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  • I’m trying so hard not to be an over dramatic bitch…

    But like…

    I’m getting mAd

    #leaf complains#over dramatic #queen of taking EVERYTHING personally
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  • i’m that over dramatic bitch who’ll watch something knowing FULL WELL that it will make me cry and then post videos of me crying on my story.

    ps. when i say something i mean falsettos

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  • If our memes existed in the DC universe The Riddler would refer to himself as “Baby”

    #needs attention or hell die #a brat#over dramatic #all the requirements to be baby #edward nygma#the riddler#peachy tv
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  • My mom gave permission for my other mother to eat my soul and sew buttons Over my eyes!!!!😂🤷🏻‍♀️🧿🧿🧿 (sorry for ruining coralline ig)

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  • I dont know how to feel, part 765

    I had a dream about you the other night. It felt so real, your eyes, your voice, your smirk. However when I think of seeing you again my body trembles and my heart stays cold. I think you took to long to come back and now I cant let you back in. I miss you and the things we would do. I still remember how hard you hugged me, how long you held me when we both needed it most. I remember your face when I let you down. Its all plastered in my head and I dont think I can face you again

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  • Sorry for the finger it’s directed to my stress and anxiety lol 😂!!

    @taylorswift @taylornation

    #lover#swifties#taylor swift#taytay#over dramatic #i have to be just like my girl !!!
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  • 2 Pantheon’s?

    I’m having a crisis. I had a weird dream about corn and one of the curnals had a tun of tiny holes in it which freaks me out and I started to panic and then freaking Loki was there but not like Marvel Loki but like God Loki? I have no clue how I new it was him and we were talking and then I was woken up by Lunar (bunny) jumping on my chest because he apparently escaped Last Night. So now I’m thinking like what if loki freed Lunar and and claimed me? The thing is I normally fallow Persephone so I don’t know what to think.

    I need more sleep…

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  • I know better than to write things down.

    Writing it down means theres proof. Its somewhere where anyone can get ahold of it. Anyone can know.

    I learned that too early. It can be difficult to untwist words that someone doesnt understand.

    When I was around 13 or 14, my mother found my journal. From those few pages and scribbles, my mother conjured up every feasible way to feel insulted and to make sure I felt as awful as possible about it.

    “Never again” was what I had decided, though I was too young I think to realize how definitive and final it really was.

    Since that day, i never wrote my feelings down. Or my stories. I couldn’t risk it.

    Now, they’re locked away, as overdramatic as that is. I can’t even speak of them. When did this happen? When did I become this old ass lady who can’t speak about what happened to her? Who wont discuss “those times”? What the hell

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  • Me: I’m at deaths door

    Death furiously pushing me off their doorstep with a broom: it’s just a headache you dramatic bitch

    #funny memes #i need hydration and advil #death#over dramatic
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  • Being over dramatic is so embarrassing

    Like some stupid thing will happen and I act like it’s the end of the world and get hella upset.

    Then 15-20 mins later I realize it was so tiny and didn’t matter at all and now I want to die of embarrassment.

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  • This will get long and boring

    “Third times a charm” they say. Hopefully that works for me now. Rant 3.0

    So I have this friend group of 7 people. I’m gonna talk about 3 of those people. Why am I calling out my friends on social media? To be honest I don’t know myself. I just need to let of some steam, and if I say this to their face. They wouldn’t be my friends anymore.

    Not gonna use their full names so let’s just use their initials. H.H J.B and H.T are the 3 I’m gonna talk about.

    My biggest problem with them is that they have this like “obsession” with having mental illnesses. They’ll mainly going on about how bad their lives are, with their depression,anxiety and ‘terrible’ dads. They can never just be sad or have a bad day. It’s always “My anxiety/depression is taking over, feel pity for me”. And me and my friend are just standing there like “Yeah sis whatever”. It really annoys me, nearly infuriates me, because you’re not the only one who is dealing with theses problems if you’re telling the truth. If they really do have all of theses problems going on, then I’ll admit I’m wrong. But it’s the way they act and speak about it. It just seems so fake. And I also feel like they should have gotten help along time ago for theses problems.

    Let’s start with J.B. My friend N.V says that she saw him draw on his arms in red pen, and then say that they were his self harm scars. That’s just messed up. Why are you lieing about something like that. This is something people really do struggle with. Not something to gain sympathy or to try and be relatibal or quirky. Just to add, the 3 only started doing this when having mental health problems became quite big. It’s not something to be taken lightly. Apparently J.B also claimed that once his dad hit him and that throwing up could put him in hospital or something. Dude, what happens if you catch a sickness bug or something.

    H.T next. She does mos of her victimising on social media. One post that really got to me, was that she was going on about how she is being bullied because of everything she does. (Which I think is rubbish because she spends mainly all her time in the friend group, and no one says anything that isn’t a joke bad about her.) And the she adds a poll asking if you care or not. I’m gonna be honest, I was so close to saying no because of how dumb the post was. But I didn’t. Cause I’m so nice. Instead I replied to the story. I wanted to say more. But I didn’t. Cause I’m so nice.


    She is also the one who falls out of the group the most. Alot of the time it’s because of stupid reasons, like we ran away from her to much or something like that.

    Then there’s H.H. I’ve known her for the longest. I fell like she is kind of the one who started all this. In primary we were practically best friends and told each other everything. I never remember her saying she had all theses mental health problems. H.H can also come off as rude. We sheared a school run in year8. My mum would pick us up from school in a carpark about 3-5 minute away. If H.H had a bad day or fell out with me. Then she would just sit downstairs in the livingroom and not talk to me or my mum, and wouldn’t say goodbye when her mum came to pick her up. Even my mum and grandparents have notest how moody she had become.

    Ok, rant over.

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  • Yes I’m over dramatic. No I don’t see a problem with that.

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  • S: *screaming and crying and having a complete meltdown because she’s overtired*

    X: You can sit in your room till you calm down.

    S: *leaves room still screaming*

    X: No. Get back in your room until you can act like a rational human being, not a screaming, flailing monster.

    S: *still in full tantrum* YOU SAY THAT LIKE IM BEING IRRATIONAL!!!!!!

    X: Oh, imagine that. Get back in there.

    S: No! Don’t send me back to that wormhole!!!!!

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  • image

    Literally all I want is for someone to be just as over-dramatic as I am… Stop saying it’s fine and plan someone’s fucking murder with me.

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  • Dad: *super over dramatic while holding stuffed cat in the air, over the railing* BABY! GET UP HERE RIGHT NOW FOR BEDTIME OR… what’s this toys name?

    Me: I dont know.

    Dad: *finds tag* PRINCESS TABOR! WILL PAY THE PRICE!!!

    #family conversations#over dramatic #once a drama kid always a drama kid #my dad is weird
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  • I really am the most dramatic bitch I know

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