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  • Good Morning! Feeling the love? Today is about Intuition, Maturity, Wisdom

    Tarot of the Day: Queen of Cups

    This Queen embodies compassion, patience, and unconditional love. She is strong, wise, and respected for her depth of emotion. Her concern for humanity and its bond to all life is a gift to the world. Like all of her suit, she concerns herself with emotional life and can defend it like a fierce warrior. She is the soul of peace, the mother of understanding, the seat of ancestral wisdom, and the source of the will to treat ourselves and others with love and compassion.

    As is the case with the court cards, the Queen likely represents an actual person you know or will know. Usually, a light/ash haired female energy who is intuitive, a good listener, and a valuable counsellor. Possibilities for your life will be revealed by the influence of this powerful woman. She may challenge, entrance, or inspire you, but whatever she does will lead you to valuable insight.

    💚 If work is your focus, remember to think positively. Trust the female energy there that seeks to help you. You’ll find there is more to be positive about than you previously thought.

    💙 If love is on your mind today, Queen of Cups speaks to keeping your balance and perspective. Whether you are looking for a relationship, just beginning one, or in a long-term one, don’t rush things and don’t define yourself by it. There is much in your life that makes it full - a partner is just part of it. 

    🧡 Today, your journey will be determined by your emotional considerations so remember to stay in touch with the gentler, more emotional aspects of your character. Acknowledge inspiration and positivity everywhere you find it and celebrate the day.

    Peace out, Lovelies…

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    I’m really tired but

    Today’s thoughts, today’s health, today’s feelings

    That three of swords is accurate. Today has been shit and I am emotionally drained.

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    Thanks to everyone who’s sent an ask about the deck! There should be about 500 pieces left for sale and it should be available again in the Mid-End of Feb.

    Thank you for your patience as I work through completing my Kickstarter orders first. :)

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    Charging my tarot

    I did some research on the best ways to charge a tarot, and. I’m the end a lot of the writers said to go with what feels right to you.

    I organised my crystals in the order they wanted (I held them and whichever one gave off the most energy was the one that wanted placing next).

    I don’t generally burn incense as my mum is asthmatic and it’s banned in my dorm at university, so I lit candles (also banned in my dorm at university, but I’m not there today).

    My plan is to meditate with the cards later, and do an interview spread. I want to get to know this deck, and I feel like yesterday’s introduction went well, so I’m going to continue with what feels right.

    As always, tips are appreciated.

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    The Oriens Tarot Deck

    A first reading

    Just did a simple Past Present Future reading for myself, and I have to say the cards make sense.

    This is my first deck. It’s the Oriens Tarot deck by Ambisun and I would really recommend it. I connected to it the second I saw it and I knew this had to be my first deck.

    My favourite card is the Hermit. Not only is it stunning, but it’s also the one I feel most connected to. The second I picked it up, I knew this card was my favourite, and I knew I would get on with this deck.

    I’d appreciate advice. I’m sure I’ll get better with time, but for a first reading I think it’s good.

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