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  • We’ve gotten a few nominations already we wanted to let you know that you can nominate everything at once, no need to submit each fic alone. 

    Make sure to nominate in the right category. 

    You can nominate a series in the Best Series category but NOT in any other category. 

    For example you can’t nominate a whole series for Best Fluff but you can nominate each fic of the series for that category. 

    We’ve also had problems with what series are. Series are NOT multi-chapter fics (but can be). It has to be several fics (OS or multi-chapter) in the same universe.

    Series : 


    Not a series:

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  • #from work with love #FWWL#addy young#dylan o'brien #dylan x addy #addlan#awards#nominations#and winning#chemistry#scene request #sweet nonnie words #come fangirl with me #anon#answered
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  • Due to certain circumstances, the link for nominations will be open all day today (the 15th) and will be closed by tomorrow morning. Thank you!

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  • ALEJANDRO- “Good Morning everyone and welcome to Day Eight, and our third nomination meeting.  As you know, being the HOH, I am to nominate one house guest for elimination.  Once I nominate that individual then the producers will give me the name of the house guest with the lowest point score which will also take their place on the block to be eliminated.”


    ALEJANDRO- “I have thought about this a lot, and even though this may not gain me any favors with the other house guests, I need to nominate, based upon MY game.  Being the HOH this is my choice and my choice only. So, I am voting for the person that has been untruthful, and betrayed an alliance and which is cause for them to go home, at least in my opinion, So Matias, I nominate you to go home…and Dennis as you have the lowest point score, you will join Matais on the block…”


    MATAIS- “I didn’t betray anyone, I vote my conscience and Grant threatened me!! But fine. Whatever, Alejandro. Instead of taking someone else’s word, you should have came to me.”


    DENNIS- “Don’t be sorry, Alejandro, I kind of figured I would be the lowest point scorer at this point. It’s a game, right?”

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    • Jodie Comer - Killing Eve 
    • Glenda Jackson - Elizabeth is Missing 
    • Suranne Jones - Gentleman Jack 
    • Samantha Morton - I Am Kirsty 


    • Dan Crinnion - Killing Eve
    • Ellen Pierce Lewis - Giri/Haji 
    • Gary Dollner - Fleabag
    • Simon Smith, Jinx Godfrey - Chernobyl


    • David Holmes, Keefus Ciancia - Killing Eve
    • Adrian Johnston -  Giri/Haji
    • Andrew Phillips -  War in the Blood
    • Hildur Gudnadottir -  Chernobyl


    • Laurence Dorman - Killing Eve
    • Luke Hull, Claire Levinson-Gendler - Chernobyl 
    • Martin Childs, Alison Harvey - The Crown 
    • Samantha Harley, Miri Katz - Sex Education 
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  • The nominations for codywanweek are open! They’ll remain open from today, June 1st till June 15th. The link is right here so please take this time to enter your nominations! 

    Thanks everyone!

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  • Tagged by Scott obsessed @tag-2060 :)

    1) Who would you like to have coffee with, alive or dead?

    Hmm I always wanted to meet either Leonard Nimoy or Alan Rickman, great actors sadly no longer with us. I think it would be great fun to have a coffee with Jennifer Lawrence too, her interviews about food and drink are always funny. I’d also love to have a coffee with the TAG cast.

    2) What’s your favorite type of music?

    Probably acoustic covers of songs, and classical piano music.

    3) What’s would be your ultimate date night?

    Pizza and wine :) can’t go wrong

    4) Favorite fictional hubby/wife/partner?

    Well that’s Virgil, we’re fictionally married. He is pretty much the perfect man. I love him so much 🥰

    5) What’s your ambition in life?

    Not sure :( I used to know. At the moment it’s just having enough money to move out and start an actual life.

    6) What are you most proud of?

    My musical talent, I have a diploma in vocal performance and grade 8 in piano. Lots of certificates :)

    7) What’s your silliest phobia?

    I don’t think phobias are silly as such but I’m actually rather worried about torrential rain, it flooded my road once and I’ve been afraid when it pours down with rain ever since.

    8) What’s your favorite book?

    I have a few, lots of them are Thunderbirds related like Joan Marie’s and the John Theydon books. You can’t go wrong when he writes that Scott plays the piano 🎹:)

    9) If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    I love soundtracks so I’d be more than happy to hear the TAG OST from series 1-3 or the Lord of the Rings soundtrack extended version.

    10) Song that you cannot help but sing along to?

    Ooh umm I sing along to everything as I am a singer so this one is too tricky to answer. Anything Disney I can’t stop myself :) and in terms of pop I hate the song but Havana I sing along to even though I don’t know the words haha

    Thanks for the nomination! I now nominate @cookidoughlilac @honeybee-hayes @lightning1999 I like these questions but you do not have to do this if you don’t want to, I won’t force anyone 😁😁

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  • Rules: Post the last line you wrote and tag as many people as there are words in that line.

    Thank you for tagging me @firstdegreefangirl

    “If you want something, you can get it.” 

    -A line from a Buddie fic I’m working on. 

    I nominate @xpaperheartso @nilshki @albeenocookie I would nominate Katie again but she might frown at me

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  • I think I’m going to stop reading and nominating until tomorrow.  I’m tired and developing a headache from staring at the screen.

    #personal #cobra kai fanfiction awards #reading#fanfiction#nominations #seriously my head is throbbing
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  • Hey, everyone out there in the Kimmunity. We’re now into the next part of handing the Fannies Awards for authors and their stories either published in, or updated, within the 2019 cycle.

    The Nomination Period is open from 2-28-20 to 4-8-20. The latter date is significant because it will be the 15th anniversary of when So the Drama aired on Disney Channel.

    The rules of the Nomination Period are as follows:

    1) You can’t nominate yourself or your own stuff. You WILL be able to vote on somethin’ you did once we get to the voting process, but in order for you, a story, or a line you wrote to be nominated someone else has to do it.

    The self-promotional and qualification thread lets you advertise yourself and your stuff so that people know you’re eligible for something (such as Young Author) and to advertise your stuff so that someone might read something they’d never seen before and decide to nominate something or even vote for something. Also, if we let you nominate your own stuff, there wouldn’t be a point to distinguishing between the self-promotion thread and nominating. People can continue to use that promotion thread to plug their own stuff through to March 14th and see if people go for it.

    (EDIT: I edited the deadline of the self-promo thread closing.)

    2) Again, in order to qualify, said chapter or story must be uploaded between 1-1-19 thru 12-31-19 in order to qualify. It can be either in progress or completed.

    3) People can nominate three things per category. For example, you can nominate three stories to the Best Romance Story category but not more than that, and you can nominate three authors to the Best Author category but not more than that…and so on. You don’t HAVE to nominate three things, we’re just saying you can. Also, you don’t need to nominate stuff for EVERY category if you don’t want to. If you never read Dramas and have no idea what to nominate for it - don’t bother.

    4) Either me or any other member of the Council will try to post a message in this thread, after this message, that keeps a running list of all the nominated things in each category. I and the other members of the Council may not be able to keep it updated daily, though. Please trust that if you sent it it’ll get tabulated in sometime during the next update to that message, and remember April 8th is the last day to send in things. We’ll both deal with the next step, voting, and explain how we’re going to handle that later.

    5) If you won in a category last year you’re not eligible for it again this year (though you can win other things) just to give other people a chance to shine.

    For a helpful reference, I have provided a link to all the stories that have been updated through 2019 (according to the Archive)


    Also attached is the Ineligible List for this year’s awards: https://www.fanfiction.net/topic/329/179467549/1/Ineligibility-List


    A) E-mail kimmunityfannies@yahoo.com copying and pasting this ‘form’ below into it and filling it out with your choices. I have also attached a link for the category descriptions of this year’s ceremony right here: https://www.fanfiction.net/topic/329/179358501/1/15th-KP-Fannies-Awards-Category-Descriptions


    B) Send a PM to the KP Fannie Committee and then copy and past the aforementioned form if you do not wish to go the email route.Remember that you can leave some of them blank, and you’re allowed to put three down for each category, but we’d request that you provide the requested information about both. Nominations that aren’t eligible (for example, they weren’t in the 2019 cycle) will not be counted but we won’t write you back about it just because that would be a lot of back and forth to deal with.

    1) Best KP Style Name (include the story/series and author they’re from):

    2) Best Original Character (include the story/series and author they’re from):

    3) Best Minor Character (include the story/series and author they’re from):

    4) Best Villain (include the story/series and author they’re from):

    5) Best Songfic (include who the author is):

    6) Best AU Story (include the author they’re from):

    7) Best Crossover/Fusion (include mention of what is getting crossed over or fused and who the author is):

    8) Best Alternate/Other Canon Pairing (include the story/series it shows in and the author):

    9) Best KiGo Story (include the author):

    10) Best Drakgo Story (include the Author)

    11) Best Kim/Ron Story (include the author):

    12) Best Comedy Story (include the author):

    13) Best Romance Story (include the author and it might be good to indicate who is focused on romantically to give context for voters later on):

    14) Best Friendship Story (include the author and it might be good to indicate the people involved to give context for voters later on):

    15) Best Action/Adventure Story (include the author):

    16) Best Drama Story (include the author):

    17) Most Unlikely/Unique Story (include the author)

    18) Best Mature-Rated Novel (include the author)

    19) Best Mature-Rated Short Story (include the author)

    20) Best Mature-Rated One Shot (include the author)

    21) Best One-Shot Overall (include the author):

    22) Best Novel-Sized Story (include the author):

    23) Best Short Story (include the author):

    24) Best Series Overall (include the author):

    25) Best New Author:

    26) Best Young Author (author must be between the ages of 14-19)

    27) Best Single Line (say what story it appears in and who the author is, and please provide some context on this line to help people understand why it’s cool):

    28) Best Reviewer (and tell us why you like them, whether it’s number of reviews, insightful reviews, funny reviews, or something else):

    29) CPNeb Kimmunity Award (who, and try to say why just in case people aren’t familiar with them: Remember that people from Deviantart, Fanfiction, Discord, Tumblr, Twitter, Skype, or any of the active KP forums are eligible for this award.):

    30) Kimmunity Achievement Award (Who? Doesn’t need to have necessarily published in 2017):

    31) Best Story Overall (say who the author is):

    32) Best Writer:

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    Congratulations Sara on your Olivier Award nomination for Best Original Score!

    You deserve this so much! The music you wrote to waitress has touched so many people and I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving!

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