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  • circletrapped
    17.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

    okay HEAR ME OUT about the new space jam alright??

    it’s not good.


    it doesn’t HAVE to be! it was fun, it had jokes! i’m 91% sure it wasn’t even supposed to be good! it’s fucking looney toons, not the godfather ffs!

    do i wish the soundtrack were more reminiscent of the original? yes. do i wish there would have been a reprise of the “don’t ever call me doll” line? yes! do i wish the warner siblings were more annoying during the game? yes!!!!

    there were a lot of things that could make it a better quality movie, but deep down we all know that it could never live up to the original space jam!!

    so this movie is just a ralph breaks the internet copy made to remind the world of all the content produced by warner poorly disguised as funny cameos. so it had a cliché always-be-yourself moral. so it had outdated meme references. SO WHAT! it’s 2 hours of fun nonsense and that’s what it’s meant to be

    i rest my case

    that’s all, folks

    #circletrapped says #space jam spoilers #space jam #space jam 2 #space jam a new legacy #i’m ranting #stop hating on this movie because it’s not a masterpiece #iT’s tHe fUcKiNg LOoNeY tOoNs wHy dOeS iT hAvE tO bE qUaLiTy eNtErTaiNmEnT #i will now go back to our regularly scheduled star wars posting bullshit #non sw
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  • bingo-dingo
    07.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Have som Non-Toon Whiteboard doodles, I really like how the second one came out,,🥺💖

    #Non-Toon Post#whiteboard fox#Doodles #New Ocs I might not use:")
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  • bingo-dingo
    27.06.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Uh little Bfb/Object doodle dump??:")

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  • thatsalotoftoons
    14.06.2021 - 3 monts ago

    running out of time

    #yes another non toon post #also peep the cake from google images #you can take a wild guess
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  • tobykay
    15.10.2020 - 11 monts ago

    h......... thinking about Them

    (characters from @toonhlvrai, which is just a real treat of a blog)

    #i have been thinking non-stop about cowboy pm and sales #also hi i used to post art on tumblr #and then i had to remake my blog bc i forgot my fkin passwoRD. #so yes hello i made this #toon hlvrai
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  • gaycrpg
    27.01.2020 - 1 year ago

    having an extremely normal one today guys

    #serart #im making one of those HASHTAG TOONMEs but i dont particularly care about the non-toon part yet #*is about to post *** ideation again* wait whats wrong with me *looks at the time* OH. i've been awake for almost 24 hours. gotcha #what fucking ever guys what fucking ever
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  • charcherry-weekly
    04.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Charcherry Weekly - Issue 57

    Hello everyone! Prince of Time Garnett Garren here! Though the seas may be calm, its possible a storm may be upon the horizon. Or I could be talking out my ass, could be either way.

    Recent Unown Sighting!

    A few days ago, a Unown had been spotted on Desertia! According to eyewitness reports, it was an H shaped Unown. Soon after the encounter, it reportedly disappeared to parts unknown. Perhaps more sightings will occur in the future? Regardless, it is easy to say that they are indeed Out There, though it is hard to say to what extent.

    Pyramids all the Way Down

    One fateful night, a pyramid shaped object fell down upon desertian sands! An investigation was launched and it was revealed that the pyramid shaped object contained a smaller pyramid shaped object, which in turn contained myriads of extremely tiny pyramid shaped objects inside, accessible by removing the pyramid shaped lid on top. The medium sized pyramid turned out to not only be a tiny pyramid container, but also an audio/video message player. Apparently the nested pyramid was sent as part of a distress call regarding a voidco dungeon on a yet-to-be determined planet. It appears to have been sent by two players of the game, a mage of space, and a page of time. They appeared to both be floating pyramids in the video. According to the video, each of the tiny pyramids are encoded with the proper coordinates, though there has yet to be a successful reading on them so far. It is assumed that a party will be formed to go to the expected coordinates when they are properly read. Funny thing, its been like, almost a year since I've been in a voidco dungeon at this point. I'm still a little jittery thinking about that time I got kidnapped, but at the same time, I think I'm ready to get back into the groove. I recently alchemized a rescue badge which might come in handy. I do wonder if it has to be used by a pokemon or if it can be used by someone in a non-pokemon form. It also has a picture of toon link on it thanks to the alchemical component also having that on it, so that's neat. Not sure if I'd be ready if it were to fall this week, but maybe in like, 2 weeks? idk. Dungeon crashing is serious business.

    Slime Time

    The other day, the terraria crew gathered to fight the queen slime. Apparently the queen slime is an optional boss. I assume they need a particular drop from that boss or just sorta wanna tackle all of the bosses? Either way, the party got wiped easily, and they wound up using their summons to no avail. Possibly it might be easier when Coleman and Brae return from vacation? One thing for sure, since the sudden difficulty ramp, surviving in that world has been a very tenuous thing to sustain. I don't know how they handle it, especially being hooked up to VR in most cases. Like, have you SEEN the gruesome detail that the death messages go into? Imaging EXPERIENCING those! And quite often!! That denizen better give them a good reward after they defeat the final boss, that's for sure.

    That should do it for this week. I do wonder how Nick’s doing right about now. Does an asploded pokegear usually take this long to fix? https://letssosl.boards.net/post/7573/thread

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  • saltyandsassy31
    27.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Mmmm might as well post it here

    This is a redraw of a drawing I did back in 2018

    [I'm hosting a dtiys with this drawing on my instagram and artfol (both @ are Salty_artz) so if ya wanna join go there btw]

    A bit of backstory to her

    Her name is Coco, she is a very cartoonish character and has all the logics of a toon or whatever but in anime style, she can pull anything and everything from her non-existent pockets and is basically indestructible

    She is also 9, doesn't matter of her "show" has been going on for years it doesn't make her any less of a child

    I first draw her when I still used my small ass phone and drew with my FUCKING FINGERS I domt know know to frucking draw a stick with my fingers now a day 😭😭 I just wanna go back to my 2018 self and ask "HOW DUH FUQ DID YOU DRAW AND ANIMATE WITH YO FINGERS!!??!" (Yes I also did animation at some point with my fingers jskfka)

    Anyways yeah 3 years improvement be looking great 👍

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  • sullustangin
    01.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    SWTOR Characters Meme

    Tagged by @swtorpadawan​, tagging:  @walk-ng-d-saster​, @shanfamilydrama​  @mimabeann​ @reliciron​ @starknstarwars​ @kyber-heart​  @starlightjedi​ @thebreadtree​ @lyrishadow​​ @blueburds-but-swtor​​

    No pressure to do this!  If you choose to, try to pick 10 folks.

    Do you have more Imperial or Republic characters?

    I play more Pubs than Imps, since I’m not into the Sith culture/hierarchy.  I also play more non-Force Users than I do Force Users.

    My toons:

    -- 3 smugs:  Dyo (LS5), Not!Eva (DS2ish and is a little kill happy), and Eva canon version (eventually DS 2 who goes LS mostly to piss off Valkorion) who already has 7 clothing slots at level 10 because I discovered Collections late

    -- 1 BH: Gronn, pictured above as I imagine him on Rishi -- that’s a crafted Armormech set

    -- 1 Trooper: Padneema

    -- 1 Sith Inq: Illya -- I’m finally taking @shabre-legacy​​ ‘s advice from last year! (you can consider this an unofficial tag :D)

    ...Pirate cannibals...ugh.

    Which class do you play as the most?

    Smug Life, baby.  I’m not a huge Jedi/Sith fan -- never have been.  I like the underworld and the civilian world of Star Wars.  Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Lando Calrissian were the characters I liked in the original trilogy from being a kid; the princess and the Jedi didn’t do it for me. 

    As I’ve said elsewhere, the best thing about the smuggler is that you can choose to play it as Wile E Coyote and fail upward.  Or you can be Don  Corleone and be something ferocious.  Or you could be some experiment in interplanetary sexuality. 

    Which race to you play as the most?

    Human, but not by a large margin. 

    Dyo - Cathar

    Eva and Not!Eva and Gronn -- human

    Padneema -- Torguta

    Illya -- Sith

    How many have completed KotFE/KotET?

    Just Dyo and Not!Eva right now.  This is partially because I’m going with the suggestion that the other 7 heroes are dead by this point.  That said, I do plan on running Gronn through to the point of encountering his companions because they know Eva, and they would react to her as if they knew her. 

    How many have completed up to Secrets of the Enclave?

    Only Dyo so far.  I’ll run Not!Eva soon, and eventually I’ll run Eva who is the canon version for my fic.  Dyo is a clown, so the above shot is how she dressed to get rid of the ‘space pirates’ again.

    Who stayed loyal to their class romance? Who didn't?

    I don’t like the start point of the Corso romance, so all three smugs sent him to bed alone after they caught him drinking.  Padneema is with Aric, though I might consider a fling with Lana later.  Gronn was loyal to Mako until she posted their marriage publicly.... mostly because they aren’t married.  So that gave him pause.  He has flirted with Lana through Rishi, though the "throw Theron to the Revanites” thing is going to put a damper on his affection for her.  I’m planning to romance Andronikos with Illya. 

    Be nice...

    Who started a romance with Lana, Theron, or Koth?

    lol.  All of the smugs ended up with Theron.  Gronn and Padneema may or may not do something with Lana -- haven’t decided.  I personally ship Koth with Lana in my headcanon, so I have trouble thinking up a romance for either of them. 

    Who is your oldest (having played the longest)?

    Dyo was the smug I started back in... 2017? And then I didn’t play until Christmas 2019 and totally forgot who that bitch in my engine room was (sorry, Risha).

    Who is your newest?

    Illya.  So far, she’s playing like I would imagine a young Lana would -- very much in favor of outfoxing rather than frying everyone with Force Lightning (though that can be a valid option too).

    #swtor #swtor character meme #smuggler oc #bounty hunter oc #trooper oc #sith inquistor oc
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  • lukecoalman
    30.07.2021 - 1 mont ago

    The non art apps I use for directing every day

    I wrote a post about my favourite little non-art apps I used every day for animation directing.

    I thought it might be fun to share the small apps I use everyday for directing animation. These are not the professional industry standard programs like Toon Boom Harmony or Storyboard Pro, or the Adobe Suite. Though of course I use those. These are little apps I use for the daily tasks of giving notes and feedback, or organizing my time and the project. Sorry for the windows users, a few of…

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  • strawberry-metal
    09.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Another model pack collab between @kazekothestrange and I! I made the Shanna and Sakura models, and she made the Amai and Tei models! All characters belong to me! These models were made for the "Summer Memories" event on my blog. If you missed it and want to see it, head over to my blog, and type into the search bar "Summer Memories Event" and all the posts for it should pop up! As always, credits for each MMD image are in the 'read more'! Yes, there is some lore and backstory in this event!

    From left to right: Tei, Shanna, Sakura, Amai

    Also these are younger versions of the characters which is why Sakura has longer hair with this model.

    Download is in my deviantart gallery. Let me know if you need a direct link to it!

    Poses by Snorlaxin

    Skydome by: 怪獣対若大将P

    Stage by: HanbitSoft and UnluckyCandyFox

    Model credits time!


    Head: Edited from TDA Neru

    Body: TDA

    Side ponytail: TDA Neru

    Bangs: Montecore Keine

    Eye texture and Hair texture: TehRainbowLlama

    Outfit toons: Chilkad

    Face and body texture: reikuma, jjinomu, TDA and Littlemisshorror

    Swimsuit: Shuubaru

    Shoes, Bracelets, and crown: Beijing Perfect World and UnluckyCandyFox

    Hair ring texture: Me. It's just a gradient lol.


    Head: TDA and Joshu0a926__c

    Base plus body and face texture: CytrynaCAmmd and TDA

    Body: TDA

    Eye texture: Rondline

    Blood for one of her expressions: NiShiGara and jingleriot

    Extra expressions: MonoCereal

    Bangs: Montecore Kasen

    Ponytail: TDA

    Back hair: onigiridojo and blueoaks

    Swimsuit bottoms, hair scrunchie, and wrist scrunchie: 3DCG and MMD3DCGParts

    Outfit toons: Chilkad

    Hair texture: TehRainbowLlama

    Top, glasses, shoes, and bracelet: Idea Factory, Compile Heart, and ninjapirate10194

    Nails: なつかさん

    Earrings: amiamy111


    Hair and hair texture: blueoaks

    Bangs: TDA and Yamisame

    Base: TDA

    Head + face and eye texture: TDA and Joshu0a926__c

    Outfit toons: Chilkad

    Shoes and Swimsuit: Ranshka

    Hair bow: Macaron-P and VROID Studio

    Bracelets: S-Club and Martesde2x1

    Rings: H-Y-P-N-O-T-I-C-S

    Other ring: OniMau619

    Gay pride ring: Shioku-990


    Face and body texture plus tattoo: SenyaMMD

    Bottom eyelashes: Neriumi

    Base: TDA Haku

    Head: InoliCanoli

    Lipstick: chailattevrc

    Swimsuit: Shuubaru

    Outfit toons: Chilkad

    Hair and eye texture: TehRainbowLlama

    Bangs and back hair: MMD-Aries, NanamiHaruko, and KuroKuro-kun

    Ponytail: 9844 and 3DCG

    Ahoge: ILLUSION and Sentimental-Dream

    Side hair: Maddoktor2

    Hair seashell: ILLUSION

    Hair tie: amillionn

    Flip Flops: Freya-Vhal

    Bracelets: Shioku-990

    Earrings: chickid11


    Credit me for the Shanna and Sakura models, and Kaz for the Amai and Tei models

    Redistribution is fine as long as you credit us, don't claim as yours, and don't sell them

    DO NOT take Amai's swimsuit or shoes. Ranshka's swimsuit and shoes are only given by contacting them on twitter, don't be an ass please.

    Do not take Shanna's face texture, please. I worked hard on combining it with four different model maker textures.

    You can take parts from the other models, just not Amai!

    NO R18!

    I suppose I'll have to make this one a preference rather than a rule, as I know people won't want to follow it, but please respect their sexualities. Don't use Amai in hetero stuff, don't use the other three in non-het, etc.

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  • eurekq
    06.05.2021 - 4 monts ago

    >be me >today i will make a height chart for my da protags and their love interests >okay maybe ill make it an outfit and color reference too >well i dont want it to be too boring to look at >draw this

    so here we are with all my sweet little ladies and their lis :]!!! from left to right: cassie cousland, marian hawke and anders, aoife lavellan and cullen, rhiannon tabris and alistair, cecelia hawke and fenris, melly cadash and sera

    LOTS of extra stuff under the cut!!!

    lovely da protag templates are from marian churchland!

    dear sweet cassie, partaker in the forbidden non-romantic alistair marriage that the game never knows how to acknowledge. very much the definition of gaslight gatekeep girlboss. and by that i mean a genuinely bad person in the sense that she tends to toy with peoples feelings. had an extremely public affair with anders during the events of awakening. It takes a good 5 years for her and alistairs marriage to be anything even approaching functional. extremely savvy, ambitious, and charismatic; a great politician and an extremely effective ruler. morrigan is her closest friend in the world (yes i know i never had her in my party. thats because im bad at video games and needed a healer.) and they’re like sisters.

    my default hawke. 6′2, buff as shit, slept her way through half of her friends before finally settling with anders. she’s a blood mage and her first use of blood magic was during a particularly nasty fight where she got speared through the stomach. she carves herself up for mana; anders puts her back together. does things in anger and impulse and then regrets them (see: giving isabela to the arishok, never reconciling with carver after leandras death). mean if you dont know her, intensely protective if you do, but takes betrayal extremely poorly. constantly taking action, even if it doesn’t turn out very well; she is physically incapable of being a bystander. her and anders are my fave da couple ever... ask me about my post da2 hcs <3 theyre happy and have a daughter named bethany :] she punched cullen in the mouth at the end of da2 so hard that it left that scar.

    literally is there anything like your first dai playthrough being an elf. aoife is... remarkably well realized in my brain for a character who’s life began as my friend chanting “goth elf! goth elf! goth elf!” over my shoulder while i was in character creator. very affable and friendly, but extremely politically adept with a capability for subterfuge that even she isn’t fully comfortable with. huge history buff. solas was like a big brother to her and her faith was extremely important to her so trespasser was crushing. very curious, especially about magic; definitely learned some blood magic from hawke after hearing dorian and solas talk about it. dorian is her closest platonic friend, but cullen is her rock. as in he is literally so normal compared to everything else that happens to her and she loves him for it. also her and hawke are friends and a scenario that lives rent free in my mind is them hanging out while anders and cullen attempt to kill each other in increasingly looney toons-esque ways in the background. she turned out remarkably pretty for an inquisitor... look at her

    ....and that’s it for my canon timeline. onto the secondary timeline!

    DEAR SWEET RHIANNON. 4′8 powerhouse with a sword longer than she is tall. i first played rhiannon with a friend who was very new to rpgs and she picked all of the mean dialogue options because she thought they were funny, which led to me discovering that alistair reacts oddly and kind of hilariously well to being made fun of by a female warden pre-duncan dying. rhiannon is fun in that she literally gives no shits about conflict avoidance; if you start something with her, she’ll see it through. disliked alistair on principle and poked fun at him when they first met, but after the events at ostagar bonded to him extremely strongly. very close to him pretty much at the exclusion of all her other companions. extremely strong willed, laughs loud and smiles wide, no real concept of subterfuge except for when she’s hiding her own pain, generally goes in the path of least resistance if it gets to her goal faster. #1 arl eamon hater. she looks pretty different when i draw her compared to how she looked ingame but this screenshot of her doing the like. dead deer tinder profile pic pose is extremely powerful

    cecelia is the truest tragic hawke that i’ve played (rip cecelia. you had the misfortune to exist in the warden alistair timeline). lost carver, lost bethany in the deep roads, lost her mother, believes that fenris has left her. act 2; a real rough ride for cecelia. aside from all the tragedy, she’s tough as nails, direct, and extremely blunt. very cautious in combat, even more so since she lost both carver and bethany. plans upon plans upon plans and prefers to strike unseen and unheard from the shadows. DEEPLY in love with fenris, best friends with isabela and merrill. aware of anders affection for her and keeps some distance for both their sakes; after the chantry explosion she helps him fake his own death on the condition that she never sees him again. when terrible things are not constantly happening she has a very dry wit, part of the reason her and fenris get along so well. too many bad things happen to her for someone with such nice thighs and such a stylish cape. her save file had some weird bugs with companion like.... staring???? in weird directions???

    the absolute energy here. she also turned out very pretty in inquisition.

    melly is easily my most powerful da oc. not in terms of in-universe power (although sword and board reaver is like. unkillable.) but in the sense that she is a catholic (read: andrastian) mid-40′s widowed mobster milf. she’s very close to cassandra and vivienne and consults them for advice before she goes to her actual advisors. even she was surprised by her relationship with sera; she finds sera’s unique sense of humor very charming and really likes pulling silly pranks with her as a reprieve from her everyday life. when she’s not with sera, she tends to be very pragmatic and logical when making decisions for the inquisition and has a very defined sense of purpose. she takes her role as both as the inquisitor and the herald of andraste very seriously. she’s very warm and soothing to be around during off hours and random inquisition members will often drift towards her for life advice. first draft of her and sera in this drawing had sera wearing this

    #dragon age #dragon age origins #dragon age 2 #dragon age inquisiton #handers#cullavellan #alistair x tabris #fenhawke #sera x cadash #im not trying to tag spam honest this is for my own tag system #anders#cullen rutherford#alistair theirin#fenris#sera#cassie cousland#marian hawke#aoife lavellan#rhiannon tabris#cecelia hawke#melly cadash#my art #jesus. #btw there is A LOT under that cut #my ocs
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