurse was back with a smile on her face. “Here they are, Sir!” Minato’s wide smile graced his features as he turned to see Kushina walk through the door with Naruto. It wasn’t Kushina that walked through the hospital doors though. It was his old teammate Mikoto Uchiha, and Itachi Uchiha holding his baby brother Sasuke Uchiha.

    “M-mikoto?” Minato stuttered wondering what type of joke this was.

    “How are you feeling Minato?” She inquired, her voice soft and filled with a love he had never heard come from her before…at least not directed at him.

    “What is this?” Minato looked from Mikoto to Itachi to Sasuke. Or whom he had assumed were Itachi and Sasuke. Instead of the trademark black Uchiha eyes, bright blue eyes met his equally blue ones.

    “I thought it would be fine if Itachi stayed home from school today to see you out of surgery. Surprise!” Itachi smiled at him and Sasuke slept peacefully in his arms. Minato’s eyes widened and his breathing increased. Where was Kushina and Naruto? What was going on? The nurse moved over to Minato as the beeping of the heart monitor started to elevate.

    “There may still be some leftover anesthesia that is confusing him.” Mikoto pushed Itachi toward the door and spoke softly to him. Minato couldn’t hear as his mind raced trying to figure out what was going on.

    “Where’s Kushina?” He asked glaring at the nurse. She paused and looked to Mikoto. Itachi, having left already, was nowhere in sight.

    “Minato, Kushina died years ago when she was kidnapped by Kumogakure. Don’t you remember?” A roar filled Minato’s ears and his heartbeat rose again.

    “No, I saved her from the Kumogakure Shinobi. I brought her back to Konoha.” Minato stood and pulled the wires from his body.

    “Sir, please stop. If you don’t I will have to strap you down to the bed. It’s alright. Sometimes things are confusing when you wake up from anesthesia. You’ll be right as rain once-” Minato cut her off with s glare.

    “Where is my wife and son? Where are Kushina and Naruto?” Mikoto frowned and moved around the bed to push Minato down onto the bed. To his shame it didn’t take much. How long had he been bed ridden?

    “Kushina is dead. Has been dead for a long time. You did not go to save her from Kumogakure, Fugaku did and he was killed as well.” She pushed him to lean back in the bed as Minato fought in vain to resist her.

    “No, Kushina just gave birth to Naruto. We had to seal the Nine Tails inside of him. I used the Reaper Death seal to do it.” Mikoto looked at the nurse.

    “I thought you said that he wouldn’t dream during his surgery. Why did he dream of this? What did you give him?” Red flashed and Minato saw the Uchiha trademark Sharingan.

    “Where is Kushina?” Minato exclaimed and continued to fight. The nurse was requesting back up and soon he was being held down by several of the staff and being secured to the bed. “No! Where is my family? What happened to Naruto and Kushina?” He was yelling at this point. Mikoto had been rushed from the room and asked to remain with the children. “Where are they?” Minato yelled, straining against his restraints. There was a prick at his arm and soon a wave of warmth passed through his body. “This must be Hell.” The blackness was coming around his vision. “What did I do to deserve this?” Then nothing.


    Minato sat with hollow eyes in a room with a white walls with a woman who claimed that she was going to help him understand what was going on and help him gain his memories back. ‘Gain my memories back’ he thought bitterly. He knew who he was. He knew who his family was and no one was going to tell him that his sacrifice, his wife, and his child weren’t real. During their fifth session the woman had told Mikoto that this was not a sign that he didn’t truly love her. It was more of the guilt of feeling as though he didn’t deserve his position knowing that some of those he was close to had passed away and he couldn’t save them.

    “Think of it in a sense of if he can’t save them, how can he save his village? The pressure is a lot sometimes and our minds can use our past traumas and mix them with recent memories to try and make sense of it all.” That was weeks ago. Minato would come to these meetings and tell her over and over that he was dead and that this was just a Hell that he was going through for some reason or another. He just couldn’t figure out why he was going through it. Lord Third had come to visit him a few times. Explained that he had taken the Hokage duties over again until he was ready to take on the responsibilities again. He also said that he didn’t have to feel responsible for every death in the village. It was the fate of every Shinobi.

    How could he explain to these people any other way that he wasn’t insane. He wasn’t feeling guilty. He knew Kushina, his beautiful Kushina was his wife! He was tired of fighting a losing battle. Tired of them trying to erase Kushina from his memory. If he had to live this lie for eternity because of some twisted cruel fate he would. He only wanted to remember Kushina and Naruto. He had to make a decision. As the therapist rambled on he took none of it in. Tears streamed down his cheeks and as the therapist noticed this, she stopped.

    “Kushina is dead.” He stated simply. Those were the magic words that started it all. Things moved quickly after that. Minato explained to the woman that he realized that Kushina was dead and that Mikoto was his wife. He found it easier to agree with everything she said than to resist it. Every day he had to reinforce that he knew Kushina was dead, Mikoto was his wife, Itachi and Sasuke were his sons and that he was indeed the fourth Hokage.

    On the final day of treatment, as he waited to hear when Mikoto would be there to pick him up, he stared into the mirror and looked at his reflection. He felt dead inside, worn down, beaten into submission by whatever Hell this was. He had to bring life back into his eyes. He had to look like his old self. ‘It’s not like Mikoto is horrible. She was on your team.’ He thought to himself. He had spent a lot of time talking to Mikoto about Kushina. Perhaps, if this was his Hell, he should make the best of it. It was clear that he wouldn’t be able to spend his afterlife with Kushina. He had spent very little of his life with Kushina, so perhaps he would be able to get used to Mikoto.

    Was it the real Mikoto? He supposed it wasn’t. She would have been just as outraged about not being with Fugaku. She loved him, regardless of his stoney exterior he was a very kind guy and cared about his people and his family. Minato had spent a good portion of his career trying to convince the Konaha and the elders to allow the Uchiha to reside inside of the gates of the village instead of on the outskirts. It was time that old prejudices had been put to rest. Unfortunately he had not had enough time as Hokage to do much persuading. Perhaps in this Hell he would be able to make things right for them.

    With a new drive and purpose, Minato looked at himself anew in the mirror and saw a glow coming back to his features. He would try to be the best Hokage he could be for his people, regardless of if he had Kushina and Naruto. He only hoped that whatever afterlife Kushina had gone to she was happy. He wondered if she was with some form of him. A knock at the door called his attention.

    “Minato, your wife is here to pick you up.” The 4th Hokage looked at the nurse and smiled.

    “Thank you.” His hands clasped white knuckled around his suitcase and stepped out of the room that had been his nightmare for the past few weeks. Focusing only on the task at hand he was sure to fix this Hell of his. Sure, he may not be able to have Kushina, but he would be sure to make sure Mikoto had the great husband she deserved and the boys to have a father who would raise them alongside the rest of the village.

    “Minato?” Mikoto questioned softly. He appreciated her hesitance. It gave him a moment to collect himself and pull the strength he needed to do what he needed to do. Placing his suitcase on the floor he noted the sweat on the handles. He had never been great with girls. He had always thought of Mikoto as his teammate, though looking at her now, needing to see her as a woman who he would need to have a loving relationship with; he was nervous. Quickly he wiped his hands on his pants to avoid the clammy feeling that would soon follow.

    “Mikoto.” He murmured, pulling a loving tone that he had reserved only for Kushina. He stepped forward and pulled her into his arms. It took only a moment of surprise for her to cave with a sigh and bury her face into his chest. Minato knew that she was relieved. He, on the other hand, felt as though the world was crashing around him. As he felt a subtle dampness on his chest he too allowed a few tears to leave his eyes before he wiped them away.

    “I am so glad that you are alright Minato. I was so worried.” Mikoto, always the one to worry about others before herself, had done what Minato had expected. She had fretted over his behavior and worried for the boys.

    “I’m alright now. I’m sorry for scaring you. Are the boys alright?” Mikoto, gazing up at him from her position within the folds of his arms, smiled lovingly up at him. It tugged uncomfortably at Minato’s heart to know that he would never see that look come from Kushina again. With a lump forming in his stomach, half sadness and half his breakfast coming up, he leaned over and nestled his face in her shoulder. Mikoto had always been there for him. Even if he didn’t love her like how he loves Kushina she was still his teammate. She would be a great comfort to him even if he couldn’t voice his true feelings.

    “The boys are doing fine. Itachi is back at the academy and Sasuke is with Obito, naturally Rin is there as well with Kakashi.” Minato blinked. No one, in any of those training sessions had mentioned that Obito and Rin were still alive. He was grateful that he was holding her the way that he was. The shock on his face would have raised questions that would have landed him back in the room he had just vacated. How was Obito still alive? How was Rin?

    “We should head home. I’m sure Sasuke is giving Obito a run for his money.” With that Minato followed Mikoto. He wasn’t sure if they lived in the Uchiha sector or if they lived in Minato and Kushina’s old home, but he would find out soon.

    He was bitterly happy to see that they did live in the Uchiha sector. He supposed that even if he was Hokage, he had still married an Uchiha. He would count his blessings though. He didn’t know if he would be able to stand it if he was to be with Mikoto and still live in the home that he and Kushina had lived in. He wouldn’t be able to fight the ghosts of his life if they were around every corner. From within the home he could hear the cries of Sasuke and the exasperation of Obito. Rin's quiet voice was drowned out by the small commotion in the house.

    “Sounds like a circus in there.” Forcing a soft laugh was all he could manage. He had to get better. Mikoto smiled and walked through the front door.

    “We’re home!” She called through the house and the cries of Sasuke seemed to diminish at the sound of his mother’s voice.

    “Miss Mikoto! Thank goodness you are home. Obito is trying, but he is doing horribly.” Rin said, running to the front door to greet them. Minato, placing the suitcase on the floor and looked up into the eyes of his student. She was smiling brightly and so very alive that Minato had to remind himself that he, nor Rin were alive. Obito followed soon after her with a screaming Sasuke in his arms.

    “Auntie, I’m so happy you are home. If you ever need my help again to watch Sasuke, please hesitate to ask.” Minato watched him deliver the screaming baby into her arms who promptly quieted down for his mother. Obito, who looked appalled by the disrespect, stuck out his tongue to the insolent baby and walked away to get his things.

    “He would be better if you watched him more often. He isn’t used to you.” Rin murmured and Mikoto smacked the back of Obito’s head as he turned to leave.

    “Watch your mouth, Uchiha Obito.” Mikoto warned. She moved to hand Sasuke to Minato who was still staring at Obito even as he walked away. Only as Obito rounded the corner did the fourth Hokage take the offered baby from his “wife’s” arms. “Just because your my nephew means nothing Obito, you will watch what you say to me.” Rin stood awkwardly in the hall, waiting for the reprimands to end.

    “Well, I’m going to get my things. Thanks for letting me stay and keep Obito company Miss Mikoto! I made sure to do the dishes and Obito took the trash out for you so you don’t need to worry about any of the stinky diapers!” Obito, who was sporting a grimace and rubbing the back of his head as he returned, stopped in front of Mikoto.

    “I’m sorry Auntie. I was frustrated with him and I took it out on you. I apologize for disrespecting you.” He apologized with a proper bow.

    “Rin is right.” Kakashi sighed following Obito out of the living room. “He wouldn’t hate you so much if you actually showed your face once and a while.

    “Oh, says you who keeps his face covered 100% of the time”

    “I may hide my face, but Sasuke at least knows who I am. I help Minato Sensei unlike you.”

    “I’m busy and you know that! Minato Sensei is the one who sends me on these missions!” Kakashi walked by him, bag slung over his shoulder and Icha Icha book in hand.

    “That isn’t an excuse. Thank you Miss Mikoto for inviting me over.” He gazed up from his book. Minato, who saw the same Kakashi who he had left only a few short weeks ago, knew that the one who he had left behind was more alone than he had ever been. Minato knew that he shouldn’t, that it may end him back into the same place that he just left, but he couldn’t suppress the urge to pull Kakashi into his arms.

    “I’m so sorry, Kakashi.” He was overjoyed to see the three of them all still alive and together. Kakashi, more than anyone, needed this. Maybe this wasn’t going to be such a Hell after all. Kakashi, confused by the sudden affection from his Sensei, gazed at Mikoto who ushered him to return the hug.

    “It’s alright Minato Sensei. I have never blamed you for my eye. Like you always say, it’s part of being a ninja.” Kakashi Returned the hug softly and let go. Minato let go and pulled back wiping the tears that were growing in his eyes.

    “We have a lot of work to do, you three. Starting tomorrow I have a lot of things we need to get done.” Rin smiled and quickly swooped in for a hug.

    “Great! We can’t wait!” As the three of them left, Minato pulled Obito in for a hug as well, ruffling his hair, and waved goodbye to them all. Mikoto watched her husband fondly. When Minato turned around to see the loving look of adoration from her, his chest constricted in a silent wish that it was Kushina who was looking at him like that. He would have to collect himself. Have to figure out something. Sasuke, who was gumming the tips of Minato’s hair, was clearly his in this other world, universe, or Hell he wasn’t sure. Clearly this Minato was in love with Mikoto.

    “I’m glad to see that you have your drive back.” Mikoto moved forward and planted a soft kiss onto his cheek. “Why don’t we make you lunch before Itachi comes home. I’m sure he will be eager to spend time with you.” Mikoto walked into the kitchen and Minato was left in the hall. It was time to make change in this world. ‘Maybe I will learn to love Mikoto.’


    It had taken a few years for it to happen. Years of hard work which had cost him many sleepless nights and even nights spent in the Hokage Mansion. He had fought hard to finally achieve his goal. Minato stood at the window of Mikoto’s and his room as he watched the hustle and bustle of the Uchiha sector. Those who had decided to move within the walls of the village were quickly collecting their belongings. Minato was sure to have homes built for each person who wanted to move. They were allowed to move into any section of the village and wouldn’t be changed for the move or their homes. Mikoto, who was standing beside him, moved closer. He had been so absorbed and exhausted by his work trying to convince the counsel that he had successfully been able to avoid any mention or hint of advances.

    Mikoto, who had been packing all day, came into the room with a tray. On the trey was a bottle of sake and two small sake cups. Placing the tray on the dresser she poured two cups of sake for them both.

    “To my hard working Hokage.” Mikoto said, handing him a cup. Minato took it, looked into the cup and smiled softly. His heart ached for Kushina. He wanted nothing more than to spend this moment with her, but he supposed after all this time, he was glad he was able to spend it with someone.

    “To my supportive wife.” With Sasuke at school and Itachi on a mission there was nothing stopping them. Nothing Minato could lean on to help him keep his distance from Mikoto. As she pulled him toward the bed however, he didn’t think that he really minded. The feelings that he had for Kushina would always be there. It was something that he would never be able to let go, but Mikoto was someone who had been there for him during the difficult battles in his life. Not only during the difficulties trying to unify the village, but also his battle of unifying the Konaha and Sunagakure.

    When he had found out about the difficulties they were having regarding the One tail within Rasa’s youngest son, he knew he would have to help. Rasa had first viewed it as an attempt to gain power, but when Minato had gone himself, with only the guard of his three young students onto the border of their territory to meet with the Fourth Kazekage, he had offered to listen. Within a few years his youngest son Gaara was well on his way to working with the one tail that was locked inside him. For better or for worse they would have to work together and it was better if they got along. Minato had explained, “Gaara will only live for a small portion of Shukaku’s life. If they can get along for that short period of time, things would go much better. Once that time is up, see if you can ensure that he won’t be used as a war tool.”

    The Five Great Nations were in talks now to try and unify as one united front. It would take time, but Minato had faith that it would work. Afterall, what was the point in trying to unify his village if on the outside of it they would be in wars for the rest of their lives.

    Mikoto had been with him through all of that. He was happy that she had been able to support him, had come to love her visits to the Hokage mansion and hoped that she would make him his favorite. He had looked forward to the greetings he would get when he would wake up in the morning, when he would leave, and when he would finally make it home. He found himself missing her when he would leave to go away on peace talks. He hadn’t wanted to admit it for a long time, but his heart had quietly fallen in love with her. It ached for Kushina, he would never be rid of that, but it also found a sure and subtle solace in Mikoto. If he had to be without Kushina, he was glad that he had someone as wonderful as Mikoto to hold him up through it all, even if she didn’t realize that she was doing it.

    Minato followed her willingly to the bed and as Mikoto untied the Yukata that she had been wearing he smiled at her for the first time, fully appreciating her for who she was. He didn’t think of Kushina at that moment. He saw the loving wife that he had before him, willing to put herself aside for the good of a village that she wasn’t sure really appreciated her for who she was. He wasn’t going to be one of them. At this moment he wasn’t going to think of Kushina, he wasn’t going to think of what he had lost, he was going to appreciate her for who she was and what she had done for him.


    When they both were spent and lunch had come and gone in a furious whirlwind of gasps and hungry touches, Mikoto lay across Minato’s chest walking her fingers along the edges of his muscles. With his eyes closed he heard her soft whisper “I’ve missed this.” breath softly caressing his cooling skin. There was one thing that Minato needed to say and with his revelation today he felt as though it was needed.

    “I have too.” Adjusting his arm to pull Mikoto closer to him, he kissed the top of her head. “I love you, Mikoto.” He could feel Mikoto’s smile go from content to beaming with his words. Minato felt sleep creeping in at the edges of his mind.

    “I’m going to go to the bathroom and clean up.” As Mikoto stood she planted a soft kiss to his lips, and let a hand trail down his chest and graze along his length. Minato’s breath caught before a soft moan escaped him. Mikoto winked and walked into the bathroom, grabbing a pair of underwear and a Yukata from the closet. It wasn’t long before Minato heard the shower start. Minato stood, collecting his own clothes. He wanted to hop in the shower with Mikoto before the boys came home.

    He heard the shower start, but before he could leave the closet with the clothes he had picked out he heard a scream from the bathroom followed by a loud thud and crack. Minato, as quick as ever, ran into the bathroom to find Mikoto on the floor having hit her head on the side of the bath. Dread filled him as he felt her neck for a pulse. There was one, but with the amount of blood coming from her head fear was easily taking hold. Would he lose her too only after he had accepted his feelings for her? Was this really his hell? He balled the yukata up that she had brought into the bathroom and held it to her bleeding head. He had to get her to help. Throwing on his clothes he ran to the bedroom. His heart was racing, but as with any emergency Minato’s mind was clear. He ripped the sheet from the bed, bringing it to the bathroom and pulled Mikoto from the floor to wrap her in it. Ensuring that she was fully covered, he pulled her into his arms and secured the wound into the crook of his arm. He needed to make sure the pressure was enough to slow the bleeding.

    Running out of their house the attention was immediately on him. The crowd that gathered was small, but was all he needed. “Mikoto fell in the bathroom and hit her head on the bath.” He looked around for the faces that he knew. “You, I need you to get Obito and tell him to stay at the house and wait for Sasuke and Itachi to come home. When they do, I need him to stay with them until I come to get the boys.” Several of his Kunai appeared in the hands of one of the Uchiha women. They had run into the house and gathered them for him. “Thank you.” With that he was speeding away from one kunai to another.

    When the Hokage reached the hospital everything was out of his hands. Mikoto was collected from his arms and brought back to the emergency unit. After they left with her it was more or less quiet. While there may have been people in the hospital, the waiting room was pretty empty. Minato was left standing, holding the bloody yukata in his hands. Would he be left alone after all? Had he not done enough to earn himself some sort of peace of his own? Was giving into his feelings for Mikoto seen as abandoning his deceased wife?

    Kushina pushed at the edges of his thoughts, sorrow, regret, remorse, shame, fear, worry, and so many other emotions were coursing through him. He had the chance to feel it all, to let it wash over him like locusts on summer crops. They ate away at him. Did he do this to her because he had given into his growing feelings for her? Was she to die too because of some unknown wrong that he had done in his previous life? Minato retreated to the bathroom. While he may allow himself to fall to pieces, he couldn’t allow himself to do it in front of everyone. Standing in front of the mirror Minato chuckled, the chuckle quickly turned into hysterical laughter as he gazed at his face, tears streaming down it. Death, he was worried about Mikoto dying in his afterlife. How did any of that make sense? He would be swept away from him and all because he did something that he knew nothing about. What, what was it?

    “What did I do?” He yelled at his reflection. He was losing it. His finely tuned control that he had cultivated for so long was falling to pieces. He didn’t even know if Mikoto was really going to die or if it was just an accident. He had gotten her quick enough. He had gotten her to the hospital quickly. He held onto the sink, hands shaking with the effort it took to keep himself standing. He would not bend. He would survive this cursed world that he had been thrust into. Maybe this was the world that those who used the reaper death seal were taken to. Maybe this was a penance for such a jutsu. Who would ever know to write it down? To be honest, his afterlife here wasn’t terrible, he just had to get used to it. Maybe, once his life ran out here, he would be reunited with Kushina after all. He knew he was still aging in a sense. His body was racking up the bill for his injuries and he had even spotted a gray hair a year ago, not that anyone else would notice it. He had to hold onto some sort of hope that one day he would be reunited with Kushina, then maybe this Mikoto would be reunited with her Minato.

    Minato looked at himself one more time in the mirror, fixed his hair and wiped the tears from his face. He needed to keep himself together. He would need to take care of the boys if he did in fact lose Mikoto today. He couldn’t lose it. Once he had straightened his clothes, and made sure he didn’t look like a lunatic, he made his way back to the waiting room. He would make sure Mikoto was alright before he went to get Sasuke. Entering the waiting room a nurse was there waiting.

    “Lord Fourth. Mikoto is still in intensive care, we have her son Itachi down to match her blood type. If you are able to reach him we will need a blood transfusion. Once we get that she will be on the mend.” She held a clipboard to her chest and wrote down a note, presumably saying that she had spoken with him. Minato, knowing exactly where Itachi was, shook his head.

    “You will have to find someone else. Itachi is on a mission and isn’t in the Konaha. He won’t be back until nightfall.” The nurse nodded and went off in search of a donor that would be able to help.

    The waiting began. Minato sat at first, thinking that his nerves needed to calm down. The constant tap, tap, tap of his foot was driving him crazy let alone the people around him. He stood, walked one way down the waiting room and then back down the other way. Those who were in the room with him followed his progress. ‘I could send a missive to the Uchiha clan to ask if anyone would be willing to be a donor if they matched.’ So he did. Asking the secretary behind the counter for a pen and paper. Sending it on it’s way with one of the ninja that was at the entrance to the hospital. Word had gotten around that he was in the hospital and that Mikoto had been injured. Luckily for him several anbu were sent to make sure he was helped and guarded at this time.

    “Is Miss Mikoto going to be ok?” Kakashi, under his anbu mask, asked quietly.

    “I don’t know yet. I need this taken to the Uchiha sector and given to each of them to let them know that I need a donor for Mikoto.” Kakashi nodded and sped off following the rooftops. He returned to the waiting room. Back to his pacing, he needed to stop pacing he knew, but sitting was even worse than this. Walking to the front desk he waited for the secretary’s attention.

    “Yes, Lord Fourth?”

    “I’m going to get something to drink. If there is any news, send for me.” The woman who had been following Mikoto’s progress nodded.

    “I’ll be sure to let you know right away.” Minato thanked the woman and walked briskly down the hall. He told himself to walk slower, that if he walked down the hall and back quickly it would defeat the purpose of going to get something all together. It was, after all, an attempt to kill time. The kitchen staff were kind, welcoming to the Hokage, though he expected no difference. They provided plenty of light, quick, on the go options for food, several drinks, and even offered to bring more to him once they found out which room Mikoto would be brought to once she was in recovery.

    He wholeheartedly appreciated their optimism. It helped. When he was on his way back to the waiting room, a bag full of food and drinks in hand, he saw several Uchiha walking into the hospital. Kakashi, who appeared by his side no more than a millisecond later said- “They are all here to have their blood type tested. There are more that are set to come if none of them are a match. Obito is with Sasuke. Sasuke is not happy being forced to stay home when his mother is at the hospital, but Obito told him that they had to wait for Itachi. Rin is waiting at the gate for Itachi’s return so that she can tell him to not debrief and go straight home.” Minato nodded, handed some food and a drink to Kakashi, and sat down. Maybe he would be able to sit and eat knowing that so many were there to help Mikoto pull through.

    “Thank you. You can stay here with me. Please keep me from ripping my hair out.” The comment earned a chuckle from Kakashi who nodded and stood beside Minato. Every once and a while the masks that covered his face would be carefully maneuvered in order to take a bite of the food. Minato ate, though it was mechanically. He couldn’t taste the food or drink that entered his mouth, but he did eat nonetheless.

    “Lord Fourth.” The nurse who had come to him before came out from behind the double doors leading into the emergency care unit. Minato stood and she walked over to him. The smile on her face made hope swell in his chest.

    “Good news?” He asked.

    “Yes, we found a match for Mikoto. We are administering the transfusion now. Once she is awake you will be able to go back.” The sigh of relief that escaped Minato wasn’t lost on anyone in the waiting room.

    “Thank you. Tell everyone back there I said thank you.” The nurse nodded and retreated to the emergency care unit. Minato allowed himself a moment to sit and put his face in his hands. Perhaps he wasn’t being punished after all. All the tension that had been building, the rise and fall of so many emotions over the past day made Minato’s body feel more tired than it had ever felt before. His solitary moment could only last that however, a moment. He quickly collected himself and stood. He would take up the time waiting for Mikoto to recover by thanking everyone who came to help her. By the time he was done thanking each Uchiha who came to help Mikoto he was ready to go get the boys. The nurse however came in at that time.

    “Mikoto is awake sir and she is asking for you.” Minato was quick to follow him back. When he gazed at her he was glad to see that she was sitting up.

    “I’m so glad you are alright.” Minato said with a happy smile. Mikoto turned and a confused frown shadowed her features.

    “Lord Fourth, you’re alive? Where’s Fugaku?”

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