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  • mostlyinconvenient
    16.10.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Look at this. See how cool it looks?

    Also, the creative team was actually really nice on social media and were being really good sportsmen during and after the competition. They seemed to get along great. I believe this would have been their DC debut. I really wanted to see this series and all the work they put in to it to create their story come to fruition.

    Josh Trujillo and Adrian Gutierrez should get to finish this, DC! They don't have to rely on thirst trapping to sell their story! Come on!

    #jaime reyes #i already mourned this but seeing robins last night really brought it all back. we lost and for what #blue beetle#robins #dc round robin #dc #why did you elect seeley what is he trying to sell with those covers? #it sure as hell isn't his story #technically suicide squad beat this before facing off against robins but that had harley??? why??? #like no gothamites going against lesser known characters please
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  • nanfenggf
    16.10.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    ive only seen like one and a half episodes of the mdzs donghua but golden core reveal scene....

    #WAAAAAAA..... #i guess its over? end of an era my heart goes out to donghua enjoyers #please remember my kindness in 2065 when the tgcf donghua gets canceled right before second half of book 5 gets adapted #textp
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  • burning-daylight
    16.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    struggling to figure out how to make gif/gif edits, but im not giving up yet

    #someone please help me #gif making#gifs
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  • rockboci
    16.10.2021 - 7 minutes ago
    #im not against the idea of ao3 #nor am i against fanfiction #obviously #but i do believe some things are more important than trying to please a fandom for the serotonin
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  • teatrodellavita
    16.10.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    thomas raggi is yhe most beautiful person ive ever seen and if yall can't see it im sorry im so sorry my ear might be stuffed but my eyes are 2020 i know what im saying

    #please sir marry me #or hug me #or both#*
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  • wanderingmimzy
    16.10.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Fixing things correctly and according to code.

    I have noticed that a lot of you only want the easy way out and post rude replies (and down vote of course) when told the proper way to fix something. I did not spend over twenty years in the trade, starting as a laborer digging ditches in the hot Miami sun and eventually working my way up to licensed master plumber. to put tape on leaks, put three p traps on a kitchen sink or call things by the wrong name (according to you "experts.")

    If someone is interested in doing things correctly and learning with an eye on entering the trade I am always happy to help them. Plumbing is a good trade to be in and you can do very well financially if you do things right. I retired at age 41 (I am 57 now) and I will never have to work again if I don't feel like it. All because I don't put tape on leaks.

    I know I will get flamed for this but I don't give a rat's ass about that. Go ahead with your band aid repairs that you will eventually have to call a plumber to repair because you didn't do it right. You guys were some of my best customers.

    submitted by /u/Roodillon [link] [comments] from Plumbing help offered here, please post pictures. https://ift.tt/3j9rYsr via Reddit/Plumber

    #Plumbing help offered here #please post pictures.
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  • wanderingmimzy
    16.10.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Will this pass inspection? Plumming main, added a valve yrs back

    submitted by /u/Vitamin_DzNuts [link] [comments]

    from Plumbing help offered here, please post pictures. https://ift.tt/3DHhMPM via Reddit/Plumber

    #Plumbing help offered here #please post pictures.
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  • fokrons-fr-hell
    16.10.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    when is const/starmap gonna b fixed obelisks im gonna start biting people

    #pls... i wnt to buy an obe with the genes and not worry about them chaningng later pls i beg #fr#flight rising#fokron speaks #in other news my brain has been on pebblebrain lockdown for the past 2 days please help #all i do is eat hot chip and listen to the fall on repeat
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  • techtubecm
    16.10.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    #please subscribe channel share and like video
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  • mcecologist
    16.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Bad saying “They don’t get to hang out as much” better have been sarcastic/ untrue

    Because if this is them not hanging out as much.....

    What would that even mean? Were they together 24/7 and now it’s only 18/5 or what?

    #please#bad#elaborate #that is scary to me
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  • suckmyarschkarte
    16.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    kweev and robbo in the background... 🥺🥺🥺

    #lfc#liverpool fc#caoimhin kelleher#andy robertson #watford vs liverpool #please give me good pics p l e a s e
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  • jettiebettie
    16.10.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    I know I'm never supposed to question things too hard, but I never fail to ask "how did you come to this conclusion" at least a handful of times per KR season.

    #people just pull assumptions out of their asses #and like they end up being right of course #because the narrative demands it #but like.... ???? #how did you acquire this knowledge my dude #please show your work #kamen rider
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  • art0lies
    16.10.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Dressuptober Day 7: Wrong Harness

    #Antelope#dressuptober 2021#UnknownSpy#drawloween 2021 #i had a lot of fun with this one #i am so pleased with it #lol #the tape x's just ended me when I was drawing it #definitely used a reference #love that these guys stand up so much to eat #finding a photo was no problem
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  • agendratum
    16.10.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    ok genuine question, because i’m looking up cherry magic with russian subs and found out that cherry magic isn’t even in the name of the drama, it IS just called “get superpowers if you’re virgin till 30 blah blah”, so

    is it called cherry magic in english cause cherry can be used as an euphemism for like a person’s virginity

    cause this whole time i thought cherry magic was just that really cute name of a show, but it... is it cause...

    #guys please my world is turning upside down #help#personal
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  • blog815
    16.10.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    god i really hope if i ever reblog a post made by someone problematic one of you is gonna let me know. not because i think there’s anything wrong w reblogging problematic ops i’m simply nosy

    #mutuals please alert me to drama
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  • enigmatic-insect
    16.10.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Why sex is binary

    In discussions about gender and sex, it’s very likely that sooner or later someone will claim that “biological sex is a spectrum”. Usually, they will point to intersex conditions as a way to argue that male and female aren’t clearly defined categories, or that there are multiple sexes that exist on a continuum. Here’s why this is not true: 

    An organism’s biological sex is defined by the type of gamete their reproductive anatomy is organized to produce: sperm or eggs. Males develop towards the production of small gametes, called sperm; and females develop towards the production of large gametes, called ova. 

    Since there are no intermediate gametes between sperm and eggs, and since there is no third kind of gamete, there are only two sexes: male or female. There are only two kind of sex cells, therefore, only two kinds of sexes. 

    Sex is binary: there are no additional sexes other than male or female, and sex does not fall on a spectrum of infinite possibilities. Your sex corresponds to one of two possible developmental pathways your body went down on to support the production of either sperm or eggs. 

    Human sexual dimorphism is so consistent, that more than 99.98% of births are unambiguously male or female. We rely on these clear differences between males and females to sexually reproduce, via the fusion of sperm and ova, in order to perpetuate the species. 

    Sex in humans is genetically determined at conception (when the sperm fertilizes the egg), specifically by the presence or absence of a functioning SRY gene, which typicallly finds itself on the Y chromosome provided by the father. 

    The present (and active) SRY gene differentiates the baby’s gonads into testes, and supports the production of small gametes (sperm). The fetus develops male.

    The absent (or inactive) SRY gene differentiates the baby’s gonads into ovaries, and supports the production of large gametes (eggs). The fetus develops female. 

    Thanks to the SRY gene, sex determination in humans (and mammals in general) is completely dimorphic. This doesn’t mean, however, that variations don’t occur within this binary system. This is where intersex people come in.

    Intersex people have rare conditions called Differences in Sex Development (DSDs for short). Intersex conditions are contingent on innate, physical bodily characteristics, not personal identity or expression. What defines intersex people is that their innate sex characteristics differ from medical norms. Intersex is not an identity or a feeling, but a biological reality. 

    Intersex people are neither an amorphous mixture of sex characteristics, nor a third sex, nor “hermaphrodites”. People with DSDs are still male or female like every single other human being, they simply have differences in how their bodies developed in anatomy and physiology towards being male or female. 

    Differences in Sex Development are congenital medical conditions of the reproductive system which affect males and females differently. DSDs are sex-specific. There are males who have intersex conditions and females who have intersex conditions. 

    To illustrate how DSDs are not exceptions to the binary system of sex, I’ll use three examples:

    In very rare circumstances, a fetus may develop with a chormosome variation of XXY. Or even rarer, XXXY. Despite the extra X chromosome, these cases develop as male, thanks to the present and active SRY gene on the Y chromosome that triggers the developmental pathway that supports gonadal differentiation into testes and sperm production. These babies are male. 

    Sometimes, a fetus with an XX karyotype has a translocation of the SRY gene that results on the SRY being present on the X chromosome, instead of the Y. Thanks to the present and active SRY gene on the X chromosome, testicular tissue is developed and the baby develops towards the production of sperm. These babies are also male.

    In some intersex cases, a fetus with an XY karyotype, but with an inactive, although present, SRY gene, develops as female. With this gene being inactive, the gonadal tissue differentiates into ovaries that support the production of eggs. These babies are female. 

    So, looking at sex determination and the role of the SRY gene in the development of reproductive anatomy, we can clearly see that sex is completely binary. The baby either supports sperm production, or egg production. There is no “in-between” or a third kind of development. In no way is sex a spectrum or an undefinable category. 

    There are plenty of sex differences between males and females: chromosomes, hormone levels, gonadal tissue, gene expression, genital anatomy, weight, height, muscle mass and bone density, for example. No matter the type of variation in characteristics, biological sex is and forever will be, defined by the type of gamete your body develops to produce. Males support small gamete production and females support large gamete production. Two gametes = two sexes. 

    Biologists do not support the claim that variation of chromosomes, gonads or hormones is equivalent to “new sexes”. Sex is the developmental pathway your body went on to produce sperm or eggs. Variation in development does not mean one becomes a different sex. Intersex conditions are anatomical variations within males and females, not “new sexes”. XXY males are still males, and XO females are still females. 

    Intersex people are tired of being used as pawns in anti-scientific arguments made by activists who use the complexity of DSD conditions as a way to muddle and confuse the discussion about biological sex. Sex is still binary, even when you consider intersex conditions.

    Don’t let activists confuse you and convince you that your scientific knowledge is “outdated” or “bigoted”. Don’t let social justice activists persuade you by taking advantage of your likely unfamiliarity with intersex conditions and fool you into thinking science supports the existence of more than two sexes. Gender theorists are not scientists, and they lack severe understanding of biology and DSD conditions. 

    In these arguments, don’t let it slip your mind that sex is, always has been and always will be universally defined by the kind of gamete production your body supports; not by anatomical variations in sex development. When the definition of biological sex is clear to you, it will become much less likely that these con artists manage to confuse you into thinking “sex is a spectrum”, that there are “more than two sexes” or that it’s impossible to clearly define male and female categories. 

    Using intersex conditions as a “gotcha” in arguments about gender and sex serves trans activists and gender theorists no purpose: the fact that people with DSDs exist does not mean that human beings can switch sex, that sex is a spectrum or that unambiguously male and female people (99.98%+ of births) can become the opposite sex. 

    Social justice activists do not need to lie about science and erase the reality of the sex binary in order to advocate for acceptance and inclusion of people who express themselves in different ways in society. Sex IS still a binary.

    #biological sex#intersex #sex is binary #binary#transgender activists #sex is real #radfems please interact #terfs#biology#DSDs #differences of sex development #female and male #terfs do interact #radfem safe#radfems welcome#science #sex and gender #intersex people#terfs welcome #terfs please interact #there are only two sexes
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  • vegas-golden-bitch
    16.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    welcome back to regular season hockey where we have seven games scheduled at the same time 😍

    #national hockey league still confused by existence of people who are fans of more than one team #please let me have an all-day hockey marathon #quick thanks to the sabres/yotes who did not schedule today’s game in the evening with everybody else #hockey shit#wtf dima
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  • simonfarnabyslegs
    16.10.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    multiple people in the office know that i love charles ii. i don't think they understand that that's primarily due to horrible histories, though, as they didn't grow up watching it (i'm the youngest person in the office, plus they're all american so they had no exposure to it until i showed them some clips from it), but regardless they do know that i love charles ii. one girl printed out a picture of him for me to hang in my cubicle, which was so funny and so sweet. and any time i wear anything vaguely historically inspired, this other girl goes "here comes cadhla, living her dream of becoming just like charles ii," which is. technically not correct on several different levels, but it is hilarious.

    #they still call me she/her in the office #even though i've made it very clear i prefer they/them #i think for the most part they just. don't know what that means. #or they just haven't been verbally corrected enough #like i have it in my email signatures and my bios on pretty much everything #and on a sign on my desk #but i've never actually said 'hey please don't call me she. i prefer they.'
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