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  • I can’t believe that this still needs to be said but:


    #non sims#Not Sims #black lives matter
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  • UHHH i just found this ad and…..


    they did roxanne dirty…….

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  • In this time, let’s not forget about Sgt LeVena Johnson who was serving in the US Army at the time of her murder. 

    She was sexually assaulted, beaten, and shot by her colleagues and the US ARMY LIED and said she had committed suicide and tried to cover up her sexual assault with chemicals.

    This case was swept under the rug and NOBODY ever talks about the racism in the US Military.

    #black lives matter #non sims#sayhername
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  •                                 The moons in June

                             🌕 🌖 🌗 🌘 🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔 🌕

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  • yeah “season two” of miitopia is where things really started to come together for my game

    #furbyqueue#non sims#miitopia #it was like a slippery slope of. i can still use mordecai and vincent #oh wait i can make one of them a cat #oh wait i can make both of them cats #they're cats now #meow
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  • please forgive me if my navigation is a mess, i am (finally) getting it set up! i have to re-tag everything. its only 1,672 posts… this might take a while

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  • as an Egyptian who went through many protests and 2 revolutions i understand very well what it means when the police sends undercover people to cause  destruction to make peaceful protests look violent so they can justify the shooting gassing and arrests.. seeing so many people that keep saying don’t burn down your city just protest peacefully is literally causing me to have PTSD that  i didnt even know i had, you guys do not get it

      the protesters are peaceful

    you need to stop trying to diverge the attention from why these protests are happening to “oh no someone broke a window” 

    property is replaceable we had an entire museum blown up we had full buildings burned we had offices where people broke in and threw all the files and secret info from the windows to the protesters we had police stations burned we had MacDonald being looted  but after 9 years no one remembers any of that and all of it is back to normal and forgotten what was not forgotten was the bravery of the people who despite all this protested peacefully and insisted to have their voice heard and the scaring images of our youth murdered/arrested/dragged through the streets/ gassed down/hosed down/getting blinded by rubber pellets shot from guns…. 

    black people need to be seen and heard their life is much more valuable than a burned building their voice is much more important that a smashed window display 

    let them do what they need to do so they can tell tell the world what needs to be heard

    and don’t you dare say protests don’t solve anything take a look at your own history and see how many issues were solved by protesting ( the fact that a non american has to tell you this says something) 

    you have to be loud in the face of injustice and evil if you want to defeat it

    i am so worried for my brothers and sisters in america getting gassed i want to physically be there to support but all i have is tips i picked up during the revolution that will help with tear gass  please please tell your friends and your family:

    • soak cloth in vinegar or apple cider and cover your face with it this will lessen the effects of tear gas if you cant have gas masks
    • wear goggles if you can do not rub your eyes it will reactivate the gas particles and you might go blind if you cannot wear something on your eyes then have on hand cold water to risen your eyes with immediately
    • i know the weather is hot but try to wear lots of layers to avoid getting injured by the sticks/mallets and rubber pellets cover you neck especially because they can aim there and break your airway or cut off circulation from your head and kill you 
    • always tell someone where you are by the minute in case you got taken in and went missing
    • also record everything conversations and faces and send it to someone as safe keeping because its evidence and of you got taken in they can and will try to delete everything off your phone/email/storage clouds   
    • stay in big groups together its harder to chase break and arrest people like that and could give time for escape and also good because alot of people will know where you are at all times
    • protect your neighborhoods and homes against robbers and killers because the police can and will abandon you during these times we already saw they are against the people i don’t agree with guns and where i live you cannot own one we took out our knives and created people patrols to defend families and homes against criminals who will take advantage of the absence of the police 
    • don’t rely completely on the internet idk how willing the authorities in america is but they could cause a complete blackout and shut the internet and tv off in order to keep everyone in the dark (they did it to us so please be weary of this) this is why its important to stay in groups and be connected to other groups constantly that can connect you with your family 

    please stay safe please be careful your life is important and valuable  

     i am so scared for my brothers and sisters just thinking about what is happening sends me into nervous breakdowns and crying fits and i am 10000000000000000 miles away i cant imagine the pain that people in america and close to the protesters feel 

    #non sims#personal #i dont know what to tag this #please reblog so it can help people stay safe
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  • image

    My hood has now joined the protests. Please keep them in your prayers. I’m watching the lives they are peaceful!

    #non sims#alex talks#protests#DMV #there are children too so good vibes please! #we are being told to avoid the area #this is on my street jesus
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  • Can i also show that this is happening? I’m really disappointed

    #tw racial slurs #non sims#nonsims
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  • thanks @ tomodachi’s life’s het agenda for producing this abomination child

    #non sims#tomodachi life #her face is just. a lot to look at #although tbf lucien is an f mii and mordecai just. wants nothing to do with him #furbyqueue
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    I want to make my blog a safe place to come to-

    That also means posting something I feel will keep you safe. A lot of you have mentioned protesting, or your friends. Share this info. Be strong and be safe.

    #non sims#personal#alex speaks #its now or never #racism tw #if you need me to tag something #let me know
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  • #Non Sims#Asks#Anonymous #And I have fallen out of love with my edit #style.
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    Originally posted by magobjects

    Hey Guys ! 

    For reasons I will stay away from here until things calm down a bit my dash is overrun by non sims posts and blacklisting does not help much.

    I hope you all are safe and keep yourself safe. ♥ 

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    ‘The Blacklist’ Season 7, Episode 14 Recap: “Twamie Ullulaq” – It was stolen a truck transporting “grey amber” in Alaska.

    And I was like: “Hey! I know about this thing: it’s Ambergris!”


    Bob’s Burgers, Ambergris, Season 4, Episode 18

    Gene, Louise and Tina discover a valuable whale by-product on the beach, Louise tries to cheat her siblings out of the profit.

    #nonsim#nonsims#non sim#non sims#not sim#not sims #bob's burger meme #bob's burger quotes #bob's burgers quote #bob's burger#tv show #tv show quote #TV show quote #the blacklist#raymond reddington#gene belcher#louise belcher#Tina Belcher#Ambergris#Grey amber#james spader #the blacklist season 7 #the blacklist spoilers #Bob's Burger season 4 #twamie ullulaq
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  • does anyone have any suggestions on poster or painting cc i could make for pride month? that isn’t just a flag slapped into a frame n calling it a day?

    #i thought abt doing some paintings like sapphic paintings but they're all very. white #idk maybe i could take some screenshots of my own sims or have someone paint them n #try that #or edit the screenshot to look like a painting somehow #¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #i guess i'll figure smth out #cece.txt #non sims
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  • #ennie answers#tiallussims #*longest yeah boy.wmv* #this is the motivation that I need!! 😭 #a text post #non sims
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  • Annie’s Core Aesthetic

    #non sims#nonsims#aesthetic#core aesthetic #name core aesthetic #secret garden challenge
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  • Seeing the way that the pro Scottish independence page I’m a member of is standing in solidarity with the protestors in the US is warming my frosty heart and giving me hope 💜

    #non sims#text post #black lives matter
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