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  • I’m still processing the fact that someone had to explain to two real-life judges how Omegaverse erotica tropes work in two separate honest-to-God court rooms. I don’t think I’ll recover

    #omegaverse #as someone whos into ip AND fandom spaces this was a Trip
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  • [Read on my AO3 (link in desc) or by copypasting the link below]

    Part 1 of Until We Drown series

    Fandom: One Piece
    Ship: Luffy/Law
    Rating: Mature
    Words: 6111
    Tag: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Omega Trafalgar D. Water Law, Alpha Monkey D. Luffy, Asexual Character, Asexual Relationship, sex-repulsed Law, sex-i-couldn’t-care-less Luffy, No one has sex, period, rating for talk of sex, and related topics, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Canon Compliant, as compliant as can be at least, Minor Roronoa Zoro/Vinsmoke Sanji, Minor Franky/Nico Robin

    Summary: The timing for Law’s heat couldn’t have been worse; their attack on Doflamingo was just days away, and here he was, too busy fighting tooth and nail against hormones and disgust. Law would really rather jump into the sea and drown than deal with one minute of this. 

    AKA the asexual omegaverse AU that no one asked for but you’re getting it anyway


    #one piece#lawlu#luffy#trafalgar law #monkey d. luffy #lawlu fanfic#omegaverse#alpha luffy#omega law#asexual relationship #they both ace and no one has sex #sex-repulsed law #luffy just couldn't care less #op fanfic#canonverse #katie pretends to fic #until we drown #this was supposed to be cute and sweet #but then i got mad at the idea of going into a heat as an ace and here we are #whoops? #i still haven't starting writing the companion fic #so who tf knows when that will happen #hopefully Soon(tm) #gave up on actually properly linking anything in my posts #sorry everyone we're down to copypasting links like SAVAGES #hashtag tumblr
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  • Plot -  After a rough day at work, Dio returns to his and Jonathan’s shared apartment to try to relax by taking in his Alpha’s scent. (Modern AU, Omega Verse AU)

    Words - 406

    Dio brushed some of his hair out of his face as he closed and locked the door behind him. Without saying anything to his mate on the couch, he headed up to their bedroom to change out of his suit and tie. Unlike his normal neat freak self, the blonde just threw his clothes and shoes down on the ground on his side of the bed before changing into a pair of Jonathan’s shirts and sweatpants. They smelt of him.

    “Dio?” Jonathan asked as he walked into their bedroom.

    The slightly younger man looked up at his love. He looked tired.

    “What’s wrong?” He asked his omega in a worried tone, walking closer.

    Dio held his arms up for Jonathan to pick him up. He wrapped his legs around his mate’s waist and arms around his shoulders, hiding his face in his neck. Jonathan titled his head a little as Dio nuzzled against his scent gland. The blonde felt Jonathan move and sit down on the bed, running his fingers through the omega’s hair.

    “Do you want to talk about it, my love?” Jonathan asked as Dio pulled his head away from his neck.

    “I was meeting with a client about a new case when he caught a whiff of my scent. He yelled at me then at my boss, saying that he wanted a real lawyer,” Dio mumbled. “Like I’m not a real lawyer because I’m an omega.”

    Jonathan placed Dio’s hand on his mate’s cheek before leaning over and pressing their lips together. Dio let out a small squeak at how fast he took his lips with his own.

    “Don’t listen to him,” Jonathan mumbled as he moved his lips down to his neck. The blonde tilted his head as Jojo found his scent gland.

    “Jojo,” Dio whispered before letting out a yelp at the feeling of their mating mark being a bit again. “J-Jojo?!”

    Jonathan pulled away, smelling how both his and Dio’s scent combined with each other. “Don’t listen to him, Dio,” Jojo smiled softly at him. “You’re the best lawyer that I have ever met, second gender be damned.”

    Dio gasped. “Jojo, you said a bad word.”

    Jonathan chuckled as he nuzzled against Dio’s cheek. “I did, didn’t I?” He mumbled. “Come on, why don’t we make dinner together?”

    Dio purred softly as he got off of his mate. Jonathan stood up, taking Dio’s hand, before they headed down stairs together.

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  •  Warnings: just the mentions of a heat during the end


    Originally posted by dxkus

    When you started working for the League of Villains, you tried to limit your interactions with each member. You didn’t stay with them for meals, you didn’t sleep with them. Kurogiri would only occasionally warp into the abandoned building you would be staying in, say a name, address and give a most likely very blurred photo and expect the job to be done in 24 hours.

    It was usually done in 10, but it didn’t mean you weren’t pissed. They were normally in very crowded areas, and many half-drunk alphas would yell at you from across the street. 

    You stomped across the pavement, sheathed katana in your hand as a hooded alpha giving off a strong whisky scent walked towards you. You gritted you teeth and sped up just as he yelled;

    “Y/N.” You whirled around, surprised, but then you realised it was just Dabi. You had only spoken to him once, when Kurogiri had brought you to the League to sign you up as Shigaraki’s hitwoman, where he had started to call you some endearing nickname. 

    “Sweetcakes, Shigaraki says that you can lay off the guy. He’ll take care of it.” He smiled like he’d done something good, but you just swore. Dabi frowned, the purple skin creasing. “What?”

    “I came all the way out here for nothing! And now I’m all fired up and ready to slash people to death and I can’t!” you fumed.

    Dabi smiled, putting a hand on your shoulder which you shrugged off. “Well why don’t you show me your Quirk? I’ve never seen it before.”

    You hesitated for a second. “Fine,” you scowled, taking your katana out and pointing it at a lamp post that was around 10 metres away. You closed you eyes and concentrated, and at the last second you swung you katana into thin air rapidly, multiple times. You stopped after around twenty seconds, panting and opened your eyes. 

    The lamp post was intact. Dabi was looking at you, unimpressed and opened his mouth just as the lamp post suddenly broke in a dozen pieces. A small stump of metal was left, while the rest of it was strewn across the pavement.

    “Now that,” he said, with a hint of well-disguised awe in his voice, “was incredible.” He lifted his stapled palm up to give you a high-five.

    You grinned and touched your hand to his when suddenly a searing, hot pain hit you across the stomach. You moaned and sank to one knee, arms wrapped around your abdomen. The heat pounded through your body and your eyes started to water. No. You took suppressants for this. Why was this happening?

    “Sweetcakes?” When you didn’t reply and continued to softly groan. “Y/N? L/N?”

    “Dabi,” you panted, legs tucked up to your chest. “I… think my heat just started!”

    #dabi x reader #alpha dabi#omega reader#bnha#mha #mha x y/n #mha x female reader #dabi x fem reader #omegaverse#a/b/o
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    Looks like Kourtney Kardashian is the latest victim of the omegaverse….

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  • If you don’t remember what happened at the end of this episode, basically Tine found out that Green and Dim were dating and that Sarawat knew. Tine wants to confront Sarawat and accuses him of using him for his entertainment. While looking for Sarawat, Tine runs into Mil. Mil and Phukong had a late tutoring session, so they were still at the university. Mil confesses his feelings to Tine, as does Sarawat. Phukong watches from afar.

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  • #asks#beta au #the owl house #furry#toh#omegaverse#I REFUSE #beta au sounds better than concept au #and I keep dealing with THIS #I would rather DIE #I would rather delete ALL MY WORKS #than write ANYTHING in omegaverse #do not TEST me
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  • Priest Octavius glared at his loom, as if the threads on it had personally offended him. The horn on the feral spider was distinctive; there wasn’t another rider spider that he had ever seen to have a horn like that. It had to be distinctive enough to track the spider’s breeder down—and yet, every lead was coming up empty. No one remembered even hearing about someone trying to breed a spider with a horn.

    “If the loom has offended you that badly, you can disassemble it and try again.” Priest Octavius looked up into the amused eyes of his young High Priest, and he sighed as the man took a seat next to him, at another loom.

    “I can’t find any leads on breeders working on horned spiders,” Priest Octavius grumbled.

    “That’s because no one has been working on horned spiders,” Peter said bluntly.

    Octavius stared at him. “That’s—” he began. That horn, that jagged horn from the top of the spider’s head, was its most distinguishing feature. He’d never seen another spider like that before. How could it not have been on purpose?

    “Calm down. Think it through.”

    The words, uttered hundreds of times a day to the acolytes, sank in and he automatically took a deep breath as he straightened his posture. He released the breath and allowed the tension to leave his body as he forced his mind into a purely analytical state. “The horn is absolutely unique.”

    “Go on.”

    “And so is the color. That vibrant shade of pink is rare for rider spiders.”

    “Go on.”

    “However, while no one has ever heard of rider spiders with horns, or any spiders with horns, there are several breeders experimenting with the color of their spiders, crossing for certain characteristics.”


    “Which means—instead of looking for a breeder breeding horned spiders I should be looking for a breeder breeding pink spiders,” continued Octavius.


    Octavius opened his eyes and regarded his High Priest. “You already knew that.”

    “I did, yes.”

    Priest Octavius eyed the young man sitting next to him. “You’ve already figured out who the breeder was.”

    “Yes. Commander Osborn has already gone to search for more evidence and arrest him.”

    Priest Octavius sighed. “I see,” he said wearily. Then he looked up with narrowed eyes. “Why aren’t you with him?”

    High Priest Parker frowned slightly. “I’m not certain,” he admitted, clearly puzzled. “When I told him who I suspected the breeder to be, he requested that I stay away.”

    That was odd. Having the High Priest to the goddess could only add weight to Commander Osborn’s search. Why wouldn’t he want to have it. “Who is it?” he asked with curiosity.

    “Nobleman Thompson.”

    Priest Octavius was speechless. That alpha, that noble that wanted to force a bond on High Priest Parker—was responsible for the feral rider spider? No wonder Commander Osborn had told Peter not to go with them. He’d probably heard all about the incident in the court. In fact, Peter was probably the only person who didn’t know about it. Even Wade had made a comment about how it was probably a good thing that he didn’t know Nobleman Thompson from the rest of the color coded squad that surrounded the Queen in her court, followed by a humble request to be introduced to the man. A request that, with as much dignity as possible, Octavius declined.

    “How do you know?” asked Octavius.

    Peter sighed. “He’s been working with the brighter colors,” he explained, “in order to make, for lack of a better term, unnatural colors. His little spiders have been popular with the ladies of the court.”

    “That’s no excuse.”

    “Less of an excuse than the common might have,” High Priest Parker stated simply. “After all, he’s been breeding spiders for years. There is no way he didn’t understand the consequences of having a touch starved spider.”

    The two of them were silent for a moment as they thought about it. Priest Octavius stared at his loom vacantly, the white, almost clear thread forming cloth. Did Nobleman Thompson come up with his idea to bond to Peter before or after the feral rider spider appeared? It could be that he was just one more of the people obsessed with the High Priest—or it could have been an attempt to save his hide. Allowing a rider spider to be touch starved to the point of going feral was a crime that could be punishable by death—and he knew that was how Commander Osborn saw it.

    His thoughts were interrupted as Wade strode into the weaving room. Octavius stared; the man had two blankets tied around his waist, had a woven food basket (the kind with a lid) over one arm, and was holding a huge water flask. “All right,” said Wade cheerfully as he picked Peter up with all the effort one of the acolytes used to carry clothes, “time to take a break Pete.”

    Priest Octavius opened his mouth to argue—and then, for the first time since the army went on its rescue mission—he realized he could smell Peter’s distinctive scent. “Have fun,” he said instead. “I’ll take over while you’re gone.”

    “You can’t, we’ve got to—put me down!”

    “Don’t worry about the delegation,” Octavius told him as Wade, unconcerned and whistling to himself, continued on. “I’ll postpone the talks. And I can handle everything else.” He had to raise his voice to be heard as Wade didn’t stop in his abduction of the High Priest. He chuckled as he set his loom to the side and then went to tell Queen Mary Jane and her court that High Priest Parker was going into heat.

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  • (but don’t forget to take a break and read lighter stuff too!)
    We need both ♥

    I read omegaverse (to be honest I even write it now).

    It’s fairly new for me, and here is why: up until a fortuitous encounter with an A/B/O fanfiction, I wasn’t interested.

    It’s nothing personal, some people read angst and some people read fluff. I didn’t read much smut for the sake of reading smut, and I didn’t read mpreg (or pregnancy stories in general), which often goes hand in hand with omegaverse.

    I don’t waste my time on fics I’m not interested in. There are a lot of things I can read instead, that I really enjoy, so I’m intimately acquainted with the “close tab” and “go back” buttons.

    I don’t leave comments if I didn’t like the fic, and even when I do leave comments because I liked it, I generally keep concrit for myself because some people don’t want it.

    Yeah, I know. I’m a weird creature.

    What I thought of omegaverse before

    Obviously, I didn’t know much about omegaverse, since I didn’t read it. I thought it was mainly smut, with canine inspired genitalia and an archaic conception of masculinity.

    I had no idea there was world building to be done, and since I’m a sucker for world building, I high-tailed out of this part of AO3 to browse the dark depths of the fandoms I’m part of instead, looking for elaborate alternative universes.

    Then, I read one purely by accident. There was a hint of world building, so I followed the tags and fell down the rabbit hole of omegaverse.

    Since we’re being honest, I’ll admit that my interests have not changed much. I’m not interested in mpreg (or pregnancy in general), and I’m not interested in smut for the sake of smut.

    What I am interested in, however, is non-traditional dynamics, and in-depth world building.

    Some people make Excel spread sheets for secondary genders ratio in the population of their universe! There are fake world history included with some stories! Scientific theories to go with the inner workings of omegaverse, and an entire sub-culture that goes with it!

    Each author seems to have their own world building, so I can’t give an exhaustive recap of what is going on with omegaverse, especially since I’m still learning.

    I’ll just say that there is something out there for each and everyone of you, and bless the tags on AO3.

    I have opinions. They are mine and I am open to challenging them, respectfully. I agree to disagree and I am by no means targeting anyone in particular when I share what I think. Who knows, I might even reply to myself later and change my mind.

    That being said…

    Here is how I perceive omegaverse now

    Omegaverse can be a criticism of society as we know it, and the inequities women and minorities face daily for instance.

    Omegas are traditionally the weaker gender in omegaverse, and are over-sexualized and abused of in various ways. I think this is a great way to highlight issues in our societies, but it doesn’t bring much to the table in terms of solutions.

    I love my heart-shaped glasses that paint the world pink, it’s comforting to read a story where the Omega character gets the recognition and respect they deserve.

    I don’t want to side-step the problem, I want to remove the problem when it’s possible.

    If I want to cross the river, I need a bridge, and I will build it instead of waiting for someone to drive me across on a boat (in which case I’m dependent of the person driving the boat). I might need help to do so, but hopefully we’ll all grow into better persons by the time we’re on the over side of the river.

    I wish that rather than having an Alpha treat an Omega right and saving them, we saw the Omega do things we didn’t think them capable of, and bring their accomplishments to light. I wish Omegas would come up themselves with ways to best Alphas when need be.

    I enjoy reading characters arcs where the characters draw strength from their differences, and learn to know themselves and thus others, better.

    It’s important to me that the characters involved maintain agency.

    I am easily spooked when the characters are reduced to physical biology and insane co-dependence. Especially when it’s one sided because the fictional society the characters are living in doesn’t reflect it entirely.

    Are the rules consistent or do they disappear for plot convenience? What are the implications of things such as getting slick, or going into heat/rut, in public?

    This is why I like non-traditional dynamics that challenge the status quo.

    Are Alphas really better than Omegas, or do Omegas believe they’re less than Alphas? They’re probably different in some ways, and both secondary genders can bring something valuable to the table.

    Let’s not forget Betas while we’re at it. I would like to see more Beta/Beta, Alpha/Beta or Omega/Beta prairings! I’m interested in Betas who don’t fit in the Alpha/Omega categories, especially if Betas put Alphas and Omegas into perspective!

    An example of this would be if Alphas and Omegas are few and far in between, making them the exception and Betas the norm (sort of like mutants, super powers, or anything exceptional). I’m sure there are plenty of others ways to explore the role of Betas in omegaverse!

    I think omegaverse can also take world building to the next level. There are inherent rules to this universe that are worth taking into account.

    By the rules of our world, same gender couples are “gay”, but according to omegaverse, this also becomes same secondary gender couples (Alpha/Alpha, Omega/Omega, Beta/Beta).

    If you use omegaverse secondary genders for fertility purposes, then same secondary genders are probably less fertile and thus, would face some sort of discrimination.

    If omegaverse is a criticism of society, I’m interested in reading fics that ask relevant questions about society.

    That being said, I’ll try to apply all that good thinking to my own writing!

    The best part of all this, is that there are tags to find in-depth exploration of this universe, non-traditional dynamics, and more care-free stories for when we need a break! Now, let me put my heart-shaped glasses that paint the world pink back on, and I’ll be off to read my comfort fics.

    Don’t mind me.

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    𝓦𝓮𝓵𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓱𝓸𝓶𝓮 ~

    //Tumblr ate the quality, please full view ;w;


    #haikyuu!! #akaashi keiji #hq!! #abo#omegaverse#my art#digital art #a little naughty #lets see if i get caught
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  • ZOOKEEPER: you have to stop


    ZOOKEEPER: i keep getting dmca takedowns for this, please, i have a family

    #omegaverse#a/b/o dynamics #I won't tag that one author cause I don't want to get sued but this is the funniest pettiness
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  • Title: everything you say is a sweet revelation
    Author: lazulisong
    Reader: aethel
    Cover artist: aethel
    Fandom: MDZS
    Pairing: Lan Wangji/Wei Wuxian
    Rating: Teen
    Length: 0:04:30

    AO3 link to the podfic

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