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  • SQ Series 2021 Setting Visuals ❤

    Ahhh they released the new visuals for SQ’s 2021 setting! This will be my 4th year with SolidS & QUELL!!! I’m really looking forward to this year! 🥳

    Tbh I’m a little bit emotional lmfao I’ve watched them grow older, especially the twins. Ichiru???? Congrats, you’ve graduated from brat and have become a proper adult in my eyes now! 🤣 I will never get over how much Issei has grown either. They’re already adults omg I’m so proud of them! 😭 Meanwhile, Eichi seems to get younger with every passing year lol & Shiki is turning 30 in a few weeks haha 😛

    I was not ready for Tsubasa’s new hairstyle. I love it!!! My dear bias you’re going to cause my death 😍 and wow Rikka always looks so beautiful, but this time, I can’t help but think that he looks so handsome! That hairstyle suits him. Dai looks so handsome as well! The more I look at him, the cooler he looks~ Lastly, I know I say this every year about Shu, but he looks so charming, like a prince!

    I like many idols groups, but the SQ Series is special to me. SolidS’ songs set my heart on fire, lifting my spirits and helping me find motivation whenever I need it. While QUELL’s songs have a calming effect, just like water, which helps me relax whenever I need peace. They have everything, from visuals to talent, to my fave seiyuu and amazing songs, etc. How can I not love them?! I wish them another year of success~

    Please continue to support them this year too & if you haven’t checked them out yet I recommend that you do ❤

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  • Finally got the time to post this!  Got really delayed because so many things got in the way…my computer decided to stop cooperating…tumblr also decided to whisk part of my draft away…

    Anyway! here’s the last week for the challenge~ I don’t even know if what I typed makes sense.

    Hey, if you guys want to do the 30-day seiyuu challenge (whether mine or someone else’s), can you please let me know? I want to read more appreciation posts for seiyuus~

    If you want to see more posts filled with fangirling and my opinions, here is the link to week 3.

    22. Seiyuu with fastest voice change

    Shimazaki  Nobunaga

    Just listen to his character Kaido Shun…


    Originally posted by 0abnithi

    And this guy… 


    You’ll know what I mean.  The way he shifts in pitch is near instant.  

    23. Seiyuu with best main character roles

    Nakamura Yuuichi

    He doesn’t get casted as those typical loud, heroic, shounen main characters, but you’ll want to root for his characters.  (hmm, actually you’ll like his characters even though they’re support characters.)


    Originally posted by pururin


    Originally posted by yakumocchi

    He just… “owns” the character he voices.  Once I hear him voice a character, I can’t really imagine that character being voiced by anyone else. 


    Originally posted by thenichibro

    I feel that his voice really improves the character too; adding depth to the character.  

    Special Mention: Hanae Natsuki
    I’m personally not a fan, but I have to admit that he is talented.  


    Originally posted by angeljas

    He is given a lot of main character roles and he excels at it. He is given a lot of main character roles and he excels at it.


    Originally posted by kogamiryoken

    24. Seiyuu with best support roles

    Kimura Ryohei

    I don’t know why, but I tend to like his characters more when they’re not the main lead.  

    His characters tend to make others shine and become more memorable.


    Originally posted by s-eita


    Originally posted by volleygifs


    Originally posted by carakuma

    25. Favorite seiyuu duo/ combination

    Kimura Ryohei + Nobunaga Shimazaki

    I’ll go ahead and say it, I was very biased for this item.  They don’t really get much projects together unlike other seiyuu duos (Kamiya Hiroshi + Ono Daisuke, Fukuyama Jun + Sakurai Takahiro)  but they’re dynamics as theGreed pair just worked so well for me.


    Originally posted by fudayk

    I just really, really love their tandem as Licht and Lawless!  

    I loved it even more when I saw clips of the live Servamp event.


    Originally posted by yurisaber

    I hope to see more combinations like this in the future.  

    Another duo I like is Nakamura Yuuchi + Fukuyama Jun.  Ratio and Birthday was a great tandem.


    Originally posted by xxanimexgirlxx

    26. Seiyuus you always mistake for the other

    Hatano Wataru and Konishi Katsuyuki 


    Originally posted by laxuszoro


    Originally posted by ogkillua

    The sound so similar to me.   

    I actually thought these guys were voiced by Hatano Wataru until I checked the credits.


    Originally posted by mina-ahavi


    Originally posted by shinonomedaioh

     Well, they were actually casted as son and father once (the Yaotomes in Idolish7)


    Originally posted by tennkuj0s

    I guess I’m not alone in thinking that they do have some similarities?

    27. Underrated seiyuu

    Kimura Subaru
    I don’t think he gets much main voice acting roles.  (Well at least Hypmic got an anime now.)  He has this unique voice which sounds refreshing.    

    I myself didn’t really notice him before until someone pointed out to me how great he was in voicing Terasaka and Kanba.


    Originally posted by delicochan


    Originally posted by lightdrop-blog

    Furukawa Makoto


    Originally posted by gomugomuluffy

    Aside from Saitama (One-Punch Man) people rarely talk about his roles.

    I think he deserves more recognition for his voice work. 

    I was a bit disappointed when Taiju only got appearances in the earlier episodes of Dr. Stone.  I hope he gets a bigger role in the next season!


    Originally posted by ghostieghoulie

    Did you know he did the narration in the Saiki Kusuo Psi-nan anime?  


    Originally posted by ajinxeu

    I like his voice as Hatsuharu too.


    Originally posted by omiatsu

    28. Seiyuu who deserves better roles

    Ono Yuki

    His voice range is so flexible! 

    I always get pleasantly surprised when I find out that he was the voice behind a character. He’s one of those seiyuus who make you remember the character, not the voice actor.   

    Sadly, I feel like everytime he is one of the main characters, he ends up getting outshined or forgotten…because other seiyuus are more popular.


    Originally posted by spaztictwitch


    Originally posted by sher2gifs


    Originally posted by shadygalaxies


    Originally posted by bvckstvb

    Kawanishi Kengo

    Really impressive work in 3an-gatsu no lion!


    Originally posted by kozuuki

    I think he deserves more leading roles!  He did get the lead role in Junjo no Magmell.  The anime had so much potential, but I felt that it could have ended better.


    Originally posted by aviscranio

    He was also perfect as Asagiri Gen in Dr. Stone!


    Originally posted by thecrazyanimegirl

    29. Seiyuu who works well with other seiyuus

    Miyu Irino

    I can’t really describe it well.  But Miyu Irino (both character and voice) just blends into whatever role is given to him.  

    Classic example is Tachibana Chizuru from Kimi to Boku…like…he just established himself in their circle.


    Originally posted by boo-bach

    I guess he does get a lot of “outsider” characters who find their way in becoming a core part of a group.


    Originally posted by neo-nectar


    Originally posted by shirakin


    Originally posted by osakaxkobe

    One minute it’s “look at this wild card” and the next minute it’s “since when did you guys get all so chummy?!”

    As expected of an experienced voice actor!  He can make his voice work in any genre, any character, with any cast.  

    Hosoya Yoshimasa

    He works so well with various tandems.

    I have a friend who likes the Shimazaki Nobunaga + Hosoya Yoshimasa combi.


    Originally posted by darkgreenmeadow


    While I prefer the Miyano Mamoru + Hosoya Yoshimasa combi~


    Originally posted by peiipain


    Originally posted by nikifforovs


    Originally posted by kaito-senpai-ajin

    Whichever combi you like, there’s no denying his talent.  He has a good range of character types!

    30. Seiyuus who gives characters life

    Suzumura Kenichi

    I’m not just talking about making the character lively. (like this adorable furball)


    Whether the character is energetic or not, young or not, Suzumura Kenichi makes the character so believable and real.  


    Originally posted by seihanndas


    Originally posted by male-k0

    It seems to me that, no matter how minor, he makes each character memorable.


    Originally posted by seikaku-ga-warui-banned

    and that’s a wrap for the seiyuu challenge~ (for now ^ ^ ) I did have fun doing this and now have even better appreciation for the work they do.  I hope I can repeat this challenge in the future~ there are still so many impressive seiyuus out there!   

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  • Yokubari Dreamer Natsuki Hanae & Yukari Tamura

    Yokubari Dreamer - Natsuki Hanae & Yukari Tamura

    Anime: Last Period: The Journey to the End of Despair

    Type: OP 1

    #last period: the journey to the end of despair #last period: owarinaki rasen no monogatari #natsuki hanae#yukari tamura#yokubari dreamer#spring 2018#anime#tv#op
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  • image

    This is basically Tsukishima vs. Hoshiumi.

    Maannnn. My brain is literally full of Haikyuu. Please send help.

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  • image

    I started Demon Slayer and I can’t stop hearing Kaneki 😅

    #this mans knows how to play the anguished characters for sure #natsuki hanae#demon slayer#tokyo ghoul#personal
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  • Anime Character Ranking Voiced by Natsuki Hanae

    1. Kamado Tanjiro

    Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

    2. Kaneki Ken

    Tokyo Ghoul

    3. Toritsuka Reita

    The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

    4. Arima Kousei

    Your Lie in April

    5. Kominato Haruichi

    Ace of Diamond

    6. Higekiri

    Touken Ranbu

    7. Hoshiumi Kōrai

    Haikyu!! TO THE TOP

    8. Biscuit Griffon

    Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS

    9. Takumi Aldini

    Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma

    10. Yuna D. Kaito

    Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Edition

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  • Why does nobody tells me Riddle is secretly a mermaid princess?

    Also since Natsuki Hanae also voice Kousei Arima, I headcanon Riddle can play the piano

    (But he’s also a demon slayer/omyouji and a digimon tamer)

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    There’s actually more Disney Koe No Oujisama songs other than the ones from 2013 (or around that time i dont know) and I’M SCREECHINGGGGGG

    NATSUKI HANAE (voices Tanjiro, Kaneki, Riddle) SANG PART OF YOUR WORLD,

    YUTO UEMURA (voices Atsushi Nakajima aka my bb) SANG A WHOLE NEW WORLD



    These are the ones from 2018 btw, I think i read something on internet that there’s a 2019 album. IMMA CHECK EM ALL 😭😭😭

    Natsuki’s ver of Part of Your World is a bit different than Yuki Kaji BUT I STILL LOVE BOTH VERSION! Natsuki’s ver is more upbeat and cheerful, while Yuki’s ver sticks more like the original and is more slow and soft. BUT BOTH ARE BEAUTIFUL AND CUTE AKJDKSAM 😭😭😭

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  • Happy 29th Birthday, Hanae Natsuki-san!! | 26.06.20

    Gahh I’m late. Just found out Hanae’s birthday was on June 26 (so many seiyuus having their birthday on June). In this post, let me share my current top 5 favorite Hanae roles I have had the chance to encounter ^^

    #1: 9S - NieR: Automata


    Originally posted by kyoyay

    The sole reason why I’m creating this post. I’m not much of a Hanae fan. There was a point in time when I was, until my days got oversaturated with Hanae anime (kind of like how I’m not much of a Matsuoka Yoshitsugu fan). But I’ve gotta say, give an emotionally broken anime to Hanae Natsuki, and he’s sure to rip your heart out. 9S is only an example of this seiyuu’s emotion range, down-spiraling from the easygoing android into sheer madness, and he’s not the only character Hanae has had to display such range. Hanae as 9S simply broke me.

    #2: Arima Kousei - Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso


    Originally posted by animebigworld

    The second Hanae role I encountered, around the time when Hanae was starting to get more recognition and landing more leading roles. Beautiful art and beautiful music, I’m sad to say that I’m one of the people who didn’t think Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso was all that, though I was in love with it when I first started it. The animation seemed flawless and the classical music was amazing (I’m a sucker for classical music). Maybe because the progression was too slow, and after catching up to the manga, the anime just lost its flair. Still, I will never forget Kousei :3

    #3: Kaneki Ken - Tokyo Ghoul


    Originally posted by sairenji

    One cannot simply talk about Hanae Natsuki without mentioning Kaneki Ken. The anime wasn’t good. I went into it knowing how big the fandom was, but sometimes, I’m even more insecure about anime with huge fandom backing it. The first season was all right, but the barely good pacing it had fell apart in the following season where the story was all over the place. It was a mess. Still, Hanae’s Kaneki Ken was definitely one of his best performances, and is probably the most memorable to me. I mentioned another character like 9S. This is him. They’re different, but I will never forget Hanae’s screams at the end of season 1 as Kaneki plunged into madness. (also, Tokyo Ghoul introduced me to amazarashi, so that’s something :3)

    #4: Biscuit Griffon - Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans


    Originally posted by yoriichi-zeroshiki

    I didn’t find a gif of him alone T_T A side character and the voice of reason, Biscuit was probably my favorite character among the Gundam IBO cast. Soft and caring, he’s the one everyone often went to with their problems, including Orga. Not much to say, as I don’t remember much but the fact that I loved him (and I only just remembered that Hanae voiced him lol)

    #5: Kaizuka Inaho - Aldnoah.Zero


    Originally posted by oreki

    My first Hanae role! I loved him after watching Aldnoah.Zero. The distant “prodigy” protagonist who doesn’t talk much. I dropped the second season halfway through though, haha. 

    Honorable Mentions

    Katsuragi Maki - Hoshiai no Sora


    Originally posted by phaz0n

    The most recent Hanae anime I saw. The anime has a lot of flaws, the major being that it doesn’t seem to know which direction to take. We have the typical “bad club turns good” idea, then we have the “people with dysfunctional families find comfort in each other” idea. It’s clear the director wanted to go with the latter. Would’ve turned out much better if he had dropped the former. The main problem was that the staff wanted to focus on both, but it sacrificed the emotional and character depth the anime could’ve gotten if they had only focused on one. Maybe, if the anime had been longer, say a two-cour anime, they could’ve given it justice. 

    Sakishima Hikari - Nagi no Asukara


    Originally posted by angeljas

    I haven’t seen NagiAsu… It was around the time when I was tired of hearing Hanae’s voice every where that I couldn’t focus on the anime every time I hear Hikari (and Ishikai’s character) spoke lol. It’s still on my to-watch list, though. 

    Kamado Tanjirou - Kimetsu no Yaiba


    Originally posted by knysource

    I felt compelled to add Tanjirou, even though I haven’t seen the anime ^^; saw 4 episodes, and felt it too shounen for me ^^; I’m getting old… Too much monologue, not enough action (and in action, I mean story). The art and animation were out of this world though. Still, Hanae’s the main lead of this mega popular franchise, so I’ll put him on the list. maybe one day i’ll try to watch more of it. def want to see what the fuss was all about with Kamado Tanjirou no Uta

    Apparently I haven’t seen a lot of Hanae roles. Which is surprising because I see him everywhere xD (tho well, the anime I’ve seen him in tend to be mega popular franchises lol–or at least, popular in its time)

    #hanae natsuki#natsuki hanae#nier automata#tokyo ghoul #shigatsu wa kimi no uso #aldnoah zero #iron blooded orphans #hoshiai no sora #nagi no asukara #kimetsu no yaiba #demon slayer#nier: automata #your lie in april #aldnoah.zero #mobile suit gundam #gundam ibo#stars align#seiyuu#seiyuu musings
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  • Natsuki Hanae’s birthday illustration by Sui Ishida.

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  • Happy Birthday, Nacchan!

    Happy Birthday to the seiyuu I’m very fond of, Hanae Natsuki!


    I first heard him as Kaneki Ken and then Arima Kousei


    but again only started recognizing his voice through Daiya as Kominato Haruichi!


    his voice may have a certain softness to it, but undeniably dynamic - a perfect fit for all sorts of characters.


    which eventually led him to be the 2019 Seiyuu of The Year!


    and more than just his talent, I also adore his personality very much, and of course his love for his cats and his characters as if they were his own kids (dedicating his twitter account for his cats and needing a new space for all the merch of his characters)!


    and every year, I look forward to the beautiful birthday cake his wife makes for him. the woman who keeps him happy, well-fed, and loved.


    I have to admit he’s one of the seiyuu who convinces me right away to watch a series, so I’m always looking forward to Nacchan content! I hope for his career to soar even more because he truly deserves it ❤

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  • Right. Give an emotionally broken character to Hanae Natsuki and you’re sure to have your heart ripped out.

    #nier automata#hanae natsuki#natsuki hanae #nier automata spoilers #seiyuu#seiyuu musings #i was expecting it #but i was not ready all the same
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  • Today, the voice actor for the main character of Demon Slayer is forced to take on one of the most maddening games ever made. Enjoy!

    #kimetsu no yaiba #natsuki hanae#kamado tanjirō #getting over it with bennett foddy #demon slayer#Youtube
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  • Learned today that Sieg’s VA is also Tai in Digimon Tri and the 2020 reboot (though not in the original seasons), so basically art of Fafnir with Greymon when?

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  • image

    I want to get better at drawing. I see al these wonderfull artists drawing fanart and I really look up to them. I think im going to draw everyday for like an hour at max, hoping I get better at it.

    Drawing everyday a simple piece is a nice start, right? Where do I even start?

    #anime #yesterday wo utatte #Hayakawa Rou#natsuki hanae
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  • Can I just point out the connection of Natsuki Hanae in my life? He voices for next to every character who has saved me, like, molding me into who I am today.

    Though I played the game in english, 9S in Nier Automata really got me into games. Into story writing too! Then I recently found out his japanese voice was Natsuki.

    I was never into music until Your lie in april, once again the one character who I got attached too and learned piano for was Arima Kōsei. He was voiced by Natsuki-

    I could go on forever about the many characters that all tie to Natsuki, protag or background character. I’ll end it on the one person who saved me. From everything when I was going to finally give in. 

    Kamado Tanjiro, the kind boy we all know from Demon slayer. Voiced by Natsuki, both of them have done so much for me without even knowing. I want to thank Natsuki someday. 

    I wouldn’t be me without anime. <3

    #Modest talks#Random thoughts #Natsuki is amazing #natsuki hanae#Tanjiro kamado #Nier automata 9s #your lie in april #demon slayer
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