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  • Her before and now

    Half Style



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    Have the offical family tree of The Wests-

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  • you guys get sneak peak of new man 
    He has no name, or body but he is comin along 

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  • IMPORTANT!! This is supposed to be a continuous story!!    So best to read them all or you might miss some context. I will try to   connect them somehow and will definitely make a masterpost when   they’re  all out. These are all my OCs, and Tiera belongs to @markofthemoros I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing. Have fun! 

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    Talion moans when he is jostled from the car movement. He’s not outside anymore. Something near him smells like dog. 

    Another harder hobble of the car sends a spike of pain through his body and suddenly he is wide awake. Everything that happened before floods back. The fire, the ritual, Pulse is gone.

    And Shaun.

    His breath comes out in strained puffs. Why is he still alive? What, what is he supposed to do now? Who should he ask for guidance? Who’s gonna tell him what’s right?

    Trembling, he curls up. It tugs at his wounds, the pain grows worse. He is more awake than he has been in the whole last…how long was it, even? Again he catches himself asking this into the emptiness inside his head. There is nothing there anymore. He is hollowed out. Empty.

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    Ok…. so am drawing a cat girl TvT i keep on drawing random girls not boy’s so i draw this girl on my flipaclip but not an animation ok it’s just a drawing so yea…. i want to post this

    BTW the ask and dare box is still open so make sure ask me or my oc’s or…… Dare my oc’s something UwU

    Awww man…… I gusse i will call it an new oc QwQ

    So this is lika

    Name: Lika

    Age: 20

    Likes: Dancing,Drawing,Hanging out with her family and friends

    Don’t likes: Bullying,Forcing people to do bad stuff to her

    Sexuality: Pansexual

    Species: Human cat

    OwO so i might gonna draw more here or something QvT

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  • It annoys me so much that i can’t decide which is worse for me- s12 or s14.

    Like s12 has the worst plot i have ever seen in both of their side plots, that Crowley-Lucifer thing is beyond embarassing from start to finish, bmol just popped out of nowhere and then they used every cliche terrible action spy movie trope and did it terribly, it also feels unnecessary, like it should have ended at s11 but was dragged, which i think is somewhat an unfair way to judge it, also Lucifer being in Nick annoys me but then Casifer should have annoyed me too like how is that vessel holding in an angel and archangel, but everything besides the plot is pretty decent with some top tier episodes and some real crazy shit happening. It’s memorable, its lowkey iconic.

    s14 just has the worst plothole i have ever seen, the archangel blade is there when they have Michael and it didn’t kill Lucifer’s vessel so everything that happens after that is a joke to me. I only really remember 3 episodes that i loved plus that boring Nick sideplot and the annoying side characters.

    Idk, idk, i can’t rank it in my head, both suck in such unique ways.

    #a bit spn critical #spn#spn s14#spn s12#supernatural#spn critical #i know i wrote in my description...i should probably remove the bit #i just randomly get annoyed at the show #oc
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  • мой аватар (или фури форма я хз) в игре among us. Я обожаю опоссумов и они полностью олицетворяют меня, а еще они милые *w*

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    #art#aesthetic #artists on tumblr #oc
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  • Blushing – “And neither should you.”

    A Queen must not be above the law, but the Prince should know his place.

    “With him?” Andre pointed to Valash. “After everything he’s done?”

    Sophie straightened, set her shoulders. The tips of her long ears even seemed to perk up. Her head bobbed ever so slightly. “Yes.”

    Andre looked to the hybrid, scanned him up and down, and shook his head. “Absolutely not. How could you even… What possible-“ He huffed and shook his head. “No.”

    Valash nodded. He expected that response. From literally every person in the inner circle of their band. Only the Fire Elemental had managed to keep William and Garren from killing him outright. By the mercy of the Spirits, Alden and Idania managed to forgive him. And Sophie, well, she hadn’t just forgiven him. But the future Queen had to adhere to the laws of her people.

    He nodded in a half-bow, his wings shaking a bit. Andre sneered at him. Valash turned around to make his leave, but a hand on his arm stopped him. A dark mirth burbled at the edges of his thoughts.

    “Brother, I have my made decision.” Sophie squeezed his arm and he felt her trembling. She needed his presence, his strength. His wings fluffed a bit. “As imminent Queen, it is my right to choose a husband before my 30th year. I do not ask for your permission.”

    Andre blinked several times, flabbergasted. He lifted a hand to his forehead, eyes on the palace’s floor. “As Prince Regent-“

    “Prince Regent is not Crowned Queen.” Sophie released Valash’s arm, allowing him to turn back to the Virgo Prince. “Any legislature you attempt to put in place has to be approved and you don’t have enough time to get something passed. Especially with the Parliament in shambles after news of Preminger’s corruption spreading through the chamber.” Her head tilted, expression softened. “And you two were so close.”

    Valash smirked. Though his father trained him in physical combat, he appreciated the defeat in Andre’s eyes.

    Andre set his jaw. “When they find out what he’s done-“

    Sophie shook her head as she stepped forward. “I could destroy you just as easily. We are family, Andre, and as such are party to each other’s secrets. If you come after him, then I will do everything in my power to come after you.” She inhaled, her breath shaky as if she had been crying. “Is it not enough that I have forgiven him? That Alden and Idania have? Is it not enough that he now wields the Fire Elemental?”

    Andre kept his eyes on his sister, though Valash could feel the boy’s hatred. “Seeing as I have no say in this, then I suppose so. Maybe someday I will learn to forgive him. When he has proven his regret and fealty to you. But on this day, sister? On this day,” he turned his head to the side and feigned a spit, “I spit on him and his very presence in this palace.”

    Sophie nodded once. “Very well, brother. I can only hope that you accept Valash, if not as family, then as a friend. Or even a grudging compatriot.”

    Andre sighed. “I suppose that’s all you wanted from me?” Sophie nodded. “Then by your leave.” He clicked his heels together and bowed slightly. As he turned, he leveled a glare at Valash.

    Sophie’s shoulders lifted as Andre made his way out of the room. As the doors closed, she inhaled sharply, breaking the surface of the political mire to breathe deeply in the privacy of her apartment. Valash chuckled and closed the distance between them to place a hand on her shoulder. She panted a bit, her hands groping blindly for his. He pulled her into his arms and pressed her face into his chest, wings curled around them slightly. She quaked against him, her breath shaky as she struggled to catch it.

    He rubbed her back, aware that the Fire Elemental made the action worthless. But her quaking calmed the longer he stroked her. They stood in the room, quiet, until she calmed enough to wrap her arms around his back. She struggled with which side of his wings to place her arms on his back, settling on the outside, her fingers curled over the edge of his shoulders.

    “Better?” He muttered quietly so as not to spook her.

    She nodded into his chest.

    His wings moved back to their resting position. “Where was I for the proposal?”

    She jolted and straightened up to look at his face. He arched a brow. A blush appeared on her cheeks. Her ears angled inward. “By the Mother, I spoke without thinking.”

    He wet his lips and lifted his hand to rest his thumb on her chin, his fingers under her jaw. “That’s fine, Princess. But I expect the whole embarrassing event whenever you do propose to me.” Her ears relaxed. “Though, I would prefer it be a private embarrassing affair. Then a simple announcement to the public. I don’t much care for spotlights.”

    Her brow furrowed. “Why? Are you ashamed of me?”

    He shook his head and lowered his hand. “Watching you just now was… amazing. You bottled up all the charm and… sugar that you usually have and kept yourself poised and dangerous.” A lazy grin pulled at one side of his lips. “It was beautiful.”

    The blush darkened and spread to her ears. “Careful, keep talking that way and I may not be able to control myself.”

    He arched a brow, feathers fluffing. “Is that a threat?”

    She bit her bottom lip. “So you’re not ashamed?”

    He took a slow breath. Any tickle of desire he felt died. He dropped his hands and took a step back, wings folded against his back. “Not of you, no.”

    She furrowed her brow as he turned away. He hated to see the love in her eyes, the affection and worship for the person he had been once. But that boy had died with his father.

    “Don’t tell me you’re ashamed of yourself…” Disbelief filled the words. He shook his head. “I’m not ashamed of you.”

    He wandered away from her, no destination in mind besides Away From Her. “You should be. But I can’t tell you what to feel.”

    “And neither should you. No one can tell me what to feel but me.” He heard her step closer. “And I love you, the boy you were and the man you are. I accept the mistakes you’ve made as part of your growth.”

    He sighed. “Yeah, yeah. We’ve been over this. But we’ve also made it clear that it is a process. There is no easy and immediate fix.”

    She hummed. “Well, the Fire Elemental doesn’t seem to be bothering you. I’ll take that as progress.”

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  • October 22: Victor, Rehab Green Tea


    And for the last Rehab of the list, we have this cute demon!

    I loved the result and i’m so happy with the color combination!

    Check my friend and co-creator @voidlin_

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  • focus

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    Elderflame dragon operator ^u^

    Requested by @phatpastel hehe

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  • So I looked up pet bonding and I’m pussed.

    I’m sorry, Ellis, but Lord, where else can I keep you but outside?



    #bird #ellis dee tapeworm #my bird#sowwy#oc #golden fazbear green
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