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  • mango-dolphin
    23.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    hey octavian pjo fans wake up. or don’t i’m about to sleep anyways

    would anyone like a vague unexplained crackfic oneshot of leo valdez giving octavian a haircut. i am probably gonna revise it a little bit and share it when i wake up lol

    #pjo#percy jackson#octavian#leo valdez#hoo #heroes of olympus #fanfic#fanfiction#my writing#mango's writing #i aws having a lil bit of a manic night & decided to write something based off that #also man i am just thinking about weird relationship dynamics. i love those a lot #tho this fic takes place after toa. it's uhhh #ajt #that fanfic of mine AJT. the one w/the janus demigod oc & shit #you'll just have to accept that octavian is alive & at camp halfblood and leo is there #no context no explanation just how i like it #gnight y'all. love these two (le epic tism)
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  • simpalert
    23.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Was gonna just submit it in an ask to @nekomortiz but I’m proud of it so here it is

    (I made it look like they be watching a movie)

    (also fun fact I got the color of toa huas dress by mixing the colors from the boys shirts)


    #lego monkie kid #lmk #lmk macaque lmk sun wukong lmk monkie king #lmk monkie king #lmk macaque #six eared macaque #toa hua (oc) #lmk sun wukong #darkcherrypeachshipping#darkcherrypeach#🌑🍒🍑#So cute
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  • missnightingale2k21
    22.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Guardian of Trollhunters Episode 3: Part 4 - Changed Forever

    Masterlist | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter on Wattpad

    Liz Walker POV

    Early the next morning before school starts, Liz meets up with Claire by the lockers. Catching sight of the brunette walking towards her, Claire waves at Liz, greeting her with a smile. "There you are, Juliet! Are you ready to take the stage?"

    Stopping before Claire, Liz shrugs, greeting her with a smile of her own. "Ready as I'll ever be."

    "Great!" Claire exclaims, gleefully before closing her locker shut and grabbing onto Liz's wrist, leading her in the direction of the gymnasium. "Now, let's get moving before Ms. Janeth hunts you down. Wouldn't want you to show up late on your first day of practice. She will have your head if you do."

    Before they reach the double doors of the gymnasium, Liz stops herself from going any further to the realization of Claire, who pauses in her tracks. With a quirk of an eyebrow, Claire turns to Liz in confusion. "What's wrong, Liz?"

    "To be honest, I'm not really sure if I'm up for this, Claire. I mean you've been practicing for the role of Juliet more so than me, waaay before I came here and I feel like I've taken all that effort away from you. Doesn't it bother you?" Liz admits to the girl before her.

    Claire's eyes widened, surprised by Liz's straightforwardness, then sighs, letting go of Liz's wrist and placing both hands on her hips. "I get where you're coming from, Liz, and I have to admit, I am disappointed that I didn't get the part, but I can assure you that it doesn't bother me that you have the part because I know that you will put as much effort into it as I would. Much faith in you, I have, Liz Walker."

    Liz blinks for a second then chuckles at her last words. "Did you just quote Master Yoda?"

    "Indeed, I have," Claire replies, making both girls burst into giggles. Yesterday after school before training Jim in the evening, Claire invited Liz over to her place to watch movies after finding out who got the parts in the play of Romeo and Juliet. A bet was made between them from their first hang out on who will get the part. Since Liz won, it was her turn to decide what to watch on their next hang out and she brought along the original Star Wars, one of her favorite movie series. It was thanks to her close friend in New Jersey who introduced her to the franchise and she's forever thankful for it.

    "Besides, there's always next year. I overheard that we might do a musical on Beauty and the Beast next." Claire says, excited for the upcoming play. "I'm going to try out for the role of Belle."

    "And you'll have my full support," Liz states, before grabbing Claire's hands with her own and smiling softly at her friend. "Seriously though...thank you, Claire. I promise I won't let you down."

    "Oh, I know." Claire grins, before wagging her pointer finger at Liz. "But don't thank me just yet. We're just getting started."

    Liz laughs. "I suppose you're right."

    With that, both girls push past the double doors, entering into the gymnasium. Standing before a foldable seat was Ms. Janeth, reading something on her clipboard before looking up when she heard the doors swing open. "Ah, Miss Walker, delightful to see you here bright and early. Are you ready to take your place among the stars?"

    Liz and Claire grinned at each other before Liz finally replies.

    "Wouldn't miss it for the world."


    It was half an hour later when they officially started practicing. Claire left Liz to meet up with her other friends just minutes before Jim entered the gymnasium, Liz waving to him in greeting from on stage.

    A moment later, they both stood on stage with their lines highlighted before them on the clipboards. However, Liz senses something was amiss with Jim, noticing him deep in thought.

    "Deny and refuse. But he can't deny it." Ms. Janeth directs, pacing below in front of them. "But Romeo can't not be a Montague, which means that Juliet..."

    "Will no longer be a Capulet." Liz finishes.

    "Exactly!" Ms. Janeth laughs, sitting down on her chair. "Jim?"

    "Huh?" Jim snaps to attention, making Liz frown in worry, assuming what happened yesterday may be affecting Jim more than she expected.

    "Or, if thou wilt not, be sworn, my love..." The drama teacher starts off with a flourish of her hand.

    "Right. No, I-I got it. Love, deny, refuse. I'm on it." Jim states. Pushing her glasses slightly up her nose, Ms. Janeth looks pointedly at Jim before glancing down on her clipboard. "Okay, then. Let's take it from "Wherefore art..."

    "You okay?" Liz asks, making Jim turn towards her.

    "Yeah, I'm fine." Jim chuckles anxiously, shrugging his shoulders and giving her the okay sign. "Totally fine."

    Liz definitely knew that he wasn't fine. "You're going to need to be a bit more convincing if you're going to play Romeo." Or more confident to become the Trollhunter.

    "I've just got some stuff going on in my head," Jim admits, gazing downwards on the floor before glancing up at Liz.

    Stepping closer to Jim, Liz speaks. "I understand how you're feeling. You thought you could do this, but then something happens and you realize you might be wrong. But I assure you, you are where you're meant to be. Trust me, I've been there. You just have to believe in yourself and take a leap of faith."

    Jim steps closer to Liz, wanting to say something, but a voice calls out from between them.

    "All right, all right!" Ms. Janeth interjected, interrupting their heartfelt moment. "Act 2, scene 2, line 33."

    Settling back in their roles, their blue and turquoise eyes remained on each other as Liz began.

    "Wherefore art thou, Romeo?"


    The school bell rang, ending another school day in Arcadia Oaks High. Liz grabs her skateboard from her locker when she hears a commotion behind her from across the courtyard. Turning around as she slams her locker shut, she catches sight of Jim being cornered by Steve as a crowd of students gathers around them. She walks towards them for a closer look at the situation.

    "Sure. You want to crawl away from me, on your knees, bowing in front of everybody?" Steve pokes Jim on the chest, chuckling then steps back. "That's a choice."

    Students murmur as Jim drops his bag on the ground and settles onto one knee, bowing to Steve. To her disappointment at the sight in front of her, Liz frowns deeply.

    "Whoa! I didn't expect you to actually choose wussing over whooping." Steve takes a step backward in surprise, laughing. With a glum expression, Jim glances around him, and as he turns, his blue eyes pause on sad turquoise ones. Tearing his eyes from Liz, Jim's brows furrowed before standing straight with a determined gaze.

    Suddenly, Steve pushes Jim, slamming him against the lockers with a clang. Jim groans, but moves away in time from Steve's oncoming fist. Steve began swinging his fist as Jim continued to duck each swing, sidestepping away.

    "Keep still so I can punch your face!" Steve shouts, pouncing for Jim who dodges. Steve continues to chase after Jim around. Just before Steve could land a hit on Jim, his fist meets with an open palm. To everyone's shock, standing between Jim and Steve was none other than Liz. With narrowed eyes, she nonchalantly throws Steve's fist to the side. "Enough of this, Steve."

    Steve growls, fists clenching at his sides. "Get out of the way, Liz. This got nothing to do with you."

    Catching her off guard, Steve shoves Liz, who stumbles back into Jim as he catches her by the arms. "Liz!"

    Steve laughs obnoxiously. "Using a girl as a shield? Pathetic."

    Jim's eyes narrowed. He steps around Liz, standing firmly in front of her, protectively.

    "Heh, good thing your mom's a nurse." Steve chuckles, bringing up a fist, ready to punch.

    "One hit." Liz hears Jim mutter to himself right before he throws an uppercut punch to Steve's jaw, making him fly backward and land on the ground, knocked out as a front tooth fell out.

    "She's a doctor, actually." Jim corrects as students cheer and break in applause. Toby runs to his friend, punching him lightly on the arm. "Got one! Dude, you did it! And without even kicking him in the gronk-nuks!"

    As the crowd continues to cheer around him, Jim smiles confidently before turning around to check on Liz. "Are you okay, Liz?"

    Placing a hand on her hip, Liz offers a charming grin at her charge. "Peachy. Gotta say that was one heck of a punch you got there. I knew you had it in you."

    Jim blushes, rubbing the back of his head. "Thanks."

    He glances down before looking up at her once more, but this time with blue eyes filled with determination.

    "There's something I have to do."


    Heading towards the main pub of Trollmarket, Liz follows Jim and Toby. Both boys are up to something, but they didn't mention anything to her. Entering inside, they can hear the voice of Draal, speaking and laughing out loud. "Over and over and over. It was incredible! All I want is the chance to wail on that fleshbag again."

    Before Draal could bring his mug up to his mouth, a hand shoots out, grabbing onto the lip of the mug and slamming it back onto the table, the liquid sloshing out. Standing before Draal was Jim, his eyes narrowed at the offending troll. "Wish granted, loudmouth. Rematch. You. Me. Name the time, name the place, and I'll be there."

    "We both will," Toby added with crossed arms over his chest. Draal growls, standing up from his seat, his large figure towering over Jim, who stood without flinching.

    Liz's mouth gapes at the scene before closing her mouth and shaking her head, realizing what Jim had done. He just unawaringly signed himself up in a deathmatch. What was he thinking?! Oh, no, Liz, that's the thing...he didn't think...he just took a leap of faith and went for it!

    "Oh, fuzzbuckets."

    [End of Episode 3 - Wherefore Art Thou, Trollhunter?]

    Hello there!

    I hope you enjoyed the last chapter of Episode 3!

    If you are interested in reading more, click on the links provided below!

    This fanfiction story will be posted on Wattpad, Archive of Our Own, and Tumblr as the series progress. However, Wattpad will serve as the original site for this story, so the latest updates will be there.

    While reading, feel free to leave a comment [keep it negative-free, would you? thanks :)] or critique. I appreciate the feedback. And along the way, if you like the journey so far, leave a star, a kudos, or/and heart to vote! If you have any questions, feel free to ask as well and I’ll do my best to answer without giving any spoilers ;)

    Again, thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

    Happy reading!

    - Miss_Nightingale

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  • oplishin
    21.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    The hc that all children of Aphrodite are pan is good and all, but can you imagine the drama that comes with being an ace kid??

    Being forced to find love because it’s What You’re Supposed to do

    people keep asking them for relationship advice and theyre just like “?? Don’t be an asshat I guess”

    Aphrodite would probably initially reject them for being too boring for her, BUT

    They can bond over meticulously maintained aesthetics (Aphrodite can find you an outfit in any aesthetic don’t fight me)

    The beauty part would probably become even more important, Aphrodite kids would develop a really good eye for natural beauty and just art in general

    Recognizing other kinds of love like platonic becomes even more important in the Character Arc (tm)

    It basically sounds like the experience of being ace but m o r e

    #pjo#greek mythology #is it time to write an oc #aphrodite#HoO#ToA #too many acronyms smh
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  • tnt308
    21.10.2021 - 3 days ago
    #tales of arcadia #toa#toa oc#ocs
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  • chileanchaosblog
    20.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Help, I forgot how to draw

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  • iguanodont
    19.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Ahab meets the Matriarch

    #drew this months ago actually #but this campaign has been on hiatus for a while now #dnd#ocs#Ahabblefrup#kuo toa
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  • finding-mr-midnight
    19.10.2021 - 4 days ago


    The Characters From My PJ Fanfiction

    #picrew#my oc#percy pjo#pjo #percy jackon and the olympians #percy jackson #hero of olympus #pjo hoo toa
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  • urecognized-talent
    19.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    You ever just make a small animation you're proud of? Because I have-it's nowhere near tv show quality, but for a first-timer, I'd say it's pretty good!

    #Tale of Abyssia #The Hunter#ToA#My art#Animated#OC#I tried #And you know what #I'm proud of this
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  • patuaa
    19.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    more rish content bc i said so ‼️‼️ first one is a pose from harley quinn and her hyena bc they simply radiate that energy

    second is a comic that encapsulates all of their dynamics!!! rish and archie are a duo to be fuckingkdnf dealt with- poor doux

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  • trucbiduleschouettes
    18.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    I doodled the party as AC villagers last night

    I know there’s no snake villagers in canon but Safiya deserves to continue being Snekfia 

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  • prismarts
    18.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Whumptober Day 1: All Trusssed Up and Still Nowhere To Go

    Plot: Illy looks forward to spending a night at the ball with her mentor Morgana and her best friend Douxie, but her night ends with her in more pain that she could ever think.

    Notes: 4,446 words (how is this so long my gosh-), tw for kidnapping for ransom, being bound in chains, being stepped on and thrown around, being gagged, bound in barbed wire, bruises, food, that should be it (please let me know if there is any that I missed). Illy is called a wench, once in this. Prompts are, "You have to let go", barbed wire, bound. Illy just...not having a good time really. Foreshadowing, kinda- This is late and i might just pick random days for the next fics I decide to write, I'm sorry, Illy. Inspired using the draining dust idea created by @archies-litterbox

    Tags: @furblrwurblr @alovesongshewrote @tales-of-hisirdoux @mxcheese @gatelightingirlboss @sergeantsporks

    This was the night that Illy had been anticipating for so long...weeks, months maybe! She barely remembers at this point but she was so excited for tonight that she could hardly wait to rush out of her chamber’s doors. She tried to calm herself down as she braided her long brunette hair, trying to keep it tidy and in place, as she decorated her braids with turquoise ribbons through them. Her hair tied in place in a turquoise bow as she twirled around excitedly. A small giggle escaped her as her dress flowed, it was a light turquoise with intricate floral embroidery on the hems and a corset top. It was nicer than her usual apprentice dress which was absolutely perfect for tonight’s ball.

    She soon walked out of her chambers, letting out a few breaths to calm herself down as she headed towards Morgana’s chambers. Trying to contain her giddiness about spending time with the older witch as she was like a mother to her. Illy walked up to the door, knocking on it excitedly, “Morgana?...I’m ready for the ball..” She called out, waiting patiently by the door as she could have sworn she heard...magic. She flinched slightly, she recognized those sounds, shadow magic.

    “She...wouldn’t be….she couldn’t have forgotten..” She muttered to herself after a moment, knowing her teacher promised her that they would be able to spend some time together.

    But the longer she stayed, the more she heard the sounds of shadow magic...and Morgana’s incantations. She raised her hand up again hesitantly, debating on whether or not she should knock again….but realized, it was pointless…

    Morgana was bound to be too busy practising Shadowmancy to spend time with her…. Like it always seems to be nowadays. Illy sighed, defeated as she let her arm fall to her side and walk off down the hallway for a moment. Rubbing her arm quietly as an attempt to comfort herself before remembering something.

    “Well, if she does end up...being busy that night, just look for me! We can go together instead…”

    “Promise, Douxie?...”

    “I promise… just come find me and we’ll have a fun night together.”

    Illy felt her face light up the slightest bit, remembering Douxie’s promise. She lifted her dress up a little bit and ran up towards Merlin’s tower to look for her best friend. Hoping that she could at least spend the night with him.

    She walked up to the doors to the workshop, taking a breath before knocking on the doors, only to be startled when it suddenly opened with a slight thud, it was Merlin.

    “M..Master Merlin, I..I’m sorry..for intruding b...but is...is Douxie in there?..I..I was hoping he could-”

    She never got to finish her sentence when Merlin lifted a hand up sternly to silence her, immediately speaking with an annoyed sigh.

    “I don’t have the time to deal with you, Illyria. I have important work that needs to be done and I can’t have you knocking at the door and disrupting me.”

    “I..i’m...sorry Master Merlin….i..i was just…”

    “Hisirdoux is busy. I should not have to tell you again to stop disrupting my work. Now, leave.”

    The old wizard closed the door in front of her, almost slamming it in his annoyance as she flinched. Illy looked away bitterly, rubbing her arm as she fought some tears. She walked away, almost storming off in her slight frustration.

    She had stormed off towards the ballroom before hiding near the hallways, she leaned against the stone wall. Shaking, she started tearing up, sobbing... it...seemed like everyone was...too busy for her. Whatever promises were made, were just broken.

    Of course, what did she expect?.... Despite everything, maybe she never did belong in Camelot…

    Illy sniffled, trying to wipe at the tears falling down her freckled cheeks, it was useless though…. She couldn’t stop sobbing. She soon jumped at the sound of horns, had the ball started...already?...

    She looked down at herself blankly, what was the point? She was already so...heartbroken if she was honest with herself….was it really so hard to want to spend time with people she cared about?

    She stood up, quietly walking away towards one of the castle’s exits. She needed to get away…..a walk would do her good, some fresh air...to clear her thoughts.

    Illy walked out of the gates of the castle, it was...pretty easy considering the knights were busy guarding the ball. She hugged herself tightly as she sniffled, tearing up quite a bit as she quietly strolled off, far away from Camelot.

    As she walked, sobbing quietly and cloaking her arms around herself in an embrace for only her, considering no-one else cared to calm down, she felt like… there were people watching her…

    She looked around in a slight paranoid panic, “H...hello?..” She called out carefully, making her hands glow a bright turquoise to hopefully be able to defend herself from...whatever...or whoever was out there.

    From the dark shadows of the woods, she heard a rustling.


    She called out again, her voice echoed once more, though she was hesitant about whether she wanted to get an answer or not. The rustling got stronger, she took a few steps backwards with her glowing hands up front, ready for defence.

    Illy’s head snapped to her right as she heard the rustling got stronger, her heart racing in her chest as she let out panicked breaths not helped by the fact that she had been sobbing earlier.

    “Well, well, well, look at who we got here lads…”

    She flinched, hearing a gruff voice approaching her as she looked around, three large men approaching her. They were strong, muscular. Dressed in heavy leather with daggers on their belts, scars all over their faces and bodies. One of them held clutching what once was a glittering metallic weapon in the moonlight, now engulfed in rust.

    She kept her hands up, glowing brightly but was shaking over the fear she felt.

    “Lady Morgana’s little witch….”

    Her widened, dilated in fear ....realizing they had been following her, recognized her. No doubt, from her almost public execution almost a year ago when she first arrived in Camelot. She acted fast and in a panic, blasting two of the men down before making a run for it.


    Running deeper and deeper into the Wild Wood, she knew it was a risk, running towards Gunmar’s territory but she would rather risk her fate with Gumm Gumms and other magical creatures than thugs, out to kidnap her, chain her up for ransom or worse…. Death.

    She kept running, her breathing becoming quick and laboured as she heard rustling, they were coming after her. It was making her panic, making her entire body go pale and cold as she kept running as quickly as her legs could take her.

    She turned back for a moment, just one small moment to see how close they were to her. But she tripped on a particularly large rock, sending her falling, her head hitting the ground with a thud as she landed roughly on the ground.

    Illy groaned, her head spinning, aching from the fall. She felt her body shaking as she struggled, trying to get up in her slightly delirious state. But in her fruitless attempts, she felt something heavy holding her back down in a sudden swift motion.

    She let out a choked breath, almost passing out at the deadly weight that was suddenly on her back, resisting her movements. She sobbed, choking, struggling to breathe as tears of pain and fear fell down her cheeks.

    “Did you really think you could run away, you little witch.” The gruff voice spat at her, almost in disgust before laughing at her pathetic...scared state. He got his foot off of her, giving her the false illusion that she was finally going to get some relief but that was soon an abandoned thought as she heard and felt metal chains wrapping around her tightly.

    It wouldn’t have bothered her so much….

    Except it burned.

    It burned, it felt like it was burning into her skin, through the fabric of her dress. It made her scream in agony, her throat burning as she felt her breathing turn heavy. She struggled against the chains, trying her hardest to focus her fear into her magic, hoping so badly to see the turquoise glow appearing in her hands.





    Her magic, it wasn’t working.

    Why wasn’t it working?

    She panicked, her breathing quickened as tears fell down her face from the excruciating pain. The burning sensation from the chains continued to make her shriek in pain until she felt a rough fabric being shoved into her mouth, it was tied behind her head roughly.

    “Try all you want to escape, you feel the burning, don’t you? Chain’s infused with draining dust, supposed to make it unbearable for you witches to use your magic, let alone survive.”

    Her breathing almost cut off at the panic she felt, the burning sensation that the chains were making her body sting in pain. She could almost feel the absolute stinging pain radiate through her entire body, shutting down her magic.

    Illy soon felt her body, roughly being grabbed and slung over the gruff thug’s shoulder. She struggled against the chains, letting out gagged screams of pain as she tried to escape despite the growing weakness and pain she felt coursing through her body.

    She could hear the gruff voice laughing at her mockingly as he carried her back, she continued to squirm, despite the pain, trying to focus on somehow activating her magic… though it seemed hopeless.

    She was soon tossed onto the ground violently, her body flinching as she let out a pained yell, muffled by the gag. Her body landed with a thud, it felt like her bones might break, her skin was going to bruise. She felt tears falling down her face from the excruciating pain of the chains making her weaker, causing her magic to disappear and leaving burn marks all over her skin through her dress.

    She kept struggling against the chains, screaming into the gag as she heard the thugs talking amongst themselves, “With the little witch in our custody, no doubt will get a hell of a lot of gold for compensation, since it’s the Lady’s little wench.”

    Illy continued to struggle throughout the night, she hoped….someone was coming after her… They had to, right? They couldn’t have just forgotten her.


    She continued to struggle against the burning chains, screaming out through the gag, muffling the pained sounds that were making her throat feel raw with stinging pain. She was feeling her life… her magic being drained out of her. The pain was excruciating. It didn’t help that she could feel bruises forming from being physically stepped on earlier.

    Her body felt sore, she felt like she could barely breathe… The chain's effects even made her throat feel worse as it slowly killed her...

    Douxie and Morgana had to be looking for her now...they had to be…

    They wouldn’t just… abandon her like this… forget her this easily…

    She could feel her head start to hurt as she thought about it more… A wave of realization hit her as she felt her heart break even more…. Right, they did forget about her… They both broke their promises to her….

    Why would they be looking for her….. When they forgot about her just hours earlier?....

    When they forgot about the single night that she had been looking forward to in months…. Maybe she was right in thinking… she never did belong in Camelot.

    Illy felt herself fall limp at the realization that…. Noone was looking for her… She was going to be stuck here, trapped in these painful chains, infused with draining dust. No doubt….whatever plans the thugs had for ransom would fail...if no one was looking for her.

    She was going to die here….

    Slowly having her magic and her life being drained out of her body, she was going to die, cold, alone and in torturous pain…

    And no one was even going to realize…

    Noone would care….

    She laid there limply, blankly staring at the ground as she felt herself start to sob through the pain, biting back against the gag. Her throat burned with stinging pain, her body was shaking against the painful, burning chains that were going to slowly kill her…

    Morgana had been practicing her shadow magic, looking through the spell book with a quiet huff. She looked around for a moment, taking a small moment to have a breather when she realized Illy hadn’t come in for lessons this morning. A slight frown formed on her face, that was unusual to say the least… she wondered why.

    She got up from her chair and walked out of her chambers to look for her apprentice, she could only hope that Illy hadn't fallen ill. She walked down the castle halls and towards Merlin’s tower where Illy’s chambers were nearby the area.

    She walked over to the door, letting out a breath as she knocked on the door softly. “Illyria?...Are you here?...” She called out.


    No answer from her apprentice, at all…

    It started to worry her as she reached for the door handle, turning it to push open the door as she leaned her head in. She took a look around the room for a moment before feeling her face turning pale.

    She wasn’t here…

    Where could she have gone?

    She took a deep breath to compose herself, not wanting to suddenly cause a scene.

    She got lost in her panicked thoughts over where her apprentice could be as she made her way down to the kitchens, perhaps she went to help the maids there…..


    None of the maids have seen her after she asked all of them, Morgana felt her panic rise but she headed her way to the library, perhaps, Illy was just reading at her own leisure as she tended to do during her free time.

    She wasn’t there either…

    She felt her heart drop, her face turning pale in her worry. ‘No, Let’s not panic yet, Morgana…. She’s got to be somewhere….’ She thought to herself, trying to calm herself down from the anxiety-inducing panic, ‘The gardens!’

    Morgana wasted no time, almost sprinting down the stairs towards the royal gardens in the castle grounds. She opened the gates leading to the area, scanning around the rather spacious garden.

    Full of colorful flowers, trees and shrubs….

    It was one of Illyria’s favourite places to be….

    And yet…

    She was nowhere to be found…

    “Where are you, Illyria?...”

    She mumbled, her voice almost caught in her worry, her breathing caught in her throat from how much she was running around looking for her apprentice…

    Where was she?..

    Where was her apprentice?...

    Her daughter…

    She thought for a moment before starting to walk back up the stairs to Merlin’s tower and towards the workshop. If there was anyone in the castle who would know where Illyria would be…

    It would be Douxie…

    She walked towards the workshop door that was opened as she saw that little Douxie was mopping the floors as per usual. The only difference is, he was alone at the moment, Merlin nowhere in sight.

    That was good.

    She rushed into the room, almost immediately grabbing the moppet by the shoulders, effectively startling him to the point that he almost screamed.


    "GAAH!!! M..morgana!? W..what's-"

    "I..it's Illyria! I...I haven't seen her...a..at all....I've searched the entire castle and she....p..please tell me you've seen her!"


    He thought for a moment, his face slowly growing pale with worry when he realized he hadn’t seen her either… At all…

    "N..no...I..I haven't seen her...s..since...t..the ball. I...I didn't see her at all that night. F..fuzzbuckets, nonono. Y..you don’t think she…”

    Douxie’s voice trailed off into a worried silence, his head turned to look at his familiar, the cat on his shoulder who looked just as concerned as Morgana cursed under her breath, the ball… she completely forgot about it….

    She forgot about Illy…

    The moppet seemed to notice this as his face fell, “Y...you didn’t go to the ball with her?....” He asked, worried and…. Filled with guilt, knowing, that night had been busy for him and he hadn’t seen Illy at all that night….

    He sees Morgana’s face fall in guilt as he looks away, “...i...i didn’t either...I...she..” He stammered, she must have been looking for her but. He wasn’t there. He wasn’t there for her like he promised. “You were busy, Douxie…..we didn’t even know that she was looking for you…” Archie mumbled to attempt and calm his wizard down.

    “There’s no time for that now…..w...we need to go look for her. I..if she did leave… we need to go make sure that she’s safe.” The sorceress said, his voice full of guilt but was stern.

    Illy squirmed against the thugs painful grip, making the bruises, the stinging effects of the chains that were once on her hurt like absolute hell. The thug kept his grip tight as he took the chains off of her, giving her some false relief before tying her up in barbed wire. The material pricked through her dress and on her skin as she screamed through the gag.

    She was tossed onto the ground, her head hitting the ground making her delirious from all the pain. Her breathing uneven and hitched as she tried to fight the tears forming in her eyes again. She had been hoping...maybe, just maybe, someone would come looking for her…

    But deep down, a voice was echoing in her head…

    'You have to let go, Illy....they're not...coming for you...why would they? They forgot..'

    She felt her eyes closing as she tried to steady her pained breathing, that thought almost yelling at her to believe it and gods, she did. She was so close to believing it…

    Until she heard a blast of magic blowing up nearby, her ears ringing from the sound as she struggled to process what was going on. Her breathing shaky and uneven as the ringing in her ears, the pain throughout her body made everything around her seem...fuzzy, unreadable.


    She flinched, her head spinning from her uneven breathing, from the pain coursing through her body…. She was hearing things, it had to be….she was just, hearing things. It… couldn’t be Douxie. Her thoughts slipping as rustling footsteps approached her, her barely opened eyes staring down at herself as a familiar sky blue glow surrounded her.

    A hitched breath escaped her sore throat, muffled by the gag as she started to sob. The barbed wire started to levitate off of her in that blue glow, the gag being freed from her mouth as she let out a gasp. She almost fought back, squirming until she felt warm arms lift her up. Her head leaning against something warm, the scent of burnt cloves present as she took a shaky breath.


    She rasped, her throat burned from the screaming and tears falling down her face in disbelief….

    “I..I’m here, Illy...y..you’re safe now, I swear…”

    His worried voice made her heart sting, she was shaking now as she leaned against him, limp...tired, in so much unbearable pain.. but she felt safe. Her barely opened eyes stared up, it was hard to make out through all the tears but she saw them… Douxie, Archie perched on his shoulder.

    The three of them were startled by the sudden loud sound of magic nearby, shadow magic. Douxie turned around, carefully holding Illy in his arms still as they watched, Morgana’s eyes turn dark, a golden glow emitting from the middle as she levitated the thugs, who were thrashing about, squirming in fear and screaming empty threats.

    But it was useless, really…

    Morgana wasn’t in the mood to give any of these thugs any mercy for what they did to her apprentice, her daughter. She used her magic, it glowed a brilliant, frightening gold as she threw the three men into the opened shadow portal where their screams were useless.

    Where they wished for their death instead of floating in the neverending void of debris and rocks.

    The two apprentices and familiar stared in frightened shock as it happened, all three of them shakened by the absolute fear Morgana’s aura was glowing in. Illy let out a few shaky breaths as she struggled to keep her eyes open any longer, the fear and the coursing pain through her body… drained her, causing her to pass out in Douxie’s arms.

    Illy laid down on the bed as she was slowly healed, the maids tending to her bruises and physical injuries while Merlin helped her stabilize the effects of the chains infused with draining dust. Luckily for her, the effects weren’t as deadly as it would have been if she had inhaled or ingested the substance.

    Still, she was lucky to even be alive…

    She spent the next few weeks, staying in her room, resting on her bed in recovery and in an act of stubbornness, refused any visitors. Refused to see Douxie or Morgana… Despite their worried insistence, she refused.

    Perhaps, it was harsh of her…. Douxie was her best friend and Morgana, she saw her as a mother…. But it didn’t change how hurt she had been, her promises to them broken. It didn’t change the fact they hadn't noticed she was gone until a day and a half later.

    It hurt….

    To think they hadn’t cared for her enough to even realize she was gone…

    It broke her heart to think about it, that they never even noticed she was gone for that long. When she cared for them so much…

    After a couple of weeks into her recovery though, Douxie somehow managed to sneak into her room for a visit. Bouquet of forget-me-nots in hand and a basket of pastries on the other, a guilty...but absolutely worried look on his face as he gave an awkward smile.

    “What are you doing here? I told you I didn’t want to-”

    “P..please! L..let me...I...wanted to apologize...a..and I’ll leave you alone...i..if that’s what you really want…”

    Illy hesitated, a hurt look on her face but….she nodded, looking away from him as she gripped on her nightgown.

    “I..I’m so...so sorry Illy, I… I had no idea you were looking for me that night, honest… I was so busy helping Master Merlin and...he hadn’t said anything about you looking for me…. I...assumed Morgana went to the ball with you...but..that was no excuse, to not realize that you had been gone...I’m..sorry..”

    She listened as he apologized, his voice absolutely laced with guilt and regret that it hurt her more. She glanced at Douxie who had looked away, still holding onto the gifts he had for her in his hands.

    She was...upset, hurt by him and Morgana but….. He had been there for her when she needed, when her own teacher...her mother figure wasn’t.He was her best friend. She frowned slightly but looked at him, reaching an arm up to gently hold him by the wrist.

    “I...I forgive you… Douxie..” She mumbled, only able to muster a smile when she saw his face light up ever so slightly, he looked so happy that she forgave him...despite the guilt still evident on his face. She motioned for him to sit, and he did, on the floor next to her bed as they spent the rest of the day together, sharing the pastries he brought…

    Illy had rested on her bed for weeks now, she had only let Douxie visit her a couple of times after he apologized, if only because she still wasn’t too used to it...not after believing that she was going to die alone, that no one cared for her and he respected that…

    Though, Morgana was still insistent that she see her, which hadn’t been easy to deal with as she really...didn’t want to see her teacher…

    She had been refusing to let the sorceress in….until tonight...

    She flinched when she saw her teacher walk into the room, a look of remorse and guilt on her face, not to mention the worry in her eyes. But she looked away from Morgana, still hurt by everything…

    Her heart aches just remembering what happened, how many times she was forgotten for Morgana’s pursuit to master Shadowmancy. She grips her nightgown shakily as she refused to look her mentor in the eyes when she sat at the foot of her bed.

    “Illyria...my dear, are you alright? Are you recovering well?.....”

    “ ‘M fine….” She muttered bitterly as she kept her eyes averted.

    “Illyria...I..I’m so sorry….for forgetting about that night, I..hadn’t meant to forget about you...I-”

    “But, you always do.”

    “Illyria….T..that’s not-”

    “NO! DON’T YOU DARE SAY THAT IT ISN’T TRUE!!!” Illy snapped, her body shaking as she turned her head to glare at her mentor, tears forming in her eyes. “You always promise that you would spend time with me! That you would take time out of your day to actually teach me again!! To spend time together like we used to!”

    She felt the tears fall down her face as the grip on her nightgown tightened in frustration, in absolute sadness. “But YOU NEVER DO!!!! You NEVER take the time to do so because you’ve been so busy practicing Shadow magic!!! I...it’s like…” She felt her breathing hitch, sobs escaping her throat as she looked at Morgana, who had been staring in guilt...and shock.

    “I..t..think of you like a mother….to me...i...I care about you so much a..and yet...I...It’s like you don’t even care about me…..n..not anymore...what!? Is it because I don’t have a gift for Shadow magic!?!? I...is that it?...”

    “Illyria...I..no, of course that’s not true…” Morgana said, her voice soft but full of guilt as she reached out to gently lift her apprentice’s head by the chin but she was crying now, sobbing and turning her eyes away from her.

    “You’re like a daughter to me, as well, Illyria….I..I am so sorry for how I treated you nowadays...I shouldn’t have done so… but I promise you….I do care...” She sighed quietly as she looked away, feeling herself tear up as she looked at Illy in the eyes,

    “You’re my daughter, Illyria….no matter what, I care for you deeply….and...I promise… I’ll be a better mentor to you...a better mother..i..if you’ll let me…” She said softly, a distraught look on her face at how heartbroken the girl was.

    Illy stayed quiet for a moment, but soon continued to sob as she nodded silently when she was enveloped in a hug by her mother…

    Maybe, things will be better after today….maybe..

    Illy could only hope, she supposed...

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  • patuaa
    18.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    something cozy for them bc it’s fall ‼️‼️ also the wolf archie is stacked on is rish’s familiar :0

    #tales of arcadia #douxie x oc #tales of arcadia oc #hisirdoux casperan#douxie #tales of arcadia x oc #toa wizards#❤️❤️❤️#my art #burn scars are hardddd but that’s what happens when your oc got burned at stake 💪💪
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  • magus95
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    ✨ -This is real?

    -As much as you want. ✨

    Mmmmm, I don't know, maybe yes, maybe not.

    ¿La gente se sigue casando? Pregunta seria.

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  • gatelightingirlboss
    17.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    stabbed – azra oneshot.

    so, part of my tales of arcadia oc's backstory/lore is that she... well uh, the fic'll speak for itself. this is merely a wip. (for @prismarts; wouldn't lemme send the whole thing so far.)


    althea was dead.

    azraelle's eyes welled up with sharp, warm tears that stung against the wind. the salt made the stinging worse.

    it felt cold, and dark.


    it was just her and...

    and her dead familiar's body. she lay sprawled across the ground, wings splayed, arms and legs flailed out, twitching. her eyes had been glassed over with what had overcome her.


    her stomach had been torn open with the bloody blade that hung within the killer's hand, blood spooling out.

    blood dripping down.




    so much blood.

    her eyes glowed bright with her magic, unimaginable amounts of bent up rage beginning to build up inside her.

    she wanted to scream, but nothing came out.

    the words caught up in her throat, becoming tangled and muddled.

    then she felt the ice cold of a blade pierce her skin, slicing through something important.

    and it was replaced by a new, sickeningly warm feeling.

    her throat gurgled, a metallic taste stinging her tastebuds. she forgot what it felt like to breathe, her throat tightening and raspy, wheezy breaths attempting to haul themselves in.

    the blood bubbled within her lips, as the knife was wrenched out, and it came up rapidly now, dripping down from her chin, spilling from the hole in her throat from where her breath was dragged out of her.

    she saw the figure that had attacked her drop the knife to the ground with a loud clang, and they bolted off as a streak of black into the woods.

    her vision became a smear of a blurred array of colours, tears spilling from her eyes as her breath hiccoughed rapidly.

    the world slowly began to fade around her, corners in her peripherals becoming black.

    this was it.

    this was her fate.

    when four familiar voices called her name, screams ringing out, cries of horror and distraught.

    "AZRA!" it was douxie first, the familiar flurry of blue magic and his black moppet.

    "AZRAELLE!" morgana and merlin, yellow and green fading into brown.

    everything was so hazy.

    "oh, azraelle..." archie.

    so... sleepy...

    "a-az," douxie's voice choked, "az, p-please, don't l-leave m-me."

    so... so...

    the world went dark.

    time passed.

    how much, she didn't know.

    but she woke up. somehow. somewhere. somewhere... familiar.

    it was happening again.

    althea's corpse lay dead, the sound of fire crackling loudly in her ears, her heart pounding harder over the sound of rushing blood.

    and she screamed.

    she finally, finally...


    it was so piercing, and so loud, it boomed and thundered throughout the world, a roar that ripped through the earth and made it shake and tremble, quake and tremour.

    and she woke up.

    her eyes burst open, and she bolt to sit upright, gasps rippling through the air.

    tears trickled down her cheeks, burning tracks into her skin as it prickled and seared.


    so much pain.

    a pair of arms wrapped around her shoulders, a hand clutching the back of her head. she was surrounded by a blanket of safety, cooling off the fire that burnt within her heart.

    her eyes squeezed shut tight. "shh, az... it's okay, i've got you."

    douxie's voice soothed, softly, delicately, his hand running through her hair, curling her hair around his fingers. "you're safe now, i promise. i'm here."

    a beat of silence, filled with nothing but the heavy breathing of azraelle.

    she opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out.

    it wasn't that she couldn't actually get the words out, it was that whenever she tried to speak, her vocal chords would strain, and she'd lose the words in her throat.

    "uh, yeah... about that..." he said, quietly, causing her to look up at him.

    and his cheeks were, too, stained with tears.

    he hesitantly unfurled an arm from around her, hand no longer cupping her head as he rubbed the tears away with his palms. "when you got..."

    he hesitated, choked on his breath, "when... that happened, you got impaled in the vocal chords, and... and you lost your voice. we don't know when you'll be able to speak again."

    he paused, struggled to string the words out. "if you'll be able to speak again."

    a sad glimmer of hope tinged his eyes. "nari was able to salvage what she could."

    she gave a silent, sullen nod.

    she suddenly felt weightless, as though she were floating off the ground, high in the sky, where she'd be lost forever.

    she clung to douxie tighter, prompting him to furl his arms around her further. "whoa, whoa..."

    he soothed, hushing her once more.

    "i've got you, sis. i'll never let you go. never again."

    he pressed a light kiss to her hairline, and for a fleeting moment she felt at peace.

    she was home, with her family, and they would protect her, never leave her side and never, ever let her shoulder the burdens she no longer could on her own.

    he let out a shuddering breath. "it, er, it's just us right now. everyone's still searching. exhausted. we've been searching for days for who... hurt you."

    he shook his head. "but we couldn't find them."

    she croaked out a breath, trembling out from her lungs.

    it travelled past up her throat, and it tingled her vocal chords.

    she shivered, a sudden coldness clinging to the air.

    douxie arose to his feet, arms removing themselves from her quivering body. "i'll be right back," he assured, giving a small smile, and he disappeared from the room.

    she hugged her knees to her chest, forcing back tears.

    she was safe now.

    she was okay.

    well, she was less than okay. in fact, she was still reeling from her grief. but she had to be brave.

    for douxie.

    speaking of douxie, he reappeared just a mere moment later, and the sound of his delicate steps creaking against the mahogany floorboards caused her to flinch.

    she quickly wiped the tears from her eyes with the heels of her hands.

    her eyes flicked up in his direction, a warm smile spread across his lips.

    with a steaming mug of tea and a cream white blanket floating in the air, surrounded by his magic.

    his smile twisted into a frown, his brows sewing together in concern.

    "az..?" he asked delicately, strolling over to her and kneeling down, taking her hands in his. "az, what's wrong?"

    he willed his magic to set the items aside.

    she sniffled, inhaling a large breath, shaking her head.

    he gave her hands a light squeeze, sending a reassuring thrum of magic throughout her body. once she finally gave a smile, he plucked the blanket up with his magic.

    he tugged it around her, wrapping it firmly around her shoulders.

    once she was safe and warm in her cocoon, he handed the mug of tea to her. "careful," he whispered, "it's hot."

    he then straightened, weaving his hand through her hair, bringing her head forward and planting a gentle kiss to her forehead.

    only then did she notice the dark circles etched underneath his eyes, moons shadowed under his eyelids.

    most likely the result of no sleep for nights on end.

    her brows tilted downward, mouth forming a frown, and she pointed up the stairs.

    douxie raised a brow, his eyes trailing to follow the direction of which her arm was raised.

    he let out a chuckle, and squeezed her hands again. "darling, i promise i'm fine. i'm gonna stay down here until you're ready to go to sleep, okay?"

    he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear as she closed her eyes, a single tear sneaking down her cheek.

    he reached up with a thumb, wiping it away and gliding his hand to rest upon her cheek.

    coincedentally, she yawned, and he let out a laugh under his breath.

    he shook his head, perching beside her, keeping his arms around her. "if you wanna finish your tea before we go up, you can. it's a cold night tonight."

    azra gave a nod, douxie gently squeezing her shoulder.

    she yawned again, placing her mug on the sofa beside her and spreading her arms upward.

    she let out a silent yawn as she closed her eyes.

    when they opened again, douxie stood, offering his hand out to her.

    her eyelids drooped lazily over her eyes, and she gave a sleepy smile as she took his hand. her eyes widened in surprise as he scooped out her knees from under her.

    lowering her into the bed, douxie carefully draped the sheets over her and gave a bright smile in the darkness of the cold night.

    he gently kissed her forehead once more, rising to leave.

    her hands coiled around his wrist with a fading grasp, eyelids weaving shut slowly.

    and just before she felt sleep consume her, something warm and protecting and loving slipped underneath the sheets beside her, those same arms from before around her once more. "i'm not going anywhere," douxie whispered, forehead touching hers in a fragile embrace.

    she felt the world go dark once more, but she was instead welcomed into a world of warmth and surrounded safety, no longer one of cold and desolate isolation.

    the sound of thunder rumbling softly through the clouds was what woke her.

    her eyes tugged themselves open as she peered into the darkness of her old room, droplets of rain pitter-pattering against the window.

    she felt herself burrowing further into douxie, only to realise she must've shuffled around in the night, for she was now facing away from her brother, and his arms were coiled tightly around her waist, legs tangled around hers.

    she silently slipped out of his grip, turning to look at him as she propped herself up.

    his eyes were shut, a peaceful expression on his face, hood pulled over his head.

    atop the small table lay a candle, freshly blown out, judging by the lack of a flickering flame she could see.

    he must've gotten up to greet everyone whilst she was asleep.

    azra then shook her head, slipping off the bed and trekking quietly as she could over to the other side.

    a dissrupted groan emitted from him, causing her to freeze in her tracks.

    she glanced over her shoulder, hoping and praying to the stars that she hadn't woke him.

    but he appeared to remain still in his deep slumber.

    she let out a breath she had no idea she was holding, hands clutching her tunic tight to her chest.

    once she was safe, she quietly slid the candle off from the table, metal leaving scratch marks in the wood, as douxie had previously; she could tell, what with the way it appeared scuffed at the surface.

    she cupped her hand around the top of the candle, blowing on it, and she felt the magic tingle in her fingertips, before the top of the candle suddenly roared to life.

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  • tmcandy27
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    Gumm Gumm sisters cuz i'm weak

    Don't have their names yet, but they're orphans living in the dark lands. Their mother went out one day and never came home, they suspect she'd dead. The eldest is barely a teenager trying to take care of her baby(toddler) sister

    #candiesdoodles#toa #tales of arcadia #tales of arcadia oc #trollhunters
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  • lady-of-a-castle
    15.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Snippet of my OC and Douxie wip

    I love this bit so much, I want to share it.

    Douxie didn’t have to do anything, apparently. Tori was the first person to leave when class let out. He left a few moments later, but the moment his feet left the classroom, he was forcibly dragged away from the door, down the hallway, and into an empty classroom. Tori pulled him in, shut the door, then leaned against it, sighing. Then she looked at him.

    “Who are you? You can’t be Merlin, because Merlin would be a hell of a lot more subtle,” she hissed. “But you definitely aren’t a mortal.”

    Douxie laughed nervously. “You knew Merlin?”

    “Everyone knows Merl- Knew?”

    “Oh, so not personally. Got it.”

    #please #this scene will live in my head rent free #douxie#toa wizards#douxie casperan #tales of arcadia #tori grace#oc#vampire oc
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    The Guardian of Trollhunters Episode 3: Part 3 - Training the Trollhunter

    Masterlist | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter

    Honoring her word, Liz returns back to Trollmarket to speak with Draal that same night. Knowing him so well, she knew he would be training in the Hero's Forge, releasing his pent-up anger and frustration over recent news. Should have expected that it would come to this.

    Ignoring the whispers and glances of trolls around her, Liz swiftly teleports herself until she materializes at the Hero's Forge. She hears growls and shouts of anger echoing throughout the underground arena. As expected, Draal was training alone, fiercely swinging an ax and releasing it onto a makeshift target that looked like it was about to collapse at any moment with the weight of multiple weapons sticking out of it.

    With his spiky back facing towards Liz, Draal doesn't notice her presence. He walks over to the laying pile of weapons, grabbing a sword this time. Gazing at the blade, he growls over the thought of a fleshbag being the Trollhunter. Then the thought of Liz defending this fleshbag made him snap, swinging his sword until suddenly it crashed with another blade. To his shock, standing before him was Liz.

    "Mind if I cut in?" Liz asks with a smirk on her face. Draal's eyes narrowed, pulling back his sword and turning his back on her. "Go away. I don't fight with little girls."

    He proceeds to walk away but then senses an oncoming blade from above him. He blocks it before it could slice through his horns atop his head, his narrowed red-eyes meeting twinkling turquoise ones. "Has anyone ever told you not to turn your back on your opponent? I thought you of all trolls knows that."

    Growling, Draal shoves his blade forward, pushing Liz back, who backflips in the air and lands a few meters in front of him. Not wasting a second, she charges at him, sparks flying as their blades meet once more. "Enough of this childish play. As I said again, I don't fight with little girls."

    "Well, that's where you're wrong, Draal." Liz countered, dodging and parrying every swing of Draal's blade with precise ease. "You're not fighting a little girl."

    Using Draal strength as an advantage, Liz blocks off a downward cut and twists her blade, guiding the opposing blade to the side of her until it pierces into the ground, making it stuck. With that, Liz lifts up her sword and swings an uppercut until she pauses, hovering her blade against Draal's neck.

    They stood in that position for a moment, catching their breaths a little before Liz withdrew her blade, stepping back. She glances at the grounded sword, wrapping her hand around the handle and swiftly pulling it out, then holding the pommel out towards Draal. "You're fighting an equal."

    "...I suppose I am," Draal says, taking back his sword. Gazing down on it for a few seconds, he confronts Liz. "The last time you came to see me, you already knew the Amulet chose a human."

    "Yes," Liz admits, waving her sword away and explaining. "But it wasn't the right time to share the news with you. If I did, you would have gone after him and risk exposing yourself...or worse. I couldn't let that happen. Not after losing Kanji."

    Draal sighs. "I understand. But this flesh--"

    Liz narrowed her eyes at him, making Draal correct himself. "Human won't survive. Fighting with Bular would be his death sentence."

    "Jim was able to manage a bit on his own with Bular before we arrived at Trollmarket. I believe with proper training, he just might have a chance." Liz says with hands on her hips, confident in her charge.

    "Training? With who? Blinky?" Draal scoffs. "From what I could tell, he is weak. Training him would be pointless and would lead him towards the same fate as Unkar."

    Liz crosses her arms over her chest. "Only fools think that a weak person can't get stronger. And Blinky won't be training him alone. I'll be training him as well."

    Draal's eyes widened. "You can't be serious."

    Sighing, Liz explains. "Blinky believes that Jim will be more receptive to training if I were to train him myself. With his help, of course."

    Draal brow furrowed, shaking his head and thrusting his sword into the ground beside him. "No, I won't allow it. What would happen if he is not competent enough? The human will not only put himself in danger but you as well!"

    "Whether you disagree with this or not, I will train the Jim. If me risking my life gives him a greater chance of survival, then so be it. As Guardian, it's my responsibility to defend the Trollhunter, whether the champion may be a troll or human." Moving her eyes away from Draal, Liz glances up at Kanjigar's empty pedestal. "I failed the last Trollhunter, and I sure as hell won't be making the same mistake twice."

    Liz looks back at Draal, his eyes gazing downward as a conflicted expression crosses over his face. Frowning at this, Liz steps forward, laying her hand on his arm, prompting him to look at her. "I know you're worried for me, Draal. But, I have to do this. Not just for Jim but for Kanji as well. You understand more than anyone that Kanji would want this."

    Draal clenches his jaw, turning his gaze away from Liz, and sighs. He looks up at Kanjigar's vacant pedestal, reflecting the times when his father put his duty before his son. Now, it is happening again. This time with the one he considered closest to him.

    Closing his eyes, he takes a deep breath and exhales, pushing back his anger, his frustration and his worries. For Liz.

    Calmingly, Draal opens his eyes to see turquoise eyes gazing up at him, waiting for his response. Lifting up his large hand, he carefully places it atop Liz's head, patting it softly. Her eyes widened at the gesture, not used to Draal ever being affectionate. In the past, when she was still living in Trollmarket, she remembers Draal either playfully shoving her or rubbing her head, just to mess up her hair and annoy her. He rarely shows tender affection, the closest act being hugs, which happens only when she initiates them. She wonders what changed.

    Liz's thoughts were interrupted when Draal finally spoke. "I won't hold you back. If this is what you decide to do, I will support it. But that does not mean I have to like it. I still don't think that puny human is capable of wielding the amulet, trained or not."

    She sighs, dropping down her hand from Draal's arm. "I had a feeling you were going to say that, but thank you for understanding, nonetheless. I'm sure Jim can be capable. If I can become the Guardian, then I'm positively sure that Jim can become the Trollhunter."

    Draal scoffs, crossing his arms over his chest. "For a moment, perhaps."

    Liz shakes her head, lightly punching Draal's arm. "Geez, Draal. Why do you have to be so mean? Can't you be nice for once?"

    "Now, where's the fun in that?"


    The next evening at the Hero's Forge, Liz awaits with Blinky to discuss Jim's training. Their conversation is interrupted as Toby's voice calls out from the narrow pathway behind them. "Whoo! Let's get this training started!"

    Turning around, Liz and Blinky await as AAARRRGGHH, Toby, and Jim approach them.

    "So, what are we going to do first? Some sword fighting techniques?" Jim asks, seemingly excited to learn how to fight.

    Liz and Blinky glanced at each other before Liz spoke up. "You're going to have to learn the basics before any of that."

    A moment later, Jim stood in the center of the arena with his armor donned, holding out his sword as AAARRRGGHH and Toby sat on the sidelines while Blinky stood close by. Walking around the human Trollhunter, Liz corrects Jim as he follows her list of instructions.

    "Wider stance. Keep your frame."

    "Raise your sword a little higher, Jim."

    "Head up, chin out, stomach in."

    Satisfied with Jim's fighting stance, Liz continues. "The Trollhunter lives and dies by three rules."

    Stopping before Jim, she points out the first rule. "Rule number one: always be afraid."

    Jim's eyes widened. "Afraid?"

    "Be afraid," AAARRRGGHH repeated, turning Jim's attention toward him.

    "Yeah, I don't think that'll be a problem." As Jim was saying, Liz nods her head to Blinky, who took the cue. Bringing his hands forward, each carries rock, and he swiftly throws one at Jim, who ducks his head in time. "Whoa!"

    Jim looks back at Blinky in shock, then at Liz, who speaks again. "See? Fear is good. Keeps us alert. Keeps us on guard. Makes us vigilant. Again, Blink."

    Blinky proceeds to throw more rocks at Jim as the Trollhunter dodges them, while Liz continues walking around Jim. "A hero is not he who is fearless, but he who is not stopped by it."

    "Got it." Jim grins. Liz reveals the second rule. Her least favorite rule by true definition. "Two: always finish the fight. An opponent must be given no mercy. Once more, Blink."

    Again, rocks were thrown at Jim, who dodges then uses his sword to block them.

    "Okay, enough with the rocks, already," Jim complained, breathing heavily. "Always finish the fight?"

    Suddenly, Jim was hit by a rock from the back, thrown by AAARRRGGHH. "Kill!"

    Liz struggles to speak the words aloud. Noticing this, Blinky says for her. "Indeed. The Trollhunter must always vanquish his opponent through death."

    "Dude, that's harsh." Toby comments.

    "Ours is an unforgiving world, Toby D," Blinky states, peering at Liz, who continues on with the last rule. This time, her favorite rule. "Hence, the third rule: when in doubt, always kick them in the gronk-nuks."

    "Gronk-nuks?" Jim asks, confused. With a mischievous grin, Liz stomps her right foot on the ground, triggering a mechanism that releases an enormous blade from beside her towards Jim, who screams and steps backward, missing the sharp edge by less than a foot away from his, as some would say precious jewels.

    "The horror." AAARRRGGHH and Toby cringe in horror at the thought, understanding what she meant. Staring at the blade as it receded back into its slot, Jim clarified. "So, basically, you're saying that one-third of being a Trollhunter is kicking someone in the nards."

    Before Liz could say more, a voice speaks out, capturing everyone's attention. "Ah! So, the Trollhunter's training begins."

    Draal walks in from the arena's back entrance and approaches them. "I thought the great Trollhunter might accept my services--"

    He mocks a bow before Jim before punching his fist into his palm, making Jim flinch beside Liz. "As a sparring partner. Part of your training regiment, isn't it?"

    Not liking where he's getting at, Liz places her hands on her hips, eyes narrowed at Draal as she speaks up. "In due time, perhaps."

    Just then, another voice speaks out from above them. "Why wait?"

    Above them, within the enclosed balcony, Vendel appears, looking down at them. "I am eager to see their charge demonstrate his mettle."

    "Actually, the sword's more made of, like, daylight." Jim states in misunderstanding. Hearing this, Liz covers her face with her hand. Blinky corrects Jim on what Vendel meant. "He means your mettle, your ability to cope in the face of adversity."

    "Oh. Yeah, I'm still working on the whole "mettle" part. Plus, you know, SAT words." Jim says as Liz peaks out from behind her fingers.

    Vendel chuckles, announcing. "Let them spar."

    Draal agrees, heading to the opposite side of the arena to take position. "No harm in it."

    Suspicious, Liz walks towards Draal, leaving Jim behind, who struggles with what to do. He turns to Blinky while Liz approaches Draal, grabbing his attention. "What are you doing?"

    "Sparring. What else?" Draal replies. Liz crosses her arms. "Oh, really? 'Cuz from what I could tell, you're looking for a fight, and Jim's your target."

    Draal grins. "You know me well, Liz."

    "Maybe a little too well." Liz shakes her head, knowing that Draal will sometimes take things too far. How far, she wasn't sure, but she knows it won't be good.

    With a firm voice, she gives Draal a warning. "Look, don't do anything rash. If you harm him in any way, I won't hesitate to fight you. Kill him, and I will have no choice but to condemn you. Clear?"

    Draal sighs. "Crystal."

    With two fingers, Liz points them to her eyes then towards Draal before walking back. Seeing Jim in his fighting stance, Liz jogs towards him and pats her hand on his armored shoulder, offering a small encouraging grin. "Remember the rules. You got this."

    Jim nods, grinning softly before Liz makes her way to the sidelines. With both opponents at the ready, Draal snarls and charges towards Jim, roaring.

    Liz watches anxiously as Jim sidesteps away from Draal, who continues to roll upwards against the wall of the arena to the ceiling before dropping down towards Jim. Jim tries to move out of the way but is pushed by the force when Draal makes an impact on the ground, a cloud of dust flying up into their air, blocking the spectators' view of the spar. As the cloud of dust dissipates, Liz notices a flash of blue light, and Jim hits the ground hard. She holds her pendant tightly in worry.

    Jim groans, using the sword to help him stand upright. "All right, all right. Now, just give me a second here."

    Liz flinches as Draal punches Jim, picking him up and punching him once more. Jim flies and falls to the arena's edge close to the cliffside, his sword landing away from him before vanishing. She watches Draal approach Jim, then, to her fright, pick him up by the collar and hold him over the edge of the cliff.

    Jim screams, scrabbling to hold on as he hangs above the bottomless chasm. Restrained by AAARRRGGHH, Toby shouts. "Let him go!"

    Responding to Jim's distress, Liz teleports and appears behind Draal, summoning her sword and holding the blade to his neck. "I warned you, Draal. Don't make me do something I might regret."

    Everything and everyone was still, the air filled with tension. In the end, Draal broke the silence, glaring at the fleshbag. "I've waited my entire life to inherit the amulet. I can wait until you fall in battle."

    Draal squeezes Jim, who screams and groans when dropped safely on the ground. "I suspect I won't have to wait very long. If you know what's good for you, you'll stay down and live, worm."

    With Jim no longer in harm's way, Liz takes a step back, waving away her sword. Before walking away, Draal turns to Liz. "Don't waste too much of your time on him. He won't last long."

    Her hands clenched into fists as she watched Draal walk away, laughing. To be honest, she cannot understand how she could forget that Draal can be such a jerk at times. Guess she was wrong to think that he had changed.

    Turning around, she notices Jim on his hands and knees, trembling and catching his breath. Frowning, she approaches him.

    Jim can feel his body trembling after the frightening moment. For some reason, he could not stop himself from shaking. As Jim struggles to calm his nerves, he feels a hand on his shoulder, prompting him to look up at Liz, who bends down to a knee in front of him. He looks away, ashamed of himself to be brought to his knees in front of everyone. Especially Liz.

    "Jim, are you okay?" Liz asks him softly. Hesitant at first, Jim turns his blue eyes towards her, meeting her turquoise ones. Somehow, looking into her eyes, Jim starts to feel a little calm, his body growing still. He sighs. "I-I'm okay. Sorry, Liz. I couldn't even hit him once."

    "Don't be sorry, Jim. In fact, I should be sorry for letting you in harm's way. Should've known that Draal would take it this far. You only just started training, so don't lose hope just yet." Liz encourages, standing up. Holding out a hand to Jim, who stares up at her and her waiting hand. She smiles. "Come on, don't make it weird."

    Groaning in pain, Jim takes her awaiting hand and lifts himself up from the floor as the rest of the crew approaches them. Toby pounces on Jim, hugging him tightly. "I thought I was going to lose my best friend for a second there."

    "Not on my watch," Liz commented. In the corner of her eye, she notices Vendel still standing within the enclosed balcony. He waves at her to him, gesturing for her to come up. Nodding, she turns to the others. "I got something to take care of. Will you guys be okay on your way out?"

    "We'll be alright, Lady Liza. AAARRRGGHH and I will escort them out safely." Blinky responds assuringly. Nodding, she turns to Jim and Toby. "I'll see you guys tomorrow at school."

    Waving goodbye, Liz jogs to the back entrance of the Hero's Forge and makes her way up to the balcony, where Vendel stood waiting with his hands clasped behind his back, gazing down at the group she just left as they head out of the arena.

    "Based on what I have seen so far, it further confirms my doubt that the boy will last as the Trollhunter. Training him will be futile." Vendel stated.

    Liz stands beside Vendel, crossing her arms as she leans on the stone banister, overlooking the view of the now vacant arena. "I would have to disagree with that, Ven. He may have lost the fight, but it's only his first day of training. He only just started learning the basic rules of Trollhunting. He needs time."

    "Time is not on our side, young one. Not when Bular lingers above us. He will strike us down when we are at our weakest, especially now that our Trollhunter is a human." Vendel said.

    Scrunching her brow on his last words, Liz replies. "But I'm human, too. If I'm capable of protecting you all as a human, then Jim is just as capable as I am."

    "You're not only just human. You're also a witch. You have magic. He does not, which makes him more vulnerable." Vendel stated the fact.

    "As his defender, that is where I step in. To fight alongside him and protect him." Liz said, now leaning against her hands on the banister.

    "You cannot always be there to shield him from danger, young one." Sighing disapprovingly, Vendel shakes his head, then looks down on the human he secretly considers a granddaughter. "He will lead you to your end if you were to continue on this path."

    Looking up at Vendel with eyes filled with strong determination, Liz responds.

    "Then, that's a chance I'm willing to take."

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