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  • trucbiduleschouettes
    18.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    I doodled the party as AC villagers last night

    I know there’s no snake villagers in canon but Safiya deserves to continue being Snekfia 

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  • trucbiduleschouettes
    19.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Safiya tried to get us out of a fight last session in a very cool way and that line have been running in my head nonstop so I had to draw it- 

    Toa be like “wow, Safiya, you’re almost as cool as my mum-” 

    #DnD #Dungeons and Dragons #yuan ti#fighter #The Lost Heir #OC: Safiya#Friend's OC#Truc Draws
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  • nickhwiseman
    16.08.2021 - 2 monts ago

    once again, using picrew for my characters now turned IF MCs <3

    Aleisha Chandra // Abyss - RO: June & Manon

    Rahul Chandra // Attollo - RO: Suha & Sysba

    Safiya Al - Amin // OFNA: Birds of a feather - RO: Simone & Elliot

    Nicola Bituin // Body Count - RO: Vinh, Imogen, Adegoke & ... Ellis 😫

    #aleisha 🤝 rahul: trying to find each other in their respected stories #& if the other aint dead - their reunion would be that one Madagascar scene #safiya is conflicted - like shes thankful for her new bird friend but also wants her exit ticket tyvm #she looked around - realised ofna wont be for her and would like to go home now <3 #asfdgdgfdhdfh #... and now my poor nic #will be out here seeking vengeance #i want to say at least she has multiple ros - but i dont wanna jinx it #cause i dont trust this game #dont want her to lose another one... but anything can happen 🥺😫😫 #abyss#attollo #ofna: birds of a feather #body count#picrews #oc: aleisha chandra #oc: rahul chandra #oc: safiya al amin #oc: nicola bituin
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  • trucbiduleschouettes
    31.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

    I really like our party so far ;v; !!! 

    I can’t wait to learn more about everyone 

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  • nickhwiseman
    21.07.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Initiate: Safiya Al - Amin (She/Her)

    A super friendly & genuine woman who only arrived at OFNA to look around and assumed she still had an "opt out" option ...

    Bird Familiar: Blue Jay, named Lapis Lazuli

    Romancing: Simone & Elliot

    [second mc from @ofna]

    #ofna: birds of a feather #ofna mc #oc: safiya al amin #oc moodboard
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  • nickhwiseman
    18.07.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Besties <3 ... who have now spilt up & are in 3 different IFs


    #using aleisha in abyss #like the mc vibes kinda just fits for her #also mc having an older bro helped too loll #safiya is in ofna #very curious bout it all & gained a feathery friend #who still believed that there was an 'opt out' option after she looked around for a bit #and obvs nicola is in body count #just a normal girl on a very normal dating reality show #oc: aleisha chandra #oc: safiya al amin #oc: nicola bituin
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  • fenharel
    18.07.2021 - 3 monts ago

    a list of ocs i havent added to my oc page and probably never will:

    cosima & safiya - my arcana apprentices

    elaine - deithwens & avallac'hs daughter, spoiled, arrogant, and a know it all. but she has a secret heart of gold she only shows to those she trusts. she loves painting and animals.

    sidra shepard - a second shepard i made before andromeda came out to romance thane with. one day i play you and force myself to use the renegade options i swear.

    hope seed - junia rooks & joseph seeds kid & my protag for new dawn. my headcanon of this game is so much better than the original, hehe. she's an absolute sunshine.

    oscar + hailey shepard & eden kenobi - turns out i have a ton of oc reladed kids that are space themed, huh.

    veyla - an elder scrolls oc that lives now in the big multiverse my sister and i created. she's the worst person you'll ever meet, unlikable to the core. i love her.

    leylith & lucien - more ocs of my sister & mine elder scrolls / d&d / vtm multiverse 🤡

    alanoriel - tolkien never bothered to give thranduils wife a face, name or character so my sister & i did <3

    sage - my d&d/dos2 ocs son. he's bastard born, bitter, and a traitor. he uses his good looks and arrogant demeanor as a shield, and it would shatter the moment he would meet his mummy again - anyway this is deep sage/willow lore i'll shut up.

    einarr týrson - an undead viking oc. made a pact with a demon the moment before he died without realising it... maybe i'll add him to my oc page eventually if i know in which world/fandom to put him in

    lilie rose morgan - delilahs & arthurs daughter ❤

    #ysillya & eleryn are still missing but ONLY because i do want to add them to my oc page - also the new oc for pathfinder wotr im making #i just still havent had the time ..:/ #cosima#safiya#elaine#sidra shepard#hope seed #oscar alenko shepard #hailey alenko shepard #veyla#sage#einarr týrson#ocs tag#leylith#lucien#alanoriel #lilie rose morgan #um wtf!!!!!!! i didnt realise before this list how many ocs i have that i havent added - wtf
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  • nickhwiseman
    03.06.2021 - 4 monts ago

    A friend group can consist of;

    an artistic cheerleader with a heart of gold,

    a tall literature nerd that prefers writing over talking about feelings

    and the kinda dead one stuck at a crossroad with the sense of existential dread of being the main character. 

    #oc moodboard#aesthetics #oc: safiya al - amin #oc: nicola bituin #oc: aleisha chandra #my ocs #also btw nicola in body count is like an au #but an au that really like for her and helped to figure out her character more  lmaoo #they are my girls who had no idea whats coming for them <3
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  • whatudottu
    24.05.2021 - 4 monts ago

    So, I’ve watched Eurovision, and have elected to redesign Viridin’s outfit once again to get it to the level of ‘fashion-disaster-but-put-effort-into-looking-like-a-wardrobe-hurricane’ that I viscerally imagine him to be.

    #oc#viridin#petrosapien#ben 10 #this may take a while #or only a few minutes #i doubt the latter #but with a safiya nygaard playlist going #and the funky quarentine beats of eurovision #i’m inspired
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  • artsy-bothan
    21.05.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Safiya's smile when she sees Garrus okay was just so sweet. Gosh I can't wait for some Garrus romance! Love this Turian so much!

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  • artsy-bothan
    14.05.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Just got Mass Effect Legendary Edition and gosh Bioware has improved so much in the game. My tough girl, Safiya Shepard, looks amazing in these new graphics.

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  • saturno-sol
    16.04.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Meet Safiya! A Green Butterfly who runs a popular Cafe in the Capital of the Empire. Her coffee is famous, in fact the Empress herself can be seen drinking a cup from time to time!

    #hollow knight #hollow knight oc #technically not an OC she’s my friend but bugified #Bestie wanted to be apart of the OC Project so here she is #Safiya#my art#saturno’s collection #my arts slowly improving which is great #lemme just say I don’t draw butterflies with hair #but She’s an exception because its my friend as a bug #i’m so tired 😓 #my oc stuff
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  • fenharel
    23.03.2021 - 7 monts ago

    i got reminded of this picrew so i made my arcana otps 🤭

    cosima 💙 asra safiya 🖤 lucio
    #cosima #cosima x asra #safiya #safiya x lucio #ocs tags#picrew #cosimas hair is actually longer and more wavy instead of curly but this looked so pretty so :3 #im hardcore procastinating btw. this is why im taking the time  to edit them and stuff lmao #Rip#the arcana
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  • fenharel
    22.03.2021 - 7 monts ago

    been thinking about my arcana ocs again so i’ve made them in this picrew 🤡

    COSIMA (left, expert at chin scritches)    |   SAFIYA (right, professional goat smoocher)
    #cosima#safiya#ocs tag#picrew #i've never talked about my arcana ocs before have i #what a broken windows interface does to a person #the arcana
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  • siebedraws
    15.03.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Did a lil’ alignment chart meme cuz friends of mine on twitter were doing one too. Here it is on twitter, and the blank template too!

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  • bagetlol
    17.01.2021 - 9 monts ago


    Here is Safiya. Hope u’ll enjoy her (boobs) eyes???

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  • siebedraws
    30.11.2020 - 10 monts ago

    warmup doodle I did today of one of my goblins, Safiya


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  • haro-whumps
    06.10.2020 - 1 year ago

    Get it out

    CW: lady whumpee, robot whump, mind control, choking, rescue




    System error not-not-not-not-


    Not recognized. Threat d-d-d-d-

    Friend detected.


    “Help,” Maya begged softly, knowing Safiya would not like what she saw. Maya, missing a limb, wiring poking out from bent and jagged bursts of teal, azure, and mint. She’d been built as an escort, beautiful, a walking mosaic, her purpose has never been this.

    Safiya gasped when she found her, thick and heavy combat boots crushing broken glass and warped metal as she rushed across the wreckage to her. “Maya!”

    “Get it out,” Maya begged, lifting a hand to her head but the unwelcome chip forced her limb back down, away. She tried again but it still jerked back without her input, like she was glitching. Maya didn’t glitch. It was a horrifying, helpless feeling.

    Safiya knelt down next to her, assessing the damage, her beautiful black hands skimming over Maya’s chassis in search of less visibly marred areas.


    “Get it out!” Maya repeated more urgently, every cooling fan in her system whirring at top speed.

    “Get what out, sweetness? Where?” Safia poked at the wiring of her missing leg, searching for any off-model addition that she herself hadn’t put there.

    Eliminate target

    “Help,” she tried again, desperate. Safiya didn’t understand, didn’t realize that it was different, this time. That Maya wasn’t reaching up to caress her cheek, as she had a thousand times before. That she wasn’t brushing her bright, magenta braids to the side so she could take a better scan of her face, and commit it to her memory banks. That she wasn’t sliding her azure palm beneath the high-necked mechanic’s jacket for all the sweet, doting reasons she might have, on a better day.

    Maya had always admired Safiya’s strong body. The thick muscles in her arms, her rough hands, the broad plane of her shoulders, the sharp lines of her jaw. Her neck.

    Eliminate t-t-t-t-





    “Please…” Maya whispered around her glitching tongue, and saw the moment Safiya realized. The moment her eyes snapped open wide. The moment Maya’s traitorous hands closed around her neck.

    “Get it out,” she whimpered, Safiya’s beautiful, strong hands clawing at her own metallic ones.






    Not her!

    “G-g-g-g-g-get it ouuuuuuu--!”

    Strong, deft hands at her temple. Maya had been at Safiya’s mercy a hundred times before, trusting her clever girl to take apart her legs or arms or chest and sometimes yes--even her very brain. Trusting always that she would put her back together. It was not a matter of trust, this time, just a desperate, mutual need. A need to survive. A need to prevent the death of the one person who’d ever mattered.

    But Safiya could not breathe, and her human strength was flagging. She would die here. SHe would die, and it would be Maya’s fault, the stupid chip and the stupid spy and stupid, stupid Maya’s fault for letting it clip into her brain in the first place. She was about to kill the most important person in her entire existence. Safiya was going to die with weakened fingers slipping futilely against the latch of Maya’s skull, a single pressure-prong between her and salvation.

    “Maya,” Safiya wheezed, tears in her glazing brown eyes, “I love you.”

    Maya was, momentarily, shocked, her circuits overloaded as her already hobbled RAM attempted to process that. Safiya showed her love, proved it through action, she didn’t say it. She’d always sword she’d never say it.

    It bought her enough time to heave a breath, shove forward, and pry open Maya’s chassis. Alarms went off but it was already too late. Safiya’s strong fingers had already gripped the chip, and with a yank she ripped it from Maya’s brain.

    Some said androids could not feel pain--and in a traditional sense, that was true. The things that hurt a human would, at most, distress an android, like how Maya’s missing leg was little more than an inconvenience. But they did feel pain, unique to them, and in that moment Maya had never felt anything more excruciating. Her whole system overloaded with the NO NO WRONG of having the errant piece of her mind literally torn out.

    “--ya, Maya, Maya, sweetie, Maya!”


    Safiya heaved a huge sigh, her hands cradling Maya’s open skull and petting down her arm. “Hey, girlie. Thought I lost you there.”

    “Thought you lost me?” Maya asked incredulously. She lifted a hand but stopped not even halfway, no longer sure if she was allowed. Safiya, clever girl, understood, and smiled gently at her. 

    “Your brain all clear?”

    Maya nodded. “Just me in here, now.”

    Safiya grabbed her by the wrist and guided her hand to her throat. The gesture of trust--of love--was not lost on her, and Maya carefully, feather-light, inspected the bruises she’d just left. Her eyes flicked up, to her face, and Maya smiled.

    “I love you too.”

    Safiya stiffened, Maya’s thermal sensors indicating a notable rise, and looked to the side. “Yeah, well,” she said with a small jerk of her head, tossing her frontmost braid, “don’t get used to hearing it or anything.”

    Maya smiled, content as a cat, and slid her hand up to cup Safiya’s sharp jaw. Then, she did as she’d done a thousand times before, an easier language for Safiya to speak though no less meaningful, and she kissed her.



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