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    Title: All The Shining Stars Combined Will Be There When You Awake

    Relationship: Deceased Father Y/N with adopted daughter Robin

    (A/N: Found Moondrop's song nice tbh LOL and great animation btw lmao)

    Robin clutched at the music box on her hands, the last thing that reminded her of his father figure

    It was in the middle of night in the middle of nowhere, in a Revolutionary Army Base to be specific. She couldn't sleep after being separated from her crew, the feeling was painfully familiar. Always being alone at night always reminds her of that sickening date

    Her father promised he will be back after being taken by the Marines

    Did he come back?

    He didnt.

    He only left the piece he made to her, a music box made from the same specie of wood from her Island, It pains her how the music box reminds her of her two homes

    She should be angry, angry to herself that the most important people of hers died because of her. She couldn't do it. Her father would have pouted and be angry that she thinks of herself in that way

    She played the music box, recalling what her father always had told her. She wasn't at fault, her actions are nothing good nor bad, its all what humans do to survive, Her life is just another similar ball in a ocean of pearls. Soon enough you will have your own people to rely on

    And he was right, Her crew had proven it. Especially her captain and the shipwright, Her father would have been laughing at her right now if she admitted it. She huffed as the voice of her father played in the music box, She always remembers how he sang her to sleep.

    And soon enough, Nico Robin fell asleep on her bed. Latent hands tucking her in, and kissing the exhausted woman's forehead

    "Sleep Well, Angel"

    "All the 8 stars will be there"

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    Straw Hats + Textposts

    (and honorable Law)

    Part 2 bc you all have been so good

    Part 1
    #fair sanji is more how i treat him rather that 'canon' him but meh #one piece#luffydmonkey #one piece zoro #luffy d monkey #roronoa zoro #monkey d luffy #one piece sanji #vinsmoke sanji #one piece usopp #one piece nami #nico robin #one piece robin #tony tony chopper #chopper #one piece franky #one piece brook #soul king brook #one piece law #one piece trafalgar law #trafalgar law #straw hats as #text posts #straw hat crew #straw hat pirates
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    They are going the wrong way forsure 😂😂

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    Reading One Piece: Chapters 764-765

    -”All an act.” “LIAR! Your shoulder’s burning!” skdfhsdkhf oh my god I love him

    -I’m gonna have to disagree with Corazon’s assessment of his brother. Doflamingo was a rotten kid, sure, but considering the environment he was born into, can you blame him? If anything, it’s a miracle that Corazon and his father didn’t turn out like the rest of the Dragons.

    -”And Vergo, the previous Corazon.” Huh... so Corazon isn’t a name, it’s a title? Fascinating.

    -Fuckin... we still know so little about what D means, but every answer just raises further questions. If the people of D are “enemies of the gods,” does that mean they used to be some kind of secret society opposed to the Celestial Dragons? Who started their lineage? How is it passed down?

    -”I realized I owed you for staying quiet two years ago. So now we’re even.” aaaaaaaaaw

    -Shit, Corazon’s working with the Navy? I’m suddenly a lot more conflicted.

    -Fucking hell. All this time and not a single doctor even bothers trying to save him. No wonder Corazon’s so furious. He’s just been forcing Law to relive his worst demons over and over again, with nothing to show for it.

    -”The pain was all yours, dear boy!” Ow.

    -”I mean, I’d hate to lay suspicion on my own brother.” Christ, I can almost taste the rage behind his smile. And Corazon’s about to walk right into his trap.

    -And now the pieces are falling into place. Doflamingo wanted his own brother to sacrifice himself to grant him eternal life with the Op Op fruit. But he didn’t know that Corazon already had a devilfruit power, so his plan was doomed from the beginning. So once Law eats the fruit and refuses to use its immortality powers, Doflamingo’s goal was rendered completely unreachable. No wonder he bears such a grudge.

    -Listen I know Law’s not gonna die in this flashback but christ almighty this is tense.

    -Wow, what an amazing moment. Corazon knows full well how much the government is to blame for all this mess, and he’ll be damned before he ever becomes a true navy man.

    -Hahahaha, Corazon’s power in action is great. Silence is such a powerful tool if you know how to use it.

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    She is one of those three dots 

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    #opfanart #one piece nami #nico robin
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    Robin is sensible as always 

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    Head empty… frobin reunion

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    🎈 One Piece characters throwing you a surprise birthday party

    a/n: spoiler - some are very bad at it

    those who keep up the surprise till the last second, really tricking you into thinking you're keeping them company for some boring task until you get smacked in the face by a confetti bomb and a room full of people screaming at you

    ❀ Rayleigh, Robin (gaslight girlboss gatekeep), Law (he too), Izou (... you guessed it), Marco, Black Maria, Hina, Mihawk, Benn, Boa, Crocodile, Doflamingo, Lucci, King

    those who are WAY TOO EXCITED to keep the surprise to themselves

    ❀ Luffy, Perona, Ulti, Shanks, Roger, Yamato, Sabo, Bartolomeo

    those who avoid you two weeks in advance because they're afraid they'll tell you something they shouldn't

    ❀ Kid, Ace, Sanji, Usopp, Thatch, Page One, Kiku, Paulie, Oden, Buggy

    those who are are trying hard to be discreet but ask you very obvious questions about your favorite party food, if you prefer golden or colorful decorations, how you feel about dress codes and if there's anyone you would hate to meet at a random encounter where there's cake

    ❀ Zoro, Franky, Rosinante, Smoker, Denjiro, Killer, Whitebeard, Who's Who, Katakuri, Jinbei, X Drake, Kalifa (for Iceburg), Cavendish, Garp

    those who go all in and buy you a whole outfit for the occasion, one they know will make you feel like a fancy mf (that you are)

    ❀ Rayleigh, Nami (your next gift for her better be something equally expensive, she kept the receipts), King, Sanji, Izou, Sabo

    those who will wear a party hat for you but their face will be like 😐 the whole time ("having fun, babe?" "yeah, why do you ask?" 😐😐😐)

    ❀ Law, Crocodile, Kid, X Drake

    those who eat up the whole buffet within three seconds

    ❀ Luffy, Ace, Garp

    those who will fistfight anyone who tries to drag them away from the karoke machine

    ❀ Whitebeard, Queen, Roger, Thatch, Oden

    those who hired a stripper for the special occasion

    ❀ Cavendish, Robin, Boa, Kalifa, Hina

    those who are the stripper

    ❀ Kaido, Roger, Rayleigh, Smoker, Denjiro (yes it's just dilfs, let me have my self-indulgent hcs)

    those who weren't hired as stripper but strip anyway

    ❀ Shanks, Queen, Sabo, Ace, Thatch, Oden, King, Franky

    those who will let you know what a pain in the ass it was to throw you a surprise party but they would do it all over again because they love you <3

    ❀ yeah, basically all of them

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    Alternate robin design based on some of her concept art (and my personal taste)

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    Leo reports in! 

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    Just read a fanfic where the mugiwara weren't together anymore so i wrote this to cope :')

    Here's how i think it would go:

    Luffy & Zoro - would stay together literally until one of them dies. Both of them still want to explore and find new challenges around the world. And their bond is too strong for them to separate from eachother

    Sanji - He'd stay a long with the crew, but eventually he would go back to Baratie. Zeff would die or just pass the title of Head Cheff to him. The crew would visit him, and in rare occasions he'd visit them.

    Usopp - What are this man's ambitions? I'm not sure but i think he'd go back to Syrup to open a small repair/crafting store. OR he'd tag along witj name and would do the same thing but in her village

    Nami - she'd be the first one to want to leave the crew (after she finished her map) and would go back to Cocoyasi Village. She'll just live peacefully with her sister (and maybe Usopp) planting oranges and sharing her knowledge with other people.

    Chopper - it would take some time, but he'd be one of the firsts to leave. Maybe he would stay in a village with high knowledge of medicine, or one that really needed a doctor, or maybe he'd go back home. I don't really know. (But Kureha must miss him and i really want them together again)

    Robin - wouldn't leave the crew until she finds everything she's been looking for. After that, she'll find a small village with a strong scientific community, and would share what she knows and try to learn more. From time to time she'd find the Mugiwara and spend some time with them.

    Brook - he has no reasons to leave, initially, but maybe he finds a cool village. I dream about him opening a tavern and singing for thousands of sailors and other people during many many years and being happy I'm going to die

    Franky - he's the one that doesn't want to leave at all, and he stays last with Zoro and Luffy. What would make him leave? Like Chopper, i think Franky would only leave the crew if he found a place where he is more/really needed, or could learn things he never even dreamed about

    Jinbei and Yamato - i am so sorry i have no ideia!!!! Still getting used to them 😔🤚

    Just wait I'm gonna add more things to this

    #op#op hc #one piece headcanons #nami#zoro#roronoa#luffy #monkey d. luffy #usopp #soul king brook #brook#captain usopp#franky#franky op#nico robin#robin#sanji#vinsmoke sanji#chopper #tony tony chopper #i love thrm #*ugly crying*#jinbei #Yamato isn't here but i love them please just wait
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    being in a relationship with them

    characters : shanks & nico robin
    warnings : none? 15+ ig?
    a/n : thank you so much for the request and support @shankspants!! couldn't have reached 50 without you ^^. i was a lil bored so i did both, i hope this pleases you! it was fun writing for them and i got all soft and a little carried away with listing so it's a lil long. lowkey think it's kinda boring for standards but i hope you still enjoy them! have a great day, mwah <3!
    reblogs, likes, and replies are appreciated! <33

    if you're shorter than him, he always rests his head on the crown of your head or shoulders.

    if you're taller than him, please rest your head on his head or shoulder.

    his love language (giving) is everything and (receiving) anything BUT physical affection is his favorite to give and receive (followed by quality time).

    definitely an ass guy.

    smacks your ass everytime you or him walk pass each other.

    lays his head on your ass when he catches you lying on your stomach.

    likes to rub your belly <3.

    you either have to be a heavy sleeper or patient as fuck .

    you can't cuddle with him because he sleeps in a starfish position.

    this man snores like a dragon and sleeps like a rock.

    refuses to believe he beats kaido in snoring even if the whole ship complains about it.

    loves it when your fingers get lost in his red locks.

    as much as he's loud and can't shut up, he loves sitting in silence with you at night.

    drunk shanks if just an even more lovesick idiot.

    peppers your face with kisses and will die if you do the same.

    his weak spots to be kissed at are his scar and left shoulder.

    will also die if you carry him bridal style.

    at this point, just consider luffy as the son you never met.

    loves to wear matching pieces clothing.

    falls in love all over again when he sees you clapping someone's ass.

    benn is either happy someone else has to deal with shanks or disappointed because he has another shanks to deal with.

    he loves kissing your neck and collarbone.

    a LOT if i love you's everyday :((.

    because this man refuses to let you forget or feel unloved

    uses conqueror's to fuck with you and loves your reaction.

    lord, if someone hurts you...

    well, he's an emperor for a reason!

    tell him he's hot when he gets all serious and cocky, and his lips are suddenly on yours

    present or not present, he blabbers about you day and night to his crew.

    "captain, please, respectfully, shut the fuck up."

    "and they-" "suddenly punched the asshole and clapped his ass no problem. damn, i fell in love all over again because that was hot as fuck, yes, we know. you told us for the 4th time today."

    whenever you argue, it's most likely him thinking your overdramatic and you thinking he's dense, OR VICE VERSA.

    all arguements ends with kisses or more ;)

    his title doesn't matter when he's with you.

    he's just shanks, the love of your life.

    i feel like shanks is the type of person who won't date anyone unless he's sure to marry them


    if you show interest in luffy and remember something about luffy that he told you, he'll get all giddy and laugh.

    praise him and you might get whatever you want ;).

    nico robin


    followed by (giving) acts over service then physical touch.

    when you're not in the same room, she checks up on you with her ability from time to time.

    scares you the fuck up because you'd be concentrating and then

    "would you like to have a tea or snacks?" somewhere in the room.

    "are you looking for this?" a finger points to something you were looking for.

    "need me to help?" cue two arms emerging from your table .

    all in all, just loves to help you in any way possible.

    when you call her mommy be it as a joke or for real, she teases you back with some "ara, ara".

    lowkey loves it when you cling to her.

    knows the language of flowers and uses it even if you don't know shit.

    touchstarve, obviously.

    remember when i said sometimes hands, eyes, or lips pop out of nowhere in the room your in?

    will melt if you intertwine your fingers around her bloomed ones.

    holds hands with you even if you're across the sunny.

    ALWAYS smiling when she's around you.

    you and the crew made life so much worth living and she thinks a smile is the least she can do for you.

    sometimes, her cheeks hurt but she can't help it.

    she'll always have your back, no matter what.

    she's your bestfriend, s/o, fiancee (but you don't know that yet, emotional support and rock.

    whenever you (RARELY) argue, you'd probably be irked at how calm she is.

    that's just how she is, please understsnd her.

    best cuddler because that ability of her can do wonders ;).

    gets cold easily, please warm her up.

    loves to kiss your hands and hairline.

    face each other in bed and nose to nose? dies.

    whenever she senses you're down and across the room, she just opens her arms and you just run into them

    if you love to read or interested in reading, that's probably her favorite past time with you (ft. chopper).

    god tier book recommendations, 100% guaranteed good reads.

    look, she's happy to be alive right now with you and the crew BUT

    tell her how much you're glad she's alive, and a few tears may or may not form.


    she's growing your favorite plant, doesn't care if it's a flower or weed, she WILL plant it and she WILL make it bloom.

    teatime ft. brook ^^

    her favorite spot is the aquarium bar.

    loves to wear matching accessories with you.

    can't keep her hands off of you.

    play with her hair but never with her heart.

    would love to have a kid someday (adopted or not).

    kisses you out of the blue.

    she's just a darling to have around.

    at first, a little closed off emotionally but you'll get there slowly :)).

    please don't hurt her :(.

    #one piece #one piece x reader #one piece headcanons #one piece scenarios #one piece x you #op x reader #nico robin #one piece robin #op robin #nico robin headcanons #nico robin x reader #nico robin x you #op #op robin x reader #shanks #red hair shanks #shanks x reader #shanks headcanons #shanks x you #op shanks #one piece shanks #akagami shanks#op fanfic #one piece fanfiction
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  • detective-ritsu
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Blazing Hearts

    -Finished Thriller Bark and I like Perona a lot so here we go

    -Perona x Reader (Gender Natural) 

    -We have the Mera Mera no Mi Fruit (Fire-Fire Fruit), but Ace has it so ignore that plot hole

    -I have absolutely no idea who Sodgeking is

    -Trigger Warnings: Depression (I only use the word once, but still here just in case) 


    Thriller Bark. 

    The giant ship in the middle of the sea. Zombie’s everywhere, strong generals that we must battle. I wouldn’t have such a problem if I wasn’t left dealing with the zombies. I understand that I have the Mera Mera no Mi fruit, but I wanted to fight one of Morie’s crew members at least. 

    Plus, I know I shouldn’t be thinking this, but that pink-haired girl we saw earlier is pretty cute. 

    I know, I’ll switch with whoever’s fighting her. 

    I don’t know where I really was, but I followed the screams of Usopp and planned to ask him about that pink hair girl. 

    I didn't find Usopp, but I did witness Sogeking fighting the cute girl. 

    “Yo Us-I mean Sogeking.” I shouted out. 

    He and the girl turned around, seeing me lightly jog towards them. 

    “Y/N? What are you doing here?” He shouted in confusion. 

    “I came to fight her instead of dealing with these zombies.” I explained. 

    I ran over and patted him on the back. 

    “You wouldn’t mind switching battles with me plus I ran out of salt,” I leaned over, whispering in his hair, “I also have a plan to deal with her.” 

    “Sure, but where are the zombies?” Looked towards where I ran from. 

    “Right there.” I pointed at the horde of zombies that followed me. 

    “What the he-” He shouted before I gave him a push towards them. 

    “Good luck.” I said before turning to the girl. 

    “You really have the guts to ignore me the entire time.” She said.

    I couldn’t help, but blush slightly when looking at her. 

    “Sorry about that, but I don’t want to fight you.” I explained. 

    “What?” Confused clearly. 

    “Before that, I’m Y/N.” I extended my hand out towards her. 

    She watched my hand before slightly moving and accepting it. 

    “Perona.” She muttered. 

    “What a pretty name.” I responded. 

    She had a tiny blush but looked mostly confused. 

    “Like I said earlier, I don’t want to fight you.” A smile appeared on my face. 

    Perona backed up a bit, watching me. 

    “Why’s that?” She questioned. 

    “Because you’re cute.” I explained. 

    “What?” She completely let her guard down and shouted that out. 

    “I said you’re cute.” I repeated. 

    “I heard you the first time,” She started rubbing her head in confusion, “We're enemies, you can’t say stuff like that.” 

    “Why not, I’m just telling the truth.” I explained once again. 

    “Just stop it.” She released some ghosts towards my direction. 

    Those are the things that made Luffy and Zoro mad depressed or something. I should probably dodge them. 

    I watched them carefully and accidentally forgot to dodge so I took the ghost directly. I fell to my knees with my head low. 

    “I’m worse than a snail.” I muttered to myself. 

    “Oh, are you okay? Wait, I can't worry about the enemy.” She reached her hand out at first before pulling back. Not fully sure what to do. 

    I pulled myself up and stared at her. 

    “Did you just ask if I’m okay after I attacked you?” I shouted. 

    “I didn’t know how to react since you just took the hit!?” She explained. 

    “So, you’re worried about the enemy, you shouldn’t be saying stuff like that.” I jokily said. 

    “S-shut up.’ She replied. 

    “Mind if I ask you something?” I asked. 

    “What?” Giving a rude tone of sorts. 

    “Why join Moria?” 

    “Simple, it was quite fun, so I stayed here.” She replied. 

    “Alright then,” I raised my hand out for her, “Wanna join the Straw Hats?” 

    “What!?” A shocked expression appeared on her face. 

    “I want you to join us.” I repeated. 

    “I heard you the first time!” She explained. 

    She started thumbing her feet, thinking to herself. 

    “Why do you want me to join?” 

    “Well, you’re cute and I want to know you better.” I explained. 

    “You’re a strange one.” She muttered. 

    “Thank you.” I replied. 

    “Jacdskjncjx.” She grumbled her words out of rage. 

    “Hehe.” I chuckled. 

    “What’s so funny?” She shouted. 

    “Nothing, I just found it funny how easy it is to make you react.” I chuckled even more. 

    “Why you…” A slight hint of blush appeared on her face. 

    “I've proven that I won’t attack you so can you not attack me at all.” I said. 

    “I guess, so what did you have in mind. I would have assumed you wanted to fight me by letting your friend trade places with you.” 

    “I never planned to fight you, I just wanted you to join us.” I replied. 

    “Geez, come with me.” She walked over and grabbed my hand, bringing me to a room that seemed to be hers. 

    She sat down on the bed and I did so too. 

    “Fighting can be tiring so let’s just relax here until it’s all over.” She laid back on the bed. 

    “So will you join the Straw Hats?” I asked. 

    “I’ll decide after the battle.” She explained. 

    We ended up talking the entire time, brushing off everything that happened outside the room. 

    Day time finally happened, but we didn’t notice as we both explained our adventures and battles over the years. 

    The door swung open and Ussop appeared in complete shock. 

    “W-w-what are you doing with her Y/N?!?” He practically shouted. 

    “Stuff…happened.” I replied. 

    “Hey long nose.” Perona waved towards him. 

    “You tried killing me!” He argued back. 

    I stood up, helping Perona up as well as we walked past Usopp. 

    He kept shouting at us as I brought us to the rest of the Straw Hats. Everyone seemed on guard as I brought Perona except Luffy. 

    “Hey Luffy?” I waved over to him. 

    “Oh Y/N, what’s up?” Luffy shouted. 

    “WHY IS SHE WITH YOU?!” The rest shouted except Robin and Zoro mainly. 

    “You wouldn’t mind if she joined the Straw Hats?” I asked. 

    “Hmm, sure.” He replied. 

    “WHAT?!” The rest shouted except Robin and Zoro mainly. 

    “What? If Y/N wants her to join then why not?” He questioned. 

    “She’s one of the enemies.” Usopp mentioned. 

    “Hmm,” He started rubbing his chin, “WHAT?” 

    “I’ll buy you meat.” I replied. 

    “Deal.” With a confident look. 

    The others seemed to have their own opinions, but I ignored it. 

    “Looks like you’re a member of the team.” I said to Perona. 

    “I never said I’ll be joining.” She mentioned. 

    “So you won’t be joining?” 


    “Promise things will be fun?” She asked. 

    “Promise.” I stuck up my pinky to promise. 

    Instead of finishing the pinky promise, Perona wrapped her hands around my waist and pulled me into a kiss. 

    I was pleasantly shocked, but only continued kissing her. 

    We finished kissing and I swore I saw Sanji foaming from the mouth either from anger or disbelief. 

    We both smiled at each other.

    “Welcome to the Straw Hats Perona.” 

    #one piece #one piece x you #one piece x reader #monkey d. luffy #usopp #pirate hunter zoro #zoro#nico robin#perona #perona x reader #thriller bark #mera mera no mi
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    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    The World Is Their Enemy And They Can’t Trust Anybody Else

    Even though he’s supposed to be Zoro’s counterpart, he screams more like a counterpart to Robin and her hardships. 

    Seriously, even at his age and being the right hand of Kaido he still fears being outed as a Lunarian by his subordinates. Kaido will always have his trust and his fellow Calamaties and maybe even Yamato probably has some cautious trust with him, but anyone lower than that can never know. If he has to wear a mask so that the rest of the world doesn’t screw him over then so be it. It’s better than being a guinea pig of the government again. 

    Seriously, even though we don’t know for sure they were just talking out loud, King for sure was not entertaining them possibly giving out his secret. But then again the Beast Pirates have been shown to be rather cutthroat themselves and they tend to be rather self-centered and look out for number one, so yeah I could see some opportunistic subordinates trying to out their commander if it happened. 

    So just like Robin, the world could be considered an enemy. Like her, any hope of a normal life was off the table since as shown decades ago he was captured and used as an experiment. Both parties had the world being against them due to being the last known person of their race or having dangerous knowledge and the government having a high bounty out on them. 

    Again one thing that differs is that King doesn’t have the fear of being cast aside or betrayed by Kaido. However, he does have that fear everyone else can. Because Robin has a network of friends who promised her they would protect her. King only has Kaido as that oasis and probably just a select few who know. And for the rest of a giant crew like the Beast Pirates, you really can’t trust anybody. 

    I think that’s the disadvantage of being in a big crew vs a very small crew you feel less like family and more like an organization. You don’t really value your crewmates except as just another number can be replaced. And that’s the main difference between Robin and King which is how both feel about their place in the world. 

    At one time Robin couldn’t even feel safe with the Strawhats until Enies Lobby showed she could with them declaring war on the government as a whole. The difference shown here is size. A small crew might be weaker at times but it also can feel safe. With King, it has only with Kaido is assured he will never be sold out. It wasn’t with the whole crew because Kaido recruited King when he was just starting out. 

    It makes me come to the conclusion that King only feels safe with Kaido, due to that promise. Despite being a Yonko Commander, he can never feel safe even in his own crew. Like even if he had Kaido backing him, he still can’t be for sure he will always have his protection against the government. Like Kaido for sure would come to rescue him, but would anyone else put into the effort and just think it’s better for the government to have him rather than become bigger targets. 

    This is how unlike Robin who feels safe in a small crew because all of them demonstrated they would go an extra mile to rescue her and become the government’s top enemies. Robin doesn’t have to second guess them because she already knows she’s found a safe place. King doesn’t have that so in a way he still views the world as his enemy and Kaido as his only form of true protection. 

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