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    here’s a little explanation arvind ethan david apparently gave on what the setting of the dghda animated series will be during his interview in may. when asked whether it will be a continuation of the bbca dirk gently series or a reboot, he answered “both.” he described the setting as a “kind of a spiderman: into the spiderverse approach”, in that there will be room for the different versions of dirk gently (including sam barnett’s dirk).

    i must have missed this back in may but came across it on twitter today so i thought i’d share it in case someone else missed it as well!

    #dghda #arvind ethan david #dirk gently isn’t over #dirk gently’s holistic detective agency #dirk gently#samuel barnett#douglas adams#new case #save dirk gently
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    #dghda #dirk gentlys holistic detective agency #dirk gently #save dirk gently #new case
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  • All you need to know about Dirk Gently: a skull (hello Sherlock), a sword, a boot, an ant and a pink elephant can all take part in one scene.

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    The Highest Number Of Cases In Recent Weeks Have Been Detected When A Country Says ‘Coronavirus Is Over’! https://dlvr.it/RZ54F1

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  • God help my wallet but it’s time to upgrade my pc

    #new gpu#more ram#new case #maybe a third monitor with stands
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  • #ask#new case #dirk gently isn’t over
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    #dghda#dirk gently#new case #dirk gently’s holistic detective agency #arvind ethan david #dirk gently isn’t over #save dirk gently #samuel barnett#elijah wood
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    • Man-thing: Mom said not to make anything for Thanksgiving since nobody's really getting together.
    • Me: I'm making pumpkin pie. The pumpkin is already baked and everything, just need to put it together. I figure we can take over whatever the two of us don't eat and pawn it off.
    • MT: M (his sister) will probably like that. Unless she's crash dieting again.
    • me: I thought nobody was getting together?
    • MT: She and S (M's roommate) are going to be here for a couple of days.
    • me: Wait a minute. That's not nobody. That's somebody. When are they supposed to get here?
    • MT: I'm not sure.
    • me: M works in a church and S works in a school. When was the last time they were in contact with the general public? What was the last time they were tested?
    • MT: uuuuh.... I can ask and see if they've been working from home?
    • me: OK, good. What time is everybody supposed to be eating?
    • MT: Probably around 3pm.
    • me: Oh. Well. So much for my going over there anyway.
    • MT: Mom sounded excited when I told her you would try to be there.
    • me: That's great! Maybe they'll think about that and eat at a normal time some other holiday in the future, so I don't have to stay up to the equivalent of like 4 AM.
    • MT: I doubt it. But I'll call later today and find out details.
    • me: Good. Kind of important to know what's going on. Oh, and you should also ask when they're going to the Festival of Trees. If they're still stupid enough to go. Or whether they're smart enough to stay home. Or if M is still going even if your parents stay home, and when her tickets are for. Cause you're not going over there at all either if any of them go to that, since you're not bringing anything home to me.
    • MT: ..... I'll call.
    #over 8k new cases every day in this state alone #we're in one of the counties with the highest numbers #every last one of us is compromised and susceptible #and these stupid fuckers can't get it through their heads that we want nothing to do with catching anything #because of TrAdItIoN and FaMiLy #goddamn people #get a fucking grip
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