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    me: man i need six muse 

    me two seconds later: DOOOOON’T CRY SWEET- 

    #ooc #i have the actual song saved on my spotify and its just nice to listen to when i'm thinking about six
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    #Strawberry answers #Saved for a rainy day
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    ✉︎⊹♡ sanrio themed neopronouns p.1 ♡⊹✉︎

    hello kitty: hel/hello/hellos/ki/kis/kit/kits/kitt/kitts/kitty/kittys/kittyself/hellokitty/hellokittys/hellokittyself my melody: my/mys/mel/mels/melo/melos/melod/melods/melody/melodys/melodyself kuromi: ku/kus/kur/kurs/kuro/kuros/kurom/kuroms/uro/uros/romi/romis/kuromi/kuromis/kuromiself gudetama: gu/gud/guds/gude/gudes/gudeta/gudetas/tama/tamas/gudetama/gudetamas/gudetamaself chococat: cho/chos/choc/chocs/choco/chocos/co/cos/cat/cats/catself/chococat/chococats/chococatself kiki: ki/kis/kik/kiks/kiki/kikis/kikiself lala: la/las/lal/lals/lala/lalas/lalaself pochacco: po/poch/pochs/pocha/pochas/pochac/pochacs/chac/chacs/chacco/chaccos/pochacco/pochaccos/pochaccoself badzt-maru: ba/bad/badzt/badzts/badztself/ma/maru/marus/badzt-ma/badzt-maru/badzt-marus/badzt-maruself keroppi: ke/ker/kers/kero/keros/kerop/kerops/rop/rops/roppi/roppis/keroppi/keroppis/keroppiself cinnamoroll: ci/cin/cins/cinn/cinns/cinna/cinnas/cinnam/cinnams/nam/nams/mo/mor/moroll/roll/rolls/cinnamoroll/cinnamorolls/cinnamorollself pompompurin: pom/poms/pompom/pompoms/om/oms/pur/purs/puri/puris/purin/purins/pompompurin/pompompurins/pompompurinself tuxedosam: tu/tux/tuxs/tuxe/tuxes/tuxedo/tuxedos/xe/xedo/xedos/edo/edos/sam/sams/tuxedosam/tuxedosams/tuxedosamself hangyodon: han/hans/hang/hangs/hangy/hangys/gy/gys/hangyo/hangyos/gyo/gyos/don/dons/gyodon/gyodons/odon/odons/hangyodon/hangyodons/hangyodonself bonbonribbon: bon/bons/bonbon/bonbons/rib/ribs/ribb/ribbs/ribbo/ribbos/ribbon/ribbons/bonbonribbon/bonbonribbons/bonbonribbonself chibimaru: chi/chib/chibs/chibi/chibis/bi/bis/bima/bimas/bimaru/bimaru/chibim/chibims/maru/marus/chibimaru/chibimarus/chibimaruself dear daniel: dea/dear/dears/dan/dans/daniel/daniels/dear-daniel/dear-daniels/dear-danielself deery-lou: de/dee/deer/deers/deery/deerys/lou/lous/deery-lou/deery-lous/deery-louself mimmy: mi/mim/mims/mimmy/mimmys/mimmyself dachomi: da/dach/dachs/cho/chos/chom/choms/chomi/chomis/dacho/dachos/dachom/dachoms/dachomi/dachomis/dachomiself araiguma: ar/arai/arais/rai/rais/raig/raigs/araig/araigs/raigu/raigus/guma/gumas/gum/gums/araiguma/araigumas/araigumaself

    #i think itll be like 4 parts ahshjdas #pls i forgot to save the draft and i was already half thru the list but im p sure this is like 1/4 of the list lmao #sanrio#sanriocore#neopronouns#neopronoun#neo pronoun#neo pronouns#pronouns#nounself#neopronouns theme#grom post #maybe more or maybe less parts idk lol #kidcore#cute#xenogender#xenogenders#mogai#hello kitty#gudetama#my melody
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    #Strawberry answers #Saved for a rainy day
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    #this took way too long for how dumb it is #why did i do this #my search history makes me look like a b*bro #I have several pictures of j2 saved to the desktop now #spn #season 16 finale #jared's first heartbreak
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    #(( i tried to make some variations. so this is kaiba having latent powers that were awoken to save mokuba or something #(( the rest is just me making fun of friendship speeches #kaibacxrps#// asks#// mahounjoume
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    on the one hand supernatural prequel is fucking hilarious on the other hand. Sin cradles us gently in the palm of her hand. we cannot see the other side. we will be here forever.

    #spn #mother please save me from this time loop #we were done. we had those funky gays and we were free.
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    Abby <3 

    #my girl #first time in the sims in awhile #my sim #look at my baby #new save #back to an old challenge #yas
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    So I found my story Good Days on wattpad recently re-translated into Spanish and with an extra chapter my original story didn't have. I'm not so upset that my story was re-translated without my express permission but I am EXTREMELY upset that they decided to tack on an additional ending that I didn't plan for my story. There is a reason I end my stories like I do and I don't like that someone saw to re-translate my story and add their own ending to it. I spent months on that story, crafting my own ending EXACTLY how I liked it and now someone is coming in and telling me that they decided they wanted to end my story in their own way. If you see this story on wattpad, PLEASE REPORT IT. I did not give them permission to do that. I stopped giving people permission to re-translate my stories because people started fighting over who was translating my stories into which language and it became too much for me to keep track of. So if you see a translation that is not attached to my AO3 story with a link, please report it and tell me.

    #mdzs #scum villain self saving system #mo dao zu shi
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    [Theory/Analysis] The Motives of Each Eugenicist

    Wow, look at me rising from the graves and dusting off this account after 800 years like it's nothing. Your Trigger hype beast is back baby, if any of you still remember me.

    This post contains spoilers for both Gridman and Dynazenon.

    Ahem. I want to make this post to gather my thoughts and better understand the antagonists of the show, as they aren't heavily featured and explored like Akane. It's just my own analysis based on what I can observe in the show, so some parts would be more vague and generate different interpretations. This analysis may seem obvious to some and not so much to others, but I hope it'll offer some clarity regardless. Tl;dr at the bottom.

    The General Motive

    It's pretty much given in the show. The Kaiju Eugenicists wanted to destroy humanity and create a world where themselves and kaiju can live and be accepted. They believe that the world is a better place as you're no longer being tied down by human bonds, granting you unrestricted freedom beyond even the laws of physics. This is their shared goal. However, each of them have separated purposes and things they want to achieve along with this.


    Let's start with the 2 more obvious cases. Onija clearly stated what he wanted to do - kill all humans. How many times did he yell this out? It's kind of shoved-in-your-face. No other Eugenicists expressed this desire as strongly as he did. At the base level, he simply wanted to live. He was brutally killed once and was determined to not let it happen again no matter what. This is why "I thought I was dead" was a constant running joke. It's also why Onija had a deep personal grudge towards Gauma and humans, who were the cause of his death 5000 years ago.


    Juuga had a deep admiration for Gauma and looked up to him. Unlike Onija, he didn't wish to oppose Gauma, but to make an alliance instead. When the Eugenicists first appeared, Juuga said:

    It's clear from this line that he wanted things to be the way it was 5000 years ago, where they were a group of friends working towards the same goal. He missed and yearned for that carefree time. The original Eugenicist group was the most important thing to him. You can see that he never fought with any other Eugenicists, but remained calm and passive towards them at all times. This attitude only extended towards the Eugenicists, as he had no qualms about killing anyone else for his goal, including the Dynazenon crew.

    Even when Mujina stole Dyna Striker, the first thing that came to his mind was using it to negotiate with Gauma and get him back.


    These last 2 Eugenicists are slightly more complicated to pick apart, as they process things more internally.

    At first, Mujina was very indecisive and didn't buy much into this kaiju thing. All she wanted was to finish it quickly so she could leave. She was lost in life and just followed the other Eugenicists around because she had no directions of her own. Then Mujina found Koyomi, someone who also didn't have anything going for himself and just plainly a loser in his life. He was someone she could feel related to. Mujina's attitude supposedly changed after she was tackled by Koyomi, but I believe this just pissed her off and only played a part in her personality shift. The other cause, I think, was Sizumu's encouragement, where she "realized that kaiju is all [she has] got" and that she had to take responsibility for her actions.

    Koyomi came to play a major role in episode 11, when Mujina witnessed him starting to look for a job. The only person who she could feel related to was unaffected by the aftermath of the kaiju and moving forward with ease. Meanwhile, Mujina, who had just found her purpose in life, lost it once again and was now completely stuck, as the future where the Eugenicists could live and be accepted was destroyed. When facing such a crisis, one would seek to put the blame on something for all of their problems, and Koyomi just happened to be the perfect target.


    Toughest one to crack here, but I'll shoot my best shot. In the beginning, he opposed the Dynazenon crew the least among the Eugenicists. He suggested against killing them, had the most interaction with Yomogi and Yume, and suggested Mujina to return Dyna Striker for seemingly no reasons at all. His main reason for not killing Team Dynazenon was to see more kaiju, and getting close to Yomogi and Yume was for his kaiju to absorb their emotions. However, I believe there was another underlying reason that tied his actions together. He was looking for an alliance.

    Contrary to Juuga, the alliance he was looking for didn't only include Gauma, but Team Dynazenon as a whole. To understand why he searched for this, we must first look at what he was. He had an ability that allowed him to hear kaiju voices, which gave him a much deeper understanding of kaiju compared to the other Eugenicists. Due to this, while the others more or less thought of kaiju as a mean to create a world where they can live and be accepted, Sizumu would consider kaiju as his own kind, so much so that he had a severe disconnection with humans. He distanced himself away from even the Eugenicists, almost as if he only tagged along because they shared the same basic goal.

    He didn't seek to understand humans, but instead for humans to understand kaiju. His goal was to create a world where not only the Eugenicists were accepted, but kaiju themselves were accepted. He believed that the world was better off like this, because, from his perspective, kaiju could liberate people from human bonds and offer them unlimited freedom. To me, this is rather hypocritical as he never understood why people tied themselves to these bonds in the first place, so he wasn't in a position to say what was better and what wasn't.

    Sizumu was the only Eugenicist to mention this kaiju power and express his distaste towards human bonds. He explained this very early on to Yomogi and Yume, and why did he do this, you may ask? Why, to help them understand his views and create an opening for a potential alliance, of course. If his only purpose was to absorb their emotions, then that's quite a lot of unnecessary effort to make himself look friendly and approachable to an uncanny degree, especially when being "friendly and approachable" wasn't his forte. No, he was testing the water to see if he could get them on his side.

    Then came an unexpected opportunity for him to determine once and for all if Team Dynazenon can understand and accept kaiju. He let a failed kaiju run free and distracted the Eugenicists away from it (with a tactic he learned from Chise) to see what the Dynazenon crew would do. Some people said that it's to test if any of them were kaiju user, and while that's possible, I think it's a little unlikely. Sizumu only observed them at 2 instances, first was when they started the search for the kaiju, the second was when their beam destroyed the kaiju. Unless the kaiju voices could tell him, there would be no way for Sizumu to know if any of them used Instance Domination, until the very end when Yomogi used it on him. The likelier hypothesis would be: he saw them searching for the kaiju > he saw the kaiju being killed > he surmised that kaiju couldn't exist peacefully with Team Dynazenon, and didn't seem particularly happy about it.

    From then on, Sizumu decided that they couldn't be his allies thus no longer approached Yomogi or Yume. It seems that he arrived to this final conclusion:

    And this is where the series itself left off. Kaiju simply can't co-exist with humans. They are irregulars to the human society. Furthermore, the freedom that they offer can't be allowed to exist as running away from society and real human connections is wrong, even if reality is ugly and difficult to face. This is what make the series similar to Gridman. However, unlike Akane, the antagonists of Dynazenon failed to realized this and didn't get their happy ending.

    (A detail that I'd like to mention is that Sizumu was silent during the entire final battle in contrast to the other Eugenicists who were pumping themselves up. It was like he was saying, "Didn't want to do this but I guess you left me with no choice". Though silence can mean anything so it's not a concrete evidence.)

    TL;DR and Final Words

    This is so much longer than I thought and I really apologize for it. I just don't want to make anyone do logical leaps when reading this post.


    - Onija wanted to live and had a grudge towards Gauma and humans for causing his death.

    - Juuga wanted Gauma to join them again and for things to be back the way it was 5000 years ago. He cared for nothing outside of the Eugenicists group.

    - Munija wanted a purpose, found one, then lost it again. She envied Koyomi for regaining his sense of purpose and moving forward with his life.

    - Sizumu wanted humans to understand kaiju and a world where kaiju can set humans free from their bonds. Initially considered an alliance with Team Dynazenon, but concluded that them (and people in general) couldn't understand kaiju after all.

    - Final message of the show: Go touch some grass and talk to humans you fucking weebs.


    When using Instance Domination, the palms of the Eugenicists always face towards the kaiju. The only exception is the last battle where Sizumu's palm faced towards himself, indicating that the kaiju was inside him. I believe that it was in the center of his chest, where he shot out that weird magical light beam. Just a small thing I find interesting.

    If we want to take it a step further, I believe the seed inside him had already grown into a kaiju, but it was still relatively small until he used Instance Domination on it. Eerie, huh?

    And this is more of the theory territory and leaving the analysis, but this could possibly be why he was able to hear kaiju voices. Chise was able to understand Goldburn and translated for him at the end, so maybe having a kaiju inside of you would allow you to understand other kaiju somehow? If this is the case, he would probably have had the kaiju inside of him since 5000 years ago.

    There's also this big brain moment from a 4chan user. The resemblance between Yume and Juuga is kinda uncanny considering they're both obsessed with the past.

    That's it boys. I'm gonna crawl back into my hole until next century, or until Trigger drops Edgerunners. 8/10 show, VERY underrated gem. Trigger won't stop saving anime.

    This post but on Reddit:

    #trigger saves anime #so fucking good i'm gonna die #i spent a whole day on this thesis yall better read #ssss.dynazenon #dynazenon#ssss dynazenon#kaiju eugenicists#anime#studio trigger#trigger#onija#juuga#mujina#sizumu#shizumu#ssss gridman #ssss.gridman #gridman #spring anime 2021 #anime 2021#anime recommendation#kaiju#villain#villains
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    #i just realized i don’t like this url #i might change it or i might not i don’t like any of the other urls i have saved either #i don't like how they look
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    #poets of tumblr #poetry#spilled ink#inkflows network#my writing#writeblr #i have so much old poetry saved that i never shared #so expect to see more of it soon lmao
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    lemon-coke said: au where em's a secret mgk fanboy lets go

    that’s not au it’s fact u_u

    the thin line btwn love and hate etc etc etc 

    #replies! #lemon-coke #em on his 10th kells vid in a row: CAN U BLIEVE THIS FUCKIGN KID . OBNOXIOUS!!!! CORNY!!!!! TRASH!!!! [saves to ''research'' playlist]
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    scaramouche is that bitchass dog missing poster. in multiple senses

    #he keeps running away -> his disappearance ever since unreconciled stars #i already bought him shit and i dont wanna return the stuff -> me farming for a character that isnt even guaranteed to be playable #(disclaimer i havent actually farmed for him. but ive got a ton of acquaint fates saved) #and also the haircut. i know he doesnt have the dogs bieber haircut but he still has a bowl cut so. #jae.txt
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    jarpad and jensen

    #i just watched godfather 2 and saved these to send to a friend but theyre pretty good actually
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    personally, truly, actually, the thing about the jary prequel, the tumultuous love story that saved the world and created the foundation for supernatural, is that the worst of fans railed for years to say supernatural was never about love or romance

    #supernatural#spn#the winchesters#HA #when the outward j* pettiness dies down and we can examine as we do #it was all always about love #! #quite literally spn was always about what you’d do for love #and because i can #destiel #dean ending the narration and is like i wonder what other forbidden love saved the world #looks at cas
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