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    I wanted to do a quick digital painting of a Mucha-esque poster for the revolution in a story I wrote with some friends.

    This particular original character is a kind and gentle witch and she loves her cool girlfriend, who can make fire with her hands. (-:

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  • A new OC I made and will be putting into an Undertale AU of my very own.

    #OC's#My Art#Digital Art#Undertale#AU #I'm pretty excited for this one #not gonna lie #Their friend will show up soon
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  • just two dudes who are up to no good 

    (top left is @zoriety‘s oc haztet and the other is my character remi)

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  • Miss Ava

    #kyle shits out art #w#oc's#eifia
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  • Name Wilhelm
    The Alchemist.
    Where are my siblings? Tell me now.
    Her perks is building alchemist machines and Potions.
    Does not like the moon.

    She’s polite, kind of creepy, Sweet kind and gentle. The look of I will spare mint on you if you don’t stop bugging me.
    Chess piece Queen.
    Tarot deck moon.
    Playing card the a spades.

    #meet the characters #don't starve#oc's
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  • Her name is mania 

    Personality sweet, very determined, gets paranoid. She starts fires.

    What sound does she live in? She doesn’t live in any zone, she says there.

    Tarot deck The traveler.

    Playing card A10 of hearts.

    Job she doesn’t have one. The Guardians just keep her around because she’s too sweet.

    #meet the characters #off game#off elsen#OC#oc's
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    It’s amazing what a change in eye shape can do

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    Here have some doodles of one of my oc’s!!!

    #I blurred out that one doodle because apparently it's not appropriate to go on this #sorry#oc stuff#oc's #my oc art #my art #artists on tumblr #art#traditional art#original art #i love her
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    #sketches#sketch#oc#my ocs#my oc#oc's#dimension keepers #the god slayer #god slayer#zombie king #the zombie king #artists on tumblr
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  • There were a few things you needed to know about Alabaster.  Four things, exactly.

    Firstly, he was a pirate, through and through.  Secondly, he was a elf.  His sharper features and pointed ears testified to this.  None of this “half-elf” business was to be spoken around him.  Half-elves never got a good rep, and he wanted no part in it.  Thirdly, and tied to Number Two, was that his name was Alabaster.  Not “Albert” or some mundane, grossly human name that he might’ve received at the orphanage he had run from.  Out here on the sea, he was Alabaster.  And fourthly, he had no need of friends.  He had comrades among his crew, a family on this ship.  He had no acquaintances, no pen pals, no connections beyond the safe haven of this ship. 

    Not that anyone believed Fact Number Four.  Not with the way he paced the narrow deck of the schooner, ears flat against the sides of his head, hands wrapped behind his back. 

    A few lazy members watched on as Alabaster wove between the two masts, pausing every now and again to look back on the horizon, to the fuzzy blob of inland that was vanishing into the blue expanse.  Even just seeing it made his blood boil.  Those..inhuman scum…!

    “Albert,” the captain called, opening a cabin door.  Alabaster spun on his heel, ears swiveling to the sound of his captain’s barking voice.  He paced across the deck, coming to a halt with a curt nod and a disgusted frown on his face.

    “I’ve told you not to call me that-” he grumbled.

    “Does it look like I care?” The captain jabbed a thumb to the shadowed hallway beyond the little door. “You can go and see ‘im now, if you’d like.”

    Alabaster peeked around the captain, and with another nod, he ducked into the hall.  The wooden floorboards creaked and rocked beneath his feet, but he neither noticed nor cared.  The continuous roll was as familiar to him as the air he breathed.  Brine and salt sat heavily in the little hallway, mingling with the faint tendrils of cooking meat and gravy from the galley.  It was a well-worn path to the captain’s quarters, and Alabaster knocked once before letting himself in. 

    “Good morning, Fishy,” he mumbled as a greeting.  He reached for a lamp, turning up the wick, throwing his shadow along the wall in a discordant dance.  Then he turned to face their guest, taking him in with a long stare.  Perhaps it was rude, but it wasn’t every day one saw a merman without his tail. 

    His real name was Adrian, some merman that Alabaster had stuffed in a barrel, once, before he had won over the favor of the entire crew and Alabaster had been forced to release him (it definitely wasn’t because the half-elf had a soft spot for him).  But Adrian was a far cry from the snarky merman who had managed to befriend a band of pirates.  Alabaster had been forced to half-drag him off that bit of island, with Adrian hanging off his side, damp, shell-shocked…

    …he was still shell-shocked, if his silent, still posture was anything to go on. 

    “We’re on course for Sashafya,” Alabaster tried again.  He scooched the lamp across the table, as if this would help warm the young man.  His earrings glinted in the candlelight.  

    Again, he was met with silence.  Adrian was dressed in dry clothing pulled from some corner of a crewman’s closet.  His feet - legs and feet were so odd to see on him, since Alabaster knew he was a merman - had been covered in a pair of Alabaster’s own boots.  But his hair was still damp.  His wrists sported chafed rings from the rope that had bound them.  And his expression was something distant and unreadable. 

    “…Adri?  You in there?” 

    Alabaster waved a hand in front of Adrian’s face.  No response.  Hardly so much as a blink. 

    He stepped back, crossing his arms, then grabbed the glass of water sitting by the lamp. 

    “Here, Fishy.  Some good ol’ water.  How about you-”

    Adrian jerked, his hand and arm flying out and knocking the cup from Alabaster’s outstretched hand.  It tumbled to the floor, smashing the glass across the floor with a sound that made Adrian jerk again.  He gasped, pulling his head down and tugging at his wet hair, trying to make himself small in the desk chair. 

    Alabaster stared at him a long moment.  An ear twitched.  

    “…I’ll clean up this.  And get you more water, I guess.  Or maybe..” he paused to examine Adrian again. “…something stronger.”

    Yeah..some whiskey might be more helpful in a situation like this, though it wasn’t like it mattered to Alabaster.  No!  He just didn’t want the captain to blame him for getting glass on his cabin floor!  

    He didn’t have friends.

    Fact Number Four, remember? 


    Adrian belongs to @supesofherown

    Alabaster (Albert) belongs to myself

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    • Week: Yes, he's afraid of spiders, but he's not afraid of Our resident spider child. In fact, you can't help but to pick him up and tell him how cool this kid is. As long as Webber promises not to bring his spider friends around, so yeah. What he is actually, well, a Big Brother and he will take care of him, like his own sibling.
    • Molly: I'm now adopting you. You're my little brother. Now let's go and do some cool stuff. She will adopt him and she will love him like her own brother.
    • Welcome: You will think that she will experiment on him. No, she won't. She will say this. I can see that you lived and died and now you two or the same person, fascinating. To someone so young, I wish you didn't have to suffer for this.
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  • I’m still doing pride, but this time for my old favorite nanny. She’s joining us for this special occasion and showing off her colors too. And yes, she’s wearing a battle axe on her chest. Don’t bother her about it. \her flag is this. AGender 

    Yes, I call her a sheep, but she doesn’t really care what you call her. She is who she is and she’s beautiful for it. Hell, if he talked to Jackie she he always calls her a dude or he’s my brother.

    #Pride and do not judge. #carapacian#OC#oc's
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  • #piece by piece au #billary au#jessica rodham #jessica rodham clinton #(she can have her own tag(s) if there are any more questions/comments about her) #billary#fan fiction#writing#oc's#oc#my oc's#ask#answered#anonymous
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    Feliz cumpleaños mi niña hermosa!!! Que lo pases muy bien @beckysso en este día !! Te deseo lo mejor (≧▽≦)💗💖💗💖💗💖💗💗💗💖💖💗💗💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💗


    Y claro que Feliz cumpleaños al niño darren , por parte de mi bebo y yo.


    #oc's #no mi oc
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  • mammom: *does something stupid*

    minerva, a moronsexual: i am in love with him


    ailish who is also a moronsexual: i can see why

    @lunar-mammon i can see this happening

    #obey me#oc's#om#mc #just one is mine tough
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    Somewhere along the lines of redesign, my OC’s all just became one big DND party where in I’m the only player. Now there’s gonna have to be a whole change in scenery for the writing I’ll never end up doing because Drow live underground.

    Anyways, this is Jenny! It’s a nickname for something that is not set in stone, that’s how you know my story is stable 👉👉

    #art#drawing#oc's art #oc's and shit #original character#oc's #artists on tumblr #my oc's are just becoming one big game of dnd #where I am the dm #the glamour bard #a wacky rouge #a flamboyant fighter #a kickass cleric #and then some human
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