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    04.12.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    [Kingdom Hearts] I’m the same, but I’m trying to change

    Summary: In which Xion and Sabrina (OC) partake in a trust exercise given to them by Aqua. Xion nearly gets squashed by a People Mover while trying to write in her journal. Sabrina is not pleased (and very, very terrified at the near carnage that would have ensued).

    Rating: K+

    Word Count: 3,644 words

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    “How can Ven put up with Sabrina? She blows him off every chance she gets.”

    Xion, who had not been paying attention, looked up from her notebook with a small, inquisitive noise.

    “What you mean?” she asked. A small smirk crossed her lips as she then said, “Are you just mad that your look-a-like has more tolerance for hard-headed people than you?”

    Roxas gave her an agitated grunt as an answer. It was enough to let Xion give a small snort of bemusement in return.

    The duo, along with Kairi, Ventus, Lea, and Aqua, were on a Gummi Ship heading straight for Wasteland. Sabrina, the world’s princess and protector of its heart, was the topic of discussion because she was arguably the reason why they were heading to the world. Sabrina was also a Keyblade wielder, but due to her unique connection to Wasteland, she couldn’t always leave for long periods of time. This meant that sometimes Aqua took her training abroad. The others didn’t always come with her. But the master had a plan in mind for this trip, so it was as many trainees as she could get her hands on.

    Xion and Roxas had taken a spot near the back of the ship. It was just quiet enough that Xion could write in her notebook almost unbothered. Roxas just didn’t want to sit next to Ventus.

    “I think there’s more to Sabrina than we think.” Xion then told her friend, almost in a sing-song voice. “And Ven believes in her enough to be the only one brave enough to find out.”

    Another agitated grunt. Roxas looked over at Xion’s writings and tried to figure out what she was writing.

    “Are you writing about Ebba again?” he wondered.

    “Yep.” Xion grinned. “She’s been summoned to the kingdom of an estranged king. Very important business and all.”

    “I don’t want my character to be friends with hers.”

    Xion paused writing for a moment just to look at Roxas. She tried to contain a catlike grin before telling him, “I make no promises.”

    The Gummi Ship landed in Wasteland not long after this. Judging by Ven’s relieved sigh, Sabrina was already outside and waiting for them. Roxas looked over at Lea to make a face of disgust. His tall friend only laughed, clapping a hand on Roxas’s back as the two left the Gummi Ship. Xion held her notebook tight in her hand as she left the ship as well. Some formal introductions were made again before Aqua led them to their training area for the day.

    In a pathway that went past Mean Street’s train station, there was a nice open area with a small circular flowerbed. Aqua’s students lined up in waiting for their teacher’s instructions.

    “Before we get too far,” she told them, “I want you all to know that we’re going to do training in pairs today. Roxas with Kairi, Lea with Ven, and Xion with Sabrina. Do you six understand so far?”

    Her students nodded in agreement. Aqua gave herself a small grin.

    “Good.” she said. “I have assigned each of you a certain section of Wasteland to explore. Today, I want you and your partner to do a trust exercise.”

    “You're joking.” Sabrina snorted. When she got a good look at Aqua's expression, her face immediately fell. In a near horrified tone, she then said, “Oh no. You're not.”

    “Can we trade partners?” Lea piped up. “I feel bad for Xion now.”

    “Agreed.” Ven nodded.

    But Aqua shook her head. They all knew that her mind had been made up long before this. Xion was actually pretty excited. She took a look over at Sabrina and felt her heart sink a little in noticing that the princess was visibly tensing up. Xion’s fingertips glided over her notebook, already knowing the words she’d write in it next.

    . . .

    Maybe in another life, they could have been sisters. Ebba had a faint feeling that Regina did not want a sister. Or any kind of companion, come to think of it. The princess of the disgraced kingdom looked back at the spy with a look of annoyed superiority. It almost reminded Ebba of her own superior.

    “I need you to do a task for me.” Regina informed Ebba- her voice still and commanding. “It has come to my attention that someone is trying to harm me. As I am not allowed to defend for myself, I need a champion.”

    “My lady, with all due respect,” Ebba said, giving a small bow, “But why not call upon the aid of master knights Meikai or Roch? Perhaps even the squire Benjamin? It is from my understanding that you two are quite close.”

    “Our familiarity is exactly why I can not use them.” the princess replied. “I need a spy. I need someone invisible. I need someone who can slip out of other's memories before they even knew they were in the room. I need you, Ebba. You are the only one I trust for this.”

    Hearing this sent a shock down Ebba's spine. Regina's trust was hard to earn- let alone her being so vocal about it. If she was going to be this forthcoming about her intentions, something was a lot more dangerous than what Ebba had been originally expecting. The only question was; would she take it?

    “It would be an honor to protect you, my lady.” Ebba finally decided- even getting down to her knees to give a bow of reverence.

    Regina only stood taller.

    . . .

    The girls had been assigned to Tomorrow City. Xion did her best to be respectful- sitting across from Sabrina instead of next to her. Unfortunately, it was still a very good position for Sabrina to glare at Xion. She didn’t even pretend to look anywhere else. Xion herself wasn’t quite aware of it- once she got into a good writing groove, time just… slipped away.

    “What do you write in that thing anyway?” Sabrina questioned, pointing as Xion's notebook. She hadn't really asked in a tone that actually wanted to know, but there must have been some interest. Right?

    “Oh, you know,” Xion hummed, not thinking to look up, “A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Sometimes it's about my day, and sometimes it's not even close.”

    Sabrina’s glare darkened. “You're writing about us then.”

    Xion flinched. “Sort of…” she admitted. “It’s still a diary, more or less.”

    “And that pen?”

    That was when Xion gave a blink of confusion. She paused to look at her pen. It was a pretty kitschy thing; a bright pink novelty pen with a feather puff at the end. But there was just something about it Xion adored.

    “This?” she wondered, twirling the pen lightly in her fingertips. “I dunno. I just found it at the store and I asked Lea to buy it for me.” She looked at Sabrina with a curious tilt of her head. “Do you want one? I think they came in a pack of three.”

    “No thanks.” Sabrina grumbled, immediately turning her head away. “I have plenty of fountain pens that will suffice when the need rises.”

    “Right.” Xion agreed with a nod. With the conversation over, she awkwardly returned to writing.

    Xion found herself awestruck by Tomorrow City before the train even came to a complete stop. The city was a neon lit marvel, aided with a shielded sky painted to look like a starry night. The stars even twinkled a bit from their own light source. It was so beautiful that Xion nearly wanted to write it down for Ebba to explore later.

    “Aqua wants us to use the square for training.” Sabrina said, not even bothering to notice Xion’s awe. “It should be an easy trip over.”

    Xion nodded in absent agreement. Sabrina looked her over, grimaced, but said nothing more before leading the two further into Tomorrow City. They were able to reach the square in a few minute’s time. Barrier magic prevented them from heading back out once they were there.

    “Greetings ladies!” a gremlin with lemon yellow skin and a purple jumpsuit greeted them. “My name is Gremlin Apollo, and boy howdy did Master Aqua plan quite the obstacle course set for you!”

    “Just tell us what it is.” Sabrina impatiently told him.

    The gremlin nodded. “You two while be navigating a short obstacle course. There are three checkpoint that you must pass through. At each location there is a dual button system that you must disable at the same time. The buttons are placed just so that you must both be there.”

    “Are the People Movers active?” Sabrina questioned.

    “Of course!”

    “Of course.” Sabrina murmured under her breath. Xion gave Sabrina a curious glance, while the gremlin gave them a warm grin.

    “Good luck!” he said, giving a salute before disappearing into thin air.

    The girls immediately set to work. The first checkpoint was not far from them; they were able to find its corresponding buttons and activate them in record time. Xion was the first to see that the second checkpoint was close to the People Mover tracks. It took a lot of careful climbing to get to the right buttons. Once the second barrier was down, Sabrina noticed how far away the last barrier was. She studied the People Mover track for a long time. At least one tram whizzed by at breakneck speed. It was more than enough for her to make a decision.

    “Stay here.” Sabrina told Xion. “I want to scout ahead a little. I’ll contact you on our Gummiphones when it’s safe to go ahead. Don’t stand on the People Mover tracks if you value your life.”

    “Gotcha.” Xion agreed with a nod. Sabrina gave a stiff nod back before heading forward. Xion let out a small sigh before curiously looking around the area. Wasteland was a hidden gem, covered by its own darkness and unease. It reminded her a lot of the World That Never Was- especially the castle. That world was so cold and unforgiving, yet there was just an inexplicable charm to it if you knew where to look.

    Xion carefully made her way down from the platform and on to the People Mover track. There was so much from this environment that she couldn’t wait to describe. She pulled out her notebook in habit, flipping through the pages just to make sure she can justify Ebba visiting a world like this.

    “Xion!” Sabrina barked. Xion quickly looked up, then noticed something to her right. Her eyes expanded in fear as a People Mover tram was rushing toward her at top speed. Xion was all but prepared for the impending, and devastating, smack. But it didn’t happen. Sabrina had quickly cast Gravity on the People Mover, a dark purple-blue aura surrounding the tram.

    “Move, Xion!” Sabrina demanded through gritted teeth.

    “R-right!” the other girl agreed, quickly scrambling to her feet. The moment she jumped off the track, Sabrina let go of the spell- the tram once more racing down the track as if it had never been stopped. Xion watched as it disappeared into a back area. She looked back at Sabrina with a relieved grin.

    “Thanks Sabrina! That was-”

    “Shut it.”

    Xion’s heart stopped. It was then that she realized how furious Sabrina was.

    “I told you not to stay on the People Mover tracks.” Sabrina seethed. “I told you to stay at the button.”

    “Sabrina, I-”

    “Shut up!” Sabrina screamed. “Just shut! Up! I can do this without you!” With that, she immediately spun on her heel to the next checkpoint.

    “But-!” Xion tried to say, but Sabrina was already a good distance away. Xion deflated, her throat tightening in grief. “You can’t...”

    . . .

    Rage was not an unfamiliar sight on Regina’s face, but this time it was different. It was a rage born from Ebba herself.

    “Regina, you have to trust me.” Ebba tried to say as she tried to keep up with the princess.

    “I did trust you!” Regina thundered, spinning around to face Ebba. You could see the faint beginnings of frustrated tears at the corner of her eyes. She was too furious to wipe them away at the moment. Seeing them made Ebba’s heart leap into her throat.

    For Regina to show real emotion, it meant Ebba had really messed everything up.

    “My kingdom is going to fall, Ebba!” Regina continued to shout. “And it's all because of you! Because of me! Because… because of… of us...”

    Ebba moved close to the princess, intending to place a gentle hand on her shoulder. “Regina...”

    “Don't touch me.” the disgraced princess hissed, slapping Ebba’s hand away. “I hope your superior turns you into a husk of your former self after this. Because if he doesn't? I will.”

    Ebba took a step back. The princess’s words cutting through her heart like a hot knife to butter. Sure, she was well aware that Regina was mad at her, but mad enough to threaten a fate worse than death? Ebba started to shake her head with disbelief.

    “You can’t mean that.” she said, trying to be reasonable. But the slight crack in her voice made known her growing fear.

    The only answer she got was a dark glare, and then there was silence.

    . . .

    When Xion finally found her, Sabrina was insistently whacking her Keyblade against a barrier meant to be deactivated by two. It wasn’t too much of a surprise that Sabrina was muttering unkind words under her breath the entire time.

    “Sabrina?” Xion carefully tried to say.

    “Go away.” the princess spat back, not once letting up on her useless hits. “Don’t you have a tram car to get trampled by?”

    Xion flinched. “You don’t mean that.”

    “Try me.”

    After a few more hits, Sabrina finally dispelled her Keyblade to look at Xion. Her face was red from both exhaustion and frustration. When she spoke to Xion again, her voice was anything but understanding.

    “What is so important about that stupid journal of yours that you’d rather risk life and limb to write in it? This is a trust exercise, not a ‘let’s see how fast we can become roadkill’ exercise.”

    “I know, I just…”

    “Just what? Why would you rather write than get this stupid thing done and over with?!”

    “I… I actually don't know if I'm able to empathize or not.” Xion admitted. “Not like you can.”

    Sabrina immediately recoiled. This was definitely not the excuse she expected to hear. She might have been annoyed, but she could still hear the vulnerability in the other wielder’s voice. Xion took Sabrina’s silence as a chance to continue.

    “I think writing helps me with that. I can 'see' someone else's mind and learn about who they are. I can reflect on how other people react to things, and maybe try to draw connections on how to help them in the future. You know?”

    “In other words; treat others how you want to be treated.”

    Now it was Xion’s turn to recoil a little. “Maybe...” she quietly agreed.

    Sabrina didn’t look toward Xion for a long time.

    “Look,” Sabrina begrudgingly started to say, “Wasteland sucks. It can and will eat the weak whole. But things like walking onto an active racetrack are so easy to avoid. Not when a Beetleworx can take you out a lot more painfully. I know my world, Xion. This is supposed to be a trust exercise. You need to listen to me when I warn you about my world. That’s the only way you’re going to earn my trust today. The only way we can finish this thing the way Aqua wants.”

    “I know,” came the quick reply. “I shouldn’t have stopped on the tracks to begin with. I didn’t… I should have placed our training in front of my writing. I’m sorry.”

    “That’s not what-” Sabrina started to argue, but she stopped herself. She gave a frustrated shake of her head before instead saying, “We have one more obstacle to go through, and then we’re done here. Let’s just… get it done.”

    “Right.” Xion slowly nodded.

    The girls still took a moment just to look at each other. The air around them stiff and stifling. It was Sabrina who made the first step forward. They didn’t talk much as they deactivated the final barrier, Gremlin Apollo congratulating them before giving access back to the train station. The poor gremlin didn’t even notice the friction between them.

    Xion was almost afraid to pull up her notebook on the ride back. Her mind was reeling with ideas. After so long of just writing whatever came to mind, having to hold back nearly hurt. She could feel her fingers twitch with anticipation. Xion gave Sabrina a curious tilt of her head. The princess was reclined against the bench, her expression unreadable as she kept her eyes closed. Her body swayed with the train motion, giving the impression that she might have been resting. Xion traced her fingertips over the notebook’s spine.

    Maybe she wouldn’t write just yet. There was something else she wanted to do before then.

    . . .

    Ebba carefully approached the princess’s throne. Said princess was crumbled on the throne like a child having a tantrum. It was undignified. It was bitter. It was vulnerable. Ebba took a shaking breath in before standing a bit taller.

    “I know that you can never fully trust me,” she started off, slowly and carefully, “And I know that, for the most part, it isn’t personal. I knew that your trust is hard to earn, and I’ve ruined any chances of making it better. I could apologize to you for a thousand years but you’ll always remember the betrayal instead. It’s within reason for you to do so. You’ve seen a lot. A lot more than I likely ever will. Because, for the most part, I’m still very sheltered on the evils of this world. I’m working on unlearning what I know, if that makes sense. I want to be a new person. I want to be me.”

    “Lucky are you to have such an ability.” the princess grumbled. She still didn’t move from her spot.

    “Indeed.” Ebba nodded. “I hope that one day, you will request my assistance again. I wouldn’t expect you to trust me. I wouldn’t expect you to even like me. But know that I will still serve by you in constant amends. Good day, my princess.”

    Ebba did not wait for a response before turning to leave. The sound of her footfalls echoed throughout the chamber.

    “Wait.” Regina finally said. Ebba stopped in her spot, but did not turn around. It did not stop what Regina had planned next. She ran from her throne, straight to Ebba, and gave the spy a tight hug around the middle. Ebba knew better than to say anything during this time. Instead, she moved one of her hands to gently pat Regina’s arm in understanding. They remained there for a long time- no other words needed to be said between them.

    They were still sisters at heart.

    . . .

    Xion and Sabrina went back to the open space behind the train station on Mean Street. Aqua gave the girls a nod of approval. Apparently they had finished first. Xion immediately knew that she could use this small reprieve as an opportunity.

    “Here.” she said to Sabrina, presenting her writing notebook without a hint of remorse.

    Sabrina, who had taken to being by herself, overlooking the area, turned to face Xion. Her gaze slowly fell to the notebook before immediately snapping up to glare at the other girl.

    “What are you doing?” she questioned, and not in a particularly caring tone.

    “I may not know Wasteland, but I want you to know me.” Xion said. “So I give you full permission to read all the stories I’ve written so far.”


    “Do you want to read them?”

    Sabrina eyeballed the offending journal with mild distrust.

    “You write about all of us?” she asked.

    Xion nodded.

    “Do you change names around?”

    “All the time.” Xion replied. “Sometimes I gotta pull out a baby naming dictionary. The library has a pretty good selection. For some reason.”

    “For some reason…” Sabrina mumbled back. She slowly looked back up at Xion. When she held out her hands to accept the notebook, she looked away again, almost like it was something to be ashamed of. If anything, Xion was ecstatic. She gladly handed over her notebook with absolute trust in her heart. Sabrina looked down at the notebook, grimaced slightly, then put it away in a safe place.

    “How’d it go, kiddos?” Lea’s loud, cheery voice spoke up, snapping both of the girls out of their moment. Sabrina in particular immediately tensed despite holding herself higher.

    “Xion nearly got ran over by a tram.” the princess bluntly replied. “I got mad. We had a heart to heart. Everything’s fine now.”

    “Really?” Lea questioned with a bemused raise of his eyebrow, looking over at Xion with an even greater curiosity.

    “I’ll tell you more later.” Xion mumbled to him, low enough so Sabrina couldn’t hear. Her friend let out a noise of affirmation and a quick thumb’s up.

    “Are you sure you’re alright?” Ventus spoke up. “You look tense.”

    “You worry way too much.” Sabrina spat back, folding her arms and giving him a quirk of her eyebrow. To this, Ven couldn’t deny. Xion let out a small chortle at them. Lea joined in, followed by Ven’s own sheepish laugh. Sabrina didn’t laugh, but there was a small grin teased into the corner of her lips.

    When Sabrina gave Xion her notebook back a few hours later, there had been a new entry not previously written by the latter. It soon became one of Xion’s favorite passages.

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    04.12.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    The Name of It

    You’ve grown used to the monotony of the Glade, but someone has just arrived to break you from the same dull routine: the latest Greenie, Thomas.


    You’re used to having to deal with Greenies. They show up once per month like clockwork, stumbling around like they’ve never found themselves in a giant maze and unable to remember any memory they’ve ever called their own. You’re usually expected to show them around, answer their thousands of questions once just to answer them again a few hours later when they’ve forgotten what you said in the first place.

    So, when Newt calls out to you across the clearing to tell you that you’ll be giving the latest Greenbean a tour, you can’t help a sigh of annoyance. “Really, Newt? It’s your turn, not mine.” The burden of giving the latest Greenie an introduction to the Glade is passed off amongst your friends every month, as no one really wants to do it that often. Your expression changes, however, when you turn around and see the boy trailing after Newt, the one with short dark hair and brown eyes that seem to lose their light when he hears you.

    You have a few regrets now. Number one: you hate to say it, but the Greenie is cute. He’s looking at you like he’s drowning in a storm-tossed sea and you’re his only chance of survival, dark eyes framed by darker eyelashes. You’re not supposed to be thinking that the other Gladers are attractive, as Alby’s put up enough protective measures around any chance of dating that you’d never be able to make it as far as spending more than a moment alone with him, but still. The fact remains that this boy is cute, and you can’t deny it.

    Regret number two: you’ve already gone and snapped at Newt for the sole sake of having to deal with this Greenie, which means that you’ve blown your chance of having a good first impression. You feel your spirits start to sink. Of all the days to get annoyed, why’d it have to be this one?

    Finally, Newt’s already starting to shrug and laugh it off, so you’ve got no chance of trying to salvage this after all. “I was hoping you wouldn’t notice that, Y/N. I’m tired.” You force a laugh. “Aren’t we all? I’m Y/N, by the way.” You direct the last part towards the Greenie, who looks somewhat startled that you’re addressing him. He starts to speak, but he gets a look of confused shock in his eyes that you’ve seen about a dozen times before. 

    You hold up a hand. “Don’t worry about it. You’ll remember your name soon enough, we all do.” The boy nods hesitantly. “You’ve all been through this?” Newt chuckles. “All of us. Even Y/N, although she’d hate to admit weakness in front of anyone.” You jokingly glare at the blond Track-hoe, and swat him on the shoulder. “Amnesia isn’t a weakness if everyone has it, so I’m fine.”

    Newt laughs. “You’re scaring the Greenie. He has to know that not all Gladers are prone to violence.” You smirk. “Go introduce him to Gally, he’ll never doubt it again.” The Greenie looks between the two of you, confused. “Who’s Gally?” You grin. “You’ll meet him soon enough. Trust me, he’s just a big sweetheart.”

    Newt snickers, and starts to lead the new boy away. “Definitely don’t trust her.” You call after them as they go. “Definitely do!” You watch as the boys disappear off around another corner of the Glade. The Greenie glances back at you once before he completely vanishes behind the waving curtains of green leaves and shady trees. You hurriedly turn back to what you were doing before so you don’t get caught staring. 

    When you look up, though, you notice that Chuck has wandered up to you. And, he’s staring at you with as much satisfaction as the last time he pranked Gally and got away with it. You raise an eyebrow. “What?” The word is harsh and blunt, but Chuck just grins broadly. “Nothing. I just think that you’re crushing on the Greenie, and it’s kind of funny.”

    Your jaw drops. “Excuse me?” Chuck laughs as you pretend to chase him. “You know it’s true, Y/N! You were staring!” You catch up to the boy and glare playfully. “I would never. If you don’t take it back now, I’ll tell Gally that you were the one who switched out all of his construction tools with Frypan’s vegetables last week.”

    Chuck’s eyes widen. “You wouldn’t.” You nod slowly, doing your best to hold back a smile. “I would.” At last, the younger boy groans. “Fine. You weren’t crushing on the Greenie, you were only looking at him. Like, a lot, by the way.” You can’t help but grin, reaching over to swat him lightly on the shoulder. “You’re a handful sometimes, you know that?” Chuck puffs his chest out, as proud as a peacock. “I consider it my duty.”

    As per Glade tradition, you have a Bonfire Night to look forward to once the sun begins to dip beneath the horizon. If there’s a new Greenie, then you get to have this night. It’s one of the highlights of the month, and everyone emerges from their various corners of the Glade to get together, drink Gally’s terrible brew, and do their best to put their troubles from their minds.

    To start off the night, you join the others in grabbing branches and lighting them on fire. Alby goes first, as usual, launching his torch towards the growing pile of brush and firewood in the center of a scorched ring of stones. It goes up in a hiss of smoke and sparks, and the rest of you cheer before throwing your torches as well. You carefully take aim, feeling your shoulder muscles clench with the release of your lit branch like you’re an Ancient Greek spear thrower, then watch the sparks soar through the sky as it makes contact with the roaring bonfire before you. 

    The rest of the night dissolves into a blur of laughter and conversation, the flames burning into the corners of your vision as they have countless months before. You find Minho and take a seat near him and some of the Runners, listening as they swap stories and adding in some of your own. After a while, you notice a commotion has started to abound in another corner of the clearing, and wander over with some of the other Gladers to notice that Gally’s gone and taken on the Greenie in his fighting ring.

    Beside you, Minho chuckles slightly. “I would have thought Newt would have warned the newbie about taking Gally on. Not even a full day here, and he’s already about to get his ass kicked.” You shrug. “I think he can do it.” This ends up being only partially true- although the Greenie manages to get at least one good hit on Gally, the Builder returns with a blow so hard it leaves the other boy sprawled on the sandy ground while the others yell and holler in excitement over the fight.

    However, the Greenie bounds up soon after that, shouting something to the skies like he’s got a message even the stars have to hear. “Thomas!” A beat later, he clarifies. “My name is Thomas! I remember it!” You join the others in cheering again. So he’s got a name after all, then. The Greenie no longer: here’s to Thomas, the latest Glader. May he stay on until he falls like the rest of you.

    The Gladers disperse after that, some watching Gally find another victim to punch and others going back for a second round of drinks. You end up wandering through the crowds, searching for a friend group you haven’t visited yet, until someone catches your hand, stopping you in your tracks.

    When you turn back around, a dark-haired boy is grinning at you. He seems unburdened by the hit Gally just gave him. In fact, he’s beaming ear to ear. “I remembered my name. Thomas. Did you hear?” It was practically impossible to miss it, but all you can think about is the fact that Thomas needed you to know this enough that he’d track you down through the crowds.

    So, you smile back at him. “Thomas. It’s a good name.” He nods contemplatively. “I don’t know how I forgot it before. It’s my name, after all.” The last part sounds almost questioning, like some part of him knows enough to doubt even this fact that should be taken for granted. You’ve seen enough Greenies to know that self-doubt in a place like the Maze only serves to get you in trouble, so you take his hand again, raising it to the sky like he’s won a fight.

    “You remember it now, though. Thomas!” He says his name again with you, like it’s got some other meaning that he can’t seem to place. Thomas. Thomas. You raise an eyebrow at him. “Bet you’re glad that you won’t just have to go by ‘Greenie’ anymore, aren’t you?” Thomas laughs, evidently surprising himself. “You can say that again. It’s kind of a weird nickname.”

    You chuckle at that. “It’s weird until you get to say it to someone else. Wait a month, it’ll feel more natural than anything.” Thomas has stopped his reckless laugh, but his smile remains like the dregs of a cup of tea, lingering in your mind even after it’s lost its heat. “A lot of things feel natural about this place. How do I know that I’ve never been here before?”

    Your smile grows quiet as well, tucked away until it’s barely there at all. “I’d remember you if you did.” Someone calls your name from across the bonfire and you turn, waving at them to indicate that you’ll be there in a moment. “I’ll see you later, then, Thomas.” Although Thomas’ face falls when you start to slip away, the corners of his mouth quirk up when you say his name again. When you disappear back into the night, you swear that you can still see the imprint of his face behind your eyelids when you blink, burned into your mind just like the tendrils of flame from the bonfire that still stretch up to the sky.

    Dawn comes soon enough after that, and it is host to many complaining Gladers with headaches so severe that Frypan has to issue up a special order breakfast to help mitigate all of the hangovers. You’re not entirely sure what’s in Gally’s special brew, but it’s got a hell of a kick, even the morning after. Sure, some of the hardier Builders may be putting on a show to make it seem like they got well and drunk even if they didn’t, but even your head is a little clouded the next morning.

    However, you’ll need your wits about you. Barely halfway through the day, the ear-piercing wail of the Box rings through the Glade. You exchange confused glances with a few of your friends. You already had your Greenie of the month, Thomas, so you shouldn’t have another one for weeks. Why is it showing up again the next day?

    An air of bewilderment hangs over the Glade for another moment, then in unison, as if a spell has suddenly lifted, everyone begins to run towards the Box. You join the crowds surrounding the edge, peering over into the Box as if you can figure out why it’s here through a careful search alone.

    When you glance up again, you realize that Thomas is by your side. His brow is knotted from everyone else’s stress, even though he doesn’t entirely know why the Box coming again is such a terrible mystery. Newt undoes the latch on the Box lid and jumps inside. He shouts that there’s an unconscious girl in the Box, and a collective silence falls over the Glade. It only worsens when Newt reads a note in her hand saying she’s the last one, ever, and when the girl bolts upright to say Thomas’ name before falling back into unconsciousness once more.

    You, along with the rest of the Glade, slowly look over at Thomas for some sort of explanation. He only looks at you, gently shaking his head as if to say that he has no idea what all of this is about. You don’t know why, but you trust him. He might be lying, might be just as confused as the rest of you. All the same, you know then and there that this boy, with the dark eyes that seem to contain infinities in each glance, is not your enemy. He never will be, if you have anything to say about it.

    So, you call for the Med-Jacks, and start to gesture for people to head back to their business. At first, there’s a little bit of resistance, but when Newt confirms that any news will be spread as soon as possible, the Gladers follow your advice and begin to walk away once more. You start heading back to your own workstation, but Thomas’ hand grasps yours as you leave, pulling you instead towards an empty part of the Deadheads.

    He doesn’t say anything until the two of you are well away from prying ears and watching eyes, witnessed only by the gentle ripple of the wind through the leaves of the nearby trees. Then, and only then, does Thomas stop walking, and stare at you like he’s haunted. “I don’t know who that is, I swear. You have to believe me.”

    He’s started to pace back and forth, and you walk in front of him, gently placing your hands on his arms to get him to calm down. “I do believe you, Thomas. None of this is your fault.” Thomas sighs harshly. “What if the note’s right and there won’t be any more Gladers coming up? She said my name, she wouldn’t do that for no reason.”

    His hands wrap around yours, and for a moment, you’re too distracted to speak. You wait a beat, collecting yourself, and then begin again. “We have no idea what that means. We’re in a giant maze, Thomas, things don’t always make sense here. All I know is that you just showed up, and you’ve done nothing to make yourself a villain except to have a death wish when it comes to making Gally angry. That’s not something I’d see in someone who wants us all dead. Besides, we don’t even know if the note is true or not”

    Thomas chuckles faintly at that. “Maybe it’s just a prank. She wrote it for fun.” Both of you know this is a lie, but you laugh along. “Well, she got us pretty good if she did.” Thomas’ face grows somber. “I just wanted all of this to be normal, you know? I wanted to get to know this place. Find some job, figure things out, call the newcomers Greenies like you said. I don’t know if any of that is going to happen after all this.”

    You do your best for an encouraging smile. “It still could. The only thing we can do is keep moving forward, Thomas. You’ve got us, and we’re not leaving you.” Thomas nods slowly. “I’ve got you.” The wind whistles through the trees, making you shiver for a second. “You’ve got me.” You don’t realize it until the words come out, but you mean something more than just an offer of advice when he needs it. And, when Thomas straightens up slightly, and smiles that same half-quiet smile that you’ve grown to admire already, and says “You’ve got me too,” you’re fairly sure that he means the same thing you do: I don’t know you fully yet, but you could be someone I love.

    maze runner tag list: the clouds are so pretty rn (like you) @rogueanschel​, @ellobruv-blog​, @lxncelot​, @neewtmas​

    #thomas#thomas imagines #thomas x reader #thomas oneshot#tmr#tmr imagines#maze runner #tmr x reader #tmr oneshot #maze runner imagines #maze runner x reader #tmr thomas #tmr thomas imagines #tmr thomas x reader #tmr thomas oneshot #maze runner oneshot #maze runner thomas #maze runner thomas imagines #maze runner thomas x reader #maze runner thomas oneshot #death cure#scorch trials
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  • profoundtyrantharmony
    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Hi, I'm looking for a fic about the ragnarssons x reader. Reader joins the sons of ragnar (bjorn, ubbe, hvitserk, sigurd and ivar) in king Ecbert bath and had sex together one after the other. I'm pretty sure it was a oneshot but can't remember who wrote it. Can someone please help me ?

    #sons of ragnar x reader #ragnarssons#multi partner#smut #ragnarssons x reader #ecbert bath #reader is a free woman #ivar x reader #hvitserk x reader #ubbe x reader #sigurd x reader #bjorn x reader #in search of a fic #oneshot#fluff
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  • anarchy-and-piglins
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    -lies face down on the floor- I miss skeppy and techno content

    #text posts #not me coming up with ways to incorporate skeppy into the reimprisoned au #when was the last time we got the boys??? wHEN? #we could have had them on the charity stream but the universe is cruel #i wanna write skeppy and techno fic now I did have a oneshot in mind at some point
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  • velvetcloxds
    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    LOVER | B.B.

    Pairing: Bucky Barnes x fem!reader

    Requested by: @fairydxll

    Word count: 1.2k

    Warning: none really just fluff, little dialogue heavy as always

    Summary: Bucky helps you make your little apartment feel more festive before your parents come to visit on Christmas

    A/n: Part four of my Taylor Swift song fics series, also the first time writing a full fic for Bucky since 2016 so please go easy on me- I've always loved the idea of calling him James and him sticking to old petnames so that's definitely in here <3

    Masterlist | Library Blog | Navigation

    “Doll,” Bucky called as he walked through the front door, one hand carrying the bags of groceries while the other gripped the list you’d given him before he left. “Now, I think I’ve gotten everything, almost everything, neither I nor the grocery store helper could figure out what on earth this third line said,” he laughed, pausing in his steps when he saw you huffing about in the living room, lamp in one hand and a scatter pillow in the other as you shook your head to remove a strand of fallen hair from your vision.

    “James,” you sighed, out of breath from your fiddling as you narrowed your eyes at your boyfriend. “You’re finally home.”

    “I am,” he noted, carefully placing the groceries on the counter before meeting your gaze once again. “Though, it does quite look like we’re moving out, rather than in,” he mused, and you’d have rolled your eyes at him if you weren’t so nervous about the whole ordeal that laid ahead of you.

    Your parents had met Bucky a few weeks after you started dating, and though they loved him, they had a sense of objection to you moving into the avengers’ tower when you could be starting a life together. This objection had been shared between the both of you as well, Bucky wanting a place to call home that didn’t involve missions and politics- he wanted comfort and though half of it came from you, the other half would come from the future the two of you would build together. The little loft you’d moved into had quite quickly become exactly that, having been filled as time passed, decorations and furniture being picked up as the need arose, the last of which being Christmas decorations, the fact very evident as you both stood in the festively lacking room.

    “It’s December,” you informed him, not at all aiding in easing his confusion as he offered you a careful nod to continue. “My parents are coming over for Christmas, but it doesn’t look like Christmas in here, James, looks like November or something and we don’t have anything to decorate with,” Bucky hummed in reply, acknowledging your frustration as he carefully made his way towards you, gentle hands ridding you of the pillow and lamp you’d been gripping onto.

    “Alright, if I remember correctly, there are some Christmas lights in one of the boxes we’re storing for Sam, so we can start there for now, maybe tomorrow we can stop by the little store on the corner and see if there’s anything else there, how does that sound?” you nodded, smiling at how nimble his voice was, his actions of trying to calm you not going unnoticed as his metal arm surrounded your waist.

    “You forget, however, how much you despise the lights in question,” you reminded him with a soft smirk, hands mimicking his as you squeezed his waist lightly.

    “I don’t despise them,” he objected, faux certainty on his face as he spared you a kiss to your forehead, still shaking his head in mock objection as he abandoned you to go fetch the box he was talking about, smiling once he was back in your presence. “I find the idea of putting them up now and taking them off right after Christmas a little mundane, is all.”

    “Oh no, mundane tasks are below this super soldier, hmm,” you mused, helping him remove the lights from the box, Bucky’s eyes narrowing for a split second before he started untangling the wires.

    “You mock me, doll, but it’ll be me balancing on a chair the morning of the twenty-sixth trying to get these off, not you.”

    “You want to know a little secret, my love,” you prompted, smiling when you shifted the lights in your hand just enough to untangle them completely. “We can leave the Christmas lights up until January,” you giggled at the little shock he painted on for your amusement.

    “What about the rules, hmm, the Christmas rules?” he was amused now, knowing that more than anything, the silly little moments he used to believe to be pointless, were the moments you held closest to your heart.

    “It’s our place, we make the rules,” you replied, a carefree smile dancing over your lips as you watched him, his actions, though simple, making your body fill with warmth.

    “Hmm,” he hummed, and you realized that much like many times before, the little sentiment was a reminder of a new beginning, a new life, he’d been many men before, been part of many stories, but the one he was writing with you- that was the one that would make it all worth it. “Hand me the chair, doll,” it was the little wink that made you smile as you retrieved the chair without thought.

    “Where are you going to put them?”

    “Across the arch,” he noted, taking hold of the hand pointlessly held out to assist him in his climb onto the wooden chair, hand clutching the lights as he looked up at the arch separating the living room from your bedroom.

    “That’s not where they go.”

    “Says who? Thought we make the rules now?” he laughed, and you allowed him to continue, the little song his lips were humming, making your smile grow even wider.

    Minutes had passed, Bucky making slow progress as he embarked on his attempt to create a little scene of perfection for his girl. You were shamelessly adoring him, watching his every move, registering every little sigh and silent nod of agreement when an idea worked, he was doing nothing at all and yet completely captivating you. There was a dazzling haze, a mysterious way about him. He was yours, your future, your story- as much as you were his everything, he was yours in twofold. You’d go wherever he goes, forever.

    “Hey James,” you nearly whispered as you pushed yourself away from the counter you’d been leaning against, a little sound of acknowledgment leaving his mouth as he remained lost in the motions of his fingers. “I love you,” he paused, furrowed brows as he stared down at you.

    “I love you too, doll. Where’s that coming from?”

    “Just getting all sentimental seeing you up there, being all domestic,” you admitted, stilling next to him to get hold of his free hand. “Thinking about how all's well that ends well to end up with you,” you mumbled, and he scoffed softly, gentle features watching you place a loving kiss to the metal digits as they folded around your hand.

    "This is only the beginning, Y/n," he informed you as he gave your hand a little squeeze. "My little lover, hmm, wait until you see me making you dinner, might get a wedding proposal out of you yet," he mused and the laughter that filled the room would be but one moment of thousands to come.

    #bucky barnes #bucky x reader #bucky x you #bucky fluff #bucky barnes x y/n #bucky x y/n #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes x you #bucky fanfic#bucky imagine#bucky oneshot #bucky barnes one shot #bucky barnes imagine #bucky barnes fluff #james buchanan barnes #marvel #marvel x reader #marvel x you #marvel fluff#marvel imagine #marvel one shot #marvel fanfiction #marvel x y/n
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  • rashys
    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    naughty list | declan rice.

    ↳ genre: fluff
    ↳ summary: even though you’ve been dating him for months, he’s the first one you’ve kissed underneath the mistletoe. in the underwear he’s gifted you this christmas.

    this is part of my christmas countdown masterlist! <33 sorry for being awfully slow at updating them .....i am terrible at being consistent

    “Open it.”

    You stared at the bag he’s given you, a sheepish smile forming on his face. There’s a slight smirk on the curve of his lips, and you’re ultimately concerned at how immersed he looks for your reaction. With your lips puckered accompanied by your raised brows, you stare at your boyfriend before reaching for the gift between your fingertips. 

    “I don’t like where you’re going with this.”

    “Good, that was my plan.” He cheekily says, giving you a wink. Your boyfriend is never up to no good — you know this better than anyone as it’s been years you’ve spent your Christmases together. “I hope you like it.”

    You cough, cheeks flaring red when you run your fingers down the silk material, amazed at the gift. “How expensive was this?”

    “None of your concern, my girl deserves the best this Christmas.”

    It was until you turned the underwear around, brows furrowed. The silk and lace was suddenly partnered with a picture of a cartoon Santa, bubble writing filled with ‘WELCOME TO THE NAUGHTY LIST!’ You looked at Declan, rolling your eyes at him.

    “You’re insufferable.”

    “What? I thought it was cute.”

    “You’re an absolute ass,” You mumbled, laughing slightly at how he’s in fits of laughter in his own world, clutching his stomach from your lacklustre reaction. You throw the pair of underwear back into its box, leaving it on your side. “I can’t believe you, Deccers. Still trying to prank me on a special day?”

    “You know it’s a running theme, my love.” He leaned to you, wrapping his arm around you and you squiggle away, blowing into his face.

    “I’m shoving this at the back of my closet and never seeing it again.”

    “You’re not gonna do a quick lil show for me?” Declan questioned genuinely and your expression crumbled up.

    “That is a stupid question.”



    “Come on, I promise I have a better gift for you once you know, you try it on.” He wiggled his eyebrows playfully and you shove him.

    “You’re annoying, I’ll do it for ten seconds. I’m counting.”

    “You’re the best.” He pecked you on your lips, suddenly eager as he picks you up from the couch, swinging you over his arms as you protest quickly, punching his back lightly to let you down.


    “I love you.” He said, grinning and placing you down on your shared bed. “Now get to work for me, baby.”

    “I hate you,” You whispered, pinching his cheek as he skips out the door, closing it and tossing you the bag. You cackled when you slipped off your reindeer onesie, matching with him, slipping on the underwear and cringing when you turned around in the mirror, the perfect material ruined by the graphics on the back. You called your boyfriend’s name out and it doesn’t even take him ten seconds to fly up the stairs.

    He wolf-whistles, “Looking good, baby. Somebody’s on the naughty list this Christmas,”

    You glared at him. “I’m mad at you, you know.”

    “You still look gorgeous.”

    “You cannot be serious,” You huffed, reaching back for the onesie and he stopped your tracks.

    “Look up.”

    You looked up at the ceiling, letting out a breathy laugh, “This was your plan all along, hm?” The mistletoe dangled above the two of you, his frame much taller and larger than yours, leaning against the doorframe as you crossed your arms, bare legs shivering from the cold. Heat rushes through your cheeks when he steps closer to you, looking right down at you.

    “You’re suddenly quiet now,”

    “We’ve never kissed under the mistletoe before,” You pointed out.

    “We haven’t?”

    You shook your head, “You’ll be the first one I kiss.”

    “Not even the Christmas school fair in year ten?” Declan blew a raspberry, “Well, you’re lucky I saved it for this year then.” He winked, adding, “Plus.. in the naughty list underwear.”

    “You’re insane.” His laugh echoed in your ear as he leaned down to kiss your temple. “Maybe I’ll get you matching naughty list underwear next year.”

    #declan rice #declan rice x reader #declan rice scenario #declan rice scenarios #declan rice imagine #declan rice imagines #declan rice blurb #declan rice blurbs #west ham #west ham utd #west ham united #football imagine#football fics#football oneshot
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  • dabiscumslut4life
    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Taehyung X Male reader:

    Angst: Taehyung cheated on you while you guys took a break( just felt like being dramatic tbh🤪)

    You and Taehyung sat in the sitting room. Taehyungs eyes looked down at his pale fingers as they fiddled with each other in anticipation, waiting for what you were going to say. After gathering your thought and pushing back your anger you finally looked at him with a cold stare, “I… I just want to know why” you said as your voice threatened to quiver. Taehyung looked at you with an almost confused look, he opened his mouth to say something but suddenly closed it again, “what?…you can’t explain yourself huh?” Anger flashed across your eyes as you gripped the armchair you were sitting on harshly “last time I checked THIS is when your supposed to come up with an answer because right now I could kick you out with out needing one!” Your chest heaved at the thought of him just sitting there blankly while you suffered from heart break right in-front of him. “I-I don’t know. I was just stressed and wanted to do something about it” he looked at you pleadingly as he testified his truth. You scoffed. “Taehying. You know that you have friends right? You literally have a WHOLE support system ! And what do I have? A mother that won’t talk to me because I’m gay! A sister that uses me for her drug addiction but look at me I haven’t slept with anyone, do you know why because when I’m stressed I talk to the people around me, not call an old “friend” and hook up with them!” Taehyung bit his lip quietly as he thought of what to say. “Look y/n I didn’t mean to I honestly wasn’t thinking straight I just saw their number and called them without thinking” he desperately tried to plead as tears left his dark eyes, his cheeks began to turn red as the tears kept over flowing. “Taehyung do you know why we took a break?” He nodded his head slowly, “because you needed to focus on school and I wanted to work on more songs with Yoongi”. You rubbed the bridge of your nose with your fingers as you tried to stay calm, “exactly, so….please enlighten me on where slipping your dick into another chick pussy helps with your music because Last time I checked that won’t make you an album”, Taehyung didn’t speak letting the tears leave his now swollen eyes. “Do you know what…….I don’t want to know, and clearly this isn’t going to help either so I want you to go stay somewhere else tonight…..I need to think”, “ baby please I-” you looked at him with cold eyes. Taehyung closed his mouth and walked towards the front door, grabbing his jacket and car keys as he looked back at you clearly regretting everything that happened that night. And with that the front door slammed shut leaving you alone with your thoughts. The tears you tried so hard to push back finally left your eyes as you quietly sobbed.

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  • laufein
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    daily recommendation: and deprive myself of this treasure? he tapped your forehead with his index finger. nope.

    read i think he knows by revengingbarnes.

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  • itwasrealtome
    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I've kindly decided to give you a sneak peek of the one-shot (One last time) to make up for the wait and with the hope that it will make you want to read more.

    Enjoy !!

    “That night STILL haunts me, no matter how many times I try to push it out of my mind; the thoughts, the touch, the feel, the smell, everything is still so alive and killing me inside.”


    Although it had been dark for several hours already, the moon was nowhere to be seen. And it seemed almost strange not to see it when looking up where it was supposed to be. It was nearly as odd as not seeing a person you used to know so well. Maybe because you know it's there somewhere, but you can’t see it. And as someone would do, you keep looking around, hoping to finally find with your eyes what is missing. A lost piece of the puzzle.

    However, it is common that when one piece goes lost, we do our best to get another one to fit. And just like that, the image that seemed so perfect is then distorted by new possibilities, by a picture that wants to be different, by an abundant curiosity. Other pieces join the first one, and a whole new picture is created. A landscape, an animal, a family portrait.

    The contrast between the restaurant and the car was striking. Where one was loud and stuffy, the other was quiet and brought a sense of peace. And just then, as she took refuge in the car, Scarlett let out a breath that she didn't know she was holding in until then. The evening had been incredible, she couldn't deny it. Colin was a very charming man, respectful, and the way he acted with Rose was perfect. But something had made her hold her breath during dinner, and it was a feeling she was not used to anymore. It all felt new to her. She seemed to be back in her teens, but with all the lessons of her past experiences. She had already been through two marriages, two divorces, dozens of affairs, and one love that she thought was her last. But even the person you entrust your entire hope to can take everything from you; your heart, your tears, and a part of you that will never be reborn.

    Shaking her hand as a final goodbye, she stood ready to drive home. Through her windows, she could see the writer getting into his car, also ready to leave. He seemed a little more relaxed than she was, though nervous. He could sense some hesitation in the actress throughout their date and wasn't sure why. He was doing everything he could to listen, lighten the mood and not scare little Rose. But maybe he was doing everything wrong, at least he hoped not. He was already under her spell. He couldn't lose her now when he was falling a little more for her every day. It was impossible to imagine.

    It was surprising to find that Colin was already halfway home, while Scarlett was only buckling up. She had held a breath again, deep in her mind, shaken by her thoughts. She couldn't get her hands on this thing that seemed to hold her back. She was not free. She was tormented. And dwelling on it over and over probably didn't help. She needed to move on. She needed to go home.


    Her daughter's voice startled her. She had almost forgotten about her. The New York sky was clear, but in her mind, a real storm was causing damage. Looking in the center mirror, she could feel the features of her face soften at the sight of the little girl. She was wrapped in her jacket, her head resting against her seat, her little eyes almost closed.

    “What is it, sweetheart?”

    Rose mumbled a few words while rubbing her face. She was clearly on the verge of falling asleep but seemed to be fighting it. Despite her young age, she could tell something was odd. Her mother's attitude was not usual. Or at least, she had seen better days. Much better.

    “You’re sleepy?” Scarlett didn't need confirmation, she knew. “It's all right, baby. We're going home.”

    With a last sigh, the actress started the engine and began her journey towards the exit of the parking lot. Her eyes were slowly starting to sting. She imitated her daughter's previous actions and rubbed her face with one hand, hoping to make that tired feeling go away. All she had to do was make it home, and then she could collapse into the comfort of her bed. Maybe that was all she needed, a good night's sleep. It seemed like the right thing to do. Being asleep long enough just to take a break from the world. It meant being at peace for a while, away from responsibilities, thoughts, and emotions. However, it was never that easy. There was always something that came up to disturb her. When it wasn't Rose having a nightmare, it was work or invasive memories. In the middle of the night, it was usual to find her with a glass of alcohol in her hand, immersed in her thoughts, looking for a distraction. And maybe Colin could be that distraction.

    To be continued…

    #requests are open #scarlett johansson x reader #one last time #oneshot
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  • angsthology
    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Meet me in the afterglow | Cedric Diggory

    summary; you told him you’d come back. where were you?
    warnings; angst, death, drinking, crying. tell me if i miss anything (not proofread, please tell me if i make any mistakes). — 2.4k words.
    pairings/characters; muggleborn!gn!reader/cedric, reader & carmen moreno (fem!oc), ernie macmillan, nicholas "niko" clementine (male!oc, mentioned), carmen/cho, zacharias smith, george weasley, daphne greengrass (mentioned), dennis creevey (mentioned), cedric & carmen.
    disclaimer; please keep in mind that english is not my first language so I do apologize if there are any mistakes and/or such.
    a/n; hello friends here i give u the second and angstier part of this, read that one first. enjoy?

    The war was finally over. Harry Potter had come back and given everyone a heart attack by both being dead and becoming undead. All of the remaining Death Eaters apparating God-knows where when their leader had meet his end. All that’s left now was the mix of glory and grief that hung in the atmosphere.

    The Great Hall was filled with wrecked sobs and soft whispers of comfort as many people here and there grieved over lost loved ones, Cedric being one of them.

    He and Ernie stood in front of the body of their best friend lying next to Fred Weasley.

    Cedric kneeled down next to the body, blocking out the cries of the Weasley family who were grieving their beloved son and brother.

    “Sorry we didn’t come for you sooner. I’m—” Looking back at a red-eyed Ernie, he looked back down with small smile on his face, “—We’re gonna miss you, Nik.” Brushing off some dust off of the deceased boy’s shoulder, he stood up and looked around the room at all of the other grieving friends and family.

    Whilst he was looking around, someone caught his eye, speed-walking towards them he called out softly, “Carmen!”

    Said girl turned around, her eyes widening at the sight of the Hufflepuff.

    “Have you seen Y/N?”

    “Where’s Y/N?”

    The two of them said in unison, their eyes widening, opening their mouths again,

    “I thought they’d be with you–”

    “They went looking for you–”

    Cedric’s eyes widen after hearing Carmen’s statement, remembering what you had said before parting.

    “Shit.” The boy cursed under his breath, his feet immediately taking him out of the Great Hall with Carmen following behind.

    “‘Shit’? Shit what, Cedric? What happened?” The boy kept ignoring the black-haired girl that was jogging not far behind him, his mind only occupying on finding you. As soon as he got to the front of the Great Hall, he was stopped by a hand on his forearm, the person moving to stand on his way.

    “Cedric! What happened? Where are you going?” Asked the Slytherin.

    “It’s Y/N.” He said worriedly, looking at your best friend who now has the same expression as his. “Th– they went to fight Avery. Last I saw them, they told me that they were gonna face him, then I went with Ernie to find Niko. Carmen– I–” he stuttered as he kept trying to make a sentence but his anxiety kept spiking at the thought of you fighting the Death Eater.

    Sensing the boy’s anxiety, Carmen placed both her hands on his shoulders, “Hey, calm down mate. We’re gonna find them, okay? They probably just wandered off after they took him down, it’s alright buddy, we’re gonna find her. Now you wait here, I’m gonna look for some help.”

    With that conclusion, Carmen ran back inside the Great Hall as Cedric tries to calm himself down, mumbling ‘They’re fine, probably just wandered off like Carmen said. It is Y/N after all’ under his breath, chuckling at the thought of you forgetting to get back to the Great Hall after probably getting distracted by something.

    Few moments later, Carmen had come back out of the Great Hall with George Weasley, Cho Chang, Zacharias Smith, Daphne Greengrass, and a younger Gryffindor who he recognized as Dennis Creevey.

    “Alright, these were the only stable people I could find, Ernie told me to tell you he’d help if he could walk, so uh, he gave us a ‘good luck’.” Carmen explained to the boy who nodded in response.

    After explaining to the group on what to do, they had ended up with pairs. Carmen going with Cho, George and Dennis, Zacharias and Daphne, leaving Cedric to find you on his own, to which he assured the group that he was fine going alone.

    Soon enough Cedric was out of breath, he had almost covered the whole area he was assigned to, the boy was so close to just dropping on his knees and giving up and giving in to the fact that he might just not see you again, every part of his soul was wishing and hoping that the others had found you alive and unscathed.

    But he wasn’t about to give up easily.

    Dreading where his feet was taking him, Cedric took a deep breath before walking around the pile of rubbles of what used to be some part of Hogwarts that he could no longer identify.

    His eyes scanned the pile of rocks, his eyes squinting every once in a while, as light began to pour on the Hogwarts grounds.

    Over the endless pile of broken-down stones, his eyes found the petite hand that stood out in the middle of the site, seeing the familiar looking butterfly on its wrist, the boy immediately ran to it, uncovering the wrist’s owner’s face as he pushed away small pieces of rocks.

    His hand flew to his mouth in a breathless gasp, tears pooling in his eyes as he stared in disbelief. His other hand went to cradle the fragile figure in his hand, his other hand following, uncovering his mouth.

    “Y/N?” He sobbed.

    At once, the boy moved quickly and removed the many more pieces that were preventing your body to be free.

    He pulled your body out of the pile softly to not hurt you—if you could feel hurt—and placing your head on his lap, whispering softly, he reached down to your ear, “Y/N?” He shook you, “Y/N… please wake up…”

    Soft steps could be heard but the boy blocked all noises around him as he focused on you. A soft gasp was heard as the footsteps stopped near the two.

    Cedric shook your body, giving more power into it each time, not noticing how his tears followed faster as he shook your unmoving body.

    “C’mon Y/N, wake up, wake up! You’re gonna go back and retrieve your family’s memories remember? C’mon Y/N… why won’t you wake up? I told you to come back, didn’t I? Now come back to me, please.” The boy was pleading, his voice wavering as more and more tears cascaded down his face, not too far the muffled sobs of your best friend could be heard. The boy looked up from your unresponsive body, seeing Carmen who was now sobbing onto her girlfriend’s shoulder who held her gently and whispering comfort into her ear as tears pooled on her face too. Seeing the two only made Cedric cry harder.

    Seeing Carmen crying in the arms of her love made Cedric jealous, anger covering his grief. “Don’t just stand there! Help me! Carmen! You’re their best friend, right? Why won’t you help me, tell me, why won’t they wake up!” The boy yelled as his voice cracked, only making the girl cry harder.

    “Cedric that’s enough!” Snapped Cho as she continues rubbing her girlfriend’s back, “That’s enough.” Her voice softening, “She’s grieving too, let her be, Cedric.”

    “But there’s nothing to grieve! They’re fine! They just need to wake up and we can bring them to St. Mungos and they could heal them there, they’ll be fine.” The boy sobbed as he held your body, forcing on the fact that you might just be okay—you weren’t and somewhere deep inside of him knew that too, he just refused to admit it.

    Cho’s sympathy only increased at the boy, “They’re gone Ced… I’m sorry…”

    “NO! They’re not—” as if on cue, George arrived with Dennis, Zacharias, and Daphne following in tow, a look of horror took place on his expression when he saw you in Cedric’s arms. Facing the new arrivals, Cedric had a hopeful look in his eyes, “George!” Said Weasley immediately met the Hufflepuff’s eyes in concern and sympathy. “They’re gonna be alright… right?” He pleaded.


    “NO! Don’t you dare say it! Because it’s not true!” Cedric only kept forcing it until Zacharias was tired, he carefully approached his friend, kneeling in front of him.

    “Cedric…” said boy only shook as sobs wrecked his body as he tried to suppress it, his arms holding you closer to his heart as his head kept on shaking repeating the word ‘no’ over and over again like a mantra, like a mantra that would somehow bring you back. Zach hated seeing his friend like this, he was sad too but he tried his best not to show it to Cedric at the moment knowing it wouldn’t make it better if expresses it. “Ced… they’re gone mate… they’re not coming back…”

    “B-but, I-I t-told them to… I told them to come back… why would they not come back… they’re supposed to always come back… no matter what, we always come back to each other, no matter what happens… we promised… why would they break their promise? Why would they lie?” He sobbed there as one of his hands moved to your wrist where the drawing of a butterfly was placed, his thumb caressing over it as a small smiled appeared on his face that disappeared quickly as it came.

    Sighing, Zacharias sat there, looking at his friend as he felt his heart breaking seeing the boy in shambles.

    “I’ve already lost one of my best friends today, I’m not losing Y/N too.” He continued, his voice failing to be steady.

    “I know, Niko was my best friend too remember? And, they didn’t leave you Ced, they’re still he–” going to reach his chest where his heart was, Zacharias was cut off by the voice of a very much enraged Cedric.

    “Oh, don’t give me that bullshit Zach! They left me! They left us. They’re dead. My love is dead and my best friend isn’t coming back either.” Cedric snapped, his voice louder than expected, angry tears cascading down his face as he looked at Zacharias a look that could kill him.

    “I know. I just needed you to admit it. Not to us, but to yourself. You need to face the truth to start grieving Ced.” Zach said in sympathy, “Now let us help you, please.”

    Ignoring his friend, he continued, “I did this to them, I should’ve never let them go after Avery alone, I killed them Zach! This is my fault! My fault…” the boy cried, mumbling the last part to himself.

    “You did not kill Y/N Ced! You didn’t do this, none of us did! Please, just let us help you.”

    Cedric’s throat was sore, it hurt him to even speak, especially after his outburst. But he kept crying onto your body as he finally let the grief set free, his body shaking freely as his sobs grew louder and more breaking. Slowly, Zach called George over to help him move your body, letting Cedric’s arms go empty.

    When he saw Zach carrying your limp body, he immediately stood on his way, stopping him, “W-where are you going? Where are you taking them?” He asked in panic, not wanting for you to be taken away from him.

    “I’m just gonna take them inside so them can be with everyone else, you can see them there with the others.”

    “O-okay.” Cedric said as his grip on you loosened as he given up, his body still filled with an immense amount of grief and sadness, and all the love he had for you, not knowing where to go anymore. He turned around to see Carmen who was looking at him in sympathy, her eyes red and puffy from her tears.

    Cedric shrugged with slight guilt, “Sorry I yelled at you, I know they meant a lot to you too.”

    She just smiled, “It’s alright buddy, c’mere.” The girl opened her arms wide, inviting the boy for a hug to which he accepted.

    As soon as he was in her arms, the sobs wrecked his body once more as he broke down in the arms of your best friend, consoling her on things that occupied his mind about you, not making any sense at some points.

    By now everyone else beside the two had gone back into the Great Hall to give them some space.

    Carmen continues to console Cedric as she told him her favorite stories with you, letting herself grief while trying to make your lover feel better.

    She knew what she had to do especially after you had made her promise before the war.

    “Carmen, can you- promise me something?”

    “Yes, N/N?”

    “If anything happens to me–”

    “Don’t you dare– you are Y/N L/N for Merlin’s sake. You’ll be fine–”

    “Listen! If anything happens to me, I need you to be there for Ced. I know that little shit is gonna try and blame himself somehow. I love him but I hate that he always does this to himself so please… promise me.” You concluded.

    Carmen only looked at you hesitantly before agreeing, “Fine. Whatever. But I won’t have to, because you’re gonna be fine.” She grumbled which only made you chuckle.

    “Yeah, whatever.”

    Everyone was now scattered across the Great Hall, sitting wherever was available. Cedric was sat on the table where the Hufflepuffs used to occupy with Zacharias, Ernie, Carmen, and Cho.

    The group was now talking amongst themselves as Cedric was the only one sat there quietly as his friends conversed on whatever it was they were talking about. Soon enough, George Weasley walked over asking if he could join which they gladly accepted, a clink of glass from the front of the Hall followed, seeing their old Transfiguration teacher standing there.

    “This might seem like an appropriate time to be drinking but!” she paused as a bottle of fire whiskey appeared in front of everyone (who is of age), “A toast, to those who can’t be with us right now, to those who died bravely in this war, to those who loved and protected us ‘til the very end!”

    Everyone raised their bottles and opened it with ease, some taking a sip, some downing it in seconds (it had been a very long night for them).

    George was first to open his mouth again.

    “Here’s to Freddie!” He raised his bottle as the others followed, cheering Fred’s name before taking a drink.

    “To Niko!” Voiced Ernie, the group raising their bottles once more and taking another drink.

    “To Colin!” Zach cheered already a bit tipsy, everyone raising their bottles the fourth time and taking another drink. “Gonna take another sip on Dennis’ behalf,” slurred Zach, making everyone chuckle.

    “And to Y/N,” said Carmen softly, making Cedric face her, the two giving each other a soft smile before raising their bottles hopefully for the last time.

    ‘To Y/N…’ breathed Cedric with a small smile playing on his lips at the thought of you.

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    #[majors writes] #mcyt x you #mcyt x y/n #mcyt x reader #mcyt oneshots#mcyt oneshot#mcyt imagines#mcyt imagine #sapnap x y/n #sapnap x you #sapnap x reader #georgenotfound x y/n #georgenotfound x you #georgenotfound x reader #dream x y/n #dream x you #dream x reader #dreamwastaken x reader #dreamwastaken x you #dreamwastaken x y/n #dream team x reader #dream team x you #dream team x y/n
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    Smutmas Day 1 ~ First Time

    Pairing: Harry Potter x Female Reader 

     Warnings: Cussing, Smut, First time, Protected sex, Gentle, Romantic Harry, Fluff

     Plot: Reader and Harry have been dating for a few years. They have talked about taking their relationship to the next level and decided to wait until they were both ready. For their anniversary Reader decides she’s ready to take that step and Harry makes it as perfect as possible

    You wrote down Snape’s notes with your head down, chewing on your lip nervously. The professor scared you. He was too ominous. 

    However, it wasn’t the only thing making you nervous. 

    Your thoughts were going a mile a minute inside your head. 

    Your Three month anniversary was days away.

    You looked up, across the room where Harry and Ron sat, whispering to each other. 

    You didn’t know what to give your boyfriend. 

    After you finished the notes, you noticed you were one of the only ones done, the other being Hermione. 

    You didn’t make any fuss and then just decided to use some spare parchment to brainstorm some ideas for a gift. 

    You didn’t wanna do something too cliche, but you wanted to do something that was would mean something to Harry. 

    After jotting down some ideas, you talked yourself out of them. 

    Then it dawned on you. 

    After some back and forth with yourself, you decided that you were ready to try sex with Harry. 

    And you knew that Harry would be supportive no matter what happens. 

    If you decided last minute you couldn’t do it anymore then he’d understand. 

    That was it, you would have sex with Harry. 

    You bit your tongue and wrote it down on a piece of parchment. 

    ‘I’m ready if you are, for our anniversary.’

     You folded it carefully.

    Then you looked up and pinpointed Snape’s location in the room. He was watching the class like a hawk. 

    You bit your lip and looked around for a possible distraction. 

    To your luck, a kid across the room raised his hand. 

    Snape walked over to the kid, now with his back to you and the front of the room. 

    You took your chance. 

    Using your wand, you floated the note over to Harry’s desk. 

    Harry looked up and caught it. 

    You smiled and put your head back down as Snape turned and went back to his desk. 

    Under the desk, Harry opened your note and blushed faintly, smiling. 

    He turned back and looked at you.

    You looked over and blushed. 

    Harry smiled and mouths the word ‘really?’

    You nodded and smiled. 

    Harry blushed and turned back to his work before he got caught. 

    You blushed and tried to keep yourself busy until class was over. 


    The days had passed, and you were nervous and anxious, but mostly in a good way. 

    You were a little scared, but you were excited. 

    At dinner, Harry and you split ways. 

    He told you to meet him in the Room of Requirements after everybody was asleep. 

    You blushed and anxiously went to get ready. 

    You wanted to clean up and dress nice. 

    Even though you know you wouldn’t be wearing clothes for long.

    After everybody was asleep, you got dressed and covered in your housecoat. You then very quietly snuck out of the tower. 

    You headed down to the corridor, avoiding especially gossipy paintings, and known patrol areas, and eventually made it. 

    You went up to the door and paced slightly, urging the door to appear for you. Soon, it did. 

    When it did, you rushed in, before somebody caught you in the hall. 

    You were instantly greeted by dim candlelight, the smell of Harry, and faint music. 

    You smiled and looked around. 

    Harry had set up blankets and cushions on the floor, set up candles, and stocked some towels, drinks, and snacks. 

    It was breathtaking. 

    Harry looked over and smiled rubbing his neck. 

    “There you are, I was beginning to worry,” Harry said. 

    You walked over and pecked his lips, “yes I’m here. I would’ve been sooner, but I had to go the long way around so I didn’t get caught. It’s gorgeous though love. I love it.”

    Harry smiled. “I wanted it to be special.”

    “Oh, it is,” you said and took your housecoat off. 

    Beneath you were in your bra, underwear, and your skirt only. 

    Harry blushed and swallowed looking at you. 

    “Is this okay? I tried to look...well sexy,” you said sheepishly. 

    “It’s gorgeous (y/n),” he muttered and rubbed his neck.

    You smiled and sat on the blankets. “Thank you...are you as nervous as I am?”

    “Yeah,” he admitted.

    “Well, even though I’m nervous, I trust you, Harry.”

    Harry sat beside you and nodded, smiling. “I trust you too.”

    A few moments of silence held you both before you looked at him. 

    Usually, you were both so shamelessly flirty.

    “What now?”

    Now it was like you both were strangers. 

    “How about w start with a little of this,” Harry said kissing you gently. 

    You kissed back comfortably and held his face gently. 

    Harry held your waist and pulled you closer. 

    You scooted in so your bodies were inches away. 

    You made out gently, slowly losing your breaths. 

    When you broke for air, Harry smiled and laid you back on the pillows and almost awkwardly stroked your sides. 

    You shivered and smiled looking at him. 

    He hovered over you, caressing you warmly. 

    “I’m ready Harry,” you whispered. 

    Harry smiled and nodded, kissing you again. 

    You kissed back lovingly. 

    When you broke away, Harry pulled his shirt over his head. 

    You blushed and rubbed your hands over his chest gently. 

    Harry blushed, writhing his hips lightly. 

    You smiled and kissed his collarbone and chest, trying to make him feel good as well. 

    You grazed over his nipple, making him go a bright red. 

    You giggled softly and did it again, paying more attention to them. 

    They firmed up at your touch making him hiss gently. 


    You blushed and rubbed gently, “that’s good?”

    Harry nodded, rutting his hips against yours slightly. 

    You squeaked gently and nodded. 

    “Okay, let’s try this,” you smiled. 

    Harry nodded and pulled his pants off, pulling a foil out of his pocket.

    You blushed and took your clothes the rest of the way off. 

    You laid, taking some deep breaths. 

    Harry unwrapped the condom open and slid it onto his length. 

    You peaked and swallowed thickly. It was huge, especially since it was the only one you had ever seen. 

    He placed himself between your legs and hovered over you. 

    “Are you sure? You can say no at any time.”

    You nodded and smiled. 

    “Ready Love.”

    Harry kissed you deeply, positioning his self at your entrance. 

    You kissed back, you were wet. 

    Harry carefully started to prod his way in. As he slid in your boy clenched. 

    You gasped into his mouth, curling your toes. 

    Tears pricked your eyes from the slight pain

    Harry groaned in pleasure at the tightness, and then sat still, waiting for your body to ease up on its own time. 

    “Oh love, you’re doing wonderful. That feels good,” he panted gently. 

    You nodded, gripping his arms. 

    Slowly, your body unclenched comfortably. 

    You panted faintly and nodded. 

    Harry nodded and pulled out, thrusting back in sloppily. 

    You moaned softly.

    He kept this motion for a few more moments. 

    “Mhm f-faster,” you stuttered. 

    Harry moaned and thrust faster for your request. 

    You gasped and flopped your head back. 

    You had gotten past the pain, and were starting to feel all the nerve endings in your body explode.


    Harry groaned and trusted sloppily, panting.

    You moaned,  gripping his arms. 

    Your stomach turned to knots. 

    Harry panted, kissing your neck gently. 

    “I’m c-close.”

    You nodded. “I think so too,” you panted moaning. 

    Harry thrusted deeper into your core, groaning as you tightened around him instantly. 

    You moaned out, a slew of noises and curses falling out as you felt that boiling in your stomach turn over. 

    In a wave, you found yourself climaxing. 

    Harry rutted his hips through your high and soon found his own. 

    After a few slow moments, Harry pulled out and panted heavily. 

    He pulled the condom off and set it aside grabbing a towel. 

    You panted sharply looking at him, wiping sweat from your forehead. 

    “Holy shit,” you panted. 

    Harry panted, wiping himself, and then you up from the mess. 

    You smiled and looked up at him, regulating your breath. 

    Harry set the towel aside and then aid beside you, and covered you both with a blanket. 

    You promptly placed your head on his chest and cuddled into his side. 

    “That was absolute, the best thing we've ever done,” you said. 

    Harry kissed your head and held you close, chuckling. 

    “It was, and you were amazing,” Harry cooed.

    “Well, you’re amazing too love. You made this so romantic, and special.”

    “I’m glad,” Harry said. “I love you (y/n).”

    “I love you too Harry, I love you so much.”

    “Happy anniversary.”

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    Premium Air

    Summary: Based on a TikTok. Mason doesn’t know what to do when he hears his girlfriend payed to get her tyres filled for an unreasonable price.
    Song: Heat Waves by Glass Animals Quote: “The guy said it was fancy air…really, really good air.”
    Masterlist//Dusk Till Dawn Masterlist//Agape Masterlist

    “H-how much did you say?” Mason stuttered as his phone feel out of his loose grip, bouncing on his chest as his mouth opened to stare at his girlfriend that stood at a little bit away from the sofa with her sport bag in hand.



    “No, pounds.” Mason grounded at the expense that just fell from her mouth. He knew she wasn’t one for cars and knowing it all, but he thought it was common sense that blowing up your tires doesn’t cost much…especially not that much.

    “Baby,” Mason head fell against the cushions, hand running down his face before giving his nose a slight pinch. “Getting air into your tires don’t cost that much.”

    “What do you mean?” Her voice was so soft as she questioned him – the innocence of a child as she sat on the end of the furthest from Mason. “They told me there was either regular air or premium air and I thought that maybe I-”

    “Premium air?” Mason squeaked out as he sat up. “W-where are they getting this air from? Mars? There is…no baby…they ripped you off alright?”

    “But the guy told me I made the right choice because it would last longer.” Y/n bit her lip to contain the smile that was threatening to break onto her face as she watched Mason shake his head as he tried to think of what emotion his body should really be feeling.

    “He ripped you off baby,” Mason pushed himself up and shuffled himself across the sofa, so he sat next to her, hand rubbing up and down her thigh as he tried to comfort her and tell her how wrong the man was for doing what he did. “Please tell me you didn’t actually pay £250…”

    She stayed silent, too scared to talk as she feared her voice will give away the lie.


    “The guy said it was fancy air…really, really good air.”

    “Fancy air? There is no such thing as ‘fancy’ air.” He quoted the incorrect word. “Air is air,” he told her, voice breaking as he panicked at the thought that she just got massively ripped off. “Honestly it would have been better if you tried to fill your tyres up with the air around us. For fuck sakes babe I should have just blown it up for you! £250 ain’t it! Like we could go to-”

    Her hands grabbed his cheeks to make him look at him, stopping his flailing arms as he stared into her crinkled eyes as she giggled at him, forehead resting against one another’s as he waited for her to talk. “I’m just messing with you…I’m not that stupid to spend £250…” she placed a soft kiss against his lips to reassure him. “No…it was only £150.”



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    Also @mountswhore here is a shitty blurb for you cause you wanted a mase fic :)
    My writing is going downhill at the moment cause of work and school, I’ll fix it when I get a break :)
    #mason mount #mason mount imagine #mason mount imagines #mason mount blurb #mason mount x reader #mason mount x y/n #mason mount blurbs #mason mount oneshot #mason mount oneshots #mason mount one shot #mason mount fics #mason mount fic #mason mount fanfiction #mason mount fluff #mason mount fanfic #footballers x reader #footballers imagine#footballers imagines#footballers#footballer#football imagine#football#chelsea#chelsea fc#chelsea imagines#blueathensfics#england nt#fluff
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    On the edge of seventeen

    Purtroppo ho il cervello talmente in putrefazione per colpa loro che non riesco a studiare e mi ritrovo di nuovo a scrivere una ff.
    Non mi fa impazzire sinceramente, ma siamo così a corto di contenuti che devo pubblicarla.
    Come sempre, grazie di aver letto. <3

    Dove cazzo sei finito coglione

    Manuel fissa lo schermo del cellulare torturandosi il labbro inferiore, strappando con i denti tutte le pellicine che si sono formate a furia di mordicchiarlo dal nervosismo. Fissa le parole nella chat con Simone, picchiettando il lato del telefono con gli indici. Il pollice si avvicina al tasto d'invio, ma non ha il coraggio di premerlo. Con un sospiro, cancella il messaggio per quella che sembra la cinquantesima volta e posa il telefono accanto a sé.

    Sono passati due giorni da quando Simone è completamente sparito dalla circolazione. Non lo vede più a scuola né in giro, e detesta sapere che è colpa sua. È colpa sua e della marea di cazzate che gli ha detto, mosso dalla rabbia, dalla confusione, da altri sentimenti che non capisce e a cui non sa dare un nome, ma che gli attanagliano le viscere e non lo lasciano mai solo.

    Vorrebbe andare a casa sua, vorrebbe suonare il campanello, bussare alla porta, urlare sotto la sua finestra finché non vede il suo volto e non sente la sua voce, anche se fosse solo per mandarlo a fanculo. Se lo meriterebbe e lo sa bene, ma sa anche che non ha il diritto di andare da lui. E non ha il coraggio di parlare con il suo professore, non ha il coraggio di guardarlo in faccia dopo quello che ha detto a suo figlio.

    Si preme il palmo delle mani contro gli occhi, spremendosi le meningi per cercare una soluzione, per riparare l'unica vera amicizia che sente di avere. Frustrato, prende di nuovo il telefono, la chat con Simone ancora aperta.

    Non c'è bisogno che stai a casa da scuola per colpa mia, tanto me ne vado io

    Fissa lo schermo. Troppo stronzo, troppo passivo-aggressivo. Esattamente il contrario di come vorrebbe apparire.

    Perché sei sparito?

    Fissa lo schermo. Che cazzata, sa benissimo perché. Per colpa sua, perché aveva bisogno di spazio, di aria, di stare lontano da chi sa solo fare casini e dire stronzate. Cancella di nuovo il messaggio.

    Mi manchi

    Si morde il labbro. Dentro di sé sa che è vero, Simone gli manca, ma come potrebbe dirglielo dopo quello che è successo tra loro? Simone non dovrebbe mancargli, e lui non dovrebbe mancare a Simone. Stanno meglio lontani, separati, senza che uno come lui possa rovinare uno come Simone. Un perfettone, un bravo ragazzo, uno con la testa sulle spalle, che è sempre andato bene a scuola. Uno con un futuro.

    "Vaffanculo," borbotta Manuel tra sé, buttando il telefono sul letto, senza curarsi di cancellare il messaggio o uscire dalla chat.

    Chiude gli occhi e ripensa agli ultimi giorni. Quella specie di bacio con Simone, le parole arrabbiate che gli ha rivolto, quella stupida rissa a casa sua... Dio, si sente un vero stronzo.

    Una notifica lo riporta al presente, nella sua camera, su quel letto disordinato dal quale non si è mosso per tutto il pomeriggio.

    Vaffanculo Manuel

    Strizza gli occhi, scuote la testa e rilegge quelle parole. Vaffanculo Manuel.

    "Cazzo!" esclama saltando in piedi. "No no no, merda merda merda!"

    Dio, il caso, la Dea Fortuna, il destino o qualsiasi entità ci sia a guidare l'universo deve avere uno strano senso dell'umorismo, ed evidentemente prova un gran piacere nel distruggere la vita di Manuel pezzo dopo pezzo, con una lentezza angosciante.

    "Merda," grida tirandosi i capelli fino a farsi male.

    Non aveva la minima intenzione di inviare quel messaggio, non aveva la minima intenzione di affrontare Simone senza aver prima trovato le parole giuste.

    "E mo che faccio?"

    Chiude le mani a pugni per nascondere a se stesso quanto stiano tremando e cerca di calmare il battito del suo cuore con dei respiri profondi. Una tecnica yoga, o qualcosa del genere. Guarda il telefono sul letto e, senza pensarci troppo, lo prende e va sulla rubrica.

    Tiene gli occhi serrati mentre spera che dall'altra parte gli risponda una voce calda che gli pare di non sentire da troppo tempo.

    "Che cazzo vuoi?" dice la voce di Simone.

    Manuel sorride. Non c'è niente da ridere ma è più forte di lui. "Ciao," sussurra.

    "Ciao," risponde Simone. "Che cazzo vuoi?"

    Manuel sente la bile salirgli in gola. Che cazzo vuole? Non lo sa neanche lui.

    "Chiederti scusa."

    Non riceve risposta.


    Allontana il telefono dall'orecchio e, inorridito, si rende conto che Simone gli ha attaccato il telefono in faccia. Il perfettone, il bravo ragazzo, quello con la testa sulla spalle gli ha attaccato il telefono in faccia. Gli viene da ridere.

    Lo richiama, convinto che non gli risponderà più. E invece, improvvisamente sente il suo respiro. Non dice niente, ma è lì.

    "Nun attaccà per favore," dice Manuel. Odia il modo in cui suona la sua voce, come se fosse un bambino spaventato. Forse lo è. Ha 17 anni e ha paura e vuole solo riavere il suo amico.

    "Mi dispiace Simò. Davvero. Non avrei dovuto dirlo. Io non-"

    "Allora perché l'hai fatto?" lo interrompe Simone, la voce che trema dalla rabbia. "Avevi detto che sarebbe rimasto tra noi, allora perché cazzo mi hai umiliato davanti a tutti, eh?"

    Manuel serra la mandibola, deglutisce. E tu perché sei andato a dì i cazzi mia a Chicca, vorrebbe dire, ma sa che non sarebbe giusto nei suoi confronti. Manda giù le parole taglienti. "Scusa," si limita a ripetere.

    "Scusa," gli fa il verso Simone. "Che cazzo parlo a fare con te," borbotta, e sembra sul punto di mettere giù.

    "Mi manchi," dice Manuel all'improvviso, di fretta, e ha paura di sembrare disperato, ma lo è davvero.

    Simone non dice niente, ma Manuel sente il modo in cui il suo respiro si ferma per un attimo. Gli sembra di sentire il battito accelerato del cuore di Simone dall'altro capo del telefono, o forse è solo il suo che gli rimbomba nelle orecchie.

    "Me manchi," ripete con più sicurezza. "Sei il mio migliore amico e non vieni a scuola da due giorni perché me so' comportato da stronzo e nun te lo meriti. Me manca averti vicino, Simò." Si guarda attorno prima di continuare, come se avesse paura che qualcuno stia ascoltando, nonostante sia a casa da solo. "Posso venì da te così ne parliamo?"

    "Non sono a casa," dice Simone.

    "Che vor dì che non sei a casa? Ndo stai?"

    "A Glasgow."

    "A Glasgow?!" esclama Manuel. "In Inghilterra?!"

    "È in Scozia," risponde secco Simone.

    "Vabbè, sempre Regno Unito è. Che cazzo ci fai a Glasgow?"

    "Sono da mia madre."

    "Da tu' madre," ripete Manuel.

    "Sì, da mia madre. Hai problemi di udito?"

    Manuel lo ignora. "Torna qua," dice, e lo intende davvero. Non sopporta l'idea che quell'idiota abbia preso un cazzo di aereo da solo per andare in un paese sconosciuto, in una città mai vista prima. Non sopporta l'idea che sia solo colpa sua, che abbia distrutto quel poco di stabilità che Simone aveva.

    "Sì, mo arrivo," risponde ironicamente, e a Manuel sembra di vederlo mentre alza gli occhi al cielo. Sente una stretta al cuore. Gli manca davvero.

    "So' serio Simò. Glasgow non è il posto tuo."

    "Che ne sai te di qual è il posto mio?" ribatte Simone.

    Manuel si toglie lo sporco da sotto un'unghia, giocherella con le dita, fingendo di non pensare a quello che sta per dire, a ciò che è bloccato in gola e spinge contro le corde vocali per uscire.

    "Perché il posto tuo è qui co' me."

    Simone non risponde, e Manuel sa che sta meditando se mandarlo nuovamente a fanculo, attaccargli il telefono in faccia, o ignorarlo. Sente il suo respiro veloce e si morde un labbro per evitare di sorridere. Non si chiede cosa gli faccia venire voglia di sorridere così, perché una parte di lui, quella più recondita, nascosta, tenuta sottochiave, lo sa; ma ha solo 17 anni e troppi pensieri per la testa e ha paura e non ce la fa. Non ce la fa a dirlo, non riesce neanche a pensarci, riesce solo a spingere quel tarlo il più infondo possibile, fingendo che non esista, che un giorno se ne andrà e smetterà di importunarlo. Per adesso si limita a nascondere quel sorriso e a concentrarsi sul respiro di Simone.

    "Non mi fanno effetto 'ste frasi," mente Simone. "Mica me piaci davvero."

    Manuel ridacchia e sente il cuore più leggero.

    "Che cazzo te ridi?"

    Manuel scuote la testa, il sorriso ormai indelebile sul volto. "Non me ne frega un cazzo se te piacciono i maschi o se te piaccio io, Simò, va bene? Devi tornà qua a Roma e basta."

    "Bell'incoraggiamento del cazzo," replica Simone.

    Manuel prende un respiro. Stringendo forte il telefono, decide di aprire uno spiraglio in quell'ammasso di pensieri illogici che compongono le parti più intime della sua mente. "Pure a me piaci Simò. In maniera diversa forse, ma me piaci."

    Non è mai stato un ragazzo trasparente con i suoi sentimenti, né con gli altri né con se stesso. Ma Simone è sincero. Simone è autentico, genuino, vivo. E allora al diavolo le falsità, le doppie facce e le stronzate che compongono la vita di Manuel. Al diavolo l'ipocrisia e il suo essere mendace. Per una volta, anche Manuel vuole essere sincero, autentico, genuino. Vuole essere vivo.

    "Che significa?" chiede Simone dopo un silenzio troppo lungo.

    "Non lo so," risponde Manuel. Alza le spalle come se l'altro potesse vederlo. "Non significa un cazzo probabilmente. O forse significa che sei il mio migliore amico, sei un fratello, sei tutto, okay? Sei tutto quello che non ho mai avuto, Simò. Quindi non lo so che cazzo vor dì, ma se non torni subito qua ti giuro su Dio che-"

    "Vabbè," lo interrompe Simone. "Ho capito."

    Per alcuni secondi nessuno dei due parla, sentono solo i loro respiri sincronizzati. Un clacson a Roma, un'ambulanza a Glasgow, il gracchiare statico del telefono, e i loro respiri.

    "Quindi?" incalza Manuel.

    "Quindi cosa?"

    "Quando torni a Roma?"

    "Presto," risponde Simone. "Ma non lo faccio per te. Sarei tornato comunque."

    Manuel sorride. "Lo so."

    "Non ti ho perdonato. Sei sempre uno stronzo," continua Simone.

    "Lo so."

    "E io ti odio."

    Manuel sogghigna. "Lo so."

    "Vaffanculo Manuel," dice Simone, ma Manuel lo conosce e sa che sta sorridendo. Lo capisce dall'impercettibile cambio nel tono di voce, e si immagina le fossette sul suo volto e le rughe attorno agli occhi.

    Il suo cuore perde un battito, o forse è solo suggestione. Forse è un'extrasistole, o magari un'aritmia. O forse è qualcos'altro, una cosa senza nome, una cosa a cui non può dare un nome, perché ha solo 17 anni e tanta paura, ma fuori il sole sta tramontando e il suo migliore amico tornerà presto a casa e forse tutto si sistemerà. E forse, per una volta, anche lui si sentirà vivo. Forse Simone lo perdonerà e tutto tornerà come prima. E nonostante tutto, il pensiero lo fa sorridere.

    "Quindi nun m'aiuti a fà 'na rapina?" scherza lui dopo un po'.

    Sente dei rumori dall'altro lato del telefono e sa che Simone sta cercando di non ridere.

    "Ciao Manuel," risponde Simone fingendosi annoiato. Poi attacca il telefono.

    Manuel ride. Fissa il nome di Simone sul display. Il suo cuore perde un altro battito.

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  • cherryhobiluvr
    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Under The Sea [F & S] - part two

    pairing: sope proofread update word count & hashtags

    trigger warnings: smut, switch sope, mild degradation, hair pulling, finger sucking, edging, mermaid hs's cock has a knot (plz dont ask why i did that i have no idea), unprotected sex, creampie

    word count: 5.1k

    summary: beginner surfer yoongi goes surfing alone for the first time and almost drowns, waking up on a rock in the middle of the ocean with a pretty boy next to him. oh and that boy has a tail.

    an: also um the anatomy of this fics mermaids is weird so like just roll with it???

    link to part one!

    © copyright 2021 cherryhobiluvr

    “so hair isn’t supposed to be this texture?” hoseok asked as they walked into the apartment.

    he expected yoongi to answer the question as he always did, what hoseok didn’t expect was for yoongi to push him against the door and start kissing along the column of his neck. “shut up baby.” yoongi growled, a noise he’s never made in front of hoseok, but he liked how it sounded.

    yoongi kissed up hoseok’s neck and to his lips and kissed him eagerly, hoseok being breathless as yoongi had taken him by surprise and basically swallowed all his air.

    “wait wait.” yoongi panted forcing himself to pull away from hoseok. “is this ok? are you ok?” he asked, making absolutely sure he wasn’t making hoseok uncomfortable. yoongi had never been so aggressive like this before.

    hoseok was wide eyed but his cheeks were blushing as he took a second to process the question he was being. “mhm. i’m ok.” he smiled giving yoongi all the permission he needed. but hoseok didn’t have time to interject with a question before yoongi was dragging him into the bathroom.

    “remember what we talked about a few weeks ago?” yoongi asked, his breathing was labored and his hair looked frazzled as he yanked his own shirt off. hoseok had learned so much these past few weeks that he couldn’t remember what exactly yoongi was going on about.

    “sex, baby. our talk about sex.” yoongi reminded, attaching himself to hoseok again, kissing his neck and face again.

    “yes i do.”

    yoongi pulled off hoseok’s shirt, hands slowly going down his toned torso admiring him. “fuck me in the bathtub.”

    “but that doesn’t seem comfortable.” hoseok commented, watching yoongi push his pants and underwear down, blushing when he saw his cock standing straight out, red and angry looking.

    “i want mermaid hoseok to fuck me.” yoongi whispered in hoseok’s ear, hooking his fingers into the waistband of hoseok’s shorts.

    “don’t you love my human form?” hoseok whimpered, he assumed yoongi preferred his human form over his mermaid one because he never really talked about hoseok’s mermaid self anymore.

    “i love both, but i miss my baby mermaid. your tail and fins and cute little webbed fingers are what i fell in love with.” yoongi whispered, kissing hoseok gently, trying to reassure him. “is that ok with you?” yoongi asked, before he took hoseok’s pants off and shoved him into the tub.

    “y-yeah but i don’t think my mermaid form has a cock.” hoseok blushed, watching yoongi push his pants down and smirk.

    “i bet you do baby.” yoongi smiled, his fingers lingering near hoseok’s cock. “can i?” he asked again, chuckling a little when hoseok eagerly nodded.

    yoongi gently stroked his cock, fingers wrapping around the length easily, not getting a reaction of hoseok until he flicked his wrist around the head of his cock, watching him blush bright red and whimper.

    he pulled hoseok close to the tub and pushed him in gently, making sure he didn’t like hurt himself or anything of course and watched. hoseok saw the glow of the pendant dim, felt his fins and webbing grow back onto his hands and forearms, felt his legs return to his original tail.

    but something was different this time, the normal slit in his tail that hoseok assumed was his crotch, had a cock sticking out of it, to his shock and yoongi’s excitement.

    “fuck i can’t wait til that’s inside me.” yoongi groaned, climbing into the tub with hoseok.

    yoongi loved it the second he saw it, almost a combination of his two forms, the length of a tentacle and the shape of a human cock with a knot at the base. yoongi couldn’t wait til he was inside him, the bumps and ridges along hoseok’s shaft will feel wonderful.

    “i love you.” yoongi smiled, rutting their cocks together, hoseok’s length making yoongi’s look like a tiny thing, not that yoongi cared.

    “i love you too. ah~.” hoseok panted, feeling yoongi press their heads together gently, lazy kisses being exchanged between them.

    “is it ok if i prep myself on your cock?” yoongi asked, reaching for something that was behind hoseok’s head.

    “yeah go ahead hyung.” hoseok wasn’t sure what yoongi was about to do but he knew he was gonna like it regardless.

    yoongi pumped some sort of liquid onto his hand from a bottle and slathered it on his cock, watching hoseok pant and whimper at the feeling of yoongi stroking him so eagerly. “h-hyung..” hoseok moaned, his mouth staying in that little ‘o’ shape as yoongi jacked him off.

    “feel good baby?” yoongi asked, his free hand gently rubbing up and down on hoseok’s upper tail, trying to still his shaking flipper.

    “yeah....like your hands.” hoseok muttered, already too far gone to think straight, just lost in the feeling of yoongi and his hands on his length.

    “you sure you wanna do this baby?” yoongi asked one last time before he sank down onto hoseok’s cock.

    “will this make us official forever?” hoseok asked with hopeful eyes, he could see him and yoongi together forever.

    “forever baby. my one and only merbaby.” yoongi chuckled, kissing hoseok’s lips as he sank down onto his cock.

    “a-ah~” yoongi winced as if he was in pain, making hoseok worry immediately, he didn’t want him to hurt, he wanted it to feel good.

    “are you ok?” hoseok whimpered, seeing yoongi’s eyes shut tightly as his nails started to curl into his flesh.

    “shhh give me a second.” yoongi groaned out, moving his body up off hoseok‘s shaft slowly and then sinking back down onto it with a blissful sigh.

    “i’m ok baby. just give me a bit ok?” yoongi reassured a very worry looking hoseok as he wiggled himself farther down onto his cock, feeling the ridges in his length rub his walls just right. yoongi took his time as he slowly took hoseok’s length in, the ridges along his shaft making him gasp and writhe, his nails digging into the flesh where hoseok’s human skin and scales meet.

    hoseok waited patiently, despite how much he instinctively wanted to buck his hips and fuck yoongi senseless, he’d never had sex before but something inside him wanted to ruin yoongi.

    “fuck i can’t get over your knot.” yoongi whimpered, frustrated that he couldn’t take hoseok fully, he wanted to be one with him, be joined with him; as dumb as that may sound. tears started falling down yoongi’s cheeks, instantly breaking hoseok’s heart.

    “we can do this while im in human form...” hoseok suggested, not wanting to see yoongi in pain, he wanted his boyfriend to enjoy this, not be crying in pain.

    but yoongi wasn’t crying in pain, he was frustrated, he wanted to take hoseok’s knot, wanted to be filled, it’s all he’s been thinking about for weeks.

    he had done research into what mermaid anatomy was supposedly like, all results were more rumors because ‘mermaids’ didn’t exist.

    “no!” yoongi cried, the sobs making him hiccup and he struggled to contain them, he wasn’t sure why he was crying so hard. his enormous love for hoseok, his frustration of not being able to fit him? he didn’t know “i wanna be able to take you in your true form....” yoongi sniffled, wiping his eyes with one hand as the other was holding him up. “the one that saved me, the one that i fell in love with.” yoongi’s arms shook as he sobbed, forehead almost touching hoseok’s as he was unstable.

    “i love you.” hoseok whispered, kissing yoongi’s lips gently, holding onto his arms to steady him. “you don’t need to take all of me, feels amazing just like this.”

    yoongi sniffled, looking at hoseok with desperate eyes, his cock was angry and red, craving something. “sure?” yoongi asked, shifting his hips back and feeling hoseok’s cock start to come out of him.

    “y-yeah.” hoseok stuttered, his cheeks flaring up a bright red as he felt yoongi’s walls clench around his length, squeezing him perfectly.

    “love you.” yoongi muttered, kissing hoseok lazily again, rocking his hips back and forth quicker, building up a steady pace as he got more into it.

    “love you too.” hoseok panted, his hands going to grip the edges of the porcelain bathtub, not able to get a decent grip because how slick everything was.

    yoongi shifted so he was able to ride hoseok’s shaft, feet unsteadily planted to the bathtub floor, hands gripping the edges of the tub tightly, not even caring if he fell; he was just chasing his high now. “fuck seokie~.” yoongi groaned, his moans and whines getting louder the close he got, his head nuzzled in the crook of hoseok’s neck, kissing along the gills he’s never noticed on his neck.

    hoseok was an absolute mess, his head was leaned back against the bathtub’s edge, his mouth was open in a constant ‘o’ shape as he quietly moaned, his hips moving on their own to fuck into yoongi steadily, hands eventually wandering to the older’s hips, helping to move yoongi faster.

    they repeated ‘love you’ and ‘so good’ to each other over and over their hips moving as one, winding each other up, hands blindly roaming the other’s bodies as they moved, kissing lazily as they went.

    “close baby.” yoongi whimpered, his hand going to jerk his cock off, needing just a little push over the edge. he wasn’t expecting hoseok to push his hands away and buck his hips up into him harder.

    “a~ah!” yoongi screamed, hoseok’s cock abusing his prostate repeatedly, feeling his tip leak precum as hoseok started to rail into him.

    his tail was smacking against the side of the tub as hoseok moved drowning out the slick noise of hoseok’s cock disappearing inside yoongi and the sounds of their moans and grunts.

    hoseok wasn’t sure what the fire in his belly was, but it made him lose control and fuck yoongi into abandon, wanting to just have his length sheathed inside his lover.

    “cum inside me.” yoongi panted as he started to cum, white painting hoseok’s teal scales and human flesh on his torso.

    yoongi let hoseok keep fucking him recklessly, kissing hoseok deeply when he felt his length spasm inside him. “y-yoongi...” hoseok gasped, throwing his head back with a slight bang against the tub as his cock pulsated as he released inside yoongi.

    yoongi started leaking all over again feeling hoseok’s cum fill him completely and spill out of his hole. “fuck..” yoongi panted, his hand laying against hoseok’s chest to keep himself propped up barely. “i love you.” yoongi muttered kissing hoseok again.

    “i love you too.” hoseok was out of breath as well, he wasn’t 100% sure what his body just did, he was sure yoongi mentioned it in their sex talk but he couldn’t even remember right now.

    they stayed like that for a few minutes, letting their heartbeats steady and their breathing stabilize before they even attempted to clean up.

    “hey...you got my knot in you.” hoseok mentioned, noticing yoongi was flush against his hips, watching the older look down and grin to himself.

    “hell yes!” yoongi chuckled, pressing yet another gentle kiss to hoseok’s lips.

    “but as much as i would like to cockwarm you forever. we can’t and im sticky.” yoongi complained, using another word hoseok knew he was gonna have to ask about later.

    “how am i gonna get out of here?” hoseok asked as yoongi stood, whimpering slightly when his length slipped out of him.

    “gonna drain the tub and dry you off, duh.” yoongi deadpanned, giggling again when he saw the imaginary light bulb go off above hoseok’s head.

    “hey.” hoseok stopped yoongi as he was toweling himself off.

    “hmm?” yoongi hummed, not bothering to look back him because he was listening.

    “i love you.” hoseok smiled, putting his pendant back on and watching yoongi pull the drain plug.

    “i love you too my merbaby.”


    “do you miss the ocean?” yoongi asked as he rubbed hoseok’s shampoo bar between his wet hands to lather it up.

    “yes, why?” hoseok had been quiet lately, he seemed sad, it worried yoongi.

    “because i know you miss it.” yoongi started, massaging hoseok’s scalp gently, trying to relieve his stress of his new job and the homesickness he had been feeling for a long time.

    “i do, but i’m happy here.” hoseok smiled slightly, he could bare human life as long as yoongi was here.

    “what if i could be a mermaid?” yoongi suggested.

    “i don’t see how, beside what about your family and friends?” hoseok was starting to brush the subject off like he always did. he didn’t want to talk about his home because it only made him miss it more.

    “my family and i had a falling out, you know that. also i don’t have friends, only acquaintances and coworkers and i never hang out with them anymore.” yoongi was quick to remind him that he didn’t have anything tying him to the human world, only his job.

    “don’t you enjoy human life?” hoseok asked, he didn’t really think so as he very much knew yoongi hated his job, came home almost every day complaining, and he listened and petted his head the whole time.

    “you know i don’t baby. why do you think i started surfing?” yoongi reminded his baby of how they met in the first place many months ago.

    “true...are you sure you just want to up and leave?” hoseok asked, turning back to face yoongi, struggling because he can’t bend that way with his tail out.

    “as long as you want to yes. just want you happy and home and to be with you.” yoongi whispered, gently kissing hoseok a few time, lingering as he pressed his forehead to his, cupping hoseok’s cheek and smiling as they pulled away.

    “ok we can go back to my home tomorrow and i can talk to my dad about it.” hoseok smiled, leaning back into the tub and letting yoongi rinse his hair out gently.


    “can you hold my clothes while im gone?” hoseok asked, stripping out of his human clothes and handing them to a blushing yoongi.

    “yeah..” yoongi muttered trying his best not to stare at hoseok’s ass and kind of failing, a lot. hoseok jumped in the water and tossed the necklace to yoongi as well, not needing it for the time being and diving under the water, waving bye to yoongi for now with his tail.

    the swim to his home was quick, not much had changed since he left. “dad!” hoseok shouted out to his father, hearing the sandstone door slam open and his father barreling out of the coral house, swimming faster than hoseok had ever seen him swim before.

    “my son!” his father yelled happily, pulling a chuckling hoseok into a tight hug. they spent awhile catching up and talking about hoseok’s human life and human partner.

    “there’s a reason i came back dad...” hoseok sighed, wondering how to explain this. “yoongi wants to become one of us, wants to be down here with me.”

    “he wants to give up his human legs? are you sure?” his father was skeptical, this boy must have had a family and friends that would miss him.

    “yes, he loves me. i love him.” hoseok smiled, thinking of his human back on the beach waiting for him to return. “is there anyway he can be one of us?” hoseok asked, praying his father would say yes, maybe even have another necklace to make it happen.

    his father sighed, that’s not good. “well the necklace can give him the ability to be one of us, but since he’s not half human half mermaid like you there’s a chance that once he puts it on he will never get his human legs back, he could be stuck like that forever.” he explained. “it’s why your mom left us, she didn’t want to give up her human life.” hoseok gasped, he never knew the whole story, only knew his mom left and that she was human.

    his father pushed back tears at the memory of her, he still loved hoseok’s mother. “but if he is willing to give that up for you son, don’t let him go.” he smiled truly happy for his son. “and you two are welcome to stay here until you get on your tails again.” he added, wanting his son to know he’d be there for him.

    “thank you dad.” hoseok smiled, hugging him tightly. “i’ll be back in a little while.”


    yoongi was drawing in the sand when hoseok returned, smiling at his boyfriend immediately.

    “what’d he say?” yoongi was excited, he hoped hoseok’s father knew of a way to make him a mermaid.

    “well he said my necklace can give you a tail.” hoseok started, stopping yoongi before he put the necklace around his neck. “but you may become a mermaid forever and lose your human body.” hoseok was a little worried a thought in the back of his mind that would be a deal breaker, leave him on the spot. but yoongi just shrugged and put on the necklace anyway, watching the same glow that encircles hoseok when he changes surround him.

    yoongi expected his scale color to be darker, maybe his favorite color, but no. it was fucking pink. “you’re so cute!” hoseok squealed, rubbing the tip of yoongi’s tail happily, thinking their colors fit well together.

    yoongi scooted toward the water and flopped in, almost immediately sinking and panicking because his natural instinct was to breathe air. “calm down!” hoseok held yoongi up, smiling when he wrapped his arms around his neck. “you’re ok, you can breathe water now.”

    “right right.” yoongi nodded, trying to flip his tail like hoseok did, struggling with the muscles that control it. “now you know what i went through with my legs.” hoseok laughed, watching yoongi smile and use his arms to keep himself afloat.

    “so we just leave?” hoseok asked. “won’t people get worried about us?” he kinda of knew their coworkers would get concerned, maybe.

    “to be honest i don’t care.” yoongi shrugged once more. “i have you.” he kissed hoseok gently, smiling against his lips.

    “lets go home.” hoseok smiled, intertwining their hands and leading yoongi into the ocean depths.


    yoongi adjusted quickly, gaining full control of his tail in less than a week. he was relieved because of that, also because hoseok’s father loved him, always said how he was perfect for his precious son.

    what yoongi hadn’t adjusted to however was not being able to hide his hard-ons when hoseok did something even remotely sexy. the younger knew how to push his buttons and get him wound up.

    “ya know one thing i miss about human life?” hoseok mentioned one afternoon as they were snuggled in bed watching some sort of ocean drama together.

    “hmm?” yoongi hummed, smoothing his hands down hoseok’s back, feeling his row of scales along his spine.

    “lingerie.” hoseok sighed, slightly smirking to himself when he felt yoongi’s hand still. “i felt so pretty when you got me that one set. loved when you ripped it off me when you got home.” hoseok was whispering now, looking up at yoongi innocently, but he had a gleam of lust in them as well.

    “fuck i need to get you more. even more pretty now.” yoongi groaned, feeling hoseok rut his tail against his.

    “yeah? wanna dress your baby up all pretty again?” hoseok smiled, adjusting his body so he was on top of yoongi, he couldn’t straddle him because he didn’t have legs so he made it work.

    “yeah i loved seeing you with lace and little bows on your thighs.” yoongi muttered against hoseok’s lips, feeling his cock start to grow out of its slit.

    “already getting hard hyung?” hoseok smirked, grinding his own slit against yoongi’s cock, feeling his own length starting to bloom out his slit.

    “you’re one to talk.” yoongi retorted, bucking his hips to rub their cocks together, groaning quietly at the friction of it.

    “yeah?” hoseok giggled, a brilliant idea popping into his head. “guess you don’t wanna talk about fucking me this time?” hoseok had thought about it for a while, he wanted to know what it felt like to be fucked, he always topped yoongi.

    yoongi always looked so pretty when he got railed, tears in his eyes and his little plump lips falling apart just enough that hoseok could shove his tongue inside his mouth and swallow yoongi’s moans.

    “wait really?” yoongi was kinda shocked, hoseok has never expressed any kind of an interest in being a bottom before.

    “yeah...would you like that?” hoseok asked, his hands moving down yoongi’s chest. hoseok was always eager to please yoongi, something that drove the elder insane.

    “so fucking much. i think about fucking you a lot.” yoongi admitted, a small blush appearing on his cheeks.

    “yeah? what would you think if i told you i’ve been stretching myself with your toys?” hoseok grinned, his fingers curling around yoongi’s cock, slowly moving his hand up and down his shaft.

    “shit...” yoongi moaned, his back arching off the bed, feeling hoseok grip the tip of his cock and twist his fingers roughly around it. “fuck!” yoongi was gasping at the action.

    hoseok giggled. “i knew you would love that. so sensitive.” his hand moved faster, the squelch of precum getting louder. for being a virgin when they met, hoseok sure did catch on to sexual moves quite quickly.

    “shut up...a-ah!~” yoongi moaned, his hand going to cover his mouth quickly, not wanting hoseok’s dad to possibly overhear this. god he'd be mortified if such a thing happened.

    “quiet baby you don’t want my dad to hear you. only i can hear how pretty you sound.” hoseok whispered, focusing his motions at the head of yoongi’s cock. yoongi whimpered, hardly any sound escaping his mouth, and he started to squirm in hoseok’s grip as he felt his orgasm build inside him.

    “ohhh so close already?” hoseok taunted, his other hand going to jerk off the rest of yoongi’s shaft. yoongi only replied with a mess of moans and whimpers, desperately trying to swat his boyfriends hands away so he didn’t cum so quickly.

    hoseok giggled, letting going of yoongi’s cock, looking at the slick on his hand. “have you ever tasted your pre cum hyung?” hoseok asked, pressing his the substance between his fingers, studying it.

    “no i haven’t.” yoongi panted, watching hoseok through half open eyes, trying to catch his breath. hoseok smirked, licking up the palm of his hand to the tips of his fingers, swallowing yoongi’s precum with a smile.

    “fucking hell.” yoongi groaned, his dick getting even harder somehow and he bucked his hips up, trying to get some form of touch back on him.

    “i’m still stretched from yesterday want me to just lay down? it’s hard to ride you in this position.” hoseok pouted, getting off of yoongi as he sat up.

    “you sure you can just take me like that baby?” yoongi asked he positioned himself behind hoseok.

    “mhm please just fuck me hyung.” hoseok whined, pushing his ass back towards yoongi, hearing him groan at the site of his hole clenching around nothing.

    “shit ok.” yoongi huffed, positioning just length up to hoseok’s hole, his tip brushing against his rim. yoongi slowly pushed into hoseok, groaning quietly when his walls clamped down around his shaft, making each movement more intense.

    hoseok went wide eyed at the feeling of yoongi stretching him open, his cock became much bigger than his when he turned into a mermaid, something he sure wasn’t going to complain about now. it filled him so good.

    “f-full...” hoseok croaked out, his hands grasping at the sheets desperately, biting into the pillow below him to keep himself quiet now.

    “now who’s making too much noise baby.” yoongi smirked shoving the rest of his cock inside hoseok, hearing his loud cry of a moan be muffled by the pillow.

    “so noisy baby boy. don’t want your dad to know how good i fuck you, do you?” yoongi felt hoseok shuddered him, he was affected by his words, much more than yoongi expected.

    “n-nuu...” hoseok slurred, his jaw going slack and the pillow falling out his mouth as yoongi started moving slowly in and out of him.

    “oh baby can’t even speak properly.” yoongi mocked him, they’ve never really discussed humiliation prior, but hoseok was very much into it, and if hoseok wanted him to stop all he had to do was say so and he would. yoongi never wanted to hoseok past his comfort zone.

    “baby like this, me making fun of him?” yoongi asked, yanking hoseok back his hair, hearing a semi quiet yelp escape his lips.

    “y-yes...hyung more.” hoseok begged, the build up of drool from biting the pool was sliding down his neck and onto his torso, slicking his body up obscenely.

    “baby wants more?” yoongi cooed, thrusting his hips harder, his tail smacking against hoseok’s as he tried setting up a faster rhythm, the sound of their tails and skin slapping becoming more and more obvious.

    “h-hyung...” hoseok looked wrecked now, his hair tussled in between yoongi’s fingers, drool dripping out of his mouth because he couldn’t keep it closed, hands scrambling around the bed trying to grip anything he could find.

    “shhhh baby.” yoongi whispered, his free hand going to shove his fingers into hoseok’s mouth, immediately getting slicked up with saliva, feeling hoseok moan around the digits. hoseok was close, yoongi could tell because his baby was shaking.

    “jerk yourself off baby. come on you can do it.” yoongi encouraged, his own thrusts getting sloppy and uncoordinated as he got closer, feeling hoseok’s walls clench harder in his shaft. hoseok wrapped his fingers around his cock, shakingly tugging on his tip to get himself closer, feeling the heat in his stomach build, every thrust of yoongi’s cock inside him feeling more and more intense.

    “a-ah~!” hoseok gurgled around yoongi’s fingers, saliva and the digits almost choking him, something he was gonna have to discuss with yoongi after cause he really liked it.

    “baby’s so close already? hyung hasn’t even had his fun.” yoongi taunted, feeling hoseok clench around his cock, making him let out a quiet groan. yoongi let up and pulled his fingers out of hoseok’s mouth, the string of saliva connecting them still.

    “h-hyung slow...” that was all hoseok could get out, but yoongi slowed his thrusts for a second, letting his baby catch his breath.

    “you ok baby?” yoongi asked, smoothing his hand down hoseok’s back, feeling the bumps of his scales against his fingertips.

    hoseok nodded against the pillow. “don’t wanna cum yet hyungie.” he whined, making yoongi smile at how adorable his baby was.

    “yeah?” yoongi petted hoseok’s head gently, grinning when he nuzzled into his touch. “want hyung to edge you?” he asked, seeing the slight confusion on hoseok’s face when he did.

    “where i fuck you til you feel like cumming and then stop, letting you calm down and then do it all over again.” yoongi explained, seeing hoseok shiver at the idea of it. “want me to?” he asked again, he was perfectly fine not edging hoseok, if he wanted to cum he’d let him, but he kind of wanted to utterly wreck his baby.

    “hyung gonna be edged to?” hoseok asked, it’s obviously to yoongi he had slipped into some sort of sub space, so he decided to be a little more gentle.

    “i can cum in you more than once, but i can if baby wants me to.” yoongi replied, slowly thrusting in and out of hoseok, almost at a snails pace.

    “yeah...fill me up hyung.” hoseok whined, reaching back to try to grab yoongi’s hand, looking satisfied when he held his hand. yoongi pushed hoseok to brink of orgasming at least six times, watching him shake more and more every time.

    hoseok was a whiny mess, writhing on the sheets below yoongi, panting out of breath while he slowly thrusted in and out.

    “baby im close again.” yoongi panted, his cock aching from the constant friction of hoseok’s walls. “wanna cum now?” he asked, grinning when hoseok nodded quickly.

    yoongi had already cum inside hoseok twice now, his cum acting as lube and making everything much more lewd and messy sounding.

    yoongi slowly thrusted again, his pace slow and sloppy, making hoseok gasp and whine every time his cock hit his prostate.

    “harder hyung.” hoseok begged, his hands going to grab the pillow in front of him to brace himself, having learned just how hard yoongi goes.

    “fuck ok.” yoongi was tired, his muscles aching from the constant straining and moving.

    hoseok let out a strangled yelp, yoongi was fucking him hard, harder than before, making their bed shake and creak at their movements. yoongi was hitting his prostate heading on, stirring his orgasm up further and further.

    “c-close!” hoseok whimpered, his walls clenching around yoongi’s shaft, making the elder moan.

    “fuck me too.” yoongi replied, tangling his fingers into hoseok’s hair, gripping onto it and pulling hoseok flush against his chest.

    yoongi’s thrusts continued at the same speed, but became erratic and uncoordinated, his other hand letting go of hoseok’s to wrap around his baby’s cock, fingers working the tip of his shaft quickly. hoseok was so overstimulated he started to cry, his pent up orgasm finally overflowing onto yoongi’s hand, dirtying his skin and the water around them.

    yoongi’s hips stuttered, releasing his third and final load into hoseok, pressing gentle kisses to his shoulder. they stayed like that for a few minutes, catching their breaths and exchanging lazy kisses.

    “i love you.” yoongi whispered as he pulled out, seeing his cum float out of hoseok.

    hoseok sunk to the bed panting. “i love you too.” he mumbled, snuggling into their sheets.

    “baby how do we clean the cum up?” yoongi asked, realizing that towels wouldn’t work underwater, it was the first time they’ve had sex as mermaids.

    “we don’t. it’ll wash away.” hoseok was already nuzzled in bed, reaching out for yoongi to come to bed.

    "oh ok.” yoongi shrugged, he was too tired to give a damn to be honest.

    they snuggled into bed and exchanged lazy kisses and ‘i love you’s'.

    “hyung?” hoseok asked a few hours later out of the blue.

    “yeah baby?”

    “are you glad you got swept up by the current what like eight months ago?” hoseok asked, trying to remember exactly how long it’s been they met.

    “so glad i almost drowned.” yoongi chuckled making hoseok crack up in a fit of giggles, something yoongi was looking forward to hearing forever.

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    daily recommendation: and ever since he’d been trying to figure out excuses to talk to you or be near you. like the homework that he had completed weeks ago, for example. 

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    daily recommendation: you threaded your fingers through his curls, savouring the exact moment his lips touched yours and storing it in your memory drive to replay a hundred times in the future. 

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    daily recommendation: you kissed his cheek lightly and returned your attention to the screen, the laughter bubbling from your lips entrancing peter.

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    daily recommendation: you and peter thought it was hilarious and decided to make it your own as well. there hasn’t been a day where you and peter don’t get hurt because of that phrase.

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